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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  March 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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the point of brexit. steve hilton, thanks for being with us. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. lauren: breaking news this morning. british prime minister theresa may signs the divorce papers to exit the european union. reactions to this historic day from step four. good morning. i'm lauren simonetti appeared nicole: good morning. i'm nicole petallides. still negotiated health care bill to repeal upon the care. lauren: the dow up 150 points this morning giving for back looking at the futures. s&p futures up one. train to initiate covert
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japanese stocks higher. the nikkei of .08%. shanghai composite index down .36%. lauren: dxf process from the european union stocks actually have been a bit higher. ftse hanging onto a one-point game and the cac in paris at 13. nicole: a major player in global nuclear energy filed for bankruptcy in the u.s. the finnish nuclear reactors in the u.s. lauren: the nba battle gets real. golden state warriors beat back the houston rockets and detroit pistons' miami heat and a buzzer beater pick until the end of their playoff hope you nicole: good morning. 5:01 a.m. in new york. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. lauren: halfway through the week. great britain has firmly filed for divorce after 44 years. prime minister theresa may invoking article l of the treaty in a letter to the european council which will be delivered later today.
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the move comes after u.k. voters make the decision to leave the european bloc in a better referendum last june. today's letter starts a two-year countdown to the u.k. exit. they will make a statement to members of parliament as the u.k. departure formally got under way. we do want to let you know about this. we will speak to support her campaign for great britain to leave the e.u. later in the show. transfer the markets ready for the british accent? marketeers, cmc markets in london joining us this morning. we are watching the currency, the markets. your thoughts as article xv is so weird. >> yeah, good morning ladies. this is a classic case of political theater. currency markets starting a little bit weaker. the ftse flat on the day. this is no surprise. markets have had ample time to prepare for this process and
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ultimately the key thing i'm looking at as the handover takes place later today is what is the european leader space-bar and to this letter? will they allow a process whereby the divorce bill is allowed to go along with talks about a new trade bill. lauren: if these negotiations get vicious, can resell the market selloff? >> absolutely. it's in everyone's interest for a consensual discussed in about the way forward. this need not be adversarial and ultimately mrs. may has adopted the guidelines as to what we can expect. you only have to look at the speech early this year. she wants to maintain good relationships with the e.u.
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yes it will be complicated. this starts a two-year process and ultimately in the change. train to european slightly at this morning. you may be right on that. for some the trading desk? all brexit or something else? >> there's a little bit of brexit, but one eye on events across the pond in the u.s. with respect to the health care act. some tax reform on the table. markets appear prepared to give mr. trump tower for the time being. nicole: chief market analyst at cmc markets commit thank you. lauren: let's go to lee carter. joining us to talk about brexit. but from the u.s. we are watching history in the making in great britain with the european union figure out over the next two years how they're
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going to do that. are you worried about the banking sector and travel companies? >> i'm worried about a lot of things. market don't like uncertainty and we don't know how this will play out. think about a chevy don't want. i would not want to be theresa may right now. thinking about trade, thinking about all of the things just to manage brexit, let alone scotland and northern ireland. on the other hand is that the e.u. diskette to manage in such a way that they can't give too much because they are afraid they might lose france. he met this other countries coming out. there's so many things to be uncertain about that you want to watch this the next couple and make sure we have reasonable conversations that nobody is trying to do things that are too hard. it's going to hurt the e.u. more than the u.k. think about the uncertainty, the debt they haven't e.u., the refugee crisis in the e.u. they meet the economy of the u.k. there. this is challenging on a number of friends.
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nicole: you mention france. they have a pen versus micron. much like what we see there in the u.k. as a poster here in the states, what are you looking at? what are you finding out this fire? >> there's definitely a trend towards the anti-globalization movement. people want their country back. they want to put their country first come of values first and jobs first. they want to put their people first. not necessarily rational argument. everybody is really trying to understand why are people not thinking this all the way through. what is happening is people plus a bit of identity in all threatened by all the things they've had to give up in order to get to the global economy. we see a lot of individual folks say i want my identity back. that's what this is really about in the global play. people are almost afraid to say it out loud because it not an intellectually -- it's about
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pride in your country. it would be accountable to be a disaster. >> i don't think it's going to turn out to be a disaster. lauren: nigel farage would agree with you. thanks for joining us this morning. nicole: president term signing executive order to reverse climate change policy put in place by the obama administration. the mandates a review which restricts emissions of coal-fired power plants. it also lists the moratorium on federal lands. epa administrator scott pruitt on hannity last night. >> the coal miners at the epa today heard the president speak. they were emotional because their industry has been under assault for the last several years. for the first time in a long time we talk about optimism, there's optimism and hope they would create jobs across all set
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or is of the land because of the president did today. nicole: not everyone is on board. jerry brown and andrew cuomo issued a statement saying their states are committed to their own emissions target. house republican leaders want to rekindle the health care bill in a lengthy house gop conference meeting in the first full session since they pulled the health care bill on friday. house speaker paul ryan saying some of the votes that were formally know are now willing to get to yes. >> we will keep talking to each other until we get it right. this is to import to knock it right. lauren: officials from the administration of the the administration is listening to republican members about the new effort, but they are not actively planning a strategy forward.
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nicole: mitch mcconnell says the president will vote on nominee for the supreme court. judge neil said six on april 7th. half of the democrats plan to oppose after last week's confirmation hearing with senate majority leader chuck schumer. >> they seem to side with powerful special-interest over the average person. we saw that in case after case after case. they reach a confirmation vote. one republican member of the senate judiciary committee says he thinks gorsuch will get the required 60 votes. >> i didn't force my friends on the other side of death for asking tough questions. he didn't miss a beat. note that a true blood. he's got a consistent judicial philosophy going back to law
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school. he's eminently qualified. thank you, mr. chairman. gorsuch confirmation winter storm majority which is on the president trumps major campaign promises. lauren: let's get you guys caught up overnight. a muted finish in asia. the japan up slightly. not even a 10th of 1%. toshiba, westinghouse electric unit filing for bankruptcy protection. the hang seng hong kong average of two tenths of 1% today. watching south korea because samsung shares ahead of the galaxy essay. nicole: let's take a look at your entire across the board. today's big day coming u.k. departure from the e.u. is underway as teresa made sense article l. lauren: dial-up for up to 150-point yesterday. the best number in 15 years in
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the markets took. nasdaq futures up six points. s&p higher by one. the highest settle since march 17th it looks like it that begin. 76 a barrel. lauren: attack now is the opec heads of the extended narrative sections until the dollar is trading. canadian dollar, mexican peso stronger versus the greenback. nicole: the 10 year treasury yield right now. we'll continue to follow that for you. nicole: westinghouse with four nuclear reactors being built in the united states. westinghouse electric racked up billions of dollars on building reactors in georgia and south carolina. the scarf has questioned the financial viability of the japanese parent toshiba. toshiba said that simply take a right and a $6 billion. it also led westinghouse to file for bankruptcy and is getting out of the nuclear construction business.
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nicole: coming up, america's mayor said to me that the homeland secretary today on the cracked out a sanctuary city. are america's our america's mayors. not for illegal manner? british prime minister theresa may makes it official signing for divorce from the european union. what the british accident in disaster that some predict? we'll talk to nigel farage who led the charge for exiting the e.u. he says everything will be fine. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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nicole: bright sunshine. at 15 and your list if you but it's happening now happening now. a beautiful day. britain is formally filing for divorce today. prime minister theresa may send the document that formally begin the u.k. departure from the european union. she now is two years to negotiate terms of the separation which takes effect in 2019. president trump 19. president term ending the war of coal. signed an executive order to unwind of environmental plan for targeted coal-fired power plants. the order makes good on trump's campaign pledge to donate nearly a dozen measures in an effort to boost the mystic energy
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production. health care reform may get a second life. house speaker paul graham says some of the no both on the odometer replacement ready to vote yes. it's unclear when this change since the bill is on friday. president friday. president tracks as he has a deal that can be reached quickly. let's check a u.s. stock market futures this morning. just slightly higher this morning and watching friendship that closely. lauren: homeland security secretary john kelley to meet the century city mayors today after the justice department said it will pull funding from cities that refuse to comply with federal immigration enforcement laws. aaron rafer tonight in los angeles with details for us. good to see you. spirit good to see you. good morning to both of you. as he said the mayors all over the country heading to washington. the debate continues on over whether to protect the vehicles. mayors had for homeland security.
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john kelley speaking with police chiefs and sanctuary cities who are determined to keep the status. attorney general jeff sessions takes aim at the sanctuary cities threatening to pull funding for local government that refuses to comply with federal immigration laws. some leaders were already defined disorders. >> sacramento is open to anyone who wants to pursue the california and american dream. we will continue to be an open and closing city. >> the mayor of new york city demanding i said to stay off of school grounds unless they have a warrant. the governor of vermont signing new law limiting police involvement but besides in massachusetts a state representative using facebook to take the lid goes off to a nice raid. senate minority leader chuck
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schumer praising efforts to push back against the white house. >> the president's immigration policies destroy local economies, causing chaos and panic in families and communities who have done nothing wrong. >> senator schumer valid to block the president's budget proposal on expanding federal immigration forces also in the board of all project we've offered about. nicole, back to you. trade to coming up, and sports the nba playoff battle gets the rule. the houston rockets and detroit pistons lose the miami heat in a buzzer beater that could spell the end of their playoff. let's check out u.s. stock market futures. eight days of losses yesterday when it gained 150 points. a futures up one, nasdaq up five, watching british accent.
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we have nigel farage coming up later in the hour. "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ all i want to do is have some fun snack at got a feeling i'm not the only one ♪ other one i do do is have some fun ♪ i've got a feeling i'm not the only one ♪ i've got a feeling i'm not the only one. ♪ until the sun comes up over santa monica boulevard the biggest week in tv is back.
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three drills it and shun them instead with the beautiful class. for the job. next, livingston boxing for the easy thing. warriors at 17 after one. third quarter houston making a comeback. patrick beverley states after a come it takes again for the easy lay in. reminding everyone that he is bursting the events. cut the deficit to four. later in the third, drake on green finds mickey or that all you. golden state goes on to win one third team-106. the 60th win for the third straight season. it's romantic finish. the two battling for the eighth playoff in the east. time winding down. the time expires then jumped just time expires then jumped just perfectly, soaring above the defense. scores just as the buzzer sounds.
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his teammates stormed the court to celebrate the big win. the pasted all a game behind the heat in the playoff race. the hockey. red wings coach watching historic run come to an end for the first time in 25 years. detroit will miss the playoffs. hurricanes delivered the knockout punch for firing a rocket for the poll. red wings prepare for an early vacation. lauren: before you head out the door, your wednesday forecast with fox meteorologist adam klotz. >> good morning. very busy night. this is a storm report in the last 24 hours. bizarre tornadoes from the green. this system continues to work its way moving towards dallas.
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still some areas on this line. over church report, this is a large system stretching all the way up into portion of the middle plains states. storms that have been reported towards tornado levels. that will slowly drift towards the northeast and by this afternoon shifts off to the east as well. debate highlighted area in the orange alert, an area we can see this afternoon. the best chances on tornado hitting him to missouri area in portions of shifting closer and closer to the midwest by this afternoon and shifts only more so as he began to think that there's day. thursday's debate and highlighting. thursday's the day we were highlighting that could be celiac advocacy starts to see
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this moderate threat of severe weather. that is the day we could be talking about really big storms. very busy in the next couple days. lauren: of keep us posted on that tomorrow. thanks, adam. nicole: president donald trump rolling back rules on climate change. >> he told me about the efforts to shut down their minds. their communities and their very way of life. i made them this promise. we will put our miners back to work. nicole: will it save the coal country jobs? reaction analysis. u.k. prime minister theresa may science divorce papers from europe. we'll get reaction from the man who pushed the british to leave the european union. nigel farage will be with us. u.s. stock market futures this morning after breaking the recent selloff in the game yesterday. we received our futures that the
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nicole: raking it this morning. it's official. right minister theresa may science divorce papers to exit the european union. we will have reaction to this historic day for an nigel farage who the charge for the yanks. good morning. i am nicole petallides. lauren: good morning. i am transport. still negotiated health care bill to replace upon the care. nicole: stocks got a boost from strong economic data could help 150 points yesterday. sneaky mower down 10 oe ubt. s&p futures up a quarter of a percent. lauren: the japanese make a out
5:31 am
by not even attend of 1%. and china's shanghai composite edged lower. nicole: in europe, as they start with process, stocks open higher. so what makes the one of the staples next lately. the cac quarante and dax higher. nicole: toshibas westinghouse files for bankruptcy rates are in the u.s. can raising questions the fate of four half finnish nuclear reactors. nicole: and sports committee nba playoff battle gets real. the houston rockets and detroit pistons lose to the miami heat. it was a buzzer beater and that could spell the end of their playoff hope. lauren: 5:31 a.m. in new york. we welcome you to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. nicole: britain has formally filed for divorce from the european union after a 44 year marriage. prime minister theresa may
5:32 am
invoking article l of the e.u. and the council to be delivered later today. the move comes after u.k. voters made the decision to leave the european bloc in a bitter referendum last june. today's letters start a two-year countdown to britain's exit. mabel make a statement to members of parliament as the uk's departure are really gets underway. coming up, we will speak when it nigel farage. he campaigned for britain to leave the e.u. nicole: president can sign an executive order to reverse climate change caused is put in place by the above administration. your domain is a review of the powerplant which restricts greenhouse gas emissions of pla. i'm also the moratorium on coal leases on federal land. epa administrator scott pruitt on hannity last night. >> the coal miners at the epa today as they heard the president's feet.
5:33 am
they were emotional because the industry had been under assault the last several years. but the first time in a long time when you talk about optimism, there's hope we will create jobs across all sectors because of that the president did today. lauren: gary brown and andrew cuomo saying their scissors so committed to the elimination targets. nicole: house republican leaders want to rekindle the health care bill in a lengthy house gop conference meeting in the first full session since april the health care bill on friday. members talk about how to bring back the measure. paul ryan in a press conference dave some of the most that formerly were no are now willing to get to yes. >> we will keep talking to each other until they get it right. i will not put a timeline on it because it is too written to knock it right. lauren: meanwhile, white house
5:34 am
secretary sean spicer said they listened to members about the new effort, but they are not actively planning a strategy forward. nicole: from on this, lee carter, president joining us now. speaker paul ryan had told the bill, couldn't get enough support. now what is the strategy? are they working for conservative numbers? >> a strategy that should have been in place for they put it forward. this is encouraging to a lot of folks because they put together a bill quickly. they didn't get a lot of support commented thinking story didn't do a good job selling it to her country. what they do right now is going back to basics, have a conversation about what is most. at the same time, instead of sado bondage or is a disaster to come a, crumbling which people are seeing more and more support or upon the care of going to have to do a better job selling this. but we have now is a new bill
5:35 am
that will deal with some of the issues people are having problems with mlb encouraging to folks. at the same time let's not call it a whole disaster. instead of talking about repeal and replace, let's talk about repairing it. they have an opportunity to change the message, change the tone, come across as united. the freedom caucus will not be obstructionist. we'll find a way to work together and represent different interests. nicole: you and i were talking earlier. i asked how overall it's trump doing and you mentioned the independents were softening on him. i want to turn to british exit u.s. perspective on that. >> will be your seat right now is the independent have been supporting donald trump all the way through. when we look at the polling, responses to the candidates all the the candidates although it proves that there's a good chance donald trump will win. but we seem his independents
5:36 am
have been softening as they are not seen action. one other thing people thought that they love so much as he was going to do things to make it this time. b.c. health care not happening, independent say, wait a minute, are things really never going to change. to get back to brexit, people wonder is this going to change the dynamic or not? are politicians going to react and act on behalf of people or protect their own interests. you see a lot of skepticism as they watch this play out and say this popular summer because are these government officials going to act on my behalf are we going to see an action is for things continue to not get done. lauren: populism has to play out. were donald trump is learning, not always easy. we carter, thank you for joining us this morning. nicole: hillary clinton speaking of thousands of them in san francisco's them in san francisco patient criticize leaders on every end from health care to the shortage of women
5:37 am
appointees and top administration positions. of course she joked about her own political fortunes. >> i am thrilled to be out of the woods. [cheers and applause] and then the company of so many inspiring women. and there is no place i'd rather be than here with you, other than the white house. [cheers and applause] the president also faulted the trump administration repeatedly. she called the representation of women in top jobs the lowest in the generation. lauren: let's get you caught up a global market action over market action of an academic at the 10th of 1% of japan. hang seng hong kong up two tenths of 1% of the coffee is to react to 10 brexit said. nicole: looking at the european markets.
5:38 am
cac quarante higher paid the big mysteries in a science article ls that they can now begin the wars. the e.u. blocking the merger between deutsche and lse. you see the london stock exchange of 3% and this chap about 1%. lauren: big rally yesterday. features on file file. nasdaq futures up one. nicole: oil continues its trend to the upside of two of three sessions. it is at 28 right now. 48.65 a barrel. gold down $3.5 snapping yesterday the losing streak we have been. the currency board right now seem strengthened u.s. dollar against the u.k. pound off earlier lows after the british exit is. a little weaker against the dollar this morning. westinghouse electric filed for bankruptcy protection effect team for nuclear reactors being built in the united states. westinghouse electric has already backed that billions of dollars in cost overruns building the nuclear reactors in
5:39 am
georgia and south carolina. this costs that threaten the financial viability of its japanese parent toshiba corporation. toshiba said last month it would take a break down of $6 billion because of u.s. cost overrun. it also allows westinghouse to file for bankruptcy and is getting out of the nuclear construction business. lauren: today is that a samsung has had waited for after bad publicity over the exploding galaxy known seven batteries. the new galaxy i i say this beig unveiled today. reportedly it will feature bluetooth do a lot of the lets users stream ideas to two different headsets for speakers at the same time. the unfilled take place this morning in new york at 11:00 a.m. nicole: fargo continues to put the damaging to parse behind it. reaching a 110 agreement to settle a class-action complaint over allegations that the place up in the account and promoted services without customer can
5:40 am
enter approval. this to be the first private party settlement in the case. while skype is that the settlement could 11 related cases and give payments will wells fargo customers who say they are victims of the banks that practices from 2009 until now. nicole: a court battle, some of the nation's biggest sports are fighting to save jobs. if the automation is a cleaner, more efficient and cost friendly alternative to the current system. california on the frontline of the battle with reports of long beach, los angeles and oakland with 40% of u.s. container traffic. a spokesperson told fox news that new technology is fine if it keeps workers safe, powerful automation means that their jobs could be gone. nicole: looking at stocks here. pharmaceutical tops the list this morning. shares soared 18% in extended
5:41 am
trading after the drugmaker said a combination of two medicines successfully treated cystic fibrosis in a closely watched clinical trial. dave and buster's entertainment going the other way, falling more than 4%. the casual dining change for the latest order to beat the estimate, but same-store sales came up short. we look at earnings from duluth and then after the closing bell. the maker to report sharply higher results compared to a year ago. listed below are ended its prior earnings guidance after it reported a strong holiday season in january and really carried more towards that. lauren: i actually hope to keep the business. i'm sure you do too. theresa may filing for divorce from the european union. but the british exit and faster like some art project team? we will ask nigel farage. says everything will be fine and we'll find out why he thinks
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that. the dow rose 150 points yesterday and solid economic data on home prices as well as consumer confidence. nasdaq futures at two. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements.
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lauren: it is official. british prime minister teresa may have signed papers to start the diverse process of grape written from the european union nine months after british voters chose to leave the e.u., britain will present the document to officials followed by an address by theresa may to the u.k. parliament. some have claimed the unprecedented move for an economic disaster. our next guest says it will not. the guest joining us now, nigel farage, fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. lauren: you say this is not going to end badly. why not?
5:46 am
>> let's be clear how big today as. today they go past the point of no return. two years from now, this country, this once great country will be an independent, democratic, self-governing nation. hooray. that will happen. it's big stuff, isn't it? we literally have given away the ability to make her own regulations, laws and control our borders. we move on from that a democratic point to the economics of it. look, we are the eurozone's biggest tax guard market in the world could take solace motorcars,hampagne, chocolate and cheese and goodness knows what e they trade with us having massive, massive surplus. it is in their interest to go on doing sensible commercial business with the u.k. even more and it doesn't matter in the short term. however much politicians are bureaucratic pass in the end, it
5:47 am
the market, many, consumer that wins. nicole: you've been a trailblazer with this is the very beginning. the question is out in the made the point for democracy. you've made the point for economy. this two years anathema to about $50 billion in cost for this? >> look, two years of plenty of time if you've got the will to make things happen. i'm tired of people pay their public money, civil service type to say to negotiate a trade deal takes five or 10 years. no it doesn't. austria negotiated trade deal with united states of america. negotiations were done and dusted within 10 minutes. it's what they've got the right positive mental attitude. the second thing is we are still paying men they met 10 billion pounds every year. we've paid in over 300 billion
5:48 am
cents to join this club all those years ago. some of them say well, if you want to leave camille had to pay a 50 billion euros as a parting shot. that is not going to happen. we may have a few very minor ongoing but no more than that. any negotiation, both sides start with the position in the end commonsense without. >> cannot i find unbelievable when the boat first happened without the markets of all of the cliff. we did see the current effect is certainly go nowhere. confidence, gdp, economic indicators and grape written are a-ok. do you expect them to remain okay? >> export growth is the highest it's been for 10 years. the stock market like yours and america is through the roof and all-time highs. sterling has fallen, but
5:49 am
mr. they've entered, a bear market, a falling market in july 2014 was falling well before someone was even on the agenda. for the figures have got this far for 2016 was three times higher than it was in 2015. the negativity we get from politicians, business is not taking that view. we are leaving behind a sclerotic, backward, overregulated outdated european union that is given high unemployment across europe will growth rate in rejoining the rest of the world, including a sensible trade deal with the u.s.a. the world is now our oyster. nicole: sounds good to me. teresa me. teresa may make in a to members of parliament. are there any surprises over the next makers that could rattle the market? >> i honestly genuinely, truthfully don't think so.
5:50 am
you may well get them next wednesday on the fifth of april, there'll be a big debate in the european parliament were publicly for the first time we will see the commission president and the european union negotiators telling us openly what they stand for. you may well get from then one or two negative comments that britain can't have a trade deal about the free movement of people. frankly that's as bad as it gets. lauren: lushes say you are wrong. it's theresa may held accountable for a failure of these negotiations? >> than its value but i'm not wrong about and what i cannot be wrong about. that is that it is spread for this nation to govern itself, to make it a loss, just that it's on tax rates, regulations of business and being independent free country. whatever happens with the economy in a very optimistic, what happens if the economy, independence, liberty and freedom matters more thanhe wor.
5:51 am
today we start getting it back. >> in scotland, the vast majority of them wanted to remain. they want to be held once breck brexit terms are not. >> is one big change in the last nine months ended this. 52% of us posted across the united kingdom for brexit. the polls showing 69% of the population accept the result, want the results and urged the government to get on and do it. the maturity and scott and favorite scene in the european union is now much smaller than it was before. and i do not see any prospects but into separate from the union. lauren: nigel farage, thank you very much for your time this morning. we will be right back.
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lauren: welcome back. let's go outside, catcher forecast for today. adam klotz joining us right now. reporter: hey, good morning. i will continue to be the leading story threat today. backing down a bit in the early-morning hours, start stretching from texas, running out the way to the midwest at this point. so we are seeing this big big in mainz on the eastern side of dallas. the front entry continue to see strong wind. the most severe weather this morning i shifted further to the north heard everything you see highlighted in the yellow polygon still severe thunderstorm watch. sanity is very powerful and moving along 40 on the east side of the roman city. the system will continue to shift to the esa nasa does have the severe weather threat is going ahead. you are really stretching from louisiana outdoors art of
5:56 am
further to the north as well in the missouri area. the system continues for it tomorrow. very active the next couple days. lauren: adam klotz, thank you very much. nicole: well, we'll tell you if your favorites being considered considered for the video game hall of fame. what's your favorite? you are watching "fbn:am." ♪ i saw her face now i'm a believer ♪ i'm in love, i'm a believer ♪
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lauren: 12 finalists for the 2017 world video game hall of fame has been announced including favorites mortal kombat, donkey kong and solitaire. i know his spirit down from thousands of nominations that came in 100 companies. is your favorite on that list? to be considered, it must be for things like status as an iconic game, how widely recognized and remembered it is and its longevity. the piece of the announcer a special ceremony and russia to new york. nicole: thank you for watching trains them in. lauren: we are going to hand it over to mornings at maria and a good morning for rearguard aroma. maria: happy wednesday.
6:00 am
i am maria bartiromo. your top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. pushing foreign policy. lawmakers working on a health care plan. white house looks to overhauling taxes. >> those are key components. the middle class, individual tax piece of it in the corporate. part of gathering folks together from capitol hill from industry groups is to begin that discussion, talk about what needs to go in, what the way forward is. for that conversation has begun in its continuing. maria: this morning we zero in on the time they were coming out. britain filing divorce papers from the european union. a signed letter from british prime minister theresa may will be headed to the council of the next hour, officially beginning the process. we've got the latest in what happens next in


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