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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  April 12, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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dow futures higher by 11. display fell off yesterday. a lot of news coming out today and we look at that as we look at the interview with the president of the united states as he sat down with the report aroma. >> looking forward to that appeared excited to see what he has to pay for tax reform versus health care policy as we talked about earlier in the show this morning. very much looking forward to that. >> we are going to say good morning to you, maria bartiromo. maria: thank you so much. i am maria bartiromo and it is wednesday, april 12. live from the nation's capitol following interview with president trump. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the president lays out his economic land. the commander-in-chief bowing to get tax reform done but not before tackling another top issue. the repeal and replace them upon the care still on task. >> they pick up additional money
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so they get great tax reform. we are going to have a phenomenal tax reform. i want to do it first and really do it right. maria: the battle for reform at home and attention across the globe. secretary of state rex tillerson in moscow this morning. the first initial meeting in syria. president trump about his plan for syria going forward. >> were not going into syria, but when i see people using horrible, horrible, chemical weapons, which they agreed not to use under the obama violatedt.tion that they maria: much more of my exclusive interview with donald trump this morning. stay with us for that special. turbulence continues for united e-mail pictures of united airlines losing a billion dollar market value of one point s. average over the forceful removal of a passenger from a
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flight by byron l. at home and abroad. the stock as you see there down again this morning. we have the story. another day, another problem for sam's son. the decision to delay the launch of its virtual assistant. the pace to pick up. breaking on wal-mart new for customers that comes when you get their own online orders. we'll tell you about wal-mart's plan. market look like this. features indicate a higher up into broader averages. it's fractional but the dow industrials, nasdaq, s&p 500 looking higher. markets also higher. european indices today. the ft 100 at the third of 1% acid for cac quarante and dax index. mix performances to report the nikkei average lost about 1%. the hang seng up almost 1%. before he hits the broadcast booth, tony romo traded in his uniform for another. the quarterback listed in his support with the dallas
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mavericks. all those stories coming out. driven to talk about if your d.c., fox business network taking towel. fox news contributor mercedes schlock and cato institute senior fellow dana mitchell with us this morning. great to see you. thank you for joining us. >> i can't wait to hear that trump interview. >> what he said about health care and tax reform is important. lucy at the markets react. >> maybe they get health care done. maybe the freedom caucus gets on board and come back with the plan after the recess and push it through quickly. >> we are not going into syria. obviously driving a lot of news coverage today. maria: let's go straight to my exclusive interview withonald trump. i asked about his economic priorities for 2017 to kick off his first interview since taking office. here's a bit of what he had to say on this. >> we are going to have tax
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reform at some point very soon. we are doing very well on health care. it's been misreported we felt as health care. we are negotiating and we continue to negotiate and we will save perhaps $9 billion. if you look at the numbers we are talking about, that is all going into the taxes and we have to do a health care first to pick up additional money so we get great tax reform. so we are going to have a phenomenal tax reform, but i have to do health care first. i want to do it first to really do it right. after that we will start tax department infrastructure. >> just to do health care? business said so much more impactful to move into neil and economic growth. >> because i'm saving a tremendous amount, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars we save on health care. we are going to have a much better plan than obamacare, which is failing. tax reform will be tough, but
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not as tough as health care. maria: have you moved off of the soft deadline to get this done? are you looking later in the year? >> health care is going to happen at some point. now if it doesn't happen fast enough, i'll start the taxes. the tax reform and tax cuts are better if i can do health care first. maria: what about infrastructure? >> very soon. part of the health care plan because face two of the health care plan in order to get to those to get the votes they need 60% for that. if i put that in, democrats are going to love the infrastructure plan. maria: so why is it ranked health care and tax reform $900 billion? they have to be given a tax-cut plan in order to pay for the tax cuts they've got to say that almost a trillion dollars by reversing president obama's tax inease in obamacare. dagen. dagen: without the savings it puts a stranglehold on what they can do in terms of tax reform
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and cutting taxes. is a timing issue in the health insurance business in health care and we talked about this yesterday that the insurers are pricing in designing plans for next year right now and in june and july they have to take those plans in premium increases to the state insurers. the headlines start rolling out in a couple months in terms of how much premiums go up and politically in terms of the optics of that, republicans for this headlines start rolling, they end up owning the fact that obamacare is in place and that has to be part of the calculation. maria: absolutely. obamacare is falling apart as we speak. payments they need to be made and they are not being made. he's watching the plan fell apart and he doesn't want to just sit there. he wants a new plan in place. >> keep in mind there's some inside a stall. the fiscal 2017 resolution. that is where obamacare has to
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be done and tax reform in theory by congressional rules for republicans don't want a 60-vote margin. they are then called the fiscally teen budget resolution and those deadlines and rules on the hill are driving a lot of the way it has to happen in terms of the order. >> the legislative agenda, the fact that president trump mentioned are not working on deadlines. you have the fact that obviously speaker ryan want to push forward on tax reform, wants to see how we accomplished the repeal and replace of obamacare. they've only got a certain number of days that congressional calendar and it's got to get done. what happens if we don't see any legislative accomplishments occurred, the president starts losing his capital. we start going straight into the election next year. it is interesting when you said we don't have deadlines, which technically there are plenty of deadlines.
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maria: when i asked him about the tax-cut package in whether or not he's going to have a similar fight over taxes that they had over health care, why should we trust the tax refund gets done on health care didn't get done. he said no, there's a lot more common ground around tax reform which is both have spoken about so much. later that day we got an e-mail from one of my sources on capitol hill. he said to me, i don't see how i could support legislation eliminated the property tax and state income tax reductions. therein lies the problem. the debate over deductions is going to be just as harsh as what happened with health care. >> not to mention the whole border adjustment tax and everyone is frozen in place waiting to see whether the trump administration would give a blessing to better knock it down. maria: a lot more coming up. we both agree there's not going to be a border adjustment tax. dagen: no way they will ever
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sell that even to many conservative people. maria: however, there's an import tax somewhere. it might be in a trade or business. they might call it a reciprocal tax and import tax. if they charge us 100% the u.s. is going to do the same. i also asked the president about his accomplishments as we approach this 100 days in office. >> we've done an amazing job and regulations. we have freed up this country so much come at the minors energy and banking system now common with dodd-frank which is a disaster. we have freed up so much and we are getting great, great credit for it. we have done so much for so many people. i don't think that there is a presidential period of time in the first 100 days for anyone has done nearly what we've been able to do. on top of that, we just had
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during the first 1 days supreme court justice approved batches nominated, but approved through a very, very hostile and arrogant. maria: mercedes, would he think about that? coming off of his most successful week with nail studded sticks and rod opel support. >> which interesting in the first 80 something is come in the beginning when you started the anti-regulations have been in industries and agencies, that is actually successful. but it's not a success many in the media want to cover. they want to focus on the russian program the chaos around temporary halt of muslims coming to the united states. but there is a sense from last week that the president took control of taking our response on a syrian attack last week and as well as being able to live up to the campaign promise of confirming justice gorsuch. it was a strongly favor is so
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messy as the actor has been the failure of passing the health care bill. something rush through, something they could not find the governing coalition. running up the moderate and conservative republicans and finding a way which is very unlikely with thermal resistance approach which is what they're focused on right now. maria: this is incredible he's not getting one vote on any policy is. >> a lot of democrats used to be on capitol hill are gone because of the 2010 and 2014 elections. you basically have a hard black democratic caucus now ms mercedes says, they will savage them. maria: what her constituents going to do? what are the constituents going to say in state that voted for trump? what about the voter? >> trompe really than the
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republicans on capitol hill deliver 99.9% of the vote. >> democrats like joe mention, senator tester -- dagen: that's right. give them money to spend. infrastructure spending to win some additional democrat does because they love spending people's money. maria: a lot mark penn may not. the longer version coming up with an exclusive interview with president trump throughout the morning in a big piece of it in the next hour. stay with us for the rest of my exclusive interview with the president. united airline stocks suffer as a passenger gets violently dragged off of a flight sparking outrage. the fallout next. wal-mart wants you to pay to pick up. the retail giant offering a discount if they can't get their own orders. how the company hopes to woo her back customers.
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maria: welcome back at an apology from the ceo of united airlines in the wake of the fiasco that took a sunday when a passenger was forcibly dragged off of a flight.
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lauren simonetti in new york with headlines now. reporter: the airline now doing with a public relations crisis after video went by russia in the passenr mishandled by authorities. dr. david dow forcibly removed from a plane because he refused to give up his seat for an airline employee. many chinese social media leaders accusing united embraces him while others calling for a boycott of the airline. ceo oscar munoz released another statement late yesterday. this is what it says. i want you to know that we take full responsibility and we will work to make it right. i've committed to our customers and employees that we are going to fix what's broken. i promise you we will do better. shares of united continental fell over 1% yesterday and not wiped out about $255 million from the company's market cap. this morning, guess what i'm united shares still downfall in another half of 1%. republicans are breathing a sigh of relief in kansas.
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ron estes narrowly defeating democrats. james thompson to fill the seat left vacant by cia director mike pompeo. this was the first congressional elections in some of trump was elected president with 53% of the vote compared to thompson's 46%. the race is being watched closely nationwide are potential signs of a backlash against republicans with trump in the white house. republicans have held the seat since 1994. list has raised $600 million in a round of funding for a combination of new and existing investors. the right-hand company now valued at 7.5 m. dollars to the new investment comes as lift works to a self driving cars to its fleet and its main competitor, bluebird faces backlash over his face and ceo. wal-mart is beginning a program called pickup discount. customers get reduced prices on more than a million items
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available only online. to get the discount you have to go to the wal-mart store to pick up your online order. it saves the company money because they are not delivering the item to you. next week, shoppers on with all the shipping cost wal-mart would've charge. starts at the selection of 10,000 items. many work will be added this summer. wal-mart shares up almost 8% in the past year, maria. maria: thank you so much. when we come back, filling vacancies in the white house. president trump is in opposition as he hires more staffers for his administration. i'll speak to the president about his concerns. more of my exclusive interview with donald trump. shocking images in maine. the pilot able to walk away after nosediving onto the shoulder of a highway. we've got those details. back in a moment. ♪
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show me netflix. sign up for netflix on x1 today and keep watching all year long. maria: welcome back of the trumpet ministries should roll at the hiring freeze. also working to hire more staffers on administration. he told me an exclusive interview that opposition is slowing down the process. watch. >> i have been waiting now for so many people. hundreds and hundreds of people. they say what they say wife and maria: maria: in the faster? you can do it faster because there obstruct team. their obstructionist. the people, hundreds of people that were trying to get through. you see the backlog. can't get them through. the newspapers will say trump doesn't get them. nothing to do with me
6:23 am
statutorily you have to go through this process. so it's been a lousy process. it's taking a long time to get my cabinet.and as you know it's not done now. this is record stuff. talking about records in terms of time and it's very sad. you see even again with a supreme court judge that everybody agrees is outstanding. >> absolutely. the american people know it. trent >> i think they know it. i think they get it. a lot of times i'll say why does that so and so have people under him or her. we just can't get them approved. maria: people are still wondering why so many obama era staffers are here. for example, was admitted a mistake not to ask for the outset of presidency. >> no, not today. i have confidence. we will see what happens. it is going to be interesting. we have to just -- look, i have
6:24 am
so many people who want to come into this administration. they are so excited about this administration and what's happening. bankers, law enforcement, everybody wants to come into this administration. don't forget, when ginned call me came out, he saved hillary clinton. he saved her life. i joke about it a little bit when he was ready he was reang those charges, she was guilty of every charge. and then he said she was essentially okay. maria: i'm asking why. >> because i want to give everybody a good, fair chance. director comey was very, very good to hillary clinton. that i can tell you. if he weren't, she would be right now going to trial. maria: are you going to push back? >> i do want to talk about that. maria: in the last weeks of the obama presidency change the rules in terms of the intelligence agency. why do you think he did this?
6:25 am
>> i'm going to let you figure that one out. so obvious. when you look at susan rice and what's going on and so many people coming and apologizing to say you are right when he said that. perhaps i didn't know how bad advice because we do know know the extent of it. maria: when he sent to treat him as is that which you were referring to? >> it was wiretap or "the new york times" that the word wiretapped in the headline and then they took it out of there fast when they realize. at the wiretapped "-end-quotes, meaning wiretapping in all fashions. this room is to have a lot of lawyers gave no it doesn't have so many liars. we talked about surveillance or whatever and you look at the extent of the surveillance. vm so many other people, it's terrible. >> susan rice -- >> nobody believes that.
6:26 am
even the people that try to protect her in the news media. it is such a big story and i'm sure it will continue forward. what they did is horrible. maria: stay with us for more of my exclusive interview with the president coming out. a lot to come in the next hour. we will talk about rex tillerson in moscow today. let's talk about that right now. inerms of x tierson mercedes and whether he has more leverage right now after the syrian strikes. with your take on that? >> but definitely the united states is in a position of more power compared to what we saw in the previous administration because a president obama said action is. period obviously, for russia they are in a position they don't know what to expect what is next for the united states in terms of what steps they might take if there is another serious chemical attack.
6:27 am
secretary mattis yesterday made a mention of that same basically we've seen more chemical weapons being used. they better be prepared. it's going to be interesting to see if there is any movement that there's a syrian peace agreement. it's very difficult but at least let the conversations have been. >> what has happened with syria, rex tillerson policy has completely obliterated. the narrative that president trump is some sort of puppet. or vladimir putin. in terms of what they've done and how the accused russia of being at least spreading information and tell the sarin gas attack. the hard-core evidence potentially russia knew about it in advance. "the wall street journal" editorial points out that the trump administration has invited montenegro to join nato that pokes through it and in the eye
6:28 am
because that is not what russia has been wanting. >> we should back up and mask is it going to be in our long-run interest to be more involved in syria. we created a failed state. we may have had good intentions and we have good intentions right now, but where is it going to lead? strange we are going to talk about that. a lot from president trump from the interview. secretary rex tillerson in moscow. yesterday during my sit down with the president i asked him what message he wants to deliver to the kremlin. more of my exclusive interview next. failure to launch. ¢-cent-sign with this eerie rifle. white will not be ready when it goes on sale. back in a moment. ♪ anything worth pursuing requires knowledge, hard work and a plan. at baird, we approach your wealth management strategy the same way to create a financial plan built to last from generation to generation.
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maria: welcome back, good wednesday morning, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday april 12th. we are coming to you life from the nation's capital. top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. tense welcome for secretary of state rex tillerson. visit to russia coming amid white house suspicions of russia's involvement in a cover-up of the deadly chemical weapon attack in syria. president trump issuing strong warning in putin although russia ties in my exclusive sit-down with him.
6:32 am
>> putin is backing a person that's truly an evil person and i think it's very bad for russia. i think it's very bad for mankind. it's very bad for this world. i really think that there's going to be a lot of pressure on russia to make sure that peace happens because frankly, if russia didn't go in and backed this animal, you wouldn't have a problem right now. maria: we will have much more of my excluve interview with president trump throughout the morning this morning so stay with us for the president coming up. florida declaring a state of emergency meanwhile as more than 100 wild fires blaze across the strait. governor rick scott predicting more fires and destruction in the coming months. collision on the highway in maine. it wasn't a car, investigation into what caused a plane to crash into the shoulder of the road nose first. we will bring you that. samsung not ready for the road,
6:33 am
though, its version of series may not make it in time for launch of smart 8 phones. dow industrials, nasdaq fractionally lower right now about 2 points. in europe markets are pretty much holding on the gains, take a look. ftse and the cac quarante have cut the gains in half. we are talking about fractional moves up to the upside but earlier we had been looking at a third of a percent rally there. so we are sort of losing steam right now. in asia overnight, mixed performances, take a look. the asian indices were mixed with the hang seng up about a percent. on the are you -- tony romo said good-bye to the city before its retirement. busy day of meetings with top russian officials, russia's
6:34 am
foreign minister scolding tillerson over the air strikes in syria last week warning that it is important not to allow new military strikes in the country. visit coming ahead rising tensions in syria with the white house now accusing moscow of attempting to cover up the assad regime's responsibility and the attack which left more than 80 civilians dead. when i sat down to president trump yesterday i asked him what message the secretary of state to deliver to the kremlin. >> number one, you should have peace inyria, it enough and frankly, you kw, we talked the chemicals because, you know, people just don't see this, the level of brutality, the level of viciousness but when they drop barrel bombs or any kind right on top of a civilian population, that's the worst -- i've never seen anything like it and frankly, putin is backing a person that's truly an evil person and i think it's very bad for russia. i think it's very bad for
6:35 am
mankind and it's very bad for this world. maria: joining us right now to weigh in former commander of uss cole, good to have you on the program this morning. >> thanks, maria. maria: what are you expecting from secretary tillerson's meeting this morning? >> he's going to sit with the russians, okay, here are the differences where we have but what are we going to do about the fight against isis and he's going the lay out here are the common objectives we have for syria, here are the differences and what are we going to do, we are going to lay out with the red lines are, there cannot be any more chemical attacks on their own people in addition some of the barrel bombs and those things, we need to start drawing those lines. syria has always had a bubble, it's time for the bubble to go away and russia to -- maria: should we believing them, though? they did a deal that the
6:36 am
chemical weapons are gone. >> we absolutely can believe them again. we go back to the reagan-era statement of trust and verify. right now we have proven that the russians cannot be trusted because they were responsible to make sure assad regime got rid of all weapons and clearly it was not, they're either complicit or incompetent that those weapons were there specially at a base that they're cooperating in and they allowed the attack to occur. >> we saw after the u.s. attack response on the syrian chemical attack, russians talked about their own red line, we are putting a red line. you attack again, we are going to respond back. is there sense of military escalation that could occur? >> there is a sense of military escalation but i think what they need to do is they need to draw it ut for their people as well to say that they're in fact, going to stand up for one of their proxy states down in syria. the bottom line is i don't think
6:37 am
there's going to be an attack. it embarrassed them. they should not have been in the position where they should have done that to begin. clearly the assad regime put the russians into awkward position. they are quietly behind closed doors going to grab assad and say, you will not do that again and that's exactly -- that's the objective that everyone wants at the end. dagen: commander, a big-picture question, what does russia want in terms of its strangle hold in middle east related to relationship with not only syria but iran as well because that gets to the bargainingship, what does russia want out of this? >> russia wants to feel like they have a role in the middle east, they they are a player in the international stage, they look at the fact that syria provides them with the warm water port and operate vessels out of there and they want to have a say.
6:38 am
there's been this bubble over syria, literally for decades and multiple administrations where nobody has been willing to take them on. i think that is begin to go crack now because of the brutality of what assad has done to its own people. maria: i want to ask you what's going on with the armada heading to north korea, chinese leader xi jinping spoke by phone yesterday and the president told me i have a call schedulinged at 10:00 o'clock tonight and they had a call about escalating threats from north korea. >> you redirected navy ships to go to korean peninla. what are we doing right now? >> you never know, do you? i don't talk about the military. i'm not like obama saying in four months we are going to hit mosul and they get ready. now they've been fighting it for many months. so many more people died. i don't want to talk about it.
6:39 am
we are sending an armada, very powerful, we have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that i can tell you, and we have the best military people on earth and i will say this, he is doing the wrong thing. maria: do you think he's mentally fit? >> i don't know, i don't know him but he's doing the wrong thing. maria: commander, assess north korea for us, people are not sure where we are in this. >> i think when you look at north korea, they have clearly violated international norms and laws by first developing, testing nuclear weapon and building arsenal second by continuing ballistic missile test, at this point in time president trump is absolutely right. it's time to stop looking at north korea alone. we need to tur that aids and abets everything
6:40 am
they do and that's china. maria: china is their window to food, to fuel, but he didn't get a commitment from the chinese president. >> that's right. commander, i'm concerned, having china leave the cause and trying to manage north korea, i don't know if they're even manageable. i mean, doesn't that mean that the united states really needs to step up in their efforts in trying to figure out how they put complik and political pressure on north korea? >> i think they do but you are also seeing the united states sending strong signal by the group there. when you look at it it's not just the united states, the japanese are sending ships out to jn, the south koreans are sending ships out jn us. it's a multinational effort in that region of the world. it's sending a signal to not just north korea but the chinese as well that there's a lot of people engaged and involved and that's what we want. dagen: the previous three administrations didn't accomplish anything in terms of north korea.
6:41 am
you can talk about economic sanctions, political sanctions and they all did from clint open to bush and obama did various things but none of them so far had at least talked this tough -- >> it's not just the talk, stop looking at north korea, it's time to look at the country that aids and abets them and that's china. if you hold the chinese people accountable diplomatically, if you hold them economically and start sanctioning companies and individuals, that's going to be the signal. it's time for the big boy to step up to the table, president xi needs to start getting the country under control and doing what's necessary to bring it in compliance with international. maria: can he do it, though? three predecessors haven't been able to get china to helping. great to have you on the program today. >> thank you, maria. maria: congratulations on the book. we appreciate you joining us. >> absolutely. maria: we will see you soon, sir. coming up wild fires rift
6:42 am
through florida, the blaze forcing the governor to declare a state of emergency as flames spread across the region. we have the latest. the company delaying roll out of rival, why its digital assistant will not be ready when the new phones hit shelves, back in a minute ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducin ighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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maria: welcome back, markets are flat this morning, take a look at futures indicating decline a 5 points on dow jones industrial average. a couple of shares we are watching. mylan lab down yesterdayfter violations of manufacturing facilities in india. the agency threatening to withhold approval of new products manufactured by the drug maker until violaugustses are -- violations are resolved.
6:46 am
that allows to compete with platforms. shares up 21% year to date. florida's governor has declared emergency as wild fires continue to burn there. lauren simonetti with headlines, good morning. lauren: flames are burning from northern border with georgia. some 107 fires statewide, since february, wild fires in florida have burned 68,000 acres to put that in perspective for you, that's more than average acreage burned over the past five years. well, luck certainly on their side. check this out. the pilot and a passenger walking away after their small plane experienced engine failure and crashed on an interstate in maine. look at that. the plane is nosediving into the
6:47 am
shoulder of i-95. it hit a guardrail somehow without hitting any cars, however, one did have to swerve out of the way to get around the plane. while okay did have minor injuries. unbelievable. mcdonalds is unveiling a new line of slushies in south and midwest. cherry limande similar to sonic. shares of mcdonalds are up more than 3% from a year ago. and samsung's triefl apple series is on hold, the voice activated virtual assistant, she was supposed to be a major feature of galaxy 8 phones which arrives in stores next week, during internal tests, the performance of voice recognition in english has lagged that of its performance in korean, the delay could stretch into late
6:48 am
may, delays are never good for tech companies but hopefully they get it right. maria: we will see, we will be watching, coming up next, is tony romo turn to go basketball, how he made it into the mavericks starting line-up next. [ toilet flushes ] so when you need a plumber, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list.
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now only $1399 - save $500. only at a sleep number store or maria: welcome back, the new york mets brought a home-run party to philadelphia, jared max with all the details. jared, good morning to you. jared: hey, good morning, maria. the mets hit 7 home runs last night. seven of them and nobody hit them out of the park like
6:52 am
cespedes did. a 3-run home run to deep center field putting the mets up at citizens bank park 3-0. then in the fourth inning, cespeds with a home run to left field. guess what he would do one inning later, home run by the fifth inning. the mets won the game 14-4. first time in mets history three players had four hits in a ninth inning game. $3.7billion, nearly a billion dollars more than the next closest team the los angeles dodgers, the yankees despite a 10% drop in attendance made $526 million last year behind the yankees it's the dodgers, red sox, cubs and the giants, by forbes count only 5 out of 30 baseball teams posted operating
6:53 am
losses in 2016, detroit tigers the worst. average team jumped 19% last year. ever wonder why your cat can find his way into some weird places? check this one out. a furry creature at the miami marlins game last night got his way, first under the little railing there, by the warning track and gets his way up here to the spot, the marlins tweeted, a cat intrusion on national pet day, how perfect. 3-year-old son of toronto blue jays star, now he's 3 year's old. taken some swings in the capable, check out that form, perhaps 2032. like tiger woods. tony romo leaving for the broadcasting booth, before he leaves dallas, last night against denver nugge, tony
6:54 am
romo got part to be part of the mavericks team. pregame shoot-around and the warm-ups as well. he was included in the introductions with the starting five. tony romo last night getting to play, play the role of basketball player and didn't actually get to play in the game, looks pretty good out there. facilities right in, maria. maria: is he thinking of hitting the basketball court instead of the small screen? >> to go back in time i'm sure he would. he was a high school basketball star. 24 points in high school, 46'2 but made the choice to go to football and we will see what he can do in the broadcast booth. maria: i like the idea that you see athletes going into different sports, how do you guys feel about that? >> we will see. tim tebow can do it. michael jordan went into major league baseball. dagen: michael jordan and tony romo in the same thought is --
6:55 am
tony romo ain't no michael jordan. >> they are extraordinary talent for the most part in terms of athlete that is can cross over and do other sports as well. i encourage my kids to take up multiple sports and god knows it keeps us busy on the weekends. [laughter] maria: gentleman ' -- jared, thanks. jared: thanks, maria. maria: take a short break, in the next hour my exclusive interview with the first business president, we will discuss border adjustment tax, all next hour on mornings with maria, stay with us for president trump liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that.
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6:58 am
maria: good wednesday morning, welcome back, thank you so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday april 12th, we are tom to go you -- coming to you live from our nation's capital, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. the commander in chief vow to go get tax reform done this year but not before tackling another top issue which continues to be negotiated, the battle to replace obamacare. >> it's been very much misreported with health care, we are negotiating. we will continue to negotiate and we will say perhaps
6:59 am
$900 billion, you neglect, if you look at the kind of numbers that we are talking about, that's all going back into the taxes and we have to do health care first to pick up additional money so we get great tax reform. maria: i also spoke with the president about immigration and his plans for the border wall. attorney general jeff sessions promising a new era as he visited the border yesterday. more on the administration's immigration plans coming up. several explosions near soccer team's bus leaves one player injured, investigators search for motives behind the attack. the internet erupting after cosmopolitan appears to push cancer as a diet plan, the outrage coming up this morning. dow industrial, nasdaq, s&p 500, negative, reversing earlier gains. in europe markets are higher, though, although here too well off of the highs in europe as you can see here fractional
7:00 am
moves, cac quarante up a quarter of a percent. th's the best performer. hang seng up about 1%. starbucks offering a new to you and your friend. plus drink this up, it's the water bottle that's also a snack, one company plants to reinvent the way you drink coming up this morning. all the stories coming up and joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, republican strategists fox news contributor mercedes schlapp and daniel mitchell is with us this morning. great show so far. dagen: incredible interview. first lady of business news interview it is first business president. maria: what he said about north korea and more importantly the economic stuff. dagen: right. maria: he has to get health care done before tax -- >> the idea of tax reform saying that there wouldn't be tax reform allowing space to have
7:01 am
negotiation, also what you're seeing with president trump as opposed to the health care where he was more of a team player and had speaker ryan take the lead, you're seeing president trump and economic team take the lead on tax reform. dagen: according to some people the trump administration, the white house was told in congress that we have the votes, don't worry about it. guess what, they didn't have the vote and they didn't put the bill to a vote. maria: that's right. >> a lot of stuff on taxes that hasn't been figured out and until trump figures it out, is it a tax cut, are you doing dynamic scoring, capturing the effects of growth, are you doing on the spending side, i think the tax fight is going to be just as hard as the obamacare fight. maria: which is exactly where we begin this hour, more from my exclusive interview, first interview since taking office, is economic priorityies --
7:02 am
priorities for this year. >> we will have tax reform very soon. we have been doing very good on health care. we haven't failed, we are negotiating and we continue to negotiate anwe will save perhaps $900 billion. you know, if you look at the kind of numbers that we are talking about, that's all going back into the taxes and we have to do health care first to pick up additional money so that we get great tax reform, so we are going to have a phenomenal tax reform but i have to do health care first. i want to do it first to really do it right. health care has been going -- you know, it's in negotiations. it's just a negotiation and it's going to take a little while longer but as you probably hear in congress, they want it to happen, we will have no democrats, zero, we have to get close to 100% of the republicans, not an easy way to run a government, you saw that with justice gorsuch which is -- we are very proud of but he had
7:03 am
almost no democrat support even though he was central casting like the perfect supreme court judge. so we will see what happens. i think we are doing very well with health care which surprises us like breaking news, they all know it, they just don't tend to write it and after that we will start on tax reform and infrastructure. maria: but do you have to do health care before tax reform? when i speak with business managers they say tax reform is so much more impactful. >> they're all right but because i'm saving a tremendous amount, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars we are saving on health care, so we are going to have a much better plan than obamacare which is failing even now as i came in they're saying payments have to be made that weren't scheduled to be made on obamacare, if you don't make them, it fails, it's just a mess. obamacare is a mess so we are saving tremendous amounts of money on health care when we get this done, number one, and most importantly, actually we are going to have great health care and all of that saving goes into the text. if you don't do that, you can't
7:04 am
put any of the savings into the tax cuts and tax reform. maria: how do you know you're not going to have a similar battle because you have a border adjustment tax, the deductions, who is to say that tax reform doesn't fail the way the bill -- the house bill? >> tax reform will be easier but it's going to be tough. you have a lot of people out there that -- you know, they have their own agendas including a lot of supporters of different people that are in congress, they have their own agendas, they want certain things. tax reform is going to be tough but it won't be as tough as health care, health care is very difficult. look at hillary clinton, that failed, you look at so many of the others and obamacare failed, obamacare in the end gave up just to get the vote. you look at what they had to do in nebraska where they essentially gave it away for nebraska to get that final vote. maria: we know the premium is up 116% in arizona and and across the country. >> this is going to be a much worst year than last year. obamacare is a disaster. it's really gone, certainly it's
7:05 am
gone. if obamacare isn't bailed out almost on a monthly basis it fails, it immediately fails. we have a great health care plan that i think will happen and if it happens then i go immediately to tax reform and that will happen, that will be easier than health care. maria: how are you on the border adjustment tax? are you decided? >> i haven't really we wanted to talk about it. i have my own feelings, i don't like the word adjustment because our country gets taken advantage of to use nice term, so when i hear border adjustment, adjustment means we lose, we lose, i don't like to turn border adjustment. maria: any tax at the border? >> let's talk it import tax, reciprocal tax. maria: it's in there? >> we have countries, maria, charge us 100% tax if they sell motorcycle, they make it in america, they sell it to various countries, they sell very little
7:06 am
because the tax is 100% in some countries. the tax is 50%, 30%, 40%, but if they make a motorcycle and they sell it back into the united states, they have no tax, now do you think that's fair? do you think that's smart? i love the idea of reciprocal, you can call reciprocal or matching tax or mirror tax, but the reciprocal tax is very important and you know the funny thing is that nobody gets angry when you say reciprocal. when youay're going to char a border tax, we would be a rich nation. when you say reciprocal nobody fights you. when you say i'm going to charge 10% or 20% border tax everyone goes crazy because they like free trade. they don't say the other countries are charging much more than that. when you say reciprocal tax, i'm not saying that's what i'm doing, but there has to be a certain reciprocal nature to it, but when you say reciprocal tax, nobody can get angry, even the other countries if like they are
7:07 am
charging you 50% tax, whatever they're charging, we are charging. they may not like but they can't win that battle. maria: do you proffer just cutting taxes, if you had to do one, can you do just corporate tax cut? >> we can keep trade and things separate. we may put it in the tax bill or make it separate. we have a lot of different things. don't forget, we are going to be bringing as part of this -- i think the number is closer to $5 trillion, you've been using -- you keep using 2 and a half trillion but the money, the corporate and the money is 2 and a half trillion dollars. i think that money -- because we have been saying the number for five years now, i know it's much more, $5 trillion, $4 trillion, that money is coming back. we will charge a very small tax on that money and the companies are going to bring that money back into the united states and do lots of good things with it. right now they can't bring it back.
7:08 am
it's not only the high tax it's also the bureaucracy is so horrible. i have friend that want to bring money back even if they are willing to pay the tax, the bureaucracy, the paperwork, the work to get it in, it's not worth it. maria: which is why you're rolling back regulations. corporate tax or individual tax, what's more important? >> both, both. maria: both. >> individual more my standpoint, the middle class has been taken advantage in this country for so many years n terms of jobs, i mean, both, but i think probably corporate but they both will go hand in hand. maria: have you moved off of this soft deadline to get this done, are you looking later in the year? >> i put a deadline on health care and the fake news immediately went crazy because when i didn't make the deadline although -- i didn't even say take a vote. i said withdraw. the same thing is being
7:09 am
negotiated and great points are being won and lost but great points are being won that are going to lower premiums and make our health care incredible, by putting a deadline, trump didn't make. i don't want to put deadlines, health care is going to happen at some point. now, if it doesn't happen fast enough, i will start the taxes, but the tax reform and the tax cuts are better if i can do health care first. maria: what about infrastructure? how do you see it? >> 100%, very soon. i see it perhaps as part of the health care plan because phase two of the health care plan in order to get votes, i need 60% for that and if i put that in the democrats are actually going to love the infrastructure plans so we are going to -- i believe despite their tremendous hostility for years, this isn't just for trump, this is for years, it's been so hostile. you know, maria, when i used to come to washington because i've been a political person all of my life even though not on the
7:10 am
side of the equation, i used to see democrats and republicans, they were best friends and fight a little bit during the day and have dinners with families at night. maria: have coffee together. >> breakfast to go and go and fight and then have lunch. today you don't see that. the level of hatred is incredible and i'm not just saying in the last 90 days, i'm saying this has been for the last few years. it's incredibly divisive. maria: has it gotten in the way of getting things done? >> well, as an example on health care i won't get one democrat vote even though many of them it's an incredible plan. take a look at justice gorsuch, you can't get better, top of the line in every aspect, and he got three votes from the democrats. should have gotten all of them, got three votes and those three people are to be respected for doing it, but there's a great level of hostility and they are putting their hatred way above the country and the benefit to
7:11 am
the country that things that they do have such benefit, so i probably -- i always assume no democrat votes, now, the good thing is we have the house, we have the senate and we have the white house. so we are all set, but within there you have certain factions, the conservative republicans t moderate republicans, we need close to 100%, that's pretty hard thing but we get it. maria: we will have much more of my exclusive interview of president trump throughout the morning. stay with us on that. let's talk tax, your reaction to what you just heard? >> part of what trump said, i disagree, when i impose tax on value added, they are also imposing on their own products. i don't think they are unfair thing. i think trump should focus on lowering that corporate tax rate, maybe doing something for
7:12 am
the middle class, make it simple, don't have the big political fights, don't have a repeat of obamacare because i worry we are not going to get anywhere then. maria: that's sort of the jack kemp. >> it might end up being more of a simpler plan where you have the reduction of the corporate tax and simplification and that might be what we end up in terms of a negotiation. maria: yeah. dagen: in terms of washington international interest whether it's property taxes, deduction for state income taxes, even though mortgage interest deduction which they have -- that's off the table in terms of getting rid of it from what we heard from donald trump but a lot of special interest and they all carry knives. the deduction fight is coming.
7:13 am
the very latest from the investigation and what police was a targeted attack. starbucks for a new perk, how iphonesers can get $5 free towards their next coffee purchase. take a look at delta shares with earnings just hitting the wires, mixed quarter for delta airlines, beat with 77 cents a share but revenue was weaker than expected at 9.15 billion. stock up nonetheless. back in a minute.
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7:16 am
maria: welcome back, the german soccer team's bus was hit by explosions, lauren simonetti with the details in new york. lauren. lauren: hi, maria, the bus carrying can elite bielorrusia the -- dormund, one player injured, rush today a hospital, german police say the team was the target of the explosion, german reports say a note was found at the scene and contained radical islamic statements but the police were unsure whether
7:17 am
it was actually genuine. the steam was to face mónaco and the game was suspended and they will play today, we wish them well. sad news today. ♪ ♪ ♪ lauren: love that song, john warren gyles, jr., the founder and lead guitarist for the jay geils band. he was found dead yesterday at age 71. the band founded 1967 and released albums before breaking up in 1985. love stinks, center fold which you're listening now, the album freeze and was number one on the u.s. build board hot 100 for six weeks.
7:18 am
well, toyota putting its technology to work to help partially paralyze people walk, the automakers introducing a wearable robotic leg brace, designed to be worn on one leg for patient who is are paralyzed on one side by either stroke or other health issue. toyota says a hundred of the leg braces will be rent today medical facilities in japan this year. at 7:18 in the morning more coffee sounds great. so the first 45,000 people who send a 5-dollar starbucks e-gift card to someone in their contacts using i-message on their iphone will receive a 5-dollar gift card for themselves. they're always doing creative things. this time you don't have to talk to someone from the opposing political party because they're in your contact list. what do i know? maria: that is true. all right, lauren, thank you.
7:19 am
coming up next, millennials finally moving out of their parents' basement. we will take a look. more of exclusive interview of president trump and take on market enthusiasm following the election. back in a moment [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her mobile wedding business. she travels far and wide to officiate i do's. and quickbooks automatically tracks those miles. she categorizes with a swipe and is ready for tax time. find more than $4000 in tax savings. visit quickbooks-dot-com. buttrust angie's list to help.,
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maria: welcome back, a new administration in the white house bringing new light to wall street. president trump spoke to me about the positive changes to markets since the start of his term. listen. >> when you look at all that we've done from the standpoint
7:23 am
of business, look at -- look at the optimism, look at manufacturing, 93%, it's highest it's ever been, the optimism of manufacturers. maria: sentiment has changed. >> we've never ever had the optimism that we have now over the last 90 days or since the trump election. you see the stock market. we picked up $3 trillion in value. maria: joining us right now the former philadelphia federal reserve president charles, charles, great to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you, maria. maria: talk to us abouthe policies and the anticipated policies and its impact on the economy. do you think things are getting better? >> well, i think if you look as the president suggested, if you look at optimism and forward-indicators in the marketplace, the stock market or other things, things are clearly improved but they're really about expectations in the future. real test is going to be whether the policy the republicans and the president
7:24 am
have advocated that the public seems to think will advance the economy actually come to pass and what form. i think that remains to be seen. i would be looking at statistics, hearl -- early statistics like early investment, so let's -- i'm hoping to see the numbers begin to verify some of this -- some of the expectations in this optimism. maria: you make great points. that's the business sector, that's where the recession has been. why have businesses been sitting on cash and unwilling to hire new workers? >> it various from business to business. but the argument has been for a long time that they were uncertain about the future of the country, uncertain about policies, uncertain about regulations, about tax reform and things and so i think they've been sitting and trying to wait to know where to put their money and where it will be most valued.
7:25 am
i think that's been part of the problem certainly and i think that the trump and the republicans and their efforts to either get control of government regulation either roll it back or at least reign it in a bit as well as tax reform, are the biggest issues that could have some positive effects for economy. maria: and that's really what we have been talking about, the executive orders on rolling back regulations. steve was with us yesterday, head of black stone, some projects 10 to 15 years to get done. no one is going to commit capital if they think they are in for the long bureaucratic process with all of the rules d regulations. >> exactly. that's exactly right. and they've got to commit money now for this sort of thing and so the fact they are uncertain and word about bureaucracy and regulations and what the tax rates are going to be, much money they can eastern from various projects, you need to have -- be able to take a stand on some of those things to
7:26 am
commit the billions and millions of dollars that firms have to to invest in the future. maria: i want to ask you about the story on interest rate, but first let me get your take on what the markets are expecting here. we've been having a debate this morning about tax reform tied to health care reform. the president yesterday sat down with me for that exclusive interview and said he has to do health care first so they're continuing to negotiate a health care package. this morning mark meadows the head of the freedom caucus said they are getting close, we could have something. the negotiation is going on. if we don't get something done, do you think we see a major sell-off because people are saying they will have a fight on tax reform as health care? >> i learned a long time ago not to predict what the stock market is going to do. the issue of whether you do tax reform or health care reform first is a political choice. it's not a fundamentally economic issues, i don't think. so i think that we will have to
7:27 am
see how they choose to play it out and play the votes, but clearly for the economy as a whole, -- just pure economics, i'm not making a value judgment about what's more important. from a pure economic standpoint, tax reform is incredibly important to success going forward. maria: for sure. >> and that's got to be the key and it's true all of the other issues are also important in different ways, but i think tax reform is the most important thing that the business sector is going to be looking for in terms of measures of success and also measures of realizations of that optimism that people seem to he. maria: fed chair janet yellen setting change that the long-standing monetary policy would be coming to an end. is the economy ready to move away from that policy right now? >> well, yes, i think it has been for some time.
7:28 am
i'm actually glad to hear janete pressing those views. the fed has had so to speak the pedal to the metal for eight years and to think that keeping the pedal to the metal for another eight years is going to help a whole lot seems to be a fantasy, i think. maria: yes, but what i'm really getting at, charles, the fact that the economy is slow, we just had a job's number last week at 98,000, weaker than expected, gdp that shows 2% growth at best. do you worry as the fed is raising interest rates it's going to wipe out any economic traction that we've been getting? >> i don't think it will. i think that the reason the economy is slow has little to do with monetary policy. as i mentioned earlier, i think the key to see is confidence, the key to this is tax reform,
7:29 am
the key to this is raising productivity in this country. one of the things that we overlooked is for the last six years, productivity in this country has been below 1% and we can't grow fast without productivity growth. that's the engine of our growth, engine of of raising living standards and productivity growth has been suffering and we need to focus whether it'd be the infrastructure plan, whether it's tax plan, we have to figure out policies that are going promote policy. maria: great to have you on the program. thanks so much. >> thank you, maria. maria: charles plosser. new era for iigration, attorney general jeff sessions lays out strategy to protect nation's border. my exclusive interview with president trump continues on how he plans to deliver on promise
7:30 am
of a border wall with méxico. back in a moment
7:31 am
7:32 am
>> welcome back. it is wednesday april 12 think you for joining us. the committee life from the nation's capital. here are your top story 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. jeff sessions ushering in new era with his visit to the southern border. this is present rushes off
7:33 am
concern that he won't go and build a wall and exclusive interview. >> i'm going to build it 100 percent. with hundreds of bidders i've seen ten of the top but i want to see more. were looking at designs and were to be be making a decision very shortly. well have much more with my exclusive interview coming up. meanwhile cosmopolitan new diet sparking outrage. the magazine appears to promote cancer as a form of weight loss. one woman's trip to a fair talk took after a ride malfunctions. the surprising founding and a new housing study that is not all bad news. they will open like this. it has been a flat morning. the market has worsened this morning. as you can see it is weaker
7:34 am
today. though here to the markets have giv up much of the early rally. and now turned negative. it's up this morning. mix performances take a look. it is up 1%. an average down 1%. the edible water bottle that is changing the game. we have it for you coming up this morning. first the top stories. the trumpet ministration taking a hard line on a legal immigration. they vis border yesterday. the policy of the administration is going to change. >> for those that continue to seek illegal entry into this country before want this is a new era this is the trump era the lawlessness and the catch and release the policies of
7:35 am
the past are over. judge, good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. see one that was great to be in the oval office there today. what he think about session calling a new era. it's opposite what the president campaigned on. it should not be newsworthy that the justice department intends to enforce federal law what was newsworthy is that the justice department under his predecessor did not want to enforce federal law. and what is below the radar screen and here is a problem as i see it. too much discretion in the hands of presidents as to what laws to enforce and what laws not to enforce. he's chose not to enforce laws with which he disagreed.
7:36 am
an oath that he took it said i will faithfully enforce that. it should not be newsworthy but it is because this administration is following his precessor. a lot of what general sessions said yesterday is really in the hands of his colleague. secretary kelly of homeland security the justice department doesn't actually get involved until a crime is committed so as being here illegally a crime, no you can get arrested for and you can get deported but it's not a prosecutable crime. the key is sending people back once they are here before they get into the justice system and as i heard general sessions yesterday. that is what he was arguing for. up on capitol hill there is no sense that there is actual real effort to do funding for a while.
7:37 am
i'm relatively pro- immigration. you and i are on the same page. the law will be a lot more troublesome for the president than he thinks. they will have to condemn thousands of individual pieces of real estate the owners of almost all footed for donald trump. real political as well as legal problem. simply because the eminent domain process is such a long and difficult torturous one. where there is such a strong respect.
7:38 am
for the sanctity of private practice d. unless congress actually appropriate the money we may never even get to that step you're you are talking about. because they have to come up with the cash to pay people. if they can get it before the litigation is over and the dispute on the cost can linger but the government can't get that property without the cash and authorization from congress. they can't seize property but congress can buy property. in terms of the legal ability of the government when someone is apprehended coming into this country illegally rather than waiting for them to have a hearing and even releasing them into the population and they wind up in the sanctuary city where they are protected sending them back to where they came from awaiting a hearing.
7:39 am
what about the legal ability for them to do that. we are not talking about a jury trial before a federal judge we are talking about an administrative style hearing before what's called an administrative law judge deciding the equities as to whether or not the person should be detained or returned but they are entitled to a hearing and they're entitled to a lawyer representing them at the hearing. it cost money and it takes time. and then met obama administration and as you know these hearings did not occur for years. the person was free in the united states to go about whatever business they wanted. some of them had stayed here for 20 and 30 years.
7:40 am
they became very productive members of society and to return them now is a horrific destruction of family life as well as a person with legitimate expectations if the trumpet ministration does this more efficiently there won't be the problem that they have with the passage of time. the border wall has many bidders. >> i'm to build the wall 100 percent. we have many designs. what i'm doing and i said you see the numbers where they are down 68 percent. and nobody has ever seen. people aren't even trying to get through anymore because they know they can. we are looking at designs and we will be making a decision very shortly.
7:41 am
and we will be making a decision very shortly. what do you think about that. do you think the concept actually becomes reality? this can be a long time and very expensive. and it would be a long time. there is no appetite for them to move forward and fund this border wall that is going to be a fight that you will see. you also had several of the moderate pro- immigration republicans. maybe there is some magic way. he will put in that piece of legislation. who knows. we already had some but -- border wall. politicians like spending money. all that is secondary. maria: judge, good to see
7:42 am
you. stay right here on the foxbusiness network for more of my exclusive interview. that's coming up next. the magazine under fire this month after touting cancer as a possible weight loss condition. the terrifying footage as her amusement park ride now functions.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
welcome back. these using a pickup truck as a ramp to steal guns and ammunition in florida. the video will tell you the whole story. you can see it nearly threw the through the front of a gun store. and then three people run into the store. as a truck back south of the store. that these then run to the truck and they make their
7:46 am
getaway before the police arrived. federal officials are now offering 2,500-dollar award for information leading to the suspects arrest. speemac one thrill seeker got more than she bargained for. and now functioned and she ended up dangling by her feet as she continued to hurtle through the air. the operators watch as they flew by. her head was dangerously close to the ground. eventually two men stepped in they grabbed the woman as the ride slowed to a stop. unfortunately she was injured but that video was scary to watch. criticized for a weight-loss article. how this woman lost 44 pounds without any exercise. here is the real story. the 31-year-old australian women confronted rare health
7:47 am
issues. cosmetology and later deleted the tweet. many people viewed it as a click bait. an edible water bottle. it is going on sale within a year they are calling it the ojo. the engineers say at the the mission is to make packaging waste disappear and they're working right now to raise about $500,000 to bring this product to market. i like the idea of no waste but do you really want to eat this thing? who cares whether you eat it.
7:48 am
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welcome back. millenials having the biggest demographic group since 2015 but it hasn't been going their way since the homebuying. a new report from bank of america finds that forward thinking millenials are buying homes. they're happy with their choice. the have of consumer lending. see bowen thank you so much
7:52 am
for joining us. give us the lowdown on homebuying today. you know it's interesting. this is a second yr of doing the homebuyer incident report. we are going to wait because we don't have the perfect home. so they were staying on the sidelines and this year we talked a talk to millenials who have pulled the trigger. they said absolutely the right decision. is definitely more affordable than renting. they're telling them get out the sidelines because this is going to gonna be a great decision. i think one of the questions here aslenials are juggling these debts. the school bells they have to pay. so the question is how are they able financially able to
7:53 am
manage and is housing affordable for these first time millennial homebuyers. first that millenials are serious and intentional about how they are approaching homeownership. the other thing is that they are doing more learning and investigating say think about on our website we partnered with them. what it is that you really need to do and what loan options are available to you. there are some myths out there. i might not be able to afford a home. what about the long-term the fact that millenials aren't getting married. like older generations.
7:54 am
they are starting to get older. and so as that older and they're continuing to move on with their lives here seen using the priorities shift as well. were not really seen that as a headwind. we are seen a lot of interest in whether it is ready to buy now or doing what it takes to be ready later and that includes paying down debt and really been ready to take on homeownership. what types of homes are millenials looking for. this might not be mine forever home. the report tells us that many of the millenials that are out there 68% are saying this is a step towards my future home that i might have. they might need to look at neighborhoods that might be close to that ideal a neighborhood neighborhood that they want to be in.
7:55 am
whatever they can afford. it's sort of weird to me to hear 20 -year-olds say i want to buy my forever home. i think they are starting to realize with reality that this is just a journey in the step. >> not to mention that you have the issue of 2% anemic growth. i'm not surprised that millenials have been a little bit behind it taking them a while to catch up. this is a generation they gave out trophies to every single child. we are dealing with that psychological change in terms of millenials. not in the purchase space. thank you so much.
7:56 am
he takes us inside the administration and serious strategy. that is coming up next hour.
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