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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 8, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. keep you informed, now here is lou dobbs, keep it right here. lou: the contrast today could not have been better for president trump nor worse for hapless dems, president trump on the road talking to the folks in ohio about tax reform. about health care. about rebuilding this country's infrastructure. doing the nation's business as the dems and the left wing national media -- the as washington post -- try to turn an intelligence hearing in senate to a political show trial with president trump as their targets. almost immediately however, the dems efforts were derailed
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as intelligence chiefs supported president trump denied they fell pressure from him or his white house, and the ranking dems senator mark warner actually offered to give one of them more time to consider how badly he had damaged the dem narrative, and political hopes. >> a washington post report out today claimed that president trump asked director of national e national intelligence to convince then comey to back off his investigation into national security adviser general flynn, that report in post, unfortunately for dem's favorite activist newspaper was knocked down and rebutted in early minutes of the hearing by the very officials named in the post article, the dems were down cast as nation's top intelligence officials today agreed that they never felt pressured by the trump administration to
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intervene an investigation on possible russian collusion with the trump campaign. >> to the best of my recollection, i have never been directed to do anything i believe to be illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate. >> i never felt pressure to intervene, or interfere in anyway in shaping intelligence in a political way. lou: acting fbi director andrew mccabe stood by his testimony in may there has been no effort by the white house to impede the russia investigation. >> and you would characterize your quote, no effort to impede the russian investigation as still accurate. >> that's correct. lou: all of the witnesses said they had not cleared their testimony in advance with the white house, their testimony today was theirs and theirs
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alone. >> did anyone at the white house direct you on how to respond today or to -- pri privilege. >> have i asked the white house, is their intents to invoke executive privilege, the answer i gave you to reflects my answer, n no one else's. lou: no evidence of collusion. and james clapper testifying that there was no evidence of collusion but now, clapper is claiming that russia scandal is worse than wate watergate. >> i lived through watergate, i have to say though that i think compare the two that
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watergate pales really in my view compared to what we're confronting now. lou: there is no explanation for james clapper, none left. the left itself have lost their minds as we await tomorrow's highly anticipated testimony from fired fbi director james comey. but there is a surprise in testimony today released by combel that -- comey that will have many of leftist and dems supporting statements that president trump was not and is not under investigation by the fbi. president's attorney, released this statement saying, the president is pleased that mr. comey has finally publicly confirmed his private report
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that president trump was not under investigation in any russian probe. president feels total ven tote vindicated, he is eager to continue moving forward with his agenda. presidents' day could not have gone much better, the dems much worse. well, the house freedom caulks, eager to get on work on president's agenda, group of some 40 conservative congressmen calling on the body to work through the august recess because they are running out of time to pass healthcare attacks reform. the president's agenda. the house has now only 29 workdays remaining before the summer break. after this, 48 legislative calendar days before the end of the year, no other republican lawmakers in the house or the senate have come forward to back the freedom caucus proposal too work through the recess.
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my first guest is a member of freedom caucus, a cofounder of that caucus, he said he is hopeful that senate will get health care done by august, joining me congressman jim jordan. great to have you with us. i want to get your reaction to what was a stunning day for the president in the senate intelligence committee hearing. >> yes, no one felt pressure to do anything that was wrong, no one felt pressure to doing anything that was illegal, i think it was a good day, you couple that with mr. comey's prepared remarked he will deliver tomorrow in front of senate intelligence committee, mr. comey confirmed as you said, mr. comey confirmed that what president said along, he was not under investigation, there was no obstruct, no collusion. i think interesting some other thin we found out there that mr. comey only made memos, memorialized conversations
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with mr. trump, n no one -- no one else. today is a good day for president. he has been vindicated. >> corroborated by the fired fbi director himself as you say. i think that this is likely the resolution of the nonsense put forward by the partisan actions of the democratic party led by senator chuck schumer, they look vapid, petty and utterly incapable of assembling a cogent thought. and understanding and truth that under lies all of this political theater. >> i thought there were other interesting thins in his statement, he makes a big deal of when the president asked
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everyone to leave the room, and him and president were in there they were talking. but first interact between mr. comey and the president when he was just then president-elect, mr. comey initiated first one-on-one interact with the president when he briefed him with the information that russian dossier. this was initiated by then director comey himself. the take away is like you described it. he is not under investigation, never was. no collusion between trump campaign and the russian, no obstruction of justice, no one was pressured to do anything that was wrong, it was a pretty good day for the white house, and vindication for the president. lou: a number of wags suggested that senate intelligence committee led b by senator burr and warner, the ranking adults in the room, it would
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be their committee that would come to terms with the evidence and create a manifest definition of what transpired. are they sufficiently adults? superior to the mere house intelligence committee to say enough is enough, declare that matter settled move forward and get to the hard work of tax reform. infrastructure rebuilding, prepeal of health care, and replacement? >> yeah, we'll see with how the hearings progress. american people elected us to accomplish certain things, let's do what we told them we were going to do. make sure we get obamacare repealed and replaced, and pass a budget, and do the aprepiation process, and tax reform, and debt ceiling, they need to happen, we need yesterday at freedom caucus, if we need to work in august to accomplish when we were
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sent here to do, so be it. that only makes good common sense, that is what we were elected to accomplish, that has been our position, i think you will see other members in the congress joining you in saying that -- join us in saying that is the right thing to do. lou: i am surprised certainly that speaker ryan is not come out in vocal passionate support of your proposal. when do you expect that to occur? >> well, we'll see if we get work done before then, great. but if we don't, let's stay here and get it done. they control the schedule, they can decide when and if we'll go home for any type of summer recess or work period. lou: i can almost see senator mcconnell and reaching for the phone, to call speaker ryan to to follow you're your lead.
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congressman great to you with us. >> we're coming right back, much more to conservative here. please sa stay with us. lou: dems losing big in senate up tell hearing, intel chiefs insist they never felt pressured by the white house on how to conducting their investigation. >> i stand by my previous statement, i have never been directed to do anything in the course of my 3 plus years. lou: we take up the hearing with ambassador james woul woolsey. >> we have story much more
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lou: president trump today announcing he will nominate christopher wray for fbi director, he led justice department criminal division during george w. bush administration. wray known for leading federal investigation of enron, and he represented new jersey governor chris christie in bridgegate scandal.
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my next guest said he sees no smoking gun in james comey's accountses of his past meetings with the president, joining us ambassador james woolsey, great to have you with us. your thoughts to the testimony to come from jim comey. as to how exciting it is, and how determining it is on the some of the charges, that have been lighting up washington, d.c. >> i read through it, late today, when it came out, i think if you put the day's hearings together with the testimony that is coming tomorrow, we really do have a rather substantial victory for the white house and the president on this. i think it's pretty clear that all of the talk of obstruction
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of justice of garbled almost entirely, fbi does two kinds of investigation, they do counter intelligence, and they investigations of crime, nobody could find a crime here very much. they kept talking about be on strukdobstruct of justice, there is no b obstruction of just i was counter intelligence, like saying if you drop a flyball, then you are right but you are playing football, the infield fly rule does not apply in football. lou: interesting, i think that level of discourse in those private meetings as recounted by jim comey and his testimony tomorrow, shows it was elevated, it was to the point, it was prefoegal discussion -- professional discussion of national security issues, values, objectives and goals, what more could you ask between those two men?
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>> i think that also to extent military specially performed well in the hearings, mike rogers, admiral who heads nsa who is particularly forceful and clear, shows the advantage of having experienced pros in your second level of witnesses and so forth, they did a good job. lou: if i may say, in my opinion, the admiral slapped down as gently, quietly and professionally, a number of senators that could have been to keep it proper and straight forward. i thought all of the intel chiefs made every one, every single one of the democratic senators who got up on their
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high horses and went as low as they could, looked like what they were. de-- deminimus and petty. >> mike was a steel first in vidinside a velvet glove. lou: i thought all of the people represents whether it be the fbi or nsa, or whatever the agency, they did it just a terrific job. i thought that the line of attack from the left in that hearing. i don't know about you, but i was surprised by the shallowness, partisan fo fervor expressed and rudeness that resulted. >> this is one that i think
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that the president and the white house in general the dang administration and professional appointees like mike rodgers did very well by the country in the government to put some things straight that had been garbled before. >> and the washington post continues to be an activist organ of the democrat coulic party, today was slapped down in real-time by the very officials, the leaders of those agencies themselves about whom they had written. and the post must be wondering how it could run more afoul of both truth and respected leaders of official agencies. >> there has been a lot of entertainment value, i suppose in some of the doing and growing -- -- to-ing and 'fro-ing, but, you know.
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the way like at it, it is u madison put together a can'tstution for u constitution this emphasises conflict, conflict is always ther between the 3 branches, but we work out our frustrations and anger and so forth in fighting between the three branches, as a result we had on onerepublic -- one republic, and elections. we have done pretty well by the way of madison and his colleagues structured our government, this is one manifestation of it. lou: credit more than design than perhaps our capacity of current modern age. but nonetheless, going to president's way, going the people's way, and with any kind of self respect, i
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believe the dems will retire from this engagement, in effort along with deep state to subvert president trump and his administration. that is the hope, i realize, only a highwa hope. >> i do think one lesson is important. i think that professionals, did very well for the president and the administration. and he had a tendencier t for second level of appointment. and i think this shows why you you want people like mike rogers in the picture, and second level appointments, his first level was superbly with people like jim mathematicia mattis and others, they lack enough people to get t jobs done right because they do not
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have their appointmenting rolling in. >> it is early days, what this president has in midst of thunder and lightning, he managed to accomplishing in short order, if this foretells the rest of his 8 years as president it will be something. >> i hope it does, this is like the speech in riyadh, a high point of the administration's efforts. >> ambassador james woolsey thank you. >> good to be with you. lou: be sure to vote in our poll. the question do you believe that dems realize their lies have been futile and they are now diminished to the point of almost if not all of the way irrelevan irrelevant? breaking news now, north korea
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has launched ballistic missiles from its east coast today, that according to south korean military, joint chiefs of staffs stating that korea fired a number of unidentified projectiles all of them assumed to be surface to ship missiles. north korea has fired 9 other missiles, this year. some most styled as tests, this the comes as south korea has suspended its use of the american fundedded thaed defense missile system. >> on wall street stocks closed higher. volume on the big board 3.6 billion shares. crude oil tumbling more than 5%, after an increase in crude oil inventory.
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listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. we're going to have more on reasons for south korean decision to suspend the use of protective fad missile system that united states deployed. we'll talk about that and up next, deep states' effort to subpresident trump. releasing a report to "fast and furious" gunrunning scandal, accusing eric holder of deception. it turns out he did. we'll have a full report on that for you coming up, a lot more ahead. stay with us, we'll be right looking sharp len. who's the lucky lady? i'm going to the bank, to discuss a mortgage. ugh, see, you need a loan, you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank. this is how i dress to get a mortgage. i just go to lendingtree. i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side.
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lou: a few thoughts on the newest efforts of the dems, the left, the deep state to subvert the trump administration and try
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to damage president trump in any way they can with the help of the left wing national media. deep state spy master, the former director national intelligence james clapper was at it again talking his spook speak that enthralls only the deadheads on capitol hill. clapper previously admitted there is not a scintilla of evidence president trump or members of his campaign collude with russians. to tell the national press club about the difference between watergate and claims of collusion with the russians. >> i think if you compare the two that watergate pales in my view compared to what we are confronting now. in lou: wow. what did he say?
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what can he possibly mean? clapper has ad admitted for months there is no evidence of collusion. clapper said we did not include any evidence in our report that had had anything, that had any evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. two months later he said at the time i left i did not see any smoking gun certain tude evidence of collusion. and he said i saw no connection betweened the trump campaign and the russians. but his latest comments from now simply laughably contradictory
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and difficult of clapper's uneven grasp of his own record and the reality he prove yustlesly described. conveniently they come one day before comey's testimony before the senate intel tonightr committee, and because those remarks were aleelsd a day early -- were released a day early. comey said he was not and is not der investigation byhe f.b.i. clapper's time has long since gone, his usefulness and the deep state and the dems long past. tomorrow as you will hear in the comey committee hearing, no one can help the dems now, and truthfully no decent person should even try. our quotation of the even, this
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from george orwell. he said political language is designed to make lights south -o make lies truthful and murder respectable. president trump calls for bipartisan support as he pushes forward with his america first infrastructure plan. >> i'm calling on all democrats and republicans to join together, if that's possible, in the great rebuilding of america. lou: we take up the president's efforts to make america great again. this fearless bike rider scaling these streets in mexico.
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lou: more and the breaking news we reported to you moments ago. south korea's president suspending the deployment of that missile system to protect the people south korea. his desire in renew dialogue with north korea.
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he stopped the system's deployment citing the need for a complete environmental impact assessment. south korea has had a string of eccentric presidents, and this might be the most eccentric in that recent stream. also a deadly, serious risk for the south korean people. president trump pushing his healthcare in cincinnati while he blasted democrats for trying to block his agenda. the democrats are destroying healthcare in this country. we have had no help, we'll get no votes, no mat wear we do. if we gave you have the greatest plan in the history of the world you would have no democratic votes. it's going to be all republicans or bust. lou: the president even in no
4:39 am
hyperbole tore exaggeration. joining me to discuss the president's agenda, his nominee for f.b.i. director and james comey's upcoming testimony. republican strategist, fox news contributor, the dean, ed rollins. it's stark, but i believe absolutely truthful. he has several calls out the democrats said they would be helpful on. my point i think if i was the president, i would say, come to camp david, bring your proposals. let's see if we can couple with a plan. lou: as long as chuck schumer is the minority leader they won't do anything. >> he knows where his base is. the democratic base is getting more and more left led not by
4:40 am
mrs. clinton, led by the senior senator from massachusetts. and they don't want to do anything but basically throw rocks at relationship doughs. lou: the republicans,' only half willingly follow the president. ed: i think jim jordan and if the freedom caucus has a great idea. they have a short time frame because of the reconciliation and taxes. go off for your 4th of july. tell him the bill is on their side so they have to do something about it. lou: no problem dealing with the establishment senators. but it's something they won't
4:41 am
have to worry about their majority very long. ed: i think this whole thing is up for play today. i don't think the democrats -- i'm not as optimistic they will go away. the issue with the president on russia will go away. lou: the reason i say that is because they have shot their best bullet. they built his phoney campaign of russian collusion that they carried out for the better part of 7 months. they have built all of these charges against the president as having interfered in taken f.b.i. investigation. we know it's fewer nonsense and it's been corroborated by the form and fired director himself mes i'm, or about to be -- james comey, or about to be. ed: i think mueller will
4:42 am
continue his investigation. but i don't think the bottom line -- to say the president obstructed justice was absurd. even comey's come about, the president asked me about my loyalty. i have been around politics for 50 years. everybody who works for a president or congressman or senator and every one of those guys expect loyalty out of their team. what comey didn't ask, what do you mean by loyalty? lou: i love the ex for example, honest loyalty to. it's what transpired between the two men. ed: we all basically work for companies or work for whatever. you respond to your boss. but in a political system. 538 people.
4:43 am
everybody who works for them lives off their reflective power. lou: that reflective power is diminishing quickly for the dems. that's why it's in full ebb now. i'm going to have to eat crow. you would make me, wouldn't you. ed: i will. lou: you will keep tabs. plea rl the video. awild ride for this bmx rider. racing down streets. it earned him 0 spot on the
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podium in the urban down hill race. up next a damning report on one of the obama administration's biggest scandals. operation fast and furious. a fourth report on what should have been a highly prosecuted case. we'll take up why not and who obstructed justice in the justice department. vindication for president trump. vindication for president trump. stay with us.
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wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. lou: a scathing new government report condemns the obama administration's obstruction in the fast and furious gun-running scandal. the report based on documents obtained after nearly 6 years of litigation. it criticizes fiercely obama's assertion of executive privilege. william lajeunesse with our report. >> my only goal is to make sure he was laid to rest with honors. that honor has been insulted by coverups and deception by the very people he served. reporter: brian terry died in december 2010, killed by guns
4:49 am
tide to an obama administration plan to run guns to mexicans. >> those 64,000 pages were not privileged, and it puts the gold seal of authenticity on the house's bipartisan vote to hold the attorney general in contempt. reporter: emails show top officials knew the atf sent guns to mexico even before terry's death. a colleague replied it won't be any surprise a bunch of u.s. guns are being used in mexico. so i don't know how much grief we would get for guns walking. >> only one possible motivation remains for all of those involved who covered up fast and furious. that's to conceal their own shame and disgrace.
4:50 am
reporter: even the border patrol which centery's team into the desert didn't know about the operation. >> if the border patrol knew this information chances are terry would be alive today. >> i was lied about, dispairngd, publicly attacked, ridiculed. libeled. barred from government work places and band from government buildings. reporter: mont no one from the r justice department was disciplined. lou: president obama warns against income inequality. against income inequality. he does so while delivering a
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lou: in our online poll we asked, do you think there is any reason for the congressional approval rating to remain at its lofty 20% level. 23% of you said no. former president obama delivering his anti-populist redistributionist message to the
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chamber of commerce in montreal. there is something funny about the former president talking to the canadian chamber of commerce. the former path demand $400,000 for a speech. that's $7,700 a minute. the founder of american majority ned ryun and erin mcpike. let's start with the hearings today. the comey testimony comes out in advance by one dave what he will say tomorrow. we watch the intel chiefs today support the president, ned on his assertions that he didn't interfere in any way. did not try to obstruct justice or whatever the left was con injuring at any point.
4:56 am
>> today's hearing was suppose to be about the fisa 702 program. and the democrats asked questioned about russia and obstruction of justice. coats said conversations are privileged. coats was right. but the thing that's interesting to me about all of that. look at comey's statement that came up this afternoon. that statement to me was total and complete vindication of president trump. three times in that 70s money he said he is not the subject of as nation. now you have mark warner saying there is no smoke gun. what are we even talking about? lou: i got a kick out of mark
4:57 am
warner saying i understand what you are saying here, but would you like to reflect on it a minute because you are tearing up our narrative, our plan, and exculpating the president of the united states. your takeaway. >> i think you are hearing some democrats saying it does seem that donald trump obstructed justice or tried to. it seems there is disagreement on that. we'll get a few more answers tomorrow. lou: they can say whatever they want to. there was nothing in evidence today, there is no articulation by any one of those intell chiefs that could be anything other than exculpatory and absolutely vindicating the president of the united states. the democrats are just about done with their -- this
4:58 am
nonsense, this traveling circus of silly assertions. >> i think that's right that we are going in circles on a number of things. but when we get to tomorrow's hearing and comey has to take some questions, there are nuanced lines in the testimony he made public that are very interesting. not about the president himself, but to get to deeper questions. he said the president said in one of his meetings to comey he had other concerns he did not specify. he said i didn't have any contacts but some of my satellite aides might have had contacts like he knew there were other concerns and problems. lou: i think that's too vague even for sitting democratic senators. >> tomorrow you will hear republican senators asking comey, was there obstruction,
4:59 am
and guess what he's going to say, no, there was no obstruction. you know what this is about? it's about the left-wing media trying to nullify the 2016 elections. they have built up this vacuous charge, a russian terry tale that's nothing -- fairytale. i hope bob mueller will say i'm going to get down to business and keep the mandate very tight. there is no criminality here. lou: it seems to me the committee today ajude kateed away -- adjudicated away robert mueller's existence as special counsel. >> i won't say it's that simple. i don't think the left is trying to null fight election results. lou: you are acting like a girl scout, erin.
5:00 am
it's obvious what they are. >> i any there are a number of pieces that need further investigation. lou: we are going to investigate that further tomorrow and we'll be talking with you sososososo cheryl: breaking news this morning. hours away from fired fbi dirt james comey getting grilled. what questions need to be answered today and what you can expect. donald trump focusing on infrastructure with the white house. good morning, everybody. i'm cheryl casone. lauren: high commissioner of. good morning, everybody. i'm lauren simonetti. if it to report theresa may is no longer after the terror attacks that will have the latest reaction analysis. true to all of this by market


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