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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 9, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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has to go, but, yes. lauren: he seemed a little confused. mccain tweeted, i shouldn't stay up late watching diamondbacks game. cheryl: we are following the breaking news. the stunning vote that happened with theresa may and the party, conservative party, maria bartiromo picking up all of the coverage right now, good morning, maria. maria: hey, there, ladies, we have a big program ahead. happy friday to you. i'm maria bartiromo and it is friday june 9th, here your top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. backfire in britain. uk prime minister theresa may will head to buckingham palace this morning following the stunning election loss that left her conservative party short of a majority in parliament. may will seek permission from queen elizabeth to form a coalition government. we will take you to london straight ahead live. markets taking election results in stride, futures indicating
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higher opening. in europe stocks are higher across the board. take a look at the indices. the dax index and the cac quarante are up half a percent a piece. the british pound dropping sharply showing the conservatives will fall short of winning majority in parliament. it has since stabilize slightly but still lower. in asia overnight, stocks mostly higher. worst performer was hong kong. nikkei average in japan 1 half of one percent. chaos across the pond in turmoil in capitol hill. james comey slammed president trump saying that the commander in chief fired him to undermine the probe into russia's influence in the 2016 election. comey also addressed the president's request to let the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn let it go. >> i don't think it's for me to say whether the conversation i had with the president was an effort to obstruct, i took it as
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a very disturbing thick, very concerning but that's the conclusion the special counsel will work towards to try and understand what the intention was there and whether that's an offense. maria: more on james comey's bombshell testimony this morning including why former attorney general loretta lynch made him feel queasy. weapons can sink u.s. ships at will. latest in rising tension with north korea coming up. more trouble for retails, parent company of saks fifth avenue hudson bay announces over 2,000 layoffs. you can hit play, play, play, play, taylor swift ending her break up wseveral music services. the details on the super star's return tstreaming, allhe stories coming up this morning. busy friday morning, joining me to talk about it jared max, kevin kelly and business and economics professor at the king's college brian brendberg
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is here. kelly: now we know what brian is going to be listening to. [laughter] maria: good morning. dagen: i will start by saying, lordy. maria: lordy. [laughter] dagen: people were shocked that comey said lordy. maria: early reaction, quick reaction? dagen: to the british election? maria: no, to comey. dagen: he was playing it like you would expect a very seasoned operative and gun slinger that he was troubled by what president trump said about michael flynn but he never reported it to anyone. he never thought about resigning when he did prepare a letter of recignation to -- that he never handed in to president bush over wiretapping, so his reaction was
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that he didn't even say to president trump to his face, i have a problem with this. it's just very suspect. maria: and then the loretta lynch stuff. that struck me yesterday, kevi kelly. kevin: that was surprisi and also that he has a friend that's willing to leak stuff for him. dagen: comey chose to leak. maria: admitting that he actually leaked classified information to a professor at colombia who then leaked it to the new york times. we are talking about all of the above this morning. european parliament member uk leader nigel farage is with us this morning. jim kallstrom weighing in and view from the suit in terms of all of the above. we kick it off with the top story, british prime minister may kicking ahead with minority government after the
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conservative party loses majority. benjamin hall live in london. benjamin, good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. talk about a political miscalculation, this certainly was one. a staggering result we saw overnight. the conservatives were over 20 points ahead a few weeks ago, they have thrown all of that away. what it means now that although they won the most seats they have not passed the important figure of 326 and we have a hung parliament. now what all parties have to do is come together. the conservatives will try to find someone to go in coalition with and push beyond that. labour getting 261 and so now they look at the smaller parties to get them over the line. theresa may called this election because she wanted a personal mandate moving forward into the eu negotiations. that has backfired and they're already some questions about whether or not she can stay on as proim minister in the long-term alough she has come out and said she won't resign. >> at this time, more than anything else this country needs
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a period of stability and if as the indication have shown, if this is correct that the conservative party has won the most seats and probably the most votes, then it will be ib curvant on us to ensure that we have that period of stability and that is exactly what we will do. >> she may have won the most seats but supporters of jeremy corby, in the far-left leader were celebrating this leader and he was talking about forming a government. >> if there is a message from tonight's results is this, the prime minister called the election because she wanted a mandate, well, a mandate she's got is lost conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence. >> but still very much a fluid situation this morning and
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theresa may is going down to downing street and she's probably done a deal with the dup, they won ten seats and given the conservatives 319, that would just about push them over the limit. but theresa may had a majority just a few weeks ago moving into the eu negotiations, the whole political spectrum here has changed and again this is one political gamble that has gone horribly wrong for her. maria: benjamin hall. we are market the reaction on the heels of the news out of the uk. british pound falling sharply. the other major averages in the euro zone up one half of 1%. take a look at the futures in the u.s. 30 points on the dow jones industrial average. i want to bring in principal ceo with us right now. jim, good to see you. >> great to be with you, maria. maria: your reaction out of the
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news of the uk? >> it was a surprise out of the polls but we got used -- on both sides of the atlantic. maria: it's true. >> it's interesting that miss may will see the queen so quickly. if that's the case, she will be able to form a government that will be slightly precarious one because she will be behold not only to unionists but also to the different shades of opinion within the conservative party. so it's going to be quite difficult for her to present any strong and unified line in the brexit discussion and that's when it gets really interesting. if she fails to form a government, the protocol is that jeremy corbyn would be asked to form one, with the numbers in parliament that looks unlikely, there's a fair chance of another election, i'm afraid. 6 to 9 months could be as long as it goes. having said that, i think what we are in for is a very uncertain brexit negotiation. maria: wow, the uncertainty
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obviously has impacted currencies, the british pound down this morning. what about stock? how do you invest around this? >> the weakness in the currency is good for stocks because so many global companies are listed in london and british business is so much dependent on exports. the weakness of the currency since the brexit vote last june almost a year ago, the weakness to have currency is what really saved the uk economy and stock market. it probably needs more weakness of the currency given the political developments. how do you play it, i think there are -- rather like any europe markets. i'm not particularly optimistic about any european markets. i think the economic developments and the uncertainty around brexit will cost some pain. i regard them as a bit of a sell in strength in any case before this election. this doesn't change my view. dagen: just really quickly looking at some of the individual sectors, you have seen initially weakness in bank
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stocks, worry for bank shareholders that you had the labour party will launch a move to break up the banks but you have not seen labour concerns, if you will, in the utility stocks because, again, corbyn policy platform would be nationalism for the utilities there. it's been kind of a sect or -- sector by sector. that's a long way ahead and require him to have majority which he's very far from. brian: are uk businesses actually okay with it? that probably means stronger trade and economic ties with the eu. >> that's exactly right. that's one of the perhaps positives in this because it looked -- remember, theresa may is not a particularly economic
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or growth oriented leader, she's been -- her background was secretary and she does not have a track record of progrowth economics leader. we were headed if she got a big majority towards a hard brexit. i mean, basically exit from the eu with no trade deal and then they have to scramble to put together trade deals. business is apprehensive about that. i think that makes a bit less likely -- maria: that's a positive. >> trying to stay within eu. kevin: the problem i see with this and the reaction of the pound has to do with tax and trade policies. one of the things that this current government wanted to do was to take taxes to 17%. that's certainly up in the air now. also trade was a big deal that was happening that was part of the brexit situation and why people were saying invoke article 50 because they had to get some certain products from within the eu which was more expensive.
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now, when i'm looking at this, all that uncertainty is creating even more certainty when it scoms to scotland, s&p lose more and i don't see this being good thing for the british economy because it's breeding more uncertainty. >> i think that's right. there is more uncertainty. it does mean with the scottish nationalist losing seat that is another scottish referendum is more less likely than it looked this time yesterday. some of those mitigating factors, but theresa may was never standing on tax reform. she was standing on some slightly probusiness reductions and tax rates, the tax reform agenda is the really important one in the united states but hasn't been present in the uk and i think as we look at comey's testimony, the question to me isn't around the personalities which is all very fascinating but the albuquerque to me is does it make tax reform and deregulation more or less likely.
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maria: what's the answer? >> i think the answer is it makes it a bit less likely, there are two things that are stopping the administration move forward with potentially stopping the administration moving forward with the business parts of the agenda, the ongoing investigations and the locking up of the senate as the american health care act. those two things make -- make -- make the tax reform and deregulation less powerful. that's an issue. maria: yeah. >> if there were any way you can see that agenda coming above water and emerging, that would be very good for business. maria: of course, that's what we are all waiting for. jim joining us there. we are hearing from the president right now for the first time on the jim comey testimony. he's addressing it in his tweet. he just tweeted this. despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication and, wow, comey is a leaker. that's the president's commentary and we know that jim
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comey did pass on his memo to professor friend of his who then leaked it onto new york times. he admit that had in fact, is a leaker. kevin: yeah, that's one of the biggest issues i saw coming from yesterday and showing, reinforcing deep state, bureaucrats that are in -- that have been in the government for so long are actually going against this current administration and that's been the struggle we have seen come about and that's really actually reembolden his base that has protected him because of these leaks, because he's not able to enact agenda. the government is not willing to work with him. dagen: i will push back on the president trump's tweet slightly. we did find out that president trump never tried to block the actual russia probe. we found out that he was assured three times by jim comey that he personally was not under investigation but there still is an issue that robert mueller, the special could believe will be looking at the motivation behind him telling jim comey about michael flynn to let it go and so this does not go away for
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the president. maria: that's still out there. we will take a short break. a lot more to come here. stay with us at bp's cooper river plant, employees take safety personally - down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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maria: north korea has test fired a new antithaad missile. cheryl can he recall cruise missile with strike u.s. and south korean warships. the country claiming the missile accurately deconnect -- detect
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floating a target at sea, sorry three people, two of them washington police officers hit by pickup truck last night. a third victim a city employee, the washington police chief say it is vehicle was traveling at a high-rate of speed when it struck the officer who is were patrolling on their bicycles, the truck then crashing into another truck, both occupants have been arrested, we should say. not immediately clear if that was an intentional attack against those officers. well, another side of trouble in the retail sector to tell you about. saks fifth avenue and lord anne taylor to downsize, the owner says they're going to eliminate 2,000 jobs as part of broader restructuring. sales declines hitting macy's,
6:19 am
sears, they are closing hundreds of stores we told you about this week. taylor swift is returning her music to streaming services with famously stood up with services like spotify, apple music back in 2014 and later dispute about loyalty, she was very vocal about it at the time but time heals all wounds, guys, swift has made up with the services and celebration over album 1989 which sold 10 million copies worldwide. you cannot ignore at this point if you're an artist the power of streaming services get to go users, maria. those are your headlines, back to you. maria: coming up next turmoil on capitohi, former fbi director james comey speaking before congress yesterday, the senate intel committee, we will have more on the bombshell testimony including why he said former attorney general loretta lynch made him feel quasy. theresa may seeks stability, her
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♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. >> for that reason i immediately came home as a private citizen. but then the explanations, the shifting explanations confused me and increasingly concerned me. confused me when i saw on television the president saying that he actually fired me because to have russia investigation and learned again from the media that he was telling privately other parties that my firing had relieved great pressure on the russia investigation. the administration then chose to
6:24 am
defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies plain and simple. maria: that was just part of dramatic testimony from fired fbi director james comey before the senate intelligence committee. comey revealing that he himself orchestrated leaking a memo about an oval office meeting that he had with the president, he leaked that ultimately to a newspaper reporter via a professor that he knew. here is what comey had to say about what he felt compel today document his time with the president and why he helped in leaking the information. >> i was honestly concerned that he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so i thought really important to document. president tweeted on friday after i got fired that i better hope that there's not tapes, i woke up in the middle of the night on monday night because it didn't dawn me that there might be corroboration for our
6:25 am
conversation, there might be a tape and my judgment was, i need today get that out in the public square and so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter, didn't it do myself for a variety of reasons but i asked him to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a personal counsel and so i asked a close friend of mine to do it. maria: president trump responding to that moments ago, to comey's accusation, this is what he said in a tweet this morning, despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete vindication and, wow, comey is a leaker. joining us right now conservative columnist jenna. your reaction. >> i agree with what the president tweeted this morning. i was expecting some big bomb shell, i was basically comey said, no, there's no there there which is exactly what trump had said all along and we find out that comey is a leaker and we find out that if any influencing
6:26 am
was done it was done by loretta lynch. it's a fascinating day. maria: yeah. the loretta limp stuff stayed with me as well because for her to say this, treat this as a matter, call it a matter not an investigation, i thought that was very telling. >> very telling and here is the thing that you have to keep in mind with this, you look at motivations, a thief is never caught the first time so what else had comey been having in terms of bad channel conversations, i think that needs to be investigated because obviously if loretta lynch thought that he was approachable in that way, she had some reason to think that. you just don't go to the director of the fbi and have a conversation like that at first blush. maria: dagen, what are your take aways here? dagen: there was a lot that we found out on president trump and he was vindicated in many ways in terms of president never try today block the russian probe, in fact, he encouraged it by saying and this was in the prepared testimony, if some of any satellites did something
6:27 am
wrong it would be good to find that out. he was assured three times as he had said incorrectly reported in the media by the likes of other networks and newspapers that he was not under personal investigation. maria: let me interrupt you on that one because that's the thing. jim comey told him three times you're not under investigation but jim comey fail today say that publicly. i believe that's one of the reasons he got fired. dagen: i just saw a seasoned political operator in jim comey sitting in front of that senate panel ied about protecting his own image and looking like an eagle scout and -- i was appalled that particularly the republican senators on that panel did not push him more on if you were disturbed and upset by president trump's suggestion that you stop looking into michael flynn and you thought that your job was on the line because of it, that there was
6:28 am
some quid pro quo, why didn't you report that -- or the white house council. you prepared a resignation letter when you were acting attorney general to president bush over wiretapping but you had every intention to keeping your job as the head of fbi, you continued to have private conversations with the president but unnerved with reaction. this does not add up. you have to treat the witness as not some pure altar boy but somebody who worked in washington for the vast majority of his career. maria: why do you start taking memos from the first moment you meet the guy, not after, you know, you feel like he's a liar, after the firsthand shake you start keeping memos, you've never kept memos of any other president. my reaction to that is you knew you were spying on him.
6:29 am
let's get elephant out of the room. is that why he needed to take memos, look, i'm spying on this guy. >> where is the memos on the whole hillary investigation. kevin: let hope dsn't have him because he's a private citizen and these things are privilege, we know he's leaking them? didn't he admit to that under oath that he looked privilege confidential documents. maria: he hides mind -- behind the idea that i leaked it because i thought he was going to lie about it. dagen: let me finished. he leaked it because he wanted a special counsel appointed. he said that in the testimony. maria: not his decision to do it that way. kevin: he gave it to a private citizen. >> protect his own reputation. there's one #that came out of this is that comey loves comey and that was very clear. kevin: there should be a special
6:30 am
prosecutor. dagen: on the flip side of this this is not going to waive from the president, you still have robert mueller as special counsel looking into it, judge napolitano believes that mueller will eventually have to interview the president of the united states under oath potentially in private. so this is a problem that will still hang over the white house and i was -- and pointing out these republican senator who is didn't do a better job of grilling comey, that goes to the agenda, what happens with this agenda, are all these individuals looking out for themselves be it a democrat or a republican and what does it mean for what the american people truly care about and that's their livelihood in. >> i think with the markets did yesterday was very telling. the general public, agree e with you that it's going to go on and on and on and the general public has their mind made up one way or another -- maria: they still do believe and expect tax reform. look at the market yesterday. if they didn't expect tax reform --
6:31 am
kevin: the market moved off of dodd-frank and ecb leaving rates unchanged. there were a couple of market moving events that happened specially when it came to the house. brian: dagen is talking about comey as master chess player. quiet or tweeting? >> i think both. he measured it perfectly. i think that the quiet letting his attorney speaks, letting other speaks for him. you always tell your kids you don't defend yourself, let others defend yourself. tweeting this morning, nothing changed. dagen: you don't have the white house folks -- you don't have an attorney, personal attorney come out and read a statement, quote, end -- quote, close quote. maria: we will leave it there. thanks so much for weighing in this morning. coming up british prime minister theresa may, her gamble to power
6:32 am
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>> good morning, thanks for joining us. it is friday, june 9th, top stories right now on the east
6:35 am
coast. and and the majority when in parliament. jeremy corbin, >> if there is no message from tonight as a result it is this. the prime minister called the election because she wanted a mandate. the mandate she has got is lost conservancy, lost votes and lost support and lost confidence. >> teresa may will seek permission from queen elizabeth, heading to buckingham palace. markets taking the election results in stride, looking at a rally, down the street is opening up 40 points, nasdaq, s&p in the green. stocks higher across the board, the s&p 100 up 1%, the cac quarante and the dax index up
6:36 am
1/2 person. the british pound dropping sharply after the exit polls last night and showed conservatives will fall short of winning in the majority in parliament and the british pound goes down, bouncing off of the lows and has stability today, but looking at declines versus the dollar. in asia stock end mostly high with the exception of pom-pom which was down fractionally. chaos across the pond amid turmoil on capitol hill, james comey slammed donald trump saying the commander-in-chief fired him to undermine the probe into russia's influence in the 2016 election. donald trump addressed jim comey's testimony this morning a few minutes ago, sweeting the president says despite so many false statements and lies total and complete vindication and comey is a leak or. the latest on the bombshell testimony. trouble for huber not hitting the brakes, the ceo under fire after crude comments in a memo
6:37 am
that he sent to employees in 2013. this memo surfaced, the fallout for the embattled executive coming up, tom cruise hopes to unwrap a win at the box office. >> meet the princess. she will claim she has been denied. >> despite getting slammed in reviews the mummy is back and hoping for a monster weekend. top story this half-hour, stunning blow for teresa may. her gamble to strengthen the conservative party's power within early election backfired leaving the country with a hung parliament ahead of key negotiations for leaving the european union, the tories won 318 feet failing to grab the working majority in the parliament. the labor party picked up 6 stuart: seats under jeremy
6:38 am
corbin. the conservative party had a wide lead. that narrowed quite a bit. the result left voters wondering whether teresa may will step down. >> i don't know. >> teresa may has got to resign, she has gone backwards now. relying -- just seem to been a going backwards now. >> reporter: joining us is john brown, thanks for weighing in. good to see you. do you think teresa may will resign? your reaction to the results. >> i don't think she will resign but she may be hatcheted down. there's nothing more ruthless than the conservative party the moment they smell weakness or defeat. it was as you say a very great
6:39 am
shock. reduced the bricks -- brexit mandate, weakened the united kingdom hand in the brexit negotiation and if brexit takes place it will be more costly to the united kingdom and it would have been a week ago. it weakened the prime minister, weakened her party whips, holding together a coalition with an overall majority of only two. it is going to be tough. the future is in doubt and that is very bad news. particularly, donald trump weakened that and heralded an era of great uncertainty, financial markets do not like uncertainty. it will see volatility on almost every move of negotiations within the brexit negotiations. we have each time a much more complex financial situation.
6:40 am
brexit markets are higher. >> i think that recovery is due to the fact that although it is a coalition it is at least a conservative coalition. that is what is speeding the uptick. brexit when you look at the alternative, jeremy corbin's buddy, let's read the tweet jeremy corbin tweeted out. >> jeremy corbin -- is a poor matter and wealth can be shared. he made massive contributions to venezuela in a wide world showing he had thought that his policies could be dangerous for the british people. what do you make of? wealth can be shared. >> i was in the house of commons with jeremy. he is not just left-wing but extreme left wing, even to the left of bernie sanders. what will happen yesterday as
6:41 am
the british people shot themselves in the foot. what i couldn't understand with the antics of the united kingdom independence party of which i was vice president. teresa may offering more and to against the conservative party, the most stupid thing i have ever known and i think also teresa may having a 7-week snap election was too long. that means short and shop and election campaign. dagen: but what hurt teresa may and the conservative party where the three terror attacks in the last week the month, the home secretary, our equivalent of homeland security secretary, that is what hurt her. no? >> exactly right. she failed to see that on reading the polls. yesterday was a tremendous day for international globalists. must be cheering all over the
6:42 am
world, the treachery, losing the election, great steps forward before the globalist elitend that is part of the back lash over terrorism failed to see it. if you look at the nato meetings a week or two ago you could see teresa may was not only ostracized by leaders of europe but looked very worried and she was reading the internal polling which was accurate. >> reduced brexit mandate, weakened prime minister, we watch what those negotiations look like, thanks for weighing in. see you soon. back in hot water, the ceo, latest controversy threatening the company's public image next. at the show down, tom cruz's the mummy wrapping up the top spot but wonder woman is expected to dominate once again. we have a preview next.
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>> travis calla may in hot water after a racy email he sent. tracy has more. >> this could be the final straw after an internal memo offering employees the dos and don'ts of a work trip for paint and release by tech news site rego. the rules for the trip including did not have sex with another employer unless you have that privilege and responded with an emphatic yes, i will have sex with you in two or more of you do not work in the same chain of command, that means traffic will be celibate on this trip. do not, quote, throw large cakes off of buildings, the ceo urged employees to, quote, have a great time. this is a celebration.
6:47 am
we have all learned it was the memo was sent to the company, 400 employees as they head to miami to celebrate the company's success, the latest bombshell release after 20 managers and lower-level employees were fired this week after claims of harassment and bullying and discrimination this conducting a review, they are looking into those claims. uber is under pressure after a software engineer wrote a blog post accusing managers of ignoring determination and sexual harassment was remember a viral surfacing, he was seen yelling at and uber driver. many wonder if this is the final straw. if he will be uber's ceo. what do you say to that? dagen: now we know why it is not public. >> he has got to go before they
6:48 am
do that. >> a lot to say about that. a ballot at the box office, tom cruz's the mummy hoping to slay wonder woman. preview coming up next. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines, so we can detect leaks before humans can see them.
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>> that was a clip from the mummy, it hit theaters this weekend, tom cruz played a freelance treasure hunter who gets more than he bargained for when he discovers a haunted tomb. joining us is the senior vice
6:52 am
president, the movie lineup, this is up against the record-breaking wonder woman. i'm putting my -- >> the mummy is the oh day -- even if it fall 60% this weekend it will paul at $54 million, the mummy is tracking 30 to 40, big disappointment a universal. lot riding on this. theye to create a dark universe, 6 more monies planned including bride of frankenstein, trying to tempt people, but now they play dead. >> my cousin rachel set in the 1830s, plotting revenge against his own cousin who thinks murdered his childhood guardian. >> remake of a 1952 classic with richard burton.
6:53 am
finally a movie for adults this summer. one of those movies you keep saying did she or didn't she? this past week, the third screeninroomwe are cling for days afterwards, did she do it? not quite sure, that will leave you talking. >> that screening room, when will i see a movie in the screening room? what about watching the tony awards. the annual tony awards, it will be a favorite. >> this show is incredible. and they told me about this success.
6:54 am
♪ >> when you hear 9/11 and musical how does that fit to go to investors? >> we didn't want to write a 9/11 show but a show that we had fallen in love with the people here and the way they responded. it is the way they responded. our canadian trends were so open and willing to help us that day and a lot of us around the country were willing to help that as well and it is incredible to see the show, realizing it is not just a canadian story but an american story, and international story. ♪ at the end of atlantic ♪ on an island ♪ >> how did you come across this story? >> on the 10th anniversary with the commemoration ceremony come all these passengers and pilots,
6:55 am
characters represented on stage. on the 10th anniversary i interviewed everyone we could, returned with hundreds of stories and couldn't wait to tell them. >> i left, a sneaky little show. manipulaon in a good way >> christopher ashley, our director, showed a move so quickly, you don't have an opportunity to stop and go how do i feel about that? and you keep that going and pull you along and everybody has a great time. ♪ >> so good on broadway. nominated for 7 tony awards including the top prize, best
6:56 am
new musical,one the show will beat it. >> it is true. we all remember september 11th, we want to help one another and an amazing response from everybody. >> we heard about planes being diverted but no one thought where were the planes going and what would happen to the passengers and who will take care of them and this is their story. >> everyone is talking dear evan, the top musical, that is nominated for a ton of tony awards. >> if you want to see a show you will feel great about, this is the show and they are talking about a movie. maria: have a great weekend. still and check your driveway. a massive recall, it reflects all these vehicles, "mornings with maria" back in a moment.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
are here. your top stories at 7:00 am on the east coast. another stunning election results in britain, theresa may failing to secure a majority in parliament, she will head to buckingham palace to get the queen's permission to create a coalition parliament. the british pound reacting dropping shortly after exit polls to the conservatives will fall short of a majority in parliament, markets taking the result in stride as the pounds went lower, stocks went higher. the s&p up 1%, the dax index in germany of one quarter of a%. fugitive indicate the higher averages as well. we are off the highest levels of the morning, dow industrial expected to be up 20 points. the exception of hong kong, the cosby that is kospi up 3%. in the us, james comey making waves on capitol hill, comey
7:01 am
slammed the president calling him a liar, explaining why he actually leaked memos to a friend. >> i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with the report of an do it myself for a variety of reasons by asking to because i thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel. maria: donald trump addressed the testimony this morning. so many false statements and lies total and complete vindication and comey is a leader. more on the bombshell testimony, why he says loretta lynch made him feel queasy. hyundai owners check your driveways, the recall have the automaker pulling 600,000 cars off of the road. a baby bird from the time of dinosaurs, the discovery 100 million years in the making. those stories, dagan mcdowell, chief investment officer kevin
7:02 am
kelly, at the kings college, great to see you. could i just say, why is it okay, he has his excuse that i didn't release it myself, why is it okay for the head of the nbi to the classified memos and he says it like -- i gave it to a friend hoping he would give it to the new york times. >> doesn't provide information up the chain that is very important, leaks information he shouldn't be leaking. i didn't do it for a variety of reasons. his best interests. we can't have this information flooded with a friend from columbia. maria: let's go through what we learned, comey leaked the memo,
7:03 am
loretta lynch asked him to call an investigation and an active investigation of hillary clinton, she told him to call it a matter and not an investigation. and he did. he said we open the matter. >> if you think about it, it made both sides -- that is all the media and markets focused on. and reopening the investigation. dagen: i blame the republicans on that panel because they gave no pushback, do not bear down on jim comey to portray him as the man he is, somebody bothered by trums interactions calling the president of the united states a liar from the get-go keeping memos, bothered by the suggestion the didn't do
7:04 am
anything, and wanted to stay in his job, private phone calls with him. why wasn't there pushback on that. the hearing was too short in my opinion and they made no effort to basically bring out the discrepancies in what comey was saying. >> decided to give this memo to my friend. to the new york times, where was the outrage. >> i was stunned, you get to be stunned for 5 minutes and then you get to make the right decision. he never made that decision but he never pushed him. dagen: lacked the presence of mind even to tell donald trump that his request was improper but he certainly had the presence of mind to get in a car and take notes about the
7:05 am
meeting. >> you don't get to say that. not as fbi director. dagen: not standing up to loretta lynch and saying i am not going to have you dictate to me what to call this investigation. why haven't we appointed a grand jury on this, why are we not impaneling the grand jury, should have resigned, should have resigned then were told somebody. our top story this hour in the uk. the united kingdom is rocked by another election, and the conservative party, and 318 seats. the labour party gained 31 seats, british voters speaking out on this election. >> i don't know. >> theresa may has got to
7:06 am
resign. going backwards now. i think that asks a delay for brexit. seems to be going backwards now. >> theresa may will leave for buckingham palace momentarily to seek permission from the queen to form a coalition government. even though she is facing pressure to step down. joining us is nigel farage. thank you for weighing in this morning was your reaction to the election results? >> mrs. may makes a mess of it. she had a parliament 3 majority, triggered article 50 of the negotiations with the european union due to start in 11 days time, the nextlection wanot viewed until 2020. she forced this electionthe country and failed and what she is just about back with the
7:07 am
support of northern irish unionists, her credibility is completely and fatally damaged not just here but in the eyes of the european union too. >> one of the reasons brexit made so much sense is the uk economy was so much freer and stronger than the eu it was leading but doesn't this election results inevitably mean economic policy in the uk left whether it is a conservative or labor led government, this looks like undermining the economic argument that made brexit such a potentially beneficial move. >> i agree with that. there were no obstacles in our, quote, article. the majority wasn't big, it was big enough. and she missed everything to give herself an increased majority and it has come undone.
7:08 am
>> can you expand on that? why exactly -- you laid out the case that confused this whole time, why she would after invoking article 50 why she would call for the snap election. i can't find a justification to help shed some light on that. >> they were 24 points ahead of the bour pty, jeremy corbin, the hard left leader of labor was doing badly and i think she thought this was a moment of great victory. when you call unnecessary elections, often the voters don't like that very much. we head towards brexit, my fear is a leading brexitee are, we will we can the economic package which will keep us closely trapped inside a model that is not good for the global economy. dagen: jeremy corbin based on the numbers, labour party leader, will not be the prime minister of the country, this
7:09 am
man if americans don't understand -- he doesn't even lean left, to the left of bernie sanders. his policies, people fear a kind of left-leaning policy particularly economic policy in britain. >> if the election were ten seats the other way we would face the prospect of prime minister corbin. he is basically a marxist. he cozied up over the years to hamas who he called his friends. hezbollah, the ira, he absolutely loathes the united states of america. m becoming prime minister would have been a disaster for relations between our two countries in terms of security, defense and trade. thank goodness it didn't happen
7:10 am
but he got close. dagen: that is perplexing because it seems like theresa may and the conservatives were hurt by the recent terror attacks in britain feels they are not being protected after she was home secretary for six years so they eventually leans toward somebody who is in bed with terrorists organizations. >> we could analyze this result too much in terms of policy. what it came down to was personality. mrs. may was very wooden, very robotic, looked totally insincere, refused, can you believe, to do a head to head television debate, hid away from the public, jeremy corbin if i take the politics out of it which i can't stand, jeremy corbin toured around the country looking 30 years younger than his age, there was energy, activism, like trump he held big rallies with big crowds of people, gave an antiestablishment message and
7:11 am
looked comfortable in his own skin. the last few weeks the story is not about brexit or the appalling terrorist attacks. it is about the characters and personalities that came through in the campaign undone that contest corbin won and got a lot of young voters who don't normally vote looked upon him as a friendly old uncle and turned out in droves to vote for him. maria: someone sweeted the uk has elected bernie sanders as their head, someone sweeted do that out. you ask the moment ago, if not theresa may who will be prime minister of the uk? >> i am curious, if prime minister may, who can fill in that void during the original brexit talks, wasn't part of the government at the time in the
7:12 am
normal succession. >> mrs. may will be at the palace to see the queen in 15 minutes time as per constitutional requirements and she i think to form a coalition government she has to go there as a sitting prime minister, constitutionally she wasn't going to resign this morning but i think she will not be there very long at all. who will it be? my guess is the front runners will be boris johnson or david davis. both of whom were on the brexit side. fox viewers could never get this over the course of the last year. mrs. may voted remain. she was for staying in the european union and became leader of the brexit party, she went into this election lacking sincerity because she did not believe the words she was speaking. the story pty must must must
7:13 am
get brexiteer. >> this is a personality driven resort where young people looked at a marxist as a kindly old -- that did not bode well for the future of the uk. should we look at that as a canary in the coal mine? >> i am slightly worried about it but really if you go to a university in the united kingdom you have to pay fees of 9000 sterling a year. that is what the individual student has to pay and over the three year period they get racked up into debt which you then pay back when you start off in work, what corbin said is i will abolish all tuition fees for students. he was promising free money to young people and you know what they said? thank you very much. >> thanks so much. good to see you, nigel farage.
7:14 am
hyundai owners, there is a massive recall affecting 600,000 cars. what you need to know coming up. we are continuing our coverage, a glimpse into the past, researchers revealing a 1 million-year-old baby bird trapped in amber, the stunning find back in a moment.
7:15 am
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>> a tragic accident involving a church bus out of atlanta. >> one person was killed and dozens injured when the bus filled with high school students overturned after colliding with a car. the group was headed to the airport for a mission trip to africa. you see from the pictures the bus is on its root. there is a car underneath. the crash closes the parkways, fire trucks and ambulances swarmed that area. a federal judge ordered alleged leaker reality winner to remain in jail until trial. the 25-year-old working as a government contractor is charged with leaking classified information to a reporter, prosecutors argued she might possess more stolen government secrets and should remain behind bars, they say she is a flight risk. of convicted she could face a maximum penalty of 10 years in
7:18 am
prison. two recalls from hyundai involving 600,000 vehicles to tell you about, one is 437,000 santa fe and santa fe sport suvs, model year 2013-2017. hyundai recalling 161,000 vehicles, 15-16 vehicles, a warning light alerts drivers the rking brake engaged, they will notify owners later in the month, the others will make the repairs for free. finally scientists are freaking out as much as scientists ever freak out over this fossil found in me and mark the remains of a baby bird that was trapped in tree sap, this is believed to be 99 million years old. it belongs to a group of tooth birds that went extinct with the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. this is the most complete fossil
7:19 am
ever discovered ever. it is pretty interesting. coming up the fallout from the testimony of jim comey, donald trump's lawyer ready to file a barrage of lawsuits on the heels of that testimony, details next and forward cutting its global workforce through buyouts, details on the automaker's moved to boost its share price, back in a moment. ♪
7:20 am
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7:22 am
back in the us james comey's bombshell testimony had triggered a lot of conversation. he confirmed the controversial meeting on the tarmac was one of the issues for him between bill clinton and loretta lynch.
7:23 am
he said that influenced his decision to go public with the hillary clinton email investigation. >> was your decision influenced by the attorney general's tarmac meeting with bill clinton? >> yes, ultimately in a conclusive way that was the thing that kept it for me that i had to do somethinto protect the credibility of the investigation. the only other consideration i can talk of an open setting is the attorney general directed me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a matter, which confused me and concerned me. maria: but he did call it a matter. he said we opened a matter. the eastern district of arkansas, bud cummins is with us. you and james comey, he became your direct supervisor. we want to get from you your reaction on a personal level.
7:24 am
what did you think yesterday? >> i am a jim comey fan. i admire his abilities but yesterday, the most important testimony was about loretta lynch and her interference and attempt to manipulate the way he handled that investigation, there was the nucleus of the entire controversy. her decision to meet on the tarmac and to minisub -- manipulate his messaging led to him trying to solve a problem that wasn't his problem. when he made the decision to take on her role and make announcements about the prosecution decision he stepped into something he has never been been able to get out. maria: he is judge, jury and executioner. >> he was eminently qualified to make prosecutorial decisions but that wasn't the job he had that day and wasn't his responsibility but he tried to and he never got out of that and he lost credibility with the
7:25 am
democrats, theepublicans and that is an ongoing vacation. >> the president receives a directive that he thinks is inappropriate rather taking steps he knows he should take that are prescribed, he take matters into his own hands to write a memos, not inform his supervisors and leak those later, a pattern of making the wrong decision when the right decision is a necessity. is that right? >> he has a responsibility to firewall off, this is not the first white house that ever tried to reach over the line and dabble in business they need to stay out of on the political side, his job is to stiff arms had, firewall it off and do it in a pretty frank way and that if you look at the history of presidents and attorney general, caused friction between them because the good attorney general, john ashcroft is going to do that. and similarly, the deputy attorney general, the fbi director, the same response
7:26 am
ability, he didn't do it definitively and it led to these problems. >> knowing jim comey he drafted a letter of resignation as acting attorney general to threaten president bush over wiretapping. he never took that step with loretta lynch and never took that step with jeff sessions but in his dealings with donald trump particularly after donald trump told him i hope you can let this go, why would he do that knowing him, why take such a more dramatic action in one instance but not with lynch or donald trump? >> i don't know the answer to that but i think you are right. if you see a matter of principle and you send a message that there is a matter of principle here and we stop this conversation or whatever and it doesn't stop, you are obligated to offer your resignation and you do it in a bright line way
7:27 am
and not with all this. >> compromising the integrity of commenting on an and -- ongoing investigation, unprecedented act so he has created a snowball effect that it has happened and that is why we are having was still stuck on this loretta lynch situation, he should have never said anything because the fbi hadn't done that before. >> back with the email investigation? i think that is right. by entering that debate he lost credibility with certain factions in congress, both parties, go back a few months and you will find democrats criticizing, republicans and once the fbi director's neutrality or credibility is brought into question it might be time to bring somebody in the doesn't have that baggage. maria: helix classified information to a professor with an understanding of that person will he could to the new york times. he tells us loretta lynch asked him to call it a matter and not
7:28 am
an investigation. was yesterday when for donald trump? >> i believe in all the important points it is. we learned almost beyond reasonable debate he didn't obstruct justice. we learned he wasn't under criminalinvestigation. it was a win and it is not being reported in the papers i am reading in the green room enough, but the real important thing was this all started with the failure of the attorney general in the last administration to do her job. everyone else is a victim of that including if donald trump lost confidence in jim comey he is one of many the lost confidence in jim comey because he tried to fix this problem with loretta lynch. maria: she should have said i can't meet you given that we are interviewing your wife and two days. >> she should have done that are recused after she met with him
7:29 am
if she felt after the meetings that she didn't see the problem on the front end she should have said i'm recused from this matter, she tried to live in the middle and comey tried to fix it. maria: are you surprised the spying and unmasking did not come up to q we are talking about unmasking by susan rice actual criminality and no one is talking about that. >> i am surprised but congress, they love the simple story, the drama, these senators are not going to let this rest, they will keep milking it along as they can. in the meantime north korea tested a missile yesterday. we need to build bridges and highways, we need tax reform and deregulation and frankly this is kind of a dc story. in arkansas they are talking tax reform and deregulation. dagen: we are asking where is it? we will see. it is a distraction, does it obstruct the agenda? it has obviously been a
7:30 am
distraction. will they do that this year? >> you hear members of congress behind the scenes that there is work going on but expectations, a big election. the country is very polarized and big expectations and they need to perform. maria: we appreciate it. tourism signs intended did to generate love are not only illegal but costing taxpayers millions. we have details on that. churning up a new twist on a classic. more adult giving boozey ice cream a shot. back in a minute. think again. this is the new new york.
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.. .. bp engineered a fleet of 32 brand new ships with advanced technology, so we can make sure
7:33 am
oil and gas get where they need to go safely. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. welcome back. good friday morning everyone. it is friday june 9. your top stories right now at 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. british prime minister theresa may makes a big gamble on the special election and the backfires in a big way leaving the country's with a hung parliament. what it means for the toxin to leave the european union. the markets are taking the election results in stride. that's listed equities. the futures in the u.s. indicating a higher open for the broader averages.
7:34 am
in europe stocks are higher across the board as i mentioned the british pound dropped sharply after the exit polls. things had stabilized a bit but you are looking at a weaker pound boosting equities. cass on capitol hill. the former fbi director unloading and present trumpet during yesterday's tent senate hearing. although it requires no reason at all to fire and fbi director. they then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying the organization was in disarray. it was poorly led. the work force have lost confidence in its leader. those relies plain and simple. they fired back in the tweet. despite so many false statements and lies. and while the fallout from the
7:35 am
bombshell testimony as administration it works to get back on message. stocks closed mostly higher. take a look. the best performer was in korea. they're driving up efforts to trim the global workforce. they are offering thousands of people buyouts. the federal government slamming the brakes on the tourist signs. regulations and regulators say that the i love new york signs are actually illegal. brain freeze and buzz. do you want alcohol in your ice cream. we are we're checking it out this morning. more fallout in washington this morning. the white house correspondent is light at the white house this morning with the very latest.
7:36 am
let me be honest with you we waited it with great anticipation yesterday that the president might tweet anything about the testimony that was ongoing on capitol hill. we waited and waited and we got nothing. that is of course until this morning. let me share what mr. trump is up tweeting this morning about yesterday's hearing. despite some false statements and lies. total and complete vindication. indeed it was a memorable -- memorable day. he suggested that he was fired because of his role in the ongoing investigation into russian meddling. that is a charge that the white house denies. a riveting two hour and 45 minute hearing on the hill. hubley this out. the hearing made the following. crystal clear the president is a subject of the russia investigation.
7:37 am
he never asked to stop the investigation and he never demanded his loyalty to him but he is accusing the former director of leaking a memo to the press of his recollection of what they've have with the president. although mr. comito testified that he only leaked licked the memos in response to a tweet the public record reveals that the new york times was quoting from this memos the day before the referenced wheat which allows them. with the privileged information and appears to be entirely retaliatory. and a source close to the team is telling fox news that we expect them to file a complaint with the department of justice. early next week about the disclosure. later today there can we having a news conference with the president of romania and were betting that the hearing will come up.
7:38 am
we will be watching that. joining me right now. as the alabama republican senator. good to have you on the program this morning. i really want to focus on the agenda in a minute. some of the things that we learned about with the conduct disturbs me. i think it was a good day for the president. i have to say i'm very confident in the work of the bipartisan intelligence committee. they will get their work done. i'm confident they will get to the truth. i'm hoping we will now turn our attention to the agenda of the american people and what they want to see implemented. he wrote memos these were classified documents and he gave that document to a friend of his. he was a professor at columbia university than he expected to leak to the new york times. under oath. he is leaking classified data to reporters. what is the follow up on
7:39 am
that. i'm sure there will be a follow-up on that. when we are dealing with a situation of leaks anyway that we are concerned about it's troubling to hear that in the hearing. here we are all speculating about whether or not present trumpet was obstructing justice in getting involved in the investigation. his boss at of the time. an active investigation. he told her call it a matter investigation. but his obstructionism right there. he did change his description of the investigation to make it consistent with the clinton campaign. i'm sure will be following up on that.
7:40 am
i know it your your colleagues are likely going to follow. these are blockbuster items that came out of that testimony yesterday. see mike i think that's why the president have a good day yesterday. it does raise a lot of issues that are concerning. i've confident that the professionals in charge will get to the bottom of it. the things that people in my seat really care about infrastructure, was supposed to be the subject of this week. that is what i hear about every day. in alabama and for people around the country. the president son spoke to sean hannity last night. he said this heari is over now evyby should be moving on. listen to this. this has been a ten month witchhunt.
7:41 am
i think that is passed. he can go back to doing what he promised he could do. they can't be obstructionist. he can go back to doing the things he was can do. as we speak a health care bill shifts into the senate. can you tell us where it is and what the prospects of that becoming law are. what encourages me is that we have made the decision to come to a vote before the fourth of july recess. people need to focus their attention has been particularly devastated by obama care. it has got to be addressed. now the pressure is on for us to come up with a plan that actually brings premiums down and fixes the bourbons of some that were dealing with. i understand i've been told from the house that they are
7:42 am
going to accept whatever the senate delivers. it's great news senator. and then we want to talk to tax reform. i will do everything i can to make sure we get a vote. it's just critically important. let me ask you about the debate around tax reform. they all want to see tax reform take place. after impact the in fact the health care bill moves to a vote. and where is the debate in terms of the reductions in the corporate rate and of course in terms of that border adjustment tax. the goal is to reform our tax code and do some of the things the president talked about all for the purpose of creating growth. i hear more about the tax reform issue in than than
7:43 am
probably any other because i travel around. is not just large corporations. it is returning money to the u.s. i think the bottom line is the measure of success. we've got to get this economy going. how do we know it i can have the same can kind of fight on tax reform that we just saw the battle take place on healthcare. i think you have to anticipate the battle. beyond the coming drama is an agenda by that democratic party to prevent the trump agenda. not just in reform policies and confirming nominees for cabinet post. there well certainly be a debate. the white house have made a top priority. the treasury treasury secretary and others about what we want. they're trying to get as much
7:44 am
consensus up front before they give it to the american people. in is to be done right. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. we will be right back. me's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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7:47 am
welcome back. the u.s. pilot she started armed drum in syria. cheryl with the details. the u.s. officials say that american fighter jet shot down a syrian drone after it fired on u.s. back troops. it happened in the southern part of the country inhabited an area where us-led coalition teams are treating searing rebels that are there to fight isis. we've never seen this before. american officials are telling the journal that this was the first time that allies had used a drone to attract our forces. they continue to rise.
7:48 am
they've added 12 organizations and 59 people that are associated with cutter to a terror sanctions list. the qatari government has been performing terrorist groups. while, back here at home. they were starting to offer buyouts. the goal to cut headcount by 1400. ford has been under pressure to boost the stock price. taking a look of the stocks though. the ford shares were almost 50% interest in the past years. and then finally death. you know the famous i love new york science. they might be illegal. they told foxnews that they have to be modified because they are a distraction to drivers. there is a website address on them. the government said these are actually advertise them.
7:49 am
if the state does not comply with the law and change the sides live pictures out of london. back to you. thersea may is actually just leaving buckingham palace right now. she has met with the queen and was obviously a brief meeting. we are expecting her to speak after her meeting with queen elizabeth. when she gets back to headquarters. coming up next. a boozy brain freeze. they are asking for refills of the special ice cream. we will give you the scoop next. training i need your love.
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brexit together and over the next five years build a country in which no one and no community is left behind. a country in which prosperity and opportunity are shared right across this united kingdom. what the country needs more than ever as certainty. and having secured the largest number of votes in the greatest numbers of seats in the general election it is clear that only the conservative party has the legitimacy and ability to provide that certainty by commanding a majority in the house of commons. as we do we will continue to work with our friends and allies in the democratic unionist party in particular.
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