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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 18, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. time, here is lou. lou: good evening, breaking news. justice department has appointed former fbi director robert mueller to be special council to oversee investigation of any russian influence of 2016 election. general rod rosenstein said, my decision is not a finding that crimes have been committed or that any prosecution is wa warranted. my decision he wrote. senior justice department
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officials, tell fox news, the white house was informed of the deputy attorney general's decision to appoint the special prosecutor after the order had been signed, mueller served under presidents bush and obama, takes reins of the investigation after firing of fbi director james comey. comey it should be noted previously served as deputy to mueller at fbi, his appointment as special council comes as congressional committees demand the fbi produce memos authored by james comey that perso purportedly claim that president trump suggested high-end the investigation. it should be noted if the claims are true, noted constitutional scholar jonathan turley said that comey's comments are not
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sufficient for charges of obstruction of justice writing, the criminal code demands more than what comey reportedly describes in his memo. speaker paul ryan, also standing up for presidt today in face of heightened attacks saying he has full confidence to the president. >> we need the facts. it is obvious there are some people who want to harm the president. but we have an obligation to carry out our oversight regardless of which party is in the white house. that means before rushing to judgment, we get all of the pertinent information. lou: joining us to discuss the comes, and new special council, robert mueller, congressman jim jordan, serving on judiciary and oversight committees, it great to see you congressman. >> thank you. lou: let's start with the
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appointment of a special council, that was something of a surprise this evening. your reaction? >> well, i am, you know, look, i'll keep an open mind, for me it is about getting the facts, i want the facts and full context. in this comey memo we know we have a couple of lines that someone read to a reporter over the phone. and when i think about context, it should be i want to do know about comey cake take a memo down when he took mills immunity in clinton investigation. and when secretary clinton's husband meeting with loretta lynch? so. lou: and congressman, i excited tonight. i have a dream, we'll find out about all of the memos that
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the fbi director wrote, about the iran contra deal. as you mentioned immunity issues, and his thoughts as we waiverred over the investigation of hillary clinton. some her e-mails, and why did she -- why was there such forbearance when it came to investigating clinton foundation, which on its face is a krup corrupt enterprise. >> if we're going to get some memos, let's get all of them, and full context of what took place under mr. comey's watch with these important issues, i want that whole context. lou: it appears we have for first time the prospect of that happening with the announcement of -- appointment of special council, there can
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be no quibbling and squawking. i think there may be a intelligence judgment political judgment, at work here even though my first react was, are you kidding me. >> yeah, it has been announced that the fact now. let's make sure we get all of the information, it done in a fair, thorough way. then we'll go from there. as i have said no one has accused me of going easy on my own party. if it warrants a special committee i am with that. lou: i think you that make the case that president is well served in this, there has been nothing but one of the move venomous vile personal attacks in this country history. i want to retrack it. it is the vilist, more
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venommist attack on a sitting president, this goes beyond anything that has occurred in our history, all the result of a left wing attack on this presidency with the point of destroying the presidency and his agenda and breaking the will for those who votes for this president. >> that is why american needs truth, and facts of that full picture of the context of the investigation. you are right there are those out to do whatever harm they can to this president,et's just get to the facts and move on from there. lou: speaker ryan, to his credit, expressingful confidence in the president. i think this was speaker's
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finest hour to date in this administration's short eesstance. >> the other thing, that would be helpful is let's get focused on things they sent us to do, let get that tax reform bill moving. let's get that wall built and get that health care repeal bill passed. let's do that, we got the special council now who has been named, let them to their work, get us the facts. let's focus on our agenda. lou: and if i may say, in addition to that, while do you that, it would be nice to see all republicans stan up behind this president give the left wing national media -- well give them hell, great to have you with us. >> thank you, lou. lou: we're coming right back,
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much more ahead, stay with us. republican are backing president trump. they are confident that comey controversy will not derail the president's agenda. >> the legislative business is still continuing, it is only a distraction if you let it be, i don't see it has a distraction. lou: doing all they can to attack president trump, i take that up with senator luther. >> violence outside of turkish ambassador's residents after erdogan's meeting with erdogan's meeting with president trump, we'll have
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lou: the search narrowing in effort to find a replacement for fired fbi director james comey, president trump interviewing 4 candidates this afternoon. acting director andrew mccabe. former senator joe lieberman of connecticut, former oklahoma governor frank keating, and mib fbi official mcfeely. joining us to discuss the deputy attorney general,
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appointment of a special prosecutor. senator luther strange. a member of senate budget, armed service committee and former staryn genera attorney general rally of the great state of alabama, let's start with the announcement that rod rosrosenstein. appointed a special council, your thoughts about necessity and prospects? >> i'm not you know, you can second guess the appointment i think. i'm not sure it was necessary. i have great confidence in the ongoing operations of the bipartisan foreign relations committee investigation great work is gone into that. rosenstein, and i know jeff sessions very well.
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but if, i think people have confidence, he is a distinguished person. i am fixed on getting a new director at the fbi. lou: i'm going to interject with a question about what you said about the fbi. as we look at all scandals one has come to a conclusion at fbi. this is against an investigation in against an investigation to the election and meddling of russians which that been going to since '80s, we have people with
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hair a fire acting like only time it happened is when timothy cardina donald trump announced his candidacy. this is not a fbi that is particularly successful or efficient. i am wonder figure we should be more guard ed in the -- guarded in th des description. >> it depends on where emphasis was. so depends on priorities in leadership, that is why i have such great confidence in jeff sessions who believes in the rule of law and enforcing that law.
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lou: i believe you and i would agree if attorney general sessions would have been in charge of justice department for last 9 years we would have seen quite a different record of history written. >> absolutely. i know that the bureau is full of great professionals, i think it boils down to leadership. lou: i would concur with you but at the same time the record is what their record is. it is not distinguished, it is not successful. they have not been efficient. they have not been productive. this nation, cannot afford another 8 years of that kind of performance by such an important intelligence and law enforcement agency, do you not agree? >> i agree, i think you would
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find sentiment within the bureau professionals wanting to do their job. >> sanctuary cities, president bringing law and order on his administration. sudden ware cities, the -- sanctuary cities the left is fighting this president at every turn. the deep state judiciary is doing the same thing. the establishment is recoiling and attacking now. its fangs bared. iit is ugly on watch weaker. >> we have too many republicans involved. >> i came to washington to make a difference. and help implement the trump.
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-- sanctuary city issue, bill i've introduced with high friend david perdue of georgia, is sending a message to sanctuary cities who refuse to follow the law to keep violent, criminal illegal immigrants out of this country. and go so far to penalize individuals and businesses in their own jurisdiction who want to bid on a wall. we'll take that money, move it to another jurisdiction. lou: we've put up with that nonsense with the administration of president george w. bush, president barack obama. is there some reason to think that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will support the legislation and it will be
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driven through to passage in senate and house. >> if i have anything to do with it it will. lou: i am asking for your judgment about mitch mcconnell, the leadership in both houses. >> i truly do. i tell you from people who vote in alabama, and voted for trump in the nation, they take his promises seriously, they are expecting us and congress to help facilitate that agenda. lou: i hope everyone in the republican party in both houses agrees with you. >> thank you. lou: senator luther strange. >> vote in our poll tonight, do you believe we're now engaged in a struggle against the left, the dems and the establishment for the soul of this nation? cast your slow th vote on twitter we would like to hear from you, like me on facebook
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and instagram. on wall street today, stock prices moving lower, a sell-off on wall street, the dow plunged 372 points, s&p down 43, nasdaq down 160. and most analysts blaming all of the controversy in washington d.c. today. that controversy had been building through the day before the appointment of a special council by the justice department. big board volume 4.1 billion shares. >> household debt in country hit a record 12.7 trillion in first quarter, topping peak of 2008. and listen to my report 3 times a day, coast-to-coast, on the salem radio network. up next, president trump pursues his agenda regardless of what the opposition, the left wing in this country, yes, and the left wing
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national media, have to say. >> adversity makes you stronger. don't give in. don't back down. and ver stop doing wt you know is right. nothing worth doing, ever, ever, ever came easy, the more righteous your fight, the more opposition you will face. >> opposition he does face. tom and randy evans join me next to look at the issues of newly appointed special counts, and how -- special council, and how we are announcer: your daughter is having trouble learning french.
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bonjour! announcer: "b," enforce a "french only" rule at home... j... announcer: or "c," watch some foreign films. [man and girl snoring] when it comes to parenting, there are no perfect answers. but that's ok, because you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. teens in foster care will love you just the same. lou: the white house just released a statement about the appointment of robert mueller as the independent special council, reads, as i have
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stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know, that there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. i look forward to this matter concluding quickly. in the meantime, i will never stop fighting for the people and the issues that matter most to the future of our country. that the statement of president donald j trump. joining me now on appointment of robert mueller as spoos special council. judicial watch president tom fitton and randy evans, tom with you, your thoughts about ththe matter.
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>> it is a disappointing and unimaginative choice. i think of the who song, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. trump fired comey, investigating the unicorn theory of the election, which is the russian collusion. i am concerned there is no mention of leak investigation, that may implicate the fbi. mueller's fbi coordinated with justice department and irs under barack obama to figure out ways to prosecute the same group that lois lerner's irs was targeting. so mueller fbi, is not sacrosanct and problematic.
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in washington he is being well received, that should tell you something. lou: about what we know that president trump was elected to fight and roll back the establishment, the orthodoxy where every it was found, it is snapping back and retaliating, whether in form of mueller or the deputy attorney general randy, who decided unilaterally he wanted a smas and -- special council, what is your reaction. >> only way president trump could be vindicated is by someone who is clear on both sides, one thing that rosenstein included in his order that investigation was to include any matters that
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are arose or which may arise from the investigation, that phrase was to capture the leakers, the person who sleeps better tonight is president trump. who knows there is nothing to find. people who'll lose sleep are those leakers, those who know there is a special council whose order includes the ability to not only find them but prosecute them. lou: tom, that remains within the subjective judgment. it is not an imperative within the order to mueller, do you believe it is? >> i think there is that option, the language broad, but i would have appreciated more specific language about that. big news is that fbi is subpoenaing bank records of mortgage of mr. manafort. so now we're investigating the o mortgages of president trump's former advisers, i
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don't know what is going here, what the fbi of doing or justice department was doing. you needed an independent council to make a lot of noise about something that was not worthy of federal investigation. and now they are looking at individual relationships that general flynn may have it or manafort or thor others with the russians. there is a focus on republican relationships not democrat operative relationships, i don't believe that mueller is the type of guy -- >> in your judgment, tom? >> i don't think we will go after anybody, i don't think you will see much in the way of justice. it may be a little bit political plus that someone like mueller is there. but those who want to see justice and things done, appropriately in nonwashington approach, i don't believe it will be done with this special council. lou: this special count is
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based -- decision, my decision, he makes it clear. deputy attorney general, made this unilateral decision, does it reduce the pressure, does it eliminate pressure on administration or raise it. >> i think it sucks all of the oxygen out of the room, have you someone who is, a special council who is not looking for a camera, t looking for a microphone, no daily press briefings, no testimony before endless committees. i think -- >> what makes you so confidence he go after the leaker, from that phrase which is so a ambiguous. for us more tal -- mortals who conditio -- tell us why?
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>> it was unnecessary to the order. it was added for a particular reason, i think you will find -- you will be really surprised, i predict right now next year, we'll talk about leakers going to jail. lou: i think that have you just delighted my on this beautiful evening with that. and so long as your forecast is highly accurate, tom fitton and randy ivens thank you. >> that forecast that prediction, that is good stuff. we'll be rolling the tape quite often, we're coming right back with much more stay with us. >> president trump rises above the pity, nastiness of obstructionist dems and fights for his agenda. >> we're going to give you the largest tax cut in the history of our country. and we're also getting closer and closer, day-by-day
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great health care for our citizens. lou: the dean, ed rollins joins us here next on the president's unrelynnrelenting effort to make america great again. >> this windsurfer, showing off his skills, taking them to new so, tell me young man. do you remember what your dad and i taught you about hands only cpr? yes. uh, kind of. if you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, the first thing you do is...? call 9-1-1. and the second thing you do is? push hard and fast in the center of the chest at a rate of at least one hundred beats per minute. who even knows what one hundred beats per minute even sounds like? ♪ well, you can tell by the way i use my walk, ♪ ♪ i'm a woman's man: no time to talk. ♪ ♪ music loud and women warm,
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lou: joining me to discuss the appointment of the special counsel, the politics of all going on in washington, d.c., veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, republic can strategist, fox news contributor, the dean, ed rollins. this is quite an extraordinary moment. your thoughts on the special counsel and whether it was necessary. ed: i don't know whether it was necessary or not. i'm glad they picked the man they did. he's an extraordinary man and he served ably in the f.b.i. i began my career in the nixon administration and there were several special prosecutors since then. he serves with the powers that attorney general has. but i have watched these things drag on for too long and go in too many directions.
4:38 am
this administration has to get ready to deal with this side bar and still run the government. e president has to set up special operation. bring in lawyers to deal with this. then he has got to get back to straighten out his white house staff and get on with the major agenda he promised the american people he would do. lou: this president asserted and documented he has done nothing wrong time after time. there has been 8 months of investigation by the f.b.i. and the statements of james comey himself that there is no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign, the transition or the white house and the russians, for crying out loud. how did we get here? ed: i think it's the drum beat of the press. at the end of the day, it may be
4:39 am
six months, hopefully no longer than that -- lou: why does it take so long. ed: the judiciou jew -- the judl process always does. i hope the president will have a team to deal with this on a full-time basis, and at the same time the congress has to get on with its job. lou: are you kidding? what is their job? their joins to form a committee to investigate. ed: their job is to pass legiation. tax bills, infrastructure, that's their job. lou: they are doing almost nothing but investigating. and when they do investigate, let's be very clear. i was very hard on the f.b.i. because they have been unsuccessful in all of their investigation in coming to some conclusion. they will do not guilty, prosecute within don't prosecute. we are getting nothing from it.
4:40 am
and even less in point of fact from the president of the united states. now we have jason taliff with a subpoena bent. ed: the president's executive power, he has the ability to do what he meets meets -- what he s to do within his own white house. i would hope this comments from here on out -- lou: this man is working nonstop. ed: it's being distracted by all these things. the stories every day are the side bar stuff. lou: where is the republican party? the president stood up at the coast guard academy today and made an absolutely without question truthful statement that is he has -- there has never been a president treated this badly this unfairly in the
4:41 am
history of this country. ed: i think the critical thing is he had to do this function and he can't spend every day worrying about these things. he has to say the special counsel has it. i'm moving forward with the agenda. lou: mitch mcconnell and paul ryan who stood up, they have to start attacking the deep state, the left-wing national media and the dems. there can't be anymore of this nonsense. the president is all but undefended his communications dertment can barely come up with a message. ed: i said to you the other night that all week we would talk about these things and you said you hope not. now he goes off on an 8-day trip and talking to nato and we have
4:42 am
done nothing but deal with this all day long. lou: he had to lead the house of representatives to pass legislation that leadership of the gop said was impossible and they got it done. ed: i think the key thing is he needs to move the ball forward. lou: with that he will move it forward to saudi arabia, to israel. he's going to have quite a trip then wrap it up with the vatican. ed: america will be cheering him on. he's carrying our flag. lou: amen, brother. i threw that in because the of the vatican stuff. this athlete combining the best of summer and winter sports hitting the ski slopes in northern japan racing through the snow with his board and
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sail, the exhilarating feat not without challenges. he waited hours for the perfect winds with perfect conditions to complete hissal fine windsurfing stunt. a terrific stunt. president trump looking to president trump looking to strengthen our alliances.
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lou: joining me to discuss the president's upcoming strip overseas and his plans for an arab nato. karen turner, great to have you with us. i don't know that enough has been made of the fact that our president has a very create touch original plan to build an atrap nato. what are -- what's your reaction to his idea and the prospects for. >> it's a creative idea that's
4:48 am
unprecedented for the united states as the leader of the free world. leader of the whole world. to support this idea that the saudis have support for many years of bringing the gulf cooperation council, the arab states together in a broad military coalition, sunni states in particular, to defend themselves against radical islam and extremism. i believe it will happen under donald trump because the america first theory is being tested on this trip abroad, his first trip as president. and core part of that theory is the u.s. will provide leadership but will chief fine leadership as enabling others to help take care of themselves in partnep with us. lou: it's clear that the president wants to create a you any counter veiling force
4:49 am
against iran and the shiia in the region. how difficult is that in your judgment on that? he does want to do it. but i don't think it's just about iran. it's about creating durable structures of which it will look something like nato where the countries will have a strong deterrents to keep conflicts down. the gcc countries have some common interests in terms of threats abroad. but the time is right. i think they have been waiting for a houckish washington and good leadership. lou: washington got hawkish yesterday. erdogan's detail just beating
4:50 am
the dickens out of protesters another you have see there. i mean, where do the turks fit into all of this in the region? they have complicated life for this president and the previous what little obama tried to do. he seemed forestalled by the turks. very quickly your thoughts about what may come here. >> this is a tough neighborhood president trump is visiting. the turks are important but we have a different internal value around human rights and free speech. and trying to square that will be something the president will eventually have to take up. he hasn't done it yet. the brutal attack stunlds scores the fact that we have allies in the region we need to bring along in terms of western values. it will be crucial.
4:51 am
lou: other presidents have tried to little effect. maybe organizing their self-interests around common goals will be as much as we can expect. thanks for being with us. lou: up next, the president offering coast guard graduates advice on leadership as he faces democrats trying to destroy his presidency. >> like all leaders. that's exactly what you have to do. you have to act properly and you have to learn how to act under great, great pressure. lou: eboni williams and byron york join me next. i'll be joining sean hannity tonight. we'll be talking about the media's war on the president. we are coming rit back.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you, do you believe president trump needs to accelerate his timetable in draining the swamp? 97 pe% of you said yes he does. joining us, the chief political correspondent with the washington examiner, byron york and eboni williams.
4:56 am
eboni is an attorney. this looks like another really bad idea in washington, d.c. to appoint a special counsel. we know they take forever. we know that they take control out of the hands of the government we elect. in this case a government that's being frustrated by the deep state, the left wing, and now twisting a knife in the back of the president going after the establishment, a special prosecutor. eboni: pat buchanan was on our program, "the specialists." pat talked about this cloud looming over president obama. he was saying that it shouldn't be there. but it's there and i think the special prosecutor will do
4:57 am
worlds to remove that. maybe president trump sleeps better tonight because there is a special prosecutor. this is probably the best way to go by the and have the public be on board with that. lou: why, the left, the deep state, the left-wing media have ignored the public, especially the public that elected this man presidents. byron: you have to think about the valerie plame affair, the so-called cia leak affair which is the last time we had one of these special counsels. one of the loudest voices calling for a special counsel was charles schumer as now. , he did get what he called for and a special counsel was appointed. the question was who had leaked something. the special counsel knew before he started who had leaked and
4:58 am
went on a multi-year wild goose chase look for somebody. lou: so there will be more nonsense like we witnesses then? byron: these investigations with a way of stretching out and if that pattern continues we'll be talking about this in 2020. eboni: it will take 3 to 4 months for the special prosecutor to pick up where james comey left off. lou: rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general to do this takes it out of the structure, the order of things, the government that the people elected and turn it over to a man who as i understand it has unquestionable integrity, but who is also part of the f.b.i. that delivered on none of its
4:59 am
investigations, and has done little, and frankly the american people have got to be sick of this kind of nonsense on the part of the establishment that doesn't give a damn about the costs or the amount of time taken, and doesn't render a judgment that makes a lot of sense a lot of the time. byron: this order creating this investigation from the deputy attorney general gives them authority to look into any possible collusion with russia and trump. but it also gives them the authority to look into any matters that aroser rose or may a -- that arose or may arise directly from the investigation. does it mean michael flynn in turkey or paul manafort's business? eboni: i think president trump should sleep better tonight. lou: from your lips to god's
5:00 am
the desantos and louie gohmert among our guests. be sure to join us. thanks for being with us. train to breaking news is learning. a major twist in the rushed investigation as the justice department taps former fbi chief robert mueller to oversee the investigation. good morning. i'm nicole petallides. lauren simonetti good morning. i'm training for the company genentech guys would be delayed. stabilizing the bad. dow futures down 16 points, nasdaq futures up by two. yesterday we saw the dow fall 372 points. trade to wall street's pain felt in asia and japan. the nikkei sank in 1.3%.


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