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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  June 12, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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with that campbell will say hello to our fellow passenger. >> i stifled my rage because i don't want to get arrested. that's the best i can offer. lauren: am really annoyethat i'm just going to smile. true to my mother says i traveled on to see her, just don't get arrested on your way. low bar. works very well. thank you, ladies. and i can make towel and four maria bartiromo. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. getting the agenda back on track as the white house no-space the controversy surrounding james comey's testimony last week. the administration solely focused on getting america back to work. president trump to unveil a new jobs in wisconsin tomorrow. this comes as the battle over tax reform and health care ramp up on capitol hill.
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average in the park. new york city plague uses a president trump look-alike for the role of the assassinated julius caesar. the fallout as delta and bank of america will hold their sponsorship. uber under fire. the board of directors to unveil a massive shakeup followed an investigation into sexual harassment scandal. sever part of a ceo travis kalanick could take a leave of absence while another executive could be out of a job. details ahead. future showing the start of a week. the dow closed at a record high on friday. the nasdaq stocks, facebook, amazon, netflix and google were in the dumps on friday. we will dig into that later this hour. europe stocks lower across the board. france and germany to and germany to take a slower speed the cac courant.
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markets were all in the red as well. a one and a quarter% loss on the hang seng. you see right across your screen to start this week. a massive heat wave strike in the u.s. record-breaking temperatures from omaha to new york city. what you can expect the rest of the week coming up. penguins put in the predators on ice. pittsburgh topping nashville to win a second straight stanley cup. highlights from the big game ahead. of that and more coming up a financial analyst others in morocco is back. she strategist michael block. pwc partner mitch rachelle. welcome, each and every one of you. mike has set the bar high. he was pre-gaming with pantera. i don't know where pantera takes you, but we will see. >> it's very calm, very
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exciting. as washington is as well post the prizes. to discuss the agenda and everything that matters to your money. ron desantis is here. fox news senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano and congressman and presidential candidate ron paul. you don't want to miss a second of it. better trump penning back jobs, kicking off workforce development way, focusing on boosting apprenticeship program. this comes as the white house continues to grapple with fallout from fbi dirt cheap comey's testimony last week. the president once again waded into the news tweeting this yesterday. i believe the leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone thought possible. totally illegal. very cowardly!
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south carolina president lindsey graham are getting in the way of his agenda and something getting done. watch this. >> here is what is so frustrating for republicans like me. you may be the first in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately talking about investigation that issue with clear you. it's frustrating to me to help a man who will do good things. believe it or not, donald trump may deliver us from a broken immigration system. this is not helping. dagen: former new york congresswoman, were direct as for the independent women's forum day haworth. how does it help with using language like going down in terms of the presidency. none of these republicans were helping the knifepoint that to the panel.
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>> is really disciplined on all sides. there is a great agenda of the president is the lack that legitimately to pursue including job creation is the richest mentioning. she needs to apply discipline to his social media habits. he's capable of doing it, very smart man who knows how to reach out to the public and we have to hang together. we are going to have to, all about learn how to ask that the signals among ourselves and not use language that is vulnerable to those on the left to want to bring the agenda down. >> is clearly going to the base for the trees. cannot be broader? the base gets fragmented at times that the messages coming over. >> yes because they tend to be
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unfortunately a bit intemperate, may be impulsive. the president is now questioned blunt and in some ways that is to be preferred over certain other forms of communication. the president is great at reaching out. look at the groups he campaigned among when he was running for president. he went to urban communities. he went to the blue states. he appealed to labor. they bring in a very important way because this jobs initiative >> let's talk about that. yesterday president trump had one comey treat all day long but it was about the economy. the number of jobs created. but the apprenticeship program you have a record number of job openings. 6 million positions waiting to be filled.
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according to stats, nine out of 10 americans who completed trenches training linda job. the strategy is $60,000 a year. get people back into the workforce. >> exciting to hear about this. the thing with this is you have hoping to increase the american workers what is going to drive growth and wages. we want to keep hearing about this. my question for you is who is in trump circles to get them refocus on what is going on here. enough with the e-mail's. we keep going back to back. enough with a screen that's focused on growth. its focus on making america great again. you can help me do that? >> i agree. the president has a group of gifted people around him. he's chosen some very smart people, not all of whom have fallen into line with everything
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he said. we know that as well. we all look to sub for her. mrs. trump is going to be taking a presence in the white house. she's also quite savvy. dagen: she treated a photo. >> exactly. having heard there might be a positive influence. >> issue taking installed? >> the jubilee of the media in part, it may be there for an folks in the message of the treats and e-mails and newsgroup initiatives like health care and tax reform. >> other, no question about it. the president creates debate and takes the bait. he really has so much to offer in such an important agenda. he has to be aware that the media are not going to be with him. >> at that point in a press conference on friday, and i'll
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talk to robert mueller and also the potential existence and so now what's everybody talking about? jeff sessions testifying tomorrow. we don't know in public or not. i felt a lot of the republicans because there is division in the agenda. on how to raise revenue in any kind of tax reform. a lot of division about health care because the non-conservative republicans don't want to give up that acute beauty of god under obamacare. every reason to oppose the bill in the senate. >> i lived in the house of representatives for now as they are. we had the great wave in 2010 without will be able to move forward swiftly. it was very difficult. a lot of it is in every
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congressional district in every state there a certain key concerns among constituencies that the electives to monitor their party have to honor. one thing the president has been calling for that is a very smart thing for him to pursue and i would pursuit of behind-the-scenes with mitch mcconnell to her car in the filibuster and cloture in legislation because truly, chuck schumer -- >> exactly. it doesn't matter how brilliant the plan republicans come up with and how unified they may be an ecumenical day will be about those concerns, chuck schumer is going to block it. tragedy at getting awfully cute to testify in firm of congress. think about your constituents. there is a conch of her seat -- conjuror show production of shakespeare and the part of the
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shakespeare play julius caesar crossing the new york based public theater some of its sponsorship money. most outside bank of america shows basically sees there is portrayed as donald trump. it's a donald trump look-alike being stabbed to death on the senate floor. your reaction to this controversy. >> the fascinating thing is of course the director of the place as of course we are pointing out that it's a very bad thing to assassinate the leader because of course julius caesar in the play they come to a very dreadful. but everybody's going to focus on is the fact they're assassinating a figure of donald trump. it's incredibly hypocritical for folks in the entertainment industry. >> so violent. just so, so violent. they should've never done not with his predecessor. >> are saying enough is enough.
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>> you saw what happened to kathy griffin and. they blamed the trump family for taking her down rather than personal responsibility. >> i don't know whether anyone would take her seriously. outside bank of america are listening to the american public, which they showed. >> after what happened with kathy griffin, you can dislike trump. why would she do this. >> it's new york city. they are playing to their base. they left wing liberal lunatics who have been to the shakespeare and want to enjoy seeing something like that. >> i like shakespeare, too. it's more clever than you are. >> i think it's difficult for brands to get associated with something that becomes
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controversial. back then in fact be bad publicity. >> you're right. it is really sad and troubling that so many figures in the market place, retailers, we saw with the ivanka trunk lines that things have been so politicized around the figure of the president in this way. outside bank of america did the right thing. it is a sad commentary on where we are in this political -- trained to know that it's getting better. men have worth, take care. bluebird struggling to put his troubles in a rearview mirror. resigning amid questions about the work of its culture. the fallout ahead of the ridesharing giant. but the u.s. add another star to its flat? barfly. puerto rico voted for statehood in a contentious referendum.
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tomorrow. according to "the wall street journal," chief business officer could resign as early as today. this comes after claims of harassment, discrimination and bullying. puerto rico has voted for statehood in a nonbinding referendum. half a million people voting to turn the u.s. territory into the 51st state. the participation rate was just 23% that leads many to question the validity of the vote boycotted by several opposition parties. congress has the final word. the referendum on the 100th anniversary of the u.s. granting u.s. citizenship to puerto rico. summer has arrived in the form of a heat wave over much of the country. the heat stretch from omaha junior and forecasters say it's going to stick around for a few days. omaha sun 94 degrees yesterday for chicago saw 88.
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new york expecting temperatures in the 90s today and tomorrow. the cool off in the new york area on wednesday. finally this. the stanley cup trophy they stayed in pittsburgh. been in the predators in six games. the mvp for the second straight year. >> we set out to go back to back. we knew it was going to be difficult. that is probably where the most joy comes this just knowing how difficult it is to go back to that. >> penguins become the first team in 19 years to win back to back titles. i did see something about nascar over the weekend. but i'll leave it there. my sister was all jazzed about it. dagen: we want to go back to goober really quickly. michael, what the heck is going on with this company?
6:19 am
does that even matter this point? he's been a lightning rod over and over again including him berating one of the goober drivers on camera. >> it matters to the great phenomenon for a liberal except in silicon valley as people blame wall street all the time. it's become this mass of sexual harassment and article in correctness that make it harder for hoover to have a good public image and to attract the right talent. the issue here is a lot of strong investors. but also the entire financial investing spec are most involved in these companies now. household names, endowments, all involved in goober. they're not going to stand for this. i don't think he's going to survive this. the company will be fine. dagen: part of the crisis that cooper has been a number of
6:20 am
things in the general feeling and understanding of what the culture was like in silicon valley. also the issue another goober executives who was accused of her confidential medical records. again, individuals who work there clearly stepping over lines. >> there are companies that the disruptor being disrupted. they are not the only team in town. local cities and commissions are becoming competitors. >> and behavior within the company. another interest rate hikes tomorrow. but we can expect the federal reserve meeting and markets. wonder woman buries the money at the box office. not all bad news for the tom cruise blockbuster. while universal might not have the franchise back to the crib
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dagen: stocks under pressure. 33.5 for the dow futures. tech stocks the worst performer in three markets for the second straight day of weakness in that sector and you've got the same stats they face back on amazon, netflix, microsoft and apple. they were taken down 3% to 4%. each and every one on friday. >> this is after massive fines.
6:25 am
>> alex played it here. over the weekend from a jet vocal from vanguard whose accomplish that isolate the u.s. stock market because everyone else is saying i'll go against the crowd. you are the crowd. everyone -- with all due respect, and once crowded into the same stocks. it's sure these tech stocks that it's not a matter of valuation. they gave it a case for the research which is semi-conduct tours.and how it's going a lot higher. the stock was down substantially because everyone knows that. that's the problem with stocks like this. whenever one cross into the same thing then there's any preservation system, things go down. stocks are still viable. people want to own growth. we are seeing day two of god. eventually led to him they stocks. >> it took someone to make the
6:26 am
first move which have to be golden in this case. let's get out of these names. these names may be oversold, overheated. let's move into other sectors such as financials and energy that were undervalued. is that the straw that broke the camels back? they will follow suit and get off the train. train to assuming the actual investors with money -- >> frankly i was making a call. if i'm not golden, folks say in the outcome of these talks are crowded. the rotation game you need to get into the stocks. >> twice a day. about anyone else. the point is there should be some rotation. one of the bullish things as dissertation. the u.s. financials and energy. nothing is too protected. there is coming out. keep your feet of him. dagen: real quick, what about
6:27 am
the fed? >> the question is that the fed is going to continue to raise rates, good for financials that they don't. they be not good for financials. >> one thing i'll say is that all comes down to positioning. financials were left for dead. the trading was going to be soft. we see it get flatter and flatter. everyone getting financials reduce your opportunity. sooner or later will see a tick up in the yield curve. i don't think what this type. dagen: they had to growth also hopefully would improve their lovemaking. >> phone book, trading at candidate, a lot of different things. for me it's a matter of saying -- >> so you like stocks. that's the question? we're in day two of the selloff. let it go with on the table and say now it's time to get back in
6:28 am
a great position. dagen: coming up in the new question swirling whether president trump recorded his conversations with former fbi dirt jim comey. the debate over the tape next. a boozy brain freeze. by adults are asking for refills of this ice cream. i've tried it. we will give you the scoop. ♪ i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value.
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dagen: welcome back, i'm dagen mcdowell in nor maria bartiromo. monday june 12th, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. the chaos over comey continues. president trump will reveal his conversations between him and the former fbi chief were recorded. republicans are urged the commander in chief to make the reveal as soon as possible. the latest as former fbi director comey may be called to testify on capitol hill yet again. could be a rough week for apple company stock downgraded for the second time in a week over concerns about hype around upcoming iphone 8, why the enthusiasm might be a bit too much. futures are showing weakness this morning. losses across the board.
6:32 am
the dow and the russell 2000 closed on friday at record highs. the real weakness was in the nasdaq which suffered a pretty stunning selloff. after hitting a record high early in trading and then you have losses across the board in europe and the biggest loser cac quarante in france. in asia overnight. the story was red across the board. japan, hong kong, shanghai and the kospi in south korea all lower. gamers rejoice. a new system in town. microsoft unveiling the x box x incredible new feature. wonder woman unwrapping another win. >> who is this young woman? >> she's my -- >> diana princess. >> diana prince.
6:33 am
dagen: beats tom cruise for taking on the mummy. tops over $400 million. beating the heat with a stiff drink and ice cream, we have the booze cooling down this summer. he recorded his conversations with former fbi director james comey. the legal team is going reveal whether or not the tapes this week. republicans are urging the president to clear the air on the matter as soon as possible. >> this is an issue that the president should have cleared up in his press conference, he could give a straight yes or no to the answer -- to the question of whether or not the tapes exist. i don't think a subpoena should be necessary and i don't understand why the president just doesn't clear this matter up once and for all. dagen: joining us former deputy
6:34 am
assistant districtor for the fbi's counterterrorism, counterterrorism division, terry. terry, your thoughts on this matter and the allegations that there's tapes out there. >> well, i guess, dagen, that if there are tapes out there, it'd be best to have them and see what's on them. i think we already foe what's on them if they exist. we know what director comey said and so we pretty much have already all made up our own minds as to whether anything on there constitutes some sort of crime. i'm actually much more concerned and quite frankly don't understand why we are not talking a lot more about that new york times article in february of -- february 14th of this year. that article according to mr. comey in his own words in the main wasn't true. i thought all of this started because of russian collusion and the whole idea that perhaps president trump colluding with the russians and i think we need to know a lot more about that article. we need to know about the three
6:35 am
or four sources inside government somewhere and their motives and if we want to answer the question about russia collusion, that's where we go to get that answer, not those tapes and i don't know why we are not working and worrying about that right now. dagen: terry, it's mitch. >> el. >> let's say there are no tapes, this issue ever go away? there's always going to be another theory after another theory. does the issue go away? >> well, that's really a great question and here is why, i don't think the issues are ever going to go away. they are going to come up with one issue after another if what i feel is correct and i actually feel president trump is the one who is the victim of a russian active campaign and could very well be that this is a political thing involving the democratic party, maybe. i think if there's russian collusion and russian intelligence behind this, all of this looks much more when you look at testified as it points in that direction and looks like
6:36 am
the victim campaign intend today destabilize our country and basically stop presidency which goes to the answer to your question, these issues aren't going to go away if that's the case, they will keep coming up one and then another. >> what would be the reasons to hold the tapes back if there are tapes? >> well, there wouldn't be any reason. if there are tapes, let them go. i mean, i think we are wonder if it's something he said but if there are tapes let them go. it benefits to let them go and we can all make up our own mind. dagen: terry, before we move on, we wouldn't be talking about this tapes, these tapes if president trump hasn't brought them up again on friday. >> well, he brings things up all of the time. dagen: but it hurts him, but it hurts him. it doesn't help. >> it doesn't and i think this is what we should expect if we are going to put a nonpolitician type person. we are pttyuch wings it when
6:37 am
heoe down and tks and i'm certainly willing to see that happens. that's what we get when we chose somebody that hasn't been around washington, d.c. this is the problem that we have in the first place with the fact that director comey, if nobody else was going to do it should have talk today president trump about the way you deal with the fbi because no president deals with the fbi the way he kind of did and i don't think he'd ever had any discussions with anyone about that. you've got to be very careful if you're going to sit there and talk to the fbi director about anything. this is not new. this is an open-secret in washington, d.c. that for eight years fbi director louis free and president bill clinton had a warfare going, they did not talk and all because president clinton felt slided on something that the director did. this is common. dagen: thank you so much for being here. we have breaking news to bring you. we have been watching it, the
6:38 am
banners at the bottom of the screen, jeff is out of general electric. announcing that will be replaced by john flannery as ceo. current president of ge and health care, mike, what do you make of this? it speaks to what ge is today as a corporation. and by the way immelt will stay on till the end of this year. >> largely the company has been dead for investors. they're in the situation that cut off businesses that were profitable and generated cash flow over the years, the financial part of the business, they have been pairing things off meanwhile health care which was flannery ice domain are chugging along. people think of ge, they think of lighting. that business is probably for sale. they expanded heavily into oil
6:39 am
and gas, merging operations with bakeer hughes. a lot of talk about dividend and free cash flow going negative. people are going down on the stock. question is will investors view this as a positive step bringing in flanner you who has done a good job running health care in most investor's opinion, will it be good, this company has a lot to get through. i think someone on another network the other day said, you know, ge is the market, look to ge which thought -- dagen: who says that anymore? >> someone who shouldn't have said that because it was a silly thing. dagen: yeah, that's an old rusty saw. that's a chain saw with the chain. >> a person that shall remain nameless. they want stock market theory back. that's why they are all here. [laughter] >> when it comes down to the company doesn't have the relevance and we will see if
6:40 am
this can turn around. >> in the last year the stock is lower, this year is stock down and you can look at the premarket reaction. i think it was up about two and a half percent in premarket. that does say something about the need for leadership change. >> interesting story of transformation in that company because what most people think about it, what most people think about doing they are in completely different business. so maybe the change is all part of the transportation. >> the end game maybe but we are looking at ge and health care, ge is another and after that what's really left the industrial businesses, you know, heavy ones but not lighting. dagen: are you saying they would break the company up? >> yeah, it would be easier for investors to understand and allow focus business models. dagen: consolidate. >> they have a huge wall of debt and cash flows. flannery, you're up.
6:41 am
>> two weeks ago immelt came out and said high end of expectations, was that -- should he have not said that in terms of guidance is coming down where we are really going to have to stretch ourselves to meet the $2 earnings targets. >> in his defense he had to because he was pressured to talk about it. the fact of the matter is with debt services they have to do and the market shrinking in oil and gas for now, that can come back that that's the issue with this company, very challenging and people are saying you know what, we are not -- it's time for jeff to him and the board got to him. dagen: great analysis. we will have more on this as the morning wears on. the first family reunited under one roof, melania trump and baron say good-bye to the big apple plus wonder woman laso's
6:42 am
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dagen: welcome back, futures pointing to a 20-point lose on dow futures. watching the nasdaq, of course, major selloff to report in the nasdaq. on friday people were looking at that and worrying about that potentially and we will point out that the ceo of general electric is stepping down and he is being replaced under ml's tenure at ge from september of 2001, that stock is down 28%. if you invested in the dow or s&p 500, you'd be up triple digits. we are looking at a few more stocks on the move this morning. microsoft invialing latest video game console. x box 1x, the most powerful x
6:46 am
box ever made. expect today launch november 7th for 500 bucks. microsoft shares are down this morning as big selloff in shares yesterday along with apple an apple has been downgraded to neutral to buy in second time in a week. analysts expect iphone 8. apple shares lower in premarket trading. insider attack killing soldiers in afghanistan. >> afghan soldier opened fire killing three of them and wounding one. the gunman was killed in return fire, the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack, more than 8,000 u.s. troops are currently stationed in afghanistan, we should add. the trump administration considering sending up to 5,000 additional troops to that country.
6:47 am
well, montana congressman elect greg gianforte has agreed to plea guilty to misdemeanor assault. gianforte has apologized and global donate $50,000 to the committee to protect journalists, the incident happened in gianrorfe headquarters last month. the white house is a full house now that first lady melania and son baron have joined president trump in the executive mansion at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. their official move to washington coming nearly five months after the president was inaugurated. melania and baron had been living in trump tower in new york until baron finished the school year, baron is to attend a private school in maryland this fall. and then wonder woman she beat the competition, new competition at the weekend box office.
6:48 am
>> be careful of mankind, diana. cheryl: totally bearing the competition which by the way with tom cruise the mummy, much lower 32 million in debut weekend. captain underpants based on the children's book, came in third, pirates of the caribbean finishing fourth, 10 million and marvel guardian of the galaxy, highest-grossing film this summer thus far with $5 million. the latest at the box office. dagen: thank you, cheryl. i finished bench watching the new season of house of cards. >> don't say anything.
6:49 am
dagen: i'm going say strong women robin and patricia clarkson is in it and i started watching the old show damages and i highly recommend that as well also on netflix. i'm a loser, that's what do i watch tv. a new tryst on a dessert classic, more adults giving boozey ice cream a shot. we have the scoop, next. [laughter]
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dagen: and this news breaking in the last 20 minutes or so, jeff
6:53 am
immelt is out at general electric. company just announcing that immelt will be replaced by john flannery, flannery is currently president and ceo of general health care. as mike block pointing out just a short while ago this move is not surprising and was expected by some but you ask why broadly speaking because since jeff immelt took over as ceo of general electric, in september of 2001, that stock is down 28%. what have the dow and s&p done, they are up triple digits. those broad market gains, you invested in index fund you would have more than doubled money. you put your money on jeff immelt running ge, you would have lost money. that's point-blank, mike, what we are talking about. general electric shed low-margin
6:54 am
businesses like the -- they got out of the lending business out of the financial business, got out of the appliance business but it's not enough to satisfy investors. >> heather made a point earlier where they have been promising for shared targeted and couldn't make them anymore. they have legacy businesses. they have come contractual revenues in a lot of business that is -- businesses that are stifling business growth, oil and gas that are coming back and biting them. dagen: the baker musical? >> it's going take time. you did the math on the valuation of this company right now and really i can't find
6:55 am
anyone that likes it, ironic that no one likes it maybe the best thing coming for it right now. >> how much did you think it's in response to activists? >> brilliant activists investors had been there for a while and had been trying to work for the company and these guys tried to work with the company and the other folks there and they've done, you know, they've done great job with a lot of companies. this is really a -- what ge stables of a company here. i predict this is going to be three or four companies in the future, health care, industrial businesses, oil and gas and we are going to see where it goes from there but this is a long game, it's not a trade. dagen: we have robert wolf on the phone, he's a fox news con tribe outer. he's guest in mornings with maria, ran ubs back in the day. robert, what do you make of
6:56 am
this? >> well, listen, as you know, i've worked with jeff for over a decade and spent four or five years with him on president obama's advisory council. listen, just a thought leader, he had to go through incredible thought decade of transforming ge away from ge capitol and back as your prior guests have cited. i just tuned in but as prior guests mentioned into really the three-core business, industrial, health care and i think that during that transformation he took the company from, you know, where they were losing billions of dollars to now an incredible well-capitalized company and i think like all ceo's sometimes it's time to pass the torch. you take the company to these transformations and based on what i read about flannery it seems like he's absolutely the right guy and so i think it seems like it's going to be a very smooth transition. with respect to nelson and ed
6:57 am
gardner and them, listen, they work hard to make sure for their investors that they are forcing decisions at these type of large companies, whether they end up going to a split, who knows, obviously it didn't work with pepsi and pepsi is flourishing. i think time will tell whether this company will stay as one now that ge capital. dagen: robert, that was incredible analysis that you gave us in about a minute and we thank you for that. we wish you were here in person. >> me too, thank you, dagen. appreciate it. dagen: we will be right back, everybody. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed everything in our living room.
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. monday june 12th, top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern. in the last half hour this news breaking, jeff immelt out of general electric. company announcing that immelt will be replaced by john flannery as chairman and ceo. flannery is the current and president of ge health care. you can take a look at the market reaction. jeff immelt hitting the brakes and the stock higher up more than 3%. getting america back to work again, president trump to unveil job's program amid push for the white house as the administration looks to shake
7:01 am
off the russia election controversy. >> i'm calling for an end to the informations of president trump's colluding on -- with the russians. this needs to end. nobody has come forward with any evidence that there's been collusion between the trump campaign and the russians and it keeps persisting so it's time to put an end to this. dagen: latest on the renewed agenda push ahead. futures are showing losses across the board. another selloff at least it looks like it's going to happen on technology stocks, nasdaq 100 futures down. those winners this year, incredible winners like facebook and amazon and netflix and the google parent company, they tumbled on friday. in europe stocks also lower across the board in england france and germany there. about 1% loss in france and in asia overnight, same story, nothing but red across the board with the biggest loser being the
7:02 am
hang seng down at 1 and a quarter percent. chef boyardi recall of mislabeling, what you need to know before cracking open the can. the massive 447 million-dollar win ahead. all that and so much more coming up this morning, financial analyst heather, rhino trading partners michael block and pwc partner mitch. >> el. mitch, jeff immelt out, do you agree with robert wolf, robert was complementary of tenure even though immelt took over? >> if you compare to dow index it doesn't look great but if you think of all of the businesses that were in for the period of time and what happened to the businesses -- the financial prices taking place, you had the
7:03 am
industrial complex sort of changing so he had to navigate a lot of major disruption in traditional businesses. >> he did. in his defense he may have inherited as you say a lot of this, there's too many businesses across the board. maybe we need to consolidate and selloff more of these divisions to narrow focus. >> ge if you look backwards, looks like a private equity company with all of the portfolio companies and the private equity model it's private, you can do a lot of different things when you're a public company. dagen: the old thought is that ge is a guadalajara of the u.s. economy and to my point, the s&p 50 a gage of the company is up in the time that ge stock is down. >> at a different part of business cycle it was probably the belt weather. to jeff immelt's credit, he did guide them through the crisis.
7:04 am
>> they also got a lot of capital infusions during the financial crisis. >> it did. that's that. dagen: during the bull market ge shares actually did beat s&p and the dow, man, it got tough for the company and coming up this morning the report on all things oil and gas, fox news senior analyst judge andrew napolitano and golf tech ceo and former presidential candidate ron paul. president trump holding his first meeting with a full cabinet today. this is the gop pushes both health care and tax reform. majority saying both are a priority, watch. >> cutting taxes is going to inject so much momentum into this economy, create a lot of jobs, we also have the health care bill moving through the senate and i know they're trying
7:05 am
to get the text finalize so they can get to a vote by july 4th and i think both are important to do and to do them as soon as we can. dagen: joining me now florida congressman ron desantos. are you going to work through the recess to get this done? >> i think we have to. you hear in washington, oh, there's all these things on the agenda, the appropriations in addition which you mentioned and we just have so few legislative days. well, there's nothing written in stone that you have to take five weeks in august and early september, so my view would be we have to make the most of our opportunities now and to kind of cut out and combat without getting our work done would be a mistake, normally i would say it's better for the country when congress isn't in session because they can't do damage, but in this case we have a number of things lined up and i think the american people are not going to say, they just ran out of time, they tried. we have to get it done and
7:06 am
whatever it takes. dagen: congressman, it's mitch. >> el. >> with a fine identity number of days left and they have to start prioritizing what can be done and rock paper scissors game here, which of those becomes the priority? >> well, i think that -- i don't know that think of it that way because procedurally it's part of the reconciliation and you have to do that in order to go on to the next budget which would have the instructions to write the tax reform. i think you have to do both of those. i think you can do both of those. you know, the dodd-frank piece would be good for the economy, moving away from too big to fail and really lifting the burden on small and medium-sized financial institution who is have gotten clubbed by dodd-frank. the issue is what in the bill
7:07 am
would get 60 votes in the senate and it's not clear to me that there's a path for all of it, maybe some of it, but clearly i think it would be a very good thing to get that done. >> if we are lifting some of the financial regulations off of the financial institutions or the big banks and dodd-frank, what -- do you think that would be a positive for financials in freeing up more capital for them in the long run? >> oh, yeah, i think even in the short run if you look at the number of new banks that have come into existence since dodd-frank, and the biggest banks by the way have gotten bigger, they don't have the regulatory burden but they have means to deal with it. i think it hurts competition in that industry and, yes, i do think that you have the ability, when lending particularly for the small businesses that are kind of the life blood of all of
7:08 am
our communities, i think that is really been one of the worst things about dodd-frank. some of the big deals still get done but, man, we want a financial system where those, that money is available for people. dagen: congressman, much is made about president trump's problems, some issues, self-created, all of the drama coming out of the white house, senate leader mitch mcconnell wanting the president to provide less drama, if you will. but i point to the drama within your own party, where you have senators and people in the house that cannot agree how are you going to pay tax reform, are you going to do tax reform and in the senate you see division as they try to move ahead on the health care bill that you passed miraculously but they some senators in the republican party, they don't want to give up the medicaid hand outs, they are making issues about the opioid crisis and coverage for
7:09 am
rehab, if you will. is part -- is a bigger problem in essence the division within the party and not what happens out of the white house? >> well, i think that having debate within the party, i think that's a healthy. i think that's how you arrive at good outcomes. the taxes is a good example. a lot of us are very concerned about having a border adjustment tax in there. we think it's bad economics, we think that it will potential poy and healthy to have debates. the problem is when there's big campaign in campaign rhetoric and actions in washington and we were very strong for years running against obamacare now we are in a position where the house obviously passed a bill that senate is doing some negotiation to just not get that done and walk away. that would be a huge mistake. so i think it's just understanding the promises you've made, not letting the
7:10 am
swamp and the environment in the swamp distort that and just keep the rhetoric set on true north. to the extent we don't do that, i think that's when you can run into some problems. dagen: congressman, y'all might as well be running on fan boats, though. from the outside looking in, it looks like the same it was last october. >> well, i think, though, part of it is the narrative that gets spun in washington and i think one to have fall-outs from the comey stuff, a lot of the narrative that the media has been spinning about the president is a false narrative. comey was telling him behind the scenes you're not under investigation, you're not under investigation and publicly comey was being coy about it and i think that was very damaging to the president, to our agenda because it sucked a lot of the oxygen and i think it's highly
7:11 am
irresponsible of comey. i think we are beyond that in the hearing. we know that the president not under investigation. we know that there's not any evidence from the russia stuff and so i think if these committees can kind of bring this to a conclusion then i think they'll be more interest in some of the policy agenda. dagen: just really quickly, i said that last week during the hearings and after the hearings, i said that the republican senators sitting in the panel fed into the comey narrative that they didn't push him hard enough and questioned him hard enough. i know time was of the essence, the hearing quite frankly, they needed a lot more time to bare down on james comey but you did not hear that -- you wouldn't expect to hear frit the democrats but you didn't hear frit the republicans, just pressing him on why didn't you resign, why didn't you say something to president trump, why didn't you report this to anybody at the justice department if he felt compromised by trump's comments about michael flynn. all of that, i blame the republicans in part.
7:12 am
>> well, it's true. i mean, you noticed he said he felt queasy when attorney general lynch told him to refer as a matter and he didn't do anything to raise a red flag, he exonerated hillary himself because he felt lynch was conflicted but never offer today resign but i think one of the things that's coming through testimony is he tends to do what's best for him and image and i think his testimony has left a lot of questions and if he comes back to congress and maybe the senate or house judiciary committees, i think that there's going to be a lot of things he's going to have to answer for and so the extent he was going to be this star witness, i'm just not sure that that it was case at all. dagen: right, even senator dianne feinstein long-time democrat raising the issue of a senate panel looking into loretta lynch and what she told james comey about the hillary clinton investigation. congressman desantis, thank you so much. we will see you soon.
7:13 am
>> thank you. dagen: shake-up at the top of general electric, details of new chairman and ceo. parents check the pantry, chef boyardi recalling thousands of cans of a childhood classic. look closely.
7:14 am
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dagen: breaking news this morning a change in general electric. cheryl. cheryl: ceo jeff immelt is retiring. he's going to be replace bid john flannery in august who is currently the president and ceo of ge health care. the move was expected by some people who followed ge. general electric that immelt is going to remain chairman through the end to have year. flannery is going to take on the title of chairman on january 1st. immelt taking steps to reshape ge but the company has struggled to boost profits, ge shares are rallying on the premarket on the news of 3.61% as you can see on the screen. ge is a stock to watch today. we are al watching for you, more
7:17 am
than 77,000 pounds of chef boyardi is being recalled because of not being labeled. all have establishment est .794 m. inside the inspection marks, they had to look for it, chef boyardi. selling $2.68 million this year. anonymous fan of buffet agreed to pay the amount at a five-day ebay auction which drew 41 bids, the winner and friends get dinner and money going to charity. the charity has been the benefactor of mr. buffet warren lunch. some lucky winner out there is holding the ticket of $447 million, the powerball
7:18 am
ticket was sold in southern california on saturday, whoever owns it is going to claim the tenth largest lottery prize in u.s. history. the winning ticket was sold at marietta liquor in small city. the winner has a year and we shall see if they come forward hopefully soon. those are the headlines. dagen: diplomatic crisis in qatar rolling the markets. how the golf giant is refacing its brand for a new generation their experience is coveted.
7:19 am
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good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. dagen: the cost of crude oil and why you care about it, again, because that's what you put in your tank. oil up 1 and a half percent. up 79 cents a barrel but still well bell toe 50-dollar a barrel mark. a rough few weeks for the cost of crude falling 10% over the last three weeks. joining us now steven shork, steven, do you expect this weakness to continue? >> right now, dagen, if we are going to see any rebound in price it has to happen now, from a technical standpoint we are in a critical range, that's oil between the price of 45 and $47 a barrel. i do expect to hold. demand has never been stronger in this country and it is now the middle of june, we are going
7:23 am
into the peak summer driving season. the gasoline demand about to surge and with oil down at a level that it's a critical range and so into that wall street, wall street went all in on higher oil prices. they were wrong, they've reset and there's a lot of bullets sitting on the side of the market so between oil 45, 4 7, i do expect to hold going in the summer. beyond the summer, is another question. >> hey, stephen it's michael block. we can talk about supply and demand. we saw invent other data which windshield smashing bugs, frankly. one issue and the saudis are not the -- you know, are not the lever they used to be but there's some concern i'm getting from some clients that the tension between saudis and qatar is undermining the viability of
7:24 am
the opec agreement. if there is, you know, piece so to speak, do you think there can be a catalyst to the upside? >> not really, michael. the rift between saudi and qatar is actually a bearish event. qatar accounts for less than 2% of opec's production. if qatar were in the united states it would the fourth largest producer in the united states alone. from a geopolitical standpoint what we are seeing now is once again never far from the service is a 1400-year-old, shall we say the 50-year-old and, of course, with sunni saudi taken into the iranian backed qatar shea, this is a rift that's going to put into question the cohesion of opec. if you were bullish oil with regard to opec, you have to be very concern because the cartel failed miserably to balance the market in the first six months
7:25 am
this year and that's the problem because i said earlier, the demand for crude in the united states has never been stronger, what is going to happen in the months ahead regardless of any sort of unity back within the cartel when over the next couple of months demand begins to fall back off here specially in the united states and the u.s. producer is still going to put on an extra 200,000-dollar-barrels a day by the end to have year. at this point we are still looking at a market that's well glutted. so you have to ask yourself, if opec could not bounce the market when demand has never been stronger, how are they going to balance it when the demand falls out while shell producers adding barrels. >> is there a price range where they can turn the switch on and off and right now 46 and a half, but where is the price point where they stop production, where is the price point when they start production? >> well, that curve is starting
7:26 am
to fall further and further lower of oil bull. what we can say with confidence by looking at the rig counts, you look at the upstream guys are doing in terms of ahead. a lot of production back and a lot of oil in the 55, 57-dollar range and the cost cover of what we are seeing, they are coming online making money and we keep on lowering the bar here. where we are now 45-47 you would expect to see some of that production curtail and if we do see further weakness as you get through the peak summer demand season, clearly this would have an impact. to answer your question to be clear on this, 55, 56-dollar oil
7:27 am
is like ringing the dinner bill for producers and anything between that and $45 you start to see diminish in returns on production. so it wouldn't be until you saw production -- excuse me price well below $40 that you would see any sort of significant knock-onto pullback introduction. dagen: great analysis as always. you covered the world in terms of oil, stephen thank you so much. turmoil at the top of uber, key executive to resign today, what the trouble means for the ride-sharing giant? and attorney general jeff session heading to the hot seat tomorrow to testify about the russian meddling probe. but will the public be inviteun? judge andrew napolitano weighs in. that's next. ded to be.
7:28 am
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over russia election meddling concerns. if i'm just sessions jeff sessions i'm asking the same questions after hearing james comey testimony i want to say why didn't i know what was in
7:31 am
the house members. i am your boss. i think he is probably can come and raise those questions and explain they were not reporting to him. what his appearance tomorrow means for the administration. that's ahead. the testimony comes as his predecessor comes under fire her cell. they are facing criticism from both sides of the aisle after former fbi director testified that they wanted to downplay the investigation of the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. a new focus on jobs. they are expected to unveil a new jobs push. they speak about the plan and the importance of training this hour. >> it is not a woman's issue it affects women and
7:32 am
minorities especially when you think out into the future where the available jobs today and the future jobs are coming from. a lot of them are in stem related fields. he feels very vindicated in all of the statements he has been making. >> breaking news this morning the company just announced saying that he will be replaced as the chairman and ceo. flannery is a current president and ceo of healthcare. the stocks and took over in 2001 ended suffer through the financial crisis is down about 28 percent. it's up more than a hundred 20% during the tenure. >> the board of director is expected under bill a massive
7:33 am
shakeup. several reports could take a leave of absence. the details ahead. futures are down across the board this morning. twenty-eight-point loss on the features appeared the six particular stocks. the major selloff there. we have a loss of three to 4% on facebook, amazon, netflix apple and microsoft on friday. you see the heavy selling and names. the markets all in the red there. getting your golf skills out of the rough. golf tech aims to change your game. jeff sessions is set to testify before the intelligence committee.
7:34 am
what we don't know yet is whether the american people well actually cure that testimony. watch. don't know whether it's can be public and i challenge the jurisdiction to some extent. i am on both committees as you know. i believe the judiciary committee has the oversight responsibility for the justice department and therefore it is very fitting for the attorney general to appear there. i've written two letters to the senator grassley suggesting that. >> we've not disclosed and finalized this. we are still in this final conversation. join us out to weigh in do think you will be testifying in public or private. >> it is a little bit of an inside the beltway in the weeds.
7:35 am
my own view is that he is right. the senate judiciary committee has lawful oversight review. it is an unusual testimony because he's not cannot be testifying as the attorney general telling them about a probe that he is conducting. he will be testified as a witness about what he saw and heard that is fraught with danger for him. should he ever had to become a witness again. has he already spoken to the person for which he may be a witness. this is a very unusual situation. he is conducting an investigation that jeff sessions is prohibited from being involved in. if he is going to dispute some
7:36 am
of the things that the former fbi director james comey says, as i can have a political effect. he supposedly didn't tell the committee about all this. i love that you can laugh about it. it is also uncharted territory. the president and the attorney general and the former attorney general in the former fbi director are in at this moment. the director comey raised that question.
7:37 am
he said that the fbi leadership before his sessions at recusal was aware of the fact. it just to raise an issue that certainly he needs to address. you ask a very prudently in the intro to the segment why didn't james comey tell his boss jeff sessions about the memos involved. if he believed that the president had ordered him that the president as we know didn't use the word order to lay off of general flynn. the answer i was aware of metals that went to the attorney general. he was good to be out of the case. and we do not want to prejudice him or it by telling
7:38 am
him that. the command in terms of james comey saying to someone this was sent to me by president trump the hope, and the problem there. rob rubenstein does it come in until the end of april. if it was a problem why did he not speak out. i thought his testimony was credible and compelling. and they have an opportunity to address. what was new to the public but not new to both of us. was a criticism of loretta lynch.
7:39 am
in the wake of the testimony they instructed him to downplay the significance. he was running as the judge pointed out. the senators on both sides of the aisle are now calling for an investigation watch this. >> i would have a queasy feeling as though to be candid with you. we to know more about this. that is a judiciary committee to take a look at that. they have become a political office. i want to get to the bottom of that. what could possibly come out of any investigation. he has laid out a case that she made decisions that moved the levers of power in the justice department based on the political needs of barack obama in the clinton
7:40 am
campaign. the only evidence he is given for that are two things is still unexplained. it's probably unexplainable in that context. but the effort to get the fbi to use the same language that the clinton campaign was using to characterize the fbi investigation the language which is alien to law enforcement. we don't do matters we do criminal investigations. it might very will be misconduct in office. the use of federal law enforcement for a domestic political purpose would constitute the misconduct. as a result of his testimony there are at least two or three more investigations which will commence. but the newest one is the one were talking about is of obama people not trump people.
7:41 am
i love all of the time that i've gotten to spend with you. a bumpy ride ahead for huber. they face pressure to resign. the air are join us to talk about how new text can improve your golf game. [music] when they need us. heh. think again.
7:42 am
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7:44 am
dagen: they could be facing some major changes. we have all the details. uber board of directors met on sunday to discuss all of their recent issues.
7:45 am
a potential resignation of chief business officer. a leave of absence for calendar comes at a time of both personal and professional turmoil. the 44-year-old's mother recently died in a boating accident. the uber employees in 2013 was really a stand. he was also seen in the video yelling at an uber driver he could resign as early as today. that is according to a report from the wall street journal. you will remember he suggested that they hire a team of opposition to dig into the personal lives of a journalist who reported negatively about uber. it said to be related to a internal investigation. holder's investigation holders investigation comes after 20 manager and other employees were fired last week for claims of harassment.
7:46 am
the recommendation for the company was presented from his board meeting which could include a new hr process. now they have not issued any comments on these recent developments. dagen: this raises an issue if he has to step aside at least for a short time who is running the show over there given the turmoil and the management shakeup that is still ongoing. >> i will start by asking a question. how prevalent is this sort of culture. there seems to be this entitlement that we are talented programmers. it sounds like we have a very tactile culture.
7:47 am
you would have a look at how they have their culture. were talking about the management team and the corporate culture. it could be a culture problem driving and driving no pun intended towards the goal of creating that company and it just created a very unusual environment that you don't see into me other enterprises. he did come out and apologize and say i need to grow up and be a little bit more mature. he is 40 years old running this company. i know within silicon valley and people that work at other companies have been a very very uncomfortable with what was going on and you can see and this is even before you
7:48 am
begin to see on the outside with the reporter who was essentially tracked with the executive who have the medical records of a rape victim in india it's more and more keeps bubbling up and out. will people actually given this culture. i might be too stubborn or lazy to actually change my current app and move over to a service such as left. i don't know if it's enough to get me to move when you want a car hello i'm here. come pick me up. what has he done. it is a service then people wouldn't be so quick to move over to left. there are a lot of other services they have really
7:49 am
trying to tracy, thank they have really trying to tracy, thank you so much. all over the story. they will join us to talk about what is next for the golf asked instructing giant. [music] how do you like me now now that i'm on my way. will it make you love me living in your radio how do you like me now. you always pay
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7:53 am
he shot ten under to win the cup. and now that summer is almost here. golfers are looking to brush up their golf skills. good to see you. tells all about what you guys are up to. we were on quite a roll right now. business has been going years in a row. we rolled out quite a few new things this year with an enhanced way to sell golf clubs we have a question being an avid golfer himself. their headwinds you are making a two club lens in the golf business. they are shuddering just because there is not a mutt -- enough demand. is your business the solution
7:54 am
to that. i think a little bit of both. our sales have gone straight up for years. it has not been affecting us as much. we gave 900,000 golf lessons last year and as people take lessons they get better. we definitely think we were part of the solution to help golf and it really has been stabilizg lately. the new golfers are the highest rate in ten years. and it's starting to turn the corner a little bit these days. as they are getting older and golf just seems like a much more attractive sport all the technical and difficult is not as taxing on the body.
7:55 am
we have the baby boomers are coming our way. it isn't as taxing. there is a forecast for increased rounds. then you have a have a new ways to play golf. and you have it things that are attacking both the millennial group right now and kids. golf was the fastest growing sport. i think there is one at the mgm grant -- grant. can you tell us about the place and the environment and why did you start selling equipment. we have always thought that. with the interchange ability. you have so much more option and variety --dash friday to put two and two together. and then once you do that you need somebody that can build
7:56 am
it for you. once we dialed in the exact shaft the average student drops seven strokes with their scorecard. is this cheating. as the club going to swing itself. i hope not. it would put us out of business. golf is hard and it's great for business. but when we combined data with the pros it works. in our students really improve quite a bit. >> a prediction for the u.s. open. and can be a very long golf course. they've never had a major championship there. nobody really knows what it will bring. the other big aspect is there is a lot of lane.
7:57 am
there is a lot of walking from one hole to the next. i lean towards the younger player who is a long hair. it would not surprise me at all if justin -- dustin johnson repeats this year. after i got my college degree by the way. unfortunately i just to be life with the u.s. (the whole show. 6:00 a.m. to nine we will be right back. at angie's list, we believe
7:58 am
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dagen: good morning i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo. monday, june 12 your top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, getting the agenda back on track, president trump expected to unveil a new jobs push in wisconsin, tomorrow. the move as white house moves past a controversy surrounding jim comey's testimony last week ivanka trump was asked on "fox & friends" earlier about her father's response, to controversy. >> my father felt very vindicateed all the statements making feels incredibly optimistic but you know at the white house throughout the administration we were incredibly focused on the
8:01 am
reason we all went to washington, and what we're fighting for, the last week -- while i think that the level of headlines will ultimately have a much more important impact, was infrastructure week, focusing on the coitme trebuild this couny. dagen: more from ivanka trump's ahead. >> outrage in central park, a new york city plague using a president trump look alike for the rom of assassinated julius caesar fallout delta and bank of america pulled responseships, breaking news this morning, jeff immelt out at general electric announcing this morning that he will be replaced by john flynn chairman and ceo the concurrent president ceo ge health care ge shares up 3% on the nice, that stock down this year down in the last year, and down about 28% during immelt's tenure since 2001, losses across the board, 34-point loss on dow futures keep very close eye what
8:02 am
happens with technology stocks amazon, netflix google, apple, and microsoft had been your major market he leaders, pulling the rest of the market along all near a beating friday many lower in premarket trading. in europe stocks also heading south, we have a 1% loss in france and in germany, same story in asia overnight, you have red across your screen biggest loser the hang seng down one and a quarter percent, the penguins catapulting the pusher on ice, pittsburgh topping nashville to win second straight stanley cup highlights from that win ahead, jimmy carter the president former president taking flight the former leader of the free world, video have him going villager after he took time to great everyone on his plane. the presidential surprise for passengers surprise being mr. carter was flying commercial there you go all
8:03 am
that -- cancer survivor, by the way, as well so much more coming up financial analyst, rhino trading partners chief strategy michael block pw.c. partner, good to see you one and all. >> my what is on your mind immelt out. >> i am interested to see what happens with big tech names if they continue to sell off they are so heavy in the indices it could start dragging the market down start getting everybody worried that trump rally is a thing of the past. >> as a matter of fact 1.8% on friday we will see if we get follow flu today if a sector rotation as nasdaq pulling back the dow has been hitting new highs. >> -- small-cap stocks created a record on friday. >> yeah. >> caught up, short -- >> no. >> rotation continues. >> hike. >> yeah -- >> take that one to the bank i think what -- >> the headlines when you
8:04 am
never know what happens. sessions' testimony. >> we will keep it in headlines on fox business as we always o do we can talk about everything. joining the conversation this morning former texas n presiden candidate paul the host of "varney & company" mr. stuart varney we always love to see mr. vairn top story this hour today decline for parties challenging the president travel ban to respond to petition from justice department. the petition asks the supreme court, to allow the president, executive order into effect despite opposition texas attorney general says the president has right to enact this ban. watch this. >> we think we are absolutely right on the law there is a federal law that clearly gives the president the authority to do this. travel ban, is right in line with that that statute. so we are confident if the court actually follows federal law, the president about just fine. >> joining me now is
8:05 am
cofounder, of diligence llc former cia operative mike baker i don't know where you are i know you par chuted in. >> at the compound right now secret -- a secret location, except i got a picture of it behind me. >> [laughter]. >> michael, twitter, also a seems like a -- gator bought a fan boat. >> your boat -- >> is this -- fans a significant step in focusing on national security? >> well, you know it has become outsized thing that is chewing up a lot of political capital and a lot of attention and it really didn't need to, it -- it is important and it should be done, and the previous managers obama managers identified outlined same problem because of messaging issues discipline
8:06 am
out of white house current administration unfortunately taken on concept somehow travel ban is critical for national security, well it is an element of national security. it is a very simple process, you've got these nations that are failed states, and the previous administration agreed, and the idea being well, let's take a break let's review internally our processes for how we how we do a the vetting, how he we do the due diligence the background checking on people who want to come to this country from these particular failed states, where there is no infrastructure, there is no ability to reach in, and in a logic efficient manner check databases and talk to people, to understand who are people that want to come in, it is simply that once you do that fine, improve your systems and suspension is over, but that is not the way it works so it has become this thing that like i said is just chewing up a tremendous amount of political capital. dagen: at the same time that
8:07 am
you have this new developing o crisis in qatar now ash across the -- saudi arabia several gulf indications cut ties with qatar last week over anterior allegations, businessman. >> back being. >> tell us why you are reviving your colleagues in business to take their mother out of qatar right now? >> well, i am not just viefk i am advising not to deal with qatar every day we wake up hit a lunatic, that -- or a savage person goes with crowd kills innocent people my own country stopped a bus with children and welcome shot men in front of the ice of women we hear
8:08 am
incidents nobody is doing anything against it we need to come to the bottom of that one country, declares only supporting terror hamas or other organizations, that is siding with iran openly that all intelligence services of the world have all materials showing that they are supporting, all the -- terrorists and extremist groups in middle east from libya syria, iraq everywhere. dagen: mike being what is this is rift in adequate qatar mean for us on heals of obama backed brokered iranian nuclear deal. >> you know, that sound bite there, gave away the sort of the reason why this is exploding into an issue, it is iran, so this is essentially the top line conflict between iran orchestration lutheror, locked in battle in the region
8:09 am
the sadize have experted a great deal of pressure on some other countries egypt included, to isolate qatar the truth of the matter is, that you know they are all complicit in different ways, over different periods of time, in -- either financing or somehow supporting or looking the other way, in terms of islamic extremism so qatar doesn't stand alone in that what needs to happen what is going to be extremely difficult is you know, the u.s., in particular we are going to feed to find a way to step into that breach and -- and bring them back together, in a fashion because we're not going to do this we're not going to be the terrorism by isolationisting qatar different things can be true at the same time in middle east you can be working with a partner out there, who on one hand one side of mouth helps you with certain terrorist operations providing intelligence, to -- to lee is an partners at the same time
8:10 am
there can be elements within that government sympathize or support terrorism do same thing compete with world that exists not try a perfect ending. >> with sunni she had a conflict going on doubter iran need trade partners may be looking to make a friend in qatar so many players in region won't trade with them they need trading partners? >> well, sure, they would like as many trading partners as possible you know over the top of that is affected iran doing it for their regime's best interests which is to drive a wedge, between these countries, and to try to the degree possible pull them out of saudi sphere saudi iranian dispute i wouldn't ascribe any innocent economic reasoning behind anything iranian regime does so i think your take on it, while there is element of economic there, there is
8:11 am
reality is it is more nefarious than that. >> what is endgame for qatar they've been machiavellian friends with everybody have al-jazeera. >> iran, the west we have a big base there sounds like getting called on playing both sides here how does this end is there -- that continues or is line drawn they have to choose a side or have a side chosen for them. >> i don't think a hard line decision at the end where they there is a final break from -- you know from the -- from sort of this traditional alliance where, you know to some degree they have been aligned with uae egypt the others saudis, i think what will happen is i hope what will happen is that there will be a -- a significant diplomatic effort led by rex tillerson and others at the end of the day, we will heal the rift to some degree open the borders be
8:12 am
business but we have to be pragmatic understand again there will be this -- this duplicity that exists not just qatar saudis over the time dealt we devil turned other way, and in term of allowing extremism to build in exchange for stability within the kingdom, so -- you know, the middle east is one of those places where you know unyou ever satisfy you have to deal with who exists there be very hard line pragmatic to understand there is going to be due is mr. us to when it comes to extremism. >> when you leave do you ignite jet patrol pullion pack inside out. >> yeah like mr. wolf clean place up then go you find another place where a we can do another segment -- it is what it is. look i am out in idaho going to release that do the public going to give it to a friend going to hand to he is proo
8:13 am
but i am i i am in idaho if anybody out there watching has not been to idaho it is one of the he greatest states in the nation. dagen: really is stunningly beautiful but i would deeply deeply appreciate your wolf reference. >> thank you. >> mike baker joining us, coming up a scare in the air for unclears aborrowed a sflooit to shanghai a plane forced to turn around after a hole rips open in the engine shake-up top of general electric immelt out we look at future of this company the road since he took over in 01 was a loo rocky one. ♪ ♪ think again.
8:14 am
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dagen: breaking news this morning general electric getting a new leader, cheryl chefrl has details. cheryl: hey dagen that is right geo ceo jeff immelt retiring ending 16 year year reason i of the leader of industrial o conglomerate, the possible move first reported by charlie gasparino broke that on tensions between immelt and -- that report from
8:17 am
charlie was back in march, general electric says immelt will rail chairman through the end of the year, flannery going to take on that title, january 1. and immelt has taken steps to reship a geo after financial crisis company -- to boost profit the stock premarket rallying, ge shares rallying up a little more than 3%, that will actually help balance out the dow, when we open at 9:30 a.m. eastern time today. following this story a huge hole in a china eastern plane forced merge landing in australia said general made massive amount of noise politelies reported problems an hour into joyner plane had to return to sydney landed safely pagers evacuated from plane no injuries there. well, a trump t-shirt censored in a high school yearbook grant berdardo took pictures
8:18 am
in new jersey wearing trump campaign shirt make america great again, it was altered to remove the campaign slogan and actual yearbook the school superintendent is investigating this, says there is no policy o prohibiting political messages in schools pictures. and then this, passengers on delta airlines flight got a big surprise. former president jimmy carter was onboard and before the plane took off walked up and down the aisle shook hands with you passengers there you go, this is the tweeted video 92-year-old former president smiling as he weakening down the aisle greets everybody, the passenger tweeted everybody seemed excited, and it was just really nice to have that kind of moment where party or politics quote didn't matter. one of the most -- i think revered ex-presidents we have.
8:19 am
>> a cancer survivor on one immuno therapy drugs karns spread to brain spectacular recovery i wish the president talked more about that actually, thank you so much. >> coming up the penguins ice predators to keep the cup in pittsburgh highlights from first repeat title victory in nearly 20 years blame zing how to remind falcons of their incredible comeback in february ♪ we got married in a he fever -- he we've been talking about jackson, ever since -- i am going to jackson ♪ you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do?
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dagen: hockey season coming to a close after exciting
8:23 am
stanley cup final between penguins predators, the highlights. >> i thought we were head for sudden death last night 0-0 until under two minutes game six stanley cup final predators continue tradition throw catfish on ice looked like predators had reeled in first goal colton caps it in goalie unable to control the shot, 1-0 predators right? wrong! officials lost sight one blew a whistle fraction of a second 0-0 the third penguins a wired goal from behind net patrick sneaks it past penguins 1-0 a minute later scored in empty net celebration first time in era of salary cap one to stanley cup two straight seasons penguins' parade this week no official date yet. could be preparing for another
8:24 am
championship parade nba one for the golden state warriors, warriors up 3 games to one kaufrlz favored to win by 8 1/2 points tip off after 9:00 eastern in oakland, we know air jordans are not cheap but a pair of real about michael jordans, in final game as amateur the sneakers in 84 olympics at spain sold at auction for $190,373 almost 00 grand yes highest known price paid for game one shoes had orthotics and autograph, back page "new york post" asks he hit it how far? new york yankees star long of the home run in major league baseball since espn began tracking distance of home runs in 2009 hit two home runs yankees 14-3 win over or yelz this was first traveled 4696 feet.
8:25 am
he is first yankees since mickey mantle in 1956 two homers in same game, four for four first since roger marris 25 or younger to hit 20 home runs before all registrar he is batting .344. >> may be not this ring check out past friday night patriots owner robert craft hosted a private ceremony for players and team members at his home. well they all got championship rings, remember that 28 to 3 comeback against the atlanta falcons in super bowl, 283 rings to recognize 28 to 3 comeback 283 diamonds on this resigning totals 5.1 carats tom brady showing it off a dig at falcons, also a couple quotes on the rings, as well from bob craft team owner the sweetest also greatest
8:26 am
comeback all time how about those rings. dagen: can't wear at the same time. >> should have had two big diamonds to represent two times they couldn't beat giants in super bowl. >> a young man winning a slurpy sipping contest viral let's watch that. >> 6, 5 -- [laughter] -- and time, time all right. we are going to stop. let's see -- open. ah. [laughter]. >> what do you think? >> mine league baseball, you had to know this was going to happen we have all dagen no joke 8 years ago, i was sucking down a coffee from dunkin' donuts, i fainted i am not kidding got brain freeze next thing i knew i came to. >> kidding.
8:27 am
>> no serious thing then in new orleans with hurricane. >> yeah, yeah different, no alcohol in it, it is not fun. >> i thought that video was -- shows people why you should go to the game, like i -- brain freak -- [laughter] promotions about the community local community. >> watching baseball not costing 400 dollars. >> exactly not being a major headache against the ballpark that is part of it so hey, are you jealous going to u.s. open jealous that we are going. >> i am not jealous we can talk about that off the air. >> i am very -- super excited. >> you got to be teching me what is eagle a double-eagle. >> ahh. >> i went to wake forest, as
8:28 am
home of arnold palmer i know my golf. >> handicap. >> a horrible golfer i know my. >> looking forward. >> i love there is nothing better than beg on a cours watching really incredible golf because you get to see firsthand, how incredibly difficult it is. >> beautiful time of year to be in world series a gorgeous course. >> i love people of wisconsin so open your arms, people we will be there thursday and friday thank you jared are jared max sports error on fox news headlines 247 siriusxm, coming up getting the skwaend back on track president trump preparing to meet with cabinet after respects tackle health care and tax reform, microsoft, x-box first look at video game console from the tech titan. but when family members forget,
8:29 am
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ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. now in kids chewables. dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo monday, june 12 top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern time getting america back to work president trump expected to unveil a new jobs push in wisconsin tomorrow, the announcement comes amid a new agenda push for the white house, as the administration is trying to shake off, the -- it be russia election investigation controversy. senator lindsey graham warning president he needs to get out of his own way. you may be the first prn in history to go down because you can't stop inappropriately
8:32 am
talking about an investigation if you were quite would clear you it is frustrating or to me to want to help a man i think will do good things no other republican will do. >> latest on renewed agenda push ahead breaking news this mornings jeff immelt out at general electric he will be placed by john flannery chairman ceo current president, ceo of ge health care, this move was not totally unexpected. and investors are showing quite a bit optimism about the future direction of general electric under flannery shares up 3.6% way down this year, the market has been hitting record highs down in the last year and down under jeff immelt's tenure as well uber under fire the board of directors expected to unveil a massive shake-up, following an investigation into the company sexual harassment swaenld saying the ceo could take
8:33 am
leave of absence. >> dow shepped higher by general electric nasdaq taking a hit, nasdaq 100 futures, are down big time major sell-off technology on friday has some worried tech stocks titans have been leading this market higher, and they've been going down, down, down the last two days in europe lower across the board, well ftse 100 turned around, the cac quarante in franz dax lower, in asia overnight, it was right across your screen losses in japan hong ko, shanghai south korea could be rough for apple downgraded second time in a week over concerns, around iphone 8, on 2 -- right now looks like unchanged, but there is a major loss in apple shares on friday down almost 4% there you go.
8:34 am
down 2% the moment, why the enthusiasm might be too much, and gameers rejoicing a system coming to town microsoft unexhaling x-box x, new features could be showing up in your living room or bedroom wherever you play games, president trump making a big push for jobs, this week unveiling new plans to combat the skills gap, blake burman at the white house, with more, good morning blake. cheryl: hi dagen good morning to you as well last week at chaos infrastructure week at a rollout got muddled once jim comey headed to child this week they have got a new focus somewhat of a round two focusing on workforce development the main push here according to top officials, at the white house, is on trying to build out apprenticeship to that end the president will be headed on the road this week, tomorrow, he will be going to wisconsin, speaking at a trade school in waukesha wednesday to labor department thursday
8:35 am
at the white house has a roundtable with several state governors this whole issue of workforce development has been a push of ivanka trump she was on "fox & friends" this morning to tout rollout administration will be having throughout the week and she admitted that there has been as she put it a level of visual viciousness in washington caught her off guard. >> i didn't expect it to be easy i think some of the distractions and some of the -- uh -- the ferocity was i was a billow blindsided by on personal level. >> tuesday, wednesday, thursday this workforce development roll out dagen friday sources tell fox that the president will end his workweek, in miami, where he will in veil his administration's policies, as relates to cuba you can expect at least somewhat of a rollback of the obama administration policies to that end, by the way, later day here at the white house, the start off to the week the
8:36 am
president will have a full cabinet meeting all the members, of his cabinet. dagen back to you. dagen: blake thank you for covering all that for us blake burman at the white house, joining us now former texas congressman and republican presidential candidate dr. ron paul the president to hold blake mentioned first full cabinet meeting today do you think this administration will now be able to move forward on the agenda that americans want the reason they voted for him? >> it is not likely but let's hope they move forward on right things because everything they say is not exactly going to solve all our problems, i don't happen to believe public works projects is a way to get more jobs might get more jobs won't be same as if you got more jobs in private sector. there -- make a lot of mistakes -- i think obstacles so great people don't recognize the debt when you have a lot of debt hard to spend money you come up with a
8:37 am
trillion dollars for military a trillion dollars for public works repairing highways where is the money going to come from in this a has an effect an marketplaces eventuality if you look at how much debt is out there whether automobile debt college debt, personal debt oefb housing debt right now i mean there is a lot of problems so that is why i think they are stymied, because the fundamentals don't change you can say ci these jobs the truth is dependent on government creating jobs -- >> congressman i am going to push back in in terms of of the infrastructure plan and i will and you call it public works. i come on that i know that means you mean to evoke fdr's programs of the -- depression. >> i do, i do. >> that is what you say it trillion dollars is not going to be -- actually a minority of it would be government money.
8:38 am
under the way plan is laid out they would -- trump administration would get to trillion largely in part from funding through private investors, and the money is indeed out there, 59 billion dollars raised last year in private infrastructure funds, their goal is to easy the permitting process, easy regulations to get that money invested in projects along side the government. >> yeah the easing of regulations -- that is getting out of the way house in order, but this whole thing is partnership, that bothers libertrarians partnerships a big businesses big banks in government isn't exactly what a free society is all about that is not what a republic is about, because only favored people get to do the dealing, so i don't like partisanship i want environ people are intensive produce things that are necessary, but saying that
8:39 am
we are going to have big government financing and big business financing, there is a lot of shortcomings with that plan. >> dr. paul mike bock here you ray of very valid concerns about debt he levels something people worry about exponent i don't want to turn into a discussion on bond market the bond yields are not reflecting a lot of concern about all this spending that you are talking about. the capital markets have this wrong? is there something else going on here? >> yeah i think they do. i am not an investor but just from an economic viewpoint i do you might have said tech stocks good investment things happen in a flash bond markets can happen that way too, because all countries are in debt, and you know we have the european problem where you have greece italy, spain having problems but you are going to have something pop up going to be very devastating
8:40 am
but if you look at prices when prices go high you have inflation it is dangerous so when you are saying bonds are pretty comfortable you are saying that there is euphoria in the bond market prices are very, very high. and i think it is -- >> i have been talking about that -- congressman i have been talking about that since 2009, and i will admit i have been dead wrong mitch a question for the congressman? >> no -- >> you are not wrong you are not wrong but you can't -- >> maybe i will be right -- i am sleeping in the -- >> may be i will be right when sleeping in the dark congressman i want mitch to get a question for you. >> okay. >> when you look at the agenda with so few days really left, in session, where are the priorities? is tax reform going to sort of all about by way sided something we go back and reduce rates to stimulate the economy. >> when you say end of the session you mean for summer break.
8:41 am
>> correct. >> that sort of thing? >> no they are not going to get that done there's to too many special interests should just be cutting spending cutting taxes, if you can't cut it all one time cut something. but no. they want the whole package which i understand not enough agreement everybody has their ax to grind hard to get them together besides a lot of republicans are not dated to what i am talking about they are dedicated to taking care of their friends. i mean, if -- you know, it takes medical care they have a lot of friends in the insurance industry drug industry not liable to change that, and cut down real spending. they will do their talking but dagen when you start cutting back it is a problem, i mean it is hard to get an dibbiddict drugs that is what we're trying to do first i don't think they start with basing principle government ought to be very limited strive for that they say government we
8:42 am
just need better management i don't buy into that i think we have too much mismanagement. >> congressman quick. >> dr. paul federal reserve is set to interest rates this wednesday quarter basis point talking about debt levels what will have a affect have on interest rates to service this debt? >> oh it is going to being up, supposed the market has already discounted that, but -- no, if they creep up what would happen if we had a market rate of interest which is what we need to get economy -- what if interest rates were 3% whole worldwide system would collapse, everything depends on more and more and more now they are tinkering a quarter point here a quarter point there -- they are really not doing a whole lot so -- i don't think this is a trend at all, i think this is wishful thinking i think that -- if you go up a little bit more even if a little bit is going to be a bigger burden on the
8:43 am
treasurer this is where so much production has to go eventually with increase in interest rates eventually interest rates will go up, then that will will -- all the production -- >> congressman. >> we cannot pay it cannot pay we have to print more money! a. >> keep printing. dagen: good to see you congressman take care of yourself doth they protect too much. >> stuart varney weighs in on transparentlying after new york city used a president trump look alike in the role of ais as naitdz julius creaser, why analysts are going sour on apple. this is my headquarters. this is where i trade and manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets.
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dagen: ge shares jumping after company announced had
8:47 am
the jeff immelt is leaving nicole petallides covering the story at new york stock exchange. >> we have this upside this morning for general electric looking up 3% right now, 3.7%, good nice for ge been under pressure overall but needs to cut costs outperform a little bit has been under pressure shareholders not too happy with jeff immelt particularly trion funds he will be stepping down, and -- john flannery a 30-year veteran there will move up to the top spot ceo will happen august 1, ge gets a pop, watching microsoft sold off of all tech stocks on friday but come out now a new x-box 1x, okay this is supposed to be smallest ever x-box 499 everybody waiting for this one, supposed to have graphics memory and speed band width sound as well to really outpace the whole industry, and that will be available in time for the
8:48 am
holidays, last but not least watching apple sold off in a big way on friday, in fact biggest selloff, 14 months weighed on dow shaved off 41 points on freeway, it is down again, cutting it this morning saying strong for the season liking iphone this is really a valuation call because we have seen tech stocks run up, not -- 52-week high -- >> nicole petallides new york stock exchange. a controversy surrounding creative depictions of the president. two sponsor make corporations pullu pull out of shakespeare in the park after a production of julius caesar shows a donald trump look alike being stabbed to death on the floor a play shakes spooer, you are going to talk about shakespeare my friends. >> you don't want to call me
8:49 am
do you. >> i want to call you -- going to say super star. >> no let's not get crazy, look i am picking up on what viewers are seeing on left hand of the screen shakespeare in the park kind of passe for new york not voters the rest of the country, i think they are appalled, to see our president a man looking like our president being stabbed to death in central park, for shakespeare in the park audience apparently just loved it that is new york i guess i think it is dangerous this comes on top of at the severed head from kathy griffin i just think that we are leaving the country in entirely the wrong direction, leading it towards a violent confrontation between left and right i don't think that is good for anybody, let's not forget, keirs stan democratic snow from new york dropping the "f" bomb in public right there, i have to belief that focus
8:50 am
group tried tested this is how you appeal to millennials use obscene language, i think it is a dangerous situation, and i think it is something that voters are going to reject. this is where i am coming from. dagen: i felt when she said that stu it was equivalent of 3-year-old making sounds do it for attention. >> juveniles the snickering going on in the audience and by her, it is beneath the office should not take place in our country at this time, the level of public discourse has gone down tubes level of violence displayed against the contempt displaced for our president knows no bounds i think o counterproductive for us all. >> a british gentleman. >> american. >> you are. you are you are the -- the represent the deterioratest that is america in terms of opportunities that this nation provides how you seized upon it cherish it i mean that you talk about it all the time. >> thank you very much indeed
8:51 am
dagen i appreciate that i do thank you. dagen: see you exactly 10 minutes "varney & company" every day 9:00 a.m. eastern time uber, planning to put troubles in refresh view mirror key executive reportedly resigning amid questions about the workplace krultir the fallout for the ride-sharing giant. you always pay
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dagen: the mastermind the weekend rer attacks two landmark in iran last week apparently has been killed cheryl casone has details on that. cheryl: according to "new york times" dop official in iran says intelligence officers hundred dollars down killed man behind attacks isis said hidden the assaults it is a iran's parliament and mausoleum of ayatollah
8:55 am
khomeini, the paper says iranian investigators are looking into the attacks, and focusing on group of radicalized kurds. >> may apparel step aside potential move on the heels of uber board of directors, don'ting a series of recommendations about the company corporate culture from internal investigation from former toning eric holder. and a new federal audit showing mishgd he ronously paid estimated 729 million dollars to doctors health prfgz under a multibillion-dollar traditional initiative to shift the health care system from paper records to computers, the audit found over 3-year period medicare improper lao paid bonus payments under initiative but in reality either lacked required proof or failed to meet the criteria for the bonuses. one new jersey couple had a surprise crasher at their
8:56 am
wedding on saturday. president trump dropped by to integrate kirsten and tucker at his golf club danned with bribe shook hands with guests well-known for joining parties at resort said -- they called back in february he and japanese prime minister abe dropped in on wedding reception in mar-a-lago get medicare in jersey never know who is going to show up. >> that is cool. >> donald trump. >> the president of united states doesn't drink you don't need to worry about him hitting the open bar. right? so -- >> maybe the food table not bar, coming up final thoughts from our all-star panel.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> final thoughts from our all-stars. >> rate hikes, sessions and testimony public or private and big tech names to watch. dagen: buckle up, you're saying. >> buckle up. >> happy anniversary mom and dad. >> how many years? and wishing you on air. federal reserve set to raise quarter basis points on weapons, i'm more interested to see if they're going to hint unwinding the balance sheet and reducing some liquidity that helps prop the markets up.
9:00 am
dagen: that we probably won't find out until the fall. thanks to heather and mike and see you all. maria will be back tomorrow. she'll interview treasury secretary steve mnuchin, and then to the u.s. open. then it's "varney & company." stuart: thank you very much indeed. the investors dilemma, buy the dip or join the selling. money and politics, that's what we do and there's plenty to cover as this new week begins. good morning, early signs suggests there will be more selling of big name tech stocks. at least that's how the trading day will begin. it started friday when apple, amazon, alphabet, microsoft, facebook, sold off big time and they are down again this morning. will you look at that? no, that's premarket. good heavens. look at those. serious losses and that's how things are likely to open up at 9:30 this morning. so, here is the dilemma.


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