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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 7, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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lou: good evening the whole world is watching france tonight as its new president gave his victory speech to supporters, 39-year-old centrist, emmanuel macron. becoming france's youngest president after overwhelming populist marine la pen, 66 to 34%. emmanuel macron had an unconventional rise to his new position. a former investment banker, little political experience. unknown to voters before becoming a minister to the economy in the holland
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government in 2014, and married to his former high school drama teacher, two years his senior in 2016 he quit the government of outgoing socialist president francois hollande. to start his own political movement. forward. and macron however benefiting from the down fall of the other candidates, neither of the mainstream parties on left or right qualified for the election. la pen was not a new face to french voters. the 40-year-old placed third in 2012 election, another mayor candidate was hit with allegations that his family benefiting from cushy taxpayer funded jobs for year, there was -- the stirc smell of corruption. macron had help from media,
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ordered not publish contents of his leaked campaign e-mails, as much as 9 gigabytes of data were posted. sharing site two days before the final vote, and france's electoral commission ordered that national french media not to publish the contents to avoid anyway influencing the outcome of the election. french government warning news outlets, journalists could face criminal charges efficient publishing -- for publishing will material. that did not derail macron, who now, secure a majority in next month's parliamentary election, must secure a majority, for his forward movement that is now a whole-year-old, even if he does win majority he needs is likely his reforms will take months or years to produce result. fox news correspondent ashley webster is live in paris, good evening.
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reporter: good evening to you, a very thorough summation of what has been going on. i wonder whether they allowed everyone to talk about those hacked e-mails, i have a filing that mr. macron would have won anyway, such his margin of victory about 66 to 34% as you say, it was not even close. but, we saw a lot of celebration here, we're outside, right by the louvre, there were thousands of people came here, they popped champagne, an waved the flags and sang marseilles. they are excited that la pen did not win. there are a lot of people here who do not like either candidate, the first round there were 11 candidates. and was down to la pen and macron, a lot of anger, a lot
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of division, it got ugly at times, tonight had mr. macron took the stage, he said he knows that france is divided. he has to try to bring it back together, take a listen [speaking in french] i there are divisions. and i respect them. i also know the anger the concern the doubt, that many of you have also expressed. and it is my responsibility to hear them. reporter: well, what about marine la pen? what does her future hold. she gave a concession speech, she said we got 11 million voters, she was happy with that, but word is that party. national -- will change its name, trying to change its image, bring more to the center, and her anti-immigration, anti-european union did message to strike accord with about let's face it a third of
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the nation, but it was not enough, you know who is laughing tonight? those people in berlin and brussels,ag angela merkel, first person to call mr. macron, say well done. they played beethoven's ode on joy, which is the anthem of the european union. lou: more joy in brussels no doubt. some relief in many quarters of france. ashley, thank you -- let me ask you this. everyone is describing macron as a centrist? he is a socialist. and i can't quite add this up, help me out. reporter: well, all about system manics -- semantics, he said either left wing or right wing, socialists, as you said, socialist government with socialist ideas here, is not that popular with the unions, he wants to reform the labor
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laws here and cut public spending, this is a real mishmash of economic agenda you could argue geese t goes to the right or the left, but he calm out -- came out as a socialist. lou: ashley webster thank you. from paris, wild tal we'll talk you to later in the broadcast. >> thank you. lou: here to discuss implications of the election, populist movement and trum agenda gayle trotter, ed rollins. gayle, she was trounced, marine la pen. and a 39-year-old who spent two years as a minnister of the economy for the hollande government, the most unpopular president approval ratings in
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single digits, for crying out loud. he just pulled off a miracle. if he can trounce marine la pen. who in the world could have imagined 5 years forward she'll prevail. >> right, i'm sure we'll see wall-to-wall mainstream media coverage of how la pen hit the ultimate glass ceiling, you may remember mainstream media reported that when hillary clinton lost to donald trump. that it must have been mes mess. >> now could someone with so much political experience as marine la pence been trounced by eye n a new person to politics. lou: width? >> what he did was amazing. creating a party, come up center, from just a year and a half from a socialist.
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to centrist and beat some of the establishment. i think he has to have a great talent as a candidate, to win two to one is signifkent. i think that la pen had a negative she carried into this. she got a substantial vote compared to past votes, but i don't think she is mainstream at-this-point. i don't think it had anything to do with being a woman, it was kind of her positions. they did have one of the best knock down, drag out fights in france they had in a long time. the debate the other night was ferocious. he is a young leader, he has to show he can lead. >> talking about him as the french can kennedy. he gave a i thought energetic acceptance speech, victory
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speech, if you will, to his followers, gayle, he looked like if he could bring together in the next month, a real majority for parliament it would be astowppeddin astounding and critically necessary for him to move his program to reality. >> it would be necessary, but the programs he is advancing are not going to help the french economy. one thing that french people care a lot about are over 200 people who have died from terrorism on french soil, he has no good solutions. we see this at same time isis trying to encourage their followers to inflict higher casualty numbers he does not have a good strategy for how the french government will keep the french people safe. lou: then how did he win? you suggest that. >> well marine la pen won 11
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million votes, for someone from a party with a long glorious history in france, the fact she was able to win over 11 million votes the french people, that speaks to the fact she did address some of the concerns that are so top of mind in france right now. lou: people who got excited about populism in france, and with from european union, it seems like they clearly, got way ahead of themselves, and the empirical evidence to make such sweeping claims. >> france traditionally is more of a socialist government, a lot of -- talking about him taking on unions, that is always been a very difficult thing for anyone in leadership position. i think he has a tough track ahead. i don't think he has a lot of programs that are clear cut at-this-point. he has power of the presidency, different from here. but my sense is he is young, dynamic and people want to
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give him a chance. lou: president trump quick to call him, and extend hi his congratulations and looking performance to working together. it looks like they will be for some time, gayle trotter, edrollins thank you. >> thank you,. lou: up next, former secretary of state condoleezza rice today warning against discounting the poll lift movement in france. >> populist move am in france. >> i believe they are changing the character of the tool picks just by being there mainstream candidates are having to respond to their agendas. lou: wow. populist, they sound like terrible people. we'll take up the rise of populism with former ambassador john bolton, here next. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture.
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lou: north korea today announcing it detained another american over weekend, raising number of u.s. citizens held, kim sang dok . he worked at same school that prior american was detained two weeks ago, accused of
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hostile acts again nort -- against north korea. there is no word if they are connected. former secretary of state condoleezza rice warning that populist candidates are changing the face of global politics even when they lose elections. >> you see fewer people talking about free trade, you see countries talking about central policy and protectionism. it hard to defend immigrants almost any place in the world today. and so the rise of populism and nativism, they rather go together, the right of nativism is having an impact on the politics even if the candidates are not winning. lou: our next guest says that marine la pen's voters can't be disregarded and her issues will remain the at the center of the european union's continuing crisis. joining me now, ambassador
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john bolton. >> glad to be here. lou: at first i have to say this, with all due respect to condoleezza rice, she sounded like she should have a snuff box at her nose. my gosh, the establishment needs greater reputation? >> right, who let these working class people vote, where did that come from? we need to fix that. lou: it truly is remarkable. and la pen i don't think that anyone will you know simply dismiss her. but 5 years to the next election, it is convincing that frankly macron being the economics minister of the hollande government, the most socialist government, bringing forward 70% taxes, 35% of their spending and public sector. i mean this is say strong rejection of those who want to
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leave the european union. i am not sure how to divine what happened in france. help us out. >> i don't think that la pen's outcome was as bad as people said. i think it was hyper thyroid for some time people saying she had a chance of winning, that was never going to happen, and equaly hypey thyroid now that she lost from a big vote. let's put it in perspective, when her father jean-marie la pen got in second round in 2002, he got 17% in first round, and 18% in second around, jacques chirac beat him 82 to 15. she doubled the vote her father got in 2002. most extreme parties may bump along for a while, at 3% or
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4%. front national is being spring ended overtime, the fact they will change their name shows they will try more to be mainstream, i have to say, condi is right, she had a big impact on the debate in this election the next important thing is parliamentary elections that take place next month. look, macron is a socialist, he basically saw that as you said, hollande ruined the socialist party brand, i think that old socialist will flock to husbander. he could e-- his banner, he could emerge with the parliament party. the they have been working
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hard to parliamently aseconds, they become up with a center right majority in parliament, if you believe that macron is an empty suit to begin with. the problems are there. lou: do i know you correctly? that we should all be grateful then that angela merc merkel is running the eu. >> it pushes it today its ultimate demise, la pen had one of the best lines with macron, neating h noting he went to germany to get merkel's approval, la pen said, after this elect, france will be ruled by a woman, either me ea or chancellor merkel. >> now we know who it is. >> she is right. lou: the new boss is the old boss. >> right.
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lou: ambassador john bolton thank you. >> thank you. lou: socialism not working for venezuela. a new survey find over over past year 75% of the population lost an average of 19 pounds for lack of food. why is not something being done about the disfunctional and failed leadership and government in venezuela? that is hard it figure. >> up next, marine la pen supporters say her populist movement it far from dead, nienl elsnigel far farage will join me next. and our futures markets are flat right now. stay with us, we'll coming right back. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe.
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lou: joining me now to discuss macron's win and the impact it may have the populist movement in europe. the former leader of uk independents party, fox news contributor nigel farage. great to have you with us, great to see you. >> thank you. lou: any surprise for you in the elect of macron? any surprise in the defeat by 32 points of marine la pen? >> no, i think we knew that macron was going to win. the french are not ready for frexit the way that we were last year. maybe the one surprise, is in first round of this 46.5% of voters opted for euro septic candidate to the left, center and right, la pen 35 per tonight. remark abily 12% of those who turned up to vote, put them in
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the box, i have never seen anything like that, despoil the papers. the reason is, that the front national has a bad history, her father, i am afraid she is often judged by him. i have been urging her new personally for 5 years, by the way, i have spoken to her campaign team tonight. she doesn't intend to give up. she needs to do is get rid of that national front brand, to start again, then, all of the people of left and right could get round her in the second ballot next time. you know something, i think that macron will give is 5 more years of failure, 5 more years of uncontrolled immigration. 5 more years of failure with the euro. i believe la pen, if she steadies herself could win this 2022. lou: all these candidates are
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socialists or worse, they are not going to bring new ideas to either the fiscal policy of the french government, i noo any kind of innovation to private sector in burdening of litigation and regulation. it is going to still be a very stal -- set of elites running. >> they are committed to 35 hour working weeks, retirement in early 60s, which does not work. there something more telling, tonight whether macron went on to give his victory speech, he did so to the anthem of the european union. so, what he thinks or what french parliament thinks won't matter, what macron will do is accept rule from brussels or
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should i say rule from germany. lou: absolutely, nigel thank you very much. we appreciate you being with sphwhrus thanus. >> thank you. lou: nigel farage. up next globalism in france, the status quo. >> french socialism is collapsing, that ain't going to change under macron. >> a live report from paris, next. coming up. former state department officials mike gonzalez and paul bond cello join me to discuss when today's results mean for europe, and america. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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anywhere you want to go! the market's hot! sync your platform on any device with thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. lou: emmanuel macron, winning big over far right candidate marine la pen. ashley webster is live in paris with more. reporter: good evening, it is very french if you are so inclined. emmanuel macron has his wife, his 24 years his senior.
7:34 pm
she was his drama teacher in school. and he has a stepson who is two years older than he. they are a couple, they have been together for quite some time. he is very much a no novice and also, a millionaire. he became a millionaire as an investment banker for rothschild. he likes to say he comes from humble background, he talks about his great grandmother who was illiterate. make mo mistake -- make no mistake, both of his parents were doctors, he went to a tr a prestigious high school, and then to the university. certainly that background woulding is you are getting status quo as la pen would
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say. he is youngest president ever in history of this country. there are those who say she so charming that really is his best asset, sh he is show charming he could seduce an office chair. he knows hugh to work a crowd, he knows how to get what hements be. the question is does he have substance behind it can he put a governmenting i together to give him power. we have those legislative elections next month, i think he will struggle to put together a coalition. lou: he does have challenges ahead of him as he tries to win a majority in parliament with a party that is right now, the principal member of. ashley, good to have you with us, thank you appreciate your hard work from paris. joining me now, mike gonzalez. >> hi, lou. lou: director programs av acton instead, former george
7:36 pm
w. bush foreign policy adviser paul bonicelli, let's begin with the impact of that election and will you know, i just curious, mike circumstance this going to be significant. in terms of whatever direction france does take or is it going to pretty much remain a socialist government moving forward. >> i'm afraid so, i agree with you previous speakers, that macron really does not have any solutions for france's huge problems. whether they are unemployment or the fact that national identity how to have a sovereign france going forward. where i disagree somewhat with previous speakers that la pen become back in 5 years and be
7:37 pm
the solution. she proved to be not the right vessel for these important issues, know threat of france national governance and multiculturalism. i doubt 5 years from now, although the change in the party name might help. lou: your thoughts? >> yeah, i agree with mike, i do think she has a shot, she has learned so much, over the years she has 11e 11ed -- 11elearn to to moderate, i think she lost french voters are not u.s. voters they are more put off by political incorrectness, they are fearful of leaving the ervetiothe eu or severing ties they know that germany carries home the back. they are not great britain voters that had margaret
7:38 pm
thatcher team them they could stand on their own two feet. the eu problem in france, cocreator is in real trouble still. lou: it is curious, as you look at the country, that has one of if not the one of the largest muslim populations, talking about right 10%. had extraordinary terrorist acts take place on its soil. there has been no siren call to marine la pen's policies or her agenda on the part of the french people, i think a lot of people are surprised that her message of the not more emphatic and compelling to the french. what do you think, mike? >> let's not forget she did twice. aas good as for father did in 2002. 14 -- 17%.
7:39 pm
could not, history of national front is truly toxic. you know in terms of anti-semitism. and racism. she was not able to surmount that, in a doubt that she will be able to. to. wanted to lower retirement age, now at 62, she wanted to make it 60. she was not going to touch 35 hour week. we're not talking conservative in american sense. macron is not a centrist either. so, this so these were not good candidates. >> well, they were -- the candidates that french got, and they sorted through it, and end up with the protege of francois hollande the most unpopular french president in history. what in the world will they
7:40 pm
come up with because, if macron does not have a majority or something approaching that, it is hard to see how he will ever be able to affect any policy, what do you think, paul? i don't think he will. most interesting to watch how strong will center right get, will they take this opportunity to take some policies as we saw in rest of europe, the more to far right strengthens the center right figures out we better do something, they could really pull off a strong parliamenty working majority oppose him, and strin strengthen themes, and maybe not make a hash of it. lou: the hacking of hac he macron's campaign data, 9 gigabytes, frozen by french election commission, news outlets intimidated to is not sharing any of it mike, what
7:41 pm
is going on further interference, apparently, allegedly on part of russians in an important presidential election. >> the west will have to have a respond to putin this was -- brazen, this points to it being a kremlin operation. but it did not have impact that putin desired. which is good. wwe don't do see this. have it be con encourage snood lasencouraged. lou: it would be nice it politics would learn to not click is links they are not supposed to. my mom knows not to do it, that is what they did again. lou: maybe you are suggesting we should find politicians with higher iq's. >> good luck. lou: mike gonzalez and paul bonicelli. >> thank you. lou: appreciate it.
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lou: thank you for that. joining me now, euro pacific capital senior market strategist, john browne, great to see you. >> good to see you. lou: moody's market capital markets chief economist, john
7:47 pm
lonski, great to have you. >> same here. lou: john, with you, no brexit, in france, nothing like it. at least by very many. what do you make of it? where does macron take pause. >> well, france and germany have been at the heart of europe from the very beginning, whole agricultural policy was designed too help french farmer. great britain has been on the fringe of europe. lou: very pressed for time, if i may, your thoughts about macron? >> i think he is played a very positive campaign, but a bit of a mirage, he is a socialist, he wants more into europe. a euro-soviet in my opinion, i
7:48 pm
don't think he will be able to fulfill his promises of reversing the debts of france and reviving the economy from the stagnant economy it is. lou: john, do you agree? >> i do, it going to be more of the same, i don't think how he will go through with the policy deregulating the european economy as long as he is committed into stray staying in the eu. lou: looking at hollande. 70% taxes, is now most least popular president in french history. john browne, we're watching something happen here. i think there is a clarification for many americans, that populism that exists in the united states, is not quite the same as that
7:49 pm
which exists but close to that which exists in the uk, but has nothing to do with marine la pen and her policies. it looks like there they are on solid footing in the eu for now? >> yes, i think that is right. populism in the united states and great britain is different from populism in continental europe. i think that la pen's one big mistake was to be ain'to anti-nato. it carved into her vote, it was a negative campaign, anti-eu, and immigration, and nato the and system, and macron's thing was very positive. i think that the nato thing is a crucial thing, overlooked by almost all ca commentators at the moment, the people are worried about russia. lou: john?
7:50 pm
>> la pen of never even close to being another donald trump. she did not offer that positive message of any sort. shblew it was a nearly focus campaign running more out of fear than anything else. lou: looking at concerns as john browne said, whether it be russia or china or iran or north korea. the geopolitical challenges are substantial facing the west. but so are the economic challenges, at-this-point, president trump is the only leader with a vision and a program and is moving forward. >> correct. he is trying to come up with a reduced role for the state, rely more on private sector, provide them with an incentive to expand, create new jobs. >> john browne, a quick last word. >> well, i think that the la
7:51 pm
pen losing will have far less of an effect than if she won, because shime were expecting -- she won, because she remember expecting macron to win. euro, which was really in danger as world second currency would have created panic. lou: john browne thank you. >> and john lonski thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. lou: up next upresiden, urging senators to not let americans down on the issue of healthcare. we come back with healthcare hurdles that await. and the great prize at the end of the process. stay with us, we'll be right back. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! (echo) with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned
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lou: president trump today pressuring senate on health care, tweeting this, quote, republicans senators will not let the american people down. obamacare premiums and deductibles are way up, it was a lie it is dead. joining us tonight, editor of the daily caller, katie. >> hello. lou: byron york. thank you. >> good evening. lou: katie we start with marine la pen did not get her 40%.
7:56 pm
no surprise that she lost. the impact if there is any on the european union. >> well, i find it fun that in his victory speech, he came out with the eu anthem, not french national anthem, and then said, the french people, i understand why you are worried. then, played that e eu anthem? that is not going to win over any of these voters. but it is not going to change the relationship with the eu. truly he is with merkel, he is with the trudeaus and obamas of the world. it will be interesting to see how he behaves with trump. trump septembe sent a congratulatory tweet. but who knows it could get aggressive quickly.
7:57 pm
lou: macron saying how concerned he is about his people, and he wants to rejoin the people of europe with their government, he went straight too brussels with his concern, and broad with european. you have to at least, begrudgingly admire his moxie in so doing? >> that and also, i know we should keep in mind that for most reports, la pen was not a particularly good candidate in terps of retail politics, she did not do well in the debate a few days ago. so she simply did not present her issues very well. she has the baggage of her father. of the party which we hear now is going to change its name. which probably is a good idea for that altria or something like, that a new name. so, the -- a party that issues have not gone away.
7:58 pm
it has to have a more appealing politician leading it, and a different name. lou: yeah, i think there is something to that you have to have a vision, a positive one hopefully. and a candidate who is charismatic. internettic. and -- ene energetic and means business. but let's turn to nationalism, populism, and globalism, this did you not seem to be a fair fight, socialists don't seem to be most rebellious sorts, maybe the continental europe is too far gone. >> as i said, the merkels and trudeaus and now macron are the globalists, they want all immigrants to come in they want open borders but they are not going to assimilate. look at france, they had a terror attack every month,
7:59 pm
look at germany and merkel, terror attacks, this not going to work. the people are going to get sick of this, and saying your policies are not doing anything to keep us safe, you need to make us safe. if his policy are same old same old then the terror attacks are not going to stop. lou: byron the last word. sum of europe and the western hemisphere. >> these issues are not going away i was struck in the murder of the police to champs-elysees, to the run-up, that la pen did have defi definite things that say, things she want to to do, and macron was we need too sta need to stay together and not give in to fear. apparently that is what the voters wanted. again, a lot of challenges in the future. lou: thank you both for being here. >> thank you, lou. lou: a quick programming note,
8:00 pm
liz claman has an interview, exclusive tomorrow afternoon with richest minds, you can watch less live from oaegg: rea omaha, count down to the closing bell, three eastern on fox business. good night. julie: that does it for us. ♪ ♪ ♪ paul: today was a big day but it's just one step in this process, an important step, we still have a lot of work to do to get this signed into law but i know that our friends in the senate are eager to get to work. paul: welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot . the house narrowly passed a bill to repeal and replace obamacare and the plan as it stands faces long odds in the senate. president trump says the process has serve today -- served to unify the party. >> this has brought the


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