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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  March 30, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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i would imagine don't do it while you're driving. >> i wonder if he actually drew that unicorn while driving. thanks for joining us here this morning it nictoee you. >> "mornings with maria" starts right now. maria: hey there, ladies. lauren comest you in a few minutes. happy thursday to you. i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, march 30th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. top priority for president trump. brittany fox news polls this morning show american voters want two things this year and we know what they are. job creation and lower taxes. new details on russia's alleged meddling. james comey reportedly tried exposing the tampering before election day, that he was blocked from doing so. meanwhile, tragedy in texas. a pickup truck crashes into a church bus killing 13 seniors returning from a retreat. the senior pastor thanked the community for coming together.
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>> we appreciate that their church is praying for us and lifting us up during this time. i'm confident the community is going to respond. this is a good, solid community and i know that our local churches are going to respond and do whatever they can. many have already offered however we can help you we will. so i am thankful for our community. maria: the very latest on the investigation this morning. since i'm with this competition for the iphone looking to bound from exploding battery scandal. a closer look at the features of the new galaxy essay coming up. futures indicate a lower opening for broader averages of fractional. the dow industrials expect to be down about 18 points. reading on the gdp number for the last quarter.
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i found about 2.5 hours. take a look at the market with the dax index of refraction but the transfixed on a fraction. nikkei average of% as is shanghai composite and china. inside the type just bezos' blue origin. a sneak peek double take tourists into space. raimondo tossed in, and portugal under and the hometown hero and his bronze sculpture that stole the show. does that look like him? fox business network dagen mcdowell print "wall street journal" assistant editorial page editor, james freeman this morning. chris and partner president lee carter. great to see you. >> good morning. good to have you back. dagen: yeah, where you've been
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come about? >> it's early but i rally this morning. maria: we are glad. a lot to talk about. dedicate your take on it. >> i'm looking forward to the poll results in tax cuts which is a good thing. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano will join us. republican presidential candidate, fox news contributor herman kaine is at best. james woolsey is your letters are bankers in the cisco president john williams did big show ahead. stay with us. we take it off right here with job creation is a top priority. the latest fox news polls. 33% of voters say they want president donald trump to bring jobs back to america destroyed by assistant cutting taxes will be second and third respectively. getting constitutionalists on the supreme court.
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the feeling of facing up on the care came 7%. interesting by repealing and replace comes in last on the list. >> i'm a little bit surprised in the distance between his numbers. the job creation, tax cuts, not surprised. i thought we wouldee a hher number than you would get only 10%. i thought that was pretty surprising. tuberculin replace obamacare we saw softening. part of that is because republicans really did not do a good job selling what they were going to deliver, what you're going to get. a lot of people seem to numbers coming out of their say in a 25 million people will be uninsured and i think they got afraid and said we should support this thing. republicans if they put in new health care bill out there is a big job to do with selling the reason why this is better for the american people because they certainly didn't do it last night. maria: they didn't tell the fact they had to do health care first. everyone wanted tax reform for
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us. >> they wanted to give themselves more room under congressional budgeting to cut taxes. that's one of the reasons they did health care first. to your point, lee, you see some members of the moderate and more conservative links in the house trying to put this back together. if they do, not predicting, here is how we are going to lower your premiums. that may be as folk was missing not just in the messaging, but it wasn't part of the first bill that would come later. it is a sign they didn't do the tax cutting and spending cutting that they had the opportunity to do. they will also have a piece that says here is how the insurance prices coming down. dagen: i remembered that kind of show and tell that paul graham did trying to explain. lee just rolled her eyes by the way.
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he was trying to explain expanding the health care savings account. i'm interested in the staffing eyes glazed over. they made no effort to really explain it. but was it put up yet pulled number? 17% of people about light the gop health care plan. >> first of all, it wasn't even that they didn't do a good job selling it, they didn't do a good job at writing it. i don't think anybody understood what it was. people thought obamacare is so unpopular and i was really shortsighted. yesterday they got together, talked about it and said we are going to fix this and come back and find a way to repair it. i'm discouraged by the fact paul reyna said he will work with democrats. maria: meanwhile, fox news channel polls show 73% of voters think that the u.s. tax system should be reformed this year. 21% think the changes can way. what do you think about this?
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is tax reform a realistic timeline for tax reform and change? we've been talking about this for months. do you think to do at this year? >> outcome i think they will. the first poll without doubt, the topline 33% on job creation, the answer to that is the tax cut. even the tax cuts are only number three in the poll, this is how we deliver what people want, which is job growth, economic growth. our friend, larry kudlow has a book out about reagan and kennedy cutting taxes and lowering marginal rates. that's how you get for growth, more jobs. i think it will happen. the key is cuts. not just reform. maria: beautiful but party last night. >> has come at last. true to the book looks fantastic. congratulations. it is relevant today because this is a great opportunity for
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trump. a lot of people talk about how lousy his approval ratings are. go beneath the headlines and people trust him on the economy. tree into a business guy. >> what about tackling the special interests who want to keep their tax breaks to benefit them. the mortgage interest production which they said we are not touchi it. what are you going to catch? everybody -- every industry, every group of professionals want to keep their little break. they pay no federal income taxes right now. how much more can you cut their taxes? they are not contributing one nickel to our national defense and to pay the men and women in uniform. when people talk about reforming the tax code,rybody at least most people in this country pay a little bit into the system. maria: which leads you to the next questionable republicans face a similar fate over tax
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reform that they did over obamacare replacement? there are a lot of competing ideas within the tax conversation. whether he thought the special interests are the quarter just attacks. >> they need to sell the border adjustment tasks. it's good because it's basically what economists generally like and what makes sense as the tax consumption. you don't tax investment or punish people for working and investing. it hasn't been explained. a lot of senators don't get it. how far they can go on reform. they may end up a luscious cut them. let's just cut rates. dagen: the editorial page of "the wall street journal," wre you work, raises the issue of senator tom part who did not like the gop, the house health care reform, but when you get to tax reform, the gop health care plan would raise revenue, cut
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spending by a trillion dollars. but then you've got caught and who didn't like that, but he also has wal-mart in his home district. you know it's not going to let the border adjustment tax, which raised a trillion dollars. >> is true. tragedy is an interview on cbs airing with house speaker paul ryan. he does not want president maria: work with democrats on replacing obamacare. white house press secretary sean spicer said they were willing to reach out to the opposite side of the aisle. watch. >> we are willing to engage with people. they understand his principles. we need to repeal the law and replace it with something better. we need to figure out who would engage in a constructive conversation. i understand what they want, but it's not a one-way street. the president has made clear what he wants to do. maria: you just mentioned a minute ago you're not happy with the fact paul rightly say no
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mr. president, do not work with democrats. >> is a big mistake. the poll came out yesterday. 90% of republicans want them working with democrats than 50% of democrats want the president -- what their party to work with the president. the reason dald trump president of the united states, the reason he's the candidate under 17 republicans out there is because he promised he would make deals and get things done. it's not going to get done unless their conversations. we will end up with more loss. dagen: democrats have no interest in working with anybody under even a conservative ideology. it is a trap. it is a spiderweb i think if republicans try to start doing on health care. maria: i think you're right. but that chuck schumer and the calm and see you constantly mix. they are showing a willingness to work together. >> schumer occasionally talking to ryan has shown a willingness to do things on corporate tax reform.
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think about ron wyden in the senate also. i think what ryan is concerned about is having trump do the outreach with democrats without trump having any real agenda. you go from that house bill cutting a trillion dollars spending a trillion dollars in taxes. that is not what democrats in the senate want to work with them are going to propose. >> they can be adversarial. they say it conversation needs to happen. dagen: they don't think anything was wrong with nancy pelosi. that's going to give us a window of where we are in this economy. it's expected around one, 1.5% of the gdp. san francisco fundraiser
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maria: welcome back. tragedy in texas to tell you about. 13 people confirmed dead after a church bus carrying fingers collided with a pickup truck. lauren simonetti with details. reporter: is just awful. her fixing in texas. a small bus carrying church members home from a retreat collided head-on with a pickup truck. after the truck apparently swerved into the land the bus was driving and, one person and the driver of the pickup with the only survivors. the pastor of first baptist church said his congregation is in shock, but the community is grateful for the outpouring of support and prayers. >> people know one another. we are having folks from under churches come over and support and stand by and pray with him cry together. i don't know that makes it any
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easier. provides training from people who love you. reporter: let's turn to north carolina for republican lawmakers reached republican lawmakers reached a deal that democratic governor to repair the state's controversial bathroom to approve the bill known as h.b. two matching sex on a birth certificate. lawmakers set to debate and vote on their peel built this morning. the rule comes as a new study with backlash could cost the state $3.7 billion by the year 2028. turning to the tech world, unveiling the galaxy essay. the first launch since the scandal of its galaxy note seven devices which had to be recalled globally after some spontaneously caught fire. it has a large screen wireless charging and does have a headphone jack.
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with the device, sam's son growing up the artificial intelligence assistance that would rival series. here's a way to get a free starbucks cup of coffee. for still have to have a civil conversation about politics. the idea behind it harbored business. this is how it works. sign up for the app through facebook and then you are paired with some in nearby who identifies with the opposing political party. each person gets half of the information needed to unlock your starbucks gift card. when she made up and work together, you can unlock the gift card and get your free copy. not sure it's going to work, but it is a good idea. maria. maria: that's all i want to do. >> meet strangers who have political conversations for free copy. >> not the first time starbucks has gotten into the political conversation in that regard. think it's going to work?
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>> is a nonpartisan observer, i wonder if there's anything here for me. i'm wondering if people might in a system where conservatives work with their liberal friends and can get free coffee. how many discussions can you get for a month, for a week? >> either way, i went and ordered a medicine ball on the show yesterday. they had no idea what i was talking about. i had to pull out the recipe and show them. you want me to come behind the counter and make it. a grouchy new york lady was standing in line for holding out everything. maria: maybe she wanted to get political with you. the tea that we had yesterday was delicious. it is a new product. dagen: no clue, zero clue. i was like all combat there and
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and help you make it. i was like we talked about it on tv. they were like we don't care. maria: that's hilarious. but tax reform could mean for the future of the trump rally coming up next. rinaldo was not till they start the ceremony naming an airport after him. while a bronze bust for a soccer star stole the spotlight. he might be able to know why. check it out. back in a minute.
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the fractional move in on the gdp number out in about two hos. the dow industrials down 11 of thst 13 trading days. down 2% since the record close set march 1st. mainstay capital management ceo and chief investment adages david kudlow is here. good to see you. the most recent berlin over the market. does it concern you? do you think things have changed since election day? >> when they look after the election, there is a lot of excitement about what policy would mean. we saw that in the big rally. small-cap stocks have subsided and the first quarter as part of what we refer to as the drums on. some policies concern over health care came in too concern. looking forward, we still are good things for the u.s. market overall. trade you still want to be a buyer in this market. i may have specific areas you
6:25 am
want. let's talk about what happened in this quarter because similarly volatile quarter in terms of earnings paid to expect during that 10% for the s&p 500. but all facedown in a notable from a standpoint? >> earnings expectations are so strong. we have earnings growth and essentially recession or five quarters. we've now emerged that a bad and we are looking at earnings expectations near 10%. that'll be the best earnings growth we've had in five years. the best in over five years. we are seeing some very strong earnings date for u.s. stocks and that bodes well as we look past politics. the market is on the last several months. earnings are looking very good from where they are year ago. >> a bit of a debate that began a hard versus soft data as they
6:26 am
look at the trump rally and still high. do you like what you are seen as far as economic data or are you mainly polish because of expectations on earnings, consumer sentiment, investor or business, expect nations at the future versus what's happening now. >> the economic data is looking good. they just came out the strongest in many, many years. great jobs numbers that continue. overall consumer confidence is good here the economic data is good but we have great earnings expectations. >> i think there's been a lot of drama about the fact the last 11 days haven't been in the best market sense. it's all because this is showing there is no confidence. suggesting we are in a bad place.
6:27 am
that's not what you'reayinat all.been too much made a winner consider progrowth policies from trump and what is considered what might be negative for negative for trade. as part of the policies have come under scrutiny. the mexican peso sold off precipitously after the election. they rallied a percent. maria: the front page of "the wall street journal." the trump administration signals it would seek mostly modest changes to nafta. >> we see moderation in the positive policies that make it a moderation on both sides bringing us more to the market. >> the information technology at 12%. the energy and telecom services.
6:28 am
you expect a sector rotation? >> what is interesting is financials didn't industrials. also subsided it will continue to do well for the balance here. technology continues to do well. maria: real quick, facebook is up 24% in the quarter or the last month. and netflix have come a group of parents alphabet up hitting all-time highs. do you want to buy these stocks right here? >> the stacks to mention which make up trade to facebook, amazon, netflix and google. >> 11%. strong gain in the first quarter. it is imrtant to look at where we a with ations in the u.s. market, how strong the first quarter was in the past eight years. relations are high. we could look abroad.
6:29 am
diversification reminds investors who don't make too much of these trades based on politics, economic data points. look abroad to emerging markets. the provide teacher which evaluations are lower there and there's a real opportunity. maria: will be watching. thank you for your insight. david kudlow for mainstay capital. the investigation into alleged russia's alleged investigation. by director james comey may have been silenced by the obama administration when he tried to point out the meddling by russia. hitching a ride into outer space. the snake geek of the capsules blue origin to send tourists out of the planet. back in a minute. yes? please repeat the objective. ♪
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maria: welcome back, happy thursday everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo and it is thursday march 30th. almost the end of the first quarter. another day and headline about russia. fbi director james comey want to expose allege russian interference well before election day. >> contrary to maybe popular belief were partners to see that this is completed and that we've got a product at the end of the day that we have bipartisanship. >> we need to get this right and sometimes it means specially for somebody like me that wants
6:33 am
things done yesterday that it's not going to happen as fast as i would like but butetting it right is more important than getting it done quickly. maria: very latest on the investigation coming up shortly. thousands of people to evacuate after cyclone strikes australia. taking a dive in the premarket today. company had a weak outlook. we are breaking down the numbers. down 20% as we speak. move over warren buffet a new guru is in town. the world's second richest person on the planet. markets this morning look like this. futures indicating broader opening for the averages. the final reading of the fourth quarter is out in about two hours. that will set the tone.
6:34 am
ahead of the market it's looking 20 points down. dax index is up, ftse is down, fractional moves. in asia overnight, declines across the board. take a look. jeff bezos goes where no billionaire has gone before. blue origin is unveiling the pod that could take you up to space. the hometown of crust yoon -- cristiano ronaldo. wanted to go public with information about russia meddling last summer, but he was blocked by officials within the obama administration. according to newsweek, comey try today publish an op-ed in the allegations against russia months before the election.
6:35 am
joining us right now politics and strategy cairon, good to see you. >> good morning. >> my first thought is this is becoming a full-time job trying to understand the various contours against russians. the top intelligence officer in the country would want to reveal what seems to have been still a story in progress through opinion essay in a newspaper which would have further confused the already highly contentious presidential race and would have made him and his research on the russians part of the narrative in a way that we would -- dee we would not hav
6:36 am
been able to overcome in the presidential. second, the whole thought of the president and his team in the situation room making intelligence decisions about what the public needs to know and when they would need to know it is deeply troubling and further still, the fact that the final months of the obama administration may have been devoted in part to trying to time when the american public would learn this information and maybe even throw it into the early trump administration if trump, in fact, won. at every level this is so upsetting in a democratic system that it's hard to know where to begin. maria: it is, dagen. what do you think? dagen: there's so much focus on devin nunes in the house intelligence committee but then also yesterday the heads of the senate intelligence committee coming out focused on looking
6:37 am
into collusion with the trump administration which is a canard but basically can we call it spying on people that are associated with the trump campaign. this is another element that the house and the senate need to look at, what did the obama administration know and when did they know it and with comey coming out. ria: admitting that they shed to gather intel on the trump transition team. a top official from the obama administration disclosed this earlier this month on msnbc. watch this, it's right here. >> i was urging my former colleagues and -- and frankly speaking the people on the hill, it was more actually aimed at telling the hill people, get as much information as you can, get as much intelligence before president obama leaves the administration because i had a fear that somehow the
6:38 am
information would disappear with the senior people who left. maria: she basically admitted. i was among those who spied on the trump transition team and raises question on whether the information was collected properly. >> it does, i don't know that she was the main person collecting the information regarding russia. but the fact that government official would go on television and would make that revelation just makes the story a lot more complicated, but i will say the senate, to speak to your earlier point, the senate intelligence committee i think is going to do a serious bipartisan job and look at both sides both russian connections after the obama administration or hillary clinton's campaign, more prosizely -- precisely and they have to look at everything in order to stay to the bipartisan
6:39 am
spirit. that would be crucial to credibility. >> what do you think about fbi director comey and whether he can really continue to do his job, he seems to talk too much in public about investigations, but now we learned not as much as he would like to talk. maria: is it -- >> is it possible that he moves on or he goes back to kind of a traditional role where they do cases to the justice department and justice department makes judgments on thousand proceed? >> you're asking the hardest question of all. after 9/11 and the 9/11 commission it recurect, having
6:40 am
become public officials compromises their work and their ability to really have the confidence not just of the american public but those in the executive and legislative branch with whom they work. so this is a very difficult time for comey. it will be interesting to see if he survives. maria: it's interesting that you raise this because michael, former ag with on with me on sunday and he said the trump administration had an opportunity to clean house when they first came in. obviously natural time to do it, new administration, everybody is out, cleap house, they didn't do it then for comey and now they feels he can't do it because it's going to look political if they were to say jim comey, leave now. dagen: specially with comey sitting in front of that
6:41 am
congressional panel and saying that we are looking into contacts between trump -- trump campaign officials and russia. maria: right. dig daig now comes out and says that and says nothing else and dangles that piece of bait and leaves president obama with no choice but to keep him in the job. you might disagree? >> i think your point -- i think for comey, for house house intel member, at some point they will come with the evidence, mr. schiff says -- maria: we don't have evidence yet. not yet. lee: nobody knows what we are talking about here. the more that we keep saying russia, russia, the more it happens and more people think
6:42 am
that trump did something but there's no evidence that trump did anything. maria: less time people are focused on the agenda. lee: that's right. maria: what did we begin the show with the polls that t american people want tax reform to happen, they want job creation. dagen: president trump need to stop tweeting about it. that's all the democrats can talk about. kudos to senate warner who seem quite sobber for a couple of lawmakers in terms of them talking to get to the bottom of this. maria: you make all the great points. thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: coming up quick break, spring sales may not be blooming for lulu lemon, diving this
6:43 am
morning. we are talking 20% selloff in lulu lemon. world's second richest man right behind bill gates. back in a minute
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find more than $4000 in tax savings. visit quickbooks-dot-com. maria: welcome back, futures pointing to lower opening. dow industrials expected to be down 20 points today. that's out in less than two hours that. would set the tone out for markets. a couple of names we are watching, lulu lemon taking a dive. stock is down almost 20% after the company said it expects to earn 25 to 27 cents a share which is significantly below analysts estimates which call
6:47 am
for 39 cents a share. lulu at 54.84, down $12 or 17-18%. the journal is reporting this morning that the move will help pay down debt and increase stock buybacks. shares are down nearly 10% this year. evacuations are underway in australia this morning in the wake of vastating cyclone. lauren: flooding to parts of the country's north eastern coast. more than 60,000 people told to get out with river levels expected to top water levels, look at that. there's concern that a flood wall may be breached. knocking out power to nearly 50,000 homes and you are looking
6:48 am
at some of the damage. well, two former aides sentenced to prison for political revenge plot involving traffic jams at the george washington bridge. >> mr. baroni and ms. kelly used their position in the government, used government resources to settle a petty political score and in doing so they breached their duty to the citizens of new jersey and they showed a calis disregard. lauren: in an effort for not supporting christie's bid, traffic jam in the city of new jersey by closing access tohe gw bridge. jeff bezos the second richest person on the planet. net wort of $75.6 billion.
6:49 am
he passed warren buffet. bezos moved up thanks to huge rally in amazon shares to record high yesterday making another 1 and a half billion dollars for bezos and in the last year amazon shares are up 50%. bezos is $7 billion richer since donald trump won the presidential election. if you're wondering who the richest man in the world is bill gates, $86 billion, so now you know. two astronauts are going for a space walk today. space suits and leave the comfy confines of the international space station at 8:00 o'clock this morning and if you dream of going to space, amazon's jeff bezos wants to take you there. blue origin showing off pictures of what the capsule looks like. so what's the timeline for all of this?
6:50 am
bezos says that can make human test flights by the end of the year with first official ones taking place next year. anybody signing up? maria: very cool. [laughter] maria: i don't know if that means a sign-up. looks good. lee: i will let other people try it first. maria: exactly. any interest, james? >> yeah, i'm not a big first adopter of that kind of technology. let the market settle. [laughter] maria: all right, we will take a short break, when we come back a statute of cristiano ronaldo. why it's not taking off with the fans, that's for sure. coming up next
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maria: welcome back, the nba history books rewritten by
6:54 am
russell westbrook of the oklahoma city thunder. jared max with all the details now. jared, good morning. jared: good morning. it's actually the most decadant display. nobody makes it like russell westbrook, talking about the triple double. monster jam by westbrook. he put up numbers that we have never seen. triple double this season, more points than any player ever had recording a triple double, double digits, three statist call categories. 13 rebounds, 11 assists, second game this season he broke 50 in the triple double. 3-pointer with five second to go to force overtime and the thunder struck the magic. the 21-point comeback in history, 8 games to go. westbrook needs three more
6:55 am
triple doubles to tie oscar robertson for the most triple doubles of the season. not since title game has roger been to the super bowl of patriots. godell is going to appear at the opening game oxt nfl season. en patriots ll play, we don't know who their opponent will be yet. a man who has been seen by much of patriots nation adam: verse air to the people will return to the scene where deflate game took wind. two weeks ago commissioner visited our studio, looming for mets picture, stemming from a domestic violence incident. >> i will say that i think that when this is done it will be another example of the fact that are collectively policy and ability to work with the union is very important in the area b. >> yesterday major league
6:56 am
baseball made suspension and that will be on monday, the baseball season begins on sunday. maria: all right, he tried to address it during the interview. he said what he could say. let's talk about cristiano ronaldo, shall we? soccer star, known for his good looks but you would not know it by looking at the statute that was created. wow. the airport named after him in hometown of portugal yesterday and during naming ceremony this bronze beauty was on vialed and the internet, well, it had a lot to say. here are some of the tweet that is came out yesterday. [laughter] maria: comparing the statute to the movie it. [laughter] maria: incredible lightness. dagen, what do you think? dagen: maybe, you know, maybe ronaldo photographs well and this is what he looks like in person. >> no, really, i look much better in person.
6:57 am
[laughter] dagen: looks nothing like him. lee: he's standing there, how do you react. something you would have done -- maria: they do it based on a picture, right? >> i don't know what photo he ever looked like that. lee: did they get it at a garage sale and say maybe it kind of looked like him. maria: that's a great thing about the internet, nothing goes by and they pounced on it immediately. good stuff, jared. catch fox news headlines, 24/7 or siriusxm. part of a production of a border wall. inside look of the process in the next hour so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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7:00 am
maria: welcome back, good thursday morning, everybody. thanks for being here. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday march 30th, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. the debate over sanctuary cities escalates, seattle filing a lawsuit yesterday against the administration over the funding threat. >> apparently the trump administration, their war on facts has now become a war on cities. we are not breaking any laws and we are prioritizing safety. and let me be clear about the president's executive order, it is violating the law, it is unconstitutional. maria: the administration facing
7:01 am
another legal battle over immigration. a hawaii judge has extended the order blocking the president's travel ban. take a closer look at both cases coming up this hour. one airlining on u.s. bound flights, how they're letting technology fix in the sky. half a million cars for two separate issues. risks you need to know about coming up. a new era for carl's jr. markets this morning looks like. this futures indicating opening on broader averages. we are getting the final read on the fourth quarter qdp out this morning. 2%, 2%. in europe stocks are searching for direction. dax index is up. in asia overnight declines across the board. worst performer is china and, in
7:02 am
fact, this has been a long losing streak in china. shanghai composite down about 1%. this year's oscar flub will not cost the accounting firm pwc after all. the company is keeping its job but there will be changes for next year's award. we will tell you what it's doing. all the stories coming up and joining us to talk about it dagen mcdowell, the wall street journal assistant editorial page editor james is here and partners president lee carter. good to see you. lee: great to be here. what a morning? maria: lots to talk about. i want to get in to sanctuary cities. >> good. dagen: yeah, good. somebody try to explain the legal logic of what the cities and states are doing. maria: we are not breaking any laws. i'm just trying to get my head around that. >> they're not breaking any laws. they have nothing to worry about. this is basically the trump administration saying we are going to continue the policy the obama administration in enforcing a law signed by bill clinton.
7:03 am
there's nothing to their case. dagen: let me call democrats about we are a nation of immigrants. we are talking about people illegally by the nature of being the country. maria: those are facts, legal, illegal, throw it altogether. we will talk about judge napolitano about this.rmer repul candidate herman cain and the president of san francisco reserve john williams is here. a big show ahead. don't miss a moment of it. we kick it off on this top story this half an hour. seattle has filed a federal lawsuit against the trump administration over the president's executive order threatening to cut off federal fund to go sanctuary cities. listen to what the mayor of
7:04 am
seattle, ed murray, said yesterday. >> the seattle filed against president trump, john kelly and outlines why the president's order is illegal. first, the tenth amendment of the constitutional say that is the federal government cannot specify how local governments must go about enforcing federal law. yet that is exactly what the president's order does. maria: joining us right now is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. judge, great to see you. >> good morning, guys. maria: do you think -- what did you make of what he just said? better law versus -- fedel law versus local law. >> answer, yes, the federal government has a moral, legal and constitutional obligation to enforce the laws and it can do
7:05 am
so using its own assets and own resources. it can send as many federal agents to the city as it wants for the purpose of enforcing federal law there. can the federal government second question compel a city to assist it in enforcing federal law, answer, no. the supreme said that's common -- the feds taking over local police department and directing it. in that respect the mayor of seattle is correct. maria: tenth amendment. >> can it claw back money that's given to municipality because the government doesn't like the way the municipality is refuse to go cooperate with it, answer, no. the federal government can impose the condition on the money at the time it is given which would require the municipality to comply. if, for example, the budget that will kick in i think october 1st of this year, the federal government's fiscal year, offers
7:06 am
$100 million to the police department of seattle on the condition that your officers cooperate with ice. if they reject the 100 million, almost unheard of to reject that ney at that magnitude then they're not required to cooperate with ice. the manner in which the obama administration gave out the grants did not have the condition of cooperation. i guaranty you that the new grants will have those conditions. >> i would say these -- when these grant moneys are allocated they do say that have to abail applicable laws. >> yes. >> states and cities cannot prevent local cops from communicating with the federal immigration, now ice. >> one thing for the mayor of seattle to say to his police, you will not help round up illegals, it is another thing to
7:07 am
say you will frustrate the efforts to do so, that makes the police law breakers and that risks their careers. i have heard of some instances of that. there was a judge recently, a life tenure judge who hit immigrants in her chambers to prevent from being arrested. maria: wow. >> i think the lawsuits will go nowhere because the federal government has not taken the money back so the municipalities have not been injured. now, you know how this money is paid. it's not a grant of 100 all at once. it's 120 million, 10 million a month. if they stop the monthly payments, then they have been harmed and have a basis for a lawsuit. until the feds have been harmed there's no basis for the
7:08 am
lawsuit. you can't file a lawsuit because you think someone is going the harm you. >> i think the nature of this political stunt is revealed when you ask why were they not suing the obama administration last year, if this law was unconstitutional why have they not been suing since 1996. >> because the obama administration was not enforcing the law. >> we are going to tie this money after inspector general reported, the department of justice found cities were violating this law. >> but the supreme court has said, you can't put the condition on the money after you've offered it. you have to put the condition on at the beginning so if you accept the money you accept the condition, very famous case, the congress wanted lower speed limits on highways, we will repave, lower speed limit. south dakota said we want the money, we don't want to lower the speed limit.
7:09 am
if you take the cash, you take the strings that come with it. maria: that's a great analogy, you're exactly right. let's talk about hawaii for a second. a federal judge in hawaii has extended a halt on the president's travel ban. hawaii attorney general douglas chin weighed on in yesterday. listen. >> we already have so many around the country, you have washington, maryland, virginia and hawaii and most of them are coming out in favor of us pending the travel ban. [inaudible] >> we disagree with that but, i think, that's something that needs to be resolved by the highest courts. maria: is this politically motivated? >> i read the opinion about 6:00 o'clock this morning. temporary ban and made it permanent.
7:10 am
permanent doesn't mean forever, until there's a trial and the judges persuaded otherwise or appellate court interferes. i'm sorry to tell you that this characterizes this as a muslim ban. the judge actually found that the president of the united states targeted muslims rather than targeting the security of the united states. this is harsher than the previous opinions that were written by judges on the first executive order and the justice department must appeal this to get this monkey off their backs. i think it is an extremely narrow reading of the law which fails to give difference to the president. this is foreign policy. the constitution makes the president the primary determiner and the congress gives him the tools to which to implement the
7:11 am
decisions and one of those tools is an immigration ban. a 90-day temporary immigration ban and this judge says it is a muslim ban. if it is a relunlous ban, it violates the first amendment. no evidence in here from which the judge can find that except what candidate trump said when he was running for president. so if barack obama had signed this executive order, this judge would have upheld it but because donald trump signed it, having said some things during the campaign, he's holding those words against him. first time in history i have seen an office holder bound by words that the office holder used before he was in office. [laughter] maria: you're right. dagen: go hrc or whatever. maria: i'm with her.
7:12 am
dagen: completely political. >> what circuit is hawaii in, the ninth, the same crowd they confronted when they had the seattle order. 17 or 18 active judges. you don't know what panel of three you're going to get. it has to get to the supreme court which will have nine members in two weeks. that's another issue. maria: all right, great stuff of all this. details on the massive recall from ford motor this morning. the accounting firm wins despite bundling the best picture award but there are big changes coming to next year's oscars, stay with us, back in a minute.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: welcome back, a tragic accident near fort worth to tell you about. lauren: two young boys ages 11 and 12 electricuted by power line. the power lines were knocked down by storms that blew through
7:16 am
overnight leaving people without power and forcing many schools in the area to cancel classes. free use of a tablet with internet access while on board. this all comes after the u.s. government bard passengers from north african cities carrying electronics larger than cell phones on u.s.-bound flights. we have a couple of auto recalls to tell you about this morning, you might have to take your car for service. problems that can cause engine fires and doors to open unexpectedly. the models, 2014 escape suv, 2014-15 fiesta, 2013, 2014 fusion. 20-2015 transit connect.
7:17 am
some of the mod models. the recall does not affect the u.s. and the academy award is going to avoid the kind of embarrassing mix-up we saw last month during best picture announcement. you remember this one. a third accountant with knowledge of the winners to be seated in the control room during the show. the accounts will not be allowed to have electronic devices backstage either and despite the major embarrassing snafu the academy will continue to work with pricewater whitehouse, the two accountants, they're not going to be working on the oscars again. maria: i bet not. lauren: yeah. maria: i guess they are banning cell phones behind stage. lauren: no electronic devices and probably no cameras either. >> whoever the town executive at
7:18 am
pwc who handles the oscar relationship is, this person is now achieving legendary status within the firm. maria: yeah, yeah. >> can you imagine after this kind of mistake they keep their job? phenomenal. winner. [laughter] maria: apparently he felt really bad. dagen: they get star struck. who cares about the celebrities? they can stand in front of the cameras and get a gold statute. look at the hot babe, let me take a picture of her while i'm supposed to be doing my job. maria: still to come, the trump administration ready to tackle tax reform but is that what americans want most? the surprising fox poll, what you said should be number one
7:19 am
priority. less babes and more burgers. they are saying bye-bye to the bikinis. back in a minute did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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7:22 am
maria: welcome back, the trump administration pivoting from health care to tax policy. gop is taking a bipartisan approach on this. watch. >> we are going to get it done this year. i don't always set timetables and deadlines. that's the timetable we are moving for in the house. clearly, i think, the message
7:23 am
here is we are focused on tax reform, progrowth and so is the president and it's going to take a unified effort from the house, senate and the white house to get this done. maria: taxes may not be a top priority for americans. take a look atox news poll, bringing back jobs and destroying isis outranking taxes. they want the president to help create jobs followed by 23% saying destroy isis. joining us herman cain. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning, good morning. morp -- maria: do the findings surprise. taxes is not until number three and obama replacement is all the way at the bottom. >> no, they don't t i look at polls as being directional. that's like if i want to go from atlanta to new york, i have to go north, that's all it tells me but it doesn't give me a specific route. my interpretation is all of the above because that's consistent with the polls that you have
7:24 am
done before. i think that the american people, yes, you have to create jobs but also cutting taxes and replacing obamacare are part of creating jobs and stimulating growth. dagen: it's dagen mcdowell, shouldn't that show up in the poll numbers and doesn't it fall on the gop republican leadership to sell the repeal and replace as a job creator and as a trillion dollar tax cut? >> i would agree with you. one thing that the republicans did not do well was selling all of the benefits of the repeal and replace plan. you're absolutely right. repeal and replace on obamacare is going to help create jobs and reduce people's taxes both in the same. so as i said, polls are directional but i don't interpret them as absolute. lee: one of the things that everybody is talk about how we are going to move to tax reform and that should be easier to get through because we are on the same page and dagen was earlier talking about some of the
7:25 am
special interest, loopholes that we are going to have with mortgage credits and all of the other things, how do you think they are going to get it done? do you think they have to scale it back and make it a smaller plan or geeverything through, how do you think it's going to play out? >> lee, they're not going to get everything. here is the deal, if they follow the blueprint that president trump layed out when he was running, it'll be simple enough that the republicans should be able to explain it. secondly, i believe democrats are going to put -- push back, democrats fundamentally don't like tax cuts, they are going to try to scare the american people. i happen to believe that that would be enough momentum with the white house on board, with the republicans in the house if they sell it right in order to get it done. i have faith that they are going to probably get this done this year like representative brady said more so than the attempts that they made on repeal and replace. keep in mind u they have only been working on repeal and
7:26 am
replace for six to nine days. they still have a ways to go. the good news is they haven't given up on it. maria: how about seven years? dagen: thank you. [laughter] maria: six days. >> they've been -- they've only been in control for six to nine days, okay. [laughter] maria: for a long time. lee: don't you plan before you get the thing that you want for so long. dagen: not if you're a republican, you don't. >> look at the difference here. the democrats said we have to pass it and then tell you what's in it and they shoved it down our throughouts. at least the republicans are showinyou what's in it before they tried to pass it. maria: that's true. >> that's part of the problem of getting it passed because people pull out the little things that they want to to attack it and the republicans have got to do a better job of messaging when it comes to trying to sell that solution. maria: good point. let me ask you about the other story that we have been talking
7:27 am
about this morning. the food chain carl's jr. doing away with sexy ads, the company now says it plans to take a more wholesome approach showcasing the change in a new ad. watch this. >> i think your dad is here. >> what? >> daddy, you're back. yes. >> take that down. put that up. >> that's what supposed to be fresh ingredients and the lady got in there and her clothes flew off and it was windy. >> shut up, jr. >> left andy puzner left the company. making fun of themselves, really. >> they are making fun of themselves. here is the thing. whenever you get a change at the top and they have a new chairman since andy stepped aside, he probably wanted to go in a new
7:28 am
direction, is it going to work, i don't know. one of the biggest challenges in any ad campaign is cutting through the clutter. let's face it, like it or not, the sexy ads cut through the clutter. they are going to try to go to a wholesome approach. we will have to wait and see. maria: james has something to say about this. >> wait and see. >> i was nervous for the company because there's problematic when they decide to fire customers and they have been targeting the young hungry guys with the ad and doing well, but one thing i like with the direction which puzder endorses is going to focus on taste of the burger. what do you think of that approach? >> you have to ask yourself this question, how will they establish the point of difference between their burgers and all of the others?
7:29 am
, look, i know that the sexy ads weren't selling burgers as much as they were selling a point of difference using sex to sell. that's what they were doing. this is why i'm simply saying wait and see but cutting through the clutter in that very concentrated market isn't going to be easy by trying to take a more wholesome approach. [laughter] dagen: how about trying to sell fast food to women too. i know none of those women have ever eaten a burger that size. maria: they're not eating burgers. dagen: i eat two hamburgers a day and i lose weight. [laughter]
7:30 am
>> maybe the campaign should be burgers, babes and boys, who knows? include them all. [laughter] maria: all right, herman, great to talk with you as always. thank you so much. >> always, i enjoyed it. maria: by the way former ck ceo andy puzder will be joining stuart varney. 11:00 a.m. eastern coming up this morning. bidding on the border wall. we will talk of the ceo of one of the companies buying for the project and why he's hope to go get the president's business to build that wall and then a pennsylvania coffee shop brews up controversy. loyalty program under fire for a lack of loyalty to the nation's highest office. back in a minute look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt,
7:31 am
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[ toilet flushes ] ♪ so when you need a plumber, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list. because your home is where our heart is. maria: welcome back, but there's a morning everyone. it's thursday, march 30. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. as companies compete to work on president trumps coveted project there are new questions over just how long construction will actually take. i would build a great wall and nobody will build it better than me. i will build the great wall
7:34 am
and i will have mexico pay for that wall. the very latest on the project coming up. the details after an american airline's copilot dies during landing. he landed the flight and then died. one coffee shop bruise up outrage this morning. in markets this morning pointing to a lower opening for the broader average. we are waiting on the final meeting is due in the next hour. it may very will change the situation and impacted stocks this morning. the dax index is up affection. in asia over 90 overnight declines across the board as you will see here. the big business of 4o1k with some of the top tips to help
7:35 am
make sure that you can retire in style. you don't want to miss the special coverage today. the new ride it is pedaling for just under $40,000. would you take a ride on the bike. the details behind their plan to deliver the pizza by a robot. funding for the border wall well not make it into congress spending bill not slowing down interest from the builders wanting in on the business. when the two twitter companies had excess interest to help construct a wall along the southern border according to the wall street journal. he joins us right now. good to see you. thank you so much for joining us this morning. your company submitted the bid to work on the wall. >> we wanted. we do a lot of soul searching when the project came up and we decided that we would rather be a productive part of
7:36 am
the solution rather than get to the lethal designs. stephen how big a project is this for your company? >> we are a for-profit company there's no question about it but we have a lot of work. we could have done some other projects. we have to do a lot of soul searching before we get into this project i did meet with my team we met for about four hours and decided the better thing for us to do was to propose some humane solutions with respect to the design. the government is reliant on federal contractors to have that. they are looking to us to do the design concept. >> a lot of that. i can't say too much about it.
7:37 am
our wall secures our borders which is what the highest priority is here is 30 feet in height. it's a big beautiful wall. are you in voicing invoicing the government of mexico or our government? seebeck in the united states of this wood. >> a lot of people are concerned about making sure we do have doors that we do still allow people to come here and work. i don't know if you had thoughts on those policies generally we think this is can help immigration because i've been talking about this for the last ten years. the american people do not had the appetite to pass immigration reform.
7:38 am
my thought is an eye to really believe this once we secure our borders build the wall and then at that point we can have a rational conversation about comprehensive immigration reform. maria: the journal is reporting that the analysis is 13% of the companies expected to submit proposals are submitting proposals. you said is not just about the money. this is a broader deeper conversation that you have. we are a for-profit company. we do for enterprise and profit. with a lot of other business that we could've made it can made just as much money on. we decide to enter the conversation because the defense contracting community is very small. we are aware of a lot of very disturbing options such as electrified fence and things like that. when i met with my team 80% of
7:39 am
which is mexican american dissent. we want to wake up on a sunday morning and hear about a dozen guatemalan kids that were seriously injured by someone else's design. >> you talk about rational immigration reform by people who are against stopping illegal immigrants from coming into this country i'm curious what the response has been when people found out that you were bidding on this. we had been getting death threats. it's kind of interesting. it is important for our company to understand the attitude of the american people act chilly. i took a day to field some of those calls. once i explained the position to some of the very angry
7:40 am
callers i ended up having many of them actually wish us luck and tell us that they understood and they helped we got the project. my office is flooded with calls people say were watching you. there's a price to pay for doing what you're doing and things like that. it's very disturbing. a lot of members of my own family are not very happy about this. many years ago in the 1930s. as a very different situation. as everyone knows over the last 35 years we have done nothing about immigration in terms of reform. the only thing that we've done as we have entrenched both sides one side is talking about security. no one is coming together on this issue. my hope is that once we build
7:41 am
this wall then again we can have that rational conversation that we desperately need the 14 to 18 million undocumented workers in this country to have no avenue to come out of the shadows. were hoping that once we secure the borders the american people well finally had the appetite. >> give us one more secret about your design? >> it's a big beautiful wall. great to see. thank you so much. will be watching the business that you get. were looking at dominoes where it is serving a pizza delivered by robots. the body rolling out a 40,000-dollar bicycle. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. e
7:42 am
[music] i'm so fancy. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. or keeping a hotel's guests cuttinconnected.i to 35,000 fans... businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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maria: welcome back. incredible a story a copilot dies during a flight as landing was taking place. american airlines first officer died during the last phases of leading in albuquerque new mexico yesterday afternoon. just before the leaning. cpa -- cpr was performed. at this point we do not know what caused his death. the luxury name behind the words assess car is taking the rap off of the world's lightest bike. the price of the bike is not supposed to be used on the road. the root lease comes at the
7:46 am
same time as the arrival of this beauty the new supercar. customers can have their bikes mask to their bugatti chiron. but that will set you back. they will begin taking domino's pizza's to customers in germany and the netherlands a summer. they actually look more like food cards. they are designed to operate on the sidewalk. caring no more than 20 pounds. a pennsylvania coffee shop brewing up controversy with that loyalty card. the front of it has a ten count with the global -- logo to punch. it has ten people that management does not like.
7:47 am
they are designed to look like a shot in the hen when the card is punched. another co-owner said that is meant to poke fun at the present. this is just who we are. i few customers did complain that no democrats were on the card. i think they will have some boycotts if you ask me. maria: do you think that's an appropriate? >> i guess it's not out of nature. but certainly not a loving gesture. that is what america is all about. doesn't that take it too far. i can't figure out whether it should match my bugatti chiron.
7:48 am
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maria: what does donald trump's presidency mean for your 4o1k. according to a recent survey the majority of americans 57% say that the trumpet ministration what impact their retirement saving strategies of those with investments. they expect to present trump to have a positive impact on their portfolio this year. how can you prepare for retirement. we are bringing in dominic develop. it's good to see. the problem is that they just make some elections in the middle and then they forget about it. over 90% of 4o1k participants have made no investment change in their portfolio in the last decade think about what we've gone through in the financial crisis. a single investment change.
7:53 am
don't day trade your retirement fund. when you do that. you're usually buying last year's winner. two years ago oil was terrible. there's always a cycle. that is usually a mistake. and you want to look at long-term but you think knowing what's going on around you in terms of like the trumpet ministration and will affect your retirement? low inflation. switching to a trump environment where it could be higher interest rates. how should you be re- bouncing now.
7:54 am
-- re- bouncing now? >> lick your bond positions. you might want to lower your exposure. you might want to over weight the growth side. what is the key keys to growing and protecting your 4o1k regardless of who is in the white house. it will get you through the cycles. let's not forget the negative cycles if you are a buyer and you're putting it in every weekend every month. the positive in the long run. take money out of the check and someone else is managing it? >> we met with a client on friday half a million dollars in their 4o1k all of them by
7:55 am
the way the exact same thing with a different name on top of it. seven years ago. the last time they made a change. some fixed income some growth. they had been at a favor with a trump environment they might come back into both. would you put new money to work in small caps? >> if it is underperforming on sale maybe take five or 10% of your portfolio allocated there. and wait for the next cycle to come through. there always balance. there's can be some that will come. instead of treasuries on high yield.
7:56 am
where is the value proposition. >> great advice. thank you so much. the timing of the tax reform plan. john williams joins me in exclusive interview. lets out and about 30 minutes. you'll get it right here. .
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
maria: good thus morning. welcome back thanks so much for joining us. i'ma apple. it is us thursday, march 30. your top stories right now 8:30e 8:00 a.m. on the east coast top priorities for president trump, brand-new fox news polls this morning show that american voters want two things, this year job creation, and cutting taxes, new details in russia's allegeded meling in the election fbi director comey reportedly tried exhe posing the tampering before election day however, he was blocked by the obama administration, from going with this it comes as intelligencek wraps up of its own investigation. >> -- looked at politics differently. you don't look at the responsibilities we have on the committee differently, that is to earn the trust respect of the intelligence community so they feel open and good about sharing information with us. because that enables to us do
8:00 am
oversight job that much better. >> i have confidence in richard -- together with members of our committeeing getting to the bottom of this if nothing else from today take that statement to the bank. >> breaking right now russian president vladimir putin denying the modeling he allegations he says, russia never interfered in the election, just hitting the tape now ivanka trump makes it official she announced she will become a federal employee with the title of assistant to the president. tragedy in texas pickup truck crashing into a church bus killing 13 seniors returning from a retreat very latest on this investigation, coming up, markets this morning, point to go lower opening for the broader averages dow industrials down 20 points nasdaq s&p 500, also negative, later this hour in just about 30 minutes we will get the final reading on the fourth quarter gdp expectation calls for growth of 2%, that will set the tone for markets once that hits the tape, we will bring numbers in 30 minutes, in europe, stocks are searching for direction take a
8:01 am
look, very fractional moves dax you up a fraction ft 100 down fraction in asia overnight declines across the board not major but in the column. >> a spacewalk first woman sxharm of international space station to make history this hour will have most spacewalks for female distraught. >> tickets so it in less than an hour big business there, all those stories coming up this morning joining me at the talk all about it fox business network dagen mcdowell "the wall street journal" assistant editorial page editor james freeman, lee carter great to see everybody. >> good morning, good morning. >> joining the conversation this morning to talk bb russia, health care, taxes, a lot on tap this morning former cia director james woolsey with us the president of the stn from an federal reserve,
8:02 am
stuart varney stay with us, tax reform -- top priorities that american people want president trump to accomplish this year. according to the latest fox news polls this morning, senior washington correspondent peter barnes live at the white house he breaking down results good morning to you. reporter: good morning, maria that is right fox news poll putting wind in president's sail as far as plans for tax reform, the polls show asked question should u.s. tax system be he reformed this year 37% said yes 21% said no 55% of those people say taxes the taxes are too high 40% say they are about right. but as far as what voters want the president to accomplish most, interesting, 33% say to create jobs, 23% say to destroy isis just 10% say cut taxes, 9% want constitutional -- scotus -- gorsuch -- the supreme court, and, finally,
8:03 am
look at this very bottom, just 7% want the repeal and replace of obamacare, may help explain why that bill went down in the house last friday house republican plan, finally, however, there is some indication in the poll that the voters don't have complete faith in the president that he will get he tax reform done, in fact 49% of those polled by fox news believe the taxes will go up during trump administration, 36% believe that it will go down, they will go down, just 8% say they will stay the same. >> maria. maria: all right, peter interesting that the obamacare replacement at bottom of that list we've got more to talk with you about thanks so much see you later in the program works peter barnes at the white house, turning to the claims of russian electioned meline breaking nice out of rush russian president vladimir putin at a conference saying moments ago that his country did not interfere with the presidential election, he also claims that russia made
8:04 am
effort to propose joint cybersecurity he efforts rejected by washington we bring in former cia director james woolsey good of to have you on program thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> what do you make of what vladimir putin is saying he is onstage, at a cavernous in russia, being asked bb russia'sed meline said russia had nothing to do with any meddling in the u.s. election. >> russia is never not meddling in the politics of neighbors and other countries. basically, you are -- they have something called disinformation, official lying and they are terrible about this. their resolute do it all the time, and what has happened that cyberhas opened up the united states to this, they used to just do it in european countries, where it was easy for them to get printers in to
8:05 am
photo shop to the graphs things like that. they don't media to he do that in cyberworld they can operate from where they are,ut any time a senior russian mr. putin anyone else says not interfering in the electoral process as democratic country as you he know he is lying accuse his lips are moving. >> but that is nothing new we have known that russia spying on us we're spying on them. >> not a matter of spying it is a matter of trying to interfere with the processes. now they may have tried and failed or not tried too hard to get the voting to one direction or another. the thing we have to worry about 25% of american voting machines do not have any paper backup. so in our next elections 18 months or so from now, we will for 25% of the voting machines we won't be able to do a
8:06 am
recount, because it will only be in their electronicically anything electronic may well have been tampered with by cyber. >> director, hi -- >> wondering what you think the agenda was here for putin, obviously candidate trump and president trump's policies are big negatives for about russia. in terms of more u.s. energy production lower oil prices, et cetera. do you think the game here was they were just trying to -- to undercut who they asked to be next president hillary clinton? is in a it is hard to say. they want to make sure they can have what effect they want on western countries in particular us regardless of who might win or loss an election. i -- i think that we have been altogether far are to naive about dealing with russians on this kind of thing it is time
8:07 am
to take the gloves off. dagen: it is dagen mcdowell. in terms of the u.s. relationship with russia going forward from here the "the wall street journal" has a front page story today, that the what was seen as a potentially are a are a proven minnesota kicked to back buner white house pushed off kremlin proposes for meeting with vladimir putin skeptical of any kind of grand bargain with mos skou where does that leave us say in the next on four years. >> i think it was george orwell said you can always live in piece if willing to live with a boot in your face, awoke get along with you russians by going along with them we're just giving in if same way obama did. for example, when he declared the red line, in syria, and then said what types don't really mean it let's give it
8:08 am
to russians to deal with, that -- gets you in a situation in which you can get along very well with the russians at expense of the people of syria, right now ukraine is probably what they would like to grab, most of all. maria: um-hmm, let me switch gears ask you about fbi director james comey reportedly wanted to write on bed bureau findings those fiengsd that about russia wanted to modeel in election he wanted to release that months before election in op-ed but the obama administration officials nix it had idea why not want him to come out and say what he found? >> i don't know. but public officials do write op-eds, this mar gi director is taking public stances a lot more than fbi directors usually do, but on several things. but i think that would have been a reasonable op-ed for an
8:09 am
fbi director to write. call people's attention to the fact that the russians have branched out and not just trying to interfere the way they used to, but they are using cryoto interfere with us. maria: i guess what i am getting at we keep seeing this investigation, going on around russia, and what we're hearing today in connection with them russian meddling in terms of russia trying to do whatever it wants, wherever it wants around the world is nothing new so what about this idea of potential collusion between trump administration and russians, this investigation keeps about looking at this there is no evidence whatsoever of any collusion is this a whole waste of time impacting the president's agenda when we know what the american people want and that is job creation and tax reform. >> i don't know, it is very hard to make judgments about sensitive investigations, with a little bit of knowledge here a little bit of knowledge there i was general council three years in senate armed
8:10 am
services committee back in the 70s i ran sorts of investigations, this is relatively easy if you have limited number of people involved to keep your confidence and to get your job done. and here is something we will leak there is something we will leak doesn't mean that we have a whole new picture or different picture on what is taking place. i think it is important for congress tbe able to run their investigations in a reasonable way, and with and hold on to things as title as they possibly can, thwarting press yes temporarily at least until they put out a all right. >> in terms of he have those leeks is intelligence community not sure when agency the fact obama administration opened up the opportunity to share information at the end of the term -- i mean is this
8:11 am
undermining the president? >> sharing information is a one by one process. you -- we back in the -- the end of 60s, decided to start working with china in order to thwart a russian the amount to move against china militarily worked closer with china on very sensitive intelligence some years i don't know that it is still going on but it was for several years back in the 70s, and so sharing information is a major policy decision, should be we usually by the president of the country, or very least head of intelligence service doesn't necessarily mean that you have thrown everything into kettle going to do whatever the other country says or wants, but sharing information is something that is done between
8:12 am
countries even ones that have different philosophies such as us and china in 70s. >> good to have you on program thanks so much james woolsey, coming up out of this world achievement senate you peggy ready to make history. >> hottest ticket in town burning man in record time thousands leap at a chance to party in the desert at annual current culture festival back in a moment. ♪ all that -- eh ♪ ♪ eh, eh, et. >> can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪
8:13 am
whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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maria: at least 13 people dead following a crash yesterday in southwest texas, lauren simonetti with headlines. lauren: the crash involved a church bus and pickup truck passengers on bus senior citizens returning from a retreat, one person on the bus and driver of the pickup truck were the only survivors. officials are still trying to determine the cause of the crash. >> a bus operated by the first baptist church was traveling south bound on u.s. 83. at the same time, a white downloading pickup traveling northbound for reasons
8:16 am
unknown, the truck verdict into the southbound lane struck bus head-on. >> church said as you can legislators will be on hand asks for prairz for the chip of family. >> north carolina democratic governor states republican lawmakers reaching agreement to end controversial bathroom say a measure will be vote on today. the bathroom bill requires trandz gender people to use public rest reems based on birth certificate gender a study says bathroom i will go cost the state 3.8 billion dollars by 2028 north carolina has lost sports events business expansions since that he enacted the bill last year. history, in space about to be made nassau distraught peggy whitson set to go on 8th spacewalk this morning will set the record for the most
8:17 am
spacewalks ever by a female astronaut going to lead international space station for outside maintenance work going to last six hours, 57 years old has been in orbit four months now since november, one of the hottest tickets for the festival in nevada, in desert 30,000 tickets to the weeklong event sold out in 35 minutes. it is not cheap, tickets went for 425 dollars each. 500 presale tickets sold for 1200 bucks a pop if you missed out there is one more chance organizers offering omg sale 25 days before gates open releasing additional 2000 tickets event starts august 27 basically you sweat in the desert, you burn stuff and put on crazy costumes feathers ski masks that is how it goes >> i have never o been anybody here. dagen: i have not i don't need to sweat it out neither
8:18 am
nevada desert to get in touch with spiritual inner artistic self-. [laughter] pretty much -- >> i can do that on the beach. [laughter]. wear ten minutes away from final reading fourth "gdp market down 20 appoints on dow jones industrial average we break down numbers with san francisco federal reserve president john what i ams coming up ivanka trump joining her father's team what position in the administration what will she be doing next. ♪ ♪ no matter how the markets change... at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain...
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8:22 am
assistant his daughter ivanka trump, of ivanka trump joining her father's administration, as unpaid government employee, the move after critics raised questions about her plan to serve as an informal advisory claiming it allowed her to skirt ethics december closure rules, i want to ask you about this in terms of what -- the people feel about this, you've got your finger on pulls in terms of with a people are thinking ivanka trump makes it if i recall what do you think. >> i think good thing official so many questions what role why sitting at this table why doing this why handing out with justin trudeau people with questions why there making this official the right move, i also am surprised curiosity why so many issues with her playing a role at all all throughout the campaign ivanka trump was one of his number one surrogates and one of the things i talked to voters over and over again they said, otherwise is donald trump there is something about him a a little bit crazy if he
8:23 am
has a daughter like that or children like those children, then he must be doing something right they trusted her a lot of people -- the issue stand on women's issues kind of things so i think ultimately making this official a good move. >> presidential children enormous influence over years why getting such pushback after ail seeing how so many push back on donald trump media, the intelligence community, he needs people around him that he can trust, why should not he have that allowance. >> a talent not just another presidential kid very limited experience, but i was in meeting with two of them about a year ago, she is very impressive, seemed to know details of real estate projects better than he did so i think he is actually getting a real asset in terms of a competent manager along with obviously someone going to be loyal to him.
8:24 am
maria: i agree with you. dagen: extremely charming, and clearly filling some of the role that the first lady would be filling in terms of just building more personal relationships with these world leaders she got a lot of criticism seated next to angela merkel at that meeting of business leaders but does operate a business, i emancipate not the same as running bmw, or mercedes-benz nevertheless important in building connections i will pushback in recent history there hasn't been the child of a president who has sat in these meetings this way, you think back amy carter ron and patty, ron reagan and patty caused more problems for reagan administration than they helped. and then chelsea clinton was young, bush daughters were
8:25 am
young, melania sasha young in terms of more than history unusual. maria: that is true. >> i would add taking on some risk here making a sacrifice now coming under all the ethics rules and really restrictions that she would not have if remained a private citizen. >> how could she remain private citizen husband working at the white house she is his daughter, how can she really going to be -- >> sitting in on -- >> pota >>. >> i think important took on official role everybody wondering why sitting in meetings you know why. >> a break final reading fourth quarter gdp due out in a few minutes breaking down number with president of the san francisco reserve john will adams lululemon, struggling, coming up. ♪ ♪
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
. maria: good thursday morning. welcome back. thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it is thursday, march 30 top stories 8:30 am on the east coast, we are moments away from final reading of the fourth "gdp economists expecting growth 2% for the
8:29 am
final reading, in fourth quarter numbers as soon as they hit tape markets going into that a number lower, dow industrials nasdaq s&p 500 down just fraction, breaking news out of russia russian president vladimir putin is saying his country never interfered in u.s. elections. this is coming as fbi director james comey report wanted to he gos' aujd russian intfrpz before election day swraigs into possible meddling continues this morning. >> they didn't do it -- because it was best interests of the american people. -- russia's goal vladimir putin's goal is a weaker united states weaker economically weaker globally should be concern to all americans regardless of party affiliation. >> allocatings coming up this morning, in stocks lululemon
8:30 am
to watch plummeting taking a dive in premarket down 20% right now, as you can see there, the company is giving a weak outlook in terms of what to expect going forward we break down noubs for you on lululemon. >> amazon shut down, 500-million-dollar investment, ha-ha, final reading gdp do you due out 2% the expectation -- 2.1% is growth r gdp, just hitting tape it is slightly better than expected, gdp this is final reading of the fourth quarter it is up, 2.1% watching markets for reaction right now so far pretty much a steady situation in terms of a markets this morning on this final reading of the gdp for the fourth quarter up 2.1% joining me in fox business exclusive is president of the federal reserve bank san francisco john with williams here great to see you -- >> great to see you. >> thank you for joining us
8:31 am
let me get your reaction right away on gdp number hitting the tape up 2.1%. >> consistent with data that we have been seeing last year or two about 2% growth, it is consistent with the economy coming into 2017 good momentum so i think consistent picture we've been seeing sometime, that is encouraging. >> where is the growth in the economy right now. >> well consumer u.s. economy always driven by consumer with wealth high he will level in terms of those of stock marketing housing market rebound, job growth good the consumer is driver of the economy, and that ---ive that will continue through this year and next. maria: s, of course, the consumer spending two-thirds of economic growth so that makes sense. but for a long time, several years, we've been waiting for business segment to break out the business about segment in temples sitting on cash unwilling to hire workers investing r and d what are you seeing there that is the area that we need to see change k right. >> we are seeing a lot more optimism in the surveys of businesses and households a
8:32 am
positive sign, we are seeing some other indicators of improved sentiment at the investment data wait and see hard data, you are right. investment data has been a little weakerer than expected, and i want to see actual improvement in that an area definitely focused on along with continued improvement in the hoifg sector is not quite back to full strength. >> now you the federal reserve, raised outrighinterests a week and had aog what are you expecting in 2017 in the way of hibernation. >> the context was unemployment down to 4.7% inflation back to 2% goal getting close to our two goals of maximum employment price stability at the same time interest rates are really low market policy is adding a lot of stimulus we need to gradually take away some of that stimulus get interest rates gradually back to normal levels doing that right hike in march following on hike in december makes sense to me a way to move monetary policy to
8:33 am
neutral stance, as economy continues to improve. >> do you worry that now we are finally feeling after a lot of sort of years of stagnant growth a breakout with consumer doing well as you noted with, you know, sentiment certainly rising stock market doing better as you raise outrights that is going to -- rock it as soon as we started getting traction. >> first of all, two points i make the goal here is to keep the economy on a healthy pace so not to -- undermine the economic expansion in fact i would say the goal to keep expansion going as long as we can, that means we have to balance the risk we don't want economy to run too hot, and get ahead of itself can create imbalances risks you are right we don't want it to slow down want it on track it is on why going gradually removing policy accommodationss getting that point of view soft
8:34 am
landing hard to do what we are aiming for. >> how do you do that you say gradual does that mean quarter points all the way? >> well, you know, i have to say what i always say going to be data genetic driven by how economy is doing what data look like right now view my colleagues expressed in various projections, three rate hikes aefrl this year seems about right i think upside risk to the economy not risk but upside potential to the economy maybe four rate hicks this year depending on economic data how inflation and employment do i think will continue next year, as we move more to normal interest rate that is he kind of what i think of. >> for the longest time all about the fed. i mean for several years, that was the -- that was the stimulus that economy was getting because you kept interest rates at rock bottom levels now a different story out of washington are finally fiscal policy in the way of tax reform i think, we will get rollback of regulations i think, and do you think that
8:35 am
is going to move the needle economic growth what are you expecting impact of new policies out of washington to be? >> well i agree one hundred percent with you, basic premise monetary policy only game in town if you will sometime we need that handoff, because monetary policy can only do so much, we achieved i think coming close to achieving our goals we need fiscal policy federal state and local policies, to be taking over in termof proming growth economic prosperity right now, my view is i am a pretty uncertain what fiscal policy will be we have to wait and see what happens with tax reform tax cuts regulatory reform i don't need to know what happens i think markets decisions make sense just based on data we have seen, but later this year that is going to be one of the factors we will watch carefully personally positive my view proobl some fiscal stimulus not sure big stimulus i am trying to be in the middle in terms of those of views i expect there will be
8:36 am
some stimulus next year 2019 maybe i am not counting on a big sometime list. >> you will be voting in terms of of the federal reserve, what to do next at fomc with interest rates next year. what will be most important in temples dictating how you vote when to raise rates next. >> going to be again driven by our goals which is maximum -- in price stability going on the how much how fast can this economy grow, and keep without creating inflationary pressures imbalances trying to get that normalization process both in terms interest rates a balance sheet normalization probably start later this year next year getting that process into -- bring monetary policy back to normal setting at the same time, keeping this economy growing at healthy pace keeping strong labor market keeping inflation low and stable. >> would you like to see that balance sheet begin town -- to
8:37 am
unravel. >> four trillion now we are talking about getting many years, to do that, i think it does make sense to start that process gradually in if next year or so depending how the economy is doing, we have said that we will start, normalizeing the balance sheet once the federal funds rate normalization is well under way i think that task will be met later this year late this year, so i think, i think that is a natural part of getting monetary policy back to normal. position for whatever happens in the future. maria: do you have an opinion on what tax policy ought to look like? there is a battle going on ght now for example, over the potential of a border adjustment taxing your thought i am going to be careful here we value our unless in the federal reserve i don't get into politics don't try to sell -- tell elected officials what they need to do i think personally our corporate tax system is well out of date, reform a lot of reform ideas
8:38 am
make sense it is up to congress administration to decide how to best do that, one of the things that i think about a lot is what is it going to do to economy what does it mean for the appropriate stance monetary policy. >> would tax reform move the needle on economic growth in your view. >> this is you know, in short run, you know could be a boost to growth i think that most research would indicate, that corporate tax reform would have a modest effect in terms of supply-side of the economy i think works right direction would solve some issues we have with the repatriation a lot of process -- companies moving abroad problems it would fix i think make our economy work better, not sure the total game charng in terms of potential growth but he probably in the modestly right to direction. >> i think you make a good point corp tax rateing a lot of corporations have not paid 35% talking about let me ask you about your district what you see if san francisco we have been watching the stock
8:39 am
market obviously, and the technology names facebook, amazon netflix google up big yesterday all-time highs does that jive with what you see owing in terms of those activity san francisco throughout california what are you seeing in terms of that part of the country. >> the economy booming beyond belief, you see when you try to drive across bay bridge a train or bus, a very positive sign i think there is a lot of -- really amazing new innovations in technology in silicon valley west coast of united states proven very valuable successful, a lot of start-ups a lot of deadly weaponing new things in in ipos a positive i have seen excitement definitely a lot of employment going on in in my regional. >> where are the weak spots right now would you say, in
8:40 am
the economy? >> well, i think the couple of things, one is housing i think i mentioned briefly, is that you know even house prices are have come back roaring back many places housing construction quite muted we have whole issue of millennials -- home or not going out to buy houses, other faths that seem to hold back, holding back housing market, also say that it is positive are to remember, that even though i will talk about 4.7% unemployment rate in the economy doing well, there are a lot of areas, economy that are not doing as well, my district i see there is potential value of california, or eastern oregon washington parts of alaska where you know, the tax boom things talking about have not helped those areas as much i think we need to see more investment, more economic development in those areas of the country. >> how does environment change, in your view what is the most important takeaway when we go from environment where we've got rock bottom
8:41 am
interest rates to gradual pick number interest rates led by federal reserve move. >> one things peoples should be aware of interest rates are not going to say near zero forever some of the boom in stock market and you housing is because of low interest rates i wouldn't be surprised if a market doesn't continue to boom as much as interest rates move up typically britains prices down i think in a planning point of view back to more normal interest rate the idea that you get return on savings, and that you think about lifetime savings becomes more relevant i will tell you with my kids i tell them you know, kids in 19 and 22 telling them to save money because compounding of interest for the future yeah, that doesn't work -- >> not with zero interest rates, great having you mr. president thank you so much. >> great to be here. >> from an president federal reserve john williams with us this morning thank you so much john, mainstream media using
8:42 am
every opportunity to target president trump sports section "new york times" joins the fray this morning we've got that straight ahead amazon ditching diapers shifting away interest line of baby products. back in a minute.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
maria: welcome back, 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a thursday a, markets looking lower right now not a major change after gdp number came out better than expected up 2.1%, names on move lululemon taking a die of in prenarcot falling on dispointing guidance, significantly below expectations call for profit 39 cents a share, take a look at stock down 21 1/2% right now amazon announcing shutting down company behind, am don acquired that for more than 500 million dollars in 2010, this development team will now be
8:46 am
moved to amazon fresh the company grocery division additional 26 employees laid off in that situation. amazon shares up a fraction. "new york times," after president trump even sports pages, joining us right now host of "varney & company" stuart varney with more on that good morning, stu. >> laughing maria you know you are think being here he goes again. maria: no. >> on a tangent about "new york times," i am. maria: you don't expect to read about donald trump in sports page is in a i saw this article it was yesterday. "new york times" yesterday. sports page i happen to wraed sports page the headlined lpga tour and donald trump, complicated, because the u.s. women's open is going to be played in july, on trump national golf club in new jersey, so u.s. women's open played on trump golf course the times thinks that is a story because, a couple of women golfers object uncomfortable about playing on
8:47 am
a trump course, so contempt for trump manages -- to worm into sports pages times make a story at you of absolutely nothing. because donald trump is the principal passport of the lpga dark days of '08, '09, and 10 when industry on the floor donald trump stepped in had money he used his courses, played with women players yet some are uncomfortable about playing on a trump course. and that is a page one story on the sports section of the "new york times" knows no bounds, the contempt for trump absolutely no bounds whatsoever. >> you are absolutely right do you think the people buy into that that is the thing, at this point, in this cycle in this story line where the press is so against the president, people are just over it they read through it see through it don't believe it anymore.
8:48 am
>> i think wearing thin. i think the only reputation being destroyed not destroyed but certainly negatives were attached to it is media, media not doing its job and everybody can see it, again i think it is wearing thin. maria: by the way, we should probable get the "the wall street journal" view on this, given that you are talking about "new york times" we happen to have -- on set with us this morning. >> is it i am ensure what do you think about this. >> i would say that unless leading contender is saying she won't play, this is not news. >> that is not the case, by the way, that is not the case, certainly not. maria: there you go. >> thank you you are all right. >> so are you stu, see you 10 minutes. >> you will. >> thanks so much "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" join stuart top of the hour we will be right back. stay with us. i realize that ah, that $100k is not exactly a fortune. well, a 103
8:49 am
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defeat of the bailout bill shock waves across capitol. robert osborn official oscar historian, weighs a lot, do reps with this. always. thank you. -- ♪ very lovable peter barnes look at moments of party barnes' amazing career at fox business network was not all just fun nearly 10 years watching, a front row seat to about every major business news story in
8:53 am
the capital has broken stories, guide to worst financial crisis since great depression tough reporter aggressively covered the president three presidents two federal reserve chairs sometimes chaotic congress peter we are going to miss you want to give you the right sendoff we know that you are headed off to be with family in boston for retirement, congratulations peter i certain loved working with you here at fox business network before that -- cnbc. >> you are getting me, i have no idea, this is coming thank you so much, yeah, this has been a family decision, my way of took early retirement, we have a lot of family up in boston area we have our daughter maggie son-in-law sean two fabulous grandkids, and ages 3 and 5 my dad curtis out in nantucket this is what my wife asked about doing, and
8:54 am
you know, a good marriage what your wife asked something like this good husband says three magic words, of course, dear. so, anyway, that is -- retiring from tv news not retiring from work looking at considering options in boston but a great run, and i just want to thank all colleagues here the best group of people that i have ever worked with! love everybody thank you so much. >> very few have an opportunity to build something you did. you were among first to really build this network fox business network one of the building blocks day one congratulations to you, i want to take this opportunity let rest of friends at fox business network offer kind words watch this peter. >> pete i cannot believe you are leaving this fine network. i wish you all the best my friend we have known each other quite a few years always a class act what bothered me
8:55 am
about you very good-looking guy brilliant guy that is not fair that is not right. but it is you, being fair and balanced. good luck to you my friend. >> peter you showed me what a class act really is. >> wish you you the very best i will miss you my friend. >> peter i'm going to miss you object sundays 2:00 we always count on you congratulations, have a wonderful retirement. >> to peter barnes man with the best hair in the business besides david i can't believe you are retiring at 21 isn't he too young in. >> we wish you well peter. boston is a cold mays, i know we have a home there i don't wish you well during winters because you are not having a good time but having said that you will we are going to miss you terribly. >> of you been here since beginning day one remember you and i? most you led our team in washington, d.c., we could not have done it without you we are going to miss.
8:56 am
>> you together along with -- rocking money for breakfast remember zany segments witches calderon never confused with rose bud scene from "citizen kane" i will never forget it and you especially for encouragement you will be missed class acts always missed. >> abe lincoln once said the trouble with retirement never get a day off remember that we wish you all the very best. good luck. maria: peter you are so loved here wow. congratulations to you let me bring in stuart varney wants to say his own good-bye. >> i do, peter look i got three points to make first of all, it is not yes dear it is yes my love whatever you say. [laughter] >> point number two, of you are younger than me you cannot possibly retire. , you are setting a bad example number three, i too have a house on the cape, and you are very welcome to come
8:57 am
visit any time you like. come on over, good luck to you. >> i will be there stu thank you so much thanks to everybody i have had just a blast. maria: there is more dagen. dagen: peter i know you off the air as well, and i have to say that you have endless generosity of heart and spirit people we are all lucky to know you here very much so. >> thank you dagen feeling mutual, you guys are going to make me cry so -- >> ahh. >> get this -- >> jobs number jobs friday. peter there giving us the news -- peter we love you good luck -- fox business network good luck in everything that you do. >>. >> you all our love. we'll be right back. at angie's e
8:58 am
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>> welcome back, i'm out for the next couple of of days. dagen's got you covered tomorrow. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, over to you. stuart: here we go again, the media contemptuous of president trump, eager to undermine him. good morning, everyone. give the man a break, two months into the 48 month first term and the new york times says this. little sign of a trump bump in the economic forecast. the times, of course, conveniently fails to mention the surge in manufacturing reported by three federal reserve districts. and it considers the blockbuster surge in confidence and optimism as


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