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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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dining rooms with darker blue tones and light blue kitchens increase the home's value by 2,000 bucks on average. we do in our little apartment have a blue bathroom. >> i thought gray was the new color? you envision yourself in colors like elephant. >> think about that. have a wonderful weekend, "risk & reward" is now. >> a sunny day in the rose garden. what could be defined and construed as a dark speech. >> i have such rage and sadness. >> we just watched a dangerous little man give a very, very scary speech. >> one of the most bleak depictions of america's role in the world as environmental partners. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. he is hurting them. their kids will have worse asthma in the summer. the president who talked abo putting america first has now put america last. >> this was full nationalist america first damn the rest of
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the world president trump. >> it was almost like mad lib for the rest of the speech. >> he portrayed a very dark vision for the future of the country. >> this will be the day the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. nothing short of that. >> there seems to be outrage just about everywhere this friday. look at daily news in new york. everywhere but wall street, pulling out of the paris climate agreement is such bad news for the economy and everything else, the stock market has a funny way of showing it. the dow, the nasdaq and the s&p all at all-time highs today. ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it ♪ ♪ it's the end of the world as we know it. >> maybe it is the end of the world, it is "risk & reward". i'm connell mcshane in for deirdre bolton.
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the unemployment rate at lowest level since 2001, 4.3%. that's not the end of the world. job growth was weak, 138,000 jobs were added to the economy in may, below expectations, not enough to slow down the likes of amazon, microsoft, mcdonald's and starbucks. all of these stocks hit record highs today. ten-year treasy d hitting a 2017 low. and how about this comment from the billionaire home depot co-founder ken langone, an interview on "wall street week," an interview you can see in full tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern which he says he wishes he was a young investor again. >> i wish i was 21 again. i think the opportunities in america in the next 25 years, no matter how hard our politicians try to screw it up, the opportunities are phenomenal. >> how about that? turn to former presidential candidate mike huckabee, maybe, i don't know, if you wish a young investor or young
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governor again, governor huckabee. it's interesting with all of the headlines today, we played the song it's the end of the world on purpose. i don't know if pulling out of paris is the end of the world. stock market doesn't think it was. what do you think? >> certainly doesn't. i'm not that much interested in being a investor. i'd just like to be young, 21 again. that was a long time ago. let me tell you what happened when i was 21. when i was in college, we were told we were about to have a global cooling that would turn all into popsicles by 1980. and told if we didn't do anything immediately, we would freeze to death. that was the mantra that politicians better get on board. now we're hearing the same thing with climate change and global warming. we're seeing a hyperventilation that will require us to manufacture 50 million paper bags so people can breathe into them because they're going
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crazy, as if donald trump had come up with some formula that made candy taste like vinegar. the whole thing is the most overblown thing i'vevehear in my life. this is not the end of the world, despite what so many people including guys like john kerry and every anchor on every other network is talking about. >> it does seem to be overdone. regardless what your view is on global warming, i don't know if that's the point this week. bring up numbers that the president looked out. he's trying to bring up an economic outlook on this. some have disputed it but the president cited it saying the deal in paris would have the following economic costs, not benefits, costs by 2030. 3 trillion in a loss to gdp. 7,000 less in income per u.s. household. 6 1/2 million fewer industrial jobs. cut the coal industry by 86%. steel industries by 36%. whether the numbers are right, even if the trend is right,
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that's the economic argument that, you know, forget about views on global warming, this may not have been a great deal. >> and there's two other big factors to consider. not just what it does, it's what it doesn't do. it doesn't reduce the temperature that much. it's 0.2% by the next century, which is 80 years away. so we're really not talking about something substantial, and do we not believe that with technology and advances in what we learn and what we do that we will likely get there anyway? but here's the other question, do we want to give up governance? this is where i think people are failing to understand the perils of the paris agreement you essentially are taking the united states, a sovereign country and turning governance over to increasingly powerful international body. now this was an agreement that barack obama never put to the senate, so it did not get on constitutional process of a treaty, it was just one
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president who made this agreement and he somehow believes that it ought to obligate 330 million americans for the next 100 years. that's a real problem in the manner in which it was done. >> i think getting lost in this not so much agreement, but set of goals, goals different for each country and other countries didn't have to get going on until much later. i mentioned the jobs report starting in my interview with you governor huckabee at 4.3% which is a 16-year low. 138,000 jobs added in may, but now speak of jobs, kathy griffin, the so-called comedienne had an attorney saying anybody who criticizes president trump is at risk of losing their job. take a listen. >> it was a parody of trump's own sexist remarks. kathie never imagined it could be misinterpreted as a threat of violence against trump. the message is clear, criticize
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the president, lose your job. if you don't stand up, you get run over. what's happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country. he broke me. he broke me. he broke me, and then i was like no, thiisn't ght. this is not right. >> wow, so governor huckabee, the argument from griffin from lisa bloom her attorney, if you're arguing against president trump, you're at risk of losing your job. you think about the opposition to president trump, you would think the unemployment would be a lot higher than 4.3%. what do you think? >> good grief, this is cray-cray. she is saying it is indefensible what she did and crossed a line after moving the line and gets lisa bloom who always wants to make a name for herself, for whatever client will traipse in the door with a wad of cash and now she's the
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victim for heaven sakes. what she did was tasteless, humorless. she herself recognized it was horrible, and interestingly, it wasn't the conservatives that beat her up, even the liberals ran away from her. my gosh, the church of satan distanced themselves from her, when satan has to personally disavow any connection to kathy griffin, you've hit a new low. this is not about people making fun of donald trump. watch stephen colbert, watch bill maher. they don't do something so hideously disgusting, so offensive, she lived in her bubble and never realized how disgusting it was. >> she is cray-cray. if you lose satan, you've lost the world. >> you've lost the world, absolutely. >> good to see you, sir? >> i can't belve he said cray-cray. former clinton treasury secretary larry summers and
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david gergen out with interesting comments saying leaving the paris deal is the worst thing the u.s. has done in our history. listen. >> this is a very sad day. this is the biggest u.s. foreign policy error since entering the iraq war. >> today we've walked away from the rest of the world and it's one of the most shameful acts in our history. >> let's go to a historian now to fact check this a little bit, doug wead joins us. i don't know, forget about larry summers for a moment, doug, and, you know, david gergen surprised me, supposed to be a middle of the road guy. worked in republican administrations and said it's one of the worst things we've ever seen. >> yes, connell. this is to the point of absurdity. all i can say is thank god we still have the internet, and your viewers better pray they don't lose the internet because your viewers could google the
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kyoto protocol would and see exactly where the u.s. senate, where politicians, when they have to put their money where their mouth is, how they line up. the kyoto protocol was the predecessor to the paris agreement. and unlike the paris agreement, it was presented to the u.s. senate, and the u.s. senate and your viewers can google and confirm it, the u.s. senate voted 95 to 0 to not participate with this or any treaty that would cost american jobs, and do you know who was in the u.s. senate at that time? john kerry. >> and i saw the comments he made. >> when they have to vote, they make it pretty clear where they stand. >> right. it's interesting, you look back on some of this. we have the former george w. bush speechwriter mark thesen saying president bush basically did the same
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thing and we're essentially here, let's listen to this and we'll talk about it. >> i served in the bush administration when george w. bush withdrew from the kyoto treaty. this is like groundhog day, i'm experiencing the same outrage and the predictions of apocalypse and the world is coming to an end. and you know what happened when george bush pulled out of the kyoto treaty. in the next 14 years, we reduced emissions faster than the european countries criticizing donald trump. our emissions are at 1992 levels, not because of a treaty, not because of parchment signed in paris or kyoto. it's because of the free market economy, innovation. it's because of the hydraulic fracking and technologies that is going to continue regardless of the paris agreement. and by the way, we did it while keeping our energy prices, half those in europe. >> that follows your historical
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point, doug, but makes important economic one just because you're not in favor of a deal, doesn't mean you are necessarily anti-environment or anything like that, right? >> absolutely. we care about these issues very much. and i saw one the other day, we ran the numbers on it, yes, we'd be in real trouble in 300 years with that mol. but hopefully within 300 years we can come up with alternate fuels, you would think. and it's so hypocritical for the big stars. they use more c 2 o emissions flying their jet into a conference to talk about the environment than the average person will use in the whole year of their life. so to burden the american people and say you need to bail out china and india. china and india represent one out of every three persons alive is chinese or indian, and the american taxpayer should carry them on their back to solve this problem?
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hey, everybody should get involved, but let's use a little bit of logic. >> yeah, logic, a novel concept. good to see you. doug wead with us. be sure to catch the current treasury secretary steve mnuchin on "lou dobbs tonight" at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. that will be a good interview. the oil price settling lower, 47 bucks a barrel. three week low for oil what we're seeing. with that the national average, the price of gasoline now $2.38 a gallon, for a gallon of regular and increase from where we were last week. in just a moment, more kathy griffin and the press conference we referenced blaming president trump for her troubles. >> i don't think i will have a career after this. i think he -- i think he -- i think he -- i'm going to be honest, he broke me. >> we have a well-known comedian, there he is, adam
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carolla is there to react and make news of his own. first, a number of democrats speaking out about this whole pullout from the paris deal. we had the same reaction to other issues. health care. and the budget. mark stein is here reacting to that, after this. othat, after t. that, after this.
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[screaming] you might believe that was the reaction from the paris deal
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over the past couple of days. all kinds of reaction, we were talking about democrats a few minutes ago. the idea of trying to provoke panic, not quite that bad, panic in general not a political tactic, not even the weeks or months, remember the reaction to the president's budget. >> that budget that trump has presented is a grotesquely immoral budget. it is horrific budget. senior citizens will lose, perhaps the one nutritious meal a day they get. meals on wheels program. >> when you add it all up, the trump budget is a comic book, villain bad budget. irony of the trump budget is it hurts many of the people who supported him most in the campaign. >> this administration and republicans in congress are mounting an onslaught against the needs of children and people with disabilities. women and seniors.
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>> i've never seen anything as hateful and abominable as this. >> okay, that was just last week. and, of course, the reaction to the health care bill there. was this. >> this will cost american lives, if it ever becomes law. this will mean death, pain and suffering to people's families. >> really a stupid bill. it is a bill of deconstruction of government. from the beginning trump care was a moral monstrosity that will devastate children, seniors and hard working americans. >> this crushing age tax will fall on the most vulnerable members of our society. >> tens of millions of americans who are living with preexisting conditions will be screwed. >> instead of the cruel bill, come together to improve health care not take insurance away from millions to give tax credits to the wealthiest americans, we're better than that. >> gentlemen, let's kill and
5:20 pm
bury this bill. thank you. >> consider that a setup for mark stein who joins us now. the political columnist and author, and you know, what's interesting, i think, about that, if you think about it, we have three topics there, when we include this one, and basically two out of the three, the budget and paris, the budget being a framework or to borrow a phrase used this week, nothing burgers. at least health care is a bill that might get passed. what do you make of this reaction? >> if you always go to the fact that it's the end of the world and everybody is going to die! head for the hills. when it's the congressional parking lot expansion bill. if you do that with every single thing that comes before you, eventually you've got nowhere to go. now it actually is the end of the planet. >> you're right. >> but they blew that on the obamacare thing and the budget thing. if i were trump, i'd be
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thinking, i wush i just decided to pull the plug on the planet three months ago because that's the only place the democrats -- >> by joking around you're making a good and serious point, the opposition to the president, which could be legitimate on a number of issues, the president struggled on certain issues, some of that on his own make. if you do it every time. you're the boy who cried wolf. >> if you've got nowhere to go. presumes bad faith, the idea that people are going to die. this is an advanced first world society with immense resilience and resources, and the idea that whenever somebody has a policy dispute with you, it's immoral, and they're causing the deaths of everyone. we saw this before back when paul ryan was supposedly shoving grannies off cliffs. >> right. >> you can't blame a party accused of shoving grannies off cliffs. you can't blame trump for
5:22 pm
saying to hell with it, let's shove every granny off the cliff. it's a logical conclusion. >> you like the way he handled it? in other words, people say he took a political risk here, he's going to pay for this, maybe there was a more deft way about it. >> i think so. i think this is what trump did best when he was campaigning. >> yeah. >> this is not something that any reasonable person cares about because they understand that this is kind of posturing politics. for the developed world, for european prime ministers. this is a way of striking an attitude without any -- making any difference in the planet. for third world dictators, this bill bulks up their swiss bank accounts. for the chinese, there's a vague promise to do something about something or other around mid-century, but it's nothing real. >> that is the point. that is the point that it wasn't -- i said this in the last conversation we were
5:23 pm
having. there's a whole lot of nothing here, just a set of promises more or less. not an agreement. i think people are missing that? >> what is bad, for the celebrity class and the media class, immediately go to the end of the world. head of the iranian-american national counc, whateverhat is. he tweeted it's the end of life on earth as we know it. i didn't even know that was within the president of the united states jurisdiction. i think that's actually great. that's fantastic. it's like let's make a big statement. the end of life on earth as we know it. what's he going to tweet tomorrow. >> kind of long for a hashtag. you don't leave yourself anywhere else to go. thank you. have a great weekend. >> two himalayan glaciers going past the window right now. it's all over. >> have a good one. >> yeah, and you. >> that's funny.
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at least to move onto other stories here, a lot to cover this evening. we had the story out of the philippines, for example, which was horrible. at least three dozen dead when the gunman stormed into the casino in manila which happened yesterday. listen. [screaming] . >> the english speaking attacker who fired shots and set tables on fire later killed himself, and after being wounded by security officers there. so brutal story there obviously. the other thing we continue to cover are the markets and it's be interestingwatch. this is one example there with the casino stocks doing well, but markets in general, even with the concerns about what seems to be happening with paris and everything else, markets continue to be at record highs. in a moment, more from kathy
5:25 pm
griffin's press conference that we talked about earlier blaming president trump for her troubles. >> if you don't stand up, you get run over, and what's happening to me has never happened ever, in the history of this great country. >> okay, we have adam carolla, the comedian standing by. first, remember the west virginia coal miner who took on hillary clinton. a reminder for you. >> when you make comments like we're going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs, these are the kind of people that you're affecting. this is my family. my hope is in god, that's my future. i want to know how you're going to say you are going to put a lot of coal miners out of jobs and come in here and tell us how you're going to be our friend? >> that was bo copley. says president trump is saving jobs like his bupulling out of the paris deal and we'll talk to him, next. think again.
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this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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. >> we're going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business. connell: that was the pledge by hillary clinton turning off voters in coal country, which is one of the reasons, maybe that she lost the election, right? president trump delivered on the campaign promise to abandon the paris deal, an obama-era agreement, he says cost american coal workers their jobs. >> i have one obligation, that obligation is to the american people. the paris accord would undermine our economy. hamstring our workers. weaken our sovereignty. it is time to exit the paris accord. connell: a quick look at some of the coal related stocks today as we begin our conversation on that. a bit of a mixed picture there. we're joined by that west virginia coal miner who
5:30 pm
confronted mrs. clinton on the campaign trail. just announced a bid to run for the senate out of west virginia and challenge joe manchin in that state. bo is running for senate. with that said, let me ask you about the deal, pulling out of this deal. what do you make of the president's decision? >> obviously, it's huge for west virginia, and the coal industry in general. i mean, it just, to me, it shows he's ready to stand up for the people that he said he was going to stand up for when he was on the campaign trail. connell: you are now in a position where not only are you challenging a politician as you were in the sound bite and the clip we played with hillary clinton, but you're trying to be one of them. you have to take on the issues and speak to the voters about them. your experience, and you spent time in the coal industry know and a lot about it. what is the future of that industry? is coal a big part of our american future or should we be
5:31 pm
as many suggested transitioning away from it and hping people to move in other directions? what's your view? >> obviously, as the main source of economic growth here in this state, it's vital, obviously, to us, and to the people who say that we need to move away and we need to go to cleaner energy and such, i say bring them close, put them side-by-side and let them go head-to-head and see which one is reliable, which one is independent, which one is more affordable and which one, to me, if you put them side-by-side i think coal would speak for itself. if it wouldn't, i would apologize and say that's the way we need to go. obviously, we feel a lot stronger than what the opposition does. connell: and you feel that way for the long term? what's your long term outlook for people in your industry, in the coal industry?
5:32 pm
>> well, decisions like what president trump did yesterday really help for the long term. you know, we are concerned about our future, and we believe that you need to diversify the economy, especially in our state but you can't diversify economy if there is no economy. without coal, we do not have an economy. we want to see the things rolled back, things from the obama administration and president trump has been a champion for us in doing so in his short time in office so far. connell: and people in that industry and from your state certainly helped them in the election, and yesterday we got a decision that many have been waiting for. bo copley, thank you, running for senate in west virginia. united airnes alt wi a loof drama inside of their anes, we reported on it. flames outside of the plane that scared passengers on a united flight yesterday. the engine in one of the wings caught fire after hitting a
5:33 pm
flock of birds. how about that? wow. take a look at the stock market today and some of the airline stocks to see how they did. like many they were up, a good day for stocks as we've been t . a record-setting day on wall street. comedian adam carolla meantime, taking on college safe spaces, launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new movie he wants to make, and he's here to talk about it. >> the epicenter of free speech was always college campuses. the very same place that advocated, fought and couple of people died at kent state, for free speech. now are shutting down everybody who disagrees with them. connell: adam will also react to the kathy griffin news conference with her lawyer today where she blamed the president for her problems. all that is coming up after this. urself. what is scary? pneumococcal pneumonia.
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. >> on a commitment to diversity means that nobody graduates until they think just the right way. >> at utopia university, there are no violent words to hurt me. >> i will punch you if you're a fascist. >> i'm going to be the next che guevara. >> we speak out against privilege. >> we checked our privilege. >> welcome to utopia u. >> a wonderful place to learn that everything your parents taught you is wrong. >> it's not based on reality. >> it's based on your reality.
5:38 pm
>> hold on a second. that campus doesn't really exist, does it? that doesn't look like parody to me. you can run that after don lemon's show on cnn and could play like a commercial. connell: adam carolla launching a crowd funding campaign for a new movie he wants to get made and has a page online that's a little over 30% of the way to $150,000 raised, $150,000+ raised. give us a quick summary before we talk about the issues of what you want to get accomplished with this movie while you're doing it? >> well, i've worked with dennis prager, we hop scotched the country doing speaking tours, but never on college campuses. and we arranged a lecture on a local college campus, university of northridge, and it got canceled because of security issues, and i just
5:39 pm
thought, you know, i'm pretty close to the center, i'm no milo yiannopoulos, and dennis prager isn't exactly a lightning rod of controversy. and if you're going to cancel the two of us, my god, what has it come to. connell: in the milo yiannopoulos case, people are making free speech arguments there. it was all over the news. for example, today, evergreen state college closed. they had a direct threat to campus safety and became the center of controversy with activists previously having asked white students to leave campus to talk about race,. so that was just in the news today. from your perspective, is this getting radically worse? have you seen it get worse over the years and if so, when? was there a turning point? >> i think these people, whoever these people are, wherever these people are, you
5:40 pm
know, they never stop, there is no, there is no end to whatever they do. you take a group like peta, you know, 20 years ago it was like, hey, do you want chickens to be tortured before you eat them? no, i'm down with the cause. do you think the japanese whaling ships are going too far? yeah, yeah, i disagree with that. now you're wearing a suede belt and they throw red dye on you when you walk on the red carpet. they don't know when to stop. there's plenty of parts of the movement, yeah, we agree with this, we agree with that. now it's 2017, everything is fine on campus, knock it off. connell: i want to get your thoughts on another topic. real quick, we're a business network, how much of an impact does this have on your business, the comedy business, your ability to make a living? >> you know, for me, i do a podcast, you can hear it for free on adam if you
5:41 pm
like, and that's my business, and i do some -- i do some comedy tours, but i play theaters. i don't play campuses. so it doesn't impact my business negatively. connell: i'm sure for some comedians it would. good luck with the "no safe spaces". the other topic was the kathy griffin stuff. she had the lawyer out today, a news conference out west. and her lawyer's point was presidt trump's family has somehow been bullying her. first listen. >> i'm not afraid of donald trump. he's a bully. he broke me. he broke me. he broke me, and then i was like, no, this isn't right. this is not right, and i apologized because that was the right thing to do, and i meant it, and then i saw the tide turning and saw what they were doing, okay, they're trying to spin this and obviously it was never my intent.
5:42 pm
i would never want to hurt anyone, much less -- >> i literally was doing a podcast with attorney mark geragos 25 minutes ago and he said what is she doing? go in the basement, wait a couple of days, maybe there will be an isis attack on a school bus or something and you can re, merge and get back to your life. why are you having a press conference over something you want to go away? connell: the whole star of crisis, good luck with the movie, adam. thanks for calling in. appreciate it. >> she just took her crisis to a golden corral. connell: crazy, right? that's what every pr person tells you, if you're in a situation like this, don't talk. not here. adam carolla, funny guy. breaking news on president trump and this is just come into us in the last few minutes, nomination for the
5:43 pm
federal reserve board of governors anmarvin goodfrid filling in one of the two open spots, just announced by the white house, carnegie mellon professor. previously worked as policy adviser at the federal reserve bank of richmond in virginia. marvin goodfriend, they just announced that out of the white house. the president's decision to leave the paris climate deal will give the kids asthma. dr. marc siegel is coming up with a little fact check on that. first portland mayor urging officials to shut down what he calls alt-right rallies happening in the city of portland this weekend. our guest is coming up. organized one of the rallies, says he's nowhere near alt-right, that's the first thing and other rallies are still on. we'll talk about them, after this.
5:44 pm
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5:47 pm
. connell: this is a story you might remember from earlier in the week. and mayor of portland, oregon urging officials to shut down alt-right rallies. man says he's a peaceful pro-trump rally leader joe gibson is going ahead with the free speech rally set for sunday. joins us now. are you worried as you go ahead with the rally that things might get ugly in the streets? >> no, i'm not worried. there's going to be -- the portland police are going to be there in full force, homeland security, fbi, making sure the protesters stay across the street. going to be a great day. tons of families, i think it will be extremely safe. connell: saying you are quote, unquote alt-right, there is a connotation there. the mayor is saying an alt-right guy is going to engage what he would say is hate speech. they had the terrible train attack in portland. this is not the time for that.
5:48 pm
what is your situation? what's your deal? are you alt-right? do you engage in hate speech? what do you say to the accusations? >> it's ridiculous, i ask him to show the film. i've done plenty of rallies, plenty of speeches. i'm a libertarian/conservative. i want to spread a good message of christianity and god. it's sad that talking about god is hate speech in the liberal cities. that's all i want to do. connell: you think it's all about your politics, not about that, as i said, the horrible attack that happened out there. >> yeah, jeremy christian has nothing to do with what we did. i wish he would come out a tell the truth and calm down the city. connell: talking about the guy who carry out the attack on the train. so how many people are you expecting? what type of a turnout? what type of a rally do you expect this weekend? >> looks like about 500 people.
5:49 pm
about 1,000 protesters. great day, great speakers. a positive message, trying spread love and peace and a great christian message. connell: hopefully everybody else and people who don't see eye-to-eye with you agree or agree to stay calm and not get ugly in the streets. joey thank you for coming on and explaining things us to. >> thank you. connell: panic is the theme of the day. talking about it earlier. john kerry, former secretary of state, saying dropping out of the paris accord could give kids asthma. remember that? dr. marc siegel does. he's here to fact check. he's up next.
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5:53 pm
now put america last. this is an extraordinary moment of fake news, so he is not helping rgotten american, he is hurting them. their kids will have worse asthma in the summer. they will have a harder time having economic growth. he's made us an environment pariah in the world, and i think it is one of the most self-destructive moves i've ever seen by any president in my lifetime. connell: there's that. john kerry, the former secretary of state condemning the president's decision to pull out of the paris climate accord. he also claimed it would, as you heard, increase asthma for children during the summer. we talked about the politics of this earlier, even the economics, but now to the medical side of it and how first of all freedom and allergy related stocks did today. there you go, pfizer, eli lilly and merck. dr. marc siegel joins us to take a look at the medical side of it. we covered everything in the
5:54 pm
paris deal that we could, but the idea our kids get more asthma, you say? >> i say former secretary of state kerry did not go medical school. there are a number in boston where he's from. that's a serious issue. he's not an expert on allergy or asthma. the six million children in the united states with asthma, you know why it's increasing? many reasons, overusing antibiotics. the hygiene hypothesis where we don't expose children at a young age to dirt. we're too cleaned. we're all inside air conditioned places. many areas have air pollution, it is a factor in asthma. many of the big steers cleaning up. have you seen l.a. lately? can you see the air. you couldn't do that before. connell: that is the larger point. we talked about this with earlier guests, just because the president decided to pull out of the pariseal doesn't mean we're not going to care about the environment anymore, co2 emissions won't come down,
5:55 pm
they have and will continue to do so. l.a. and others will do so. we're healthier. >> absolutely, connell. asthma is multifactorial. northwest, cold winter, you know what cold does? brings on more asthma. northeast, wet winter, wet can bring on more allergy, more asthma. you can't point to one region or one weather or one effect, and co2 emissions are very tiny and not directly bringing on asthma. there is very little of it in the atmosphere. that's not the issue. the issue is what chemicals you are exposed to, what particles you are exposed to. what are antibiotics you are exposed to. genetic predisposition is. >> i'll just put this up, this was an image we had from twitter, a twitter user saying the president's withdrawal from the paris accord will shorten
5:56 pm
one of his grandchildren's lives, putting the picture up there. and people need to maybe relax a little bit and bring health into it, especially who don't have any idea what they're talking about, quite frankly. >> that's ridiculous, that's not happening. i'm much more concerned about china which was not asked about all to reduce emissions in the paris agreement. in that country there's a lot more industrial emissions. 300 million children orld wide with asthma. six million in the united states. 'rlooking into that. treating that. trying to prevent it. this isn't the issue here. connell: good to see you, thanks for coming in with the facts. dr. marc siegel with us. we'll be back after a quick break.
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at crowne plaza we know business travel isn't just business. there's this. 'a bit of this. why not? your hotel should make it easy to do all the things you do. which is what we do. crowne plaza. we're all business, mostly. >> we know fridays are a big night here on the fox business network. we have maria with wall street week. that's 8:00 p.m. eastern time and a new episode of property man with bob massie. that is airing this evening
6:00 pm
right after that, so stay tuned for bottom of this programs. thank you for having me the last couple of nights. i'm connell mcshane. it has been good to be with you and stay tuned for charles payne. he is coming up next here on the fox business network with making money. have a great weekend, everybody. charles: good evening i'm charles payne. another monster day for the stock market as all the major equity embassies hit all-time highs. many of you are now eager to get back in. but you're also ready to make huge mistakes. i have one of the best lessons for you later on in this show. but first, congratulations. it's been one day since president trump declared the u.s. will withdraw from the paris climate accord and guess what? apocalypse hasn't happened yet. the president deploying his army of patriots today to defend that decision of putting america first and into the trenches, they went. watch.


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