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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 20, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. here is lou dobbs.. >> i am trish regan in for lou, we begin with breaking news, american stupe who wa student who was freed from north korea last week has died. 22-year-old otto warmbier returned to u.s. tuesday in a coma. doctors said he had extensive lose of tish i tissue in all parts of his brain. his family released a statement, when otto returned to cincinnati, he was unable to speak, unable to see, and unable to react to verbal
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command -- president trump also weighing in. while speaking to tech ceos at the white house. >> otto warmbier has just passed away. he spent a year and a half in north korea. a lot of bad things happened. but at least we got him home to be with his parents where they were so happy to see him even though he was in very tough condition. he just passed away a little while ago. that is a brutal regime. we'll be able to handle it. trish: we'll discuss what must be done. with lieutenant colonel tony shave ircomin shafer coming up. but first russia threatening to retaliate after u.s. shot
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down a syrian jet over the weekend. suspend hot line to avoid collisions in syrian aerospace. provocative move after u.s. for first time, shot down a syrian plane that dropped bombs near u.s.-backed forces. fox news national security correspondent jenniffer griffin with our report. reporter: a day after a u.s. navy f-18 fighter jet downed a rus russian made warplane near raqqa, they warn they would be tracked as potential targets. and no longer use a hot line established to prevent mishaps. >> we have a link between our
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operations center in qatar and russian federation on the ground. when i left the building this morning we have still been communicating over last few hours. >> they warned the plane to stay away, after syrians ignored a show of force, by a flyby, and bombed u.s. train forces, american pilot got the order to shoot down the syrian jet, killing its pilot. the coalition does not seek to fight syrian regime, russian or pro-regime forces partnered with them, but will not hesitate to defend coalition or partner forces from a threat. pentagon has positioned more warplanes over syria. >> i'm confident our forces have the kip capability to take care of the themselves. reporter: today, a stark warning to isis militants.
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tehran is not london or paris, this was a small action, if they make a mistake, deadlier strikes will be blown to them. reporter: drone feet footage said to show them hitting the targets. for two attacks claimed to be on isis, u.s. was not given any warning about the iranian missiles this shot down a drone in su southern syria. trish. >> all right. thank you. >> a shake up is coming to white house communication team. could see press secretary sean spicer moving into a more senior role. we have the report. reporter: fox news has been told sean spicer to take on a
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new role at white house, elevated to equivalent of deputy chief of staff for communication. it is new role he will oversee white house press office and communication shop, and new press secretary in comm wee communication director will report to him, no word on who would replace spicer as press secretary. one area that will remain outside of sean spicer's jurisdiction, the russia investigation, that will remain the purview of the president outside counsel. >> meeting with panama president today, president trump ignored shouted questions about the russia investigation, but the public face of president's legal team sekulow was saying plenty, appearing on 4 sunday shows,
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two morning programs today to declare the president is not under investigation, and he did nothing wrong in fires james comey. >> there is a recommendation for removal of comey, he had been thinking about that, he then takes action they recommend to remove james comey. and now according to the washington post theory, he is under investigation for taking the action that department of justice told him to take. this whole thing, if you look at it, there is nothing to investigate. reporter: washington post last week reported that president was being investigated for possible obstruction of justice by special counsel mueller. news later said that mueller had not decided whether too investigate him or not yet. >> you don't know that he is not, under investigation now, do you? >> no one has notified us he
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is, i can't read people's minds. we have not been notified there is an investigation of president of united states, that nothing has changed in that regard. reporter: president seemed to take a critical shot last week at deputy attorney general rosenstein in a tweet, spicer today said that president has full confidence in rosenstein, kushner may be shopping for a new attorney to representative in the curb cur russia investigation, his current attorney worked with mueller at hale. in near-term, kushner will have his sight set on middle east, to to travel to jerusalem on wednesday to talk witprime minister netanyahu.
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and travel to ramallah to meet with mahmoud abbas. >> thank you. >> critics take aim at special counsel robert mueller, also for stacking his legal team with leftest attorneys. fox news correspondent doug mcelway with our report. reporter: president trump's legal team and his defenders take an aggressive stance, now that mueller announced hiring of 12 attorneys,. >> first 4 names are people, -- to democrats, this this environment, 97% of donation went to hillary. >> reality is that members of congress on both sides of the aisle fine mr. mueller to be a
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man of integrity. >> campaign, andrew weisman, donated 6 times to president obama's political action committee -- james square els, donated over 10 times to democratic paks over last 30 years, presidential candidates michael due cacous, al gore, john kerry and hillary clinton. and donated to republicans. including chaffetz and george allen. the special counsel potential limitless spending paid out of doj budget. and throw into the mix a prosecutor's power, writing the actual decision to charge a person with crime is almost completely unrestrained. >> most special prosecutors involved in this type of
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litigation would have avoided people with political tie or contributions, when you are investigating president of united states, you should be trying to avoid any questions of political bias or influence. >> special counsel offic defends the hires, noting that department policy and federal law prohibits appreciate count from taking into consideration any political -- on its hiring. >> while a second hire, andrew weisman has a reputation for aggressively turning witnesses. >> thank you. glld comin. >> we're coming back with more. stay with us. >> some republican lawmakers are occurring their august recess to make progress on president trump's agenda. >> president is forging ahead. he is in close contact with leader mcconnell on the health care reform.
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they got part one through the house. >> we take up chances of seeing progress. >> terror striking london again. this time, a man driving a van plowed into a group of muslims plowed into a group of muslims outside of a mosque,e,e,e,e,
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trish: doctors treating wounded congressman steve scalise say his condition has improved. he has continued to show signs of improvement, ho more responsive. a lot of capitol hill development today. to a justicer deput department probe that could now be zeroing in on loretta lynch. joining me now ed rollins, and michael goodwin. fox news contributors, i want to start with the loretta lynch issues. a lot of republicans saying, we did note lik did not like what we heard with what james
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comey said. saying that hillary clinton investigation was a matter. there were a lot of questions as to why she was meeting with bill clinton in the plane. >> i promise you, she was watching it more closely than this investigation, a top notch political activist, and attorney general. she knew what was going on. higmy sense, she did not want it to go on. she did not -- i think it needs to run its course. trish: michael, is it fair to probe this? given all of the questions that have been raised about donald trump? >> comey in his testimony has now mentioned this twice, that there were credibility issues with the justice department. the tarmac meeting, that she
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wanted him to call it a matter not an investigation. a lighter heart moment when he said our name is federal bureau of investigation, not federal bureau of matter. there are other thin thinged things, those certainly could be important. and worth probing, it is not going to distraction from donald trump administration as far as democrats are concerned. trish: perhapsit shows how much of a political po little bit operative she was. there are a lot of people in government right now with their allegiances tied to president obama. not to president trump. how is that going to be playing out. looking at for example mueller's team that is being assembled. you see there are a number of attorneys there who donated to the democrat, including
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hillary clinton's campaign. >> i promise you, eric holder was kind of attorney general you want. you don't want someone neutral. he was as political as anyone i had seen running that department. i served on panel reaganner a era. usually it was you made contributions and you had an impeccable record as a lawyer. i am sure everyone in that justice department, 10,000 lawyers with a career path, they gave money they did not give money to trump. i think that reality is, you have to lock beyond the contribution, what are they like? are they good, fair justices? or are they going to be political hacks? trish: seems as though a lot of people have become michael political hacks, in that you look at media now, and there is a bias against this
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president, unlike anything we have seen. right. trish: they feel justified in having that bias. the question, is does this continue through mueller's investigative timor lawyer -- team, or lawyers that are looking for something. part of having a probe is you are looking to find something, if you couple that with a bias against the president, and perhaps a biased toward democratic politics, are you running into risks at some point they are bound to find something. >> i think that leaks coming out of mueller's shop already are all going to anti-trump media, "new york times," be of exclusivfrom daily drum anonymous sources, connected with the probe. as you say most of these will be obama people. obama related in one form in the permanent government or in the just leaving the government. so i think that president really does have a issue.
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i have recommended that he find a new attorney general. i think that fact that rose rosenstein appointed mueller because of sessions recused himself. , president needs an attorney general who is looking av his interests and making sure this investigation does not go on forever, does not become a fishing expedition, we need adult supervision in justice department. trish: quickly. lawmakers talk about sticking around. this summer not taking their august recess because they need to get repeal and replace done. >> i would love to see that, i will bet your salary and high salary, which is minimal compared to yours, that it not going to happen. trish: i don't think it going to happen, i am disappointed. it will be that much hadder. >harder.
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>> they should stay, they will take a long 4th of july, go off in august, in very short time frame. >> not many legislative days leftz. if they take that day they are not get as much done. trish: all right, ed rollins and michael goodwin. >> thank you. trish: vote in tonight's poll, should republican lawmakers cancel their augt ress t workn the president trump's agenda? cast your s vote on twitter. on wall street's record breaking day for stocks, dow gaining up 145, closing at new all-timall-times. tech, best performing sector today. bouncing back from losses of last week. crude oil closing at lowest level since november, just above $44 a barrel. and listen to lou's reports 3
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times a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. trish: up next, white house said it more determined than ever to protect be in people from regimes like north korea after the date of american student otto warmbier, lieutenant colonel tony shafer will join me next to discuss it could be the next big thing i should totally get that domain name... get your great idea online too... get your domain today, and get... ...a free trial of gocentral from godaddy
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trish: british authorities arrests a man on terrorism charges after a van struck a crowd of muslim worshippers, leaving one dead, 10 injuries, 47-year-old darren balsley, in cust -- darren osbourne in custody. this is fourth terror attack in u.k. since march. >> and in paris, officials tonight investigate a terror attack after a karamme a car -- car, rammed into a policeman on champs-elysees, and exploded.
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the armed driver was known to authorities and considered a threat. here is discuss whether europe is losing the fight against radical islamic terror and the late-breaking news on otto warmbier, is lieutenant colonel tony shafer, senior fellow with london center for policy research. >> thank you. trish: let's start with otto warmbier, 22-year-old american student who was there in north korea. what do you think happened? they sent him home, this poor kid, he died. >> they toretured him to death. my son is 23 years old, i feel terrible for the parents of this kid. he was essentially repeatedly, subjected to sodium pent -- a truth serum, if you use it
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constantly they burn his brain out. trish: why did they send him back? >> i think president trump did put a lot of pressure on them, he did look at this when he came in office in january, 150 days in this is the result. and i think that north korea recognize they had done such grave damage to this kid, there was no going back. i will say this to be clear, i think we should retaliate. trish: what do you mine? >mean. >> in cold war, we had a number of organization that did dirty tricks, kim jong-un should not believe we will not seek vengeance, righteous vengeance for these things, he -- we need to start looking at how we can do this? >> colonel, we play by the rules. >> we do. trish: nobody else does, we have very you know, very prescribed things, you can't go out and knockoff a dictator
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via an assassination attempt, yet that dictator is doing really bad things to their people is allowed to exist, we bomb places, and people are hurt as casualties, you just want to get the bad guy. >> this is where we need to look at our policies again, during cold war, you should be as severe as your enemy, the enemy does not understand being nice. until you get serious about intimidating and affecting that enemy in a personal way, you will continue to see things like this happen. trish: you think about this poor kid who was captured at the time when president obama was there and he did not do a lot, with this passive attitude. >> leads from behind, absolutely. trish: talking about europe. >> speaking of leading from behind. trish: every week we hear about new attacks. how are they going to get a handle on this? >> look, what this tells me today, is that they have still
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not gotten a memo that isis has overlapping and redundant network this person today was armed attacking french, again. how many times do you have to be attacked before you need to figure out, you have a network of operatives working across borders? guns are very difficult to come by, yetz h yet he was arm snood a lot oed. trish: a lot of people in france, saying it our fault, we are not being nice enough, we need to do more to make us one. >> i would not ingrea integrate a rattlesnake into my household, that rattlesnake will bite you when they get the chance. i did a opinion on bringing nato into this, they are effective, they need to focus on counter terror, and you
4:31 am
have to get serious about defeating the networks, being nice does not get you anything, at a certain point in time, in century surrenders you embrace that enemy like we go in world war ii. we're not there yet with radical islam, bu but we have people in islam who are willing to help us get to that point. trish: we have to be realist. >> thank you. trish: all right we're coming right back with much more stay with us. >> republicans are demanding answers from attorney general loretta lynch. >> not bring in attorney general rally and the former president, under oath get each to describe when they were discussing. this terms of why people are sick of washington. trish: we look for answers in the clinton collusion scandal with sarah carter.
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these wing suters have their heads in the clouds, we'll heads in the clouds, we'll show you the video next. ♪and i ♪i will always love you, i ♪i will always love you ♪i hope life treats you kind ♪and i hope you have all you've dreamed of♪ ♪and i wish you joy and happiness♪ ♪but above all this i wish you love♪
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trish: i'm trish regan, lou dobbs is on vai nation tonight. more senate republicans want answers from loretta lynch. lawmakers saline much should testify about her handling of
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the hillary clinton email investigation. jim comey said he felt queazy about lynch's cozy relationship with the children tons on attempts to downplay the probe. joining me now, sarah carter, national reporter for circa news. >> the senate judiciary committee is going to be look at this. i know they say there is a high likelihood they will be calling loretta nch to testify. whether she chooses to testify will be up to her. this is also senator dianne feinstein, and she is a democrat. loretta lynch asked former director comey to call the investigation a matter and not an investigation. what john and i have uncovered at circa was the fact there was a piece of sensitive
4:37 am
communication. it was a piece of intelligence the f.b.i. collected and director comey confronted lynch about. it was basically an seem between two politicians to political people connected to clinton that basically said loretta lynch promised to put the kibosh on any investigation into hillary clinton, and that's certainly enough to call her to testify. trish: there is the bizarre meeting on the tarmac with bill clinton that we still have questions about. let me also turn to this concern right now about robert mueller's team. he's aassembling these attorneys, and a number of them have given to hillary clinton's campaign or given to democratic campaigns. you can say you can give to campaigns and still be a good lawyer and be objective, ets.
4:38 am
objective, et cetera, but do you of any concerns about that? >> three alone gave $300,000 to the democratic party. i'm not saying they can't be objective. there is a serious problem according to a number of sources i have spoken to in law enforcement saying there is a serious conflict of interest. when you have that's people who were supporters of hillary clinton and did not support trump, how can there be a fair investigation into the trump administration. i want to take it one step further. president trump, there has been no evidence of collusion between president trump and russia. no evidence of collusion whatsoever. so what now this has evolved to
4:39 am
is an obstruction investigation. we have to be very concerned at this becomes a mission creep situation where the special prosecutors are looking for something and digging. and this could go on for years. trish: let me ask you about james comey. i was very troubled by what he did. he had taken all these notes and you have record of your meetings. but why would you go out and leak them to the press via a friend. he woke up in the middle of the night, decided he needed to get this out there. called up his friend who is a columbia law school professor, and the law professor leaked it to the "new york times." call me old-fashioned. i would like him to sit down with a reporter and give an interview and be on record himself as opposed to going through back channels.
4:40 am
wh i worri about is he wasn't the only one. do you think there will be additional questions raised in terms of james comey? >> there should be additional questions raised. if he wrote this inside the field office, it belongs to the f.b.i. this is considered sensitive information. why didn't he do the same thing with lynch? are there numberra? trish: he got fired. he was fired then was saying after the fact, raising the red flag. i don't know if he was that concerned about obstruction of justice charges he wouldn't have gone to someone earlier on. that was his duty to do something if he was that worried. >> it's a legal duty. if you feel there is obstruction. the excuse he gave is he was cowardly.
4:41 am
he didn't know how to respond to the president. that's not an excuse. and he's the director of the f.b.i. he's probably the least cowardly person anyone is going to meet. for a lot of people who heard that excuse, they just didn't buy it. trish: sarah carter, good to have you here. let's roll the video. fearless wing suiters hurtle towards the earth. the clouds at top speeds before triggering their parachute and landing safely on the ground. this is pretty amazing stuff. you have got to have a strong stomach for that. growing backlash against british prime minister theresa may as brexit talks get under way
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nearly a year after voters chose to leave the e.u. we'll see you right back here after
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brussels with the u.k. in turmoil. may has 10 days to save herself. up to a dozen mps say they are poised to hold a vote of no confidence in their leader. joining me now, steve hilton, former advisor to prime minister david cameron. is theresa may in jeopardy and if so is brexit in jeopardy? >> you wouldn't want to be in theresa may's famous leopard print shoes right now. she is having a terrible time. a disastrous general election, and that's the heart of the answer to both your questions about whether she and brexit are in jeopardy. she called a general election when she didn't need to in order to give herself a stronger
4:47 am
mandate going into the brexit talks. she ended up with the opposite of what she wanted. she ended up without a majority, now she is starting these talks have have much weakened to the point where there is a debate about whether some of the fundamental aspects of brexit people voted for, control of borders and immigration, the superiority of british law over european law. those things may be at risk. trish: i don't think anyone in the u.k. fundamentally has changed their view on things. they don't want borders and they don't want to be told by brussels what to do. is it the leadership? theresa may say she doesn't have the charisma of nigel farage who led the movement. is that the problem?
4:48 am
>> you are right. she made this election all about brexit. but brexit was hardly discussed in the election campaign. people had that vote, they made up their minds. if you look at the opinion poll, brexit was more popular than at the time of the vote. so that wasn't even part of the discussion. the realebate is if she is any good as a prime minister, it was about the domestic issues and the mistakes she made in the campaign. it's her personal leadership. many people think it best way to get a good brexit deal is to replace her. that's why you need speculation about potentially getting rid of her as the leader of the party and getting someone in like boris johnson who many, many people think will be a stronger figure and give the country a sense of optimism and hope at a time when people are feeling
4:49 am
battered by all these problems. trish: it's horrific and it feels like every week we learn something new there. is there any advice you can give us for what we need to do here to prevent those kinds of problems? leadership brexit aside, i'm talking about terrorism now. it seems every week we are hearing about a new attack. >> i think there are a couple of things i focused on. one is immigration and one is integration. in terms of immigration it's incredibly important that you have strong borders if you want to be a country that can keep your people secure. the leadership we are seeing from the new administration on that. we haven't heard for a while about at the presiald about soon after the inauguration about extreme vetting. but that's what we need. we need tight control of borders and be sure anyone who comes and lives here is someone where we
4:50 am
can check out their backgrounds. the second is integration. what you see in the u.k., a community all over the country that's not properly integrated into national life. where people don't speak english, they don't take part in the mainstream of national life. it's important to have a fully integrated society. trish: we had people come from all different places many years ago and they wanted to be american. you have to want that to thrive here. steve hilton, thank you. and welcome to fox. great to have you. coming up next. protesters at the anti-trump julius caesar production in new julius caesar production in new york.
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♪livin in this crazy world ♪so caught up in the confusion♪
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♪nothin' is makin' sense ♪for me and you ♪maybe we can find a way ♪there's got to be solutions ♪how to make a brighter day ♪what do we do? ♪we've got to give a little love♪ ♪have a little hope ♪make this world a little better♪ ♪try a little more ♪harder than before trib * in our online poll we asked you should president trump bring together the republican leadership to ask whether he should fire bob mueller. 84% said he should. information regarding the unmasking of trump campaign members by former national security advisor susan rice is stored at the obama library and
4:55 am
will be under lock and key for five years. this just coming to us right now. according to judicial watch which learned of the obstruction from the national security council. the presidentl president of judicial watch is lived and says he hopes the juice distempt will look into the matter. katie, i'll start with you. your reaction to this. they wanted to figure out who wanted the unmasking done, it turns out we won't know because that will in the obama library for the next five years. >> by the type we do get to figure out what's going on, it will have been half a decade. this is another roadblock that gets in the way of figuring out the truth. it's unfortunate we have to wait five years.
4:56 am
the question is why did this happen in the first place and why can't we know now? trish: isn't it important to understand the context of everything that's going on? shouldn't we be able to get that information? >> absolutely. this is a very serious thing, and president obama should be pushed to issue a statement, it's in his building, his library, under his control, why he won't release this. trish: the theory is president obama and his team were doing this pore political reasons. they wanted to expose donald trump and his administration to all they are getting exposed to. by unmasking then could we not then see that play out? by hiding it, no one knows? >> no one knows. for better or for worse, it's something we need to shine a
4:57 am
light on. what james comey revealed about loretta lynch and hillary clinton. things like this were happening all over, whether it was former president barack obama. we need to know what's going on. five years is far, far too long to wait. >> they may be hiding the surveillance on the trump campaign, they may be hiding it beuse it proves there was in collusion. trish: se of this stuff is really bringing it out into the open that i think is very challenging for this president. he's a guy -- he didn't have to answer to shareholders, he didn't have to answer to a board of directors. he answered to himself. he needed to be successful for himself, his business, his family. he goes in to be president of the youth, he want us to be
4:58 am
successful and wants the economy to succeed, and there are a lot of factions. >> he has been a friend of mine for 25 years. i have watched him get into real scrapes, real roadblocks, have every level of government shut him down, but after sick months he comes back. trish: how dose start to get some of -- how does he tart to get some of the -- start to get some of the members of the swamp to play ball with him? i'm a proponent of donald trump not tweeting as much as he does. but there has to be respect on both sides. a lot of the media and the insiders, a lot of the swamp don't respect him and don't want anything good to happen to him. they don't respect him and they
4:59 am
don't want to work with him in any capacity. trish: in theulius caesar play in n york. caesar is killed and he is made to look like donald trump. that speaks to the narrative on the left that it's okay to do this. >> they did this once with obama, but it was a cardboard knife, a stabbing motion. this is assassination porn these democrats are starting to enjoy. >> it's tough to watch and tough to see. it's hard to watch that image of her holding up the president's head. we are living in a different world. that is for sure. that's it for us tonight. my thanks to lou for letting me
5:00 am
sit here with you tonight. she is on vacation. ambassador john bolton, ed rollins, former governor mike huckabee a a a a a


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