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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  June 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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[ laughter ] >> charlie, thanks for being with us, rachel, thank you, and thanks for being with us. join us tomorrow, senator luther strange, congressman jim jordan, ed rollins a a a a >> breaking news this morning. teams combing heads to capitol hill. a bombshell report that jeff sessions to resign over tensions that president trump. we will have the latest out of washington. good morning. i am lauren simonetti. >> the president will work to get it plan back on track as he's been holding meetings with gop leaders on health care and tax cuts. can the president changed the mainstream media narrative? lauren: a pair of attacks in tehran iran and the iranian
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parliament. we will have the latest on this developing story. cheryl: looking at stock futures overnight. we did see start features falling and then continuing overnight. of course all investors continuing to monitor all the washington offense we are getting this week of course. lauren: to write having company over fires 20 workers after an arrest and investigation. is this unprecedented move enough to change the culture at uber? cheryl: more coming up on that. and in sports, two months ago this guy didn't even have a job. the cincinnati red genesis of baseball legend. it's an incredible story. we'll tell you all about this morning. lauren: 5:01 a.m. june 7th. cheryl: former fbi director
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james comey to testify tomorrow. a source close to him says comey full text short of saying president tram stop short. lauren: republican senator lindsey graham on special report last night saying the president himself created conditions for a special counsel. >> i see no evidence of collusion between president trump and the russians. the reason we have a special counsel is he suggested that the reason he fired comey was the russian investigation. your words matter now. lauren: let us help you also. james comey testimony live at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. today, let's call it a warm-up. today dan coats scheduled to testify at the hearing. officials say he told associates in march the president asked him if he could intervene with jim
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comey to get the fbi to back off its focus on michael fnn. trained to expect some questns of course. all of this is happening as the backdrop of new reports that attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign from his post in recent weeks because of increased tension stemming from the decision to recuse himself from overseeing the fbi's russian investigation. lauren: james comey asked the attorney general to help him to keep him being alone with the president because of concerns that the fight had not immediately clear when comey made the request. cheryl: breaking news we want to bring to you moments ago. reports that gunmen have attacked iran's parliament and the shine of ayatollah khomeini. only seven people dead, 12 others wounded. four people also reportedly have been taken hostage at this
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point. tv says one of the attackers was killed by police. i'm not there exploded himself and not one woman has been arrested. more on this story as it develops. features take a little bit of a tip on the news as it was breaking overnight. lauren: the latest terror attack could have an impact on tomorrow's election in united kingdom. paul showed the lead by prime minister theresa may's conservative party and the labor party narrowing. let's go to ashley webster with the very latest on this. nice to see you, ashley. reporter: good morning, lauren. this is the last day of campaigning before the u.k. goes to the polls tomorrow. theresa may visited five different areas. jeremy corbyn visits in six different locations today. as you mentioned, the poll showed the race could be closer
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than first thought. some have been ahead by 12%, others by one point. they will be a lot closer than people thought in the prime issue has been the threat of islamic terrorism with the attack on london bridge last saturday evening to refresh in in the minds of voters. to reset my last night at an event said more has to be done. she admitted to track down suspected terror suspects even though it could mean changing the laws on human rights in the u.k. take a listen. >> longer prison sentences. i mean, making it easier for authorities to deport foreign terror suspects back to their own country. if our human rights stop us from doing it, will change the laws so they can do it. >> parent than those that say that should end the case a while ago. three attacks in the past three
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months in london, 34 killed, 200 injured. the time for action say most people as now. a day or so. i should mention a 38-year-old man was arrested today in connection with the manchester bombing. to round up of suspects continues in the u.k. as they say, one day to go before the u.k. goes to the polls. that year. >> ashley webster comic thank you for your report appeared continuing coverage of the british election all day tomorrow with a ecial edition of lou dobbs tonht at 7:00 p.m. and caboodle coast to coast at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. cheryl: the midst of several recent scandals, looper has confirmed it fired 20 employees in the midst of a sexual harassment investigation. joining us now with a lot more, good morning. >> good morning, cheryl morgan
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peered 20 miniatures and lower the gross or fired as a result of an ongoing investigation. a look at 215 complaints. 57 still and review. while 31 employees are accounting or training right now. hoover has been under pressure after a software engineer wrote a blog post at using miniature of ignoring complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment. another incident of laundry list of bad pr for uber. last week the company post a $708 million loss in the most recent order in may. cooper announced at those new york city drivers tens of millions of dollars in refunds due to an accounting error. back in february, the viral video yelling that a driver now in an effort to repair its image, uber hired chief brand
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officer who went apple music at itunes. i reached out yesterday for comment and they said will have no further statement at this moment. cheryl: thank you. another scandal they would like to see i'm sure go away. lauren: they are trying to become a public company. nicholas fortuna, corporate litigator and founder of the law firm allen and fortuna. how are you doing? >> good, how are you? how unusual it is a firm to fire people in the investigation that deals with foley and harassment and discrimination? >> it's incredibly unusual. it shows the culture is just not being managed properly. they don't have the proper policies in place for prevention of these things. they fired immediately for
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sexual harassment. reportedly the company has a free-for-all environment. h.r. department has no power to control managers. very inexperienced, not enough training there. if the situation that will probably fester for a while. they reportedly hired eric holder to defend him as a company. they have an extensive report done. i'll have to restructure quite a bit. cheryl: this seems to me to be a cultural issue. we have the video of tracey keller nick yelling at one of his drivers but it seems to be an overall culture problem. does that in any way, shape or form potentially hurt the company as they go public amid several scandals they've been dealing with it recently? >> the managers and investors know they can't sustain
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long-term if they ve a free-for-all. they will manage long-term growth. i think it would be a problem. >> this is something tracey mentioned a spell expected to release the report about how to fix up his company problems. what do you expect that to say? lauren: holders report, what do you expect it to say when it's released? >> yeah, i think eric holder is a great choice. he will improve. thank you. >> this is a company we should also add here as they do put a public $86 billion of valuation that that is the problem for investors. that could potentially -- lauren: are in your roadshow. how do you answer these questions. ready for market chat?
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let's look for a global market action overnight. not a lot going on. they are watching what's happening. the nikkei up a fraction. hang seng lower than the cost be done just a fraction. >> today before europeans go to the polls. the cac in paris at 19. dax and germany down 4.5. train to today's been missing some pressure. the dow down by nine points in the premarket. s&p nasdaq higher by two points for now. lauren: oil rose for the first time in three days down this morning 47.90. goal down to box 12.95 the tryouts. gold has been up and investors have been buying gold. cheryl: we've got a lot coming out.
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you want to stay with us because president trump is heading to cincinnati today pushing the trillion dollars infrastructure plan. gop leaders say the trump agenda is back on track. >> we passed the health care bill. the senate is working on now. we talked about the steps being taken to get through the senate said the bill can pass and gets to president trump's desk. cheryl: will take a look at what that means for your money. in sports, this is amazing, last night a new baseball legend was born. one player's incredible home run streak. you are watching fbi and a.m. -- "fbn:am."
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cheryl: at its 5:15 a.m. in new york. reports say that attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign because of his tense relationship with president trump. trump turned down the offer and has an increase in patients refused himself from the russian investigation. shareholders given a vote of confidence to general motors chief executive mary bar at the company's annual meeting. 90% rejected a proposal agreed mike d. but i'm going to split the stock into two different classes. gm opposed the proposal and stock has declined more than
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10%, the shares at 16% in just the past year. and sears is trying to return to profitability by closing as many as 72 stores. it will include kmart and sears stores, most of them closing by september. the latest bring the number to 180 sears has had to shut down this year. a look at u.s. stock market futures right now. dow putting lower by eight team, premarket nasdaq and that is what is happening right now. lauren: still no major selloffs. president trump heads to ohio for the trillion dollars infrastructure spending plan. the trump agenda is back on track. joining us now to talk about it, politics and market reaction from a gop strategist fort o'connell and vice president of global accents. good to see both of you. let me start with you.
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the president's push for infrastructure, you think i would get bipartis support i also want to know, you start with privatization of air traffic control. why not fixing the bridges and tunnels on potholes. >> you think you would get bipartisan support. but the president is proposing is a trillion dollars in spending and infrastructure with 200 million coming from the government side and 800 billion from the private sector. here's the problem. democrats don't like the fact the private sector will weigh in here. they think we should have more government spending. i do like the fact they are being optimistic. the legislative days are ticking away. congress is behind the eight ball and they won't help republicans whether it's on infrastructure, tax reform or obamacare. train to a trillion dollars infrastructure's pending plan akin to vajpayee should garner bipartisan support. at the same time the plan we've
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seen so far says these are public private partnerships and states need to bear the brunt for these projects. several states are definitely not a good fiscal shape to handle that. they could be reaching out to investors. >> that's absolutely possible. you saw 70% of los angeles citizens vote for a plan to spend more money in los angeles. if you do push to the states that need infrastructure, citizens will get behind it. cheryl: you got to get investors behind to buy bonds to support that. they don't have the funding. >> brain. this is a challenge for the u.s. in terms of an infrastructure plan. europe, japan, developed markets, infrastructure is privatized. highways, airports, seaports sold off in public markets. it's not the case in the u.s. except for utilities, telecoms.
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>> jerry, to your point, that the democrats are pushing back on if the mechanism for finding. this is going to be a tax giveaway to millionaires and billionaires seeking on the most attractive projects in what we call underserved areas will not actually see private sector money. the markets can help better because they saw already would have been so they push government funding out there with the bum a shovel ready jobs. we need to try to attack. lauren: we believe that they are. ford and check, thank you. cheryl: we've got a lot coming out. two months ago this guy didn't have a job. not a cincinnati red is a baseball legend. we will tell you why and show you. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. and breaking news and sports.
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will you?
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cheryl: welcome back. a good story for sport this morning. scooter janet of the cincinnati reds had one of the best performances in the history of baseball last night gave first indian to drive in his first rbi of the game. that is just the start. third inning tonight crashes one for the grand slam, giving him five rbis in the game. first inning hits a two run home run. a new career high for him. red flag tagged training zero. then let's go to the sixth. the solo homerun gets the curtain call.
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fans on their phones hoping to capture history. there they are. a two run home run. four home runs and 10 rbis. that's only the 17th time a player has hit four homers and again. more rare than a perfect game. as good as the yankees. they've won five straight against the red sox. tanaka has struggled mightily. next-paragraph ramirez drives him out of the park of the solo homerun. his aide of the season. back-to-back home runs. red sox go on to win 5-4. and then to the college softball world series. oklahoma against florida, bottom of the second, ripped a double into the gap.
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seventh inning, larry closes it out. oklahoma wins the women's college world series for t second straight year. those are spores. lauren: there you go. before you head out the door, let's do some weather and say good morning to meteorologist janice dean. it is freezing here yesterday. i'm over it. >> that's what i provided this new york city master. another look at this. 69 today. look at what happens on the weekend as we get into saturday in a day. i hope i'm not going to hear you complaining. lauren: i may be complaining that it's too hot. cheryl: i think i'm the complainer of the three of us. >> we just have to get through the next 48 hours. 53 in new york. it is cool, but changes are coming. potential for showers and thunderstorms across the southeastern florida today.
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ultimately a good new situation because they've been any significant drought so they'll take the rain across the sunshine state. if they get into the weekend, changes are coming and that will be good news for the east coast that is dealt with the inclement weather over the last several weeks. if you like it hot, head out to phoenix. one of seven today, when i said thursday, one of six friday. no complaining, my friend. back to you. train to a pleasure to see you as always. especially when it's good news. coming up, president donald trump is offering some advice to fire fbi director james comey ahead of hisestimony. and tesla ceo elon musk meeting with shareholders for the electric car company's new suv. you are watching transcended, your first look at morning
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♪ check yourself out. ♪ and find someone else to help. ♪ ♪ a message from the american academy of dermatology. cheryl: we continue to follow the breaking news out of tehran. isis has just taken responsibility for a pair attack that have been in tehran. attackers firing on the iranian parliament and the khomeini shrine. of course the shrine to their late leader. ice is not taking responsibility for that. good morning, everyone. i'm cheryl casone. trivialities affect the markets. i am lauren lauren simonetti. just a day before fbi director james comey had to capitol hill. a bombshell report that jeff sessions actually offered to resign over tensions at the
5:31 am
president. we will have the latest for you. cheryl: we continue to follow what is happening overseas. the president is working today to get the agenda back on track but they push on infrastructure spending he's doing in cincinnati. he is also on the heels of meetings with gop leaders talking about health care and tax cuts that all the latest plans and where we are with all of that good lauren: and with the timeline because that's what investors want to know. markets fall yesterday for the second day in a row. the downtown 12. however the nasdaq up three-point this morning. cheryl: of course following some date news on right-hand giant goober. they have fired 20 workers after a special harassment investigation. is this unprecedented move enough to change the culture? we will take a look at the story.
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lauren: two months ago he did not even have a job. but now scooter gennett is a baseball legend. cheryl: watcher that kid did last night. wednesday, june 7. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. lauren: isis claimed responsibility for a pair of attacks on iran servingund paiament and the shrine of ayatollah khomeini, killing at least seven people. 12 were injured. four people reportedly taken hostage. one of the attackers at the shrine is dead and a woman has also been arrested. more details on the developing story as we get them. cheryl: back your job is former fbi or james called me set to testify tomorrow. an associate reported an associate reported they say the former fbi chief is expected to
5:33 am
stop short of saying that the president interfered with the probe into former national security adviser michael flynn. cheryl: lindsey graham on special report last night said the president himself is creating conditions that you need a special counsel. >> i see no evidence of collusion between president trumpeted the russians. the reason we have a special counsel is he suggested there an interview with nbc that the reason he fired comey was the russian investigation. i would say this, mr. president, your words matter now. cheryl: tomorrow 10:00 a.m. eastern time will have it live. in the meantime, director of national intelligence didn't cause to testify at congressional hearing. he told associates in march that the president has said that he could intervene to get the fbi to back off their focus on michael flynn.
5:34 am
cheryl: this is all coming that amid reports jeff sessions offered to resign among his post because of increased tension with the president stemming from thdecision to recuse himself from overseeing the fbi's ruian investigation. cheryl: james comey asking him to keep them from being alone with president trump because of concerns about the president. it's not immediately clear when he made the request. cheryl: a lot of things for congress to dig into tomorrow. president trumpeted with congressional gop leaders. senate republicans working right now to pass health care legislation's and house majority whip steve scully said in a story last night after the evening. here's what he said. >> the ballots in the senate court, working hard to get there not only with later but, what, the job court in. they work hard to build the same consent this.
5:35 am
they ran into the same issues we ran into in the house. we all know about a curious feeling and i don't think anybody wants to sit on the sidelines and watch it collapse. trade to the president a gop leaders discussed a plan on tax reform and the big infrastructure plan. lauren: bright shores -- bright shores -- numbers got a first look at new plans on how to move forward with repeal forward with repealing of replacing obamacare. one of the ideas everybody wants to know what are the ideas being presented. one is to allow states to apply for waivers for essential health benefit coverage. cheryl: we continue to follow washington. the latest terror attack in london could have an impact on tomorrow's parliamentary election in the whole kingdom. theresa may's conservative party of the main opposition labor party is there a way in. this got ashley webster abundant with all the latest details
5:36 am
could good morning to you, ashley. reporter: four weeks ago this was going to be an absolute breeze for prime minister theresa may. people were talking about the conservative party had a supermajority in parliament, enabling to negotiate smoothly. things have changed as you say the gap in the polls has narrowed according to one poll down to one point. the day before tomorrow's election or for love, that behold this for you, lots of words like blunders and mistakes made said the lakers saturday night. just for example, the third one named yesterday, youssef zaghba. according to papers he was trying to travel to syria to fight for isis last year. italian authorities stopped in, looked at us for, found material and contacted u.k. authorities.
5:37 am
why was youssef zaghba allowed to walk back to the united kingdom and walk through without any problems at all. the british authority fighting back safely take with the italians say with a pinch of salt. they are covering their own acts and there lies the problem. cooperation between agencies, lots of finger-pointing. the problem with stopping terror taxes at issue in the u.k. and europe for what it has to be addressed to the united states as well. prime minister may say they may have to change the law on human rights to better track terror suspects. th go to the polls tomorrow, but the issue of terror very much at the forefront. that to you. true to that of the economic divide happening in. thank you. match. want to let you know that fox business will have continuing coverage all day tomorrow with a special edition of lou dobbs tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern
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time and caboodle coast-to-coast 9:00 p.m. eastern time. lauren: goober confirming they fired in the midst of investigation. they say could one need to tracee carrasco. >> good morning. bullying and racial discrimination to some of the reasons they were fired in the midst of an odd but investigation. the law firm conducting a review looking at 250 complaints. 100 were tossed out. another 57 under review while 31 employees are in counseling or training. uber has been under pressure to address its corporate culture after a software engineer accused managers of discrimination and sexual harassment. another incident to the laundry list of bad pr for goober. the company hosted a $700 billion cost in the most recent quarter.
5:39 am
in may, bluebird manson owes its new york city drivers tend to millions of dollars in refunds due to an accounting area. in february, the video surfaced of travis county bank guillen had a driver to repair its image, high-grade chief brand officer. apple music in itunes. they told me right now they have no further comments. cheryl: it is intesting where curious what is next for the company. reporter: they cap attorney general eric holder to do an investigation. they will present his findings to the board next week. what changes the company can make to their culture there. still waiting. >> thank you for that report. >> let's get too caught up on global market action.
5:40 am
in asia, a bit of a reaction last night in the u.s. come as somewhat of flash i would. hang seng, shanghai mixed as well. korea's past the dog barely a quarter of a percent. lauren: the ecb policy meeting, will there be a less dovish tone? we will see. the cac in paris was up 19, dax down 13 points. cheryl: tourney the u.s. stock market futures. here we go.s lower by 14, nasdaq up by two. lauren: gold price is so close. at 12.95 people to stop by $2 today. it has been the highest level of the entire year. both have 48.6 to about a quarter of 1%. sears reportedly causing more stores as they struggle to survive. reports say it is going to close 66 more stores.
5:41 am
closings will close 49 kbytes, 17 sears stores, most of them close by the month of september. the latest closing rate to 180 the number of store shut down this year. seriously now have 1200 stores down from a little more than 2005 years ago. shares of sears down more than 49% over the past year. lauren: it's been painful for brick and mortars. 8600 store closures expected this year alone. sears just some of them. tesla ceo elon musk sharing a few details of the all electric crossover suv at the annual shareholder meeting says the model y, hard to keep these things straight will start to production in 2020. model y will be built on a different platform for model three. the card not expected to ship before the end of next year. there's hundreds of thousands of
5:42 am
pre-orders for the affordable. plus a host of new car will deliver a million cars by the year 2020. let's show you shares of tesla soaring up over 65% this year. trained to cover it up, one where did it go before james covered heads to capitol hill. i'll stop short of saying president trump obstructed justice. here is what the president had to say. >> i wish you well. thank you, everybody. a look at what to watch tomorrow. you are watching trends haveeq been.uity tra we will be right back. artest in, isn't just what you invest in, but who you invest with. ♪
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cheryl: allies this week on fbi director james comey as a gift that to testify on capitol hill. what can he expect? ford o'connell, founder of the law firm allen for tonight and jay jacobs, drifter research and vice president of global accents. good morning. how are you? cheryl: good. a lot of speculation about what comey is going to say. at the end of the day do you think this is worth under that might need? >> will, and when talking about
5:46 am
different angles but only one central question. the michael flynn investigation. you have to start to wonder what the whole point of the entire pressure probe is and not only that, there's no statute of a political campaign. doug and pony show is a political weapon to stop the trump agenda and republicans in congress are doing america's business. >> especially for the mainstream media. for the high school sub allocated. you are a former attorney. what would you ask? >> i would look at the facts. they go through the details of all the meetings. the but give meaning to the term surrogate and comey. meetings between subordinate to develop everything that's occurred for the time trump took office is until comey got fired. i wouldn't waste time trying to get comey to make legal conclusions. that's not the job during his
5:47 am
testimony. we have to discover for congress has to discover the information he knows, what amounts were red, what's inside the document. it's all information the public and congress does not have at this point. a great opportunity to find out what is there and whether or not there's obstruction of justice will be made separately after they gathered all the facts. is treated to an curious how closely investors will be following headline. we see this incredible rally since the president was elected and an underrated. investors haven't linked yet. anything happening tomorrow makes them link if it looks like the agendas and travel. >> markets hate uncertainty. taxi firm, infrastructure plan. if there's a consensus that the investigation is going to intensify, they locate u.s. equities and say maybe this
5:48 am
isn't the best opportunity anymore and start to look at international stocks, gold and silver trying to have gender equity risk. lauren: they're arising tensions no doubt of the donald trump ranks at the white house. is reports that jeff sessions as attorney general offered to resign. now we will have testimony today but didn't coast, direct or of national intelligence. what to make of all these rants? >> let me say this about jeff sessions. he should not have recused himself. frankly, just sessions is a great attorney general and by recusing himself we have a special counsel. that's why we have the strength of the trump agenda appeared the problem is he needs to kp jeff
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