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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 8, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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that is there for "fbn:am." let's send it over to maria bartiromo. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us. i maria bartiromo. monday, may 8th be a 6:00 a.m. on the east coast at this stage is set for health care showdown in the senate. democrats blasted the plan to repeal and replace upon the care. paul ryan defended the legislation yesterday. >> obama carries collapsing. what good is obamacare for anybody lead among preexisting conditions if you don't have a help insurance plan you can even get. this is a rescue mission. maria: former president obama waded back into the health care debate. his urgent plea to lawmakers as he fights for his legacy have been a period france has spoken. centrist emanuel macron will service the next next president of france. what right-wing nationalist marina le pen means for your swinging. macron's to read indicating a
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lower opening for the broader averages today. the euro went higher. that pressure the dollar and stocks followed suit. in europe, the indices this morning and he has adapted to read. macron although her across the board. dax and germany to the third of the percent. cac quarante down almost 1%. markets mostly higher. the nikkei average in japan the big winner of the 2% figure vigil for the shooting victim in chicago more bloodshed pretty good band opens fire on the memorial killing two and injuring eight others. a bit of a merger monday to you about. sinclair close to acquiring rental tribune media that will reshape the tv landscape. the surprise for superhero fans. d.c. comics website that wonder woman trailer. to preview this morning. the stories right here right now.
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jamie talk about it, fox business dagen mcdowell, pollster and president lee carter. great to see you. dagen: good morning. >> a lot happening. maria: i'm really fired up. kevin mccarthy coming up for the entire hour. talking about health care after a very big victory for the house last week. dagen: no doubt about it. could be repealed and replaced the house bill. maria: bill cassidy one of the moderate drain spent "sunday morning futures" and said we are going to start again. we are going to start anew. why start anew? is there nothing in the bill they like? >> to cassidy: spill. it seemed silly to scrap it and start all over again. >> i can't seem to get on the same song sheet. dagen: it's a lot more involved that whatever the senate crass because you have moderate senators on the republican side
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of the said murkowski and susan collins speaking negatively about what came out of the house. a lot less rollback of medicaid. i would guess and also more generous subsidies -- excuse me, tax breaks. were not allowed to call them subsidies anymore. were generous tax breaks to people older. maria: interesting to see president obama talking about it this weekend. a lot to talk about her. turning the conversation coming up from the california congresswoman and majority leader kevin mccarthy is at best. the human longevity and dr. craig venter is that desperate special guest today. he is one of the people who map the genome 20 years ago. senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. the program ahead. stay with us. president obama speaking out on a signature health care a lot in his first public comments since the house voted to repeal about
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mccarrick at last week that the president defended the law calling on congress to show what he called political coverage in the health care fight. watch. >> it actually doesn't take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful, already comfortable, already influential. but it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm. courage means not simply doing what is politically expedient, but doing what they believe deep in their heart is right. maria: his comments come as a pro-obamacare advocacy group called save medicare launches a six-figure ad this week targeting 24 republican house members who voted to repeal the law. what you think about this? president obama talking about that. he said he wasn't going to say anything in terms of being the
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former president. >> is obviously unhappy with what the president trump is doing. >> i'm not sure it's about strategy than to senator clinton but the resistance movement in president obama because the democrat talk about something besides bashing. so i think it might be an interesting strategy if that's what they are doing. that was like a guilt trip, right? guilt trips don't motivate anybody unless you were already. dagen: if you do choose for president obama and hillary clinton, wouldn't you choose for not changing obamacare rather than hillary clinton who is political chickenpox at this point. she's lecturing people about relative. okay. president obama, what he's
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talking about the street to a bigger problem that with obamacare that democrats have put -- this is the base from which the republicans have to work now. it is the right and a guaranteed health insurance in this country the government's responsibility to provide it. charles krauthammer talked about this last week. this turns the debate now start a liberal ground. that is part of the struggle of trying to fix this. charles krauthammer believes will bind up a single-payer that whatever changes republicans need changes republicans make will fail to deliver to fix it probably will be single-payer. it's astonishing. >> there's an article that talks about the political brain and how there is a fundamental need for people to provide care. so when you think about not just health care, it is care. caring for people who need it. the argument starts are you going to let people just die or go without health care? do not even care?
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what kind of person are you? it's a debate almost unfair from the beginning. no one is saying people should die. dagen: that was the problem with jimmy kimmel's speech he gave last week that there was no response because again he basically came out and said my son would die if the health care law is changed and he didn't say it like that, but it put these republicans in a position where they don't know how to respond. >> if you're on the rack decided this chimera and the losing side of this. talking about what this is all about. maria: that is why senators are doing it. they are talking about preexisting conditions. susan collins of maine, here is what she said yesterday. >> it is true in the house bill that a state they waiver would still have to provide coverage
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to people with preexisting conditions. the coverage might well be unaffordable. if the coverage is unaffordable, that doesn't do any good. maria: louisiana senator bill cassidy himself. he joined me yesterday on "sunday morning futures." cassidy hollis co-authored a bill that would replace obamacare that keeps the most popular features. here's what he said. >> the bill that we put forward, the patient freedom night domestic cassidy collins achieves president trump's goals set in the campaign. those were to make sure people at coverage from medicare for those of preexisting conditions without mandates of the lower premiums. at the hospital doesn't accomplish that, i'll continue to push the patient reaganite because it does achieve the president's goals. maria: they hide behind the idea that it hasn't been scored so they are not going to comment on the bill because it hasn't been scored. that's why they'll start from
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scratch. >> we need competition to drive the price down. that will fix a lot of structural things. the senate does that. maybe that's the path they. maria: they won't do that against state lines so that is the face to the top of the that they have to wait and do that at some later date. but think again the republicans so far have lost the argument because the then republican senator susan collins is talking about preexisting conditions. that is such a small slice of the insurance market. it brings people's hearts, but again, with the people who signed up for the initial obamacare coverage of preexisting conditions before the full rollout, it was a little more than 100,000 people. you are talking about ripping out the entire insurance
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industry, covering 200 million people for 100,000 people. i know it's important, but this dominates the discussion when we need to be talking about everybody and making everybody's care affordable. >> nancy pelosi started with her five talking points on monday morning. number two, this is going to be unfair to the older folks. but that's a dominating conversation and republicans are just react. the subtle threat if your react you're not acting. that's it's happening now. >> no one is focusing on what's wrong with existing. you don't know who's going to be in and who's going to be in. trade to be no deductions are no deductions or layout than th cost is way out. >> some counties in some states can't get coverage at all. dagen: is not going to just be either. others take that risk. tennessee insurance market has
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completely fallen apart theirdy, which we talked about on this program in virginia and then. maryland and virginia respect delete 52% to 35% increases. the trump administration is using that to its advantage to speed this along because something needs to get done not just politically now on the end of this year. maria: mean by a committee of the tv business tell you about. tv station jack sinclair broadcasting to acquire tribune media. the details of the potential $4 billion acquisition of next. the last glimpse into d.c. comics feature film. the wonder woman trailer released with less than one month until the debut. we will be right back. ♪
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and services. and when my advisor is focused on my tech, i can focus on my small business. ♪ ♪ ♪ here comes the fun with sea-doo. starting at just $5,299 and get 0 percent financing. visit today. train to 10 people shot in at a memorial for another gun victim in chicago appear cheryl casone with the details. reporter: yeah, good morning to memory. eight of the wounded, two others have died after a gang related shooting in chicago. the victims were attending and after a memorial service for daniel cordova at may 26 or a fatally shot 13 hours earlier.
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two suspects allegedly opened fire on the crowd. all of this according to police. police also say they got mad wearing masks fled the scene. they don't have suspects in custody. police in singapore chicago at the 950 murders have occurred since the start of 2017. a growing wildfire in georgia threatening homes and forcing residents to evacuate. hundreds of firefighters battling to contain the fire in the town of st. george according to officials there. please only 12% contained since it began april 6th after a bolt of lightning. more than 130,000 acres were scorched by the flame. the activity of the fire expected to decrease. a mandatory evacuation in place for st. george residents and schools in the region are closed today. tv station giant sinclair near
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in a $4 billion deal to acquire tribune media. the agreement could be announced as early as this week we provide the nation's operators of local televisions. sinclair has 173 stations in midsize and small markets. the addition of the stations would give sinclair every major market as well and this has value between $45 per share. there was the one week as a speculation started last week. the stock had a nice little boost. finally kicking things off this morning with a little bit of girl power. >> you are in more danger than you think. >> millions would die. >> i'm going, mother. if you choose to leave, never returned. tragic that is the final trailer for the highly anticipated wonder woman. d.c. comics adaptation hitting
6:17 am
theaters on june 2nd. yes i've heard he watched the trailer twice. maria: let's go back to the sinclair broadcasting acquiring tribune media for ways to see if this is getting confirmed. $4 billion deal. what's your take? >> is meeting regulatory approval. it can really understand the movement towards cutting the cord what is going to happen with all of these affiliates that are across the country. dagen: with local tv. the most valuable thing people still crave the local news. you can cut the cord, but at the end of the day, how you get paid to broadcast networks are still broadcast over the air seat in hd for your tv.
6:18 am
>> save tens of thousands of dollars of your cable. i'm not advocating getting rid of cable. but that's a figure broadcast tv to cut the cord and have apps to use, an hd antenna. it works here in new york city and five. >> there you go. question answered. trade to haven't talked enough about france. between right-wing nationalist marine le pen. and to be aware it's got political. maxine waters made an appearance. trevor noah is in his moment to take a dig at the president. watch. ♪
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strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. maria: welcome back. emanuel macron defeated marine le pen in france to win the french presidential election last night. markets rallied on the results and history high. market reaction is macro strategist john's outstanding. good to see you. thank you for joining us. what was your reaction when you first saw macron when? >> is expect it. but to see how big it was in line with expectations. obviously we saw little pop in the futures early on along with the url and profit taking and now we are back to the house to build this coalition. they have to see how many seeds
6:23 am
le pen gets and how it works out good we are back earnings now i'm back to macro. >> the risk of frayed sleeve of the year is off the table. >> the volatility collapsed in europe and was actually following bears for a while. people are getting so nervous here, but it was really in anticipation of both over there. that's why we went down below 10. >> this offense flowing back into european funds. i guess it was big and he was going to win butt los like europe is back and people are running away from it. >> the interesting thing is greece is one of the best performers the last few weeks. the greek etf is one of the best performers because those rates are really collapsing. interest rates are falling precipitously in the market is rallying hard.
6:24 am
the solid lava flows to actually small-cap etf, as well as the big name that follow year. the interesting thing is people are going on the risk curve now that the anticipation election is getting more clear. european earnings as well as u.s. earnings come better than you. if i don't see growth so that is very impressive. maria: there's a feeling that you want to buy europe? >> they are buying your paypal moment i'd europe, small caps in your head >> expecting a lot of growth. >> yes. dagen: it remains to be seen whether macron can implement these reforms and policy changes he ran on. balancing the private worker economy with government accounting, government jobs, cutting the corporate tax rate to 25% and getting rid of the 35 hour workweek which past
6:25 am
presidents have failed to do and really rejuvenating and reviving the french economy with some pro-market, pro-private business reform. maria: how do you do that with the year in a seven-month high? that just makes things more expensive. >> european gdp isetter than our gdp right now. the ecb hasn't tapered yet. that was another thing markets anticipate the election goes well, draw people take that kind of thing. don't forget again, they are pretty much full force printing money and europe and their rates vary again a 10 year 40 basis points this morning. they've gone up a little bit, but still tolkien negative rates out there. dagen: there's an article in "the wall street journal" "wall street journal" about what's going on in the united states today. when you pair trumps fiscal policies he has played with that the federal reserve is doing in the planters started winding the
6:26 am
$4.5 trillion on sheet that could cause higher registry key or the united states. significantly higher in this kind of a? about that and how much of the drug that is that fiscal refunds out of washington. >> i think it's going to be hard to get interest rates here higher unless we see growth inflation and that kind of thing. right now we're still kind of paid for 2.5 right now. talking about 50 year bonds -- >> 100 year bonds. >> the the infrastructure package is really the time to do it. maria: that was floated years ago during the financial collapse. this is how you should protect america's balance sheet if you will or protect your data by issuing longer-term data. >> i think they continue to flow because they want to see how markets react to the fed floating the idea of tapering
6:27 am
and when the fed mentions taper, the bonds really are not selling off as you think precipitously because there's still a demand oblate because people really need. maria: but at the driving markets right now? putting france aside, that is one driver today. >> right now we still are focused on earnings until we finish. again, earnings are coming in better than anticipated and also finally seen the growth. we're looking again to see what trouble doing taxes, interest rapture, that kind of thing. it is very nice and i think if trump could finally -- we don't want legislation passed on partisan lines. we don't want all republicans voting for democrats voting. that is big for the market. if trump was able to get a bipartisan type will pass, the markets going to rip. maria: markets expect tax
6:28 am
reform, health care repeal 17. >> the market wants to see progress in that direction. we don't want to see stalemate. we don't want people back in the shutting down the government in september. they do have to shut down the government to get the parties back in line. maria: there wasn't here last friday because the nasdaq composite and s&p started all-time highs. >> that's because their names. tech is doing well, as well as that small-cap. if you look at small-cap names can be start to see the risk are moving out a little bit. maria: we will leave it there. thanks for your insight. john spallanzani. the french election result this morning on the ground in paris at the reaction and analysis to emanuel macron it to read. a fourth american citizen has been detained in the country. the escalating tensions coming next. back in a moment right here.
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faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. maria welcome back, good monday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday may eighth, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. france declares next president centrist emmanuel macron
6:32 am
triumphs over marine la pen. what her defeat means across populism this morning. futures indicating a lowering opening for the broader averages as the euro soars. in europe similar story. take a look at the indices, they are mixed. the cac down almost 1%. tensions are flaring as north korea detains a fourth american citizen for alleged hostile acts, what the move means for the strain relations between the u.s. and the hermit kingdom, next. disney reporting tomorrow. first time since announcing sweeping layoffs at espn. grab the golden popcorn, mtv movie awards best picture flub and the winner is la la light.
6:33 am
wait a minute. that's moon land. oh, no, beauty and the beast. maria: yankees and cubs with six-hour pitch dual. first emmanuel macron winning big in yesterday's election in france as expected but the wave of populism maybe not be pulling back. ashley, good morning to you. ashley: good morning, to you, maria. no, it wasn't even close, was it? the polls finally coming at 66% for emmanuel macron, 34% for marine la pen, we knew that he was the favorite going in and, indeed, he won very convincingly, however, many
6:34 am
people telling us here it was more a vote against la pen than for macron. neither candidates were particularly liked and macron being the former banker, described as elitist who will just carry on the status quo of french politics, but regardless he did win, he becomes france's youngest ever french president and has a lot of work ahead of him. and he also acknowledged in central paris that he knows that there's extremist views out there, people are concerned about immigration and security and he says he will address those fears. take a listen to this. >> faced with extremism, i know that we have certain disagreements and i will respect them but i will also be loyal to that commitment that was made. i will protect for republic and
6:35 am
i will do my upmost, upmost during the five years to come to make sure that absolutely no reason whatsoever to vote for extremists. [cheers and applause] ashley: while certainly proeuropan, maria, we know that. as for marine la pen in her concession speech she basically said she was very proud that she manage today garner 11 million votes, the highest number ever for the national front party. she also acknowledge that had the stigma of the par-right policies hurt her. she even talked about changing the name of the national front to something more inclusive. i don't think she's going away but certainly she was soundly defeated in yesterday's election, maria. maria: she made a good point that she's not going away. do you think she looks to the next election, where is the next battle? ashley, yes, she will, the national front as it stands
6:36 am
only has two members of the french parliament out of 577. she did gain the support of a minor political party but is it enough to get her some more seats in the french assembly to give her a bigger voice. that'll be hard for her because she has stigma but still going to be around, who knows, 2022, five years from now she could still be back again trying to become president. >> quick question, one of the things that i heard a lot in the rhetoric was the unemployment rate which is 10%, but for young people it's 22%. does the new administration talked about how to tackle that because that's clearly a challenge to deal with? >> it is a huge challenge and macron has talked about french labor laws have strangled the economy. it's very difficult to fire or
6:37 am
hire anybody so for those people specially the younger people in france to get a job is very, very difficult, in fact, i know many young french people go to england, london to get work and experience and then come back and stand a better chance of getting a job. how he proposes to do that is reform labor laws, but good luck. he's not liked by the unions here. he's going to cut 120,000 jobs and cut public spending by 65 billion u.s. dollars. maria: he got the majority, ashley, we will be watching the situation, thanks so much. ashley webster on the ground live in paris. coming up provocations from north korea, fourth american citizen been detained while trying to leave the isolated country. growing tensions next. mtv takes turn and maxine waters makes appearance and trevor noah
6:38 am
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maria: welcome back, markets markets are looking lower this morning. take a look this monday morning. futures indicating decline about 60 points in dow jones industrial. a couple of moves here. investors are looking for update on disney's division division and ad sales specifically at espn. snapchat facing its first real test as public company. it is reporting first quarter earnings wednesday. many investors are questioning whether snapchat daily user growth can expand as facebook introduces similar features. down half a percent at 23.07. north korea has detained yet another american citizen.
6:42 am
cheryl casone with the details now, cheryl. cheryl: north korea announcing american kim was arrested on suspicion of committing hostile acts, he taught accounting at the same north korean university tony kim, another american arrested two weeks ago, that brings total of four americans currently detained by the communist nation. the state department says it's working with the swedish embassy in pyongyang. well, approximately 50,000 people were evacuated yesterday in the german town before officials did a plan diffusion of two world war ii era bombs, three sites have been identified nearby. world war ii the target of extensive bombing from allied forces in particular in 1943. film beauty and the beast and
6:43 am
stranger things winner last night. trevor noah won popcorn award and took a shot at the president of the united states, listen. >> thank you to donald j. trump for the comedy. [cheers and applause] >> the j stands for jesus. a lot of people don't know that. cheryl: maxine waters received a standing ovation. actress ross appearing with the california democrat to present best fight against the system award. >> i will take this moment to go off script and say congresswoman maxine waters, thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you for your work, thank you for your voice and how you use it and thank you for being an extraordinary example for all of us specially in these
6:44 am
times. cheryl, maria, there you go, award show, political show, i don't know anymore but i will send it back to you. maria: yeah, we don't know anymore. that's what we were saying during comrcial break. i think people are getting tired from all of the attacks from celebrities and award show on the president and the administration, am i wrong? lee: there's an echo chamber going on. hollywoods are talking to each other and people to the left are talking to each other, urban centers that they believe what's going on in the world. i mean, you have the rest of the country who are looking at this people who say i have nothing in common with you, you have no idea what it's like to live with me, a town where the factory doors are closed down, no job opportunities. you're sitting up there wearing a million dollars worth of jewelry that somebody lent you for a fun night. they don't get it. dagen: surprisingly local and they talk today people within their community. they're artist and left-leaning,
6:45 am
i get that. they have no concept of who buys the tickets to their films, of who actually watches their shows on television. it is totally lost on them. maria: it's like george clooney during the election when he was like we are not going to do this, we are not going to elect donald trump. what does he know about the population's health care, about their jobs, about their -- >> don't ratings matter on television shows and the assumption that everybody who is watching agrees with you? it's got to hurt at some point, doesn't it? lee: we see award show ratings going down and maybe that's part of the reason why. >> half of the country apparently feels different if you look at the election results. dagen: by the way, they should have gone in the audience and pulled the attendees of the award show and asked who their congressperson, who is your congressman, i guaranty you that 98% couldn't tell you. lee: it used to be that when you
6:46 am
were a celebrity and marketing and executive, your job was to know your target audience but not just know them but love them because you're providing service and understand that you are where you are because of them and that doesn't happen anymore maria: that's how i feel about our audience. dagen: at least they didn't trot out hillary clinton. lee: they said that they admire her for taking a stand against the system and what they are missing is the fact that donald trump won the election is because the american people said, i believe he's going to take a stand against the system. maria: and i don't like the system. take a short break, the yankees outlasting the cubs in a marathon, 18-inning game last night. both teams breaking major league record. we have all the highlights coming right after this. stay with us
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maria: welcome back, breaking news right now. coach is acquiring kate spade. 18.50 a share. coach shares obviously. this has been rumored in the past that coach was looking at kate spade, we have a deal on the table. we will see if there's any movement in the stocks. the chicago marathon might be away but two teams gave it at wrigley field. jared, what a night? jared: longest sunday night
6:51 am
baseball game ever. two baseball games for the price of one and got to see this, in the 12th inning, 4-4 the score, the yankees is going to hit one towards foul territory. 100 feet, diving into the crowd and hangs onto it. what a watch. the game stays tied. we fast-forward to the top of the 18th inning, castro at of the new york yankees at the plate. hicks comes and scores the go ahead and yankees 5-4. the guy started game 7 against jason, strike-outs, that 48 strike-out in last night's game, yankees win 5-4. yankees completing a three-game sweep.
6:52 am
has any basketball player dominated like lebron james in they are onto conference finals. 11 straight games. unbelievable. he's also the first player to score 35 or more in every game of the four-game sweep. the cavaliers advance past the raptors, 109-102. next up wizards and the celtics. that series is tied at 2. the rockets also beat the spurs to even that series at 2 apiece. congratulations to the national predators, for the first time since they joined in nhl the predators will play in the western conference finals, one series away from the first trip of stanley cup finals. game 6 by three to one count. they are going play game seven wednesday night. you don't have anything to do wednesday at a baseball game is not going 18 innings, i recommend gave 7 of
6:53 am
any stanley playoffs. maria: what about the massive 18-car pile-up? jared: got into it with chase elliot and all of a sudden the cars go completely all over the place. maria: wow. >> pretty bad crash but always exciting. we had a chance to talk to chase elliot was in the house the past weekend. i asked chase elliot about a question that bush who won daytona 50 this year had brought up. he thinks that a lot of problems with young drivers, is not a lot of folks don't know what's going on under the hood, they don't know how to fix the car and therefore might not know how to control at certain point and i asked elliot and larson and they say it's different today. our job is to drive the car, there's somebody who does this, there's somebody who does this, think in terms of us at the studio light goes out, we can't
6:54 am
go and change it. [laughter] dagen: this is why i don't watch the giant super speedway races, essentially means that they broadly speaking they limit how fast the cars can go. they limit the horsepower and the engine by essentially reducing the amount of air that's mixed in in the fuel mixture. giant super speedway and you see every single super speedway race, daytona, see the massive crashes and until nascar steps back and does something about it, they run the risk of somebody getting killed and it's why i refuse to watch the races. maria: looks dangerous to see. dagen: i know the drivers hate them. it removes all skill and it's just hammer down, drive around
6:55 am
in a pack and hope that you don't get taken out and i just -- maria: what's your opinion on that? dagen: these the races and two races at daytona every year including 500 and two races at taladega and it's a crap shoot. there's no skill involved at all. jared: who else waited a long time? john daily, won on champions tour, first time doing that. congratulations to the entertaining john. [laughter] lee: exciting day. jared: wearing something colorful. lee: the yankees were still playing? jared: i was in rem at that point. maria: thank you, jared, catch sports report on fox sports 24/7
6:56 am
or serious -- siriusxm 115
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6:59 am
maria welcome back, good monday morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday may eighth. top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. governor greg abbott takes to facebook live to sign a law banning the controversial city status in the state. >> texans expect us to keep them safe and that is exactly what we are going to do by me signing this law. maria: we are taking a closer look at the tough new law cracking down on illegal immigrants in texas. president trump's travel ban heads back to court, france has spoken naming centrist emmanuel macron as the country's next president. what right-wing nationalist marine la pen's defeat means to populism in europe. macron victory driving markets this morning. the euro surge, major averages down fractionally.
7:00 am
the cac quarante in paris is lower dye almost 1%. ftse fractionally moving this morning. in asia overnight, markets mostly higher. the big winner was japan, nikkei up overnight. coach is acquiring kate spade, the deal is $2.4 billion, kate spade shares are jumping on the news. before you bite into breakfast this morning a recall to tell you about, aunt jemima recalling frozen products over listeria concerns. how much money the guard apes of the galaxy sequel brought in this weekend? all the stories and helping know break it down dagen mcdowell, mitch rochelle and pollster and maslansky + partners president, lee carter. lee: great to be here. dagen: fantastic, i can't wait for your upcoming guest.
7:01 am
maria: kevin mccarthy is coming up. we want to talk about the agenda and really what gets done expect. >> and whether or not they can get tax reform done if they have to have the health care booming around. maria: we know that the senate wants to start from scratch on health care. lee: they could have a better way of talking about that instead of starting from scratch . starting from scratch seems scary. dagen: to mitch mcconnell's dret, he's had a group to put together for some time, they are ready to start acting, it's not like that they are starting at 0 zero per hour. lee: don't say that you're starting from scratch. maria: they want to own it to their bill. >> doesn't it come back to the house to vote again? dagen: can we all just come together? maria: all of those questions
7:02 am
for california congressman. kevin mccarthy will join us. chairman of human longevity, he's cheating death by finding solutions for longevity. judge andrew napolitano is here, big show ahead. texas governor greg abbott signing a bill prohibiting cities in the state from enacting so-called sanctuary laws, the governor slammed the sanctuary cities and he streamed the signing of that bill on facebook live. watch. >> let's be clear about something, we all support legal immigration. it helps to build america in texas, but legal immigration is different from harboring people who have committed dangerous crimes.
7:03 am
those policies are sanctuary city policies and won't be tolerated in texas. maria: joining us right now fox news contributor and former florida congressman, lieutenant west. >> my pleasure, maria. maria: after president trump vows to withhold any funding from sanctuary cities, what do you make of the governor reinforcing the president's position this morning? >> well, i'm coming to dallas, texas, which is my home, i moved on january 2015, one of the concerns that we had in dallas, texas, county sanctuary county. so i think that what you see is governor abbott taking the steps to make sure that the rule of law stands here in the great state of texas. let me give you an example of how far this can go, just late last week the city of sacramento, the home of the state capital there in california voted to allow
7:04 am
taxpayer funds to be used for illegal immigrants for their legal services, so do we want to see law abiding citizens now all of a sudden have in tax revenues use for illegal emigrants challenge deportations. these municipalities have to abide by rule of law or else we will have a break down of the united states of america. maria: we have a great panel, lieutenant colonel, how can you argue against those people who are illegal and committing crimes? >> i think the aclu. i think that's what it's about and i have to imagine that the rule of law should stand whether it's a municipality, the state or federal government. lee: think about the language. sanctuary city presumes you're keeping people safe, it's such a lovely term but when you're doing is allowing crime thals --
7:05 am
criminals. it becomes almost impossible to disagree with it when you're talking about it in those terms. dagen: president obama he was talking about preserving obamacare and dreamers and he put in place protections of young people who were brought in here illegally in the united states. he talked about their bravery, i think bravery was one of the words that he used and strength and my first reaction was, you know what, when you use those kinds of terms, let's talk about those people who are risking their lives protecting theunitey talk about people in the united states. nobody wants the millions of people rounded up and deporting but we can stop letting people in the country. maria: let's hear the president last night. listen to this. >> i think of dreamers who
7:06 am
suppress their fears to keep working and striving in the only country they've ever called home . and every american stands up for immigrants because they know that their parents or grandparents or great grandparents were immigrants too and they know that america is an idea that only grows stronger with each new person who adopts our common creed. maria: well, obviously the president is also confusing the legal and illegal immigrants. i mean, we all want immigrants, we just immigrants to come to this country under the structure that's in place in a legal capacity. lee: i think that's part of their strategy. maria: the idea of mixing legal and illegal really gets me mad because it tells the wrong information to the public. lee: makes it seem that you're
7:07 am
inhumane, the distinction of illegal and legal is a important one. it's about paying taxes, it's about participating in the country and all the great things that we have toffer. it's about all of the things that we need to be successful society. it's not like we are trying to kick people out. we want them to be here as americans. maria: what do you think about that? president obama last night. >> well, what you are talking about is the -- the great means by which the liberal-progressive left is able to manipulate language. you talked about it earlier in segment of preexisting conditions when it comes to health care law. i have two taurs, my two daughters are dreamers as well. all of our children are dreamers. what we should be stressing is that we have people that understand and respect the rule of law and that there are consequences to individual bad behavior and breaking that rule of law and that is what we should have the president, former president of the united states of america stressing.
7:08 am
but this is a political football. something where they're trying to gain more popularity with a certain segment of the lek treat and they are using that language which, of course, demonizes you if you don't believe in this, you're, right, maria, there's something about legal immigration that we all support and we need to streamline processes but illegal immigration is illegal and i don't understand why anyone would be able to stand up for it. dagen: i think the language that president obama used in talking about the dreamers, i said bravery, people who push down their fierce and keep working and striving. well, president obama protected these dreamers from deportation and president trump has said also that the dreamers will not be deported, that they're not -- that they're not a target of deportation efforts under the new administration. of course, usa today finds this one individual who is a rare case who had other problems, they put on the front page about this individual being deported when he left the country and came back.
7:09 am
maria: the left is trying to confuse and make sure whether you're legal and illegal it's the same thing even when it comes to security. this coming as the islamic state is alleging extremists to buy weapons from gun shows in the united states. that's according to the washington post. lieutenant, what do you think about that? how easy would be from an an extremist to purchase a gun in gun shows. >> i'm a gun owner and on the board of the national rifle association. you have a lot of law enforcement at gun shows, you have a lot of people who have radar up and they are really scrutinizing the people that are there at gun shows and now that they know this is something that isis is talking about, i think that they'll be even more attune to individuals that are coming there. it has to be about see something, say something and i think that we need more americans to really report suspicious activities and
7:10 am
behaviors and not fall into this language of islamophobia which makes people shut up. maria: we will leave it there. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. thank you. maria: lieutenant colonel allen west. a recall of aunt jemima may have you thinking about what's for breakfast this morning. your weekend recap next at angiee
7:11 am
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maria: trial begins today for the tulsa oklahoma police officer who was fatally shot unarmed man, cheryl casone with the details. cheryl: this inciting a lot of anger. facing manslaughter charges in the september shooting death of terance crutcher, shelby said it was self-defense but the video shows crutcher walking with his hands up before she opened fire. shelby faces four years in
7:14 am
prison, but this case has soaked anger among those who see racial bias in u.s. policing. well, interior secretary ryan zinke has embarked on trip to utah. executive order signed last month called for review of 27 tial monumen established by several former presidents. zinke said in news conference, sees trip as listening tour to determine if the monuments fit with federal laws. well, listeria concerns forcing new jersey-based company to recall aunt jemima pancakes, waffles and french toast. small amounts of listeria in the manufacturing environment but no illnesses have been reported, distributors and retailers are being notified to remove products from store shelves in the u.s. and méxico. box office this weekend. >> hope you're ready, he'll be here any minute. is that a rifle? >> you don't know what a rifle
7:15 am
looks like? >> swords were your thing and guns are mine, i guess we are both doing guns now. cheryl: adaptation guardians of the galaxy. $145million in debut weekend, the boss baby bounced back up to number 3 earning 6 million and the comedy took fourth place. maria, disney, again, who is coming out with earnings doing pretty well over the weekend. maria: sure is. espn issue recently took the wind. guardian of the galaxy, mitch, are you surprised? >> i haven't seen any of it.
7:16 am
maria: do you watch movies at home? >> we try to see a movie with teenage kids that we have to get out of the house -- maria: have they seen the movie? >> no, they haven't either. don't use -- do not use the rochelle house -- maria: okay. lee: i always see the one that's losing in the box office. >> we thought about latin lover one. dagen: it shows that guardians of the galaxy wins because it's creative, it's out of the box and just them using the old and the original and in this version the 70's, the old 70's sound track and part of the plot, part of the story line in the film, i mean, it gave it another marketing hook and we saw the doritos box on for this film, the doritos cassette player, excuse me.
7:17 am
maria: that was a good idea. dagen: the film is genius and the marketing around ducktails. maria: the election has happened. former investment emmanuel macron beats marine la pen. streaming service decides to pick up 13 reasons why for another season this coming after backlash that the show glorifies teen suicide. that's next. your insurance company
7:18 am
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maria: welcome back resounding victory for centrist emmanuel macron in france. the independent former investment banker said to become the next president of france after defeating far-right candidate marine la pen in second round of voting in france. joining us right now senior fellow epicenter for strategic and international studies jeffrey. >> good morning, great to be with you. maria: macron's win not just defeat for the far right but mainstream parties in france, right? what's your take away on what took place? >> i think there are three big things that happened in this election. the first one is by any measure this was a landslide. macron won over 65% of the vote, 5 points better than the most optimistic polls had predicted. so that's the first big message. the second message as you say it is a rejection of the far right. marine la pen did worst than the
7:22 am
polls suggested and she did not capitalize on a lot of the antisystem sentiment that was out there in the first round. so while she's got a lot of support, no where close to winning. in the third story, the collapse of the traditional parties in france. the center left specially they got in the single digits and also the conservative center right did much worst than expected. so this is a very rapidly changing political landscape in france and now at the head of it you have a young new-comer with relatively little political experience but who embodies a certain desire for change among the french electorate. maria: so fascinating. what do you think this means for the u.s.? >> well, what this means for the u.s. is first of all macron will have a bit more moment -- momentum.
7:23 am
so this is a partner, the united states can work with. france is -- is very active in fighting terrorism, in taking military action where the need so they've become an ever more important partner for the united states on the military side. politically macron fits into, i guess you would say the european mainstream. he's going to work closely with angela merkel in germany and, i think, they're going to hold the line on european-russian policy and i think they're going to be continuity there. lee: this is lee carter, i have a question for you -- looking at this whole thing, i thought this is playing out the same way as it was in the u.s., we have la pen similar to donald trump and now thinking about it, they just elected a businessman with little experience to solve the problems that have -- maria: sounds familiar.
7:24 am
>> macron emphasized his background in the private sector but he was also the economy minister for a while under the president hollande's government. he's looking for centrist options rather than trying to dismantle the system. so i think that -- that is going to be the main thrust. he wants to reduce public-sector employment by not as much as the other candidates. he wants to reform the economy but within, i think, centrist lane. i don't think he's looking to totally remake france as la pen certainly would have wanted to. dagen: president obama endorsed macron, does that in any way impact macron's relationship with our president trump? >> i don't know, i think you'll have to ask the white house about that. i mean, the -- dagen: well, he did tweet congratulations to -- >> that's true.
7:25 am
i think, you know, he hasn't telephoned him yet. it'll be interesting how quickly the two get on the phone and talk about what they see as the future for u.s.-french relations. it's important to remember here, there are a couple of things that didn't happen that are pretty significant. the first is there was a terrorist attack just two weeks ago in the heart of paris, some people thought that was going to move the polls toward la pen, law and order vote, it didn't. actually they stayed right where they were and then you had the big hack and dump of documents on friday evening right before the black-out period started which it doesn't seemed to have moved the needle at all either. you know, you to think that if this was a russian cyber-attack asthma cron's campaign and some independent cybersecurity companies have said that people in has cow must be disappointed. dagen: i will point out that in two previous terror attacks the
7:26 am
one i believe was in paris and in nice, that didn't move the polling numbers for marine -- for la pen either. so there were some people who didn't expect her to get that big of a boost and she didn't. it clearly didn't help her. >> i called france over the weekend to talk to colleagues and friends that are there, violence is the biggest concerns amongst local whether they be expats or nationals and has to be a top agenda to deal with the violence, not just terrorism but violence in general. dagen: huge concerns among tourists. anybody who would normally would take a trip this time of year to trance and paris, they are thinking twice about it. maria: europe in general. jeffrey, what about that? is that going to be the driving priority on his agenda? >> well, it's certainly going to be a top item on his agenda and france has been the victim of
7:27 am
several terrorist attacks in recent years and it has become in some ways part of a grim reality that the french public realizes is a real threat and that's why you've got a huge deployment of french soldiers and arms inside the country and macron has said he's going to increase defense spending and is going to, you know, take a tough line on terrorism. on the other hand, i think if you're talking about violence more generally there hasn't been much history of you think about maybe disappointed national front supporters, there hasn't been much of a tradition of that kind of violence. so i think the real focus is on the -- the terrorist problem when you think about internal security in france and it's a real challenge. maria: all right, we will leave it there. jeffrey good to talk to you. jeffrey rathke.
7:28 am
alleged russian election interference said to testify today. judge napolitano tells us what to expect from sally yates and james clapper. all coming up back in a moment. two become one. then you're a couple.
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gendarme. s. maria: welcome back. good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us i am maria bartiromo. it is monday, may 8 top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on the east coast, a crucially test to president trump's travel ban what is at stake in today's appeals court hearing on to revised executive order, and bombshell in the investigation into alleged russian election meddling former acting attorney general yates to appear before the senate judiciary committee a preview of testimony coming up contact in charter reportedly dial up a deal for wireless service how a partnership could shake up the wireless industry markets waiting on french election we got them investors brushed off emmanuel macron's victory futures indicating a fractionally lower opening start of trading earnings also driving the picture in europe markets are mixed the cac quarante in paris down almost 1%, ft 100 up a fraction the dax is down a fraction, in asia overnight, markets -- mostly higher japan was the big win nikkei average
7:32 am
there up 2 1/3 percent netflix announces 13 reasons why, watch. >> got to win o he -- >> the story of my life. >> more specifically why my life ended. think of -- you are one of the reasons why streaming giant not criticism come in -- >> president trump's tar defaced with a golden toilet the gross -- prank coming up in hollywood, our top story half on a hour president trump halt on attractively from 6 predemeanor inhabitly muslim nations in court rare move seen by full court instead of three judge panel fox news
7:33 am
senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano good to see you -- >> good morning. >> what is significance of the entire court hearing this appeal versus three judges. >> you know almost always o done in three judge panels for convenes to more cases done in instance in which losing side would probably ask that the full court hear it anyway, they are going to save the initial step and bring it to the fullcourt. under the law three judge panel speaks for the entire court, unless the losing side asks the entire court to hear the case three judge panel if that is the case, still sits with their colleagues on the entire court so a judge hearing same case judge are heard this is not the ninth circuitry this is fourth circuit court of pales headquarters in richmond if you asked me ten years ago how conservative is fourth circuit i would have said most skrf in the united states if you ask me today i say far more like
7:34 am
ninth circuit happen it used to be barack obama white house justice department rather you will see ently below radar screen methodology give to furtherth skrt what donald trump is about to do to many other circuits radically change its center of gravity. >> what do you expect. >> i don't know a single maryland judge enjoyed enforcement of the travel ban in country a single federal judge in hawaiie did same thing heard may 15 we may end up with two different decisions, that will beg, beg for supreme court involvement. the ninth circuit cannot control what happens in the fourth fourth cannot control what happens in the ninth, can the president's order mean different things different parts of the country of course not a -- deplorable state of affairs. >> the -- >> how he quickly --
7:35 am
>> get an opinion about a month or two, the same with the oral argument, in the ninth circuit may 15 would mean losing side asking the supreme court to hear this in september. if supreme court agrees to hear in it september, it would probably hear it sometime during the -- course of the 2017-201 term. meaning a decision probably in june, a year from now june 2018. that is pretty fast, as these things go, normally they take a lot longer remember this is the preliminary round. this is a preliminary injunction meaning not a trial, this is just a judge preliminaryly looking at the documents and saying this is the way i think it will go this is what i think is unconstitutional, there is no record no jury trial no findings of fact if fourth circuit sounds it back to trial court ninth circuit sends it to trial court for trieldz then you are talking
7:36 am
four years before the supreme court gets it. maria: to cal hill former acting attorney general yates, james clapper testifying before senate judiciary committee the top democrat senator dianne feinstein on what she expects to here. >> she professional not a politician sent a lot of time in the department widely respected. and she apparently has some information as to who knew what when. that she is willing to share and that would be what she knew about michael flynn's connections to russia. maria: your expectations. >> i agree with senator feinstein characterization of sally yates as respected attorney a democrat but also very well respected attorney in legal community washington, d.c., this is unusual in this respect, when you see somebody testifying before a house or
7:37 am
senate committee or subcommittee, they have already told the committee investigators either informally or under oath what they are going to say sally yates is not -- lindsey graham chairing this hearing a have an idea what he is going to say doesn't have it from here doesn't know what she is going to say they could come out with a bombshell could say told president-elect trump such and such. dagen: not testifying in front of this same subcommittee susan rice making the argument it was not a bipartisan request it was only lindsey graham who asked me. >> you can decline to testify if you are asked. but if you are subpoenaed you cannot decline. why did they ask her 37 why didn't they subpoena her,
7:38 am
subpoena her, she has material knowledge about who was unmasked, that is what private conversations did she see that she asked who is the name of the person of the transcript of words that i am reading according to "washington post" conversations -- who was unmasked what was basis for unmasking what did you do with this information did you use it for political information or did you really need it to enhance about national security. maria: why don't they suspect her. >> i don't know why they didn't suspect her some won along the line will subpoena her. dagen: there was a report last week as well that we should point out, that there was -- there was that the obama administration during the election year was basically collecting information on americans part of received surveillance a number of them the names were unredacted in documents that were -- that put together. it was a single report. but -- >> well if that is true, i
7:39 am
happen to believe it is from other sources but if that is true it was done under the management of james clapper, if he doesn't know about it he was incompetent if he did know about it a lot of explaining to do about it. >> hard o to believe he didn't know then rogue agents using the power of the government supposed to be used to protect our national security for partisan political purposes a serious danger and threat to liberate tees happened under his watch. >> government officials conducted more than 30,000 searches just last year seeking information about americans in nsa interce meta data more than 5,000 americans where they scoured the calls and there were several thousand that were include more than 3,000 that were in -- >> what is the source of what you are reading -- >> these numbers are huge.
7:40 am
senator graham and his people know about this, going to have to answer for them the same director clapper who committed perjury, when he lied under oath about whether or not the nsa was swilling tnz of hundreds of millions of earns he should have said senator it is a question i cannot answer in public rather than giving a wrong answer under whoeth senator who asked knew it was the wrong answer. >> same person said there is absolutely no evidence to suggest any collusion between donald trump and the russians yet they continued the charade of trying to figure out, some collusion, between the president, and thank you russians over the election, it is really enough. >> i wonder if jim comey will announce when this is over what he said when hillary clinton investigation was over. >> president trump turning focus to the lower federal courts will unvai new apointes some from same list he puddle judge gorsuch from do you
7:41 am
think same behavior from a senate democrats obstructionist obstructionist obstructionist. >> they yushl don't do it at this level this is united states court of appeals in 12 groups we talked about 4th and 9th circuitry there is a 13th doesn't have a number has a name, they normally don't provoke great opposition even though they are final court, 95% of litigation in the federal system, i think the democrats would again just as with justice gorsuch be waisting their time they already lost the ability to philippiali filibuster at this level harry reid decision from a couple years ago. >> netflix renewing a controversial show 13 reasons why, for another season, this decision follows recent backlash some say show
7:42 am
glorifies scene suicides. >> vandals flushing away concerns about the authority, that is next, back in a on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business.
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7:45 am
maria: welcome back. breaking news a manhunt under way this morning following a shooting, at a famous hotel in miami beach, cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: that is right maria, that search continues this morning for a man suspected of shooting two people outside miami beach fontan blue hotel favorite with celebrity crowd unfooifd victims outside the hotel when it happened female victim in stable condition man in critical condition multiple gunshot wounds both ran into the lobby for help after the shooter fled, on foot.
7:46 am
well, netflix, is doubling down on controversy. >> the truth. >> -- whatever she thought she saw she lied about it on tapes a crazy drama queen killed hers for attention. cheryl: netflix renude the controversial teen drama 13 reasons why for second season, picked up during aftermath of baker's death popular some. >> teens suicide. >> toys "r" us reramping to win back customers amazing to amazon toys "r" us says a new site will debut a small number of users a full rollout if early july spending nearly 1 hundred million dollars to jump-start e-commerce experience they admit they
7:47 am
have fallen behind the times, donald trump's star on hollywood walk of fame vandalized again. somebody placed a golden toilet next to trump's star over the weekend, reads take a trump you can see law enforcement telling tmz no won reported vandalism not really investigating the prank but we should say this is not the first time the star has been messed with, last-minute somebody scribbled we can't say on tv in october james otis, took a pickax to the star. maria: people are so sick and tired of this that is wrong, why are aren't more people calling this out, this is just wrong sl. >> totally wrong, a pickax words we can't repeat that level of anger needs to go i think people have freedom of expression but i don't -- vandalizeing is not part. >> this is rieldz. >> the respect for the office of the president united states
7:48 am
is the thing that really gets me -- should be rev revenues for the office. >> i think important we separate we start separating, the person from the behaviors you don't like the policies you don't like rather than just categorizing him as demon, i this can we need healthier debates about what people believe. >> like colbert homophobic tirade against president trump okay because president trump not okay in any other instance even rapting about somebody wasn't even famous i don't understand the left stands behind -- >> former president obama what would happen to that person. >> arrested thrown in jail would you be labeled a racist the rest of your life, period, there you go. maria: coming up next cable giants partnering up charter communication let's make deal
7:49 am
details next, back in a moment. ♪ ♪ listen up, heart disease.) you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights. and fragmented care- stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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7:52 am
maria: breaking news cable giants comcast charter communication reaching a deal on wireless partnership, welcome brand-new fox business correspondent tracey with us, with details, welcome tracey. >> thank you so much. >> welcome to fox. >> so happy to be here thank you very much, two largest u.s. cable companies making that deal official moments ago try to get a piece of the highly competitive oversaturated mobile service market companies view wireless phone service as chance to create new products to make bundles more appealing and help keep existing customers they hope that by offering a
7:53 am
quadplay of cable tv home internet wireless service customers will be less likely to drop service and jump to rival comcast will offer wireless plans early as this month charter aiming 2018 relying on agreements with verizon communications allowing them to resell verizon airwaves countries breed would team up n o commercial agreements with national wireless carriers like the one they have with verizonet neither would make moves without other consent, allow companies to share expertise. >> that is where it is going every cable company has everything whether phones cable, intent and telecom companies the same. >> makes sense. >> cable cords cut in the air bring it all the question are they going to need that content at some point; right?
7:54 am
they have pipes. >> netflix and orinal conten >> going to -- >> the pipe is now under the pipe now in the air, so if you want to move it all together you are going to have to have content as part of the quota he gos. >> bundle all those services together not to sound like a -- a curmudgeon but the monthly bills are outrageously expensive. >> they are. >> providers in the house two outrageous bills. >> what am i getting for money -- going to be -- >> you get content they have to pay for content that is why passing the costs to you the question do they create original content. >> right great story for you to kick off your career here, tracey you come to us from wcbs in new york but also a fox affiliate tell us about yourself working for fox family. >> thank you so much i starting my career in duluth minnesota adding fog affiliate there moved to nashville,
7:55 am
tennessee, and from there i was at wcbs just down the street in new york city reporting on all the big stories, tri-state area. maria: one thing i love about your résume you do way to condo i took it but didn't get far what level. >> i am a blue belt. >> fabulous. >> preparing for the purpose purple belt test, you know former cheer leader i think really helps with the flexibility and being able to move around. >> -- are you a -- >> [laughter] >> no, i don't, but i have seen a few you know "kung fu" martial arts movies. >> tell us about your dog duke. >> duke i adopted him in nashville, tennessee after doing a story there he is.
7:56 am
>> i adopted him after doing a story at animal control facility they had too many dogs next morning after i did my story i went back and got him. >> he looked at you said hey. >> take me. >> where are you -- >> -- both my dogs rescue dogs kudos to them. >> special. >> they are --. asked you out of animal control in new york city, actually dumped by owners animal control ramon is a puerto rican street dog. >> what -- my dog ella bella. >> and, great to see you tracey welcome aboard look forward to lots of your reporting. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> have great to have you.
7:57 am
>> next hour joined by house majority leader kevin mccarthy latest on replacing obamacare the way forward for the rest of trump agenda we're coming back live with kevin mccarthy stay with us. ♪ i've got the eye in the sky in the sky ♪ 's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses. or bringing wifi to 65,000 fans. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink. buttrust angie's list to help., [ barks ] visit today. welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
. >> thanks so much for joinings i am maria bartiromo, it is monday,may 8 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, the stage is set for a health care showdown in the senate, democrats slammed the plan to repeal and replace obamacare saying that it does not protect, preexisting conditions. health human services secret haved the bill. >> nobody wants folks who have preexisting health conditions or injury not to be covered we want to do it at a lower price broader choices for patients again able to see the doctor if this he want to see able doing to the hospital they want to go to clinics they want to go to not that washington forces them to participate in. >> house majority leader kevin mccarthy will join us to talk about legislation give us a appreciati previous praise next emmanuel macron will serve as france's next president what marine le
8:01 am
pen's defeat means across europe. >> market pricing in election investors brushed off emmanuel macron's viesht, futures lower opening dow industrials set to open down 20 points in europe mixed cac quarante down almost 1%, in paris ft 100 up a fraction the dax index in germany down fraction in asia overnight, markets mostly higher japan was the big kwirn nikkei average up 2 1/3 percent, a emerge monday sinclair close to acquiring restrictively would reship a the landscape, about those the stars set sights on president trump, at mtv movie tv awards last night highlights and low lights from the read carpet coming up all this morning joining me to break it down fox business networks dagen mcdowell house majority leader kevin mccarthy pollster, partners president lee carter great to see everybody, welcome. >> great to be here welcome. maria: great do have you congressman delighted you are hereafter really an important sweep for you and colleagues last week.
8:02 am
>> a big week i think for all americans, the challenge is so much, we are focusing on a bill, but the people didn't focus on last week was news coming out of iowa. you know think of the health care system we currently have with obamacare here was health care, billing out of iowa 94 out of 99 counties will not have health care next year, pulling out of virginia, then you have the premiums going up in maryland race that is 58% they want increase in the plan that most people take, and chalnges we d, the part i think america not -- >> why so struck last night to hear president obama at podium, in boston saying, have courage, fight back with this, yet he no mention of the fact that obamacare is k comloeimplo. >> 18 he collapsed, now roughly over 3,000 counties in
8:03 am
america one-third of those currently today only have one provider. i mean, it just has not worked, that is why the american people want a change. maria: right. >> so we know where we have been want to look about where we're going we are happy you are here to blake burman standing by at white house right now with more and we continue our conversation with the congressman, blake, over to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you as you were mentioned we heard for the first time from form president obama after house republicans voted to repeal and replace his law. >> called for pillage courage said lawmaker should act in name of courage not in name of political expieduency. >> i hope current members recall that actually doesn't take a lot of courage to aid those who are already powerful already comfortable already
8:04 am
but it does require courage to champion vulnerable the sick -- >> burden of fulfilling campaign pledge falls on republican senators in washington over weekend president trump tweeted the following quoting from the president, he said republican senators will not let american peel down obamacare premiums deductibles way up it was a lie it is dead and that is the line you get up and down here from the trump administration, they say obamacare is far beyond even life support. >> we have two options, continue down the road you are on failing collapsing system that most people don't think is going to work, if you poll it or start process for better system more choices more options lower premiums. >> however as relates to the senate don't expect any legislation any time soon, senators say they are going to write their own bill
8:05 am
potentially not pick up the house bill first, they want o to hear from congressional budget office a score, just to see exactly how much that bill might indeed cost back to you. maria: blake thank you so much blake burman later there we are house majority leader kevin mccarthy right now congressman i want to ask you about where this heads next because we all know, the senate is basically saying, we are going to start anew, right, bill cassidy on yesterday "sunday morning futures" here is what he said about the overhaul. >> i hope so really important, obamacare premiums continue to climb. ensures keep pull out of markets, i love to have cooperation from democratic party so far they have cooperated at you all it is important blue state or redstate insurance markets escalating crossing some cases imploding we like we get it done this year. >> he has his patient act, he and susan collins, how does
8:06 am
that jibe with what you did. >> senators have different ideas they are their own legislative o body i have no problems if they write their own bill if it took house passing a bill to get moving on a bill i thank them for that, but whatever they do they need to act because more people are losing health care, premiums are continuing to rise. so that is the way the system is set up. we move legislation they move legacy any difference we go to conference send it to the president, but everyone the timing is important, that they need to start working but they have been working we have worked with a number of senators, i know mcconnell set up a working group ahead of time, i think this adds a little added pressure to them they have to act, remember, when you are having new administration there are 1200 positions that have to be confirmed remember what democrats have been doing no president has to wait this long to try to get cab at the time confirmed. >> going through that supreme court at the same time now
8:07 am
focus can be after a budget funding bill through, on senate side on health care. >> i expect them to do it i don't think will take that long to act. maria: i want to ask you how tough it has been working and doing all that you have been doing without any democratic support pretty incredible first explain to us what you did, in terms of making the changes that you made in the last couple of weeks, you and i had a conversation you were saying taking the six people out of the pool affected because it is going to lower the cost, for the broader pool explain preexisting conditions, and changes you made. what is frustrating out there we protect preexisting health conditions individual market so if you have medicaid health care from company this doesn't deal with you, so obamacare three things took greater control of government, over health care, they created the exchanges and expand medicaid expansion 1% of the population
8:08 am
would take 23% of health care expenditures, 5% will count for about 1/2, prior to obamacare, there are some states that did very well with high-risk pools, if you take a wisconsin if you are in wisconsin, and if you have cancer put into high-risk pool that gave i nine different plans, you were not restricted from going to any hospital any doctor, the price of that premium was actually less than paying for the aca today in this without -- aca took away high-risk pools what we do we allow states to bring them back so if you take those individuals, that need some of the greatest care and allow them to have it then you are taking a pool that is a different size, with that care out of it government inside helping there, the premiums were lower that is the what we are trying to get premiums lower more choice, more options and individuals to go into the market and choose, i watched you look at ail these
8:09 am
different cable choices going on, you got more choices in cable than every in health care. maria: that is right. >> government mandates what you have to take people have different parts of age they look for different things, sometimes they stop looking for maternity sometimes looking for braces there is different options why don't we let individual choose that the market will actually drive down, when they start having more plans to offer. >> that will create the choice. that will lower the cost. you know that -- competition. >> exactly, and interestingly nobody talks about i didn't hear the president quote the former president quote this last night, more people took the penalty or the option that than signing up for obamacare. so a basically saying i will pay because i can't deal with the deductions and costs. >> the individual market in obamacare is 7% of those that have health care, but remember what we're dealing with here we are giving people greater choice, the options premium coming down, because we are putting in, choice for
8:10 am
individuals, more companies will come in, they tell us every day instead pulling out give more options maybe i take a high risk doebl make a catastrophic overall plan adopt plan to what you are looking for. >> will it be medicaid expansion the senate tries to chop? >> i have heard talk of a lot of senators they can change whatever they want, that is the preroingtive. >> as when i listen to what president obama said it takes courage, okay, expansion, medicaid was created for the poor disabled and what you will get is called 50% roughly feds paying state we are paying the other, obamacare expanded that to people over 130% poverty able to work government would start paying one hundred percent go top 90, he 59. >> if you look at 10-year
8:11 am
window tenth year that one year will cost one trillion dollars, one trillion was as much as we spent to fund discongregationry government, anybody currently object medicaid through expansion we keep that commitment to two years going forward coming back in, if you come back on into medicaid go to lower rate of 50%, but we give all this freedom to states, on flexibility. you want to know how crazy a bipartisan group of governors came in had to ask federal government if he could e-mail those on medicaid spent 8 months trying to do it got the e-mail from federal government denying right to communicate to those on medicaid would have cased 2 hundred million dollars. >> a waist of time and money president said once you tactical health care reform
8:12 am
save overturn obamacare taxes get trillion dollars you can start tax reform how likely is the work beginning on tax reform we know that legislation starts in house ways and means where are you -- >> you are right constitutional says article one section 7 all tax reform starts in the house starts in ways and means we have been working on this a coupngresses we have to pass budget areconciliation pass with a majority in senate a mairt not house the most important tax reform growth could help solve almost all the different issues, that we face. the idea that we maintain 2% growth in america will not get us out of problems to lift people up, especially, when you look at middle class others we've got to get growth going to compete around the world, our tax system today punishes you if you are successful, where you can't bring money back to invest in
8:13 am
america, it punishes you that you have to domicile in another country for tax advantage that is backwards, and i think when you look at framework where we are this is something probably with greatest growth next decade in america. >> how with you pay for it away from growth i understand going to pay for partly the growth but do you need this revenue nooult border-adjustment tax so he cans import taxing. >> i this i when you look you want it budge neutral easier to get through a discussion with legislative process border adjustment there are challenges in the other house. >> won't end up in final. >> very difficult to get through. >> i figured. >> the one thing i would look at, we want to be able to compete with rest of the world we have to have a tax code to compete lower the corporate rate repatriation bring trillions of dollars overseas to america make it fair taxpayer to me strongest word
8:14 am
possible seven individual rates lower that to three. >> we're going to do all that coming up there is infrastructure spending bill people want to know if you were steamrolled on spending bill we will talk about it kevin mccarthy is here and we will be right back. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at whatever it takes, wherever i have to go...i'm beating this. breast cancer treatment is continuing to evolve. ctca is definitely on the cusp of those changes. we really focus on taking the time with each individual patient so they can choose the treatment appropriate for them. i empower women with choices.
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8:16 am
. . . maria: welcome back emmanuel macron youngest president in history of france. cheryl: that is right, the 39-year-old former investment banker defeated far right candidate marine le pen a big
8:17 am
margin in yesterday's runoff, macron sports pro business and pro-eu policies. president trump tweeting last night quote congratulations to emmanuel macron on big win as next president of france, very much look forward to working with him, well headlines this morning, san claire media close to deal to purchase tribune media saying sinclair expected to pay under 44 dollars per share on tribune about 3.8 billion will combine two nation's largest operates of local tv stations, more deals possible after ftc relaxed ownership rules. >> "beauty and the beast" and netflix show stranger things win, last night at mtv remove tv awards, the golden popcorn award for best host took to stage to thank mother taking a
8:18 am
verbal shot at president of the united states. >> thank you to donnald j. trump for the -- a lot of people don't know that. cheryl: and congressman maxine waters a standing ovation for what mtv called taking a stand after tracey was appearing onstage with california democrats to present the best fight against the system award. >> i will take this moment to go off script say man maxine wa thank you. thank you for your work, thank you for your voice and how you use it and thank you for being an extraordinary example for all of us, especially in these times. cheryl: emma watson stars in "beauty and the beast," by the way, did win for best actor because there were movies tv shows honored amongst the political.
8:19 am
maria: thank you so much congressman kevin mccarthy here i think people are getting tired of this constabt pushback against president what did you make of maxine waters there. >> shows how out of touch they are. are they reaching the rest of the country i think only helps the president i think wrong message to be used, i mean in a campaign, let's have differences but when campaign is over, let's make america better and work together, it is so divisive out there, it is frustrating from that point. maria: very frustrating can't get anything done. >> the bottom line now of people you are evil if you disagree, is something that we've got to be better than this, because i think the principles we can all agree on you all want americans to be healthier we all want -- job growth everyone to come back to work people to be proud to live in this country why so divided message reas is not make america better i think a bad place for america to be
8:20 am
i've got a lot of friends in other side of the aisle very close, and i can be in their district they will get punished if i i do something with them as majority leader of the house going looking at a problem in democratically district, they can't do that. >> they know republicans resisted in passage of say obamacare for example but there wasn't the vitriol and hate speech that was out there, that is definitely true the other thing about it is nobody likes resistance obstructism that is something we need to top doing. >> they are out and about, telling the world, that they were victorious after spending bill last week we will take a break get into that left out and about basically saying that they were the vibingors there, up next the barrier to forming board wall latest in fight for one of president trump's key campaign promises the deal in the bag coach to eye acquire spade shares up
8:21 am
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8:24 am
maria: president trump signing 1.1 trillion-dollar spending bill to keep government finned through september fails to bund the border wall with us house majority leader kevin mccarthy congressman i know you did get one and a half billion dollars toward security will that go toward the border wall democrats out and about saying we are victorious rolled over won in this was that all marketing. >> i think a lot marketing this is a bipartisan bill you got to get 60 votes in the senate, a couple major victories if you look at 15 -- all during the obama administration couldn't get new money for military, otherwise would say you have to spend it also in discretionary as well the
8:25 am
problem where we couldn't stand around the wold this is a big promise that president trump set we got that the largest investment in board security in the last decade. it doesn't go and build all the wall, but gives security of what we need wrem what has happened since remember what happened since a new administration, illegal crossings dropped in some places up to 70%, why? >> incredible. >> because carrying out current law, so much as going forward so we are make improvements going off last year's budget to september 30 most started before president trump took office, and now moving forward so i believe it is a very, very good 1st down payment he had big victories got something in here that republicans were never able to get with barack obama in there, funding of the military without discretionary side biggest investment into board security in the last decade, those are victories. but it is a compromise. >>.
8:26 am
dagen: one-upped on messaging democrats said it seem like a win for them a lot they didn't get in terms of of the regot planned parenthood funding there is no direct funding technically it is money that would come out of potentially health and human services there was a crackdown on regulations for and wide in that spending bill did you tell you didn't hear that from you go a is. >> we can do so much better in messaging this is a key point remember what we have done so far, about governing out talking you need to be able to maybe doing some things too fast congressional, one time prior to president trump has it ever been signed into law we have signed 13 totally transforms what it thinks about regulation in federal government has overstepped their bounds when it comes, we have changed that, in the process, we have already been able to achieve that, so you are seeing a whole new administration, and at the same time we are achieving this, while democrats slowing everything down not giving a cabinet may be a secretary that you don't have anybody under him as well.
8:27 am
maria: what does the gop need to do in terms of messaging because dagen is absolutely right you know it you and i talked about this. >> i think a few things right accuse if you are not telling your story someone else is going to tell for you we know over 80% news stories in media negative against republicans i think need to talk about what do we stand for what are the principles we are all about, that is why we're here to begin with, so is it about care for people, is it about growing economy is about it jobs? yes, it is with those things, those are three things hitting on, let's talk about what we're doing to make those things happen otherwise democrats are owning the conversation talking about how we are taking health care away from people how he we're doing all things to hurt people rather than help them. >> somebody sweet during show way to go killing 24 million americans outrageous completely that can i have ridiculous statement comes out of what the democrats have been telling american public. >> i sitting in rose garden
8:28 am
never spoken in rose garden before talking i am not looking at faces you know what face i am looking at one family in my district, that has two preexisting conditions they care for their -- obamacare came in they no longer could keep the doctor of their choice they now pay 14 dollars a mth, they struggling every day i know them personally, when i was talking, that is who i was thinking of because i are emwith a they have gone through, or the young mother called has a young daughter with a brain cancer, called ceo just to get him the truth. that is under the current law. maria: there is the challenge that you have, as you face the resistance, right, because there is also au all resistance somebody told me that when the president had first few executive orders there were so many obama holdouts working in the white house that they actually changed the language on the executive order then was found out like they took out the word islamic you know
8:29 am
terrorist and -- do you know about this. >> yeah, i have also talked to a few secretaries that have put out their own orders, and gets carried out beyond that you almost have a working underneath because of what is the message you are hearing, you have given awards for not for achieving why arbitrary we rewarding people for working together why around the we rewarding people for solutions, i mean, structural behavior -- we have a structure business. >> addressing longevity gap how that is weighing on health care in the country going to talk to the man says he is cheating death, dr. special guest earnings and focus on wall street shares down 2% after missing expectations breaking down the numbers back in a moment.
8:30 am
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welcome back. good monday morning thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo it is monday, may 8 your stop stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the stage is set for a health care showdown in the senate now, despite questions over coverage republican leaders promised people with preexisting conditions are covered. >> if you have a preexisting conditions under our bill, you cannot be denied coverage and you cannot be charged more than anybody else, those are provisions in our bill those can't be waived by a governor if you have a preexisting condition this president is not going to let you down. maria: what that means for
8:33 am
health care coming up this morning markets pricing in election in france, investors brushed off emmanuel macron victory futures lower opening for broader averages euro soared initially send dollaring lower then stocks followed suit as you see it is negative. >> europe mixed market to look ft 100 up a fraction the cac quarante in paris, down almost 1%, and asia overnight, markets mostly higher japan was big winner up 2 and a third percent on nikkei average, a merger monday on wall street coach acquiring kate spade that valued 2 heavy billion dollars the details 2 the 1/2 billion dollars, now mapped humanon genome 16 years ago, today pioneer is doing amazing work with dna to help people applicative healthier lives longer into second century executive mairm chairman of longevity with
8:34 am
congressman kevin mccarthy great to see you thanks for inject us. >> my pleasure. >> first i want to go back to what we have lender since you masked genome you and colleagues almost 0 years ago now we have learned about heart disease what causes it about smoking, what where that leads you we haven't known enough about brain what have you learned. >> last 15 years almost nothing. next 15 years, going to be most dynamic and medical history, so we are sequencing a genome every 30 minutes 24 hours a day seven days a week, the first one cost 100 million dollars, took nine months, so now compiling on large numbers of people with clinic getting clinical information to go with them, what we're finding is boring minds only dealing with people who think they are
8:35 am
health 40% of them we find something seriously wrong with them, one in 40 has cancer, so that means if you look at congress, at least 15 or 16 people in congress that have cancer don't know it nationwide 7 1/2 million have cancer don't know it when we detect it early every case has been totally curable. so early defection from our new techniques makes a big difference so that has implications for the cost of health care it is -- kill the cost very rapidly with early defection genome comes in more we make predictions from giannone more able to screen people early on preventative diseases from happening instead of treating after they do. >> as earlier 1% of those take up over 20% health care expenditures in population 5% take up half you are able to diagnose early, cure, the
8:36 am
expense much less. >> would could take trillions of dla residence. >> better quality of life, what you go through. >> that is extraordinary, you started new company human longevity massachusetts life insurance suffered a multiyear agreement giannone sequencing tell us about. >> it life insurance companies get it want you to live a long time your health insurance doesn't give a damn whether you do or out in our health insurance is really screwed up life insurance companies they win the longer you live so they are trying to give their clients, the information to help them live longer healthy lives. >> the cover study earlier, of you saying how to cheat death tell me about this ongoing work at clinic doing physical 25,000 dollar physical, how do you cheat death.
8:37 am
>> for example, cancer we have a technical in the mri, that cancers light up like lightbulb we have five people now where they found high grade prostate cancer where they have no symptoms and normal psa. >> doesn't matter what ankle to do this. >> doesn't matter what age. >> in fact the earlier you start you start in 20s, 30s you have a baseline, for the rest of your life, that you become your own control group, and you can measure changes against yourself. >> how often should you take test. >> depends we started this study at my institute two years ago, with 16-year-old girl younger brother died from ablastoma brain tumor genome sequenced found she had three or four genes mutated trillion high risk for cancer just started at ucsd going to come and go through mri, every
8:38 am
three months, we also do some chemical tests, if we detect cancer at stage zero will be readily treatable so we know she is extremely high risk so if we know you are high risk, for many tests, then you come in at higher frequency. >> i lost my father 58, to sarcoma cancer, rare -- and so i am 52 knew timing i should have already been there right. >> we are only extract so mush my father died from southland cardiac death my mother 94 alive mentality in tact pretty weak you can't -- say that is going to be life span each of us is unique we get a different set of genes from each parents, and some mutations oirs you got to find out about you -- >> what about pushback there
8:39 am
are too many falls's with test do you open a can of worms with tons of false positives. >> 20 years ago doing ct scans would find cysts new text with mri extremely high resolution with differential images technical at ucsd tumors light up we don't use any contrast immediate, your blood vessels light up if you have a brain aneurysm shows up immediately we found several of those, usually you find them, when people die suddenly we are moving in preventative men as we interpret genome more and more what we are doing with mass mutual the best thing is clinic, so we are studying, trying to get it faster much
8:40 am
cheaper let more people do it so it is 7 1/2,000 the whole genome test whole body mri scan. >> you think people will be living into second century. >> i think much more will. but here is the challenge right now. if you are between 50 and 74 in u.s. a male, 50% of those males will never reach 74. 28% of women, so we have a long way to go in health care, right now. i mean imagine 40% like your father like my father, never saw the age of 74. >> what if you diagnose earlier able to treat cost less higher quality. >> what about alzheimer's disease to 85 button in three chances alzheimer's disease. >> chances getting every disease goes up with age alzheimer's disease can be
8:41 am
prevented card vascular system effects whether you get dementia all interrelated we can predict alzheimer's disease up to 20 years before symptoms, if you have a long time to do preventative medicine. >> every year costs come down. >> costs will come down drugs clinical trials are preventative drugs so the key for future preventative medicine the health insurance industry doesn't want to go there. maria: that makes a lot of sense great to see you we are going to have more with dr. venter this weekend thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> we appreciate very much, we will be right back. # geoblastoma.
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8:44 am
. maria: welcome back president trump crossing 100th day in office with us this morning house majority lead kevin mccarthy fascinating with dr. craig venter living to 200 years old i want to know how we are going to pay for it what are you going to do in
8:45 am
entitles we know where all the money is. >> biggest challenge, the mandatory spending 66% of entire budget ronald reagan was president was 25%, on its way to 75%, so crowding everything you i don't tell ignore this challenge. repealing obamacare for the first time in history one of the biggest entitlements by doing so you gave people greater choice, you gave them better health care case they got to decide have that relationship to see what they want, actually able to put private sector in where you are able to have choice control the costs, every year gone up time and time again what happens is it crowds out like that doctor, we want have innovation we need to be able to have better quality. >> innovation going on dagen how do you see it. dagen: better messaging than we have heard from a lot of your colleagues in terms of that focus on you are rolling back a giant entitlement
8:46 am
trying to make it smaller. and to try and make the system better and that people with preexisting conditions will still be covered it is just the way that you are covering them so the costs are not hidden in insurance of everybody, we will be able to see costs at states decide to take waivers in high-risk pools you are starting to hit on what -- >> a way for you to hit the way dagen saying it the way lee is saying it, and make sure people understand that the dems are lying about it, all marketing. >> i know what they do hef time to go out there but this is about my district i watched them preexisting condition from day he was born, he had health care, president obama promised he could keep it the phone call that i got early in the morning from his mother they couldn't. i know what they do in care and love they have for their children, and i have watched what happened to their entire family. whole family working caring for son paying for health care high deductible.
8:47 am
>> before i go the messaging on tax reform markets want it we want it everybody wants it that is what they voted for are you going to get it done. >> yes let america compete because you know what? this is the great nation we are different than any other kin we are conceived in liberty all people created equal you let us compete we will succeed this tax code makes us start 30 yards behind every -- dagen: will stand for small business owners entrepreneurs legaling playing field. >> leading to jobs economic growth. >> first business 20 years old three loans i learned never left me first to work last to leave last to be paid. that is where jobs are created not in corporations, corporations cut jobs, small businesses is the incubator creator. >> do you like 15% business tax the president put forth?
8:48 am
>> yes a champion. >> what about corporate rate 20% or 15% give details. >> a political process we know it has to be lower, i want to put it as low as we can make it, from that process, let it be able to sxeet as we get through it we will probably have to mix and mingle based on we are in a political process, making policy in world of politics. and you know what one if people want to have deductions the rate goes up higher make them have a choice which is best for country have that out front so everybody can see it. >> congressman we loved having you today thank you so much. >> i hope i can come back next time i want to show my -- >> a picture. >> a map. >> a map. >> because we welcome -- >> mac is always welcome. >> great dog sometimes protective. >> thank you so much for being here.
8:49 am
>> we appreciate it coming up "oracle of omaha" caps off larnlt show in the world live in nebraska liz clayman interviewing warren buffett. back in a moment. ♪ ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand. a peanut is not a nut. and a real john deere... is actually real affordable. you learn something new every day. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor
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8:53 am
years ago you got to see how it looks right now the crowds swarm around, this 86-year-old chairman ceo berkshire hathaway, the likes of what you have never seen almost like he is lady gaga never lets crowds get this close when he walks the floor because, of course, they have convention floor, where he has all of his businesses there, but let me back up show you what happens at 2:30 in the morning people are waiting in line, from all over the world, outside the centurylink arena right here in omaha nebraska they get in line starting in we wee hours. >> unbelievable people running in nuts then when warren goes on the floor starts walking around dairy queen coca-cola all paenz he has a stake or outright owns, pretty impressive we get next to him ask him, about each business sometimes and interesting when
8:54 am
we pass pampered chef he learned sales of the pampered chef items kitchen items jumped 72%. >> -- year-over-year. >> yeah, sales here up 7 % what does that tell you about the compromise i. >> more did pampered chef, the economy is fine but a year ago -- better now than it was then keeping improving about 2% a year. >> interesting to try and get big interviews on this weekend because a lot of people are there, and many board members and many ceos of companies in which he has big stake we ran into american express chairman ceo and asked him about the economy for the -- >> you are good proxy for economy to see how much spending. >> at the end of the day we feel good about all performances we have a very diversified business platform
8:55 am
talked about growth international in u.s. i would say we would still like to see more growth in the economy, overall i think most growth is really being generated by the actions that we are taking in marketplace. >> not a surprise he looks at it through that window of american express but i tell you something today, we are going to get the richest minds warren buffett, of course, berkshire hathaway his vice chair munger best friend 55 years, and bill gates board member of berkshire hathaway on a whole bunch of issues from health care, as you know going to senate maria we are going to ask them what they think about that, by the way, charlie munger sat on boards of hospitals a way of looking at things 30,000 feet we are going to ask with from what you can tell of house plan are preexisting conditions covered we will talk to warren about tax plan as well much, much more -- 3:00 pm eastern. >> there for big interviews thanks so much enjoy rest of your time from omaha final
8:56 am
thoughts from this all-star panel next. ♪ all right, all right ♪
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8:59 am
>> welcome back, what a great show today. final thoughts, all-star panel, lee carter. >> i was so excited for the time we spent with the congresswoman. i was glad to hear they were trying to get americans better health care, what that means and how this is playing out in the bill. maria: that's important and i think you gave them a couple of tips, it sounded like. >> in terms of messaging, i will say what i was staying in the break, and i was listening to the pod cast and guy ritchie brought up the book by leif babin and ritchie, extreme ownership.
9:00 am
maria: those guys are tough. dagen: it's an important message given the climate today and pointing the finger and not taking blame and treating others like garbage. maria: and that will do it for us, here is "varney & company" with charles payne. >> thank you, good morning, i'm charles payne in for stuart. here is what we have today. one of the architects of obamacare, jonathan gruber blamed president trump for the health care law's failure. and meanwhile, g.o.p. bill moves to the senate where there are battle lines drawn, and they may have to rebuild this from the ground up. >> and hillary clinton sending a tweet about the french election and taking a swipe at the media in the process? and we're all over it, "varney


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