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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 6, 2017 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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stories and questions at i'm bob massi. and i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] great, thank you very much. hire is lou dobbs -- here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, president trump keeps winning and winning, and winning. trump administration today delivered more good news on the economy. 211,000 jobs added in april, unemployment rate, falling to a decade low 4.4%. that is just one of the many victories for president trump. who successful successfully lobbied house republicans to back and repeal and replace obamacare. and bipartisan support for a spending bill that keeps the government run through september.
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john roberts with our report. reporter: between health expi and a strong jobs respec report it is two wins in a row on the domestic front. on health care the president is only half way home, president trump took a day out of the offers to let impact of yesterday's healthcare vote settle. in his last public event yesterday with australia prime minister tur turnbull the president was basking in the glow. >> congratulations on your vote today. >> thank you very much. >> great. >> a big day. a big day. >> a big day. yep. reporter: president did send a quick note to his followers on twit eithe twitter this morning, big win in the house. very exciting. >> if the president hopies to get to phase 2 of his health care plan he needs to get phase one through senate, potentially heavier lift than
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house there is talk in senate of starting from scratch. house secretary tom price urged both sides to come together. >> are for the sake of the american people. >> i would urge every senator to engage in this process, this is important to get right, as i mentioned before, current system is failing folks in the individual and small group market, that what to be changed. reporter: with blush of victory fresh, the president was in a gregarious mood last night, praising australia prime minister healthcare system. >> we have a fail ago i should not say this to my friend from australia, have you better healthcare than we dwe'll have great health care soon. reporter: flattery drew applaud from vermont senator bernie sanders who pointed out that australia has universal health care system that gives republicans hives. >> thank you, mr. president, let us move to a medicare for all system.
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guarantee healthcare to all people at a fraction of the cost, thank you, mr. president. we'll quote out floor of senate. reporter: sarah huckabee sanders said that president of the being a good host. >> i think he was simply being complimentary of the prime minister, and i don't think it was much more. reporter: president insists that repealing and replacing mandates of obamacare will lead to greater job growth, but things are looking up, today's report that 211,000 new jobs were created in april eclipsed expectation, a welcome turn from march's anemic numbers and lack lost luster first quarter gdp . >> serious tax reform, slashing burden some regulations, and rebuilding our infrastructure and negotiating fair trade deals is adding jobs. reporter: president added more thoughts, saying, of course, the australia have better
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healthcare than we do, everyone does. but our health care the soon be great. >> john thank you. from the white house. >> president trump policies generating more investment in this country, just last night, billionaire australia businessman anthony pratt pledged $2 billion at event with president trump, onboard uss intrepid. >> i would like to pledge an additional two billion dollars over the next 10 years, doubling our right of investment to create an additional 5,000 high paying manufacturing jobs in america mainly in the midwest. lou: pratt is executive chairman of practices industries united states world largest privately owned packages and recycling company.
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joining to us talk about healthcare battle and victories to this point, battle brewing in senate and the president's winning week, fox news contributor, fred barnes, great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: senior fellow, columnist for new york post, betsy mccoy. good to see you. >> thank you, hi, fred. >> hi, betsy. lou: this house bill is a victory for president, and to paul ryan's credit, he applauded president's leadership, first thing he said as he stepped on to the microphone and cameras, impressive. >> yes, this is the president's triumph, he had to intervene in last minute, let's hope this is a good sign that president will lead the way on tax reform. this -- lou: let's not get ahead of ourselves. >> right, this he'll bill is a big -- health bill is a big win, revealing job
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killingisme employer mandate. most important deliver to people of individual market, people stuck there, double digit prumium premiums. lou: frid, your thoughts on about what is ahead in senate. what betsy outlined is reality, but there are forces as you know in the senate who want to starts anew. lou: one thing first, i think that difference is that trump. he did what he -- he didn't do the first time when they did not send the bill for a vote. then he just told house members what he thought they should do, this time we negotiated. he made a deal with fred upton. lou: he led. >> that is the difference here. lou: he was relying on people who said they had it in the
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bag, if you remember. i'm not going to mention names. they had the right structure, and right outcome. they had ne of that. >> it's okay, i thout you weren't going back to at. lou: i did not mention paul ryan's name. >> all this stuff in press today, including politico, saying that senate has rejected house. lou: including littl politico in my goodness. >> i have a points, the point is all this stuff about how senate does not like house bill. they every like a house bill. this is routine, they always complaint could they sneer at the house, they look down at it. but they have to deal with it. lou: let's not be rude elitists, what are we to do with them in washington, d.c. >> send them a bill. >> one most important signs that this bill will succeed. is comment by mark meadows, congressman who heads freedom
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caulk us who said, yes, the senate will change the bill, we're prepared to accept those change change he is really moves ahead, steps into paul ryan's shoes as the leader. >> betsy, i know more about the house than you do, he is is not stepping in there but he is doing the right thing, we had a epiphany and rerealized his group was responsible last time for a defeat. lou: fred, i know something about the house, those folks in tuesday group are pretty responsibility. but in the end the speaker assured the president he had the vote >> then why did he pull the bill? i don't think he -- anyway. >> you tell me. >> real lesson here is that on tax reform president should lead. and the house and senate have
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to get behind him. >> the bill, i think that house bill, and president's bill, are very similar. but president's bill will prevail it will be president's bill. and. lou: hallelujah and that is wonderful. >> look that is the way it works here. lou: you better believe it. >> yep. lou: it's taking a while for mitch mcconnell and paul ripe anryan and others to remember. >> there is a job now that president trump has to do, that is with democrats saying these wild things about house bill, they passed, it will cause people to die, and so on. president needs to step up and do something he does well, marketing, market that bill, market the house bill knock down those ridiculous charges. lou: i think that -- i don't think that any of us have a doubt he will market and
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negotiate an outstanding result. but i also want to compliment president for not rising to the bait, and taking on these dems who talk nonsense, they are -- they have two things, that work for them, politics of personal destruction and big lie. >> they are in the big lie phase. lou: no one is paying attention to them, may marginalized themselve they continue to get smaller by the day. >> third thing they have, most mainstream media buys those lies. lou: they are complicit in these lies, fred. >> that is my point.. lou: i have done it again. fred barnes, and betsy mccoy, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, much more ahead. stay with us. >> state department complying with president trump's orders for extreme vet displg we want
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to ensure we're not admitting into our country the very threat our soldiers are fighting overseas. lou: we take up the president's efforts to make america safe again, conservative commentator, michelle malkin will join us next. >> and france voting for a new president sunday, it is a battle of nationalism versus i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. i am totally blind. i lost msight afgnistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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lou: promises made, promises kept, president trump fulfilling his campaign promise, requiring foreigners applying for visas to provide 5 years of all social media accounts, handles, e-mail addresses and phone numbers. part of orders sign in march, still tied up in court system. president trump's promises of tougher vetting results in refugee admissions plummeting. according to state department data, u.s. accepts over 2,000 refugees in march. lowest monthly total since 2013. 3300 refugees admitted in april, second lowest since 2013.
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>> joining me now to discuss law and order president and much more mickel malkin, host of michelle malkin investigates on crt v .com. >> thank you. >> let's start with those numbers. this is a decidedly new world that president trump has brought to us in the way of diminished flow of refugee, vetting beginning to take on the issue of backgrounds and going far beyond whatever the state department had done before or, united nations? >> yeah. i hope it trend continues. these low figures at in point we hope would stay zero. i would have preferred a moratorium, zero level. and if you look at over a period of 10 years, as refugee
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resettle am watch. and ann cochran pointed out we're still at a dangerously high trend. donald trump will come in lightly below average look at 10 years, this is such a promising development, a huge see change from the open and unfettered floodgates we had under obama. and he would have had if hillary clinton was in office. every day there is more reactoreaffirm reaffirmation. national security, have you so membership of these what i call, refugee -- hadis, who aric the refugee programs and endangers people from the sig sign sthied -- inside.
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lou: this is a refugee complex built up. paid government moneys from u.s. but they have grown up here, not only in welfare second o'or but in education, cleans and universities -- colleges and universities, then nonprofits who are paid per refugee. we created an incentivize system to bring in unvetted refugees from all over the world. that is part of why president obama's administration was doing that. feeding the machine that had been built by the left. >> yes. yes, that is right, then, of course, with an eye toward solidifying what they hoped would be a permanent ruling majority, they saw these people as their future democrat voters, there is very important to note, that
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distribution of the refugees across the country was considering, no, not in washington, d.c. not in nancy pelosi's district, but across the heartland, in places like minnesota. and idaho, and membership small towns in new england that have borne the brunt of the social costs to their education system, to their healthcare systems, have you some democratic mayors who have their eyes open who are complaining under obama administration obama administration telling state department, stop. it is enough. lou: quickly turn to senate where health care legislation now has landed. some senators want to begin brand-new legislation as fred barnes here pointed out earlier. that is what senators do. the rudest son of a guns, but, did looks to me like prospects
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are about as bright as we could have imagined for trump's legislation to move through the house and be pass by senate and on his desk for a signature. what do you think? >> i'm going to try to be add sanguine as possible, it's hard to do with these beltway barnacles, who have been encrusted on uss government vehicle for so long. they are going to want to tear it up and start over again, keeping in mind, i'm unhappy as far as this house package went. i think it should have been far more radical, they should have delivered the promise they had made to the american people to fully repeal it. but that is politics, that is how the sausage is made. and i. think it behooved people who
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were most affected by rising costs of premium and deductibles like me, under obamacare i saw 3 of my own individual plans canceled, less choice, longer waiting lines, and you know more of the bureaucratic headache. people who really need to know we have to get back to as much of a free market, system in health care. that is where the superiority and elength i excellence in our health care system comes from. lou: and competition in that marketplace will lead to lower premiums. michelle gate to see you thank you. >> thank you. lou: be sure to vote in our policy night, do you think it's clear that the dems are in charge of customer relations at united and delta airlines, they seem somehow
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connected. we went prove it, cast your vote on sweater @lou dobbs, follow me on twitter, and like me on facebook. on wall street's record breaking day for stocks, dow up 55, and s&p up 10. nasdaq up 25, boykin dexes closing at new all-time highs volume on big board 3.5 million shares. >> and stocks closing higher after the strong jobs report. unemployment rate fell to 4. 4%, the lowest level in a decade. wages are 2.5% from a year ago. and reminder, listen to my report 3 times a way coast on coast on salem radio network.
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up next, new concern at two of world's most dangerous nations, may be colluding on their nuclear - nuclear program. >> we'll have a full report for you here, next, stay with us.
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lou: defense official say north korea expirnoknorth
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korea and iran may be sharing. that submarine is a north korean design. it is same type that sank a south korean warship in 2020. not so cute. north korea also stepping up rhetoric against the united states accuses cia and south korea of plotting to kill kim jong-un, fox news, greg pal cot with our report. reporter: north korean leader kim jong-un, the target of an assassination attempt, orchestrated by cia and south korea counterpart. that is what north korea media claim today. the hit was supposed to have
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happened at a military parade in pyongyang last month, fox news was there. and armed him with a dirty bomb, containing video active material, pyongyang said they thwarted the plot. >> part of information warfare. it is largely or probably propaganda on part of the north korea regime. reporter: still targeting kim jong-un is not that far fetched, there have been reports of u.s. military exercising decapitating regime leadership to cut short a potentially lengthy conflict. and another way regime set on requiring a nuk nuclear tip missile hitting u.s. could be
10:30 am
stopped, would be through an internal coop. >> no wonder he ha been. >> released today, images purporting to show him north korea troops near a south korea island. a retaliation in response to allege plot of the at threatened. no coincident mike pompeoion pompeii visited that once targeted island in his trip, trying to get a better first hand understanding of a north korea threat. lou: thank you. >> we're coming right back, much more ahead. >> stay with us. >> new revelations that director of fbi initially gave credence to a anti-trump dossier.
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>> the man who wrote the dossier admitted in court it has unverified claims. does that sound like a reliable basis for law enforcement or intelligence actions? lou: we take unth up the shocking claims with lieutenant colonel tony shafer, next. >> these base jumpers going to extreme heights for slip and lead fun, coming up here next, we'll be back with that and
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lou: new developments about f.b.i. director james comey and the anti-trump dossier. sources tell fox news director comey pushed for the dossier of unverified claims against donald trump to be included in the intel report on russian meddling in the election. comey earlier this week refused to answer questions about the f.b.i.'s relationship with the dossier author, christopher seal and his russian ties as welt. joining me now to talk about the f.b.i. dossier. we are joined by the senior fellow from london center for
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research, tony shaffer. let's talk about the he call yarl idea that the director of the f.b.i. was even chanted by a dossier that everybody else thought was peculiar. >> i would call it ludicrous. this is the ultimate form of opposition research. there is absolutely no way a james comey would have accepted a similar dossier proced by similar people of questionable character and hillary clinton. lou: that dossier was prepared, apparently, at the behest and through payment from the clinton campaign. >> precisely. to me this indicates james comey while he triets to put a final
10:37 am
veneer of putting the people's head of the f.b.i. -- lou: it's more like lord comey. but this what we have to consider here. when you consider the fact that he went and basically did somersaults to create a legal loophole to not charge her regarding the use of classified information on her server. if you or i drove drunk and killed someone because of negligence, i don't think they have to prove intent. but he threw that intent in there claiming she didn't intend to be negligent. it's insane. lou: some people have the highest regard for him in law. and yet we are sitting here with
10:38 am
an investigation that still goes on. it seems the f.b.i. can do nothing in less than a year's time. when it does do something, at least politically related. there is no conclusion. it's just a big cloud am by:giewt, and the director seems frozen by ambivalence by truth, justice and the american way. >> we saw that direct application of ambivalence destroying the f.b.i. it's not good anywhere in the organization. lou: north korea. the intelligence we have about north korea is always scant by comparison to every other country our intelligence agencies are trying to surveil and analyze. what -- do we know enough right now about what is happening with
10:39 am
kim jong-un with his nuclear program, his ballistic missile program? at what point do we know enough te action >> as an intelligence officer you ner have everything you want. the colorado colin powell is the best you are going to get. believe it or not i any we are over 50. i don't think we are at 80 yet. the idea is, we have had plans on the books since the early:niernlts, some of which i was directly involved in planning regarding going in to do something to get these nuclear facilities it's always been a political policy decision to not do something. this may change. president trump has been change all sorts of paradigms. i think we are on the road to getting sufficient critical mass. but you may see something out of this administration taking
10:40 am
direct action against north korea. lou: if you will, roll the video. a dangerous heart-stopping twist on the slim of and slide. this is what we call a giant slip and slide on a cliff 500 feet hide. the daredevils slipping and twisting through the air before they pull a parachute and lands safely below. you have got to have a desperate need for an adrenaline rush. another foreign company announces investment in this country. >> we want them to create higher-paying jobs in america. lou: steve forbes joins me right here next.
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lou: this is the final day of campaigning in the french
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presidential race. the mainstream political parties. emanuel macron extending his lead over the pop stlift candidate marine le meant latest polling. this represents the result of about four polls. and french elections polls have been historically very, very accurate. but you should know historically these polls have been very, very accurate. sunday night 7:00 p.m. eastern we'll have especially coverage of the french presidential election. joining me to discuss the populist movement, forbes media chairman editor-in-chief steve
10:46 am
forbes. this has been an extraordinary week for the president, his administration. wing on spending and healthcare, revitalizing the effort to repeal and replace obamacare. the house did so with his leadership. paul ryan of all people crediting the president for his leadership on the issue. people we are saying it couldn't be done. >> he made it happen. that's what leadership is all about. one of the things i loved is the new secretary offing a * sonny perdue starting to do away with michelle obama's rules on what kids eat at schools. they were throwing away so much,
10:47 am
they are make it tasty again. lou: it has been an era of contempt for the citizens of this country. she knew better than anyone else. too the condescension from the left is the reason trump wouldn't election. lou: you can watch it now with chuck schumer as he leads these silly, bizarre the the if against neil gorsuch, a jurist of the greatest order and respect, and schumer acting like a venal, petty pall. >> gorsuch-like appointments
10:48 am
will be appointed to replace any justices that retire. lou: in the senate the healthcare bill rests. apparently a number of senators want to begin anew. your thoughts on what we have awaiting us there. >> it's part of the sausage factory. senate pde bng whait is. they can't say we'll accept the house bill. they will want to say, it's ours. the president is smart enough to know, get the thing done, spread the credit so the senators want to go on the next rose garden thing? fine. senators like to speak for a long time.
10:49 am
lou: i'm sure all the times he was under reagan in the oval office. president reagan had the saying on his desk. you can accomplish much if you don't care who gets the credit. paraphrasing it. that's what he demonstrated. he was embracing the house leadership, the freedom caucus. the tuesday group. everybody represented. >> over the years they discovered for all the reputation he had of being aloof, he was anything but aloof when those pieces of legislation came along. both internally and externally. i think trump will do the same thing. get out on the mustings and say -- get out on the hurks
10:50 am
stings. lou: there were 20 people and isn't that some might have expected to be there. 20 were republicans who didn't support the legislation. >> we'll see what they do when final bill couples and they can say this is a much improved version, i'll go with it. the key thing is it passes. lou: but i also like the fact they weren't there. that send a message as well. up next, laura trump -- lara trump blasting cnn and other networks. why? they are censoring refusing to air the latest paid trump campaign ad. >> there are certain networks, mat overmainstream media who refuse to report the facts and the real facts.
10:51 am
and we felt like as a cam paint was four duty to report to the american people the incredible things the president has done in his first 100 dmaits office. that's why we put this ad together. lou: tammy bruce joins me next i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free.
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked, do you think the house leadership understands president trump is showing them how to win? this is a break through. more than half of you have say yes, they are beginning to understand. this is exciting, isn't it? president trump just moments ago tweeting this. quote. wow, the fake news media did everything in its power to make the republican healthcare victory look as bad as possible, far better than o-care. he also tweeted this. why is it the fake news rarely reports obama cares on its last legs and the insurance companies fleeing for their lives? it's dead.
10:56 am
who are these people? cnn, nbc, abc, cbs. why will they not run this ad? tammy: because they are spoiled children and they are used to having everything they want. they are jealous and envious and they don't like being exposed. he is a remarkable commander-in-chief. he's following through on his promises. the economy is excellent. and he has the gal to call them out -- he has the gall to call them out. and he's enjoying it and they can't stand that. he's having a great time and so are we.
10:57 am
i not burns you and you are upset by the. but i think it many fabulous baits shows them for what they are. lou: it annoys me because i simply want to -- i have some dark impulses. >> it's frustrating. but the incredible thing is the only people who are sick of winning are the media. the upon people that don't like the fact that donald trump is wing so much are the meade -- is winning so much are the media. they have been in the tank for so long for all the ideas and principles the left are all about. and he says to hell with political correctness. he's doing it so successfully and effectively and so boldly. lou: he has about him his mar-a-lago ease. he's cool. he's in command of the
10:58 am
government. he is in command of the party. and it is interesting to watch. he just tweeted out concerning everything coming together, talking about the number of jobs that have been created. and i think about obama. and the -- and the wannabes and hillary clinton. he has brought a philosophy, tone of leadership and embraves free market, free enterprise capitalism and constitutional republic, and the result is markets are soaring, the economy is moving and so-called animal spirits are starting to agitate. tammy: everybody is surprised at this successful week. what they are seeing is an active man. a leader.
10:59 am
you are going to maybe drop a few things. but you are seeing action, you are seeing success. even at the celebration the rose garden web said i'm the president. can you believe this? we havgot it. we are doing it. >> it's beautiful and amazing. can i make this bold prediction? he will be a better president than ronald reagan. lou: his capacity is enormous. it drives the left nuts. because everything he does undercuts all the hollow false premises of their failed ideology. and that's why you are watching such rain corwatching -- such re left. tammy: the big problem are the children in the republican party, they need to be removed. the paul ryans of the world.
11:00 am
>> god bless president trump. lou: amen brother and sister. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. be with us sunday evening. special coverage of the french election. >> announcer: you're watching a paid presentation for veggie bullet, brought to you by veggie bullet, llc. from the makers of the world-famous nutribullet comes the next innovation in whole-food nutrition extraction. introducing the veggie bullet, the world's first cyclonic spiralizer and lightning-fast food prep accelerator. now you can spiralize nutrient-rich whole foods in seconds for incredible pasta recipes, like zucchini spaghetti and meatballs or ribbon spirals for great lasagnas, even the family favorite -- curly fries. the secret is the veggie bullet's cyclonic-action spiralizer and high-torque motor with razor-sharp stainless-steel blades for the fastest spiralized noodles you've ever seen for recipes like angel hair pasta and shrimp or an incredible zucchini ribbon


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