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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  June 4, 2017 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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story that deserves to be told. i'm oliver north. good night. er north, good night. what a show we had today. >> join us tomorrow. >> have a good saturday. >> the paris accord would undermine our economy, hamstring our workers, we can our sovereignty, impose unacceptable legal risks and put us at a permanent disadvantage to the other countries of the world. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> dropping out of the paris climate accord to help out our workers and economy. donald trump's critics say the opposite will happen. who is right?
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this is bulls and bears. gary smith, john wayfield, lee carter and julie, welcome to everybody. what impact will withdrawing from the paris climate accord have on american jobs? >> as trump would say. it would be hugely positive. this is just the kind of liberal boondoggle that we elected donald trump to get us out of. this was always they used to say in my day sleeves out of the best. other countries gave up nothing. china said we will reduce our emissions in 2030 just when we would have estimated even without the paris accord they would reduce emissions. pakistan said they would reduce emissions to the fullest extent possible which means nothing. those countries gave up nothing. the paris accord is fine if we gave up nothing, we didn't. we are pledge it to spend $100
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billion a year. think what $100 billion could be for jobs around here. you could build a wall. you could fund the next thousand teslas. you could give the money back to the citizens of the united states and corporations so they could come up with innovative technologies. donald trump is right to do this. it was some liberal vacation for europe and everyone else. it hurt us, he's doing the right thing. dagen: good for jobs in the states. >> i don't think either side is right. it is not good for jobs and i don't think staying in it was going to be bad for jobs. i think both sides have overstated the importance of this climate accord in paris. since 2008 we tripled our capacity of renewable energy. renewable energy jobs growing 12 times the rate of the normal economy and to it a half to one
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energy than there are in fossil fuels right now. companies are already doing this. greenhouse gas emissions were at a 25 year low in 2016 and you are seeing co2 emissions of dropped 16% to 18% in the same time period so the trend is going to continue. renewable energy creates a ton of jobs, good paying jobs, veterans will continue which is good for the climate. dagen: you made the case for not being in the paris climate agreement and in fact we didn't enforce under president bush the kyoto pact from 1997 and you still had a collapse in emissions and rise in green jobs. what do you say? >> first of all this is a donald trump move, he gave a positive speech in the rose garden, exactly what he promised the american people he would do. my concern about jobs is this is going to be a distraction from the agenda, losing any good faith he had left with the left
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which was not much at all, a lot of fence sitters are going away from him, running away from him, he had elon musk resigned. a lot of people saying enough is enough. my fear is they won't compromise on tax reform or healthcare and tax reform is the key to economic growth. dagen: if you look at a recent poll, government spending, russian meddling and the economy were all more important issues than climate change. >> that is frankly shortsighted. i understand those things are immediate concerns when it comes to the safety and prosperity of our country but climate change is something that is crucial, something that impact every single one of us and something like this, withdrawing from the paris accord is ultimately going to be bad for american jobs because things are moving in the direction of renewable energy but so much of what happens when it comes to a record like this is about peer pressure and all these countries are in it, we will make our individual contributions and figure out ways to help climate change and that incentivizes american companies to find new ways to
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invest in renewable fuel and when you see people in charge of tesla, ge, goldman sachs saying by removing ourselves from the climate accord we are going to be ceding those jobs and technology in renewable energy to other countries overseas that is not going to help us as a superpower. that will allow china to say we are leading the charge and that is the last thing we want. dagen: we can lead it without being in the pact, apple as an example, apple and facebook increasing their use of renewable energy, apple's new campus 100% renewable energy without being in a global climate agreement. >> apple's new building doesn't make any economic sense. they have cash to burn and it is a multi-billion-dollar company headquarters and it is cool but it is -- as most environmental things are, not economically
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feasible. getting out of it won't hurt us because it was such a toothless agreement. this many countries involved in something and they're all in agreement it probably won't do anything. if this doesn't cause a recession the united states and china it is not strong enough to healthy environment. you are talking about a need to curb consumption, not spend more on alternatives. it doesn't tax consumption, doesn't cut income to offset that, won't do anything. bottom line, these jobs, solar jobs like we heard from john because it is such an efficient way to make power when you compare the people in solar compared to gas powered plants or nuclear or call it is absurdly high to the deck of the panel is all over and it is not an economically efficient way to make energy and doesn't deal with the core problem which is overconsuming energy and negative output so it is wrong on so many fronts. dagen: if you look at the climate agreement, to meet the emissions target president obama
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put into place you would have to essentially cripple with regulation and potentially taxes whole industries. steel, farmers in this country, cattle ranchers in this country. that is not a job creator. >> add in call. i will give credit to our guests julie for raising my already high blood pressure to astronomical levels. this speech that i just heard was unbelievable. even if everything went right with this accord we would lower the temperature on the earth by 2/10 of a degree celsius by the year 2100. that is based on current computer models which have been wrong but i don't want to get into that. let's say charitably we don't know what is going to happen. fine. if china wants to take the lead and we definitely can trust china to take the lead on this just like north korea will probably take the lead also, what we know for a fact is two
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things. it is going to hurt jobs around here and not to belabor my earlier point, $100 billion a year in hard cash going from the us out of the us, money we can use and instead we spent it on some hocus-pocus thing that is unproven galls me. i give credit to julie for that for getting me hyped up. dagen: i will let you respond. >> i understand your concerns but what i'm most concerned about is readers are going to be the ones impacted by this for millennial women and we are the ones when we are 50 and 70 dealing with the impact of flooding and food shortages and disease and the fact that we no longer have governmental regulations in place that will incentivize us to innovate and not only dealing with the effects of climate change but the effects of a market that is behind the global economy. dagen: you know what is an incentive to innovate and
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produce cleanburning inexpensive energy is a thriving economy. if you have a climate agreement -- >> why do you think fracking and natural gas industries took off? because people found out they could make money there. lowering emissions was a byproduct of that. that is what happens when you have a growing economy blues people have an incentive to make money. dagen: cavuto and business 20 minutes from now. what have you got? >> the mainstream media, donald trump on climate change, russia, where is the rush to judge the positive news that is happening. a fair and balanced report, don't look now but there is a new push to make healthcare free by taxing the just about everything else. find out where. dagen: we can't wait. coming up why someone is saying the biggest threat to donald trump's tax cuts presidential c
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and russia. in washington dc, we send it back to to bowls and bears. dagen: donald from pushing congress again to pass healthcare and tax reform. some say the mess over all these intel leaks is delaying the white house's agenda, rush limbaugh thinks it is something closer to home. >> the republican party ostensibly the party of the president, they owe their majority to him particularly the senate. are road blocking donald trump more than the democrats are. dagen: what do you say? >> that is spot on. you always had leaks, george washington had a leak from one of his own generals, he was able to win a pretty big war that pounded our country. the leaks are bad but are not the problem. the problem is the gop had 7 used to get repeal and replace
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obamacare on the president's desk. what have they been doing? democrats also want to fix it, they haven't offered any alternative to fix it but republicans to me are the ones -- you have tax cuts, tax reform, you don't know the border adjusted taxes in their or how to make it revenue neutral, they don't have an idea what corporate tax rate they want, they don't even know the rate. trump has his faults but he could be a cross between abraham lincoln and teddy roosevelt and wouldn't get anything done with these horrible congressman we have in dc. dagen: is at leakers or gop lawmakers who are fouling things up for everybody? >> the leaking is letting trump become the fall guy for essentially his failure with congress which is they don't make any sense, they are trying to be vague and pretend somehow you can solve these problems of the long-term deficit with foodstamp and medicaid cuts and tax cuts and have it worked out and not touch any benefit their
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constituents get. windows come up from republicans, mortgage deductions, they throw it away, forget disability, medicare, social security, that can't happen so they can't make a policy that will balance the budget because they have to address benefits their own constituents get. not the fuse a think only the other side gets. it is being exposed and blaming it on trump for not solving it but there is no map that is going to work your come you can't balance the budget on foodstamp cuts alone or in pr. dagen: who is to blame? >> it would be easy to blame them on the leaks if you wanted to. the real problem is i think it is lack of messaging. of the healthcare plan exists and they put it forward as they say they have, how is that it is less popular today than when they started it? they haven't sold the thing. haven't told us what is in it, why it is better, how it will help the american people are help the economy. they have not sold it. tax reform likewise, they did
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not sell it. they had a great first two days we steve mnuchin was talking about tying it to the economy and jobs, a great start and we heard nothing since. they need a message, discipline and everybody across the board saying the same thing as you know we need to get donald trump not to tweet about russia, the white house saying we are not talking about russia and the next day he is talking about russia. not just leaks the discipline. dagen: if you go to donald trump's twitter feed it will be about healthcare and tax cut and the economy and russia. >> when i'm in a bad mood i check it to see what he is talking about. i have to agree there is a messageing problem in the gop. a lot of distractions going on. is not on message but the problem with getting trump's agenda passed through his trump agenda. that we should honestly give round of applause to people in the gop who are saying that
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health care bill is not good for my constituents and i won't put it through. we are talking a healthcare bill that will take away healthcare for 23 million people. dagen: some lose it by choice because i won't be mandated to buy it. >> some are choosing not to buy it because they have to buy rent and food otherwise. reductions are being eliminated and it is much less affordable for a lot of low-income people. i am saying the issue is not people are stalling these things in congress it is the fact that these bills are not addressing the needs of the american people and bravo to the republican saying these do not suit the needs of my constituents and i won't pass it. dagen: the republicans had 7 used to come up with an obamacare of placement and they don't have it. what about tax reform? people have been crying for it, where is it? >> i agree with everything you said. is will we have another eight years of that wonderful
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obamaadministration. here is my take. it is a little bit of intel, it is on the gop. they need to get a spine. this is a golden opportunity, they could get some stuff done. surely as john said, they can come up with something better than obamacare, the most despised piece of legislation ever, they need to get their act together, we are going to have another eight years of whatever, chelsea clinton administration. dagen: this is selling spines to folks cashing in an hour from now. what have you got coming up? >> donald trump telling world elites to buzz off from pulling out of the paris climate deal to blunt talk on fair trade and nations paying their fair share. is this what we need in our president, the protect us workers and taxpayers, plus hillary blames fake news and the mainstream media loves it but
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they hated when trump does it. cashing in, see you all at 11:30. dagen: we will be watching but up first kathy griffin losing gigs and deals after this looking sharp len. who's the lucky lady? i'm going to the bank, to discuss a mortgage. ugh, see, you need a loan, you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank. this is how i dress to get a mortgage. i just go to lendingtree. i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree, when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward.
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dagen: kathy griffin blaming the trump family for losing her comedy gig and other deal say they are trying to ruin her career over the photo she took holding the president's severed
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head. it is not a trumps, the free-market telling her she went too far. >> she went way too far. in a crisis response situation, watch this for what not to do. first thing she should have done is taken responsibility, she has no business blaming anybody but herself. >> she tried to be provocative, tried to be out there, tried to appeal to her liberal cronies out there. it didn't work. now she's getting what she paid for. i say all is fair. dagen: first amendment will protect speech but won't save your job. >> i support her first amendment right to make statements like this was i think it was over the line. i also think it was cheap. there is a ton of material when it comes to donald trump. there is a lot to make fun of. a lot of statements to make. this is not the right one. dagen: to say that trump after she did this broke her, blaming his family now, this is victim
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chic at its worst. >> it is unfathomable, you have freedom of speech in this country but don't have freedom of responsibility and when you're a shock comedian and do something like this you have to take the back lash, to take the victim route is a horrible way, america sees through that and she is suffering that economically and she should. dagen: even senator al franken said don't show up at this beverly hills book thing going on. come on. >> can someone say the outrage machine is out of control. i understand this is absurd. can't you just not to go to her concerts? where advertisers have to make stands last, chelsea clinton has to weigh in to brands which side of this. dagen: it is about her blaming
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the trump family for destroying her. that is what it is about. she took a too far rather than saying i'm sorry and apologizing to the president. thanks, everybody, thanks for joining us. the winner of the nba championship won't just to be the calf or the warriors, the the calf or the warriors, the other winning name that will be
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boy: this is the story of a boy who didn't talk for a long time. the boy liked things to always be the same. any changes would scare and upset him. the unknown was an unfriendly place. the boy was very sensitive to lights and sounds. so he built secret hiding places where they couldn't get in. the boy didn't like looking people in the eye. he wasn't trying to be mean, it just made him feel uncomfortable. sometimes he would flap his arms again and again. second boy: one day, i found out i had something called autism.
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my family got me help. slowly i found my voice and learned all the ways i could live with it better. announcer: early intervention can make a lifetime of difference. learn the signs at dagen: predictions, gary? >> walmart wants employees to start delivering packages on the way home. when i hear that i think one thing, by target. target stock up 21%. >> diametrically opposed. dagen: your prediction? >> lebron james is the best basketball player in the world but i don't think it will be enough against the golden state warriors and kevin durrant. stock is up 20%.
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>> overpriced nba players. >> national donut day, my favorite american holiday is come and tim morton is owned by restaurant international. dagen: sums up or thumbs down gary be? neil now. >> always in a rush to get it long. lots of rushing to what we know or don't know about russia or the -- not rushing to what we do know about our economy and these incredible markets, glad to have you, neil cavuto and not saying the media should not cover the climate debate or the kremlin or the white house and all that. i'm saying how about covering what is going on and a lot of other issues, high wages for americans and housing. not to mention the atlanta federal reserve putting out a model that shows the economy growing at better than 3.5% this


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