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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 8, 2017 7:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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that's a district trump barely won, i think we will win it again. populism in the u.s., again, is stay, markets are healthy. if there is convulsions over this tomorrow, not a big deal. charles: thank you for watching every night at 6:00 p.m. now here's lou dobbs, the man himself, will be on for the next two hours. . lou: good evening, everybody. today's senate intelligence committee hearing featuring the testimony of fired fbi director james comey produced a vivid contrast between the democratic and republican senators who make up the committee. sometimes embarrassingly so. the former fbi director who the left had hoped would persuasively testify against president trump was a far better witness against himself than against the president who fired him. remarkably, at one point, the former director described his language as cowardly and exposed himself as a leaker of
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information to the media. comey projected weakness of character and offered all but incomprehensible justification for many of his actions and bizarre decisions. in his highly anticipated testimony before the intel committee, comey confirmed he told president trump three times that the president was not personally under investigation, and comey admitted that he leaked information about the president in hopes that that would lead to a special prosecutor take over the criminal probe about russian collusion. and that at least, comey was successful. comey otherwise betrayed himself and the truth with false claims he leaked his memos of conversations with the president after a may 12 tweet by president trump suggested he may have taped the conversations. but the "new york times" was
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reporting on comey's interactions with the president the day before the comey tweet. today may well have been the former director's undoing. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> reporter: lou, james comey testified he needed the memos because he couldn't trust the president. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting and i thought it important to document. >> reporter: the senior democrat on the senate inlligence committeeanted more information on the first encounter with the incoming president. >> what was it about that meeting that led you to determine that you needed to start putting down a written record? >> the circumstances, the subject matter and the person i was interacting with, circumstances first, i was alone with the president of the united states, or the president-elect, soon-to-be president. >> reporter: the fired fbi director told the senate panel, the white house was not straight with him. >> the shifting explanations,
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confused me and increasingly concerned me. they confused me because the president they had had multiple conversations about my job both before and after he took office. >> reporter: publicly, the white house said james comey was fire over handling of the hillary clinton e-mail investigation, and a loss of confidence at the fbi. but the former director said otherwise about the president's motives. >> he was fired because of something about the way i was conducting the russia investigation was in some way putting pressure on him. >> reporter: comey documented conversations with the president, including a february meet where he allege the president told him to let go of the federal probe into form national security adviser mike flynn. >> at the time did you say anything to the president about that is not an appropriate request? >> i didn't, no. >> why? >> because circumstances were such i was a bit stunned and didn't have the presence of mind. >> reporter: after a media report the president asked comey for a, quote, pledge of loyalty, mr. rump tweeted
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about a taped conversation. >> i've seen the tweet about tapes, lordy i hope there are tapes. >> reporter: cey decided it was up to him to set the record straight. >> i asked a friend of minto share the content of a memo with the reporter, i didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons. i asked him to, because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. >> reporter: members of both parties questioned comey's actions. >> you didn't consider your memo or your sense of that conversation to be a government document? you consider it to be somehow your own personal document that you could share with the media as you wanted to? >> i understood this to be my recollection recorded of my conversation with the president as a private citizen, i felt free to share that. thought very important to get it out. >> a lot of this comes down to who should we believe? do you want to say anything as to why we should believe you? >> i've tried to be open and fair and transparent and accurate. >> reporter: on whether president trump's statement about flynn amounted to a crime, comey testified it was
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up to the special counsel. >> do you know of any case where a person has been charged for obstruction of justice or for that matter, any other criminal offense where they said or thought they hoped for an outcome. >> i took it as a direction. the president of the united states with me alone saying i hope this, i took it as this is what he wants me to do. i didn't obey that, but that's the way i took it. >> reporter: as the senate intelligence committee hearing unfolded so did other headlines. >> did the president at any time ask you to stop the fbi investigation into russian involvement in t 2016 u.s. elections? >> not to my understanding, no. >> reporter: and for comey's old boss, attorney general loretta lynch, comey testified she instructed him to use language that downplayed the fbi's probe of hillary clinton's e-mails and similar to the language used by clinton's campaign. >> at one point the attorney general directed me not to call
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it an investigation but instead call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me. >> reporter: on russia's interference in the u.s. election comey testified it was done with purpose, with sophistication and it came from the very top. lou? lou: catherine, thank you, catherine herridge. president trump himself has not reacted to the testimony of james comey, but the president's attorney marc kasowitz went on the offensive hours after comey had testified, touting the hearing as a win for president trump. fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts with our report. >> reporter: lou, good evening. the white house and republican party put the best spin possible on today's hearings insisting that comey's testimony proves the president did nothing wrong, and that it's, quote, time for this witch-hunt to end. the image donald trump wanted to present today was of that a president unconcerned by the machinations on capitol hill
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speaking today to the faith and freedom coalition. >> you didn't let me down and i will never, ever let you down, you know that. >> reporter: it was left to the president's outside attorney marc kasowitz to respond to james comey's testimony. >> mr. comey has now finally confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately. that is, that the president was not under investigation as part of any probe into russian interference. >> reporter: while kasowitz claimed vindication on that point, the president's team took issue with comey's assertion that the president was subtly ordering him to drop the investigation into michael flynn. >> the president never in form or substance directed or suggested that mr. comey top investigating anyone, including the president never suggested that mr. comey, quote, let flynn go. >> reporter: president trump's
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son don jr. backed up his father saying he doesn't do subtle. on twitter writing -- on comey's assertion that the president was asking him for a pledge of loyalty, kasowitz insisted it didn't happen. >> the president also never told mr. comey, quote, i need loyalty. i expect loyalty, closed quote. he never said it in form and never said it in substance. >> reporter: while the bulk of the response came from the president's personal attorney, the white house did weigh in on comey's assertion that the president lied about the director's firing. >> the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi, by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce lost confidence in its leader. those were lies, plain and simple. >> reporter: in an off-camera
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briefing, the principal deputy secretary rejected that charge. >> no, i can definitively say the president's not a liar and frankly insulting that that question would be asked. >> reporter: the president's team came down hard on comey's revelation that he leaked the details of the february 14 oval office meeting in order to prompt the appointment of a special counsel. kasowitz claimed the action amounted to retaliation against the president. >> we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all the others that are being investigated. >> reporter: the president's legal team also charges the james comey began to leak the contents of his memos before the president sent out the tweet that comey said caused him to leak the details of the oval office meeting. in fact, the "new york times" carried a report the day before the president sent out his tweet that had some details from the dinner that comey had with the president. details that comey memorialized
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in a memo. lou? lou: and perhaps transmitted as well. john roberts, thank you very much, reporting from the white house. the other major story today, british voters heading to the polls in an election that was supposed to be dominated by the country's pending departure from the european union. brexit. however, three deadly radical islamist terrorist attacks since march have turned this election into a referendum on radical islamic terror. as of right now, exit polls suggest enough said. fox business correspondent ashley webster live with us now in london. he has the latest, good evening, ashley? >> reporter: good evening to you, lou. yes, in fact, theresa may, british prime minister theresa may didn't mean to call this election in the first place. on april 18th, denounced a snap poll because she believes she could win more seats and get a supermajority in parliament which would help negotiate a smooth brexit, but it appears
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to have blown up in her face, as you say, lou, three terror attacks, two in the last ten days or two weeks have certainly put her on the back foot, and jeremy corbyn, the labour leader, main opposition party leader has gained ground. exit polls show the conservative party has lost 17 seats from a majority of 331 down to 314. the labour party gaining some 34 seats. what does this all mean? if the exit polls are right, we could have a hung parliament, which means things get messy, it gets hard, they have to form coalitions, it also means that the political future of theresa may very much in the balance. i caution, this lou, that the early actual results, not the polls but the actual results show the torys are doing better and picking up the votes for the ukip party, the united kingdom independence party.
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could be a long night but as it stands, if you believe the exit polls, theresa may not having a good night and indeed political future very much in question, back to you, lou. lou: ashley, going to the question they think is implicit in what you just reported, we know that the ukip is about 4% of the vote as it stands right now, if indeed these polls are correct. secondly, we know the polls have been, well, terribly wrong as recently as 2015. and we could be looking at something of an upset -- about the upset, that theresa may may come storming back when the actual votes are counted, may she not? >> reporter: absolutely, don't get carried away with the exit polls as you say, how accurate were polls for brexit, for donald trump and so on? and as i say, early indications show that those results and those constituencies of our reporting and we're very early stages are showing the
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conservative party are picking up more votes than suggested. so a long night for sure, and i can bet that you theresa may is huddled around the tv somewhere tonight hoping the polls are wrong. lou: wringing their hands in all likelihood. >> reporter: yes. lou: thank you so much, we'll be talking with you throughout the evening. thank you so much, ashley. >> reporter: thank you, lou. lou: coming right back. much more to cover. stay with us. fired fbi director james comey admits he orchestrated a leak to the media. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. lou: we take up comey's shocking confession and more with judicial watch eschris farrell. and we're awaiting results from the general election in the uk. it's seen as a referendum on the war against radical islamist terror. that story, much more, coming up next. we'll be right back.
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to the former fbi director, she pressured comey to downplay the clinton e-mail investigation and refer to it not as an investigation, but as a, quote, matter. >> the attorney general directed me not to call it an investigation, but instead to call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me, but that was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude i have to step away from the department if we're to close this case credibly. lou: step away from the department if we're to close this -- the man was remarkable. his performance today. our next guest says that comey is a leaker, that he betrayed his oath and he overtly attempted to manipulate the legal system. according to his own testimony. joining us tonight, chris farrell, the director of investigations and research at judicial watch. chris, thanks for being with us. let's start with the bombshell
7:19 pm
that loretta lynch ordered the director of the fbi to refer to an investigation as a quote, a matter. what in the world are these people playing at? >> clear the fbi director was taking instructions from hillary clinton's campaign, because clearly the attorney general was giving him talking points and he literally adopted them. this admission today is stunning. i would argue that mr. comey's notes are the property of the united states government and he has absconded with them. frankly if i were attorney general, about 20 minutes after his confession today in front of the senate intelligence committee, deputy u.s. marshals would have raided his home and office as well as that of mr. richman at columbia law school. lou: daniel richman, the professor there. >> those documents and records must be recovered. mr. comey had no business
7:20 pm
releasing them. it's an extraordinary omission on his part. it's lawless. yo leakers in the government, when the fbi director's playing these little games for political points, or because his tender ego is bruised? this is outrageous. he took an oath to the constitution and he's betrayed it, in no uncertain terms. lou: his testimony has got to have shaken the foundations of the left in this country. the dems have got to be beside themselves. i want to turn to senator jim risch pointed out, no e s ever been prosecuted, u t the former director to admit and acknowledge, he had to work at it, to acknowledge that no one had ever been prosecuted for hoping for an outcome. the reality here is that this president could create that outcome by simply ordering it. he can order investigations.
7:21 pm
he can order investigations shut down. and this business that the fbi director went on about, that there is an independent fbi, that is on its face laughable, is it not? >> it is. comey, i guess, thinks he's felix strazinski, this is an interpretation of the role and function of the fbi. it's very sad ever since the days of watergate. the fbi is a subordinative investigative agency of the department of justice, period, and they are answerable and serve at the pleasure of the chief executive who happens to be donald trump. it's that simple. trump, starting off the conversation talking about flynn being a good guy and comey agreeing. i mean, wishing that somebody doesn't get prosecuted or hoping that the thing clears itself up is not a crime. lou: do you suppose that in all
7:22 pm
of -- and by the way, i feel like taking a pill for upset stomach of some sort after i listened to this former fbi director, healks incessantly about being concerned and confused and his stoch is queasy. at the end of the day, you do suppose he understands, the president of the united states could pardon general flynn any time he wanted. >> exactly. and this is a case where fbi agents recently retired and actively serve having come to me and told me they consider comey to be a dirty cop. that's their impression. that's the stain or cloud that's over him, and the only thing he accomplished today was confirming. that his remarks were extraordinary. if he were serious he would have said directly to the president. i want to be clear, i understand you wish this would go away, but i've got my job to do and i'm going to do it the best i can.
7:23 pm
end of issue. or tell the attorney general that. he didn't. and he didn't have enough guts to resign. if you find something so intolerable, so morally challenging, then you either resign or you are complicit. it's one or the other. lou: in this committee, the house intelligence committee, the special counsel, we've just heard the man who orchestrated the creation of the special counsel. we have just heard the man who acknowledged that he's a leaker. that the president of the united states was never under investigation, that there wasn't a scintilla of evidence, of collusion between the trump organization, the trump campaign and the russians. is there anyone that has standing and puritof heart and soul that can stand up in e repuican party, the democratic party and say to robert mueller, shut down the special counsel, we're done
7:24 pm
here. this is a farce. >> well, the problem with the politicians is it's a political football for them, so they can get in front of tv cameras -- lou: i understand their problem, i'm talking about men and women of goodwill, honesty and integrity saying this farce must end? >> well, if mueller has a spine, he will quickly resolve this issue and put it to bed. you know, he's a pal of comey, i'm not sure how that's going to play itself out. comey's wringing endorsement of mueller is frankly a red flag. lou: and it is a red flag that the republicans have ignored, both their personal relationship and professional relationship that goes back years. chris farrell, judicial watch, thanks for being with us, appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question after today's testimony -- cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs.
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follow me on twitter on lou dobbs, "like" me on facebook, follow me on instagram at lou dobbs tonight. on wall street, stocks closed higher, the dow hitting intra-day high before finishing up the day only 9 points. the s&p up a fraction. the nasd gaining 24. closing at a new record high. volume on the big board, 3.7 billion shares and what do you say to all of those business news outlets claiming that the markets would be so unsettled by the comey hearing? wrong again. nordstrom shares surging 10% after the retailer said it's considering going private. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, how quickly things change in the swamp. it was only a month ago that comey denied leaking, and he did so under oath. >> director comey, have you
7:26 pm
ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the trump investigation or the clinton investigation? >> never. lou: uh-oh! congressman louie gomer joins me to take up comey's credibility problem next. it could be far more than that. stay with us. a great deal straight ahead.
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lou: the former f.b.i. director james comey today revealed he was behind the leak of a memorandum that he wrote to himself about his conversations with president trump. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. i didn't do it myself for a variety of reasons. i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the
7:31 pm
appointment of a special counsel. sow i asked a close friend of mine to do it. lou: that's quite a sentence to unpack. to do so, our next guest says comey can't be trusted. the hearing is the most disappointing, overhyped event since y2k. joining us, concerned citizen, i would say after watching that performance by the fired f.b.i. director, louie gohmert. >> we had a lot of things going on on the hill. i was chairing a committee doing real work on the department of justice. but i reviewed his testimony. it's shocking. i understand apparently president trump says he didn't actual question his loyalty. but you know, lou, you know the president can tell there is a
7:32 pm
potential problem with his being honorable and loyal, and, man, was that the truth. this guy -- there is a guy named ace of spades on the internet. he says comey, loretta lynch told me to lie and i didn't write that down. but i wrote down the trump stuff because i was afraid he would lie. it makes it clear he was 100% loyal to loretta lynch and hillary clinton. it appears to have prevented any field agents from saying we found these emails on wiener's laptop and comey stopped that and announced immediately on hillary.
7:33 pm
i think he manipulated the system to help hillary despite what the democrats were thinking. lou: i'm not sure the democrats are thinking much. but let's do this. let's listen to a couple of the former f.b.i. director's statements. let's go first to center feinstein as she questions him and see your reaction to this. >> you told the president, i would see what we could do. what did you mean? >> it was kind of a slightly cowardly way of trying to avoid telling him we are not going to do that. i bo see what we could do. it was a way of getting off the phone, frankly. then i turned and handed it to the acting attorney general mr. vente. lou: this is the former f.b.i. director giving us an insight
7:34 pm
into his emotional state, if you would. listen to this. >> as i said early were, the circumstances were such that it was a bit stunned and didn't have the presence of mind. i don't want to make it sounds like i'm captain courageous. i don't know if i had the presence of mind i would have said, sir, that's wrong. but at the moment it didn't come to my mind. whatame top my mind, be careful what you say, so i said, i aguy flynn is a good -- i agree flynn is a good stuff. >> all power of the constitution through the constitution is given to the president. the f.b.i. director works for him. everybody doesn't work for comey when he's f.b.i. director. i think he's gone the that confused. let's go back to obama. obama repeatedly unquestionably
7:35 pm
obstructed justice over and over whether it was a guy deserting his post and preventing him from being properly prosecuted or people convicted of all kinds of drug offenses. the president has the legal authority to legally obstruct justice. lou: as a congressman from texas, were you not struck by the fact that the head of the f.b.i. is talking about being -- expressing himself in what he called a slightly cowardly way, that he lacked the presence of mind, and he was a bit stunned, he was confused, he was concerned. is it pepto-bismol for an upset stomach? main that could have straightened him out. >> there are serious loyalty issues and there may be crimes here. i didn't think comey would come in and indict himself to t
7:36 pm
extent he has. lou: congressman, always good to have you with us. louie gohmert. we are coming right back. there is much more. stay with us we'll be right back.
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countless points of data into insights that transform their business and will enhance the game for players and fans. the microsoft cloud turns information into insight. lou: james comey testified that it's not for him to say whether president obama obstructed justice.
7:40 pm
but he later which the witheredd if the president asked him to drop the flynn probe. >> do you know of any case where a person has been charged with obstruction of justice or any other criminal offense where they said or thought they hoped for an outcome? >> i don't know well enough to answer. and the reason i keep saying his words. i took it as a direction. he's the president of the united states with me alone saying i hope this. i took it at this is we wanted me to do. i didn't obey that, but that's the way i took it. >> you may have taken it as a direction but that's not what he said. he said "i hope." >> those were his exact words. >> you don't know anyone charged for hoping something, do you? >> i don't as i sit here.
7:41 pm
lou: my next guest says comey's testimony doesn't make the case for impeachment or obstruction against president trump. joining us, jonathan turley. i thought that was an interesting exchange. the idea of going to jail for hoping for an outcome. do you concur with the senator's assessment and ultimately the f.b.i. director and former f.b.i. director agree? >> i do. i know of no case ever where someone was prosecuted on facts like these. obstruction is a crime and it has elements. and the elements aren't present here. obstruction is usually based on corruptly influencing a pending proceeding. neither of those elements are present. if you want to see what obstruction of justice is in the impeachment arena.
7:42 pm
president knicko knickon nixon h obstruction from procuring testimony. it doesn't mean there won't be more evidence disclosed later. but people suggesting this is a case of obstruction are quite fanciful. lou: when you hear the left-wing national media, they are hysterical. they are talking about obstruction of justice as if the president has no constitutional power to pardon anyone he chose or order an investigation. this is the most expansive hysteria i have seen in the media and the left-wing dominated media.
7:43 pm
>> wham ironic, you wouldn't want this to be obstruction. if this was a crime of obstruction, an array of people could be charged every day for obstruction if this was the tan card. this is at an investigation stage. clients make up to i'd comment all the time. they mishandle evidence and do things that crossed the line. but they are not charged as obstruction. what you have is a bit of a hope and prayer for people. you have this mantra, are we there yet? do we have a crime yet? and we are not close to that. lou: they have nothing else so they wish to subvert a presidency is what it seems to me. i want to turn to here we are, we have seen all comey has to offer and why don't we ask for robert mueller to go home now. there is nothing to investigate.
7:44 pm
there has been no crime. there is not a scintilla of evidence as stated by intelligence chiefs and others. not a scintilla of evidence that trump in any way excluded with russians in anyway. and certainly he did not commit any kind of obstruction of justice or some other nefarious deed worthy of note. why aren't we just saying, aren't there adults available who can stand up and say, children, this is it. we have important work to do in this nation and we elected you to do it. >> my view is i did not think we should have a special counsel until comey was terminated. then a majority of citizens indicated they had serious concerns about the propriety of the termination. i think it's good for the country to resolve this. i don't happen to see the crime.
7:45 pm
i think the president made mistake. lou: it's a free country, and even the president can make ill-advised comment. and everyone can pucker who want to because it's not politically correct. but this is america and he can say what he wishes. >> these are self-inflicted wound, but i agree with you. the criminal code i not a book of th etiquette. this is still an investigation in search of a crime. i don't see the crime here. what michael flynn is accused of at most would be a violation of the registration act for a foreign agent. that's almost never prosecuted. fit is prosecuted, it's a minor matter. lou: the best i can say about some sort of breach here is
7:46 pm
general flynn committed bad judgment. if that were a crime worthy of prosecution, a lot of folks would be in our jails. jonathan turley, we are always thrilled to have your insight and judgment. growing threat from north korea as south korea suspend the system protecting millions of south koreans. general jack keane joins me next. the polls have now closed in the u.k. british leaders are struggling to stop radical islamist attacks after suffering three since march. what will this election tell us about the u.k.'s direction? i'll have the latest for you when we come back. stay with us. are allergies holding you back?
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liberty mutual insurance. lou: today's u.k. election a referendum on radical islamist terrorism. the latest exit polls show the prime minister theresa may could lose her majority in the parliament. she has been locked in a tight
7:51 pm
race with labour party leader area any corbin. -- jeremy corbyn. if the polling is correct neither major party will have enough to form a majority government. retired four-tar general, fox news military analyst general jack keane here to talk about comey's testimony today. let's start with north korea. and now looming over south korea and its new president who just eliminated the deployment of further missiles to protect his people in south korea. >> we deployed two of the six. heuspended the other six as you tensibly because no
7:52 pm
environmental impact was done on the other two. he thinks the united states rushed this in there before his election denying him the opportunity to make a decision on it. the other thing happening is china is pushing back on him. they curtailed chinese tourists coming to south korea, and they are putting pressure on south korean companies in china. so they have got president moon's attention. i think that's why he's going after this thing. politically he's left of center. he's not a hardliner like his predecessor was. we had south korean presidents try to dialogue in the past and it doesn't work. lou: china putting economic pressure on south korea suggests
7:53 pm
strongly that the president does not have the partner he hoped for in xi jinping in dealing with north korea. >> you are right. this evidence will play out further. north korea if anything has accelerated their missile testing program since the president had the conversation with the chinese president. the chinese president was going to do something, he promised to do something. whatever it is he did, it's not having any impact on north korea. we are on a collisn course with north korea and china. we have to couple with a get tough extrayy with china. reverse the artificial islands they created. we don't have a strategy to do that. lou: they are creating even more islands creating more land area on the artificial islands.
7:54 pm
it's a dangerous moment. i have to ask you, what was your reaction to the former f.b.i. director's testimony in his role as a law enforcement officer and in counter-terrorism? >> i lost faith in comey a long time ago. i'm at a point where i don't even believe him in terms of his conversation with the president about flynn. why wouldn't he tell somebody else about it in his chain of command. why wouldn't he say, mr. president, we can't talk about this? and why wouldn't he resign if he thought it was that serious? lou: he struck me as a man afraid to do the job and afraid to leave the job. the result was what we saw today. general, good to see you. general jack keane. up next, president trump's
7:55 pm
torn blasting govern leakers as comey admits he leed his memo on his conversation with the president to the media. >> it's overwhelmingly clear that there have been and continue to be those in government who are actively attempting to undermine this administration. lou: randy evans, andy mccarthy join me next with their insights and analysis. we are coming right back. [vo] when it comes to investing,
7:56 pm
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liberty mutual insurance. lou: the 25-year-old federal contractor who is charged with leaking classified material to the media today pleaded not guilty in federal court. her name, reality winner. she allegedly leaked a classified nsa memo to the intercept website. she was denied bail. joining me now, former federal prosecutor, andrew mccarthy. former contributing editor of "national review." is it clear to you what james today?was trying to accomplish it looked to me that he was lashing out to the president, but he kept indicting himself.
8:00 pm
>> i think the impulse to go to war with somebody whos whose testimony is 80% helpful is not way i would go. with respect to the legal matters we have been wrangling about the last six months, comey's testimony is a home run. professor turley parsed the statute connectly. there is no obstruction of justice and there is no collaboration with the putin regime. that's what it was supposed to be. his testimony was exculpatory on trump with respect to those important matters. i would be running with that. i think what comey did and i sort of suspected this before the testimony comparing it to the hillary clinton situation. he didn't need to come in and accuse trump of committing a
8:01 pm
crime to dirty him up and hurt him politically. because as we know he bent over backyards not to accuse hillary clinton of a crime. but by the time he was done describing her con duct it was damaging to her. lou: it's interesting you say that. he's following a pattern here. in one instance indicting hillary clinton, in tes of the description of her conduct and her decisions and choices, and then ex couple pay thing her in conclusion doing the inverse with the president, and he used the expression dirtying up today as obviously tried to do so with the president of the united states. >> if i could engage in mind reading. i think that what offended jim comey about the clinton email
8:02 pm
investigation, was that obama and loretta lynch always had the power on their own to shut down the investigation. he could have pardoned her and anded it. they didn't want to take the political weight for it. instead they wanted to create a situation where it looked like the professional investigators, the f.b.i. had cleared her after a thorough investigation. i think that's what angered him, the fact that they were being exploited. but with respect to trump the same mental process is going on for comey. he feels like, look, you want to clear flynn? pardon him or announce we are not going to do this investigation. you go out and order it. but don't put me in the position of the f.b.i. as being the one who cleared it. lou: he put on his sport pants when he -- his short pants when he started talking about wanting
8:03 pm
to create the opportunity for the special counsel, leaking memoranda. is that not a crime? has he not testified against himself? >> it's extraordinarily inappropriate. if he wanted to call a press conference and say i think we should have a special counsel, that would have bent way to do it. but i think he got in trouble in the hillary clinton situation which going public and he doesn't need to be leaking. lou: where are we headed? >> i never thought there should be a special counsel in the first place it's a koirnlts intelligence investigation. they don't get a prosecutor for this. lou: they dress this up as a law enforcement special counsel. >> for what crime?
8:04 pm
we still don't have a crime. you are supposed to have the crime but assign a prosecutor. that's how it works in most of the offices i have been in. law * thanin. lou: the testimony of former f.b.i. director comey wind up the media. a prediction that james comey's test mfny could help shape our nation's history. 12 hours later the course of history appears somewhat unchanged. once the hearings are underway "the washington post" boldly sent out the headline. "james comey lays out the case that president trump obstructed
8:05 pm
justice." comey said rather gently and vaguely that it was up to special counsel robert mueller to decide. msnbc chris matthews suggesting president trump was worse than nixon. chris says trump is trying to defend his butt. the elegance of chris's language. but cnn delivered the best you go in he will of buy pass. russian propaganda outlets are loving this today. he should know. the irony is rich. isn't it? breaking news. a source telling fox news that jared kushner is in discussions with the senate intelligence committee. john roberts our chief white
8:06 pm
house correspondent says it includes setting a date for a meeting with committee staff. he says no date agreed upon yet. joining me now, rnc national committeeman, randy evans. good to have you with us. you just heard andrew mccarthy. you just heard jonathan turley. they are saying this was a really lousy day if i may paraphrase for them for james comey. what do you think? >> he sounded l lou: he was saying pompously
8:07 pm
thate agreed with the president that leaking was a bad idea, having just moments before acknowledged that he himself is a leaker. after we listened to the f.b.i. director, the evidence, where we are now with this committee. i thought something else that was interesting is the senate intelligence committee, they were supposed to be the adults in this process. there are no adults in this process on capitol hill as far as i can see. not senator burr *, not senator warner. where are we to find direction and resolution to this to stop this insane partisan battle on the part of the democrats trying to subvert the democrats, the gop establishment and the deep state trying to subvert the
8:08 pm
so they are going to keep bickering and bickering. and they will just continue on. lou: where in the world are we headed. the country has real business to take care of. the president has an agenda on tax reform, on repeal and replace. on healthcare driving a trillion dollar investment on infrastructure on building jobs and growing this economy.
8:09 pm
you know and i know there is no there there. and he needs to get on with the job he needs to do. lou: who do you think are at most risk, democrats or republicans? >> i think anybody who thinks they know what's going to happen in 2018 is delusional. we saw firsthand in great britain, nobody can predict infrastructure. if all these things happen, it will be a great year for republicans. lou: housing is moving higher and we are starting to see an economy pick up projections of 3% growth for the third quarter. randy evans -- >>ou, you are right.
8:10 pm
i was just going to say. >> you give me "you are right --" >> you are right. we have a president focused on what more could we ask for? lou: good to see you. randy evans. we are awaiting results from the u.k. general elect. prime minister theresa may hoped to use this special election to strengthen her party's majority. however, exit polls are suggesting she may have overshot optimistic aon what she could accomplish. she could in fact be in trouble. ashley winter live in london with the latest. ashley: good evening to you. or should i say good morning. we just have gone past 1:00.
8:11 pm
we have 16 constituencies reporting. it may be lunchtime tomorrow in london before the tallies are in. theresa may is in trouble tonight. the prediction is she'll win 313 seat. that's a loss of 1 seats for the conservative par-- o17 seats in parliament. and it means they are short of the 326 that's needed for a majority parliament. how does a hung parliament negotiate brexit? it start to get complicated. there will be questions about theresa may's leadership, and the manifesto that was put out to the public.
8:12 pm
she was on the back foot because of the terror attacks and her type as home secretary from 2010 to 2016. and she wasn't a very good candidate. jeremy corbyn seeped to appeal l to a greater range of voters. as we wait for these numbers to come in, if it is what the polls suggest, theresa may could have her leadership threatened at the end of the day. lou: she tacked to the right and put forth a tougher stance against the radical islamic terrorists in the u.k. any sign that was helpful to her going into this election? >> i think it was. but the general consensus was too little too late. they say that's great. tear up human right laws if it
8:13 pm
means they can keep beer controov terrorist suspects. but it came after three attacks in three months. the brits, a cynical bunch. they said too little too late. lou: ashley, good to have you with us. we'll stay with you through the evening. thanks for keeping us up to date. one of the head-scratching moment is when comey defended his leaking by criticizing the media. >> why didn't you give those to somebody yourself rather than give them through a third party? >> i was worried. the media was camping atn 't of my driveway. i was going out of town to hide, and i was worried it would be like feeding seagulls at the beach. lou: we'll take up the cowardly
8:14 pm
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8:18 pm
was a bit stunned and didn't have the presence of mind. i don't want to make it sounds like i'm captain courageous. i don't know if i had the presence of mind i would have said, sir, that's wrong. but in the moment it didn't come to remind. what came to my mind is be careful what you say, so i said, i agree flynn is a good guy. lou: i don't think he has to worry about being confused with captain courageous. we'll take that up with mercedes schlapp and charlie hurt. what a display, mercedes. i know you have been on pins and needles for weeks waiting for the moment that jim comey would hand before the senate intelligence committee and attack republicans. are you breathing easier tonight? >> apparently there were a bunch
8:19 pm
of parties in d.c., watch parties for the comey testimony. but i had to work. you know, i think that there is this james comey revealingho james comey is. is he the cowardly lion from wizard of oz? is he someone who is a chameleon who is trying to fifth the narrative or try to be the popular kid in the block in it's very troubling when you start breaking down this testimony. it does bring to question why he leaked the moments the moment he did leak the memo. lou: you were unimpressed? >> he seemed unsure of himself and frazzled at times.
8:20 pm
lou: i think the words are confused, confounded, cowardly, thed a verbs and verbs were flying and none of them settled one's stomach as you listened. charlie, your reaction. charlie * you noted a moment ago that bizarre thing where he admits how he conspired to leak the memos from those meetings. that was after he trashed the press and talked about how the press gets everything wrong and they had fake news stories in the "new york times," then they leak it to the "new york times" which is the paper he has been talking about. but here is the serious point about this. an underling meets with the president of the united states for a confidential private meeting. he memorializes the meeting with notes, then determined after the fact, well, e president
8:21 pm
doesn't have executive privilege does not extend to that meeting with the director of f.b.i. i don't understand the logic behind that. i don't understand the thinking behind that. i don't understand how director comey couldn't find himself in a heap of trouble for having violated that. it may be executive privilege for some reason doesn't apply to that. but that doesn't mean the president doesn't get to claim executive privilege and have it sorted out by people who do have authority to make these decisions. lou: earlier knit andy mccarthy and jonathan turley of georgetown law. and chris farrell said he would have the federal marshals in his house and office after what he
8:22 pm
determines is an admission of conduct. those documents are federal property. >> the democrats are saying he's a private citizen so it's okay if he gives his memo out. why does he write the memo when he meets with the rr. but when he met with loretta lynch who did pressure comey decided he didn't have to write this down. though he felt uneasy with his conversation with loretta lynch when she said use the word matter as opposed to investigation on the clinton probe. it's troubling and represents a big problem how he managed his job. lou: given the clinton campaign as mercedes says, a clear license to talk about, there is no investigation. this worked out with the attorney general of the united states and the f.b.i. director,
8:23 pm
and he across seedand he ace de. you can't make up the absurd behavior apparently in pursuit of some sort of career ambition that is as yet unrealized and unnamed. charlie * he did exactly what she told him to do. he then turned around and did exactly that. there is only one person that we now know obstructed or attempted to obstruct justice, and that was loretta lynch. and there was only one person who meddled in the election, and
8:24 pm
that was loretta lynch. lou: we know from all of the testimony that not a single vote was changed as a result of the nonexistent russian collusion with the trump administration or transition team. in fact there was no change in any vote anywhere, period. charlie hurt, mercedes schlapp, thank you. we appreciate it. up next, the president's attorney says comey lied about the president demanding loyalty. >> the president never told mr.comby quote i need loyalty, i expect loyalty, close quote. he never said tonight form and he never said it in substance. lou: we take up the comey lies both lies and allegations of lies and distortions. kimbekimberly guilfoyle joins me
8:25 pm
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8:29 pm
lou: house speaker ryan, we haven't talked about him enough i know. speaker ryan leaving a lot of folks wondering still but this time they are wondering what in the world is his thinking? listen to ryan as he extensively tried to -- defend president trump. the president new at this. he is new to government and he probably wasn't steeped in the long-running protocols that establish the relationships between pog, fbi and white house. he is new to this. lou: much to his credit i might add. joining me now to discuss the bombshell moments from comey's testimony today and of course paul ryan's always interesting
8:30 pm
take on things cohost kimberly guilfoyle is joining us here tonight. let's talk about paul ryan. what is he doing? >> what has he doing it? is he new to it to matt? lou: i think that son of a gun was born in the vetted fields of capitol hill. i think he is just a beauty. >> use it beauty read the apple of his parents eyes. lou: speaking at beauties and not in the literal sense of the james comey. i mean, come on. this was a demonstration today. >> you almost seemed surprised by it. lou: is more entertaining than anything i have conjured up that i can only think of the white house cackling to themselves, popped up ears flying through the air having a great time.
8:31 pm
i mean this was a "baywatch" to a man that had been a pain in their sides or wherever for some time just self-destruct. >> it's unbelievable to see. it probably wasn't anticipated given the pre-released statements him. i mean my goodness. lou: all the media folks had seven page prepared statements by james comey and they would read through something it was pure balderdash and then today. annotated. >> the fbi just outed itself as the leaker in chie lou: cannula believe that? >> can you imagine that to his friends or the columbia professor. lou: professor daniel richman. >> in the columbia web site that was crashing from all the traffic. this was my personal recollection.
8:32 pm
so sorry for you. i would be discoverable in the court of law because as your work product notes contemporaneous would be performing your government job as head of the fbi. lou: kimberly is a former attorney federal prosecutor and she went after bad guys. it wasn't. >> was just that have a taste for them. but comey i mean what is he going to do? what is he thinking now? that was unbelievable. lou: what is next? no collusion with the russians. there is no obstruction of justice which by the way there never was. >> which by the way the president said what you make of the fact that the president's attorney issued a statement yesterday saying this is consistent than the present has been vindicated. everything the president said was just confirmed by this statement and was consistent. no crime has been committed here
8:33 pm
lou: he said on three occasions i wasn't under investigation. today three occasions the president was never under investigation. >> that's called winning. if you have somebody there tt is supposed to be your antagonist all of a sudden becomes your star witness for the president saying in fact yes on three occasions i told him that he was not under investigation. lou: in an basically the former director of the fbi put his hands up like this and said leaking government documents. he was fired but the paper was printed by the federal government. >> we on that paper lou. lou: it's the people's government led by not comey. >> not comey. lou: donald j. trump. >> who had a victorious day-to-day and getting to the bottom of the truth about what happened and what transpired.
8:34 pm
i don't know what comey thinks he does from here but maybe we can get back to the business of running the country and putting the president's agenda forward without all this nonsense. lou: mr. comey the days are going to be much quieter. >> how about the democrats? the bear going up in flames. lou: kimberly guilfoyle great to have you with us. up next james comey today confirming there is no evidence the votes were altered in any way in last year's election. >> are you confident that no votes passed in the 2016 presidential election were altered? >> i'm confident. when i left as director i had seen no indication of that whsoever lou: no indication whatsoever, no collusion, no obstruction of justice. no nothing.
8:35 pm
that's just put the icing on it. a former fbi director made it extremely clear president trump never saw it in any to interfere with the russian investigation. we will take up what the president has called a witch hunt from the beginning with the heritage foundation's tom. a quick programming note neil cavuto is coming up in our special coverage of comey's hearing and the uk election at 9:00 p.m. eastern. stay with us. a lot more straight ahead. stay with me if you will, just a little longer. we will be right back. and stay . this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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8:39 pm
dobbs. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook follow man instagram @lou dobbs tonight and joining me now. foundation senior legal fellow. it's great to have you here. kimberly guilfoyle and i were talking and kidding around a bit about some of the math absurdities to come out of today's hearing. is there in your judgment anything left of comey in the questions about destruction, the alleged russian trump collusion and didn't the man just destroy his credibility and everything he was going to to proffer that hearing today? >> i think you did. it was an embarrassing performance and the fantasy story that "the news york times" and the democrats have been pushing for six months basically completely grew blew up. one he said the russians did not
8:40 pm
hack the voting or balloting process and to the stories that "the news york times" said about the trump campaign people colluding with russian intelligence people he said was completely false. what does that leave? his story about and what he describes as having happened so did not disturb that he didn't complain to the white house counsel's office and he didn't go to the a.g.. only after he was fired to define the start trying to say oh well maybe this was a problem but even he admitted he was neither ordered nor directed to stop the investigations others basically nothing to any of these claims. lou: it was unbelievable, and incredible performance by a man you had to really force your mind to get around the idea that this fellow is confused, is
8:41 pm
concerned and queasy, these are his words as he was at various junctures was leading the most blonde -- important law enforcement agency of one of the most imptant counterterrorism agencies in the country. >> i think what was really going on here lou look his reputation has been shredded by his mishandling of the clinton e-mail scandal and i think this is than his effort to try to repair his reputation to say he's a last good-bye left in washington and frankly to generate good stories for his memoirs which i am sure he will start working on. but he didn't accomplish that and the fact he made himself look worse in his hearing today. lou: what do you make of the president's response that he himself did not respond to of course but his surrogates did, his attorney did and how
8:42 pm
effective was that approach? your thoughts? >> i think his attorney pointed out everything we have been talking about but the person who made the best points for the press today were actually james comey himself. now, look, we can maybe speculate about whether maybe he shouldn't have had a meeting with comey but let's not forget this. the president is actually the chief law enforcement officer of the united states under the constitution. if he had actually told comey to stop the investigation, which he did not, comey said he didn't, that would have been within his constitutional authority. we might not like it but it's not illegal and what actually happened did not make the standards of the obstruction of justice statute. lou: it's pretty hard for a guy who is capable of pardoning general flynn and also by the
8:43 pm
way conduct things or ordering investigation of any sort that he orders. he is the president of the united states and the national left-wing media seems to be wanting to obfuscate the very clear constitutional reality. thanks for being with us. always great to talk with you. up next comey revealing at various points he was stunned. he was confused and concerned and certainly queasy. >> he gave the impression that the attorney general was looking to align the way we talked about her work was the way political campaigns describe the same activity which was inaccurate. we have the investigation over the time so that gave me a queasy feeling. lou: a queasy feeling but he just saluted? the investigation suddenly became a matter. call me did not resign. we take up bureaucrats in the
8:44 pm
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lou: we are going to be going to ashley webster in london to update us on the progress they
8:48 pm
are in the uk snap election. it appears at this hour that an upset is in the making. jeremy corbyn who is a labor leader looks to be about ready to upset the prime minister, the sitting prime minister theresa may who had called a snap election thinking to strengthen the conservative parties position in numbers of seats in parliament. the inverse is about to happen and indeed she is losing the prime minister ship it appears at this hour. the results are on the screen in the blue representing the conservative party. the red representing the labor department. the inverse of what we do in this country obviously between conservative and liberals. by the way the uk independent party which of course led the way to brexit which was
8:49 pm
motivating as well theresa may to call this snap election hoping to strengthen her hand in negotiations to exit the european union. we are going to be updating all of this on the snap election and the surprising result from london. we will be going to ashley webster here very soon. joining me now to take up the media's coverage of president trump and the revelations from today's testimony by former at the eye director james comey is sarah carter. sarah is national security and war correspondent for circa news. sarah, great to have you with us. let's start first with this extraordinary testimony today from the fired at the eye director james comey before the senate intelligence committee. did he just completely exonerate donald trump from any one of the wistful and fanciful charges that have been hard -- hurled at him?
8:50 pm
>> absolutely lou. that's what came out of this testimony. once and for all president trump , circa reported this months ago is not under investigation by fbi for collusion with russian finally now the comey has admitted this before the senate intelligence committee, that has been put to rest. or at least we hope so. lou: well it should without question. but then we have the spectacle of the former fbi director revealing himself to be one of the leakers of information, government information to the national left-wing media. that was a stunning moment. what was your reaction? >> absolutely stunning. the fact that he would just admit that and say i gave it to a friend. i wanted to get it out there. i wanted to do this because
8:51 pm
trump is talked about having the case and i wanted to get ahead of him. i was hoping they would call for special prosecutor in the fact that he admitted that in gave it to a friend my concern is this and it's something that i approach my sources on and i'm still ying to figure out was the memo considered classified? was the memo part of the russian dossier investigation? what is it something that he shouldn't have leaked him something a special prosecutor should have had or somebody else and why did he go to the media and secondly why did he go to his friend? if he was going to leak is why didn't he do it directly? going after him he was trying to get out of town with his wife but those are all the questions of concern here. there are a lot of sources that i've spoken to that is that i would think that this memo was written in the fbi and fbi computer would be considered classified. now i don't know what that means legally. i'm not a lawyer but is something that we should
8:52 pm
actually question and look into. lou: yeah, in fact he was the fbi director when he wrote the memorandum that pertain to the meeting between the president of the united states and the director of the fbi and pertain to the content of reportedly their conversation. it seems to me at least as a layman that would be an inside government documents appear in simple, case closed by this we know in legal matters nothing is ever seemingly that straightforward. where do you think we go from here? we have a fbi director who leaks and we have an fbi director who is cautious and concerned and confounded and confused, a fbi that is led by his number two whose wife was a democratic candidate and the principle fund-raiser was terry
8:53 pm
mcauliffe the governor of virginia who is a great friend of ellen hillary clinton. is this an extraordinary web that they have woven? >> yes i think we are going to see a lot more stories reflecting the politicization of what can happen in washington and you brought up a very good point earlier. he talked about the bureaucrats in the swamp. i think we are going to see a lot more come out of the woodwork. i think there a lot of people here in washington d.c.. there a lot of sources that i've spoken to in the bureau that want to get their side of the story out and easy going inside the. there were a lot of people within the bureau that were really angry with the decision not to move forward with hillary clinton e-mail server. lou: sarah thanks so much, sarah carter from circa news. we thank you. easy for me to say. thank you very much.
8:54 pm
appreciate it therapy that next british prime minister theresa may's future is tonight in doubt. polls at this hour suggesting the conservative party is losing its majority. she is losing the prime ministership as a result. byron york joins me to take that up next right after the break and oh yes we may have a few of byron spots on the former at the eye there also. by the way the pound is falling ke a rock. stay with us. we will be right back. looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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lou: exit polls are showing what appears to be an outght political disaster for british prime minister theresa may. jeremy corbyn, the liberal leader is now the odds-on favorite to become the next prime minister according to the latest numbers they are in blue. the vetting is solidly on jeremy corbyn ahead of a labour party to take over for theresa may. the numbers in red jeremy corbin's party 41 to 42% and chief political correspondent with the washington examiner "fox news" contributor byron york. byron as you know and i want to
8:59 pm
apologize for the lateness of getting to you. the pound right now is falling like a rock as i just said. theresa may has made one of the worst bets in british political history, hasn't she? >> she has been falling in the polls for a while said she called this election and we think entirely in terms of brexit but she has made some ridiculous mistakes. schiavo gated gracing the amount that pensioners retired people live left for their care. it was known as the dementia tax, widely ridiculed. she had to pull it back and also her reaction to terrorist attacks has not been entirely steady after the most recent one in london to she comes out and says enough is enough is that the other ones have been okay. so she had been a really terrible candidate. on the other hand the idea if there is a hung parliament which there is no party with a majority, that really raises the prospect of lots of questions
9:00 pm
not only of their governors but what happens with brexit as well. lou: absolutely. byron york is always thank you very much. we appreciate your insight on this extraordinary night in the uk as well. that's it for us. thanks for being with us. neil cavuto continues our special coverage. >> this is "fox business" coverage for the uk general election. here is neil cavuto. no welcome everybody. a year ago today, think about it was a year ago this very month we had the populist way started with something called brexit. he did not go the way was expected to go. the breads have voted three points to get out of the european union to find all polls, all experts in all mainstream media and this was going to be an assault on standards across the world. indeed what started there reverberated pretty much everywhere else culminating in this country the election


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