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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 7, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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everybody jumps on the jihadist that remain. a lot of moving parts that make that happen and even if that ideal scenario, there's going to be a lot of fighting. nicole: quickly, who will help us, will other allies help us? >> depends on what the objective is. there are a lot of people who are islamist that want to combine state that we don't consider terrorists but do we really want to back them and a lot of the moderate rebels haven't expressed a willingness to go that far. lauren: thank you so much. knacksal security expert and thank you for watching fbn:am on a very busy morning. nicole: we will toz it right over the mornings with maria, maria bartiromo right there to take you for the next few hours. maria: thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, a busy news morning obviously, it is friday april 7th, top stories right now, 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the united states strikes syria, president trump authorizing the first direct military auction against syrian president bashar
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al-assad overnight. 59 tomhawk cruise missiles were fired last night at syrian air base where it is believed that assad launched a chemical weapon's attack against civilians earlier in the week. >> assad choked out the lives of helpless men, women and children. no child of god should ever suffer such horror. tonight i ordered military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. maria: russia respding tthe act saying it does significant damage to the u.s.-russia relationship. that country's president saying the u.s. serves as an example to the entire free world. here at home the president's actions being praised by lawmakers including democrats but senator rand paul said that the president should have
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received congressional authorization first. announcement of air strikes affecting global markets mine wheel. we are well off of the lows as soon as the strikes were announced last night. the market down 150 points. a big reversal overnight. dow industrial showing negative down 31 points but well off of the lows of the night last night. take a look at the indices here. we are expecting a lower opening. the ftse 100 now positive, cac quarante in negative direction. japan and china were higher. we are seeing one of the biggest moves in commodity. crude oil hitting a one-month high at 52.49 a barrel. that's up 1 and a half percent. all of the oil space -- the commodities related to that are also higher, look at gold, up 1%. investors ying -- eyeing the
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job's report. the economy expected to have added 180,000 jobs with unemployment rate holding steady. we have a preview of the job's numbers coming up this morning and, of course, we will have our special coming up. supreme court showdown comes to an end today, this morning the senate will nominate on neil gorsuch comes after mitch mcconnell invoked the nuclear option last night. fox business network dagen mcdowell, the king's college professor of business and economics bryan brenburg and former fighter pilot lea gabrielle. dagen: six years and finally the u.s. takes action and bipartisan support in syria which sends a very powerful message to the rest of the world. maria: this is such an important point that you bring up.
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you're talking germany, throughout europe, you're talking china, obviously japan as well. dagen: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer putting out statements essential write saying if this escalates you need to come to congress but getting mind the move of the trump administration. >> i think that's why you see markets come back. this is a strike that made sense and comfort with markets. >> even with the support that we are hearing, the next thing that we will start hearing is the question, mark, about legalities of what president trump decided to do, in this case seems that president trump we wanted to send a message in first 100 days when he felt he was being tested. the chemical's weapon attack was a test and our ability to protect the humanitarian situation on the ground and i do think we will be hearing criticism from other side about legalities of what he did. maria: we will talk about that. president trump strikes syria 59 tomhawk missiles hit military airfield in syria.
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missiles were launched from the uss ross and uss porter last night. they were focused on striking airstrips, hang ars and control towers. the commander in chief said this is in response of the chemical weapon's attack that killed dozen civilians earlier this week. >> is in the vital security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. there can be no dispute that syria used banned chemical weapon violating its obligations under the chemical weapon's convention and ignored the un security council. years of previous attempts of changing assad's behavior have all failed.
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maria: joining us right now fox news military general jack keane, thanks for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: your reaction. jack: this president has acted out of the humanitarian need, standing up for the moral underpinning of the united states that were not going to underwrite a dictator and a thug using weapons of mass destruction. this is a proportionate limited attack designed for one thing only, change assad's behavior. maria: obviously the use of tomhawk, 59 missiles were launched. let's talk about the reason for that. this is an unmanned missile obviously precision as well. jack: yeah, very effective. 98% probability of kill within
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about 5 meters. these weapons hit what they're shooting at. we didn't go to the five airfields where the rest of assad's air power and infrastructure is at. that's why i'm saying it's a proportionate attack. certainly there's room to do that based on assad's reaction to this. i think the geopolitical implications of it far exceed the military impact and by that i mean president trump has spent the first 70 plus days in office reassuring his allies that american leadership has returned to face the global security challenge that's facing not only us but allies. he's done that in far east and europe and middle middle eastern leaders. that absolutely reassures our allies, adversaries, russia, iran, north korea, china all paying attention here and certainly it's going to have some impact on them as well.
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we have been doing the opposite about our unability to act and now we have a president that's taken some action and has upside implications for the united states and also allies. maria: let's talk about that. we have not seen a response from russia. russia has been aligning itself with the assad regime, wt you think russia does here and what are our military options going forward? >> russia has a couple of options. first of all, we have to hold russia accountable for not getting rid of the chemical weapons which was the agreement that we cast with them in 2013 and was supposed to be gone by 2014. obviously russia didn't do that. obviously assad didn't do that. we all said that probably would not happen and we have evidence of that now. secondly, russia is still in a pretty good position. they have propped up the assad regime in syria, the iranians
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are on the ground, the regime is no longer being threatened as it was back in 2015 when russia came in with its air pilot to sustain the regime. secondly it's possible that putin would be willing to give up assad if assad does anything more along these lines but they will never give up the regime infrastructure. in other words, we will trade one thug for another thug. there's nothing in syria that's simple or easy. jihadists are the dominant opposition force today far exceeding the capability of the syrian moderates who the russians crushed almost immediately when they started air campaigns and we did nothing about that. in other words, we had a surrogate on the ground and they were crushing them and we did nothing other than rhetoric to tell them to stop bombing the syrian moderates. russia is still very much in the
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driver's seat here. they can concede at some point but they would want sanctions removed, recognizing annexation of crimea and what they are doing in eastern ukraine. he's a tough negotiator and we will see where we go in terms of diplomatic effort in russia from here on out. maria: maybe there's leverage here for russia. maybe they say, look, we won't -- we won't see consequences here, but we want our own sanctions lifted, we know that has been aligning with syria. russia warns u.s. strike against syria would have consequences. so i guess what i'm asking is really what response would you expect from russia at this point? >> well, russia is certainly not threatening any military response. i think the fact that they're saying it's going to have
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consequences on the relationship, certainly it will. it gives us leverage with the russians because we have taken decisive action here. anybody thinking that based on the campaign that somehow there's going to be some sweetheart relationship between the united states and russia can put that out of their minds. maria: right. jack: last week rex tillerson and james mattis both spoke about russia in terms of its trampling of u.s. interests and allies and now we have act today punish a russian surrogate inside syria and the first time the government of syria has ever been attacked by the united states and that's russia's ally. so they are going get that message to be sure. maria: right. the secretary of state also said that pointing to russia for not removing the chemical weapon's in syria. we have his statement in fact, he says this, clearly russia has failed in its responsibility to deliver on that commitment
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either russia has been complicit or simply incompetent on delivering its end of the agreement. so tillerson is head today moscow next week, general, he's going to meet with russian counterpart. do you think america and russia comes together to fight future equipment cap weapon -- chemical weapon's attacks. jack: i think the russians are pretty frustrated with assad. while they enable assad to kill syrian people -- remember this, the russians have committed war crimes in syria. they used penetrated bombs to destroy underground hospitals, that's a war crime and have bombed the syrian people even more effectively than the assad regime because the assad regime's air power is a mere shadow. the major air power component in syria is russian. they are very much complicit although they may not have a direct hand in the chemical weapon.
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they will certainly tell assad to knock this off because all it does is play on russian's hands. the regime for sure is not going anywhere propped up by the iranians and russian. maria: what do you look for in rms of next step? what are youocused on? >> i think that the trump team will continue to do what they said they were going to do and that is take isis down. i hope that we do that with the participation of the coalition forces which i'm telling you revitalized and reinvigorated as a result of discussions they've had with president trump and also the action today. they have always we wanted to help in syria and the obama administration has pushed back -- maria: yeah. jack: they wanted to help years ago against the regime. the facts on the ground have changed. they will go on with isis. i think long-term, they'll try
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to work something out to bring an end to the syrian civil war. maria: we will leave it there. general, always a pleasure. thank you, sir, general jack keane joining us there. we will be right back. stay with us and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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attack was launched. it is in this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. maria: investors around the world are respond to go u.s. strikes in syria this morning. futures have rebounded significantly. initially the market fell 143 points last night when the strikes were first announced. as you see, the market has come well off of that. still down this morning. down 3 points on dow jones industrial average but huge reversal from the lows. take a look at commodities, crude oil one and a third percent right now. gold up better than 1%. joining us right now employ bridge president and chief operating officer jony courtney. good to see you. >> great to be here. maria: we saw earlier in the week jobs were looking better,
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what are you expecting today? >> economists are saying that the job number today could be 175 to 185. i've seen some even ramp that number up. i actually think we can see a stronger number hopefully in 200, the last three months we have been averaging 209,000 jobs created and we have seen great times and manufacturing has come very strong, 28,000 jobs created last month, so i expect we will see manufacturing construction, professional and business services. again, maria, wages is probably another key point to pay attention to. there really is a skill shortage and the market is getting tighter with unemployment being at 4.7%. so we are seeing and i see it on the front lines with employers, they are having to start paying people more and they are very focused on retention in trying to get employees engaged so that they don't lose current staff.
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maria: we know the numbers are baring that out. we saw the adp numbers, dagen, and it was a strong number. dagen: also construction, construction had the highest number of jobs created in the month of february in a decade. so the good weather is helping the construction industry 58,000 jobs there, but we all know that home construction and particularly new home sales, that's a real driver in the economy. maria: we will see if we see more on the consumer end of things. a couple of sectors that are showing strength. so far it's been health care and technology largely in addition to construction. >> it's important to remember how numbers are with uncertainty in the market, strong economic numbers are ballot. dagen: the high optimism that you see in the ceo surveys does it translate to hiring? were qon --
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>> consumer sentiment jumped up in march. maria: we are bringing you live coverage and analysis of the march job's report, jobs in america. 8:00 a.m. eastern, you don't want to miss that. we will identify where the job creation is happening right now. still to come breaking news this morning president trump orders missile strike on syria in response to deadly chemical weapon's attacks the latest as world leaders are reacting right now. xi jinping in mar-a-lago florida this morning, but what will the strike on syria mean for that conversation and does it put his agenda in jeopardy? we will continue
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maria: welcome back, congressional lawmakers world leaders all weighing in this morning on the missile strikes in syria. cheryl casone with all details, cheryl. cheryl: intense reaction overnight around the world. first here at home lawmakers quick to respond to the military strikes with some applauding the move also deriding it. florida senator marco rubio, long-time critic praised the president's action. >> it was the right decision for a number of reasons, number one, assad had signed an agreement not to have chemical weapons. it was an agreement that the russians and the united states were signators and had un security council resolution and they have violated that and therefore needs to be consequence, russia is not going to enforce it. they are helping them. cheryl: other republican lawmakers quickly signaled support, in joint senator john
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mccain and lindsey graham said in part, quote, unlike the previous administration president trump took action. two of the highest ranking democrats also endorsing the president's actions senate minority leader chuck schumer calling it, quote, the right thing to do while his house counterpart nancy pelosi called it a proportional response to the regime's use of chemical weapons. but the democrats and two republicans are questioning the constitutionality of these strikes. kentucky senator rand paul writing on twitter, quote, the president needs congressional authorization for military action as required by the constitution. and world leaders weighing in on the strikes overnight. the kremlin is claiming the action damages relation between u.s. and russia. vladimir putin labeling it a, quote, aggression against the sovereign state in violation of international law. but israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcomes
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attack saying, trump sent a strong and clear message that the use and spread of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. other u.s. allies weighing in from around the world. >> australian government strongly supports the swift and just response of the united states. this was a calibrated proportionate and targeted response. it sends a strong message to the assad regime. >> this was a very limited, very appropriate narrative focused action to attack the airfield, the arab planes and the equipment that the united states believes was involved in the gas attack to deter the regime from future attacks. cheryl: meal, meanwhile, maria, xi jinping are set to meet for a second day as planned as trump's mar-a-lago resort in palm beach, florida, today's dinner wrapped
6:27 am
up shortly before the u.s. announced missile strikes in syria, literally as donald trump was leaving the room. meanwhile on capitol hill, the senate expect today confirm judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court that will happen today. the chamber is going to resume debate on gorsuch's nomination this morning. final vote expected at 11:30 a.m. eastern time. the move coming after senate republicans vote today end the filibuster rule over the objection of democrats. you want to be sure to tune in to varney & company, special coverage of historic vote. those are your headlines, a lot of world response obviously to these strikes in syria. maria: yeah, largely supportive as well. take a short break. when we come back more on u.s. taking action against syria this morning. president trump ordered missile strikes in the country in a move that russia says does significant damage to the u.s.-russia relationship. dramatic change to supreme court nominations. senate republicans deploying the
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so-called ..
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>> thanks for joining us, it is april 7th. 6:30 on the east coast, the united states strikes syria.
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59 tomahawk cruise missiles hit a syrian airbase after donald trump orders the first military action against syrian president bashar al-assad last night, six people killed in that attack. the base is believe to be the place they launched chemical weapons attacks against civilians earlier in the week. >> there have been reports of military strikes. >> this violates international norms and treaties between parties including the syrian regime, the russian government and the un security council, serious matter that requires a serious response. maria: russia lashing out saying this caused damage to the us/russia relationship. some are reacting negatively with rand paul saying the president should have received
6:32 am
congressional authorization first. paul among the minority, most lawmakers including democratic leadership are praising the president's decision. the commander-in-chief's decision embraced around the world including by angela merkel, french president françois hollande during a phone call who supported this action. the announcement the air strikes affected global markets, well off of lows. they sold off 143 points. now the market into up and down 20 points, huge reversal, certainly positive, markets down fractionally. in europe check the indices, some gains happening, the s&p is up 12 points. the dax index negative by a fraction. mixed performances very much fractional. nikkei average up one third of 1%, that was the biggest mover. the biggest movement in commodities, crude oil hitting a 1-month high, 5234 up 11/4%, brent up better than 1%, investors i in gold which is up
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1%, the march jobs report on tap in two hours. the economy expected to have added 180 jobs in march. the unemployment rate is expected to hold steady at 4.7%. that could be a market mover. we have stronger numbers than expected from adp, a preview coming up, republicans have gone nuclear on capitol hill, the senate will vote on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch after mitch mcconnell invoked the "nuclear option". a show of force from the us on syria. president trump ordered a targeted missile strike on the military airfield in response to the chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians in syria including children. in the predawn hours a volley of 59 tomahawk cruise missiles rained down on the base reporter
6:34 am
the killing six people, ammunition, bunkers, they targeted the embattled bashar al-assad regime which is believed to be behind chemical attacks. rex tillerson condemned russia's support of the regime hours before the strike. >> the syrian regime under leadership of bashar al-assad are responsible for the attack. it is very important the russian government consider carefully their continued support for the assad regime. maria: kremlin spokesperson responded to the us strike calling it an act of aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law. joining us former ambassador to the united nations and american enterprise institute senior fellow john bolton. what are the implications of us relations with russia? >> i am sure this is an
6:35 am
excellent opportunity to put them on the face they should be. russia was party, broker for the agreement with the obama administration of the assad regime to eliminate syria's stockpile, that worked out well. the failure of russians to make sure the client in syria and the regime in iran to honor that agreement tells you about russia as well as telling you about syria. this is an important object lesson in what it is like to deal with russia and what their word means. maria: we should point out as we have been all morning that leaders from across the world are supporting donald trump's move here but what in terms of next steps would you expect? >> the ball is in serious court, in russia's court to see if they respond to what actions they
6:36 am
take. a larger strategic context, barack obama never struck syria in large part because he knew syria couldn't exist without support from iran. he didn't want to attack an ally of iran that might jeopardize his nuclear deal, donald trump has no such compunction. you we are approaching the point, in the territory of syria and iraq, and a middle east post isis look like. that middle east, the advantages to iran, it's puppet regime in baghdad, in syria and hezbollah as little as possible, the next conflict in the region will be between the coalition led by iran supported by russia and our friends in the region, producing monarchies in the peninsula, jordan and israel, there is a
6:37 am
big strategic play that goes beyond last night's strike. we need to think about it and what american interests dictate the new structure look like a. dagen: how would we do that in terms of going after iran? so many people are talking about escalation doesn't benefit syria and russia at this point but iran does benefit politically when they take on the us. >> iran benefits politically when it gets a deal it got from obama that gives them deliverable nuclear weapons. when you combine that with iran's history of being the central banker of international terrorism that is the threat of the middle east, not a question of escalation on our part. they are already threatening the rest of the middle east and doing it in substantial part by their support for the assad regime.
6:38 am
and the military environment, in eight straight years. last night's attack at least showed the obama era of american foreign policy -- >> nikki haley called for a response to the chemical attack. she pleaded to the security council, and get your reaction. >> how many children have to die before russia cares. when the united nations consistently failed in its duty to act collectively. and we are compelled to take our own action. >> >> what do you think of her handling of the syrian crisis. >> we will see what happens in
6:39 am
the security council itself. not because he cares about innocent children, it now created another problem internationally. russia's key interest is preserving its naval base and its new air force base that the obama administration, our objective is to get them out of that airbase pursuant to our 50 year long policy of keeping russia out of the middle east abandoned during the obama years. maria: that is something we talked about once before, strategic interests for russia and syria, a big reason regimes have been closed. i want to mention russia saying it was planning to no longer coordinate with the us in terms of air force over syria now. that is an explanation by russia, there has been a lot of
6:40 am
talk about potential of a no-fly zone. is that something that will be consideration from the international community? something turkey wanted to see years ago. >> that could be a step. i was very leery about arrangements with russia and their assets in the region because it gave him a kind of legitimacy. our objective should be if they fuel their airplanes, pack up their gear and personnel and go back to russia, it is much nicer there. that is something that has to be part of the long-term strategy. when you hear vladimir putin, almost like something from the onion to hear him talking about us violating international law. this is a real lesson for vladimir putin, a real lesson for xi jinping having dinner with the president after ordering the strike. i think this is the kind of message that says to our adversaries all around the world we better recalculate how you think the united aids is going
6:41 am
to respond. maria: this will not be tolerated. a word on the refugees, what does this mean for the syrian refugee situation at this point? bj's i don't think it has any immediate impact. i would be worried about declaring safe zones. we saw in the case of yugoslavia if you declare a safe zone but can't protect it it can become a killing field. i don't think we can defend safe zones entirely from the air alone or putting american on the ground in that capacity is a good idea. that is why i said earlier we need to think in terms of the big strategic picture here. i don't think syria and iraq, they can be put back together, you have a lot of political and diplomatic work, as the news closes around isis and it is destroyed we cannot think of
6:42 am
syria, and that is what is at stake. dagen: you look at this is the first step toward closing the noose around isis. >> it is not related to isis but the point is, when we defeat isis, the president's committed, we don't want iran and assad and the baghdad government strengthens, that strengthens them for the next conflict. and the constitutional argument by senator paul which is nothing less silly. the president of the united they can use military force in national security interests, perfectly constitutional, it has been settled since because i war with france in 1798. syria was party to the chemical weapons convention as our we, they violated the chemical weapons convention when anybody anywhere violates a nonproliferation agreement dealing with weapons of mass
6:43 am
destruction, that is a threat to the national security of the united states, the president had authority to act. dagen: we will take a short break, more on the us action against the area this morning, on the ground that the israel syria border. we will take you there live next. the supreme court showdown, republicans over, democratic filibuster by invoking the eruption to confirm judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court, more on that confirmation battle next.
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change reaction from around the world to the us strikes against syria. us futures rebounding after falling 143 points overnight. the market has turned positive, dow industrials up a fraction, oil and will jumping on the news. better than 1% on oil and better
6:47 am
than 1% on gold ahead of the jobs report which is out in two hours. we are looking at jobs in america, coverage beginning at 8:00 eastern, to take a look at where are the jobs, the report will be a strong report after the adp numbers indicating the jobs picture. breaking news of the day, us strikes, syrian arab a flashlight in response within the chemical weapons attack. connor powell live on the israel syrian border with the latest. >> 59 tomahawk missiles in holmes province from syria. this is the base the pentagon says the flights of aircraft with chemical weapons that attacked on innocent civilians
6:48 am
tuesday departed from and returned to the pentagon saying the airfield was targeted in these strikes. mixed messages in terms of the damage, there appears to be a significant damage to the runways, the airfield overall and the hangers and the additions the popes. the military, the syrian military and russian military say only five syrian depth were damaged. the pentagon, the white house, providing a heads up to russia before these attacks were carried out and the pentagon and reuters in the mediterranean, filtered to the syrian government, able to move the planes according to syrian military officials, syria condemning this, russia condemning these attacks and saying this undermines syria's ability to fight terrorism in their country. theory leaders tried to portray this as affecting their ability to fight groups like isis as opposed to a response to a
6:49 am
chemical weapons attack the targeted civilians a few days ago. others in the region including israel, saudi arabia, turkey, supporting this action by the trump administration to target the assad regime. the bigger question is what happens next? there are several groups that could respond, not just the assad regime but russia, iran or hezbollah, hundreds of us troops in syria, thousands in iraq and turkey and israel always a potential target for groups like hezbollah or the assad regime. there is potential for retaliation by any of these countries, lots of targets in the region. that is the fear, that this could escalate, this isn't a one off precise targeted attack on the part of the us, could be the beginning of something larger. maria: we are looking at this, we will get back to you as news develops. connor powell is live on the border of israel and syria. when we come back the senate
6:50 am
goes nuclear, the senate will vote on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch bringing an end to the supreme court showdown, the latest on the confirmation battle coming next. yes? please repeat the objective. ♪ thrivent mutual funds. managed by humans, not robots. before investing, carefully read and consider fund objectives, risks, charges and expenses in the prospectus at
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maria: international tensions high following the united states's military strike on syria in response to the chemical weapons attack on its civilians, the gop has a battle of its own at home. the republicans launch the so-called "nuclear option" pushing supreme court nominee neil gorsuch to nomination and setting a new president. they say it was necessary to overcome a democrat alabaster. joining us is harvard law professor emeritus and author of electoral dysfunction, alan dershowitz, thanks for joining
6:54 am
us was the final confirmation that will take place today at 11:30, tell us your thoughts on what took place last like, what does this mean for future confirmation process? >> the hypocrisy meter of the senate finally broke yesterday. there was so much hypocrisy, neither side would take any responsibility what they had done. democrats use a partisan filibuster for the first time in history against the supreme court nominee so of course they should expect if they do something unprecedented the republicans will do something unprecedented. republicans never mentioned they tried to block the nomination of merrick garland, and the democrats never joe biden invented this method of saying we won't allow a nominee to go in the last year the presidency, so much hypocrisy. the losers, the american people. maria: what happens now? was that huge mistake on the democrats part? >> i think so. they should have saved it for a
6:55 am
nominee who is going to change the balance on the supreme court. neil gorsuch is qualified, and i does qualify as merrick garland but qualified. you don't use the filibuster on a qualified nominee. even clarence thomas, no filibuster. this was unprecedented. maria: that is what you said earlier in the week. dagen: do we end up with a court because of this? a court down the road that are ideological polar opposites that there is no swing vote anymore? >> that is potentially correct. if i were writing the constitution i would have required a two thirds vote for a supreme court nominee because you want consensus candidate approved by both parties, not the way the constitution was written. you didn't allow extremist nominees to go through. now we see extremism on both sides. the losers when you have extremism, the american people. we are a centrist country.
6:56 am
we thrive at the center. let me give you the good news, the supreme court is not that important an institution. once a decade they really decide a case that has a major impact on the life of americans. let me give you an example. everybody went crazy, citizens united. who won the election? donald trump, spending a fraction of what hillary clinton spent. has that impacted american politics? not so much. a lot of the supreme court -- we are a democracy. in the end the govern is the people. cheryl: senator chuck schumer said there would be less faith in the supreme court, you agree with that. >> that is a good thing. i don't want nine people to be governing the united states. we should be skeptical of the supreme court. >> what about trust? >> you trust an institution if it deserves the trust. institutions deserve the trust they get. you don't trust the judge because he is wearing a black
6:57 am
robe. >> the balance of power in the country. >> the supreme court will be trusted. desegregation changed america. we thought reapportionment would change america but they figured out a way around it controlling state legislators and in the end in a democracy, the people govern. we count more than nine judges. >> finance company will have full coverage of the confirmation hearing and the vote, the vote start at 11:30 this morning, join "varney and company" for live coverage, the united states strikes against syria. donald trump launches missiles against the country in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack earlier in the week, that is next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
bj's good friday morning, thanks for joining us. it is friday, april 7th on a busy news day. 7:00 am on the east coast, breaking news attacking assad. 59 tomahawk missiles. unprecedented. >> years of previous attempts changing assad's behavior have all failed and failed dramatically. as a result the refugee crisis continues to deepen and the
7:01 am
region continues to destabilize threatening the united states and its allies. i call on all civilized nations to join us in the ending the slaughter. maria: vladimir putin condemning the action calling the attack, quote, and aggression against a sovereign state but donald trump is getting support from several world leaders including angela merkel, french president françois hollande, the president's actions are being praised by lawmakers including democrats. the contrast between the trump and obama administrations, taking a closer look at that. and as soon as the airstrikes were seen, the market sold off 140 points, down industrial down
7:02 am
four points. the s&p 100 turns positive up 9 points for the cac quarante and dax index lower than the lows of the morning. mixed performances to show you. hang seng and kospi lower, fractional across the board. crude is up 1%. and that a 5-month high, up 1% at 126580 on, the defense giant take the tomahawk missile, the missile using the attack last night, stock is up 1.5%. and the march jobs report. it is out in an hour and a half, the economy expected to have at it, 180,000 jobs last month, the unemployment rate will hold steady. our jobs in america special in one hour. the supreme court showdown comes
7:03 am
to an end this morning, the senate will vote on the nomination of judge neil gorsuch today, we have it live for you the president's summit with china, xi jinping, how president trump is looking to push china over rising north korea tension coming up. it is a busy morning, the kings college professor at business and economics and fox news correspondent, navy fighter pilot leah gabriel joining us, good to see you on an incredible morning. >> so much to talk about in terms of what is next with syria. it is very complicated. dagen: half 1 million people, a redline crossed, the us did nothing, now is something after this gas attack, i will point out five other airfields the united states did not strike and there are calls to take out all
7:04 am
of bashar al-assad's airfield. >> the un ambassador told us earlier this is a lesson to vladimir putin and they listen to the chinese leader who happens to be with the president. >> glad you brought that up, they were having dinner and smiling, and that sends a this is about his willingness to take action and big topics coming up with the chinese president, north korea, what to do about the situation on the peninsula and how to handle the development of nuclear weapons. dagen: gave russia a heads up before the strike. >> defense official said this was one off. this is a mess one off retaliation but very much a message from donald trump of who he is as a leader and his leadership style to the world. maria: breaking news, donald trump ordered a targeted missile strike on military airfield in syria last night in response to the chemical weapons attack that
7:05 am
killed dozens of civilians including children earlier this week in syria. the base is believed to be the source of the chemical attack, the president of the strike was vital to national security. >> tonight i call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in syria. and also to end terrorism of all kinds and all types. we ask for god's wisdom as we face the challenge of our very troubled world. maria: us missiles were launched at 9:00 pm last night. targets included syrian air defenses, aircraft and fuel supplies. joining us his military contributor colonel david hunt and former assistant secretary of defense larry core.
7:06 am
thanks for joining us, let me kick it off with you, this attack marking the first time a us military operation has directly targeted the bashar al-assad regime. do you believe this military action was necessary? >> it was. it is a message that was sent, got to be careful how many people we send a message to. a small airfield, overwhelming force but specific message to assad, russians understand how much military power we have and understand their place in the world, and soldiers on the ground going up to take on isis, 6 of the countries inside syria and the thousand separate organizations fighting in syria, very complicated and this was a switch to assad to not have used chemical weapons again. and a message sent to north
7:07 am
korea, but right now what we have is a wait and see damage assessment, russians there coordinated with to see how big a strike into the airfields. maria: what happens next? >> we will wait. we have done it and we will see what the political ramifications are. we talked to them to make sure, we talked to all of us, get out of the way, we try to talk to bashar al-assad but you have you ran in the middle of this, military and militia there. 10 terrorist organizations, what next, wait and see, this does not stop assad. if we continue to do this these tomahawk's is one good way of sending a message without putting people in harm's way.
7:08 am
>> do you see the russians digging in or are they going to get the message as well, the question everyone is asking. >> they want to base in the southeast of syria. they stay with assad and get more obstinate, they have been very uncooperative in the time we have been there. the only thing they could do more is shoot at us. maria: clearly they failed in terms of removing chemical weapons from syria. jump in here because this strike expands us military involvement in syria, exposes the you assigned risk of confrontation with russia which backed the assad regime, vladimir putin said the strike, quote, damages us relations with russia. does this put us troops in syria
7:09 am
in greater danger? >> i don't think that was the real issue is why did assad do it? did he misread what the trump people said last weekend when they said we don't care how long assad stays in power, they are not going to bomb me no matter what i do, the next thing is is this a one off thing or are we going to do more as the colonel said? the president was clear during the campaign he didn't want to get more involved in the syrian civil war, he criticized secretary clinton claiming she would get us more involved. i the russians are not happy with assad. i would be surprised if they checked this with the russians. the russians made the deal back in 2013 and their credibility is on the line. we all knew there were chemical weapons but did not think assad would is them again but the real question is can we use this to get a negotiated solution so we
7:10 am
can focus on isis? >> i want to challenge you on the message this sends to the world, i look at the choice of using tomahawk and the speech donald trump gave going into this. i look at the picture it paints for the rest of the world about his leadership style and i want to challenge you on the message this sends. i don't think this is a 1-off message. i think it was a 1-off attack but this is a message to the world about the leadership style donald trump has compared to his predecessor, you disagree? >> last president had a chance in 2013, the infamous red line, did do anything about it. the president did something about it. my caution 59 is missiles flying in from the mediterranean, syria is a massively complicated problem, sending these messages
7:11 am
in southern sudan, pakistan, afghanistan, and 20 million our kids the message here have anything war on terror and failed states? the only issue is great job by the navy guys. and on the ground, it is a correct message and i caution you not to over read it. >> an opportunity to negotiate moving forward in talks in syria. where is this going next? >> the question is will the russian take this as an opportunity? last thing the russian one is see us get more involved in the
7:12 am
syrian civil war because they are going to get there base when this ends and they want to transition with assad and they have got the united dates comes in, could turn the tide in the civil war, assad was losing until the russians came in so they may be willing to negotiate, they are concerned assad would overreact and do something else which would give the united states more justification to go after the five other airbases in the country. dagen: always good to see you. of all the players you are talking about, complicated situation in syria and all the players involved, iran benefits politically when it confronts the united states. the biggest concern short run, say a terror attack by hezbollah. >> the biggest players, russia and iran, we have issues because we have 6000 soldiers in mosul,
7:13 am
a difficult situation and everyone talks about 5000 in syria. we have iran, the biggest player in the middle east and on the side of russia and syria. the bad guys can always push back as we learned for the last 16 years and the protection is considered, a lot of great forces in the area and we can't protect them but hezbollah and others, terrorist organizations can definitely react to this. >> we appreciate your insights. we are following the latest irrelevant after donald trump ordered an airstrike against syria in the aftermath of the deadly chemical weapons attack, details and reaction from around the world, donald trump on the second day of hosting chinese president xi jinping at the
7:14 am
winter white house, his are a lago estate, the bold foreign policy agenda straight ahead. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette
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7:17 am
a rash action. this comes the second day of trump's meeting with chinese president xi jinping. jeff flock has an assessment of how the meeting is going. >> they say things change, things change. yesterday we had a change from the dinner last night at 6:30 and every indication was the president of china and the us discussing trade and things change that 8:45 when news came of the attacks and shortly thereafter pictures of the attacks, i suspect discussion may focus more on the situation in korea is the president after the dinner and before the attacks saying discussions about trade haven't born any particular fruit. here is how he characterized it. >> we have had a long discussion already and so far i have gotten
7:18 am
nothing, absolutely nothing but we developed a friendship. >> i suspect those discussions will continue today with a bit of a different tenor, we are standing by to see how it goes. maria: we want to bring in gordon chang to assess the situation, author of the coming collapse of china. good to have you with us. your reaction to these strikes against syria done while the president of china having dinner with donald trump. >> syria is a good friend of china, donald trump xi jinping down to size because xi jinping wanted to look strong, to stand next to donald trump on the world stage and this is
7:19 am
important because the communist party 19th congress coming up in a few months and that is going to be crucial to consolidate his political support, trump wrecked that. >> big topics, trade with china, north korea, situation meeting china to help put pressure, the biggest trading partner to stop the development of nuclear weapons and the chinese action in the south china sea. i went to ask what you see culturally, donald trump making this joke i have not gotten nothing out-of-the-way but donald trump's way of disarming people, how does that fly with xi jinping? >> the chinese leader is a sphinx, not someone you can joke with and he has been upstaged in a number of small ways by trump and the chinese twittersphere has taken up on that as they noticed trump's handshake is not as strong or friendly, all these people in china are watching and
7:20 am
that is why xi jinping is concerned about televised images that go back into china from florida. >> how does this change the response to this. there is a joke, the missile strike but does he go back to reassess how to deal with this? >> i think so. they felt the us was in terminal decline, the chinese have been dismissive of the us across, especially the people's liberation army giving the us navy and air force difficult time china's peripheral waters, dangerous intercepts, telling us to leave and all of this as it played into this narrative of the us on its way out of asia changed at 8:45 last night with that active political will, that is not the end of the story because so many things have to go on between the us and china but what we tried to do is change the narrative. >> fantastic analysis, thanks
7:21 am
very much. coming up markets reacting to the president's decisive action against the assad regime, what it means ahead of the jobs report, markets have rallied back from the lows of last night, back in a minute. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do release its own insulin. trulicity responds when my blood sugar rises. i take it once a week, and it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is a once-weekly injectable prescription medicine
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7:25 am
games. look at where the action is after surging to a 1-month high on crude oil us you come back ahead of the jobs number off of the highs on oil. we are expected to see a better than expected jobs number this morning, strong jobs number earlier in the week from adp, where the jobs are, the market is pricing in these two events but jobs report may set the tone for a higher stock market if we get the numbers. >> i think we will see a good number today, the headline number i expect to be good, job growth in all the sectors may -- maybe with the exception of retail. we saw cuts in retail, we have seen a lot of retailers layoff enclosed stores impacting february numbers, it could impact the march numbers as well but the other sectors could be very strong, wages should be strong. we look at the labor participation rate, we talked a lot about that in the past and
7:26 am
we start to see people feeling more optimistic. we saw consumer confidence jump up is that could mean more people participating in the workforce. dagen: we will be watching that number. 81.7 was the labor participation rate in february, the highest it has been since june of 2011. >> 25 to 54-year-olds. >> the highest in 6 years. >> our economy needs that so badly, we need people to participate in the workforce. many individuals have given up. they have been discouraged, haven't been able to find work, jobs are out there in many sectors. dagen: i want to point out something worth noting. does this begin with when airstrike against syria after the chemical weapons attack but do investors start repricing risk here broadly speaking
7:27 am
because you have a stock market that was -- >> you were mentioning to be off air that this action could cause uncertainty because it makes employers cautious. >> this could be very good for businesses if they see donald trump taking action but anytime there's anything like this it can create uncertain. >> markets react to broad-based support for this, big banks i say that the weather can affect, is there a chance we could see a downside problem because of storms in march? >> some people say that but maybe manufacturing and construction may not be as strong due to some weather but we did see a lot of good numbers even if you look at the i fm manufacturing numbers, they look pretty strong and the surveys of procurement managers were pretty optimistic that with trump's plans for tax reform,
7:28 am
immigration and healthcare create uncertainty but there is a lot of optimism about hiring. we will see a good number. dagen: a federal hiring freeze has been in place since january 23rd. >> government number absolutely. dagen: a lot to watch, the number is out in one hour, live coverage and analysis of the jobs report, jobs in america at 8:00 eastern, stay with us as we identify where the job opportunities are. lawmakers on both sides coming together to support the president's quick and forceful action in response to the deadly chemical weapon attack in syria. colorado senator cory gardner with us next. senator is gearing up for a floor fight on neil gorsuch after exercising the "nuclear option". the high-stakes vote for the nominee next. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
7:29 am
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welcome back. good friday morning. thank you so much for joining us. it is friday april 7. your top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on aeschylus. the united states strikes against syria. fifty-nine tomahawk cruise missiles hit a syrian air best. -- syrian air mass. at least six people were killed in this attack. washington was dragged in. also lashing out over the attack.
7:32 am
it's caused six significant damage. some on capitol hill also reacted negatively with senator rand paul saying the present shop should have received congressional authorization first. most lawmakers including democratic leadership are praising the presidency season. >> he have the legal authority to act. and quite frankly the military strategy to be successful at it. his decision is also been embraced around the world. including support from german chancellor. they say they support the president. president trump's with decision to strike syria a strike contest. it is new and redefining the redline this morning. the announcement of the strike protecting global markets. laissez as soon as the strikes
7:33 am
were announced the market sold off 140 points where we are right now. positive territory. we've seen a buying spree happened since. the dow jones industrial is expected to be up ten points. s&p 500 also in positive territory. we are waiting on the jobs numbers. in overnight also mix performances also very fractional moves. the average the biggest perform up a third of a%. we are seeing some of the biggest limit in commodities is mine. thereto a lot of the momentum is off of the highs. crude i/o -- crude oil off. that is that's the one month high. gold prices right now up almost 1% as you see $11 higher. we are watching shares of raytheon. the defense company is the maker of the tomahawk missile. break down the shares were up better than 2% right now. that stock is moving higher throughout the morning.
7:34 am
they are anticipating a strong march jobs report. they are expected to have hundred 80,000 jobs last month. is expected to hold steady at 4.7 percent. that may me very will set the tone for markets. we will have that for you as soon as we hit the tape. in washington republicans have gone nuclear on capitol hill. the senate will vote on the nomination of neil gorsuch in this morning. it happens at 11:30 a.m. eastern after majority leader mitch mcconnell invoked the transport last night. the very latest on the confirmation battle coming up. president trump has strike syria. sixty tomahawk missiles or targeting a military airfield in syria last night. the missiles were launched from the uss ross in the u.s. as porter and the mediterranean. one missile failed. fifty-nine hit. the commander in chief said this is a response to the chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of syrian
7:35 am
civilians earlier in the week. >> it was a slow and brutal death for so many. even beautiful babies. they were cruelly murdered in this very barbaric attack. no child of god should ever suffer suffer -- such horror. tonight i ordered a targeted military strike on the airfield in syria from where the chemical attack was launched. >> join us right now colorado senator member of the senate committee cory gardner. thank you for joining us. your reaction and the reaction of congress right now. >> the international community
7:36 am
is beginning to come together to reject the leadership of al-assad and his allies. those nations had blood on their hands. we know that fox news newss reporting about 20 syrian aircraft. they were warned an hour before and hour before they impacted. there were no russian impact. >> we will learn more in the coming days. with the use those opportunities to do gather nations around interested in putting into the civil war. implement a safe zone and ideas that we will put into this regime. the united states is not what to do this alone. we should gather like-minded nations. to make sure that we bring
7:37 am
peace and an end to a conflict. the president had absolute authority to do this but we also know that he did not get in authority from congress beforehand how do you feel about that? was this the right move or did he need some kind of authority from congress first. that consultation did occur. and also my understanding that we well in the coming days had briefings and more information from the administration regarding what took place. i believe the president took that authority. as a result of the violations of international law there should be consultation. but we need to hear more about how our global partnership is going to work to proceed in syria. meanwhile senate republicans broke a historic precedent last night. deploying the nuclear option.
7:38 am
on the supreme court nominee. i want to get your take on the senator. mitch mcconnell and lindsey graham weighed in. watch this. i want to get your reaction. it's more about the man that nominated him in the party he represents. the nominee himself. the conflict of a bad decision. the final vote expected to take place at 11:30 a.m. what is your reaction. >> i'm proud to say he is now sitting with the highest qualifications. the deepest respect from his colleagues around the country who serve on the bench with him. it's a shame that for over 200
7:39 am
years chuck schumer watched of allowing supreme court nominees to move forward. 200 years he wanted to change that precedent. that's a shame. never has there been successful partisan there will be democrats and republicans voting for the confirmation of him today. the only person chip will be in the opposition. good to have you on the program this morning. fox news network well had full coverage of course. it kicks off at 11:30 a.m. sc covers that life. still to come. they are coming out in support of the decisive action against the deadly attack in syria. with the very latest developments and will take you around the world to get you view the sense of what everyone is saying on leadership level.
7:40 am
and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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7:43 am
maria: welcome back. the price of oil to be as much as 2%. cheryl casone with the details on that. >> oil usually jumping on middle east tensions. right now cruise or while off of earlier highs. it's certainly a contract we are watching. the fox contributor telling us that a major producer. reaction from world leaders to the attack is coming in this morning. in the french president talked about that this morning. israeli prime minister supporting president trump. say that the mitchell -- missile strike missile strike
7:44 am
it will not be tolerated. the state tv called the missile attack aggression. they said the strikes were in the vital national security interest of the united states. what has happened is beyond tragic. he could've saved hundreds of thousands of lives. we were there for nearly a week we were in damascus in at the time we were opening up an embassy is a country there. george mitchell had been on the ground. we were looking at banks whether it was u.s. banks or european banks opening up
7:45 am
branches bridges in syria. i did a report exclusively on at the time. we went to the domestic's domestics stock exchange which open at the time. we went to restaurants. we were of course followed by our government in france. this is an interview. and at i producer at the top. he at the time was his number two. at the time before the attack wanted the economy of syria to grow and prosper they wanted to build the middle class. of course all of that changed in 2011. he is now working with united nations.
7:46 am
there are several reports that he is working now with the opposition and i have several contacts that i don't name of safety concerns but that are in turkey now. 500,000 dead. and finally the united states is walking the talk. ths what needed to happen. we launched as the nation. a nation. the creation of the dictator. i like what the senator just told us earlier. the era of leading from behind is over. how that redline response compares to former president obama's in action. the straight ahead. your insurance company
7:47 am
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7:50 am
welcome back. a powerful response. president trump ordered a predawn strike on the syrian airbase casting a shadow over u.s. russia relations. james rosen is life with a live very latest. russia has now responded to this attack on the client state. this is the line of communication that they been using to ensure that the operations inside of syria don't conflict. but we must recall the present chop himself his relationship with russian president vladimir putin might prove to be a faulty one.
7:51 am
>> you've have a lot of presidents that have a ticket that. look where we are now. if i can. i'd love to negotiate things. i don't really well. it's possible i won't be able to get along with him. the strike struck close to home. that is because of the very base that they were used to target. they killed some 70 people they have maintained an active presence. they got about one hours notice before the strike. whether the syrian regime key american officials such as secretary of state rex tillerson as well as the spokesman at the white house have recently began backing away mantra.
7:52 am
just six days before the chemical attack. i think the status in the longer-term status president al-assad will be decided by the syrian people. other infant -- influential people said that they had been killed and six years of civil war fighting haven't had much they. it shifted a bit after the chemical attack and by the time he arrived in florida for the summit. it's uncertain clearly. and with what he is taken. taking a sharper tone in russia. nikki haley had her language escalate following the
7:53 am
chemical attack. they protects syria at the un security council consider how strikingly different the tone and which is semi- is children had to die before russia cares. there are times when we are compelled to take our own action. she predicted that on wednesday and of course that's what came to pass. the trumpet ministration took its own action. thank you very much for that. present trump's bold move is represented addressing a a drastic departure from the obama administration's response to the actions of crossing the redline after former president obama opted not to strike syria. dreaming right now is colonel tony schaefer.
7:54 am
your reaction this morning. the reagan years there was a malaise coming out of the carter years that was like a complete parallel regarding for dirt -- former policy. were no longer can be sending power to cash. you may get a cruise missile when you violate major agreements. there were two major agreements violated within the last two days. got on and bnc and said that all of these chemical weapons are gone. they would not permit weapons of mass destruction to be used anywhere as you mentioned how
7:55 am
president obama wasn't paying attention this is worse. he was actually a co- responsible for some of the bad things because he pretended to negotiate it all the way and i believe they know that these weapons were to be remanufactured or they never really completely left back in 2014. how much more difficult and complex is a situation today because the president failed to act in 2013. we have an opportunity for years ago when this first started to create a safe zone and to do a no-fly zone. that moment is long past. all of these other organizations the militia all over the place controlling terrain. what was essentially a small camp the thing we must do now
7:56 am
is understand that we have to walk things back quickly this and happen overnight. it took time to get there. what were doing with iraq. they're trying to work with the coalition partners there. we still have to work with the russians to get in there and to begin bringing back. we mt alys remember and i'm not for the arbitrary use of military force. the ultimate goal here is to retrieve and sustain order is a probably had to bring back to that space. then coming up and saying that they were closing down this channel. it's something that's nice to have but not something we need to have it's good to be able
7:57 am
to do conflict with them in the air. to be able to run our operations if we need too. i believe we will continue to sense that. we did not necessarily notify the russian government but we did notify the russian military that we were coming in. do you see this as a beginning of a new campaign ours is a new program. they gave a new strategy and new approach to this. i believe we will see a new implementation. and the strategy is in the change a bit. powers th we will be right back. guests connected at work, and at play. or the it platform that powers millions of ecards every day
7:58 am
for one of the largest greeting card companies. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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8:00 am
maria: good friday mornings welcome back thanks for joining us i am maria bartiromo, it is friday, april 7 on a busy news morning top stories right now, 58 a.m. on the east coast, the march jobs' report out in 30 minutes' time, the economy expected to go 180,000 jobs last month the unemployment rate expected to so it wouldz at 4.7% we've got full coverage analysis all hour right now breaking news, united states, strikes syria, 59 tomahawk cruise missiles hit sign air base president trump ordered first military action against syrian president bashar al-assad last night, 20 syrian aircraft destroyed.
8:01 am
>> it is in this vital national security interests of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. years of previous attempts at changing assad's behavior have all failed, and failed very dramatically. >> russia and syria lashing out against this took president assad's office calling this quote a "rash" action russian president vladimir putin said strike caused significant damage to russia u.s. he relations around the world broad support for president trump's decision german chancellor angela merkel says she understands the action at home the actions praised by lawmaker both sides of the aisle senator rand paul however said president should have received congressional authorization first announcement of air strikes
8:02 am
affecting global markets flocking to havens a reversal right now take a look at markets completely off the lows of the night, last night the market was down 140 points, after the air strikes apparent a complete referral that have a moment ago the markets in positive territory now looking at fractional losses dow flat on session down 3 points, very much a victory, in terms of the reaction of markets, to this, in european markets we've got mixed performs ft 100 up a fraction cac quarante and dax index down a fraction, in asia overnight mixed performances there as well take a look biggest perform japan nikkei average up one-third of 1% biggest in commodities crude oil one-month high gold at 5-month high right now pop. oil off almost 1% 52.12 raytheon to watch defense company produces tomahawk missile that was used in the attack last night, stock up 2 1/2% as we speak in the premarket, supreme court
8:03 am
showdown to an end today, this morning senate will vote on nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court happens 11:30 a.m. eastern we take you live president's sentiment with china xi jinping at mar-a-lago in florida, how president trump looks to push china over rising north korea tensions this morning all stories coming up joining me to talk all about it fox news network dagen mcdowell, kings college professor business economics brian brenned berg chief operating officer johnny courtney with us as always on jobs day happy you are here. >> glad to be here. >> good morning. >> a day of news dagen: i am curious to watch market not just today but coming weeks to see if a repricing of risk in terms of -- after what have happened what u.s. did in syria. maria: watching markets for sure, of course, we should not forget in reporting finance first quarter big story u.s. missiles strike a syrian air base, in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack conner
8:04 am
powell live on israeli-syria board the la latest good morning to you. >> good morning getting information some of the conflicting information about aftermath of these u.s. strikes, on the air base in syria, about 6 or so jets damaged in these stwriekrikes pentagon telling our team 20 or so syrian jets were damaged about disabled russia getting a heads-up about an hour or so before these strikes were carried out, there were no russian jets damaging and none of the russian soldiers at this base appear to have been injured we understand at least seven syrians killed in about a seven or so others injured, so there is some information coming about this strike the main reason that the trump administration carried out this target was this is where they believe, that the jets took off carried out he chemical attack on tuesday,
8:05 am
and returned to this site there is no word yet whether or not the syrian gas that was believed used on tuesday's attack was there at this time or was still there, but this is a significant blow to the assad regime's air force, however should be pointed out there are already reports that there have been air strikes carried out by assad geological on robels other parts of syria, so it doesn't appear to have been a deadly blow to the sign air force by any means, the assad regime carrying out deadly attacks on syria across country we are looking for here next few days, maybe 72 hours or so is there any type of retaliation either by the assad regime or russia or hezbollah or iran either on u.s. troops in the region remember a lot of troops not only in irbein iraq y but couple hundred in syria owing battling isis israel always potential target for retaliation several places any groups like hezbollah, or
8:06 am
russian or iran or assad regime want to carry out, a retaliation teller are potential targets of both united states, in harm's way also allies in the region as well. >> we will watch developments thanks very much conner on the border this morning, investors reacting to u.s. strikes in syria as well, we have seen real volatile situation futures rebounded last falling as much as 143 points last night when news first broke chairman ceo worlds largest futures market operator 'cme group good to have you on the program. >> thank you, maria sorry i couldn't be in person unfortunately, the travel situation didn't work out. >> we wanted to hear on set you are here whole is your nobodies day your take on markets reacting this morning to syria strikes we have seen a volatile situation at lows markets down 140 points now looking at perhaps a higher
8:07 am
opening depending what jobs numbers say. >> yeah, maria you know you look at marketplace the market needs to manage its risk so when lee look at voluminous as of last night um 3r0eb8x volume because of what happened in syria i think your prior commentator made a comment he didn't believe this was a blow that was a knock out blow this was a signal. that where is the market is staking it a shot over bow as they call in it business i guess now we have to wake a wait-and-see attitude like everybody is saying what markets are doing i think is doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing not overreacting we are seeing oil up as you said earlier in earlier comments also coming up off a sell-off gold new 5-month high you referenced something you expect to see he these are normal factors you would see in any geopolitical event this is a very targeted strike by u.s., on syria, and
8:08 am
so i think the markets need i am not a bit surprised they have come back up to steady on day. >> give me your sense you mentioned voluntarily jerusal volume, 19% market share has what is your take on market performance last couple months markets up about 14% 13%, since election day even though we have seen a rollover recently. is this all about policy out of washington terry? >> there is a about policy out of washington but you also have to remember there is a lot of other policies around the world not just brexit everybody likes to talk about we need to talk about french elections about the german elections, what does that mean for european o union a lot outside u.s. has impact on u.s. markets, so many participants from around the world maria managed their risk in the united states of america, but they have their sovereign carpal tunnel so we are seeing tremendous amount of risk management not 'cme
8:09 am
but u.s. being markets around the world if you look at volume year over year flat 17 million contracts last several weeks a little bit lower now with this activity we are starting to pick up again, so you are going to see a little bit more volatility but uncertainty in marketplace. >> i want your take owe environment looks in terms of jobs, of course, we got the jobs number out, this morning, but lemon first kick it off with the president trump and chinese president meeting chinese impart counterpart xi jinping thing at mar-a-lago setting framework for u.s. china relations going forward what do you lope to see the from this meeting terry as global leader yourself with businesses all over the world. >> we were seeing a lot of protectionism around the world in our world alone london
8:10 am
stock chiang bourse deal go down in flames you are seeing people protecting national assets such as exchanges and others in our world we live in a very global world maria as you know our markets are already all over the world, so what you i am hoping to see come out of the meetings, with china, and president trump is cooperation. i mean he talked a lot about half-billion-dollar trade deficit assuming going to continue down that path because that was in his campaign stump speeches along the way i think what wore going to see i don't think we are going to see a bunch more coming out of that i would hardly we want to speculate on policies as what he is going to say about north korea other things. >> let me ask you, because one of the ways that the financials are protecting market share is with big data, and i know in a you have been investing in organic market data, with new product offerings terry that one of the top stories in the journal today is banks clash with new york stock exchange, over data
8:11 am
so give me your take on this, the data clashing between banks and new york stock exchange and this attempt to assert greater control over market data as you yourself at 'cme group invest in organic data how important is the data rather to financials. >> date very important for a host of reasons the most important reason is gives the world transparency into what prices we're actually traded at that is important about market data we got to be able disseminate it when you have 'cme group intercontinental exchange important world understands this is coming from a whole host of people to do that there is a cost associated for the exchanges to produce this, and distribute it so they have to to recoup some costs associated with it, what the new york stock exchange plans are what the article in the journal refers to today i really have a hard time speculating on it i don't know all the policies.
8:12 am
but you know, you have to understand, that the new york stock exchange is owned by intercontinental exchange made a concentrated efforts into market data acquired a company called idc north of 5 billion dollars a couple years ago that is a big part of offering today, i am assuming some of the big banks some comments in journal today probably concerned about the direction nyse is going trying to get in front of it laifl has not been a big issue. >> the issue is who owns the data right terry? j.p. morgan's goldman sachss say no, no, we own danew york stock market stock market says we oen data leader of one will the exchanges in terms of investing in your own data who does own data. >> you know first of all, we put a lot into the infrastructure to distribute this data, we invest in it heavily, so i guess there will be debate who owns this data if anybody at all owns it, it
8:13 am
is a service at a suits public needs, and we can't have this data doors. >> got to be transparent. >> it has got to be transparent the penal that don't participate in the marketplace are exchanges so a natural distributes of this data but -- what is important here i will speak on behalf of colleagues at nyse we all invest heavily, in the distribution of this market data so everybody can have it globally not just four walls governing place for trade like new york stock market stock market 'cme used to be. maria: i know you are with us rest of the hour your suspense of trading right now stay with us, thanks for that terry, duffy joining us this morning, in chicago. coming up u.s. strike in syria, beganering bipartisan sport no congress, the chemical attack on syrian civilians 20 minutes away from march jobs' report breaking down what you need to know identifying where specifically job creation and opportunities
8:14 am
are right now, back in a minute.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
. . maria: welcome back reaction to u.s. attack on syria last night was swift on capitol hill cheryl casone with details. cheryl: reaction overnight good morning, good morning, everyone, lawmakers quick to respond to the military strikes, with some applauding the move in other words deriding it provide, florida senator marco rubio long time critic of the trump cigarettes stance on syria praised the president's action. >> the right decision for a number of reasons number one assad, had signed an agreement not to have chemical weapons, it was agreement the russians united states were signators to part of they signed convention not to have happens a u.n. security council resolution, on them as well they have violated that, and, therefore, there needed to be consequence so many won needs to enforce it rush is not going to enforce it they are helping them.
8:18 am
>> other republican lawmakers signaled support in a joint at the same time john mccain and lindsey graham said in a part quote -- previous administration -- president trump krontdz a pif toll moment in syria took action, well, two of the highest ranking a democrats back the president, chuck schumer calling it quote the right thing to do, while his counterpart nancy pelosi called it a proportional response geological use of chemical weapons other democrats at least two republicans are questioning the constitutionality of strikes kentucky senator rand paul we talked about this earlier wrote on twitter the president needs congressional authorization for this required by constitution reeks from world leaders coming no mostly positive syrian tv called it aggression german chancellor angela merkel and french president françois
8:19 am
hollande blamed military attack on bashar al-assad. merkel hollande said of assad receipted use of chemical weapons crimes against a his population had to be sanitationed. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said a clear message suppressed chemical weapons will not be toll rated, meanwhile, news big news on capitol hill the senate expected to confirm judge neil gorsuch to the supreme court. a final vote expected 11:30 a.m. eastern time today be insure to tune in to "varney & company" thaefl complete special coverage of this historic vote today once again 11:30 a.m. eastern right here on fox business network maria then, of course, they all go on vacation for two weeks! maria: that is true. >> we will see what they get done before they go on vacation i guess industrializing with health care, thank you we are a few minutes away 10 minutes away from march jobs' report that
8:20 am
is going to be the one to watch in terms of setting the tone for markets, what you need to know ahead of that release markets down right now fractionally back in a moment as we navigate the numbers. stay with us. ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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8:24 am
from march jobs' report, due out in 6 minutes, analysts expecting it to show 180,000 jobs, added to the economy last month, with unemployment rate steady 4. % we want to bring in bgc partner senior strangle steve cortes "barrons" editor steve your expectation. >> you know, to quote former first lady when they go low i go high i think coming out high on this i want go for quarter million 250,000 new jobs. maria: wow getting better jack. >> they are i am going low only because of weather, but we are talking in the break about my funny math here it is possible we could have a blowout number because normally the government numbers in adp track overtime, but for the past two months even good numbers have been behind adp to catch up we have to have 329 today. maria: both sides jack? >> [laughter] >> you mentioned weather earlier that is a big deal this month. dagen: weather, construction
8:25 am
58,000 in month of february highest in decade expect a pullback there also federal hiring freeze in place by mountain interest could have impact. >> watch a retail. >> i want to look at wages label participation rates. maria: watching all that march jobs' report right after this break stay with us. my friends think doing this at my age is scary. i say not if you protect yourself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia. it's a serious disease. my doctor said the risk is greater now that i'm over 50! yeah...ya-ha... just one dose of the prevnar 13® vaccine can help protect you from pneumococcal pneumonia- an illness that can cause coughing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and may even put you in the hospital. prevnar 13® is approved for adults 18 and older to help prevent infections from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system,
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>> welcome book thanks for joining us maria bartiromo, it is friday april 7 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, breaking news moments away from march jobs' report, economists expecting 180,000 jobs added to economy month of movp unemployment rate is expected to hold steady 4.7%, the report will add to what has been a wild card, in the last 12 hours, for stocks, investors around the world, reacting to u.s. strikes against syria, last night u.s. futures have completely rebounded after selling off 143 points on news, this morning we are
8:29 am
looking at stabilized down 10 points. >> terry opportunities in financial services what is your take on jobs today. >> well that is a tough one i mean you talk a lot about retail, and that is something that is a real wild card in this upcoming report and on futures, so i am really concerned about what is going to happen to retail especially brick and mortar maria you saw what happened with announcement going to close fifth avenue store a big shift retail. maria: for sure. >> wait and see. maria: do you see opportunities in financial services right now or no? is wall street still not hiring? >> well, i mean wall street is hiring, but i think at the same time that we have to wait and see how geopolitical events play out now also have to deal with regulatory rules out are europe but in united states financial services industry healthy as it has ever been in the u.s. you heard what jamie dimon said in remarks i happen to agree with
8:30 am
him, i think it is doing quite well. maria: we want to find out where the opportunities are interesting to see, your thoughts that there are real opportunities here, adam shapiro in washington 180,000 jobs amended live as soon as it hits tape. . reporter: 4.5% unemployment rate falls to lowest level since may 2007 jobs in march 98,000 missing estimate 180,000 labor participation flat march 63%, 160 million people in the labor force, average hourly earnings up 5 cents to 26.14, year over year 2.7% big gains in professional business services 56,000 jobs, big losses in retail, down 30,000 jobs in march since to be, they are down 89,000 jobs.
8:31 am
mining up 11,000 jobs up 35,000 since 2016 but coal jobs remain flat health care up 14,000 up 32000 since 2016 financial services up 9,000 mostly attributed to jobs linked to real estate, construction, little changed up 6,000 in march, average workweek, 34.3 hours, the total unemployment rate 8.9% in march, february was 9.2% and january was 9.4%, jan and february job creation numbers were revised january down from 238,000 to 216,000, february down from 235,000 to 219,000 regent unemployment 4.5% lowest level since may 2007, 98,000 jobs created in march back to you. maria: interesting, story here, we've got number of jobs created much worse than
8:32 am
expected a lot weaker than expected the unemployment rate actually better than expected dagen your thoughts. dagen: disappointing report 98,000 even on the kind of the loaned of expectations, this is well short of what we should have seen again kind of a correction in the construction jobs, that was what i was watching 58,000 in february, come in at 6,000, and month of march so that is where a lot of your k weakness showed up. >> weather related you think? >> what we discussed earlier joanie. >> i think, no surprise retail jobs certainly being down, i can say that i did expect this number much stronger today i am surprised it is low. the mining jobs are up, i can tell you we're seeing that in our energy business we have a strong demand in that energy sector oil and gas companies starting to hire again i can i see it in the business, that there is a strong other in an in the market. professional and business
8:33 am
services up 56,000. so professional jobs again are out there, the jobs stemfield in health care, but i do think to the point before about retail sector brick and mortar that mix is changing, and jobs going away people in that secretary of state a sector take skills look for jobs in sectors that are growing. >> retail of this report -- >> you can see it coming maria not a big surprise to me living in the city of chicago you he see some sincerity highest end brick-and-mortar stores going away, there needs to be something changed in tax laws or something else to incent people not only a problem with retail, you are also going to drag into the residential component of the marketplace once retail continues in trouble you get more and more closings retail has a big influence in my opinion on residential and
8:34 am
major metropolitan easier, you know some of these politicians have to rethink how they are working. >> jack's point i think we need to pay attention to the gap between adp number and bls, you are going to see a correction next month next month very telling, the other piece of pretty good news the wage growth 2.7%, year over year what people at home are looking for are my wages going up am i paid more the month over month number good. >> more than it was in february. >> 2.8 in february, and needs to be close to 3%. >> it does but hanging around in right area we didn't see a big on i think good especially given retail number retail number that low that wage a number is not bad. >> i wish that we had seen unemployment rate tick up, might have meant more people coming into workforce to suggest 63% is probably going to stay where it is on the energy story very interesting one of the things going on there is all companies that got just destroyed when price of energy fell have cleared
8:35 am
out the books now, they declared bankruptcy, the banks ate damage now bouncing back we've got a story in "barrons" tomorrow how actually investing opportunities in some of these companies left for dead we warned about two or three years ago, now, books look better we think there is opportunity there. >> energy stocks. >> we are going to talk more about what is in "barrons" over weekend steve cortes got to get you in here expecting better number 98,000 versus 180,000 estimate thoughts. >> clearly a big miss you can't shine a sneaker you can't make this report look great i will tell you one thing that is good in this report u6 coming in in many ways the i think true unemployment rate. for the country as a whole total employment under 9% very good news a bad report on wholly a silver lining u6 is optimistic. >> retail one of the big weak spots as dagen notes construction, where were the opportunities, where are is
8:36 am
there hiring that i can see right now. >> yeah, i mean certainly hiring continues in health care, that sector has been strong the last few years, we've seen it again, health care jobs are coming back with 14,000 jobs created for the month. the professional and business service sector we certainly see like many companies here in u.s. or even bringing back more customer service jobs that were overseas bringing them back to u.s. building more customer service call centers, in the united states. those jobs definitely come back that may be an opportunity for people in retail to make transition but i do expect that the stem jobs will continue to be very strong, the oil and gas sector will continue to add jobs, especially what is happening in the world today i think look to u.s. we see opportunities, certainly in texas, north dakota right now very, very strong. >> what we're seeing is dynamic if you are in demand
8:37 am
worker you have a lot of opportunities, we have seen job number go up means if you have opportunities you are looking for opportunities pursuing them if not in one preferred field you are still having a hard time finding those jobs, you are still having a hard time getting wage gains so we do have something of a bifurcated economy when it comes to labor market who is gaining from it who is still left behind. >> that is a reminder of the crucial importance education i love to see unemployment number for college-educated people i bet up 2%. maria: economy needs to create 75,000 to 100,000 jobs a month to keep up with growth in working age population. >> that is all very allow number, all people got skills -- >> that is why you didn't see pickup in wage inflation 2.7% growth year over year is still -- kind of -- poor. >> jump in here. >> maria i want to state about retail i think important to note here not as though retail sector as business isn't doing well a lot of retail workers
8:38 am
suffering amazon effect unfortunately has taken jobs out of sector the sector as a business is doing really well we got data yesterday, from costco, a company that doesn't really compete directly with amazon, you don't apply steaks fresh food from amazon costco for march mad up 6% same-store sales growth year over year a massive beat the stock traded very well on top of that so i this i the retail sector the consumer is strong right now if you look at retail stocks that shows skre consumer strength i don't think -- we have to be careful talking retail sector there are problems retail jobs not problems with sxeer. >> 2.7% remaining growth year over year going to help that situation isn't it. >> yeah, you know, i think the point too when you look at this report what is concerning to me that is we see employers very optimistic about hiring. and to see such a low number, it looks like businesses are still holding back from
8:39 am
hiring, you know the number extremely strong job options up so there is a disconnect you have to look at why aren't companies why are ceos holding back we are seeing strong earnings come out but they are not making the hires not making the investment. >> still is some uncertainty out there interceptor -- uncertainty out of washington does not help i point to employer mandate for health insurance in place republicans could not come together in the house and push through repeal and replace obamacare nothing happening in washington sending a message to business owners in terms of what they got done that you should start hiring, hand over. >> talk to one of them ceo on panel right now terry duffy ceo chairman of the cme group what is your take terry a fair a systematic of nevers
8:40 am
reluckance to put money to work because he have health care what is the issue? >> there is a bit of a hes the answer yea associated with putting invested capital into work especially when you look at our situation right here in chicago. and illinois we don't have a budget we haven't had a budget it is difficult for businesses like ours to reinvest in city and state even though we are a global business when we don't know what the futures going to look like o so i think you know this is the same thing i said to you maria a hundred times over going through dodd-frank regulation. you know, traders like certainty some kind of certainty what over it is going to be give us he clarity what rules of road are going to be no different for businesses like myself we hire we have been hiring people hiring professional people like some of your colleagues have said, i want to make a comment about retail sector you can't convert retail participants in health-care providers health care is going to continue to grow. we are aging more money going into health care, that is not going to stop.
8:41 am
the obamacare legislation that they tried to change, is probably going away on its own whether they do something or not so that sector doesn't surprise me to go up when you look at retail sector those retailer jobs they also are a big part of the economy, in purchasing other parts of the he sectosor wcan't discount those people even though retail in of he itself is doing fine the jobs people are the ones that are the providers for the other services this they buy. >> dagen mentioned health care a second ago think about tax reform as well who is the group that is most concerned about the tax reform the border adjustment taxing retail very concerned, so they are looking at policy environment not getting anything done in health care we get done on taxes maybe very dote mental to them that is going to slow things down slow down hiring. >> to brian's point seeing huge move in retail excuse me where, the companies are executing right are doing great the ones amazon proof doing great for instance a
8:42 am
costco a higher end customers getting steaks on sale tj maxx doing well people like to look through racks find a barring ralph laren pushed hard frankly the style changed in america when ralph laren started everyone wanted to look like kennedy now they want to look about like kardashian ralph's style not where it is at any more. >> might just be high end store february was revised revised down to 219,000 jobs versus earlier estimate of 235,000. dagen: january revised lower as well so you have a little bit more weakness than expected two, you can look at futures i think that given the kind of uncertain jobs picture and the fact you now have to reintroduce geopolitical risk after the strikes in syria that you could see at least if you watch the 10 year, the money has been going to 10 year for safer assets may be
8:43 am
not one-day event could be days if not weeks my prediction there is going to be no border-adjustment tax to carbon tax major pressure to cut individual tax rates to help small business owners. maria: amen to that. >> they need that think how much interceptor markets are dealing with not only sigh but all the policy uncertainty the meeting with china president this weekend about trade what is going to happen with trade you know markets care about that, so the markets are having to digest a bunch of risk reassess as dagen said i i agree with her expect this kind of malaise in the market play out. >> we had gorton on wrote coming collapse of china said strategic of the president to launch those strikes against syria while xi jinping was in florida with the president. he said he really cut the chinas leader down to size with that move. >> you know, i couldn't agree
8:44 am
more, to show who is the real spoourp power in the world china clearly emerging pour not united states, i think, too trump very interested anxious to see what we get out of mar-a-lago day i think far too long united states acted with china as have to we don't hold a strong hand if a poker game we have a straight flush often we act like a air of 8's how we negotiate with china particularly when it comes to trade it is time to play like we are the superpower if fact united states is our interests come first i think going to have a far fair other better trade republican with china i think very telling this early in the presidency, xi decided to come here to the united states, to see trump that in itself telling. >> great point a quick break once again update markets sold off here down 60 points on dow industrials on weaker than expected jobs number 98,000 jobs created in the month of march that is worse than expectation, 180,000. for the month of march, wages
8:45 am
up 2.7% year over year, looks like retail jobs really took -- to this report we will be right back. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: welcome back march jobs' report out as weaker than expected economy added 98,000 jobs march that missed economists expectations badly
8:49 am
we are expecting 180,000 jobs, unemployment rate meanwhile, fell to 4 1/2%, that is the lowest number, since may of 2007 bring in "varney & company" host stuart varney get his analysis good morning to you -- >> spoipg isn't it maria election four months ago we had a wave of optimism, and confidence, sweep across industry and business. i would have thought that would translate into a good, strong number of jobs for the month of march but it didn't en disappointing. you could excuse it partially on bad weather indeed bad weather last month got it excuse it by saying we didn't get obamacare realism we haven't got tax cuts not much deregulation yet excuse on all those grounds the bottom line is this is disappointing one can but hope that it is not a sign of things to come. >> yeah, i mean at this point, we are blaming weather you
8:50 am
look at retail it really was the retail jobs that torpedoed this report. >> o down 30,000 a very large number from the very limited sector of the economy i have to tell you maria, if we got 98,000 new jobs in one month during obama administration i would be all over it, i would be heavily critical, i am not going to offer excuses this really is a disappointment in what is the third month into the trump presidency. maria: there you go, he was you inaugurated january 20 you could say third month but just three months i know you ve more 10 minutes watching you "varney & company" top of the hour stuart varney will will kick off at 10:00, terry final take on day's number before you go, you see that retail story will it -- dominating the jobs number takeaway markets sold off down 54 points. >> yeah, i agree wiyou stuart disappointing i am perplexed
8:51 am
with number downtick doesn't seem jives very well i said before the report came out i was concerned about retail, and i still am concerned about retail i think an ongoing story i like to tell you i am smart knew this was going to happen but not smart to say is that was going to happen you could see the it under common sense is offering we didn't spend much time on tax question you talk about tax any of the he led with health care should have load in my opinion with taxes and infrastructure, could have changed this number dramatically. first of all, if you look at tax structure today less than 400 billion dollars comes in united states treasury from corporate taxes, and the highest in the world. 35%, 1.8 trillion from permit taxes 1.2 trillion comes in from payroll taxes, so if you you can see, that three trillion dollars in from sectors coming from business world if you can lower that corporate tax rate, deal with that, to incent more people to get to work more people to
8:52 am
hire like myself, that will take the could haveers off in united states the bigger part of the taxes anyway lower corporate taxes deal with that get economy moving again not have a jobs report like just said absolutely unacceptable. >> i am glad you pat it up really about policy which is what we say every day on this program terry number one, you think going to move immediately when and if we get tax reform because that is a priority of this administration, and number two, do you think that gets done no 2017 so that it has to get done it has to be a priority it will move neil in the numbers tell you the, what corporations only paying 400 billion today everybody thakz corporations way a lot more only paying 400 billion of 3.some odd 4.trillion-dollar budget so if you can lowe that newborn, and incent people the money they are making put back in economy infrastructure give common sense like myself chance to reinvest i think a win-win for the united states
8:53 am
of america. >> also steve i got a question for you hot potato what do you think about idea of just leaving obamacare alone, going to lower the corporate tax rate fix tax structure in general maybe the economy could actually do okay under that scenario? >> i am in agreement there for sure -- >> steve? >> is that to me? >> go ahead steve cortes. >> you know, as far as leaving obamacare in place i don't like that that may be what we have to do i am. >> washington today washington, d.c., has become it is like parking break upon america driven car wondered why not going it you roy parking brake is on political from washington, d.c., health care onerous confiscatory tax policy parking brake on america once we remove that i am confident we will president trump will get this done the american academy 70 miles per hour in a hurry.
8:54 am
>> american economy. >> yachg dagen nod her head about obamacare. dagen: rolling my ice steve, obamacare collapsing in on itself, you have insurers leaving health care exchanges leaving americans with no virtually no health insurance choices and you have an employer mandate particularly on smaller besides, that is created an environment, to not hire or hire part-timer workers that has to change people in washington -- to do something about it, rather than sit back an -- >> i am not defending it at all do i believe, by the way, i think the fact mike pence has taken over the negotiates with house i think going to be frankly a far better leader than speaker was, on this process so i do believe that is going to get done but whether or not health care gets done taxes, absolutely have to get done to get growth this economy needs. maria: for sure that everybody agrees on that terry duffy thank you for joining us steve cortes pleasure to have you as well gentlemen we will see you soon thank you so much
8:55 am
final thoughts from all stare panel on march jobs report breaking story overnight. back in a moment. ...
8:56 am
you do all this research
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on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. >> final thoughts from our all-star panel on a jobs number weaker than expected. 90,000 jobs created in march. the weak and strong spots. >> obviously the weak is the retail we talked about, if you look at every other sector
8:59 am
there was job growth, it wasn't robust numbers and i think it speaks to the business leaders, ceo's are being cautious about making those hires and investing and it's probably due to all the uncertainty around tax reform, health care, immigration, so they are hiring, but we're not going to see the robust hiring until we start to see movement. >> they're hiring like 6,000 jobs in construction, way lower than we thought. before we end the show, we've got to look at barron's, the cover right now. >> roger ferguson, an earlier guest of ours, tiaa, a trillion dollar company and wonderful stuff and mutual fund. >> there are things deep underneath the surface we have to look. maria: dagen. >> the unemployment rate is a 10-year low, almost half a million jobs added in the household survey, that's individuals, let's go. maria: are you looking at the
9:00 am
glass half full, dagen mcdowell? come on! >> it's the weekend. maria: knock me over. [laughter] >> dagen mcdowell. hey, all-star panel, thank you so much. jack otter, tony, good to see you courtney, brian, dagen mcdowell. have a great weekend. "varney & company," stuart, over to you. stuart: good morning, everyone. the president takes military action. 59 missiles fired against the air base that launched the poison gas attack. the president says it's in our vital interest to deter the use of chemical welcomes. the most significant use of rce this presidency, fast and our allies support the president. the russians have called it aggression and suspended cooperation flights over syria. the missiles were launched as the president was meeting for


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