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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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i'm jamie colby for "strange inheritance." thanks so much for watching, and remember -- you can't take it with you. right here on fox business. lou: good evening. londoners tonight still trying to get over the shock of saturday's series of horrific terrorist attacks, radical islamist terrorists from pakistan, killing 7 people, injuries dozens more in vehicle and knife attacks before police shot them dead. president trump responded by assuring prime minister may and the british people that the united states would come to their aid with whatever help they require. president trump also pushing for extreme vetting calling on supreme court to act quickly in support of his order banning travel els of 6
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nations with history of radical is terrorism. and taking to twitter to urge the justice department to expedite his hear, fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts with our report. reporter: president trump raised a lot of eyebrows with the flurry of tweets this morning, content of which had this white house insiders saying there is a difference between what president says on social media and what official white house policy is. in his public appear abs today president trump was all about his plans to reform america's air traffic control system, but political twitter verse was consumed with his morning tweet storm about his order on vetting, writing that justice department should ask for antic p expedited hearing of water downed travel ban before the supreme court, and seek much tougher version.
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calling it a travel ban directly contra digging what his -- contradicted what his aides said before. >> it is not a travel ban, it is a vetting system to keep america safe, that is it. reporter: president doubled down in the language tweeting this morning, people. the lawyers and courts can call it whatever they want, i call it what we need, what it is, a travel ban. some people saw the tweets as potentially undermining the defense of the executive order. kellyanne conway a hu husband, george, took issue with the president's tweets writing, these tweets may make some people feel better, but they won't help the offers of the solicitor general get 5 votes in the supreme court, which is what matters, sad. white house seemed unconcerned that president could
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jeopardize the court case. >> the president is focused on what the order spells out, that is protecting americans and protecting national security, he has every constitutional authority to do that. reporter: president's tweets were in response to weekend attacks in london, his point, that america needs to take stronger pressures to -- measures to defend against terror. >> we new our resolve to protect the united states and its allies from a vile enemy that has waged war on innocent life it has gone on too long. this bloodshed must end. this blood showed wil bloodshed will end. reporter: president trump igniting a firestorm of criticism after taking aim at this statement 23r from london's mayor. >> over course of the next few days, no reason to be alarmed. reporter: president who has been critical of khan before portrayed him as soft on
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terror, tweeting a least 7 dead, and 48 wounded, and mayor of london says there is no reason to be alarmed. the mayor a was on th office took issue where the tweet calls the president ill informed. and out of context. the president fired back, pathetic excuse by lon lon london mayor. britain's prime minister theresa may did not take kindly to the tweet, saying it was wrong to criticize khan in the wake of the attacks. u.s. acting ambassador to uk appeared to contradict the president when he tweeted out his support for khan, calling him a strong leader. lou: joining us, to discuss the fight against rad walli
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-- radical islamist terror, veteran of 10 presidential campaigns, republican strategist, fox news contributor, the dean, ed rollins. pulitzer prize winning columnist and fox news contributor michael goodwin. i don't understand how all of these brilliant people all happen to be reading his tweets and coming to the same conclusion in national left wing media, he as upset the supreme court in some way. oh, no. say it isn't so. >> it is a way for them, they don't have to hate muslim terrorists he or be angry at prime minister of great britain for not doing what she was supposed to have done after the last two attacks or angry at mayor of london for
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having no plan, they can be angry at donald trump, let's go after donald trump, and let's make him the focus not the terrorism. not the fact that this is third attack in london in what 6 weeks. >> hundreds of people killed in europe over the course of past two years. ed, i don't see why anyone should be concerned about the supreme court reaction to his tweets. i mean remember -- i mean, if they take issue with extreme vetting versus travel ban. don't they remember that chief justice himself is the one that turned what the obama administration called a fine into a tax. he could -- they could do whatever they wish. >> the court itself is what is supposed to interpret the word, only words we should worry about are not president's tweets. at the end of the day, i have
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taught a course, and worked. he writes executive orders, they are clear. they are the law of the land. or they -- >> do these morons, in a blanket fashion with love and respect for them all, don't they understand this is president of united states. it is the court system that is nullified constitutional authority. it is the jack as across capitol hill who are obstructing the president in execution of his lawful orders, and in the execution of this constitutional duty. >> the critical thing here, why the court needs to act there is over 300 federal judges, half of them are democrats, half of against his agenda. lou: does not feel that balanced. >> the court needs to basically say, this is the president's power. not a constitutional lawyer in this country who won't say he
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has the power to do it. quicker he gets it done, he could put out whatever orders he wants because he is protecting the borders of the country. this is what obama was going to do but didn't do. this is not brand-new information, these countries have no embassies, no ability to vet the president has that right. lou: yet. they have pushed against this president, in point of fact, hammered him with their rulings irrespective of what say clear statement on the part of the constitution as to his authority. >> and i think a lot of this, lou is personal. it is to my mind, just directed at donald trump. there is a marriage that i think it is inflamed by personal attacks on trump. the personal dislike of trump on the left. to your point about rights that president has, what are
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courts and the opponents asking? that we just sit and wait to be attacked? lou: think there this, supreme court basically won't hear this unless there is some sort of extraordinary pect expediences brought to the case. otherwise they won't look at this until october. what -- who does the supreme court think it is? we have a senate that just came back to work today. they have 43 senate and house have 43 legislative days remaining, before the end of the fiscal year. end of september, and we have a circuit court tha supreme court that does not to be bo-- i mean who are these people, they are act like they live in 16 century not 21. >> now is the time for justice roberts and conservative majority to move forward, and bringic pediat economy --ic
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economex pedyaitz pediate this. >> senate and house are absence with leave. it is -- no one is on trump time. only one guy who is working full time, that is the president of the united states like no other president before him. >> as i said to you, one thing he has done is, undone the executive orders from obama, that was on his agenda, he should be praised from one end of the country to the other for that. >> the sense of urgency should be apparent. what happened in great britain could happen here. >> you think there would be an obvious quality to the actions of terror, just in the uk, in
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not that you out europe. >> right, this is an attack, we're give give warnings about constantly. we have not done much differently than a year ago in this regard. lou: well courts have their own tempo, don't they, we don't want to bother em, they have things to do. ed rollins and michael goodwin thank you. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back, much more to cover tonight. stay with us. >> president trump unveils his plan to privatize and improve america's outdated air traffic control system. >> by modernizing the outdated system of air traffic control. it's about time. lou: we take up the president's sweeping infrastructure plan and his agenda. house ways and means committee member congressman mike kelly joins me next.
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lou: president trump today kicking off a week-long campaign to drum up support for his trillion dollar infrastructure proposal, introducing his plan to privatize our air traffic control system. >> our air traffic control system is painfully stuck in the past. with a broken antiquated, horrible system that doesn't work. previous obama administration, spend over 7 billion dollars trying to upgrade the system. and totally failed. lou: joining me now to discuss the president's infrastructure plan. the trump agenda and more, congressman mike kelly of pennsylvania, a member of the house, ways and means committee, great to have you with us. president making it clear he
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wants something better than what we've got in the way of air traffic control system, your thoughts. >> absolutely he is correct. this is first time we ran anybody from private sector going to government say, you got to all upside down. we have to get to 20 century, why -- 21st century, why would america, leader in the world in technology, in innovation, drag its feet to get there, if you operate better, you become a lot more efficient, spend less money on gas, get people up and down in a safeway. that is what we're looking for. get planes running on time, and trains on time. lou: it makes sense. so much makes sense in trump agenda, and house is in particular instance a impediment to the momentum of the administration. we have got -- your committee
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aways and means, kevin brady and i talked about border adjustment tax. which is a consumption tax. i know that chamber of commerce and business round table they want their taxes shifted over to consumers and off their backs. are you guys, you are out of your mind? ryan wants this -- i mean i don't understand, every democrat would be begging you to pass this idiotic adjustment tax. >> let's not pai paint everyone with the same brush. when you look ar revenue, and you keep looking at what we have to find a way. lou: you put it on the consumer, that is what -- you know that. >> lou, i am an automobile dealer, i tell people look at mariney label -- mor label.
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global supply chain necessities that we have people from all over the world making small parts that go into big finished products. i get it, i know who else will get it, is consumers. i am 100% onboard with you, we went through same exercise health care reform, let's stop doing things from top down and work from bottom up. what an odd concept. lou: you tell me last time speaker ryancared what anyone else's opinion was? >> i am not speaking for paul, i have great respect for him. >> i was going to ask you to speak about him. not for him. >> here is my answer, i have been around more smart people that do stupid things since i have gone to washington. they are great with laptops,
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they are just lousy. lou: where? >> listen, they are great on laptop but terrible on block top, everything is thes theoretical, go to the people who pick up the tab, and say, what are we doing to help you succeed, what are we doing to keep you from succeeding, i don't think that is hard to do. but i have not lived in washington a long time, thank god i go home homer weekend. today, in new castell pennsylvania, to find out what are we doing to hurt you. if we're not helping you, are be loud. we had better wake up and smell the coffee. lou: we appreciate it. thank you. mike kelly of pennsylvania. >> thanks lou. lou: vote in our poll, question is, do you believe
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it's time to put political correctness aside bury it and put the safety of americans first? like the president demands? cast your vote on twitter, follow me on facebook and instagram. on wall street, stocks fell slightly from their near record levels, dow down 22. s&p lost these, nasdaq down 10. volumey on thvolume on the big board under 3 mill billion shares, traders looking ahead to british election and comey testimony this week. apple share down 1% after apple unvailed the new ipad, desktop, laptop models and home pod speaker to rival a amazon's echo. up next, kellyanne conway
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hitting national left wing media coverage of trump presidency. >> people are really losing their minds over this presidency, instead of trying to cover the things he is doing to help all americans. let me tell you, defeating terrorism and putting isis in retreat should be a nonpartisan issue in search of bipartisan support. lou: there is what i call a see what am i going to did about it? i'll tell you in my commentary i'll tell you in my commentary tonight, we're comininininin a ,
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it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. so, no matter what you're looking for... there it is. this is how buying a used car should be. this is truecar. ♪ >> breaking news now. the justice department has filed criminal charges against a federal contractor who is accused of leaking classified information to a news outlet. 25-year-old realty lee winter
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of georgia, allegedly printed a top secret nsa document detailing russian efforts to hack into u.s. voting systems and mailed it to the news outlet, intercept. winter had only been working as a federal contract pluribus international since february. a few thoughts on what seems to be a mass psychosis that's overwhelmed the left wing national media. not only have many news outlets detached themselves from reality, but they've also begun reporting and describing ever-growing delusions. the associated press, for example, obviously imagines itself as a leading role in the left wing's media war against president trump. who as of this interview intermediated the associated press from its audience, threatening not only ap's relevance, but its existence. the ap raging against this
10:28 pm
rising irrelevance wrote this, quote, psint dald trp can't beounted on to give accurate information to americans when violent acts are unfolding abroad. i want you, if you will, to think of the just massive stupidity of that statement. in point of fact, ap is jealous of the president and actually jealous of their future. that's the ap's way of saying, if you read or listen to president trump speaking directly to the american people, then what will be the role of the ap? nbc nightly news also apparently filled with fear and sanctimonious nonsense of its own. it refused to report on a retweet by president trump about fears of a new terrorist attack in london over the weekend. nbc argued this, quote, the info is unconfirmed, end quote. of course, the president was right.
10:29 pm
the attack was absolutely terrorism. the president was right, as he has been in every instance when he has declared an act to be radical islamist terrorism, and nbc news, as is too often the case, was wrong. nbc in the grip of its own special struggle with reality, was forced to issue a correction after falsely claiming that russian president poout putin, quote, does not deny having compromising information on president trump during an interview. it was exactly that that he declared. it's a nasty psychotic behavior with reza who is supposed to be reporting on religious affairs and went on president trump. and they commented on the show
10:30 pm
that azlan is not a cnn show that they contract the show and is not therefore a cnn employee and adding quote, that kind of discourse is never appropriate. cnn defining that slur against the president of the united states as discourse says all we need to know about cnn. parts of the national media have simply lost their minds and their efforts to blame president trump for their psychotic episodes isn't remotely rational or persuasive. they've simply gone over the top and around the bend. how far have they gone? a rorow-- recent harvard study said the national coverage of president trump's first 100 days set a new standard for negativity and appears the second 100 days will move in precisely the same direction and that's sadly the
10:31 pm
only standard most of the elitist members of the fourth estate recognize in their current angry addled condition, incapable of seeing with clear eyes the accomplishments of president trump and his administration, the venality of the left and the changes that we all face as a nation. now the quotation of the evening, this one from george orwell who said, quote, in our reach there is no such thing as keeping out of politics. all issues are political issues and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred and schizophrenia. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. . >> the trump administration fights to reinstate the president's extreme vetting order following the london terrorist attack. >> the president has the authority to keep people out when--
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the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just 99 dollars a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> a quick update now on breaking news that we've just reported to you, the justice department is not commenting on the federal contractor who was arrested, arrested in georgia and they're not commenting on
10:36 pm
whether she leaked a highly classified nsa document to the intercept, as is charged. a u.s. government official, however, does not dispute the nsa document is authentic, highly classified, noting that the government requested redactions before the intercept did publish their report. so, this appears to be the first leaker who is being brought to account 0 by the federal government for violating the law and leaking to news organizations. turning now to our senior fellow at the london center for policy research, lt. colonel tony schaeffer joining us tonight. tony, good to have you with us. >> good to be on, thank you. lou: let's start with, first, it looks likes the first of what may be several or more leakers who have been discovered and about to be charged. >> let's hope. look, we've known for a while that leaker at all levels have
10:37 pm
been out there. look, mike pompeo and cia went through a horrid leak that went through operational data compromised. many of us suspect, lou, that information was compromised via a similar venue, probably contractors who had access to the data released it. and there's an issue with millennials, let's be honest here. you have a lot of folks who believe they're part of the resistance apt to do this kind of thing and not recognizing damage to the national security. lou: you know, when you say millennials, i've just got to interrupt you. you know, there are all of these broad-brush generalization as about the millennials and none of it is flattering to them. but on the one hand, there's something in all of us that resists that kind of generalization, but you think this is what we're going to find, the predominantly, they're going to be millennials who are working for contractors? >> i think that's what we're going to find in some of these leaks of technical information.
10:38 pm
especially, lou, recording techniques and techlogical used by nsa. look, i know millennials who are outstanding. a couple of them even voted for president trump. i think they're great people, but there's a-- like the muslim religion, within the muslim faith, there's a bunch of individuals who are radicals. well, in the millennials, you kind of have that situation, too, where you have some great millennials who do great things, but you have some folks who are-- by the way, the culture is-- >> tony, i'm not going to help you when you've drawn an analog between millennials and-- >> i'm going to have to check my car for bomb when i go home. the millennials, lou, have been brought up with this liberal system which makes them snowflakes and react to the so-called resistance, part this have resistance, supposed to be opposing everything the president does. what they do is augment the deep state that we've talked about, it's totally insane.
10:39 pm
lou: let's turn quickly, this attack by three pakistanis saturday in london. this is -- and sadiq khan, the mayor of london, basically telling londoners just to remain calm, and at the same time, the city, the metropolitan police putting up signs saying, run, hide, and tell. i mean, the british people are better than this. their leadership seems to be literally horrid. >> let's start with theresa may. she was in charge a few years ago, lou, when a british soldier named rigby was murdered back in 2013. and you would have thought that she would have said, now i'm serious, back in 2013. no, now she says it. this, a fish rots on the head and you have those at the head who are completely negligent, almost criminal negligent, i think, in the case of the british mayor of london, who is
10:40 pm
really turning the other way and, yes, i cannot imagine a nation where they say run away, hope for the best and tell us what you see. that's not going to do anybody any good. so the british have to get their act together. this is not only happening there, lou. we've had a similar thing where these individuals reported to proper authorities, those proper authorities because they're held back by policy, i'm sure the police want to do something, the police are held back. we've seen that here, too, orlando, san bernardino, boston. a pattern of political correctness-- >> we have a president who says right out he wants to destroy the islamic state and destroy political correctness as quickly and can be done. lt. colonel tony schaeffer. >> lou, thanks for having me. good to be on. lou: please roll the video now. a thrilling ride for this daredevil, and that one, and others. the paragliders leaping off a
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>> a growing number of gulf allies are now cutting their ties with qatar over that country's support for iran and radical islamist terrorism. seven countries led by saudi arabia, egypt, uae and bahrain severing economic and diplomatic ties with qatar. secretary of state tillerson tried to downplay the impact on the islamic state fight with qatar home to the largest u.s. military base in the middle east, approximately 10,000 of our troops are stationed there
10:46 pm
at the air base, the forward headquarters of u.s. central command. joining me now, congressman ran desantis, member of several key committees, a member of the freedom caucus as well. congressman great to have you with us, excuse me. what do you make of this sudden move by the arab states? >> well, you know, lou, it's interesting. in some respects, we had a decent relationship with qatar, as you mentioned the base, but if you look at what they do, they have a very close relationship with iran, which both we, now with trump as president, and the gulf states, are concerned about. they're big supporters of the muslim brotherhood which provides the ideological foundation for terrorist groups like isis and al qaeda and they have actually funded directly terrorist groups. and so their conduct has been very problematic and so i think from the gulf stat
10:47 pm
states'perspective, the sunni states, if they're going to work with iran who is one of their mortal enemies and also funding sunni extremists, it's damaging to their interests. lou: why in the world -- it's clear that the state department didn't know any of this was coming down. they're caught flat-footed. the best thing they could do is try to downplay it. this is precisely what the united states and this president have been asking for, is to see this response and the state department seemed to have no clue what to do. >> well, it's frustrating, lou, because i think the state department lives in a certain universe which is just not the same universe that we live in. some of the people that have been in that bureaucracy for a long time. for example, there's a lot of opposition in the state department designating muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization. i and others in congress have
10:48 pm
been urging them to do that for a long time. there's a much different view from the state department bureaucracy and the trump administration policy at the political level, and then the broad vows of -- views of congress and not just the republicans, there are democrats that see the threat of the brotherhood as well. lou: we're going to hear the testimony of james comey this week. comey, there will be no executive privilege, the white house says it's not going to invoke executive privilege. i don't understand one aspect-- well, several aspects of this, but certainly one large aspect of this, that is why the republican party has not gone after mueller to be removed as special counsel because of his long personal and professional relationship with james comey. it makes no sense on the face of it and yet, there's not a peep out of it on capitol hill. >> there may need to be that, lou, but also the case, comey
10:49 pm
may not actually be a witness because he had interactions with the president. he never raised any issues after those interactions. he testified in front of a congressional committee a month ago and said there was never any attempt to obstruct or interfere with an investigation. and so, i think a lot of the media and the democrats think there's some potential big obstruction play here, but i think that comey's own actions and testimony almost negate that. it may be the case that mueller knows that and is not even going to pursue it. and so we'll wait and see that. lou: but, congressman, the republicans don't know that and they don't know what will be the response of comey to what is a clear contradiction in his testimony with what he's now doing. what i'm saying, on the basis of that relationship, mueller, i cannot comprehend why mueller will be accepted as a special counsel given his relationship with james comey.
10:50 pm
>> there is something that i think the deputy attorney general, when he was making that appointment, had to consider that and the only-- and i agree with you, if comey is a fact witness, it's an issue. the only way it makes sense is if people look at it and say there was no obstruction obviously because comey had a duty to report it and he testified contrary to there being obstruction so we're just going to focus on the supposed links. we haven't had any evident of collusion yet. so that may be the case so i think it's going to be very difficult for comey and i know the media is building this up. i think it's going to be very difficult for him to give some kind of grand slam explosive testimony because that would end up raising a whole host of questions about his own conduct in this. lou: well, his conduct seems to me to be the appropriate focus of this hearing. what in the world happened to all of the scandals he investigated and why did he come to no resolution on any of them?
10:51 pm
i mean shall the man has been a monumental failure in each one of those investigations, with his own agents on the record, saying that they had recommended prosecution, that he declined. i mean, he does not have a distinguished record as the head of the fbi, do you agree? >> well, there was no prosecutions at all in the irs targeting case, no real investigation. there was, obviously, the way hillary's case was handled, and even a grand jury, weren't issuing subpoenas which you would normally do in a case, that obviously wasn't handled well. and the fbi under his tutelage was leaking like a seive. there was not an effort to protect classified information and to stop leaks. as we've seen those leaks have been damaging to national securi security. lou: congressman ron desantis, always great to talk to you. thank you for being with us tonight. >> thank you.
10:52 pm
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responsible on the part of the supreme court? 94% of you said yes, it is. it's amazing that this thing would not be immediately made a priority by the court. joining me now to discuss the president's travel ban extreme vetting order whatever you want to call it and the left-wing media's efforts to undermine his presidency, michelle malkin post of michelle malkin investigates unserer it's great to have you with us. listen to these words from eric garcetti the mayor of los angeles saying if something goes wrong i hear a tinderbox out there, talking about apprehending illegal, criminal illegal immigrants and that they will say no and try to defend and keep that person from being taken. that's dangerous for those officers. is he not aware of how much he
10:57 pm
is inciting with that tone and even raising that ridiculous anti-law and order possibility? >> it's very calculating lou and eric garcetti has to know that this is incendiary and inflammatory and the very thing that he is accusing trump and our i.c.e. agents and border patrol agents and police officers for that matter on the line enforcing the law to protect and preserve in los angeles. he himself eric garcetti is the one who is guilty. this is sides -- psychological and political projection of the worst kind in i will tell you i started on my career in los angeles. i was there in the ashes of the aftermath of the so-called urban unrest. talk about the euphemism the whitewashing that eric garcetti is guilty of and to invoke that episode in which the of all
10:58 pm
colors and backgrounds are exploiting what happens with the police case there to somehow undermine the legality and the authority of i.c.e. agents to do their jobs it's despicable. i think it borders on treason. lou: i cannot believe that a mayor of a major city in this country or for that matter in any community in this country would speak that way. the president obviously frustrated right now with the supreme court. he wants an expedited hearing for the executive order. he is right and the court is acting in some way so passively and indifferently to what is a critical issue and it couldn't have been more dramatically demonstrated in this weekend in london. >> yes, that's right. it definitely has underscored that president trump singular focus on protecting our country
10:59 pm
from radical islamic terrorism is exactly why he was elected and he has not given up on that mission. there have been a lot of talking heads and on mum -- one of my rare visits down from the mountaintop in colorado and i've done a lot of fact-finding about the whys and i wish he would stop putting. you know what i'm glad that i know that there is a man in the white house who is up late at night sim is so many of us have been that we were magnetized and energized since 2001. and we have a man in office who is up late at night asserting his plenary power to exclude the rest of our country. thank god. lou: amen, amen sister. we appreciate you being with us michelle and the people who are really upset about his tweeting most of them are in the national left-wing media
11:00 pm
michelle is great to have you with us us. that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. congressman mark meadows the head of the freedom caucus, judge andrew napolitano among our guest here tomorrow. please join us. right here on fox business. lou: good evening. londoners tonight still trying to get over the shock of saturday's series of horrific terrorist attacks, radical islamist terrorists from pakistan, killing 7 people, injuries dozens more in vehicle and knife attacks before police shot them dead. president trump responded by assuring prime minister may and the british people that the united states would come to their aid with whatever help they require. president trump also pushing for extreme vetting calling on supreme court to act quickly in support of his order


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