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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 18, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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department of justice was also implicated in that. lou: we have to continue this. come back quick. mollie hemingway and charlie hurt. thanks for being with us. good night from new york. kennedy: former f.b.i. director robert mueller in charge of the russia inquiry. house speaker paul ryan claims the gop agenda is still have much on track. are democrats making a mistake by beginning to talk about impeachment? grab a tool box. time to fix some things. the second longest serving f.b.i. director in u.s. history will serve as special counsel in the ongoing russia investigation. rod rosenstein recused himlf. stating based on the unique circumstances the public
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interests requires me to place this investigation to a person who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command. mueller served under two presidents with an extension under obama. he's described as very disciplined. he will not answer to rod rosenstein on a daily basis. but he does have to report to the a.g. he can pick his own staff. after serving so long in the political armpit he must have some faiths. he's harder to fire than comey and doesn't serve at the pleasure of the president, and can only be fired by rosenstein with good cause.
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reaction has been pretty good from both side. jason chaffetz tweeted quote, mueller is a great selection. with great credentials. adam schiff add this. >> i think there is a far greater chance with a truly independent crown that the public is more likely to accept the result. kennedy: we'll have to wait and see who cries foul and if mueller has the guts to knock it out of the park. i'm kennedy.
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there was never a special counsel appointed in the obama administration with all the illegal acts that took place in the clinton and obama administration. >> they are on a course correction. this stuff was getting way out of hand. and i would say that the arrival of rosenstein and now the addition of mueller as the special counsel tells us they are ready to get this cleaned up and gets over with and get on with it. kennedy: is there concern about the closeness of the relationship between comey and mueller? both men have been he fusive about one another in the past. mueller challenges then president george w. bush about
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mass surveillance with comey at his side as the deputy attorney general. and they obviously have a working relationship. is there some concern mueller if not be compromised, mr. likely see facts in comey's favor when he gets to the point of reading the memos he authored. >> no one could have been in public life as long as robber muter in public life and have a more pristine record. to be f.b.i. director for 12 years and have both sides say he tells it like it is and plays it fair. that's about as high praise as you can get. he had a long working relationship with comey, to say he's on a vendetta against trump flies in the face of everything we know about him.
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so we have to take his word for it. kennedy: there are people with great concern that because he ft represented paul manafort, and jared curber in the fast, that that could be a conflict of interest. >> paul manafort needs a lot of lawyers. if you shut out all the people who worked at firms associated with him. mueller is too old to care. i think one of the great things he has going for him, at 72 with his public life behind him, he's too old to care, it doesn't matter anymore. i'm going to assume it comes from a sense of duty and patriotism. and getting the government on with its own business.
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not much can happen if everybody says maybe one day there will be an impeachment. kennedy: have you heard anything about the white house curtailing the president's use of social media in regards to the ongoing investigation? i don't think it's realistic to convince him to get off twitter. but i think he will probably be better served by not reacting to and commenting on every development in this case. >> who would want to work for this president? they issued a statement under the name of the president that according to reports he helped draft. they did it together and it was the right statement. the president and his staff are innocent and we are going see this to a swift conclusion and look forward to that. period. then nothing else should ever be said. then you leave the investigation alone. he has the special prosecutor, a special counsel base had to talk
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about it and brag about firing james koasmy because of the russia vest nation. that's what got him his result. they have a good answer last night it's going to be owe kay. then he under cuts the work his staff did the night before. bls itp, complaining, casting himself as the victim. it makes these people's jobs impossible. kennedy: it's distracting calling the whole thing and witch hunts. it may be ande may be completely exonerated throughout the investigation. if that's the kyle is, the best thing for him to do is comments about it when the whole thing is done so people can get back to work, not just the people on capitol hill who are paid to do our bidding, and people in this country who voted for this president hoping he would bring about change and not so much chaos. >> it's a waste of time, effort and energy.
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he could have avoid this by limiting the things he said. it's not about what he did it's about what he said. until he can be more temperate and disciplined he will continue to have this misery visited upon his administration. kennedy: it's a young administration and there is still a lot to learn. i have faith this administration can turn around. chris stirewalt, i love every moment with you, thank you very much. the pentagon reportedly launched airstrikes against pro-assad forces in syria and the eve of the president's trip abroad. they are hoping it will reset the drama at home. president trump leaves tomorrow an 8-datrip to audi arabia,
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israelitaly, and the vatican. it will be enough to put his domestic crises on the back burner. let's bring in my stain-resistant party panel with matt welch, jimmy failla, and w.w. superstar dolf ziggler. what has to happen to calm the murky watter what waters in ame. he's supposed to give a speech in saudi arabia about islam. it's hard to see it as a super low-key affair.
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ken there are no one needs an exposition from you on islam. >> in theory this should be the moment when he goes away and things calm down. mueller is taking over the investigation. we are going to slow these things down. but he's not comfortable in foreign policy settings generally speaking. healthcare he doesn't know. and says funny things. foreign policy he's actively uncomfortable and he feels like people are trying to trip up every one of his words. he just had the russia thing in the white house. so there will be pressure on him. kennedy: remember mark sanford and he said the president suffers from a pattern casualness. if he repiece that pattern on this trip overseas what will we see. >> he won't get arrested from
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the scrutiny. this will be the most watched foreign trip ever. the potential for disaster. we don't know what's coming. ratings are about to explode. kennedy: who would want to be president at this point? >> i don't think he wants to be. i don't think so. kennedy: he's trying to sabotage his own presidency. i can tell you you are champing at the bit. meantime democrats are mulling whether it's wise to start calling for impeachment. like maxine waters, a few already have. >> i rights today, mr. speaker, to call for the impeachment of the president of the united states of america.
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>> i think this will put us a little bit further on our way to what i have been calling for so long, and that is impeachment. kennedy: democratic strategists will likely conduct polls on impeachment. and democrats might be making a mistake for even calling for impeachment. it's a funny parlor gag when you have people on the stump. whatever misstep he makes on twitter they call for impeachment. >> they might have grounds to do it. kennedy: i think they should be a lot more serious. >> this is weak on the democrats' part. if you want to do it, you go do it. you don't poll-test it.
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it tells it their ownself-interests is what they are concerned about. they are tot not doing this as a way of improving the country. they are trying to help out themselves. i think it' gutless to be poll testing. kennedy: do you think it ends in impeachment? >> odds makers say 50-50. if the sky is falling every dane they are calling for it every day, and now let it play out it's a great point. don't poilt. you want to know, is this thing we are supposed to do so you will like us more? no, do what's right. when they do -- and trump should say this is a witch hunt, but let this happen because i'm going to be fine. after this we have got to get to work. kennedy: let the investigation plate self out.
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chris stirewalt was right that the president should reserve comments until after the investigation. >> he's going to rally his own supporters here because they are look at the media and democrats as picking up any available blunt object to hit the president over the head with. the only way you get impeachment in this country is if you convince 15 republicans in the u.s. senate. they need to be speaking to their concerns, not trying to fundraise in south los angeles off make an impeachment speech. kennedy: does she live in a giants mansion in beverly hills and not her district? >> i can't say for sure. >> what we learned from trump is when the adversity is at its highest he usually responds.
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the access hollywood tape resulted in his best performance ever. kennedy: can republicans on the hill shift their focus away from the white house, russia, f.b.i., james comey merry go ronald long enough to get work done and tackle tax reform?
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kennedy: it's been a crazy few weeks or months in washington and it got crazier today. jason chaffetz announced he's going to be resigning. but house speaker paul ryan said the goes up still focused on passion their agenda. >> i realize there is a lot in the media these days. that doesn't stop us from doing our jobs. we can walk and chew gum at the same time. drama is not helpful in getting things done. but we are still getting things done. kennedy: are you? drama, drama. the house ways and means
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committee held a hearing on tax reform. with the koch brothers throwing their weight behind the tax plan could they pass a major tax overhaul by the end ofhis year reblanongressman jim jordan, also aember of the freedom caucus. let's talk about this. what does congressman chaffetz's resignation do for the tenor within your party, congress and the russian investigation. >> he's been an outstanding leader of the oversight committee. he will be there for a while yet. we'll keep doing our work. lord knows, the federal government needs reform. it needs streamlining. we'll continue to do that, and there will be a new chairman determined later this summer i assume. kennedy: who decides that? >> the steering committee.
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the steering committee makes that determination and we'll see what happens at that point. >> it seems like democrats are more enthusiastic than republicans about the appointment of special counsel robert mueller. how do you feel about it? >> he had an outstanding career serving our country. one major interaction i had with former director knewer was disappointing. it was four years ago when the irs targeting scandal broke, it had been in the news for several weeks. i asked him a series of questions and he couldn't answer anything about the investigation it was at that time the most important story in the country. you had an agency with the power and might of the irs targeting people for exercising their free speech rights. he couldn't tell me who the
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agents were on the case. the president at the time said it was critically important. attorney general holder said we would get to the bottom of it. kennedy: do you think that is obstruction or incompetence? >> i don't know. the one interaction i had was very disappointing. so we'll see. what i do know is, i want to get all the information. i want to get the full comey memo. not just that memo, i would like to know, did mr. comey also memorialize conversations he had with key department officials maybe it day after loretta lynch meets with bill clinton on the tarmac. the day thee decide to give cheryl mills immunity deals. kennedy: do you think they will turn over some of those memoranda to congress and do you think he will testify?
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>> let's hope so. and we had better get context and consistency are important. did mr. comey only memorialize conversations in and about president obama or did he memorialize conversations about big important issues like the clinton how about the facts when they made the decision not to prosecute lois lerner or anyone in t irs targeting scandal. were there memorializations of those conversations? because if there weren't and it was only with president trump. that would tell us something. kennedy: there are people on the democratic side who would be hard pressed to say comey was a total democratic operative hack. he did enough damage to both parties. and his own personal
8:24 pm
grandstanding, i don't necessarily -- i think you would be hard pressed to make a case that he was a total leftist. but i want to ask you about something one of your republican colleagues in the congress, i asked congressman massie about this yesterday. he said if the contents of that memo are in fact true, the one where president trump reportedly asked then f.b.i. director comey to back off the flynn investigation, is that i am peachable? >> justin is a good friend and member of the freedom caucus. but no one is talking about that. what we are talking about is getting the facts, getting the full context, finding out if this was consistent with how mr. comey conducted his appears all along. that's what we are focused on doing and for democrats to be suggesting impeachment makes no sense to me.
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we need to get the facts. i want to know what conversations he may have memorialized as well. kennedy: it has the potential to tear the country apart. it's important for both parties to be as unemotional and an lit i can as they can -- and an lit andanalytic as they can. >> consistency is important. remember the name barbara bosserman? she was a maxed out contributor to presiden -- to president obas campaign. consistency and context mean a lot. that's what we need to find out both on the congressional side and the special counsel side of mr. mueller.
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kennedy: coming up. washington, d.c. appears to be a town in chaos. do those inside the beltway feel the same way? we'll taking a closer look inside the white house with katie pavlich.
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kennedy: god bless chris cornell. there has been no shortage of action at the white house. bombshell revelations about james comey and the ongoing cat fight between the president and the media. what's the mood really like inside the white house? town editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. how are you doing? >> i'm doing well. kennedy: what an insane week it's been, and the hits just keep on coming. for those of you who cover the president and the administration on a daily basis. what's it like in the press room. >> all these stories are coming
8:31 pm
out at 5:30 p.m. during happy hour. in terms of the mood. reporters are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to try to keep up with the latest leaks coming out of the white house. in terms of the morale from the staff in the white house. you can feel the tension and the problems we heard about when you are sitting in that room and listening to them talk about the issues of the day. kennedy: one of the reasons the story keeps going on and on is the white house extend to have a few different reactions to stories. then the president will say something that runs contrary to what one of the press secretaries has said. has there been any talk about changing the system at all there? there was a report by media and ad week saying sean spicer may
8:32 pm
not participate in daily briefings. >> i don't have solid information about whll be doing the press briefings. the president said he wanted to cancel the briefings and i don't think that's going to happen. but in terms of what people are feeling. leaks they have seen have been demoralizing on two levels it creates a culture of toxicity in the sense nobody trusts anyone. whether it's a colleague in the white house or someone in an agency. kennedy: do you rely on leaks? katie: i don't rely so much on leaks. kennedy: are they being well fed? katie: yes, they are. their job as reporters are to take information that's given to them, and if the public has a
8:33 pm
right to know, produce the information. it's up to the white house to stop those leaks. it's incumbent on the people in the administration to stop giving the information. that's something of a disconnect. but one more thing i wanted to get out here. you mentioned there is a problem with the president with messaging with his staff. his staff has looked incompetent and not credible because he has said things completely opposite of what they have gone out to talk to the media about. let's switch gears here just a little bit. next time you are out at a bar and a pregnant woman sits next to her, don't tell her not to drink, because if you do, you are sexist. some people say that's highly
8:34 pm
sexist and causes needless anxiety. if that spark of p.c. culture isn't enough. the seattle police department will refrain from using the word suspect. instead them describe someone suspected a crime as a community member. with all these drunk pregnant lathe ladies and community members running around, has the p.c. culture gotten out of control? matt, i will start with you. i guess this all depends, the binge drinking during pregnancy. do you view her as one thing or as two things? >> it depends on how much you have assume you can tell them their business, especially if they are a stranger. people feel like they can tell pregnant women anything except for in new york you can sit here
8:35 pm
on the subway for me. it is pretty weird. there is a lot of moralizing that goes on not just when you are pregnant but how you birth your child. how long you breast feed. people want to touch you. it's weird. i think sexism has something to do with it. it's a little bit different than community members. >> i wish there was a sexist around to tell my mom not to drink when she was pregnant with me. this isn't a real study. who can quantify it's sexist to tell a pregnant woman not to booze up? kennedy: i don't know if i would want to roll the dice.
8:36 pm
>> you don't want a raise a pick? the mud at the same time. the people who deserve to drink, the women who have to go to those baby showers? 8 hours and 52 minutes. kennedy: you talk about anxiety induce. hold up the onesies. >> you are huge in williamsburg. kennedy: should pregnant women continue to binge drink? >> you get a couple of big nights on the town. like college-wise blackout and still be okay. if you want to call it sexist,
8:37 pm
that's fine. unless you are trying to build up immunity for the kids -- kennedy: i know we should talk about suspects and community members. but having lost another lead singer from the seattle band is stung and sad. we don't know the full circumstances of chris cornell's demise. but it's super sad. sound garden was difference yaitd from pearl jam and other bands from seattle. they were a metal bands. but they weren't quite metallica and they were able to switch cars mid-drain ride and go for grunge. >> they turned alternative music with the rock back into
8:38 pm
alternative music. he came out with just this big robert plant type of voice. kennedy: he had a great metal scream. >> it's amazing how you can hear a song that can transport you to another part of you. every time i hear "black hole sun." i'm right there. kennedy: i'm so meaningful. you can smell the funnel cake and the moonshine. kennedy: pot is legal in colorado, but some lawyers say it's difficult to find workers who can pass a drug test. true or false, colorado has more pot shops than mcdonald's restaurants. the big reveal after the break. will you be ready when the moment turns romantic? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph.
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kennedy: i asked a true or false question, true or false, colorado has more marijuana retears than mcdonald's restaurants? the answer is true. you still won't be able to
8:43 pm
operate a forklift in colorado. a denver grocery supplier claims it's having a difficult time with job applicant cans reportedly up to 90% of them failing the employer's drug test. and heroin traces are the highest they have been in prospective employees in the past 12 years. are my dear libertarian ideals colliding with the capitalist economy. so should these employers relax some of their strict policies that keep and lot of people from the workplace? what should go on here? >> you should not be spreading this propaganda.
8:44 pm
you are making it seem like it's a major thing. this is just not true. quest diagnostics, a reputable firm say only 2% come up positive for pot and less than a quarter percent come up positive for cocaine. the companies are making discriminations and making decisions on whether they fail or pass this test. kennedy: how is it working? >> the people who use drugs are hurting themselves. they are taking themselves out of the running. whether it's heavy machinery or working with kids. more companies will start instituting testing programs. this is not going away. kennedy: that's the point of making your own choices and not having the government make them for you.
8:45 pm
as you understand, all of those choices have consequences. if you want to be an academic researcher. maybe put down the gummy bears. >> i think what's even more interesting is why are we seeing this uptick in drug use? the netherlands has legalization of drug use. young people are told why do they need to think? young people are told, anything goes, gender is fluid, morals are fluid. anything goes. that's why they want to escape and that's why we are seeing the uptick especially among the young. kennedy: graduation ceremonies are always emotional. but parents at one tennessee high school dialed it up to 11 rounds. ♪
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kennedy: just when you thought our nation couldn't be dealt another morale blow, multiple sources confirmed katy perry has a new album coming out june 9. and this is the "topical storm." topic number one. a lot of high school graduation
8:50 pm
ceremonies begin with the orchestra playing "pomp and circumstance." but not arlington high school in tennessee because they start out with "the eye of the tiger" because there will be a boxing match. this is not a commercial, airline flight, not delta, not united. this is bellview baptist church where they fear god but do not fear people trying to steal their seats. a woman was saving seats for her family when one woman sat down and refused to move. several off-duty cops were able to get the skirmish under control and the ceremony finished without further incident. at any graduation we fought over
8:51 pm
flasks like adults. when you talk about exciting cities. tonawonda, new york is at the top. we take the kids to the museum of cer barrel. then we shoot rats at abandoned prison. one woman tried to rob a bingo game. police say a woman in her between the stormed into the money room with a gun only to be tackled by two senior citizens. the woman's name has not been released. but police released a photo of
8:52 pm
the senior citizen. it's obviously a joke. bernie never plays bingo with hillary because last time he did donna brazile emailed her the up ins beforehand. topic number three. an ohio dad was arrested after reportedly going on a drunken rampage at disney word. that's in orlando, florida. police say the trouble began shortly after he checked into his hotel. $20 for an invisible dog leash? the man was seen ramming his baby stroller through a crowd and hurling racial slurs at
8:53 pm
anybody who got in his way. he received 11 complaints about number a four-hour period. the last type we went to disney i had to dance in a bikini for quarters behind space mountain just to pay for ice cream. i'm kidding, my husband did. a disney spokesperson said the drunken dad is facing three years in prison or two if he has a fast pass. topic number four. do you remember the giant cat that he-man rode around on? apparently they found him in australia. this is a main coon cat. he's named omar. he's measured by the guinness
8:54 pm
book of world record for the title of the world's longest cat. i hope there is a core lition between cat length and feline heart attack. he doesn't look like a cat. his owners say omar eat only raw tiger meat. apparently you can make demand if you are big enough to kill your owners in their sleep. all-meat diet costs their owners $3,000 a year. topic number five. in this ever-changing world full of confusion and surprises, there is one thing that can always be relied upon, and that's strangers on the internet anonymously telling me how much
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