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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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that means that's the death of vat. lou: lauren: esident trumpeted first leg of his foreign trip meeting with folks i is at the vatican this morning. live coverage at his meetings with the italian president. good morning from everybody. i am lauren simonetti. nicole: good morning. i'm nicole petallides. the highest level as we learn more about the terry manchester. here at home come the attack is igniting fears ahead of igniting fears at it igniting fears ahead of the summer of season. we will have those details and latest on the investigation. lauren: u.s. features of 11 this morning. nice to features a five. nicole: president trump has
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begun to build out its team. the president has fired his longtime attorney to represent him into his campaign's alleged ties to russia. all the details. lauren: cleveland cavaliers are one win away from their third straight appearance as they take a serious lead over the celtics. sorry, boston. staying alive at the two to one to three tie in the eastern conference finals. although have it coming out. nicole: 5:01 a.m. here in new york and we welcome you to have began in cover your first circuit was living in today's market and the latest breaking news. lauren: president trumpeted with hope francis at the vatican earlier this morning. the pope also shook hands with fit lady trump, the first daughter and other members of the delegation including rex
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tillerson. he gave them copies of his three main teaching document and the president's gift for the pontiff wrapped in a blue box, books or martin luther king and a handmade sculpture crafted by american artists. the president also meeting with the president at italy this morning before heading to belgium. we'll bring that event to life as it happens later in the show. lauren: the united kingdom with the terror threat level to its highest. the decision comes a day after a bombing attack that killed 22 people and injured 59 affairs at a ariana grande concert in the city of manchester. >> it is now concluded on the basis of today's investigations that the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical. this means that their assessment is not only that an attack
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remains highly likely, but that an attack may be imminent. nicole: the suicide bomber 22-year-old man arrested another suspect. raised in foreign britain. his friends say he recently returned from united kingdom from libya. lauren: former member of the joint task force if rodgers joining us now. i want to start with the last part that there is information pointing to the fact that albedi might've even secretly went to syria. to be trained with isis are terrorists? >> in the view of many law enforcement missionaries as he did not work alone. the prime minister's statement reveals that when she says we are going to increase the threat level because of a possible imminent attack peter pick out
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what we called actionable intelligence to cause them to increase the threat level. you are saying that he did not act alone. he has guidance. we are not sure what the guidance may have been. we are speculating here. what is next? >> the forensics from the crime scene coming from the scene of the attack is important. they look at what the bond is made of and possibly do a comparative analysis. in addition to that, the computers that he has this telephone, anything that traumatic is very important because there is electronic footprints that are going to point back to certain people he may have had discussions with. so while this work is going to be going on as the days go on and that's how they are going to get athletes to perhaps attend to other pple. laur: once again, a young adult and raised in the west in great britain.
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how and why was the radical ice? it's so hard for us to understand. >> it is. what isis does this most terrorist organizations, will search the internet and look for people who are disgruntled with their country and target those individuals. they start conversations and recruit them. on the flipside in individually as he may be so upset he will be looking for organizations like isis. but we can do between businesses, government and law enforcement, we need to disrupt communications and do a lot of intercepts in surveillance with regard to many people who may be suspect of terrorism. train to the british prime minister raising the level to severity and then it ended around the world to security issues now. >> security will increase around the world. how are they going to do that? because that's the way they handled these threats for the bailout of canine units on the
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street, while armed police officers. it's what you don't see that we'll be giving us the security -- a layer of security we need to prevent a terrorist threat. lauren: the timing of all this in the summer concert season. good to see you. lauren: president trump is fired his longtime attorney to represent him in the independent counsel inquiry into the alleged ties to russia and suspected ssian terferce in the 2016 election. charlie gasparino report mark austerlitz known for his attack dog and dedication style. representative has represented trump in numerous cases including real estate transactions to force record allegations of fraud at trump university. meanwhile, former cia director john brennan on capitol hill telling lawmakers who saw information linking moscow to people involved with the president's campaign. listen to this.
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>> i encountered information intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. pairs involved in the term campaign. the known efforts to bring such individuals. >> fox news has learned that former fbi third james comey who was fired is prepared to be interviewed by robert mueller. the story saying el-sisi is prepared to testify before congress. nicole: to budget numbers, mick mulvaney and stephen mnuchin testified. the plan has been criticized by democrats and republicans are
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unrealistic cuts in programs. house speaker paul van appearing on the story with martha mccollum says it's time to take a careful look at where the dollars are going. >> we should matter whether they're successful or not. are we measuring success or automatic spending increases. the budget proposal calls for $2.6 billion along the u.s.-mexico border. >> global market action overnight. stocks higher across the board. the biggest is that two thirds of 1%. tacking on a quarter of 1% enough praise about a 10th of 1% and the shanghai composite in china. trade to moody's downgraded its credit rating by one notch
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today. the london ftse is up one 10th of 1% and the german dax down 1%. transcript 43-point gain in a 300 or to point gain after four days of the doubt. the nasdaq up five. taking a look at oil and gold, expected to meet in vienna. >> oil up six days in a row. the federal reserve will release minute that i come from the central bank at wells fargo that. good morning to you. you expect the fed to hike rates in june? >> we do it take to race at a quarter of a point in june. we will haveome language that
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the rate hikes suggest they will keep raising rates and probably moved again in september. train to see you think three total for this year? >> that's aware thinking the the fed would raise rates three times this year. it's possible it would go four times, but now it looks like after they raise rates in september they will switch their intention to beginning to normalize their balance sheet, which they took from $800 billion to 4.5 trillion in the aftermath of the financial crisis. lauren: the cbo will score those section of the bill today. >> is certainly an argumentative science. the savings that the administration is hoping for at the end of 10 years is going to be less than that. hopefully it will be somewhere around 150 billion, but it's probably --
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lauren: tax refunds come after this. >> -- the more the taxes can be cut. tried to write this, cut spending. military been boosted up your body make of it and how do you think the markets react to it? >> the markets don't react too much to the president's budget. it's very rare. if you remember a time in my life that the president's budget became law. it's a broad outline negates the debate started within congress. we have at home a budget passed and signed by the president since george bush was president. we've been operating under a series of continuing resolutions. i'm hoping the process will improve a little bit but it's difficult to get things done. lauren: as we are learning. thanks for joining us. trade to president trump's new budget bill criticized by both sides of the aisle. it aims at getting our ballooning deficit under control
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lauren: president trump himself italian prime minister jenson button and round. the factory and the apprentice at the vatican earlier this morning about two, three hours ago. italian officials will be with the president. he will then fly to brussels as heegins the third leg of his first foreign tour as president of the united states of america. nicole: president donald trump and his family left from the vatican. he met with pope francis and that has been monumental where they try to find some common ground and not the presidential palace will continue on his trip through brussels in belgium talking about obviously g-7 and the like.
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lauren: with this meeting rob has stepped up security where the italian prime minister and president labor in the vatican and where president trump will be seen as well. like pictures and breaking news as it happens. in the meantime, donald trump hiring a lawyer indicating he could be gearing up for a fight over the controversial finance right now regarding russia's possible involvement in his election when. gop strategist fort o'connell and patrice laid senior policy analyst at independent women. >> are to be here, ladies. lauren: news of trump hiring his lawyer comes the same day john brennan says he was aware of contacts between russian officials and people involved in the term campaign. where there's smoke, there's not always fire. >> that's exactly right. this is more smoke and absolutely no fire. there were contacts between the russians and the term campaign but a century of collusion. we keep going this collusion abroad, but the foreign
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government or presidential campaign. @donald trump regards as i bring on with an unlimited mandate. you can investigate underbrush interference. you've got to lawyer up the ladder web. >> watching live pictures of president trump in rome as well as the president of italy. i wanted to ask you, so far no evidence that trump campaign colluded with russia. how much damage has been done. >> at the thoughts of questions in the minds of americans about the relationship between russia and the united states in the term campaign at the time. if you're listening to more than just one news source, not just those sources that are trying to find some bit of evidence every day and dropping fake bombshells, you'll see lot of this does seem to be smoke with
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no fire as the other guys just said. a lot of americans are saying about my president to focus on what's important to me and my family. when it comes to the budget, when it comes to tax reform and tax decreases, that's what americans hear about. that's a lot of distraction. >> let me say this. all we have safari's accusation upon accusation being piled on with no one shred of evidence. we haven't seen one thing one way or the other involving president trump. but this is going to do is this is likely to stall the progress agenda president trump is pushing on capitol hill which is very unfortunate because the democrats are basically putting themselves ahead of the people. lauren: looking at live pictures of the president who is getting positive reviews as is on the international front this week. here at home you have domestic
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issues that are distractions. we have the budget proposal, the blueprint for 2018, how they plan to cut the growth of spending could of spending paperweight has defended its plan against democrats. democrats trying to say the administration is trying to out the air we breathe and the food we eat. it's not a little bit dramatic? >> it's expected there will be drama filled in trying to tear down a budget that is saying is let's take discipline to washington d.c. let's look at programs and reduce spending brittany be. eliminate duplicate of programs, programs no longer affect did. i read their son of the budget proposals as well as savings. they make a lot of sense when they found the very same program. they will try and change against
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every single demographic out there. >> let me ask you, looking at this budget released as we watch president trump overseas. they are indicative of that. why you think the white house released a budget on this monumental trip? >> this is a broad outline to get to work with the government shut down about the democrats graced south, without touching social security part of what will make president trump's budget proposal successful in balancing the budget in 10 years is to make sure you get tax reform through on the about medicare overhaul. they get to work. i may be abroad, but you've got to do your job. lauren: thank you for your time
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nicole: president donald trump made with italian president sergio mozzarella and that is all happening in rome. this after he met with pope francis at the vatican early this morning after meeting with the italian officials the president will fly to brussels. we've seen the live pictures there in rome. we saw them sitting around a large conference table with the president.
5:24 am
jared kushner also thereby president donald trump side. we will continue to follow this tory especially as donald trump speaks we will carry that for you live. lauren: time now for sports. one win away from their third straight appearance. the braun james bouncing back from their first postseason loss against the celtics in the bottom of the second. brandon had in a towering shot of christian birdman with a two run homerun. we are showing a basketball video, but my script is all about a stalker mislabeled that you enjoyed this game a little bit so you can see for yourself going on. nicole: the cats have one more game and then they can really clinch the whole thing. that's a big deal for the cleveland cavaliers. a teen i was going on is the president continues his tour there hitting all be in islam, judam, cistianity as well as
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what is what is happening in manchester as the security level there has been raised to the highest of the levels to critical by theresa may and around the world security is stepped up after that horrific terrorism act yesterday at the concert hall. we will be right back. keep it right here on fox business.
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nicole: breaking news this morning. the third leg of his first foreign trip meeting with pope francis at the vatican. he's now in italy, meeting with the president to italy, the presidential palace in rome. we have live coverage for you throughout this hour. keep your right here on fox business. good morning. i am nicole petallides. lauren: good morning. i am trained or pick the terror threat in the united kingdom is raised its highest level as his landmark about tearing manchester. at home ahead of the summer of that season. a lot of people go to concerts
5:29 am
this time of year. the latest details of the break-in is on its investigation. nicole: u.s. stock market futures after four days of gains once again in the green ever so slightly. s&p futures at a quarter of one point nasdaq futures up five. lauren: fox news charlie gasparino reporting he has hired his long-term attorney to represent them ithe council inquiry into his campaign to alleged ties to russia. we would details coming up. nicole: cleveland cavaliers are one win away from their third straight appearance in the nba finals as they take the lead over the celtics. senators stay alive at the two to one victory over the eastern conference finals. other highlights for you as well. lauren: 5:30 a.m. wednesday, may 24th. your first look at today's market than today's freakiness. nicole: the president meeting
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with the president of italy right now and that's before heading to boston. you're seeing some pictures of your spending with pope francis at the vatican. they met privately for 30 minutes earlier this morning. the president's daughter and other members of the u.s. delegation including secretary of state rex tillerson. the pope gave the president copies of his three main teaching documents. the president's gift for the pontiff was wrapped in a blue box. gifts or martin luther king and a bronze sculpture crafted by an american artist. lauren: the united kingdom race in the terror threat level as soldiers will be deployed on britain's streets to boost security for the decision a day after a bomb attack killed 22 people at a sad night concert in manchester. 120 others were injured and 59 of them cost the lives.
5:31 am
>> it's concluded on the basis of today's investigation that the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical. this means that assessment is not only been an attack remains highly likely, but that a fervor attack may be imminent. lauren: this suicide bomber identified as salman abedi and another suspect. his friends say he recently returned to the u.k. from a trip to libya. nicole: for wildness, former member of sba national joint terrorism task force dave rodgers joining us right now. good morning. it's my understanding his brother was arrested in a raid. so how are you expecting this to develop as they have on the highest alert possible. there's no question has been
5:32 am
interrogated and that maybe towards more evidence than people who may be involved in this terrorist attack. i happen to believe these individuals are involved in this on their smart terrorists that are going to be found. i believe the prime minister and what she said with regard to elevated the threat level that it may be imminent. they have a lot of actionable intelligence. lauren: what message does this send in the u.s. is to get ready to kick out from our weekend? >> we have to be vigilant. if you see something from his face and think that it's important to realize they are not disturbing on first name. he got gut feeling sometimes that something is wrong. if you get that feeling, make the call. nicole: so many worries that figure isis claim responsibity or said up for this. your thoughts on where this comes from.
5:33 am
getting to the bottom of the ideology. >> decide to be multipronged approach. obviously they have to be a military response to many nations sponsoring terrorism. the president this week did a good job trying to get a coalition of states together as nato countries. here at home will beef up law enforcement. k-9 units will be a visible on police officers and the things you don't see. you don't see cameras and other coverage. lauren: deradicalization in the ideology or understanding ideology that gets a lot of people. how could someone born and raised in great britain do something like this? it's hard to believe. how selfish of you. you blow yourself up essentially and hurt and kill other people so you could reach paradise? so hard to wrap your minds around. >> inc. about this. the suspect that killed himself,
5:34 am
his parents came here and they came here to flee persecution and now this guy turns around to destroy the country which was great britain. the fact of the matter is isis searches the internet, looks for disgruntled people and that is how they are radicalized. >> they said he was somewhat of a social media coast if it wasn't that ch on him as far as social media gurus. salman abedi back in 2015 as a person of interest. what happened to the monitoring system and how closely can i monitor each of them. >> they don't reach a certain level where the police believe this person is a potential threat. they let drop that person off the radar and go after someone who may have more information. to lauren: report said 3500 suspected terrorists in the u.k.
5:35 am
alone. >> many went overseas to fight side-by-side with isis and then they returned. those people should be removed from the country. nicole: very scary. steve coming to next a match. lauren: president campaigned his longtime attorney in his campaign's alleged ties to russia and interference in the 2016 election. charlie gasparino reporting marc is not for his attack dog education style. is represented trump whether it's real estate transaction commit divorce proceedings and allegations of fraud at trump university. nicole: former cia director brennan told lawmakers he sought information linking moscow to people involved with the president campaigned. >> i encountered and i'm aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts in interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons
5:36 am
involved in the trunk campaign. i was concerned about because of known russian efforts to such individuals. lauren: donald trump has denied any claim of collusion with russia. fox news has learned james el-sisi -- james comey by robert mueller. the source says comey is prepared to testify before congress. lauren: budget director mikko veining treasury secretary stephen mnuchin headed to capitol hill to testify the $4 trillion spending plan has been criticized by democrats and republicans were in realistic eyes to social and domestic brokers. house speaker paul ryan with mike to mcallen take a careful
5:37 am
look at where exactly the dollars are going. >> we should measure whether they are successful or not. are we getting the outcomes we want or we measuring success based on how much return of programs by automatic spending increases. >> a border wall in the u.s.-mexico borde >> the global market action we have been seeing after we've had four days of gains in the states. asia taking our cue as our cue sbc offers across-the-board. the nikkei in japan that more than half of 1%. hong kong hang seng up one 10th of 1%. the shanghai composite index squeezing out again to the upside is that downgrade in career costs be up one quarter of 1%.
5:38 am
lauren: in europe, stocks are trading. the cac down for her, germany down. nicole: got more than 300 points in those days and data features up six. s&p 500 futures standing right unchanged. nasa features up for. lauren: investors up to mystic when opec meets later this month they will extend production cut. check out oil at six days in a row. $51.71 a barrel there's another game. gold giving back $4 to 12.51 at tryouts. nicole: but it's a future for tax refund that everybody's been waiting for and when will it happen? let's ask mark bittner from senior economist at wells fargo. good morning. what he think about the tax bill? when is it coming? >> we think we'll get a tax bill byhe end of the year. this wretched mess has put
5:39 am
everything off track a little bit. having a special counsel may actually hope that it should clear the calendar a little bit of congress. they think we will get a modest proposal through because congress can't go back into the midterm election. >> we only have a one-page primer about what potential tax cuts could look like. when you get more information? >> more as we move further in the budget process. they move forward with their plans the affordable care at once that happens in to get the reconciliation process, we know how much there would be over the next 10 years gives you how much the tax cuts could be. there is a lot of language caught up in all of this and make it revenue neutral, but the way the cbo scores things if they don't assume that a growth oriented tax policy produces any
5:40 am
more growth. >> you are an expert on the economy. give us a big picture. how is the economy really doing? >> doing fairly well. we've been growing at 2% a year since the recession which is one of the slowest economic recoveries that we've ever seen. they called and he was talking about this yesterday, the budget director said there's no reason we can't grow 3%. i don't know if 3% as the number, but the most important thing to take away is there's no reason why the u.s. economy can grow faster than 2%. this seems to be disbelief that labor labor force is never going to grow again that productivity is stuck where it is. that is hogwash. we can definitely grow faster than 2% if we have the right policies in place that encourage investment in people to come back into the workforce. i hope we will move forward with that. awfully discouraging when you
5:41 am
look at all that goes on in washington. a good number of people want to make sure nothing gets done. lauren: you are optimistic it seems as trunk campaign promises many proposed policies go through with the three plus% gdp growth. >> i'm not sure about the 3%, but i think it will be higher than 2.1. the economy's long-term financial growth down to 4.4%. it is harder to go much faster than 2.5% per year. that's a lot stronger than 2%. nicole: earnings have been pretty great. marconi thank you good lauren: minimum which protesters tear it up for the shareholders meeting outside of chicago. thousands of fast food workers marcng from trump tower two flagship mcdonald's restaurant. the protest organizer: mick donald that donald trump of corporations. the protesters are that many employees international union
5:42 am
pushing for a $10 an hour minimum wage. however, shareholders attending the meeting today come you can't figure the because if you look at donald shares, all that changes like all-day prep is a new menu items. the stock is up 21% in the past year. nicole: we continue our coverage. breaking news of what is going abroad at manchester police have made three more arrests over the pop concert bombing. we will have all the details as they develop. keep it right here on "fbn:am." ♪
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lauren: just about a 45 am in new york to escape out of what's happening right now. british police have made three more arrests after the deadly bombing at the ariana grande concert in manchester, england. british prime minister theresa may increasing the terror threat risks to the highest level possible may set another attack may be an innate to terror attack killed 22 innocent souls. president trumping rome where he's meeting with italy's president and prime minister as they speed. today, pope francis and trumpeted 28 meeting at the vatican. trump will be in italy less than 24 hours. next up, brussels. charlie gasparino reporting president trump has hired his longtime attorney to represent him in the investigation.
5:46 am
robert mueller looking into claims that there was collusion between the trunk campaign in russian operative during the 2016 election season. in the market, showing resiliency to tear up yesterday. dow futures up again by four points. s&p just turn negative just slightly. that's a check on what is happening now. nicole: president trumps to the vatican to attend to the homes of three major religions. joining us now, gop strategist fort o'connell. the senior policy analyst at independent women. thank you for being here. president donald trump made stops in saudi arabia and israel. what is the significance of trunk going to all of these very important religious locations, some of which no president has ever been. >> i think it sends a message around the world can never particularly particularly re in the united state. let's remember that evangelicals were part of the strongest
5:47 am
supporters. now he's saying i'm not emboldened to christians in america, but to muslims around the world. to christians, to catholics around the world. i tried to position myself as someone who represents a misunderstanding of all religions. and he policies the administration comes up with, he's saying i understand that they have deep respect for religious freedom and religious rights across the world. lauren: let me respond to that you ask another question. >> ever and for donald trump to be a disaster in the foreign policy front. he said out of the country in saudi arabia and the stuff i did especially. if we are going to defeat the islamic terror, we need a coalition of sunni arab nations and israel working in lockstep and frankly visiting the pope is always a great big because in all honesty it is helpful given the disagreements he had on the
5:48 am
campaign trail but the pope to say we are in unity together to push forward and make sure the world is safe. >> let's come together against these losers quite frankly. house republicans awaiting the release of the apothecary placement will be recently passed at the beginning of the month. let me ask you, does it matter since the legislation the faces an uncertain fate in the senate? >> i don't think it matters, but it seems but it saves at least $2 billion over 10 years. what i see between the house and senate's campaign politics. the house did its job and put pressure on the senate. the senate is able to pass a bill. they will make some changes. at the end of the day if we get upon the character budget reconciliation, they both have to take another vote and do it before september 30th if we want to use a special process of budget this conciliation for tax reform and obamacare. nicole: the president's proposed budget has also been released.
5:49 am
how will that survive? where do you see his successor president donald trump? >> he's prioritizing different issues. we've seen him prioritize discipline, fiscal discipline, looking at the long-term fiscal future of our country. but he's also prioritizing able-bodied americans getting back to work and ensuring they do that. rightsizing rather than maximizing snap benefit. so things like food stamps, ensuring the right social safety net is targeted to the right americans. there's a lot of fiscal discipline in the budget that american should be able to agree with. nicole: i like that word that patrice ford, thank you for joining us. lauren: coming up cover sports for you. the cleveland cavaliers take a three to one series lead over the celtics. in hockey, senator stay alive at the two to oneig worry over the penguins, china eastern conference final. we will have all the highlights
5:50 am
for you plus late-night talk show host stephen colbert off the price on controversial trump jokes. we'll have details on that. u.s. stock market futures are higher across the board. the features of 10, s. d. half a point. nasdaq futures up five. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. lauren: breaking news, president trump like president trump like an outsider goodtime presidential palace meeting with the president as well as the italian prime minister today. this is the third leg of his
5:54 am
first foreign trade. he is in rome today before he had over to brussels for a nato summit and he ultimately answers to her at the g-7 summit on friday in sicily. trade two of us has seen his family at their good first lady as well as ivanka unveils that we saw meet the pope from a big deal as it travels around the world making it known that he spare for peace and bring the world together. when he met with the pope, the pope gave him a gift, and metal all of her after the president said we need peace and they both nodded come at least they found some common ground there. looking at the presidential palace and president trump as he meetwith all theignitaries. lauren: looks like the president is right next to him on his right. >> will keep you abreast of things. donald trump's peaks will be sure to bring it to you live.
5:55 am
time now for sports. the cleveland cavaliers are one win away from their third straight appearance in the end if finals. lebron james johnson back from their first postseason loss against the celtics. boston is up 16 points in the first half. irving takes over in the third in a steps back on the trains three. he scores 42 with under a minute left. r. reid saves the best for the last and completely false jay crowder with a fake and the cavaliers won a 112-99. turning to hockey, ottawa senators forcing game seven against the penguins. senators on the power play. bobby rhine fire someone time in the back of the net. third. on the move. nicof been tires from the top of the circle and scores. senators when it to-1, forcing back in pittsburgh. to baseball, anthony rendon does it all.
5:56 am
he rubs the mariners. the diving catch there. watch the quick reaction. not about the second. brandon has a power shot with a two run homerun. the fourth inning and a deep again for his second home run of the day. the nationals go on to win it 10-1. cubs against the giants for senate, kyl shorebird goes deep for a solo home run. his seventh of the season. that last estimated at 470 feet. cubs lead why not name. anthony reyes crushes want to write for a two run homer. john lester with 10 strikeouts. the cubs win it for-1. lauren: someone has the nicest of our coverage of president trump's trip to italy. stay with us.
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we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be. lauren: uber wants to make things right with its drivers. it is underpaid drivers in your head to mistakenly figure commissions based on road fares before taxes and fees were did not did. so now, cooper will refigure commission based on the matter. what is the same for the average new york driver? a refund of $900 but does include interest to amount to tens of millions of dollars to pay out.
6:00 am
uber says it has tens of thousands of drivers in new york city, so that's how much they'll be getting each. tragically been watching features to the upside. president trump abroad at 51 and change gaming and we are thank you for watching "fbn:am." lauren: we say good morning to maria bartiromo for the first time this week is the president conveniently is in italy. maria: that's true. thank you so much. hi, everybody. happy wednesday. i am maria bartiromo and it is once day, may 24th. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. he met with pope praises of an with pope francis over an ip seeking common ground after recent policy clashes. the president continues his foreign trip focusing on the domestic agenda. stephen mnuchin, nick maldini headed to capitol hill today. braking is on the manchester bombings report. police say they have made three


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