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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 25, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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take a sneak peek at the smash hit of the season. the new season of "game of thrones" is set to premiere july july 16th. lea: a lot of people excited about that. thank you for joining us on "fbn:am." we love having you with us, lea gabrielle. we'll toss it over to "mornings with maria." maria: happy thursday. good morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo and it is thursday, may 25th at top stories at 6:00 a.m. presidentpresident tribe meets o leaders in brussels after months of tensions. he's expected to reiterate his call for members to raise defense by name. the threat a key issue in the aftermath of the manchester terror attacks. the father and brothers of the bomber, the latest arrest. the report suggests the attacker was seeking revenge against the treatment of muslims. secretary of state rex tillerson addressing the need to step up the fight against atheists.
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>> i think the horrible attack in manchester reminded all of us why we have to do this. the president said that in remarks today. it just reminds us why we have to win this fight and we have to do it. we can't leave it for someone else to do. maria: very latest developments this morning. airport lines may be getting longer. transportation security administration testing procedures including separating all electronics and food. obamacare on the brink. the congressional budget office now with a score in the gop health care bill say that will lower premiums than the deficit. this after another insurer said it will pull out of the exchanges next year. we've got the latest. earnings season wraps. if i had to be uanabout giving us the latest book. overall earnings have been strong. futures indicated they will open like this trademark is right now pretty strong opening this but we expect that 77-point.
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nasdaq, s&p 500 also in the plus power. european indices. take a look, higher across the board. cac quarante of a third of a percent of the others actually moving. and they shall come against across-the-board. best performer of the cost be in korea and shanghai. in china up 1.5 but. joining me to talk all about it, dagen mcdowell, fox news contributor steven cortez and the fra and business strategist lengthy bout with us. good to see you. dagen: good morning. maria: begot the cbo score. transfer with it. 23 then people will be without insurance or that is your headline you'll see. it's above the fold in "usa today." we have to point out because the health care bill gets rid of the individual mandate that requires people to buy health insurance, that's why the numbers go up. the cbo has estimated that
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people will choose to not buy insurance. dagen: maria: on the left you don't care that his choice. people are choosing not to take the insurance. dagen: people who are getting dumped off of health insurance programs as we were talking about blue cross blue shield of kansas city said it is is withdrawing obamacare plans in kansas and missouri. 731,000 people in missouri alone won't have any coverage options. let's talk about the reality on the ground before you point to a bill that had been moved to the senate. maria: about coming out. you're in for the cofounder and ceo of startup health. but the technology in health care. former speaker of the house, fox news contributor newt gingrich's file is promoted deputy chief of staff to george w. bush in a fox news contributor, karl rove is here. stephen ross is with us this morning.
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lots of business to talk about with him or the director of office a nick maldini will walk us through the budget as well as a pushback on the president's budget. all of that coming up. president tribe continuing his first overseas trip. many with french and german leaders that the e.u. and nato headquarters in brussels. blake are magnified in sicily. he has the very latest. good morning to you. reporter: hi there, maria. president tribe top advisers have come and gone from e.u. headquarters in brussels has been met with e.u. leaders for about an hour or so. the meeting have a dynamic set up for something pretty interesting. after all, president trump has said it was nothing more than a vehicle for germany. on the other end, one of the top e.u. commissioners had threatened to campaign for the state of ohio to gain its independence should assert trump not as the e.u. allowed. we have not yet received a readout of the meeting.
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however issues like trade, climate change and security expected on the top of the agenda. now the president is gearing up for a lunch meeting with the newly elected french president, said they. that will be a one-on-one meeting in an hour's time from now. later this evening will shift over to nato as the president will meet for meters and nato member nations. the president has been critical for quite some time, especially calling for nato nations to increase their defense spending. the secretary of state rex tillerson yesterday on that issue. >> he really wants to persuade nato members to step up and fully meet their obligations. you can expect the president to be tough on them same outcome of the u.s. is spending 4%. we are doing a lot. the american people are doing a lot for your security commensurate to charity. make sure you are doing your share. reporter: after the meeting
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wraps up, on the sicily for the g7 imac friday and saturday. maria, i have a hunch here. i'll bet you a nickel if you're so inclined when the president gets here, they'll have a room with a view. maria: i'm sure. there you are in sicily. i know it's tough. somebody's got to do it, though. >> they asked. i said yes. maria: coming back to you. blake berman is live in italy. while president trump is in brussels as president, the american voters weighed in on his agenda. 44% of voters nationwide say that the president is doing what he was elect you to do, shake up washington while 53% say the first few months in office show his agenda is coming apart. the poll shows that the last month takes a toll on the president's approval rating. it finds 40% of voters approve of the job tribe is doing down from 45% last month.
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disapproval up five points to 53%. steve cortez tell us what is your take on these numbers. >> will, i'll be the first to concede as a trump ours and that there have been stumbles out of the gate and that's to be expected when we elect our first-ever nonpolitician to the white house. somebody who didn't come from the military or politics. having said that, there's been enormous successes yet i would point to the economy come acceleration of the economy to the supreme court and then i would also point out i think this is huge to the border already be partially secured may be untrue mainly just by his words which is incredible. their achievements and symbols. but the polls indicated that the country and we knew this and we knew this from the election, the country's incredibly divided. primarily because of slow growth. once the president delivers, and i think he will. a tax package that gets growth
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accelerating. we will see a lot of that division within america's start to receive. it is a sad and bitter consequence of a decade of slow growth. maria: what they communicate that in a that in attacks on what they are trying to do with taxes the way that they've been able to communicate other things. you talk about messaging a lot. >> republicans in the house and senate, when they rolled out the first obamacare replacement was horrible. paul writes to very give a powerpoint presentation that basically a third grader could do better. he was trying to explain to people why this would work in their benefit and now is an utter disaster. republicans in the house and senate, but also president trump in the way the administration has handled the critical maneuvers. i think a lot of people gave them a pass for the messiness of the travel ban when it was implemented because it was so
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early. it was so early in the industry shame. the firing of fbi director jim comey was equally messy. the communications team are basically sweating at the gym for a lack of a better phrase, got caught off guard. you see that in these polls. they asked about the real reason president trump fired comey. 60% said the investigations were harming trump. that is messaging from the mainstream media. 34% of the note 53%. and the 13% were unsure. again, if the messaging had been better, people would feel differently. maria: last night i joined hannity and i was on with austin pulls v. austin was so smart because as soon as he comes on talking about the health care bill, first thing he brings up is the cost of nursing homes. this is exactly what resonates with people.
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start talking about the cost of what people use. nursing homes, care. he went right to the specifics of what we are paying for. it wasn't a powerpoint presentation. it is right where people understand what we are talking about here they understand exactly what you're saying in terms of getting the messaging right in terms of what we talk about. people's health care. >> we are in the business of explaining things. finance and business your entire television career, you know the importance of it raining something complicated in a way that everybody can understand it because that the whole point. >> to your point, the way to do that is storytelling. the left is better is storytelling generally been the bright. we do tend on the right to default to facts and figures and powerpoint presentations. about real people and what is the story behind this policy.
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maria: that's a good point. we are going to a short break here from a comeback, the details in the bombing outside of the ariana grande concert in manchester as a suspect brother and father arrested. the tsa brand said security procedures targeting a lack on extensive here what you can expect at the airport coming next. back in a moment. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain
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maria: welcome back of the race to fill the seat in the u.s. house of representatives turning violent after candidate greg john 14.he slammed a reporter. cheryl casone at the details. >> of fox news crew was there they witnessed the entire incident. ben jacobs approach asking about the congressional budget office report. producers who repaired witnesses say he grabbed the reporter by the neck, pushed into the ground. here's audio of that encounter. the scene. >> waiting to make a decision about health care. >> we can talk about that later. stick with shane, please. i'm sick and tired of you guys. the last time you did the same thing. get the out of here.
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reporter: heat-treated after the incident up to just not a slam to me and broke my glasses. he offered us a urgent other than staying in it meant "the guardian" ben jacobs entered the office without permission can aggressively shoved a recorder no-space and began asking better questions. he grabbed his wrist and finally for greg pushing them both to the ground. montana police have issued a citation for misdemeanor assault charges against the republican candidate. greg gianforte servitor seen asking questions as to whether he may have committed a crime by leaving the scene. we should also say three montana newspapers have endorsements follow a map in them. we will keep you did. let's move to other headlines. severe thunderstorms possible in the east coast ahead of a cold front in parts of the mid-atlantic. president used the pickup one to three inches of rain today the
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localized flash flooding possible. brain after two inches per hour during the heaviest of the downpour. this comes after tornadoes ripped through north carolina downing trees and damaging dozens of homes. looking at pictures of storms struck courteney elementary school in a store in the roof off of their jib. haskell of course is closed today. nearly 1100 residents lost power according to duke energy company and all of us come in no fatalities reported as a result of these struck tornadoes. and come the tsa is testing tougher screening procedures attendant for with food and electronics. they will play some food items and electronics bigger than a cell phone and then to be screened separately. the goal? a diamond mineral backtracks, keep the lines moving. changes apply to individuals in our real security lines not pre-check for if you have global entry.
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they tested the process to your cart for airports that they will not expand the testing tomorrow. it's not official yet, but we shall be. finally, some big earnings coming out before the bell. best buy to post earnings per share of 40 cents and revenue of $8.28. serious beating estimates. the company reporting a narrower than expected loss. $2.15. revenue come in $4.3 billion. a lot of headlines this morning. back to you. >> we are waiting on other numbers. series is fair. lindsay is here this morning. your characterization of what it looks like so far. >> it's been a really great. actually. we come in every quarter in every quarter earnings expert patient has beat expectations. this quarter 15.3% growth is the best growth since 2011. very significant.
6:18 am
tricky what about revenue? the mcafee .4%. we haven't seen that kind of growth in a longer period of time. the retail sector will get a handful of numbers today hasn't been doing so good but we'll see some of these guys can be taxed at a shame. maria: real quick on guidance. >> guidance as they descend. less guiding down. >> new details on the bombing outside a concert in manchester as suspects brother father are now arrested. latest developments next. the congressional budget office releasing its long-awaited score in the gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. another health insurer pulled out of the marketplace you details coming out. stay with us right here. there's nothing traditional about my small business so when
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maria: welcome back. breaking news right now. manchester police was running to a call outside of the city. the army is on the way to the scene right now. a bomb disposal team has survived. details as they come in. this is coming as new details have emerged on the bomber that carries out the deadly attack in manchester monday night. u.s. officials telling toxin is that salman abedi than three weeks in libya before returning to the u.k.-based authority carried out the attack. news comes as libyan authorities have arrested some six father and brother yesterday. former cia operative president of diligence, global intelligence security firm, mike baker is the best way to new mac are waiting in. what is your reaction to the arrest here? yesterday we had the cia farmer had before this is known, he
6:23 am
said i would ask that is to be family members that rather typically are associated with the same name when you have a situation like this. what is your reaction? >> well, anybody in counterterrorism and the first thing when of come that there is a sense as you start to get more details about the attack is out, there is a sense that there's obvious support network. this wasn't a lone wolf -- traditional lone wolf type of attack. there have to be some support likely in creating the explosive device. there is support likely and surveilling the target ahead of the attacks. so it's not a big leap to imagine that it was close or distant family members or close friends that were involved in
6:24 am
this along with the attacker. maria: has got to bring up something we were talking about yesterday yet the fact that this guy was on a watch list. we know that he was on a watch list in the u.k. and he had just come off of a three-week stay in libya. how is this mess? >> it is not missed. people imagine if someone comes up on the radar screen of a security service or in a service that those people are being watched 24/7 all the way down the road. that is not the way it works. oftentimes it's not allowable under the restrictions of what you can and can't do. resources are at issue as well. maria: the three-week trip to libya, should not have sort of ran a red flag if this guy is on the watching goes to libya for three weeks? dagen: shouldn't it be, if you look at the case of the tsarnaev
6:25 am
brothers. they were on the radar of authorities, attackers and terrorists. sad sad and was signed the watch list. >> the difference between constant surveillance and someone coming across the radar rb would that at some point are being questioned at some point. again, i'm not sure how else to it than this other than if they want that level of surveillance, and then change the law. but you also at the same time have people as remain about privacy rights and liberty. that priority list, that any service has commend the u.k. for instead, with terror suspects can that priority of who you have to watch and pay attention to is a very complicated list
6:26 am
and people are moved up and down constantly shifting based on intelligence about people's associates are invidious or whatever it might be. some are removed from the list. we are trying to make a sound check. >> i have a question regarding the united states. we've been talking about how president trump was the communication was very poor. in terms of policy, doesn't this at least to some degree validate the idea that it makes sense for us to put the brakes on visitors from countries that are incomplete disarray places like libya and syria. the terrorists have just visited here it is not a cent to the policy to the united states? >> a sensible policy to the united states is a very good point to bring up is to say gas. of course we are and of course we want to have an efficient
6:27 am
immigration system and that also means coming into the country we should be able to properly vet them. particularly when they are coming to state. i just don't see how tt is difficult to comprehend. so yes, there needs to be more done. as an example, if the attacker had been thoroughly vetted, you know, again look at this in a different way. the family came over from libya to the u.k. and he was born in the u.k. so what does that mean? in that situation, that in the family before they came over would've accomplished nothing. again, there is more to this than meets the eye. sometimes they try to throw some sort of simple box in an effort
6:28 am
to understand the horrific nature. maria: fair enough. u.k. prime minister teresa and as many with president trump in brussels could obviously do so, but she will also address the recently expired u.s. intelligence officials surrounded the manchester bombing investigation. these lakes have put a huge turn in the relationship between intelligence communities in the u.s. and u.k. were some reports that investigators have stop sharing of her nation with the u.s. regarding the bombing. what is your take here? >> ursula, no evidence that comes from the u.s. the likelihood that the information is thoroughly shared with on orson, but also it is not clear "the new york times" is in the spotlight on this one. i haven't sent any thing that's not a possibility that "the new york times" doesn't have a source over there in the u.k. that provided this information.
6:29 am
so i think we are kind of leaping through. "the new york times" is about the only outlet today that didn't bother to report on this uproar over the leaks, given what is front and center in the salt air. i would not make too much strain this might put on the relationship. there's no daylight between us and u.k. counterparts, whether it's at night i've are sixth in the metropolitan police or counterterror command. it is frustrating and assigned. the information is shared in confidence finished the week. at the same time, the cooperation continues on our radar screen. while statements are made by the home secretary or others in public theater, behind the
6:30 am
scenes, the government. maria: great to talk with you. thanks for weighing in. mike baker there. the battle over health care. rational budget office with its long-awaited score in the second gop plan to repeal and replace obamacare. at the same time, pulling out of the marketplace. the details that spirit winter is here. the new "game of thrones" trailer released and from the looks of it, the war has begun. we are taking a look. back in a moment.
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maria: welcome back, good thursday good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. thursday may 25th, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump continues world tour this morning. today meeting with nato leaders in brussels. commander in chief expect today reiterate call for members to raise spending on defense. singer ariana grande honoring the lives lost outside of concert and she's now offering to cover funeral costs for victims, the city gets slight sign of hope, manchester united winning the europe league right now. latest out of manchester coming up. health care battle continues on capitol hill. cbo with without in gop bill this morning.
6:34 am
while they say it will lower premiums the number of uninsured is increasing by why? >> what we really should be having a debate since the democrats promised a bunch of things of obamacare, premiums reduced $2,500, they went up $3,000 a family. we really needed creating portable health care system. maria: news coming as yet another health insure e has pulled on obamacare. details on headache coming up. opec will extend production cuts into march of 2018, the opec meeting happening today. oil is down 1 and a half percent right now at 50.58. broader markets looking good. futures indicating a higher opening for stock prices, dow industrials set to open 80 points, nasdaq 20. in europe stocks are edging higher, take a look at the european indices. ftse up a fraction and cac quarante in paris up a third of a percent n. asia overnight,
6:35 am
gains across the board. best performer in korea and china. and winter has come apparently, hbo releasing first trailer for the highly anticipated seventh season of game of thrones. we have a preview right here. first hour top story the half hour, battle over health care, congressional budget office released report yesterday on the republican's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. cbo estimate that is the bill passed by the house would reduce federal deficit by $119 billion by 2026 while also lowering premiums. it would leave at least 23 million more americans uninsured than under obamacare. democrats point today that last figure as key point of opposition but republicans are casting down over accuracy of the report, watch. >> they deserve all the respect in the world but they are not profits, they are trying to answer questions that go out ten years, they are trying to predict what state legislators are going to do and they don't
6:36 am
know who those legislators and governors are going to be. i think it's an impossible task to some degree. maria: joining us right now the founder and ceo of start-up health, that's steve with us with highland capital management head of health care and credit equity michael gregory is with us. great to see you both. >> great to see you. maria: thank you. michael, you're looking tat whole spectrum of health care companies. tell us view on cbo score and impact? the big te away there was nothing last night that would impede flow of the bill in the senate. a couple of things here to note, the number 23 million people that are going lose health care, that's inflated. 17million people don't have insurance now. what last night was was a rerating of the cbo's original statement of how many people would have insurance from 2016 to 2026. 12million people that don't have medicaid now that they thought
6:37 am
would. texas and florida, they wouldn't have expanded medically irrespective of anything in the aca and secondly, 5 million people who they assumed would pick up coverage on the exchange using the 2016 baseline, they've reupdate that had number for 2017, so what we should do is focus on the 6 million people who really may lose health insurance and there's a silver lining that i learned last nightment for individual who is are middle-aged and working, premiums may get covered fbi newly introduced republican tax credit. this is a big win for the middle class. the republicans need a brand management coordinator and pr agent on the bill. it is clearly not as bad as advertised. maria: exactly what dagen said moments ago. dagen: now, i am going to call senator chuck schumer out on this because he talks about -- the cbo confirms that trump care is a cancer.
6:38 am
stop using that word to anybody who ever actually battled that disease or what has a family member or lost a family member. then he takes issue with the score that premiums will fall. you can't have it both ways, chuck, what is it? maria: the other thing that you mentioned which i want to get your take on, a big choice, a lot are not going to have insurance because they are choosing not to have insurance. dagen: they won't get hit with penalty through the irs and they will choose it with millions of americans who will choose not to buy health insurance, choose. >> the reality is republicans are inherited a mess, premiums are out of control and insurance companies have lost millions. we are expecting premiums to increase in 2018 by 20% in individual market and 5% in 2019. only when we get to 2020 when a lot of the key provisions in the
6:39 am
bill take effect can premiums start to actually decelerate. maria: obamacare is imploding and the left will not even admit that. there's no acknowledgment whatsoever. yesterday we got the news that blue cross blue shield that it's no longer going to be offering obamacare plans in kansas and missouri due to unsustainable losses. we have united health, aetna, anthem, bluecross blueshield. they are all coming out. from innovation standpoint, let's talk about that, steven because you have a really innovative internationallial company start-up health, what's the impact? >> it's not about trump care or obamacare, actually, it's about mothers, sisters and brothers, what we are seeing around the world is a waive of entrepreneurial innovation from not just entrepreneurs but really health care innovators who have the mind set who are leaning into actually reinventing reimagining health care. maria: you have to.
6:40 am
>> you have to. at the end to have day, we are far from seeing this anywhere from being passed, right, as it gets to the senate reworked, this is becoming a road map for what needs to be fixed. obamacare is not perfect and trumpcare is not going to be perfect either. how do we change the dialogue to what entrepreneurs and innovators can do to actually help not just here in america but all around the world live healthier and i think that's the big story here, is we have a global army of entrepreneurs transforming health care. the real story is today that'sng on. that's what innovative organizations like sap are doing when they are leaning in and not putting hundreds of millions but billions of dollars into health care to fiction it. >> i think that's a great point. there's a lot of bad news in health care clearly. by the way as a veteran of the trump campaign, the single reason we won was obamacare, i truly believe that in october -- dagen: you can get kellyanne conway for pushing that.
6:41 am
>> it wasn't russia or emails. i believe it was obamacare. maria: and tax reform. >> that's when we got momentum and literally the timing couldn't have been better for stream trump because it was in october that those people saw massive increases. that's the bad news, we are in a mess. >> we have been in a mess for a long time. >> innovation that's going on, by the way all of it from america, innovation is going on out there is incredible and our health care future is increased being bright once we figure out the best way for the government. >> the good news government is not going to save health care, entrepreneurs and the mind set of entrepreneurship within organizations is what's going to fix health care. every day right now there are thousands of entrepreneurs working on this. big organizations working on this leaning on, this apple, this is a real topic, they're not waiting around to see what's happening. maria: unfortunately the rest of the market putting innovators aside. steven, look at insurance
6:42 am
companies. give us your impact, michael, sorry. >> the insurance companies if you're not involved in the obamacare exchange, it's not going to hurt you. so by pulling out, many side-stepped losses. anthem health care is one of our favorite names. anthem has easy trajectory, receiving sufficient premium to cover the cost trend for health expenses by people who they cover, beat and raids story in 2017, look at the go-forward, 15 to 20% from 2021 on earnings. reduction in tax, $665 billion. a big piece of that is taxes on the insurers. so they side-stepped allow single digit. number two, anthem benefits from restructuring pharmacy benefit contract which is getting a lot
6:43 am
of media attention and that would be 15% contributor and thirdly if tax reform comes into play, that's another 20 to 30% lift to earnings, insurance companies are domestic facing businesses paying full tax. so there's a very clear picture going forward for the insurers and we like anthem for that reason. maria: great insights. real quick, steven, start-up health, largest health digital portfolio. last time you said you had 10 companies and now 200 companies. >> we are bullish. incredible time. best time to be entrepreneur and investor in health care. maria: that's incredible. fantastic insight. steven krein and michael being with us. ariana grande offering cocover victim's funeral costs. fans have launched a twitter campaign to get her song one last time to top the charts. we have the details coming up. winter has arrived.
6:44 am
the new game of thrones trailer released and from the looks of it the war has begun. we will be right back. without t. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance
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maria: welcome back, we are expecting a rally at the opening of trading. 76 points on the dow industrials, 22 points on the nasdaq. a couple names on the move this morning, activist investor dan lobe targeting dow equipmental market with dupont. low is publicly pushing to that tale, split combined assets into public-traded companies. the company says they are reviewing this plan. moody's says ford's move to replace mark fields is a credit negative. moody's calling the move abrupt and concern that this could reflect serious set of challenges at ford. the stock is down 15% over the last year. well, a prison riot in
6:48 am
california to report, eight guards to the hospital, cheryl casone with the details, cheryl. cheryl: a fight between two inmates yesterday at the pelican state prison, took live immuneition to stop, all the injured guards were treated and released from local hospitals, investigators don't know whether it was a planned attack on correctional officers or was this somehow gang related. well, tragedy in new york after a sink hole swallows a man alive. died yesterday after the hole collapse bearing him in 15 feet of dirt. he was pulled from the sink hole six hours later. well, ariana grande one last time rise to go number one spot
6:49 am
after fans launched online campaign to get the singer's 2014 hit to the top of the chart in memory of the manchester bombing victims. ♪ ♪ ♪ cheryl: some reports say that ariana grande is preparing to cover funeral costs of the victims. finally, guys, hold onto your seats, game of thrones fans, there's about to be an all-war among the 7 kingdoms. >> enemies to the west, enemies
6:50 am
to the south, enemies to the north. cheryl: hbo has kept viewers in suspense for almost a year to see the sneak peek, seventh season new season premier july 16th, that's a sunday. who will not come to work on that monday, maria? back to you. maria: coming up next, some joy for manchester at a time it needs it the most. soccer championship victory that will not soon be forgotten next.
6:51 am
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maria: welcome back, manchester
6:54 am
united paying tribute. jared: good morning, a championship soccer match in stockholm, sweden featured manchester united against amsterdam. a moment of silence prior to kickoff and then the match began. manchester united wasted no time in scoring, 30 minutes after that chris to henrik, flicted in for the goal. man u was up 2-0. that was all the offense they need. ibrahimovic win it is europa league final. >> this is very sad all over the world. i played for them for the people who died. jared: big star with manchester united, what a victory and certainly helping the nation.
6:55 am
a scary moment last night at yapgy stadium in new york. cris carter had back shattered by a baseball pitch, it hit a young who was seated seven rows behind. stopped for a couple of minutes. the boy received medical attention at the stadium and after he left the stadium as well. there was wild pitch, tide. go ahead run. that was the start of something big. josé ramírez single home a coupled. josé osuana. back to back to back home runs. the pirates make the them run 5 times. tim tebow had first card issued
6:56 am
by tops released yesterday part of 2017 prodebut series. this is a short printed card. right off the bat, the card makers are saying there's value in the card. it's going about 100 bucks. one out of every 100 packs said to have card. dagen: greatest day of racing all year long, indy 500 and longest race in nascar, boom. jared: boom. maria: and then there's the celtics takes on the calves tonight. game 5. tell us about that. jared: seemed like aboration. final 16 and a half minutes he disappeared, he was scoreless,
6:57 am
11 points, lowest total in any home playoff game and you wonder if there's an injury, something is going on with lebron and he came back to life in the next game. teammate jefferson said lebron caught a bug that another williams had had. they will never talk about that. maybe that was that. maria: he did get a bug? >> for what it was michael jordan plaid one of the major games with a bug. you have to work on a big day, that's most important, you show up and do your job and nail it. maria: thanks, jared. we are going the tell you about we are going the tell you about the car thieves, geico issuing recall on those cars because of risk for injury. or visit
6:58 am
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maria: good morning, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us. it is thursday may 25th, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump set to meet with the french president i man yell macron momentarily. they will hold a work-in lunch today ahead of president's nato meeting later this morning. the father and the brothers to have bomber among the latest arrests and authorities believe that the bombing was part of a broader network. >> i think it's very clear that this is a network that we are investigating and it continues extensive investigation going on
7:01 am
and activity taking place across greater manchester as we speak. maria: meanwhile the premier of wonder woman was canceled in the wake of the attack. we have the latest coming up. a terrifying scene at a milwaukee parking lot. attempted carjacking caught on video and it was in broad daylight. unbelievable escape coming up. parents, check your cars, geico is recalling 25,000 car seats because they may not restrain children in a crash. amazon makes a move in brick and mortar, company oping store, futures indicating markets will open higher, take a look. 70-point rally for dow industrials, nasdaq expected to be up a third of a percent, 20 points higher. in europe stocks are edging higher, mixed market with the averages way off of the highs to have morning. dax index is now negative. in asia gains across the board. best performer in china.
7:02 am
watching the price of oil as opec is meeting, high-ly anticipated meeting and say will extend production cuts till march of 2018. prices turn lower on the move. the flinstone house finally sold. dagen mcdowell and steve cortez and lindsey bell. great to see you. >> thanks for having us. maria: good morning. dagen: good morning. where do you start? maria: where do we start, exactly. we will talk about health care with cbo score, 15% higher on profits. >> better than 9.7 expected in the start of the quarter. it's supporting the resilient market that you see despite all the political uncertainties out there. maria: best buy hitting the tape with 60 cents a share versus
7:03 am
estimate of 40 cents a share, best buy we have been waiting on this morning and this is add to go a pretty good earning season, even the retail has been a weak spot. revenue above expectations on best buy. take a look. stock however, down 2%. coming up this morning former speaker of the house newt gringrich is here, chairman and founder of related companies and miami dolphins owner steven ross in studio this morning and in the office of management director mick mulvaney is going to walk us through the budget. we kick it off right now this hour with top story, president trump's first trip overseas as commander in chief. he will meet with newly elected french president macron were a working lunch today before speaking to leaders in nato this after speaking with european council president and european commission president, joining me now radio host, richard fowler. richard, good to see you, thanks
7:04 am
for joining the conversation. do you think the president's of unity has been so effective so far, how would you characterize the trip? >> i would give him by minus to b plus. we saw him be presidential and put russia stuff behind him until he gets back to united states russia will come back up. what's going to be interesting today in meeting with macron, meeting with theresa may because we found out yesterday that the uk is very upset about the united states intelligence agencies leaking information. the white house leaks are becoming problem with for the president. dagen: we don't know that that was leaked. you said the white house -- we don't know where "the new york times" got that. former cia operative said that could have come to british
7:05 am
intelligence and they might with trying to deflect and blame the united states. >> the president admitted over and over the u.s. government has problems with leaks specially in intelligence community. the united states intelligence apparatus is bigger than most of the other developed countries so we don't know where the leak is coming from but i'm pretty sure that theresa mayweather it's coming from the brits or not, there's going to be harsh words between her and the president. dagen: why not worry about protecting your own people rather than trying to,an, take their eyes off the ball. worry about the fact that you had an attack in the middle of london, the fact that this individual was -- had traveled to libya just weeks before this bombing. maria: was there three weeks. dagen: effort by some people and try to change the story and change the narrative. when people have every right to be quite frankly concerned and
7:06 am
angry that this happened. >> i mean t not a matter of being concerned and angry here, dagen, the question that we are asking ourselves is -- i'm not a british intelligence officer but i'm pretty sure they are saying leave the leaking of this information to the new york times is problematic for the security -- safety of our investigation, for the integrity of the investigation and security all -- dagen: the mainstream media is the problem? >> i con ciewr that it's a massive problem. much of it is illegal and i hope that people will be charged with crimes. you're trying to fix the leaks to trump -- maria: you said the white house. >> the u.s. government and apparatus. it's a crown jewel, there is
7:07 am
some problems in that house, right, and here is the thing at the end to have day the president of the united states ultimately is the leader of this government whether we like it or not, just like the ceo is the person of the company. he has to do the best leadership he can to stop leaks from his government, period. maria: what about the president also meeting with uk prime minister theresa may but also meeting with angela merkel. angela merkel is going to meet with president obama, the two have had very different relationships, what do you meet with obama meet with merkel first? >> they did a presentation earlier this morning which was afternoon in europe around democracy and it's clear that angela merkel has her favorite. we will see what happens between her meeting between her and president trump. remember, the president is going to be walking back, it wasn't
7:08 am
too long ago that this president that nato was obsolete, he will have to walk some of that stuff and push nato members to give more money to defend and i think that's add -- admirable point. dagen: one point and statistics on how much we contributed. we consider 3 and a half percent domestic gross product, highest than any member. the target is 2 and only 5 out of the 28 who met that target last year. 5 out of 28. that's kind of sad. maria: he's the only one that brought it up, by the way. >> nato was created in an era of the cold war where united states brought together some eastern european countries to counterbalance russian -- russia and the u.s. authority's influence on the world and now nato has turn intoed a new operation beyond one curtailing
7:09 am
the russia, we also seen nato get engaged in antiterrorism efforts and nation-building of certain places, the model of nato has shifted and i think what the president has to do here artfully is walk back what he said in the campaign actually and two assess what will nato look like in the future when we are not only engaging a new adversary in russia but also what's happening in the middle east with spread of isis. maria: thanks for weighing in. thank you. new details are emerging on the bomber that carried out the deadly attack on manchester monday night. salman abedi spent three weeks in libya before returning to the uk just days before he carried out the attack. greg is in manchester, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. yeah, we are here in the center of manchester where we just witnessed one minute of silenced marked both here and across the uk in memory of the victims of
7:10 am
this attack, 22 killed, 64 in area hospitals, mountain of flowers behind us being layed here. a lot of emotion, a lot of passion, a lot of tears. there were raids overnight, this morning there were arrests, right now they have eight people in custody, they believe, possibly was supporting salman abedi, 22-year-old who had been seen on surveillance video actually a couple of days before the attack, a couple of blocks from where it occurred in a shopping mall buying a knapsack according to leaked information in the past day or so we now know that he packed with explosives and doing all of that harm. also in the last 18 hours, detained in libya, his father and his brother, his brother claiming according to authorities there that isis knew about it and he knew about the plot.
7:11 am
his father past associations with groups associated with al-qaeda, certainly those are lines of investigate that will be followed. this is security remains on high alert, british authorities thinking that perhaps that bomb-maker is still out there and there could be another attack as well. again, the people are paying their respects including believe it or not the queen, queen elizabeth up here today, the 91-year-old mother, grandmother and great grandmother visiting the children's hospital here where 12 kids are still fighting for their lives, 12 children and teamers were hit by this attack being visited fbi queen. a lot of people here paying respects and a lot of people here pulling for those people pulling to get through. amazing stuff, maria. maria: just a terrible story and so sad. greg, thank you. greg palkot on the ground in manchester. recalling 25,000 car seats due to safety concerns. we will tell you about the seat and why it may not hold the child in the event of a crash.
7:12 am
then amazon moves from the internet to the big apple. take a look. a look inside of their first amazon books, back in a minute.
7:13 am
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cheryl: welcome back to mornings with maria, cheryl casone, some of the headlines we are following for you. the embassy in cairo, egypt issuing a security warning about potential threat by the terror group. a known terrorist organization and jihadist group. the embassy says they post threat that hinted unspecified action. americans in egypt have been told to follow guidelines. okay, here at home children's products plans to recall more than 25,000 car seats starting in july. the seat harness with break in a crash and may not keep children safely restrained. 65 convertible seats, there it is. it will notify owners and replacement harness will be replaced for free.
7:16 am
amazon is bringing brick and mortar bookstore to new york city today. first of two stores, plans for manhattan, six are opened around other parts in the united states. amazon has become the largest book seller accounting for nearly half of all book sales in the united states, that store at columbus circle. midtown manhattan. tracee carrasco will be there all day. a look at attempted carjacking, one woman defended herself against those suspects. that is coming up. plus, we are also going take a closer look at the president's 2018 budget, details on that blueprint coming up next. stay with us
7:17 am
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maria: welcome back, president trump's budget in focus. omb corrector mick mulvaney defending the plan yesterday. >> you are slashing medicaid by $610 billion combined with the health care cut, that's almost $1.5 trillion of cuts to a program that currently serves
7:21 am
74 million americans. >> to most people plain language slashing medicaid would mean they spend less, that's not true, generally speaking all we do is slow the rate of growth. maria: joining us right now jon hilsenrath to weigh in. jon, good to see you, thanks for joining us. your take on the budget, jon. jon: the republicans are -- are -- have not embraced it, basically. it's an opening shot, you know, i think it sets the tone for cuts and discretionary spending, cuts in the growth rate of discretionary spending, our reporters on capitol hill talked to a lot of republicans who are on individual programs for meals on wheels to medicaid are saying, we can't do all of this. it's an opening shot but they've got a long way to go before they pass anything. >> jon, i have a question on the 3% growth rate, economic growth
7:22 am
rate that the budget projects, that's much higher than what the fed has, higher than cbo, how do you expect that to be implemented over time? we have been at 1 and a half to 2% growth for the last five to six years. jon: one of the inconsistencies it projects a 3% growth rate based on new administration policies like tack cuts and doesn't lay out the tax cut that is are going to get you the 3% growth rate. so i think that's another very big question mark in the budget. i should say you had a shot up there of mick mulvaney. the other important news that came out yet on capitol hill from mulvaney and mnuchin was the treasury is getting a little bit word about revenue flow. there's -- the government has already hit its bt ceiling, it cod run out of room to fund operations by august or september.
7:23 am
mnuchin and mulvaney were pushing republicans yesterday to raise debt ceiling before they go to the summer. republican party has a lot of work cut out for itself in the next few months. that's the bottom line. dagen: jon, it's dagen. mnuchin was saying that he wants a clean debt ceiling but the freedom caucus has pushed back against that and raises the issue of what trouble does that just alone create for the summer? >> it could be a problem for the markets. a clean debt ceiling what the trump administration and obama administration wanted, they always we wanted to attach conditions to raise debt ceiling. the question is whether they stick to -- to this -- now that they have a republican president
7:24 am
to deal with. there's a lot of internal tension in the party that they have to sort through and not a lot of time to work it out. >> jon, steve cortez here. i'm not surprise that had a lot of establishment people and almost anyone in the hill don't like this budget. jon: right. >> the most conservative since ronald reagan. real discretionary cuts. something we couldn't fathom under bush administration and certainly not under obama administration. i'm not surprise that had the establishment is pushing back hard but isn't this the message of 2016, is that the american people want real change in washington, d.c. and not tinkering around the ages but wholesale of the administrative state? jon: that's certainly the case and we are going to have to see if the republican party can deliver it, you know, what trump promised to the american people,
7:25 am
it's kind of a hard deal to deliver on because he said -- he said no changes to social security and medicare, well, throes the biggest drivers of deficit in the long run, if you want real change on the debt and the deficit in the long run, you need to attack that and, you know, trump was stick to go his promise when he sat down with mick mulvaney, he said we are not touching social security and medicare, well, what we see then you have to hit a lot of other parts of the budget and establishment republicans like you say and even some of the freedom caucus guys are saying, you know, we had a republican from north carolina, listen, i deliver meals on wheels from my district, and how do we cut on that? maria: isn't any president's budget always a an opening shot. it's an opening shot, yeah, it's going to get marked up but that's always the case, no surprise there. jon: absolutely. this is why i keep turning back to paul ryan and mitch mcconnell.
7:26 am
they now have to take this and turn it into a piece of legislation that -- that they can deliver to the president. they have to turn it into a tax policy, that's the most important part of this. if he wants 3% growth, they have to deliver a tax policy that the president can sign off on. maria: we had kevin brady yesterday, chairman of house ways and means, we are laser focus, we are going to speak with mick mulvaney later in the show. let me ask you questions about the fed, we had fed minutes ready to raise rates soon, we had a voting member right here in the studio yesterday. the president of the philadelphia federal reserve patrick harper told me that next month's meeting is definitely on the table. listen to what he said. i want to get your reaction, jon. >> i asked for in my forecast of three rate hikes this year. i think two are more appropriate. i have not factored any fiscal changes to that forecast. i think we measure those out of the course of the remainder of
7:27 am
the year. maria: that's thout any fial policy that he has put in his model, jon. jon: the market rallied on this news that the fed was going the raise interest rates. i think that's kind of interested. i think the market is taking reassurance that the fed is confident enough about the outlook that they think they can be tightening policy and if we do get a stimulative policy, they might want to be more aggressive. they're talking -- i think it's -- they are going to do a june rate increase physicals we get a horrible unemployment report in a couple of weeks, they are going to do that. they are also talking about starting to wind down this 4 and a half trillion dollar balance sheet that they put out. they put information on that yet. looked like they -- we have a pretty active fed and the market is okay with it. maria: yeah, le -- we will be jaching -- watching that.
7:28 am
jon hilsenrath with the wall street journal. mick mull vin adjoins there's vladimir putin playing the piano. a new take on the old classic skittles debuts sweet candy. next combination coming up next.
7:29 am
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7:31 am
good thursday morning. welcome back everybody. it is thursday may 25. your top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump is in brussels today. the commander in chief has a working lunch with the french president. before visiting nato headquarters to meet with other european officials. president donald trump is stepping into the role of leader of the free world. speemac former president obama is sitting down with german chancellor. a new fox news poll shows that a majority of americans approve of the justice department decision to appoint a special counsel to
7:32 am
investigate possible modeling. it sparks fears across the board this morning. shocking moments in wisconsin to report. a woman a stops a carjacking by jumping on the hood. the harrowing story coming up. it is not number one know. we will tell you who topped forbes is listed coming up. take a look. it's expected to be up about 70 points. nasdaq. about 20 points right now. a third of a% higher than all the averages. in asia overnight gains across the board. could it be up better than
7:33 am
1%. it announced it was holding interest rates steady. there is an opec meeting happening as we speak. the cartel will suspend its production cuts. that's what everybody expected. prices turned lower on the news many say that was baked into the market. the staggering price of one person's pain for peace of the flintstones history. all that coming. on the fourth stop of his first overseas trip as commander-in-chief. the former house speaker writes in a new update. never before has an american president tried so clearly to unite this is the last world including the nations of the middle east and africa against the forces of terrorism.
7:34 am
journalists in washington bureaucrats may see it as a distracting sideshow for the status quo that they could not imagine changing. and yet this week it already has. newt gingrich. >> i'm amazed how much news you just delivered a is a lot happening this morning. it's almost as if the mainstream media is covering a completely different world. two alternative realities. trumbull well have met with 85 liters by the end of this to her. he had 58 leaders of the world he gave a speech comparable to reagan's speech at westminster. it is truly historic.
7:35 am
this is the president of the nancy's lane out for 58 leaders from across the arab world here is what we have to do is partners to defeat evil. then he goes to meet with the pope. in the italian prime minister and president. and now next he will go down to sicily to the g-7. the last two presidents i think one went to mexico and want to can do. let's try to be his start. let's try to do the real thing. everything i've heard for example in the vatican is that he was remarkably will received. so what has been the impact and why is that important that he chose that order. never before have you seen the flight what they tend to forget is he has surrounded
7:36 am
himself with world-class people. the secretary of state was the head of exxon mobil the largest investor. thirty some years of experience. they have huge experience in the region. why does that matter. because they are talking to people they had known for years. they said look if you'll put this together it will be the first place we visit them and they put two big things together. they help to get 58 leaders in one room. 80% of the front page is the picture of all of these leaders of the charm. the king spent two and half days at his side. when the king who are not even
7:37 am
go to the airport to see obama but when he literally is at his side for two and half days the signal that sense of acceptability. easily 25,000 american jobs. so he was achieving more of an domestic goal. he really had the sense in jerusalem that there is a deal to be made. he loves making deals and he loves being positive. the ground was beginning to shake. it's also the first american president to go into prey.
7:38 am
general mcmaster talked about how they hoped they were in a work workout with the catholic church a whole series of cooperating with the american people. i think you will see anita today is getting come towards trump. i watched a reporter again who said trump well had to walk back some of his campaign. they need to get it. they will join in the coalition against isis. isys. >> he pointed to the issue. we were told somehow that it's trumpet has to change. a new fox news poll finds that seven intended in ten voters approve of the justice
7:39 am
department. this is a justice department now acknowledges tough sessions failed to disclose meetings he head with the russian ambassador last year when he was filling out his security clearance form. do these developments trouble you in any way. they need to say there's a problem here. there was some mistakes made by different people we will get to the bottom of it. get this stuff done and i think the average american will feel better at the end of the time some people may have made mistakes. when it's all over he regained all of the popularity after this. because people felt like he was sincerely trying to get to the bombing of it. my only fear is that these kinds of independent councils often go off track and you end
7:40 am
up with some poor guy for the conviction for perjury or obstruction of justice. nothing to do with the original purpose. there can come in and say now on the 17th day of the transition when you are in the trump tower and you had 39 meetings do you remember the meeting number 16. >> again here we are talking about this russia investigation we are still waiting on any evidence of collusion which has been nonexistent and yet the domestic agenda home were all wondering what the heck is happening. i'm fascinated. if he has as disciplined at home as we have seen him be on this trip if he decides to focus on big things if they cut out the daily briefings which are totally destructive
7:41 am
to have a place for the elite media to come in and destroy everything. there is zero reason to give daily briefings. first of all you more information because he could do a daily report i don't care if spicer does a daily report. if one of the networks is 93 to seven one of the networks is 93-seven. that's an attacker. let me ask you about the scoring and the healthcare they were totally wrong on obama care. i said this before it happened. it is totally destructive. it's totally dishonest. let's see that they are equally wrong about this.
7:42 am
everyone will run in circles. they will get tax reform done. and then they will get health reform done. would you be up for taking the white house chief of staff job. the major change in the white house is for present charm focus on a disciplined system. no one can run an undisciplined system. you were here with your wife a couple of weeks ago. they're actually today in the last day of her class. four weeks.
7:43 am
they had worked really hard. she's worked her tail off. and she's learned an immense amount in july. i will take the spouse course. >> you want to be the significant other. she has pointed me out. part of what they dealt with this been an hour and a half on concerns about the spouse because the ambassador is now the senator of everything. the hope that they will count them. i'm a go home and tell him he is can count that. i will report back to you on your accounting but a very proud of calista.
7:44 am
were very grateful to the president for giving her this opportunity to serve the country. we will be right back. stay with us. there's nothing traditional about my small business so when
7:45 am
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7:47 am
now this. a woman jumps on the hurt of a suv to stop the carjacking. take a look at this video of a woman who fought back against a carjack her and she won. the would-be car thief sneaks into the white suv. she is paying for gasoline. middle of the day. she jumps up on the hood things on the windshield. at first the guy is trying to drive away like you just saw. finally he gave up and he jumped into a getaway car. >> the kid in the car laughed at me. i tried moving and throwing me off. i don't know if it's fully sunk and how really bad that could've been.
7:48 am
she also says although they didn't get the suv they did get her purse, her iphone enter wallet. in other news this morning hollywood is making a major change after monday night's terrorist attack in england. >> be careful mankind. they told me the story. they have canceled the london premiere of wonder woman. it has been scheduled for next wednesday. another attack on the united kingdom may be imminent. a house that has been dubbed the flintstone house my locals and one california town has finally found a buyer. the house located in san francisco went on the market in 2015 initially it was $4.2 million after two price
7:49 am
cuts and now has a sale pending stamp on it. it was built back in 1976 as an experiment to use new building materials and maybe show off the design is really a series of domes. and then finally this. the maker of a skittles and starburst wants to spice things up they are announcing that the kidneys are going to get a spicy kick come in december. the egg and a come with a black wrapper. as you can see on your screen. i guess they were a hit. we look for to that.
7:50 am
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we look for to that. forbes magazine ranking in the top. the industrial and commercial bank of china followed by the china construction bank. i would bring in the deputy editor good to see. you. thank you so much for joining us. how do you rank these companies. we take a large group of companies and we would look at them with four metrics. we assign a score to each one and then we end up with that.
7:54 am
the chinese companies are the first tw i think it's pretty reflective of what's going on in the economy. it's pretty natural that they will end up dominating the lists. either any forward-looking metrics. we look at trailing 12 months. it ends at the beginning of april. it's interesting to see all of those banks on the list. this year they have not done so well. you will also see that on oil and gas. i think you might see an increase next year depending on what happens with oil production. >> how much change is there to the list. i believe at one point just on public market valuation japan and i think nine of the ten largest companies which i don't think it has one even
7:55 am
near the top of the list now. >> it depends year to year. you will see a lot of retail on the list. you also had a big one that has been acquired by marriott. in terms of just changes it really depends. one of two things either acquisitions or just fallen off based on the metrics. companies that choose they choose leaps on the list. profits have soared, market values have soared. a lot of other retailers have either fallen off. amazon is the big reason you can see them moving.
7:56 am
what about netflix, what about google. and as a snap get on this list when you're talking about profitability you're talking about market share and revenue growth. >> a lot of it has to do with the market value aspect of it. $1.3billion in ipo helps put them in. as a respectable debut. it will be interesting to see what happens to them going forward the dominant companies you have are out the up obviously apple. most of the top companies are dumb made by u.s. companies. for the most part you've apple if google which is now alphabet. the good. give a breakdown to breakdown of tech and financial. we break them down. financials for u.s. the top ten as part financial. if chinese banks.
7:57 am
if the large u.s. banks and then in terms of tech you can check this out us out on our site thank you so much. we're taking a look at one company and why is the largest private real estate development and history united states. it has been busy and it's getting into it. the related company. stay with us. [music] i can make your hands clap. and adapting them to work for you. the ultrasound that can see inside patients, can also detect early signs of corrosion at our refineries. high-tech military cameras that see through walls, can inspect our pipelines to prevent leaks. remote-controlled aircraft, can help us identify potential problems and stop them in their tracks. at bp, safety is never being satisfied.
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the microsoft cloud turns information into insight. maria: welcome back. good thursday morning. thanks so much joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday, may 25 your top stories right now 8:308:00 a.m. on the east coast president trump meets with nato leaders in brussels today after months of tension he is expected to resilient his call for the members of nato to raise spending on defense, the global terrorist articulate key in aftermath of the manchester stadium attack father brothers among latest arrested new reports suggest the attacker wag see abouting revenge against treatment of muslims we have latest coming up, airport security maybe getting longer transportation security administration, testing procedures including a separating all electronics best buy up 13 two-thirds picture cent right now posting
8:01 am
unexpected rise in same-store sales, company better than expected first quarter profits on fire have to morning, that is the one to watch once market opens, watching oil opec is meeting today, reports say the cartel will extended production cuts to march 2018, that was expected, that is why prices tinder lower on that news many say that extension was already baked into the market oil down 1 1/2% stocks up futures indicating a higher opening broader averages we are off the highs of the morning, nonetheless dow industrials up 65 points nasdaq up about 20 points in europe, stocks are way off the earlier highs to look what is going on in european indices, and we are seeing a flat situation, after the market gave up earlier gains in terms of of the european indices, asia higher across the board, a major milestone in american history, landing on the moon. >> armstrong is on the moon we are on -- >> 38 -- americans standing on surface of the moon.
8:02 am
>> and now you can he own a piece of the moon landing details on moondust, that is up for about auction this morning, all stories coming up this morning joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell,'s news contributor steve cortes cfra investment strategy lindsey here great to see you. >> thanks for having. >> great so far. >> a lot happening. dagen: i know, intelligence wound up in "new york times." maria: why? it is not like that is even anything that you are hearing a lot of conversation about. it is just another talking point i think, that is come up from the left. >> listen, i really believe this when it comes to "new york times" "the washington post" in particular, i think a lot of mainstream immediate in general there is such a predilection to attack donald trump they suspend reason first of all, we don't know that american intelligence actually leaked this information by manchester bomber assume it is true, if it is true, to affix blame to the president is really absurd because the president himself
8:03 am
has been the casualty of leaks of repeatedly leaks from that apparatus. >> theresa may is going to address this, so it is not it is notings accusations about "new york times" it is what new york times printed steemdz off course. maria: theresa may meeting with president we know that that is obviously one of the story lines, in the nato meeting but, also, here the story line is health care, the cbo scoring getting into that joining the conversation, to take more about that, is rearview mirror deputy chief of staff to president bush fox news contributor karl rove with us chairman of founder relate company steven roth here a project with hudson in new york city real estate owner joins us white house budget director mick mulvaney here talking about some of the -- the growth of spending, slowdown that is coming up, top story this hour right now, president trump is meeting with french president --
8:04 am
manuel macron in brussels blake burman in italy with latest on the trip good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you good afternoon from sicily this is a day that has the possibility for there sob several dynamic meetings between the president, and world leaders do not necessarily see eye-to-eye with some of his policies, for example, right now at u.s. ambassadors residence in brussels the president is meeting with the newly elected french president emmanuel macron who was very outspoken no his own campaign, as related to president trump's issues perceived issues at least visions at least rather as relates to climate change, that meeting a one-on-one working lunch meeting taking populati place right now earlier to eu headquarters met with top officials there it's president a donald tus.k. acknowledged their side and u.s. officials see eye-to-eye as relates with
8:05 am
counterterrorism measures however some other issues need to be worked out. >> we agreed in areas first and foremost on counterterrorism. >> some issues remain open like climate and trade. reporter: later this evening, in brussels the president will take part in a meeting of leaders representing member nato member nations maria as you know, the president has been very critical of that institution in the past at least calling it obsolete now focusing on getting countries to pay more for military spending to beef up their security. after all of that wraps up, on this day, the president heads over here to sicily, fort g-7 meeting starts tomorrow. and runs through saturday. back to you. maria: thanks very much blake burman live in sicily this morning bring in former deputy chief of staff to president
8:06 am
george w. bush fox news contributor karl rove good to see you thoughts on president 30s trip so far? >> so far so good. started out wisely in the place the places that would be more warmly received, and as newt gingrich made the point earlier historic visit, saudi arabia, israel, now in tough part where it is meeting with if european union yesterday nato today, g-7 leaders day after that, so but there are good lessons for the domestic trump from the foreign president trump that is be scripted be well organized, stay on message, don't clutter the message one big thing you say each day is sufficient. and let's hope that when foreign policy trump comes home domestic policy trump picks up some of those same lessons. dagen: karl it is dagen mcdowell the talk can turn into walking so to speak what
8:07 am
we have heard from the president whether it is unification, with the arab world, and to fight radical islamic terrorism, and the like even moving to rome does it turn into actual action? do you think? >> well, that is that is the rub, i think it will because conditions have made it such, but look this is a difficult joyner you remember president bush 43, was president who got a lot of these arab countries into the fight that is why we have air bases military installations terrorists intelligence centers in this part of the world that are in the fight. but it is it -- i think in a way ironically president trump owes president obama a debt of thanks because president obama did it so badly convinced people united states was unreversibly ally donald trump is benefiting from that because he made it clear we are in this fight we are going
8:08 am
to beat the isis and islamic terrorism we want you to be in the fight we will be a resolute ally demonstration not only with words but as actions saudis very concerned about -- about their military apparatus wanting american technology weapons and they got them, so but you are right, we will see how it goes forward, but he has in place a team, with matterison defense tillerson state mcmaster national security council have ability speaker gingrich pointing out longtime reps with region going to benefit president in fulfillment of policy. >> meeting with prime minister may in uk to meet with president trump in brussels going to address this leak story recent leeks by u.s. intelligence officials to the press surroundingch manchester bombing investigation what is your take on this? there are some reports that are saying investigators have stopped sharing information with united states regarding the bombing we are not sure
8:09 am
what to believe is this just a talking point? or is this a real concern? >> well, we don't really know where the leaks came from a whether they came from a british stours or american swhours got information but problematic to the investigation. americans move name "new york times" moved the name american media moved name brits holding it close pictures of the bomb this is vital information to investigation, and they would rather have that public much later than earlier. so this is problematic and she is probably going to speak about it my suspicions talking to british sources as well troubling "new york times" would do this this did not help the cause of the security the people of england or the cause of the security of american people as well. >> intelligence community is still energy this president or do you think may be engines community in britain.
8:10 am
>> it is -- it could be somebody in intelligence operatives there or here or law enforcement there i don't know i want to be careful about using name community i have general trust in american intelligence communities may be people disagree with administration i have learned more about state department than i do cia or the nsa in providing information like this there is nothiintelligence professionals know nothing gained a lot lost providing this to "new york times." >> is there a reason why u.s. intelligence community individuals have not come out to to speak about this you are hearing in uk, they are saying we leaked something. why haven't we defendeded ourselves? >> who knows who leaked i am sure responsible leadership cia doesn't want to say we didn't when they don't know whether or not somebody did, so better not to say anything if you don't know what the answer is. maria: yeah. >> karl, turning back to home,
8:11 am
because you are the expert at messaging strategy, what does president when he gets back what does he need to change, to message better how can white house do this frj just announced going to have a rally next week in iowa. i believe in sioux falls what needs to be done once he returns home to continue momentum into ep messaging. >> particularly as relates to health care after cbo scoring. >> look first of all, let's take the issue rallies very dangerous. he loves being in the sort of warm bath of enthusiasm and pla with rallies. and that is good that is a nice picture. the question is what is the message that is delivered he went to harrison harris birther pence on 1100th day of presidency what did he spend first 11 minutes going excoriating immediate it wasn't i am focused like laser on jobs prosperity and getting greater economic growth so you
8:12 am
have a bigger paycheck a better future. it is your kids will have the opportunity you had, none of that was there he focused on thing that sort of the impulse i am in a crowd they love me share my angst i am angry at press we got 11 minutes of that the headlines with all in my opinion bad because did not advance his agenda advanced concerns and anger at political actors like the press. so the question is, what is that rally going to be like is that going to be a speech that is scripted, in which we hear goals priorities draws together as country or is this something getting him sort of spewing sought angry things that he has about people whom he thinks offended him, saudi arabia that speech i think speaker gingrich was absolutely right 42 minutes, deliberate people obviously thought about what he wanted to say there it was very good, i am not suggesting a 4 minute
8:13 am
long speech, but i am suggesting the same underlying principles a deliberate attempt to communicate a message that matters to the american people, a focus on that message, a deliberateness to it, don't get stuck -- stuck off in -- in side arguments or punching down creating unnecessary controversies will he be able to do that with health care plan across the line and do tax reform what the american people want this agenda done? >> well, on -- on tax reform absolute critical get this absolutely critical repeal and replace obamacare it my be time right now to step back not just pick up on health care, or even tax reform but to pick up on some of the messages that you are guests director mulvaney talked about this week why trying to do these things? he needs to step back put a big frame on it he needs to deal with some of the real you
8:14 am
know attacks that are going to be made i think mulvaney guidance great job did he having budget we need to hear some from president to fundamentals 30,000 feet. >> i will talk about that thanks so much stay with us we will be right back. m e, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infectio and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz. including worsening of symptoms.
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a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future. i count on my dell small for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ ♪ . maria: welcome back summer travel season has kicked off, fwit you may face longer lines at airport as tsa ramping up security measures tracey now with details, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria now,
8:17 am
you may want to think twice when you are packing before you take off tsa, announcing new security guidelines, electronic larger than cell phone maybe placed in separate bin get through security checkpoint smaller items, food must be taken out tsa says not associated with laptop ban on fleets from the middle east, it is simply trying to cut down on manuel bag checks keep lines moving, airline baggage fees prompted travelers to load up carrier on bags created problems at x-ray machines rules tested at about a dozen airports, implemented everywhere after the summer rush and only apply tos no standard security lines not prechecked passengers tsa will begin using machines to verify ids instead of officers man yuly studying dlbz machine checks for fake i haven't d's matches names request
8:18 am
passenger lists will apply to all security lines this is not because of any imminent threat just to speed things along. maria: what you want? >> doesn't sound like going to speed things to me i am glad i have global entry. >> three seconded. >> we just precheck so popular almost too popular some precheck lines longer than regular. >> lemon raise issue why are there people in precheck line clearly -- once a year, they don't they shoes and they have got water bottles in bags why in precheck. >> answer the question. >> no idea. >> why one lane open precheck why is precheck tsa 10 times longer than regular line. >> in precheck don't take shoes off that is the point of -- >> thank you.
8:19 am
thank you. >> republican running in special election in montana charged with a misdemeanor assault cheryl casone. cheryl: maria greg gianforte cited after he grabbed a reporter threw him to grubbed in company office last night after asked about cbo report on the health care bill. >> i think -- >> this -- >> [scuffle]. >> same thing get the hell out of here, beep get the hell out of here. -- you broke my glasses. >> you asked the same dam thing. >> body slammed me broke my glasses. >> audio of county sheriffs office says reporter injuries did not meet legal definition of felony assault we will keep you posted on this story. >> earnings front best buy with better-than-expected quarterly results this
8:20 am
morning, consumer electronics trailer reporting unexpected increase in same-store sales issuing upbeat outlook the stock up sharply in premarket as you can see nice day for company up almost 15%. and then taking a look sarz higher, the struggling retailer reporting first quarterly net profit nearly two years that was helped by cost cutting, sales continued to decline, lower demand for groceries closing home appliances sales premarket gain 12% 91 cents -- military want plane that can fly into space and back it is selected boeing to build it. the advanced research project agency rewardeded boeing contract to couple the spaceplane says could be ready for launch by 2020. chicago woman hoping to cash in on bag of moondust a bag of
8:21 am
moondust, 995 bucks at auction sotheby's said go, go as have i as four million headlines. >> love that boeing plane a lot more "mornings with maria" when we come right back. #
8:22 am
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they're undergoing a transformation. a data fueled, security driven shift in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. . maria: welcome back opec reportedly extending production cuts for nine more months according to rioters saudis energy minister says deeper kruts will not be necessary the market want more cuts price futures group phil flynn at 'cme with latest interesting to see opec say yeah, we are going to extend to march 18 the market sells off oil prices down better than 1%. >> it does i will tell you why because saudi arabia and rest of opec were chasing the market telling us he they are going to do whatever it takes
8:25 am
to get oil inventories back to five-year average, and there were a lot of rumors going into this meeting, that they would not only extend cuts may be another -- 12 months instead of nine months but the possibility that they would make even deeper cuts there is a little bit of disappointment going into this meeting the saudi oil minister he basically said you know, the -- we are going to extend for nine months common thinking but i wondered if at press conference today there could be drama here could they actually come back and say a 12-month extension? oil traders do not like what opec plays it safe they want risks they want them to show they are serious about getting back to five-year average now having said that, maria, i will agree with the saudi oil minister do i think extension of current cuts is going to be enough to do the job, to get oil inventies back to five-year average, we're looking at demand here in
8:26 am
united states hit a record high, if you look in terms of refining ones we are seeing surge in demand, they are seeing oil inventories in u.s. starting to fall looks like opec cuts starting to have their impact. but from a trader's viewpoint want more might not get it from the cartel today. >> the 1.8 billion barrels that are being cut this is lindsey, this is well below the four plus billion cuts in 2008, and 2009, 1998, 1999, is this going to us to five-year average i know you expect this curve but u.s. increasing production 10%. >> they are but the problem is i think we are getting close to peak shale a lot of people don't believe that, you know looking at the increase in u.s. production, as a straight-up shot we are already seeing signs u.s. production is going to start to struggling because of the decline rate of the shale
8:27 am
wealth so even though, the oil in u.s. is going to continue to rise it is not going to rise at rate that meets the demand. >> we leave it there great to see you thank so much watching this market in chicago, we take a break real estate giant in the market for neiman-marcus why company behind largest private development in the country is reportedly interested in upstale retailer talking to boss at related companies steven with us this morning a budget battle on cap bill omb director mick mulvaney joins us with response to criticism surrounding president trump's first fiscal budget big half hour ahead stay right there. bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure
8:28 am
oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
8:29 am
8:30 am
stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, president trump is in brussels today on world tour, the commander in chief has a working lunch with inside french president emmanuel macron before some of iting nato headquarters to meet with european efficientlies, the trip comes amid a key battle at home the president first full beige released, omb director nick mulvaney defended the plan on capitol hill yesterday. >> this is a budget that was written from the perspective of the people who actually pay for government, we went line by line through what this
8:31 am
government does, and asked ourselves can be justify this to the folks who are actually paying for it. >> i will speak with director mulvaney in program he will walk us through the budget, and on into to the criticisms around that budget join us coming up in the program. huge warning for retail best ballet sears strong earnings surging premarket best buy shares up 13% sears holding up almost 13% better than expected quarterly numbers facebook eyeing content again social media site reportedly reaching deals with several content creators for video service what it maintenance coming up markets this morning like this to look at futures a higher opening for the brrnlz dow industrials up 60 points nasdaq up 20 points -- stocks right now initially jobless claims up 1,000 to 234,000, in europe stocks off earlier highs you did have a gdp report out of uk, it was weaker-than-expected ft 100
8:32 am
down fraction cac quarante up a fraction docs in germany down a fraction very much close to the flatline in europe asian markets higher across the board as you see kospi up better than 1%, the central bank there saying interest rates stay unchanged. we are watching oil prices this morning, opec is meeting today, the reports say cartel will extend production cuts to march of 2018. prices turned lower on news as many say, the market wanted more and that extension into march 18 was already baked into the market, don't mess with texas! four top five fastest brewing cities in the country in lonestar state places you may want your next momentum coming up this morning, first a real estate giant, introducing hudson yard largest private real estate development in history of the united states. according to related companies development will include over 18 million square feet of commercial residential space in new york city we talk about it right now with the boss joining us chairman founder of related companies and owner,
8:33 am
by the way, of the miami dolphins stephen with us great to see you. great to see you. >> thank you so much joining us congratulations on yet another about incredible project, after what you did with time warner center in new york city, expectations are high, tell us about about it. >> excited about it we are creating a live-work-play environment what cities are going to be fewest of cities. being the largest over 20 million square feet, and under first billed completed, we hope to open project in fall of 2018, that will be roughly 10 million square feet, it is going to have real impact in the city of new york. >> you've gotten major companies to change their headquarters rate blackrock moving there, sap moving there. >> we are changing -- the kind
8:34 am
of the new heart of new york we call it companies coming there living you he see what is happening in new york today, where the west side is preferred location, the corporations see it, it is a tool for them to really recruit your employees because this is where the young people want to live, and work, and play. and so you shift it is -- in new yorkers don't realize at this point when you can see corporations are going a good barometer to the future. >> i want to ask o overall xhrl real estate space right now but first we have been talking a lot about what is going on in retail, malls not doing well, now i know neiman-marcus is set to enter the retail space, at company, developing at hudson yards the department stores struggling with declining sales as much of the real space related companies reportedly met with luxury chain about a potential merger was this something would you like to see owning neiman-marcus. >> neiman-marcus is a great
8:35 am
company, and we're a developer. and i don't think those two areas really come together. >> you want to acquire neiman-marcus. >> we do not they are a great company, they are going to be a great -- anchor for the retail there, and the service they bring and shows the quality of what hudson yards is all about, so working closely with them, certainly all trarlz today are really kind of -- retailers in the about ael if you will, but as i think you know, people today, shopping is still the dpraest form of entertainment. >> you think the only stuff that is really undermining some mall complexes seating everybody's lunch right. >> no question about that they have advantage don't pay saetz tax hurt dramatically over 90% retail sales in stores not online, online is soaking up
8:36 am
today the growth of what companies retailers you know are looking for. >> we point out amazon is a tenant in time warner center now. >> exactly. >> opening a bookstore -- puts ouof businesopen bookstore smart strategy. >> right i think people still wa to go out, you know not going to sit home -- commodity goods on lienl but create a great experience retail putting in over 14 restaurants, and great restaurants, and creating that kind of experience where people really want to go sought, it is that experience that you want. >> what is the timeline on that when can we expect project done with the restaurants in there, and -- a stores as well. >> the end of 18, end next year so coming. >> how do you characterize the market look across the country. >> real estate is a by-product of the economy, and you know,
8:37 am
we are limping along doing well small growth i think occurring in real estate there is a good equilibbrum not over building occurring there is some multifamily but -- today overly real estate is great it depends where you are, in united states. very local business. >> um-hmm. >> so if you look across the kin are there areas that are doing better than others right now in terms of commercial real estate. >> i think anything to do with tech is going well that is what country is, i mean new york doing very well california certainly silicon valley san francisco los angeles major cities austin, today reported growth cities in texas you know, there is a bent on you know technology if you follow technology where that is growing you are going to know that real estate market is doing well. >> also a great wellness trend going on you are chairman of equinox as well let me ask you about that, it will launch a hotel brand for health
8:38 am
conscious travelers within hudson yards interesting equinox hotel. >> health in wealthy everything oriented towards that flagship will be at hudson yards there will be six other cities working on that projects right now, and we hope to have next three months probably a total of 10, so i really think this is a trend. we are tired former president of four seasons, we are very excited about it, i think, real estate develops want to corporate in projects recognizing that, and how it attracts people as well equinox is a chain that is really growing, it is kind of along the real retailers doing well in this environment. >> what are your thoughts overall on infrastructure plans that we're hearing out of this administration. are you expecting that we're going to see a build out in terms of infrastructure given the policy expectations? >> yes, i mean country needs.
8:39 am
>> absolutely. >> wherever you go in this country, the question is how long its is going to take to get approval to start the actual infrastructure -- >> tough to get approval. >> that is the problem. >> takes years. >> exactly i think that is what they are looking to do shortcut timing it will tick start projects spend money get the economy really growing at the rate that you know everybody wants to see it . >> let me switch gears, ask you about the miami dolphins, how are things going there, the story i want ownership group by derrick jeter jeb bush reportedly close to deal to purchase miami mar licensed as owner of another sports team miami dolphins whats was your reaction what you that he heard. >> we have known for sale for sometime. i think would be good for miami, today, i think the team is language wishing i think new ownership could rejuvenate
8:40 am
it, it is an event type city struggles major league soccer opens in miami as well, you know i am a football guy not a baseball guy. >> -- miami dolphins. >> we are excited, started kind of ota's the training for upcoming season, certainly football is naming support in this country people want to know what is going on there, we are very optimistic we have finished the year made the playoffs, first time in a a number of years we have a great young team a great young coach so we are very excited about that. >> congratulations, by the way, so do you spend a lot of time in terms of you know getting to know the team, being there with them, and sort of boosting empowering the dolphins. >> yeah -- a team you want to win that is what it is about the challenge of that, so i love challenges there is nothing greater than trying to create a winning football team, and a lot of fun, being a kid all over again. >> you sure are winning on a
8:41 am
lot of fronts, great to have you on the show. >> great being here. >> thank you so much chairman related companies we take a break president trump's first fiscal budget in the spot plight white house budget director nick mulvaney will join me to break down the plan if message to being krists calling its unracistic, back in a moment ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ when i received the diagnosis, i knew,
8:42 am
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maria: welcome back 45 minutes until opening bell for a thursday, markets expected to open higher dow industrials set up 70 points, this morning take a look at names on move facebook reaches a deal, more deals for original content rioters reporting will work with several companies including box jeed buzz feed to create shows for video
8:45 am
service, the service yet to be released will include scripted and unscripted shoes facebook up a quarter of a percent at 150 and change, we are watching costco set to report fiscal third quarter after close analysts expecting earnings 1.31 a share costco stock up nearly 20% last year we told you earlier sears best buy surging on earnings related news, breaking news on manchester emboldening cheryl casone with details. cheryl: getting breaking news if you, source telling reuters investigators believe the suspects abdi made the bomb himself 22 people killed dozens injured in that monday night bombing at ariana grande concert we date you anything knew we learn we are learning queen elizabeth meeting with victims, families and staff at royal manchester hospital pictures in a few moments ago
8:46 am
told them the attack was quote dreadful. those pictures coming in of queen elizabeth. we show also we've got news at home prosecutors have charging four men in insider trading scheme involving medicare adding traded on confidential government information, regarding medicare rfor cancer treatments kidney dialysis happening between 2012 and 2014, the suspects accused of passing that information about the finding, to a consultant in political intelligence business. in turn told the traders that is the scheme we teen you posted on that, and then this census bureau saying 10 of 15 fast evident growing cities spread across southern part of u.s. four of top five located in texas, the fast evident growing city in the nation 7.8% population increase from 2015, 2016 followed by frisco
8:47 am
texas mckinney texas dallas area greenville south carolina coming in fourth 5.8% jump and gorgetown texas rounding out top five know personal income tax paid great state of texas. >> that will do it thanks. >> you bet will republicans rally around trump's budget plan mick mulvaney joins us with response to the critics of the budget back in a minute. ♪ ets okay, papa's got a brand-new bag ♪ i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs and i get back to business. ♪ ♪
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0 maria: welcome back, president trump 2018 budget proposal sparked debate on capitol hill even some republicans are balking at level of so-called spending cuts it is a slowdown in the growth of spending, not
8:51 am
spending cuts, but my next guest maintains that lawmakers are resorting to washington speak calling them cuts joining is director of office management and budget nick mulvaney director good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thanks so much having me again. >> walk through budget for us tell us what is most important here. >> sure. we take or i taxpayers first, actually do something different we look at both sides of the equation i think too long focus in washington has been on the impact of the on the folks who receive benefits and no one paying attention to the folks who pay for the taxes so for the first time in recent memory we approached this budget like this line by line to the program said look can we defend, that program, let's say that outcome to the folks paying for it found programs for example in department of education, that were 6% effective, 6% failing grade,
8:52 am
we found that in the program with an of the low income programs for folks in colder areas of the kin that 11,000 dead people are getting the benefits, that is no longer defensible you go through budget with respect to folks pay for government this is result you get entirely defensible in fact,ed a mile-an-hour able. >> this is all so the reason, that the left is criticizing you and criticizing this budget basically saying look, there you know, your cutting things like food stamps cutting things, like, you know,, medicaid so what do you say to them, who you know you look at like msnbc anchors across the board basically saying that this is for the rich, and -- >> go ahead. >> a couple things to say to that i think one of the messages is if you are at home and you pay taxes, the democrats don't care about you. they are completely dismissing you as part of this analysis can when we talk about cuts however we talk about slashing programs, et cetera, the language that the left and
8:53 am
much of the media not all media has used the last couple days keep in mind that in washington, d.c., and i am not making this up maria if we spend 100 dollars on a program last year, and 104 dollars same program this year, they will call that a cut. because the congressional budget office says you are supposed to spend 106 dollars this year you actually spend more, about folks in this town again and again will tell you that is a cut that is disingenuous washington speak not ordinary english part of that disconnect between voters people representing them. >> it is dishonesty to call it cuts we know it is pullback in growth of spending over the years pm but you've got push back from republicans senator john mccain called it dead on arrival senator lindsey graham said it doesn't sound a snowball's chance in hell. >> i had great conversation with senator leahy i don't know very well i think may have seen in the congress longer than i have been alive
8:54 am
he called me upside don't worry young man yours is no more dead on arrival or less than every other presidential budget ever, keep in mind that we are obligated to offer a budget a vision document a top line messaging document what is that message? we are taking care of taxpayers we are funding this president's priorities, that he ran on, that is more money for national defense, more money for border security more money for you school choice more money for veterans more money for law enforcement, without adding to the deficit this year. that is the message we delivered to the congress in our budget, they may choose to get there another way that is fine we will have that discussion during the summer, but it doesn't surprise me that the -- many members of both parties want to write their own budget. >> one of the issues some have a problem with the expectations of growth 3% they are saying we've seen gdp numbers we just got a gdp of 7/10 of a per consequent first quarter i know first quarter
8:55 am
has seasonality issues however how do you come up with 3% expectation, and use that as potential partly to pay for this. >> sure, it is a great question leap to answer it we took look at the congressional budget office projections 1.9% maria 1.9% for ever the cbo most democrats will tell you best we can do, that is it that is the future. we refuse to accept that in trump administration. >> they haven't -- seen 3% tens. maria: residence. >> if 30 years old never worked in commend economy growing 3% we need to change that here is how we did it looked at effects potential impacts of tax policy, of trade policy of our deregulatory policy repealing okay care even cbo says will have positive impact on gdp growth when you he had a those up together we thought we could just electrify higher than 3 we sent 3 we thought a conservatively ebb defensible number. >> the proportional treasury secretary larry sumers saying
8:56 am
not a good budget the guest on wall street week, and here is what he said to me listen to this. >> -- director mulvaney is being dishonest. >> what was. >> because he is suggesting that we had used the same practice as their practice. they are the first to depart from what the whole big world thinks. >> he said you were dishonest. >> i haven't seen that from mr. summers i don't know him i know reputationed a mire him for that i assure you we have been a lot less aggressive than the clinton and obama administrations that he supported you go back look at president obama's proposals from early in term he was projecting 4 1/2, 4% growth for several years so i am not sure where mr. summers arrives at that we are entirely comfortable with economics the numbers the math behind this
8:57 am
budget we look forward to having a discussion with him about that. >> is there an area you are willing to negotiate here what are you willing to give on in order to get the budget passed? >> look go back to our top line message, increase funding on the things the president ran on, and won on, and don't increase the deficit this year, if there are ways to skin that cat we are more than happy to take about that we don't believe this is the only budget that makes any sense we believe the only one longtime looked at the spending to the prospective of people who pay for it if other ways to get there we will talk to congress about that. >> thanks very much sir. >> thanks mar. >> we will see you soon nick mulvaney we will be right back right here, stay with us. # hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables.
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>> big thank you to our all-star panel. have a great weekend. "varney & company" begins now, charles payne. >> stuart will be back after the holiday. we've got lot for you and only three hours to cover it all. first, talk about a bounceback. the stock market has recovered all of its losses from a week ago today and then some. we've got a new all-time high for the dow, within our reach, we probly hit witn the first hour of trading. take a look at retailers, no ice age on these guys, they're bucking the trends and higher sales. before the open you see big, big names are going to be up huge. doesn't that mean they beat expectations or is there something really going on there? meantime, president trump


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