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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  April 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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reform, club for growth in on the negotiations. vice president pence and moderate conservative groups are be talking there. charles payne, take it away. charles: a lot to catch up on this evening. president trump look to spend more than a trillion stop infrastructure. but do we have the workforce to back that up? they are hoping to fix the skills catch by ditching the stigma that currently holds. here is mike rowee who is offering half a million dollars to get people trained and skilled that are in demand this year.
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i think we should be giddy about the prospect of a manufacturing renaissance. you pinpointed this a long time ago about the ability to fill these jobs. >> it many just math. i'm not an expert. we had 300 dirty jobs over the course of 9 years. and every single employer i talked to said the same thing. the hardest thing to do is finds people who are willing to learn a skill that is actually in demand. i saw help wanted signs? 2009. i have been looking at the math saying there has to be another conversation going on with regard to the 5.6 million jobs that exist, the majority of which don't require a college degree that people for whatever reason aren't excited about. they are construction, manufacturing, transportation, and they are sitting there.
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if we don't do something about that first and foremost, i'm not sure how we can have a broader, more sensible conversation about employment? general. charles: maybe it's been a one-way monologue that put a stigma on the notion of working with your hands. you think about the turn of the century. we tried to bring in that german high school *, elementary school. everyone who is 40 years old or elder remembers shop class. >> it's interesting the way it evolved. i don't think there was an evil jeenevil -- genius twisting his mustache laughing at what was unfolding. a generation of parents wanted
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better for our kids, but we didn't know what better meant. we didn't just take shop out of high school. we took art out of vocational arts. that set the stage for really presenting an entire category of viable jobs as some kind of consolation prize. a vocational consolation prize. at the same time in education college was getting a big p.r. push. but that push was coming at 2-year schools. we free up a ton of money to lend to kids who are 7 years old. we tell them the best path to the most people is the most expensive path. charles: we have $1.3 trillion in college debt. here is the most interesting thing. the federal reserve in new york state did its monthly report of manufacturers and slipped in a supplemental question.
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there is a massive skills mismatch, 68%. two years ago it was 45%. the mismatch has the ability to work with machines and tools. only 12% of those jobs need a college degree. that's to me speaks of an opening for so many people sitting on their sofa wondering what they are going to do. i got a liberal arts degree. i wouldn't trade it, it served me well. but in 1984 when the bill came due, i owed $12,000 for 4.5 years of school. my same education today costs north of $80 thousand. the question is is it worth it? if you have any kind of fiscal sense about your own personal economy, the math isn't that complicated.
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there are a host of skills that can be fast tracked. we put probably 200 welders through our training program and many of them are making north of six figures. you wouldn't believe how heard it is to give away. we raised close to $4 million and giving it away is a nightmare. i ask people to make a video and submit references and a sign the sweat pledge. it's basically an attempt to get people to put a little skin in the game. most scholarships, they focus on academics. they focus on athleticism. we are look for work ethic. we want people look for a skill that is in demand hole show up early, stay late and put in the
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time. in many cases this pile of free money is not for you. charles: business owners are saying over and over again, someone who is punctual is considered a kill set. everyone loved you because you are the guy who represented the heart of america, and you are continuing that with your podcast? >> i always had a soft spot for paul harvey. he used to do things called "the rest of the story." it always kept me in the car after i got to wherever i was going. i'm doing something called "the way i heard it." it's love letters to great americans and entrepreneurs, really history. so much of history winds up being torn. i don't know anything about podcasting in general, but
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somebody just called me and said you reached 50 million people, you should do it again, so i am. charles: there was a report in new york about college readiness. one of the schools they talked about was a high school where 83% of the student graduated. would you believe only 1.9% were ready for college? that's mind boggling stuff. it's one thing to talk about the debate over whether somebody can go to college or straight to the workforce. this an indictment on the entire education system. >> i think so. but you flirted with it when you talked about tucking your shirt in. we call those soft skills. no one like to talk about the reasons why so many people aren't hireable. it's not just a lack of tangible understanding and know-how.
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it goes to the heart of not knowing how to take the temperature of the room, to show up on time and tuck your shirt in. college readiness is not so different. to tell you the truth neither are big topic week safety. this idea of being in compliance is the same thing as being out of danger is fallacious. so, too, is virtually he measure we have vis-a-vis college readiness. we are checking all the boxes and together things we have to do to congratulate ourselves. but what we are turning out the other end doesn't look ready to hire. the country needs an h.r. department who tells the truth with unflinching candor. we just don't have one. whether it comes through rewarding work ethic or focusing on the kills gap. if he's serious, if the new sheriff in town is serious about
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infrastructure spending we better be serious about getting a workforce in place. charles: my wife and i have a non-profit where we give high school graduates white shirts and ties. virtually none of them know what they are going to do the day after they get their diploma. somehow we have to bridge the gap. i love what i heard from ivanka trump. i love the idea from the *, maybe if we knit all this together, maybe we have solutions. >> the danger in my view isn't not knowing what you want to be when you grow up. the danger is investing so heavily in a particular path that you don't have time as led zepplin said, to change the road you are on.
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this is a fungible economy in an ephemeral world. and we need people who can pivot. that's why learning a skill is so cool. no matter what happens, geographically where you go, it follows. it's a good investment. charles: fungible, ephemeral. love what you do. glad you finally made it on the show. charles: see you later. president trump rolling out his infrastructure plan and forecasting a new surge of economic growth. i say it's already begun. your insurance company
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>> we have to build roads and highways. we are talking about a infrastructure bill of a trillion dollars and perhaps even more. if we say we are giving to new york city hundreds of millions of dollars to build a road, it doesn't help if they can't start. charles: president trump outlining a broad domestic agenda. the ira of economic surrender has come to an end. i always felt this infrastructure plan is something with low-hanging fruit. i think with president trump and his administration is doing in
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terms of making sure it many effective. if that happens it could be meaningful. >> it's good for the economy and public safety, and it's good politics. if congress wants to do well with the republicans in the mid-terms infrastructure is one of the few areas of spending conservatives can get excited about. some it at $2 for every dollar spent. 10% of our bridges are structurally deficient. would you get on an airplane if 10% of them were structurally different?
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charles: what about the notion now that we are talking about privatizing the air traffic control system. maybe doing something with elon musk. one of these signature prongs people remember. do you like that he preach? >> i don't. the administration needs to be careful here. given the embarrassment that was the healthcare bill rollout. there is a lot of nervousness and the aptitude of wanting to spend a trillion dollars or several hundred million dollars isn't there. the administration in their zeal an effort to push up a timetable, they better make sure they bring some of the conservative folks in, the tuesday group moderate in and have a clear understanding this is why it's shovel ready. but if they add other ornaments
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on the christmas tree, they are in trouble getting it out of the house and the senate. charles: after healthcare you want to make sure everything is squared away behind the scenes. making it through on some bipartisan form and having an immediate economic impact that gives that enthusiasm, that budding enthusiasm. >> this is where the commander-in-chief becomes america's number one general contractor. the building -- what would be the biggest building project in america. charles: president trump said today it won't be spent on social programs. president trump said it won't happen. >> i want these projects done on budget, on time, and the american people benefiting all the way, when president trump did this, they talk about shovel
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ready. donald trump has an opportunity to get back on his game, and the biggest construction project, is something he does well. this is where commanding the bully pulpit is where he does well. charles: can we ride the economy to economic success? that's next. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. whght back fasthits, with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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charles: president trump declared things are heading in the right direction. >> consumer confidence is at the highest level in more than a decade. the national association of manufacturers just the other day reported the most optimism in the entire history of its survey. charles: that probably was
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before the president saw the latest even out today from pew research that shows americans are giving the economy the highest marks since the beginning of the financial crisis. ed, let me start with you. this is interesting. you go back to 2009, 83% of americans said we were in economic crisis and they were negative on the economy. that number is down to 40% and it's moving high at a magnificent pace. this is tangible stuff. >> i have got clients waiting forever to have the shackles of government that was put on them over the 8 years of the obama administration totally lifted on them now. and the commitment from this administration to deregulate and take out all of those unnecessary regulations. on top of that you are talking about a full tax reform that will put money in people's
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pockets and he lou businesses to reinvest. there is money sitting on the sideline. jamie dimon identified this in his shared holder's letter. burden some regulations. he said the same thing over and over again. the reason he said it over and over again is because guys with a variety of businesses. the notion is ready to pounce, ready to go into action and take action because now you know what? you won't be punished for success. >> i think it's perfectly prime. i think we'll see it get even better. this reminds me. we are getting close to back where we were in 2007. the feeling is really getting there. you have got to give it to the trump presidency for this. he has -- his used the bully
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pulpit in a positive way with respect to the economy. there is no question about it. you are seeing it in ceos making different ask decisions than they they normally would, and you are seeing investors feel more confident. ceos making buying decisions about investinbecause they feel more confident in that regard as well. i like where it's going and i like the effect it's having on the stock market which is fabulous. charles: i guess the question since the market is stalled, is this enthusiasm, is it in jeopardy if there are any further:near-term stumbles? >> no, you see through executive orders the unleashing of getting healthcare at least down the road. getting the epa off business' backs. this is small business that benefits the most from this.
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it helps the small business that don't have the lobbyists and lawyers. charles: whichever way the bank is, the crossroads to both. you see these polls out there. the gallup poll where the president's ratings are so low you have got crazy democrats talking about impeachment. yet on other things that reflect true economic empowerment. the economic tide goes up, it will impact every american, isn't it? >> yes. i think what's interesting is you are seeing this dichotomy where his numbers are getting hammered overall. but the smart people i think certainly the people that are being affected by the economy in a positive way.
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the business owners, the investors like trump with respect to what he's doing on the economy. we are seeing it in the numbers and it's real. so whatever your politics, you can't disagree with reality. if the check clears, if you get more customers, if the stock marks up, that's just the truth. so that's -- you have got give trump the credit there, and i think he deserves it. charles: coming up, someone who is not very happy. that's susan rice who is on damage control. while most of the mainstream media isn't paying attention to the story. we have the latest next. does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin.
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charles: urn masking just rage. former national security advisor susan rice denying any wrongdoing and describing the process as long standing and established. >> the allegation is somehow the obama administration officials utilizing intelligence for political purposes. that's absolutely false. we only do it to protect the american people. to do our jobs. i leaked nothing to nobody. never have and never would. there is no equivalence between so called unmasking and leak.
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the effort to ask for the identity of an american person is necessary to understand the details of an intelligence report in some instances. charles: let me start with you. there was an interview susan rice gave not too long ago where she feigned ignorance to the whole thing. now she knows everything that happened but it was more or less par for the course. >> it just doesn't wash. we know this. you and rice. she may not have been the leaker. but we know she is a liar. she dissembled after benghazi. she actually requested the unmasking after saying she knows nothing.
6:32 pm
>> i'll bet you if charles payne were conducting that interview on msnbc instead of andrea mitchell. the first thing you would do is play back that tape on pbs and say this is what you said. why should we believe you have on anything? charles: earlier today laura ingraham tore into this hypocritical mainstream media for blatantly ignores thinking susan vice story. >> this is such a low point for the american media. they have been pounding russia story for weeks. there is an aggressive lack of curiosity. this story about susan rice, given r past, is explosive. i hope journalists at "the washington post" start doing their job. charles: don lemon completely
6:33 pm
wrote it off on his show as a non-story. >> rather than breaking and stealing files,. this ought to be somewhere other than a-16 of the former quote paper of record end quote. did susan rice decide to do this on her own or was she instructed to do it by someone like barack obama. >> if i'm an editor or producer at cnn i ask did susan rice unmask these trump officials for the benefit of the democratic party, unmasking the trump adsecurity? is that a story worth covering? yes it is.
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cnn says this a diversion and we are not going to insult the intelligence of our viewers by covering it. laura ingraham called it a low point for the lame stream media. this was a low point for cnn in telling them what's news and what isn't. charles: susan rice says her request for use for political puoses. she says it' the intelligence community that isn't it to her and not vice versa. the quote was i leaked nothing to nobody. >> that's a double negative which means she did leak to everybody. charles: where does this go from here? you understand what's going on. >> you know -- charles: you think the senate and house intelligence
6:35 pm
committees will ask to speak to her? >> i do. devin anyone's has received his own shaffer abuse from the mainstream media. for all their kriets of concern about freedom of the press under the trump administration, they surrendered their objectivity to the obama administration and to itsed a harness and they continue to do so. destrip nunes and his colleagues in the senate will not let this rest. charles: there is still the issue of leak and unmasking. fit turns out it wasn't susan rice, but they are actions led to the ultimate ability to do this. or the last-minute true changes that made this thing so easy. >> 12 days before he left office obama called the executive order 12333.
6:36 pm
he put it into 16 agencies. >> what happens in 2020 if the trump administration decides to unmask some members of the elizabeth warren campaign or the bernie sanders campaign. will cnn, the "new york times" and the "washington post" cover it then? you bet your bottom 0 dollar. charles: president trump slamming the regime of syria's president bashar al-assad for a deadly chemical weapons attack on his own people. trump calling the attack heinous and saying it should not be ignored by the civilized world. and he's taking a swipe at former president obama for what he says was obama's weakness dealing with the syrians.
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richmond president jeffrey lacquer announcing his resignation today.
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charles: panera bread has a surging after hours after report of a merger. way ahead of the underlying fundamentals. either there is a reversal of foretunes. chip poet le and buffalo wild wings will react positively tomorrow. 72 hours of big economic data beginning with the employment report. all the major indices were higher. the big mover was crude oil which continue to the rebound.
6:41 pm
you know what? what we are talking about is hype becoming reality. there is no arguing the surge in confidence, household surveys. that has turned the wheels of congress. potential homebuyer traffic expanding possibly for the first time in more than a decade. of course, there is a difference between the wall street soft data and hard data. but seeing it materialize into reality is what we want. the stock market is a harbinger of things to come. in fact mufacturing whi has come to life in a big way yesterday, we saw this national report where 17 of 18 manufacturing industries were growing. most of them going up. the market is making note of this. they all owe a nod to president
6:42 pm
trump's agenda and to a lesser degree end of this war on business. financials have surged to the notion, dodd-frank will be refield and repaired and we'll stop punishing consumers. banks are sitting on $200 billion? obviously they would rather lend that money. until the beginning of the recent recession, bank loans were greater than bank deposits. you can see from this chart that changes. i had the ceo on. this is the best proxy for the rebuilding of america. caterpillar is the best global proxy forestry. you got an upgrade to goldman sachs.
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a number two gainer, things like copper have been surging. this week there has been a spike in metallurgical coal names. while i want to emphasize the market goes down from time to time. it crashes occasionally. but the super rally that lifts this market higher the next three years. so please don't miss it. get a free copy on my website coming up. it's equal payday. the elites are using it to hammer conservatives and ignore overall progress being made. you know who likes to be in control? this guy. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached.
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>> people payday isn't a national day of celebration. it's a national day of embarrassment. charles: that was democratic senator elizabeth warren expressing her embarrassment over the wage gap. she pays her female staffers 71 cents for every dollar paid to her male staffers. re to dis the hypocrisy. tammy: i always warn my listeners and my viewers, whatever the democrats accuse conservatives of, they are all doing it. this is a huge amount of money, a huge disparate dynamic when it comes to what she is paying men versus women.
6:48 pm
and she is parading herself around and lording it over others. we see this throughout democrat office holders. hillary clinton and the foundation, and you see it everywhere. but they like to point fingers when it's their problem. charles: vice president pence and his marriage with his wife, and some of the things they do that a lot of people think sounds great, certainly sounds like he loves his wife and it's a serious juxtaposition some what bill clinton did while he was in office. >> the fact that people even raise a fuss about mike pence's personal standards for how he wants to stay faithful to his wife or stay out of the concept of impropriety on his part. he wants to stay away from it. he has standards. they have had a loving marriage and people pick that apart. but it's all talking the talk.
6:49 pm
she says all this stuff, but 71 cents on the dollar. that's 10% more than the national average of a discrepancy. charles: we have to bring up the queen of them all, tina fey who recently took a swipe at white women. >> this election was turned by white college educated women who would now like to forget about this election and go back to hgtv. i would want to urge them, don't look away. this will affect you eventually. tammy: there is a woman who makes a living in pretending other people and got a career boost by pretending to be sarah palin. point a finger and lecturing other women who voted their
6:50 pm
conscience, their paycheck, worrying about their children and safety and wars. everyone who doesn't have your education is too stupid to know the difference. this is why donald trump won. this is the sanctimony and it shows they haven't learned a thing. charles: they are iing if you are a non-educated white person, we understand. you are too dumb to note difference. but tough gone to our lib val colleges in america, how dare you break the code of honor. >> part of that is a stark fundamental refusal by tina fey and other celebrities to try to understand why these college educated white women chose to do this. there was a november 15 "new york times" article about these women that sums this up
6:51 pm
perfectly. it was three women from pennsylvania, they voted for democrats in the past. he's offering a bert economic outlook, a tbert future for mire children. 367 -- he's offering a better future for my children. charles: sit seems the main stream media and elites point at certain groups and those groups became more drawn to done there are. tammy: when it comes down to, at the ends of every night when you go home and your kids are in front of you and you are thinking about college and safety and if they are going to be drafted and if there is going to be a future. it transcends socioeconomic status. this is what binds us together. it's the future for our children
6:52 pm
and our community. that's what prevailed and that's why this nation will survive. charles: attorney general jeff sessions take aggressive action against the war on cops once and for all.
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charles: attorney general jeff sessions throwing down the gauntlet on the war on cops. 367 it's part -- joining me is bernard. you would say to yourself, it sounds like to common sense, but
6:56 pm
perhaps am not anymore. >> it am not after the last administration. that wasn't the premiere focus of justice. there were more the anti-police and law enforcement than pro. he's making it clear as the president did during this campaign, they will be here to support the cops. charles: president trump launched major federal investigation into 23, 24 local police departments. hitting many of them with different sorts of sanctions. i know they are looking at some of these things. if you are in chicago or philadelphia, new york, is this good news for the citizens? is this good news for the cops or good news for both? >> these are things that should be looked at. you can't go out and violate civil rights. but when they start these investigation, they do so under the baltimore administration, they did so with the end result in their focus early on.
6:57 pm
at the end of the day, it's imperative that it's justified. this stuff is justified. what happens is it costs enormous amounts of money. you need compliance lawsuits. you need monitors. if the department is going to do way it's supposed to do, let them do their job. charles: jeff sessions says it's not the job of federal government to manage local law enforcement agencies. >> it put cops on notice, you wouldn't be indem anyified and supported by -- inde indemnifiey the police department or the justice department. the task forces around the country.
6:58 pm
terrorist task force, development a. task force. people should look at the memo and see what it says. it's good news for local and 8 police around the country. charles: back in the 70s there was a so-called blue wall of silence where bad apples were protected. it was an honor thing. and it gave it entire force a bad name. he talked about the misdeeds of individual bad actors saying it should not impinge upon or determine the legitimacy of the honorable work of the police departments. i think that's true. i think we are a big country, almost 300 million people. occasionally someone will make a mistake. >> are there bad apples out there? yes. when you find them you deal with them through the administrative process or legally. but at the end of the day that's
6:59 pm
an extremely small percentage. most of the men and women, 99.9% of them go out daily and put their lives on the line for this country, and i think he realizes that. charles: one other point i wanted to talk about, a collaboration between federal and local law enforcement. he time we hear about the issue of terrorism this comesr comes up. -- this comes up. the miscommunication. somehow this has to be tightened up. >> that's what this directive will do. build those relationships. reinforce those relationships. but make sure the justice department is working productively with local and state police. charles: do you like the esprit de corps i have been talking about? >> it started coming back after election day.
7:00 pm
charles: bernard kerik, thank you very much. catch this show every night at 6:00 p.m. and you don't want to miss lou dobbs so keep it here on fox business. [♪] howie: former obama national security advisor susan rice facing growing calls to testify it under oath after she allegedly ordered the unmasking of officials under surveillance. rice today responded to those allegations. >> the allegation that somehow the obama administration officials utilizing intelligence for political purposes. that's absolutely false. lou: laura ingraham upset the


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