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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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screens you're a superstar to begin with. we look at technical analysis. [closing bell rings] i haven't met a single bull in years. look at your portfolio, stay off page one. liz: jordan kimmel, thank you very much. dow two-day record closing streak is over. the dow down 5points at the moment. let me get to david and melissa with breaking news. david: because stocks are sinking into the close. dow and nasdaq and s&p following suit. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." we have more on big market movers. here is what else we're talking about in this very busy hour. major tax cuts, health care reform happening this year. paul ryan talking to manufacturers on the merits of the republican tax plan. what iin it and how they are going to pay for it. could we have seen sean spicer's last press briefing? more on his new role and who could take his place in the podium.
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voting on the way for most expensive and highly anticipated congressional race in history. polls close in three hours. we will take you live to georgia's 6th district. joining us this hour, chairman of the house freedom caucus, mark meadows. "mediabuzz" host howard kurtz. former ambassador john bolton. david: lots more. we have breaking news for you. belgian media reporting a man detonated a bomb he was wearing at a train station in brussels the capitol. the suspect is heavily injured. as of now there are no victims of the attack. brussels police saying the situation is now under control. we're following this story very closely. we'll keep you updated throughout the hour. meanwhile the dow extending its losses when the news came out in the last hour, snapping a two-day record streak to end down 61 1/2 points. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange, watching big name movers. first to phil flynn at cme.
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there is a lot of action in oil where it officially settled in bear market territory, down more than 20% since the 52-week high in february. how low does it go, phil? >> let's hope for the u.s. shale producer doesn't go a lot lower. this is really an expiration day to remember. the july futures contract went off the board today. everybody was dumping this market. reports of hedge funds, sell, sell, get me out of oil. they were running for the exits. a lot of talk of buying of puts on etfs on oil. so erybody is so negative. so it is really going to be up to opec to follow through with their threat to do whatever it takes to get the oil market in balance. you will have to shake the market up. i'm really concerned about u.s. shale producers. they can not handle this these price is. we her producers they produce below 40, 45. most of them can't. this is really critical area. we need the market to bounce back or u.s. oil production probably peaked for the short
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time. melissa: thanks, phil. nicole, oil stocks among the biggest losers today, right? >> that's right, melissa. we saw them dragging on the s&p 500 and across the board on all major indices. as phil noted, big selloff on oil. with that we saw also stocks going down along with it. big moves on transocean, rig, apache, down over 4% each. marathon and hess big laggards. that really weighed on the overall market. the market could not pull into the green today. early in the morning we hit a record. since then in the red. look at chipotle mexican grill. you may like the burritos and such, the stock now suffering today,..25% to the downside. down beat out look on sales -- 7.25. this is spending more on marketing after everything they spent after e.coli and.
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amazon effect, another day, that we discussed amazon today. today amazon talking about now having a wardrobe. you order the wardrobe, you try it on, any pieces you keep you keep at diount. what happened to all the other companies, kohl's, gap, nordstrom, they don't like that one bit. melissa: nicole, best in the business. we love to have you here at the close. thanks. david: despite critics saying it can't be done, paul ryan pushing for tax reform this year. he says he is confident this congress can make it happen. listen. >> we're going to fix this nation's tax code once and for all. you will hear that tax reform is coming along one day. you will hear tax reform is dead. do not be surprised by any of this. we are going to get this done in 2017. you know why we're getting this done in 2017? because we have to get this done in 2017. david: we need the money. here republican congressman mark meadows from north carolina. he is the chairman of the house
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freedom caucus. congressman, great to see you. let me talk about something paul ryan didn't talk about, which is the border adjustment tax. did they finally get the message from folks outside of the beltway, we don't want a new tax? >> i can tell you i don't know that the message has been fully received but it is almost home. i can tell you talking to administration officials today. we're all starting to coalesce around the fact that much of when speaker ryan talked abouts today has to get done, needs to get done before we leave in august. additionally, those tax cuts, making sure that the border adjustment tax in terms of a pay-for is not part of it, i think ultimately where we'll be. david: to put a final point on it, have you heard anything? has either paul ryan's office or somebody from the white house said something to you guys in congress about whether they finally laying off the border adjustment tax? >> well, we have had multiple conversations not only with the
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speaker but with the white house as you mentioned. i think there is an agreement that we need to move beyond the border adjustment tax, not just have an offset. we're about permanent tax cuts. whether it is expires in nine years or we open the budget window to 20 years, we're all about making it work. so i can tell you that the border adjustment tax is really dead. and it is up to us to make sure we put forth a proposal that does what we said we would do early. david: sounds like a nail in the coffin. talk about doing different taxes at the same time. we heard at one point they were going to focus on corporate taxes. i was happy to hear paul ryan mention eight of 10 businesses in the united states are unincorporated. that they pay taxes just on individual basis. so individual tax cuts along with corporate tax cuts, they will be paired together, right? >> without a doubt. there is not one without the other. there is not the attitude or the
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appetite here on capitol hill to do one without the other. and as you mentioned, it has got to get all the way down to main street. a lot of those sole proprietorships or sub-ss. we made an agreement whatever we do will flow through and be comprehensive. david: yeah. >> we want to go bold but we also need to make sure that we make sure this is the last time we deal deal with it for very long time. david: there is procedural issue. he said tax cuts will be rmanent tax cuts but nothing permanent inside of the beltway. they said the reagan tax cuts were pernent. reagan came in office got rid of a lot of them? >> he did. each congress will make a difference. they are talking about procedural hurdles saying they have to expire in 10 years in order to make it through the bird rules in the senate. bush tax cut, 9 6% stayed or
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were permanent. make sure they expire there so we can be aggressive as we can on front end, we're committed. conservatives moderates those in the senate make sure we get it done. i'm hopeful to put something on the president's desk in september. david: congressman meadows, let's hope it comes through. we all need a little tax cut. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. melissa: gary kaltbaum, kaltbaum capital management president and james freeman, "wall street journal" editorial page editor. both fox news contributors. gary i feel so hopeful after that open and interview i'm afraid, i'm afraid my hopes are too high. david: don't jinx it. melissa: i don't want to jinx it. help me out here what do you think? >> congressman actually sounded optimistic and i'm not so sure we're getting a lot of that in the last few weeks. look, it is pretty simple. they better get it done, if they don't bye-bye 2018. trouble for the economy also.
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so, and this border tax, i'm thinking chuck schumer is the happiest guy if they put in a border tax. i read health care in the senate was going to keep 21 taxes so i'm hoping some conservative heads prevail, good stuff comes from this. melissa: james, i mean, i'm almost crying over here, i'm so excited. >> don't cry. melissa: am i getting my hopes too high? >> well, let's see, i guess i would maybe be a little concerned that they still want to go big. they still want to have the big transformational once-in-a-generation reform. i kind of wander if you get it done this year. the unalloyed, definite, positive, good message, we've gotten today, they are focused on growth. they are focused on cutting taxes. not in the beltway mind-set you have to raise some taxes in order to lower others. melissa: yeah. >> i think this was really key for meadows and ryan. they're saying tax cut, not just
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tax reform. melissa: i love it. david. david: mark meadows had been a little skeptical. melissa: totally. that was a big move for him. david: yeah. the obama administration as you might remember, killed dozens of corporate mergers, that resulted in billions of dollars in kill fees and wasted effort in the corporate community but the same probably is not going to happen with the trump administration. so will amazon-whole foods deal get green-lighted? james, you know a lot about this. the obama administration really didn't see any mergers that they liked. this administration is probably being very different and will amazon be an example of that? >> i think facts are very good for this merger, even if you're someone who is inclined to interfere in the marketplace, whole foods gets a lot of attention, mainly because it has locations where a lot of media folk live in new york and washington. it is a very small player in the overall grocery market. nowhere the size of walmart's
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grocery business, on kroger's. on facts they have a good case here but you rai the obama situatio yothink of amazon, the obama administration broke up the staples-office depot merger, essentially because they dismissed any competitive threat from amazon. can you believe it? this was only what, a year ago basically this thing was getting killed. and they saw the market as just essentially those two competitors. of course we've seen how they suffered not being able to combine. that will be on the minds of antitrust lawyers, the damage they have done when they have intervened. melissa: great point. paging the grinch. for the first time ups will add a delivery surcharge for orders around black friday and the christmas shopping season. gary, i don't know. it may sound like the grinch. maybe it is good business. could be good for shareholders. what do you think? >> who it affects the most, amazon, walmart, the rest that use them. the question is, are they going to raise shipping prices on the
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consumer? my answer is, i don't think so. once you get the consumers used to something, you start raising prices on them, they get upset. so i'm not so sure this is going to be such a big deal. i do believe fedex will match it. if there is ground swell against it, as wick as ups did it they will back away. i think prices go up a little bit for now. melissa: thanks, guys. good stuff. david: fedex stock up 28% in a year. melissa: that is amazing. polls closing in the peach state. less than three hours from now georgia district 6 voting in this highly-anticipated local race with national implications. we're going to take you there live. david: lawmakers demanding that the white house take action after the death of otto warmbier but the president seems to be giving up on help from china. former ambassador john bolton on what to do now. melissa: and we could see the senate republican health care
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plan as early as thursday. democrats vow to fight it at every turn. the latest from washington. >> our job right now is to make sure that this disasterous republican proposal never sees the light of day. we have to stand up and fight in an unprecedented way. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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you get punished for using it? news flash: nobody's perfect. for drivers with accide forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise yourat due to your first accident. switch and you could save $782 on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. david: more defails own explosion in belgium. local media say a bomb was detonated in a train station in brussels. the suitcase was exploded. he owner went down the stairs of the platform, he was wearing explosive belt. somehow bless neutralized. police say the situation is under control. there are no victims from the attack although the attacker is severely injured.
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we'll follow the story closely. we'll keep you updated. melissa. melissa: gnat republicans setting hopes to complete health care reform by the july 4th recess as senate minority leader chuck schumer is calling on gop senators on bipartisan meeting on health care but can democrats and republicans come together to get reform accomplished by the upcoming holiday? adam shapiro standing by at white house with the latest. what do you say, adam. are they coming together? reporter: don't hold your breath on it. this is washington, d.c., we're talking about, so much for unity. don't listen to me. listen what different people had to say about this. yes, we expect to see the health care bill thursday with a vote next week, but, let me let you first listen to sean spicer who put it like this. >> their leader, senator schumer made it very clear on at least two separate occasions they didn't want to be part of this process. they didn't want to repeal and replace obamacare. they were happy with obamacare.
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we believe obamacare is failing. they chose, made it very clear they didn't want to engage the process. so to turn around now, second-guess, that is something they should take up with their own leader. reporter: democrats said look, we would take part in some of this but there is no transparency. nobody is talking publicly what is going to happen. here is what senator chuck assume every from new york had to say about it. >> never sought out negotiations. never sought our opinions. just decided to do this in the dark of night. it is amazing that most of their republican members don't know what this bill is about either. and why? they're ashamed. reporter: will they come together? probably not on this issue. but there will be other issues in the future, for instance, tax reform. right now, the democrats are saying as long as the proposal to remove deductions exists in the tax reform, that would be deductions for state and local taxes they're not coming to the table.
4:19 pm
already some democrats at least in the senate have reached out and are speaking with the administration on other issues on tax reform. there is possibility of coming together, but on health care, don't hold your breath. melissa: everything they say, is disingenuous. everybody stands by the mic. we know what everybody else is doing. it is all strategy. adam, good stuff. hopefully something gets passed, thank you. david: we know democrats will not support anything. melissa: they actually said that so. david: the question whether republicans will come together. rand paul had problems. other people. i think tonight the election in georgia, if the republicans lose that election, that might bring them together, they will realize they need to have some victory, legislative victory in order to win. melissa: good point. all right, meantime we have more breaking news for you right now. fedex reporting fourth quarter results. let's go right to nicole petallides with the numbers. nicole. >> that is interesting, david and melissa. they beat, they beat across the board, top and bottom line.
4:20 pm
let's begin with earnings per share, adjusted number of 4.25 a share. that exceeds the estimate of 3.88. moving on to revenue, also a beat, 15.7 billion. that beats the estimate of 15.56 billion. after hours the stock moving to the upside. fedex has been running up, the stock over the last 52 weeks, up 7% in june and gaining here. it will take time to integrate tnt express which is supposed to give them a lot of savings the next couple years and the ceo talked about the strong fourth quarter results being completed. they will continue to delive their outstanding value. also as we're moving here, we're watching the stock, this is record high territory for fedex as well. they're working on investments to modernize the aircraft around fleet and expand fedex ground capacity. that is key part of their
4:21 pm
investments in the ground facilities. that is expected to drive their future as well for growth. what is interesting though, the last thought that i have is about ups. we'll see whether or not they will mention any sort of hikes for the holidays the way ups said today they will do. back to you. melissa: very interesting, nicole. thank you. david: rising tensions between the u.s. and the kremlin just hours after russia threatened to target our military. there is unbelievably close call for the u.s. air force in the baltic sea. wait until you hear how close. a shake-up at the white house. the mainstream media's latest issue how the trump administration handling the press. next fox news media analyst howie kurtz weighing in. >> the briefing is one aspect of what we do. we're here really early in the morning, and really late at night available to all of your ♪ educing the sugar in your family's diet coke, dr. pepper, and pepsi hear you and we're working together to do just that. bringing you more great tasting beverages
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melissa: passing the podium in what could be one of his last
4:25 pm
briefings, white house press secretary sean spicer was brushing off reports about his possible new role in the west wing. >> right here. so, you can keep taking yourself if is. yourself if is. we're been seeking input from individuals as far as individuals they have. meeting with potential people of serve the administration. i don't think this should come to any surprise. we're looking for ways to do a better job a tech lating president's message -- a tech lating the president's message. melissa: i watched that live. what is your take? >> sean spicer didn't deny reports by several news organization that he is headed to off-camera role communications shop or new press secretary or new daily briefer. he seemed to try to cast it. he deflected the but there has
4:26 pm
been a lot of grumbling, this is the first on camera briefing by anyone in a week. saying we find different ways to communicate. melissa: does that seem fair to you? so they hadn't had live press conference like this on camera for eight days but he said, look, this isn't all we do. we email with you guys. we do interviews. we do all kinds of things. this is just one element, was the exact words. does that seem fair? >> yeah. as does every white house press office. i thought it was a little weird, i don't think every briefing has to be televised. i think is sounding whiney especially from television reporters who would like to get their face on camera. i think it was weird there was off-camara gaggle as it was called other day. the rule was you couldn't play audio. that i didn't quite understand. think frustration, in addition to frequency of televised briefings, melissa, increasingly spicer is taking a kind of a terse approach to the job. melissa: right. >> they won't answer any
4:27 pm
questions about the special counsel's probe. there has been a lot of i don't know, i have to check, i haven't had a chance to discuss it with the president as happened with question whether the president believes if russia interfered in the u.s. election. melissa: what is like that the 7,000th time someone asked that in that room? so much of what goes on is disingenuous. that gets under my skin, we have the right to transparency. we have the right to ask, yes, that's te, but what they're looking for is the rht to you know, squabble back and forth with him. that it has made good television. it makes content for evening newscast. it gets pretty good ratings. they're sad, sort of candy has been taken away. there is that part of it too, right, if we're being honest? >> yeah. a lot of this is political theater. there is lot more posturing by both sides. certainly journalists when cameras are on. off-camaras tend to serious affairs. president trump made no secret
4:28 pm
for disdain to the mainstream media. he will not be dissuaded if he wants fewer briefings, on camera fewer briefings with a fact getting criticism from the press corps. i don't think that is a factor. melissa: riddle me this one, next person was nice and easy, went with totally different approach, like sarah huckabee sanders does an amazing job. she is firm when she gets out there. dana perino said a lot of time, somebody could come out with more smiles, let's take the temperature down. almost like you're the kindergarten teacher, no matter how much everybody screams and yells, misbehaves, i do that with my kids, i'm impervious to it. you know. how would that work? >> you know sarah huckabee sanders for example use as lot of humor to deflect questions she doesn't want to answer or nts to answein ctain way. everybody press secretary has his or her own style. impossible to be nice all the time.
4:29 pm
you're taking so much incoming. so many abrasive questions. some of them legitimate. some grandstanding. if somebody succeeds spicer as on-camera briefer, melissa mccarthy will be disappointed. it might make for, might make for slightly less frosty relationships or relations in the press room. melissa: we'll see. i can hold it together at toy store, massive tantrum coming from more than one direction. this may be the approach. call me crazy. you love the analogy, right? image is just about right. catch howard kurtz this sunday on "mediabuzz" at 11:00 a.m. on fox news channel. you know that because you would never miss it! it is too good a show. david: doesn't you go anywhere. i don't want -- melissa: i'm just giving out suggestions. david: breaking earnings, adobe systems reported second quarter results shares of the company trading at new record highs after-hours, following a beat on both earnings and revenue. the company reporting more than a 26% jump in revenue. that hits a new record.
4:30 pm
look at that, up over 3 1/2% after hours. melissa: so as the nation mourning the death of at toe warmbier, many are question auto the united states will hold north korea responsible. john bolton is next with his take. david: georgia voters heading to the polls for a race that could end up having a significant impact on our whole nation. >> republicans are motivated. they do not want someone who lives outside of the district coming in and representing them. they surely don't want nancy pelosi's guy coming in to try to buy this seat. i joined the army in july of '98. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life. will you be ready when the ment turns romantic? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. melissa: escalating tensions in the baltic sea. an armed russian fighter jet coming within five feet, five feet, of a u.s. military plane over the baltic sea. this is according to officials. the erratic move coming on the heels of russia's recent threat to the u.s. after shooting down a syrian jetfighter, fighter jet. pardon me. chris harmer, institute stud of war senior naval analyst. what do you make of this, chris? >> i make of it increasing tension between the russia and united states. russia knows on substantive basis, united states has twice the population, 10 times the gdp. no way that putin's russia compete with the united states
4:35 pm
in any relevant way. what put fin is trying to doing, sicknal to the domestic audience that he has step up to us. they're doing silly things around periphery that they are capable of standings up to the united states. but more or less we should ignore what the russians are doing chart our own course without any regard what we think their reaction might be. melissa: we're looking at this escalating situation in syria, this fight, seems a lot of the talk is around the idea of isis moving out of the region, being blown out of the region. there comes a fight for the euphrates river valley. it sets up a whole different set of people on each side. break it down for us and what do you think the u.s. should do. >> it has always been a bunch of different people on bun of different sides fighting over the same piece of territory. the russian interest in syria is very clear. they want to support the islamic
4:36 pm
republic of iran and bashar assad government of syria. they need the western coast at tartuse. they don't really care what happens in the eastern third of syria towards the tigris, euphrates, towards the desert and iraq. they sort of care about it but not really relevant to them. what the problem here is, the syrian assad regime needs to maintain the veneer of legitimacy. so the syrian assad regime so they continue to conduct military operations out there, not against isis but relatively moderate syrian rebels that the united states is supporting. that is why the united states intervened and shot down syrian attack aircraft because it was bombing rebels operating on behalf of the united states. that is where the conflict between united states and russia is now coming in. we have one set of proxies. the russians have another set of proxies. those proxies are fighting together. we're getting dragged into a bit more tension with russia than we would want at this time. melissa: yeah. russia is defending an airbase there.
4:37 pm
there are so many complicating factors. thanks for weighing in. >> thank you. david: you heard about it this time yesterday. otto warmbier died yesterday after he returned home in a state of wakeful unresponsiveness. president trump had this to say about the behavior of the north korean regime. >> it's a brutal regime. and we'll be able to handle it. david: joining us now to weigh in is former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor john bolton. we know how to handle it, what do you think the president meant by that? >> well, i think it's very clear that the north korean use of otto warmbier as a pawn and whatever treatment that they gave to him that led to his death really is a statement about the character of the regime. it is unacceptable way to treat
4:38 pm
an american citizen, that's for sure but yt is also evident that you can't really trust anything the authorities in pongng say. they haven't told the truth about warmbier and what happened to him. if they don't even have the humanitarian concern to do that, how can you trust them when they talk about their nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs? this is one human tragedy but i think it ought to be a wake-up call for the united states and the administration that 25 years of effort at negotiation to get north korea to give up its nuclear weapons program isn't going to work in the 26th year. david: it is a lesson that the family of otto warmbier found out the hard way. they were encouraged by president obama to take the ol' approach, try to be nice or at least not speak badly of the north koreans, not try to upset their sensibilities. very different from the trump administration. took a much harder line.
4:39 pm
here's what otto warmbier's father said about that last week. >> the question is do i think the past administration could have done more? i think the results speak for themselves. david: hard to argue with that, right? >> right, and that's why i think this is a wake-up call. the notion that through additional economic pressure, i'm all in favor of doing it but the idea that additional pressure is going to fundamentally change the behavior of the regime in north korea is wrong, not on these kinds of acts of terrorism. not on their ballistic missile and nuclear programs. not on their repression of their own citizens. it's why, really the effort at negotiation plays into the hands of the north koreans, plays into the hands of the iranians on their nuclear program because time is always on the side of the proliferator. time is really always on the side of the terrorist too. david: ambassador, three americans are being held by the north koreans right now.
4:40 pm
in light of what happened to otto, the fact we didn't know anything about him being unconscious for some months, should we demand and get full accounting of their health and well being right now. >> for sure. again, warmbier's case was a good example. he was held on a trivial trumped up charge if anything. he was given a show trial and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. this is all utter nonsense. a civilized country find somebody's in their boarders does somebody unacceptable, gives them a fine, let's them rot in jail for couple days and kick them out of the country. that is what north korea should do if they're civilized not barbaric. looking through the personal tragedy, this tells us a lot of what we need to know about the character of the regime by itself. david: you can't negotiate with barbarism. >> that's exactly right.
4:41 pm
david: thank you,. melissa: you're looking pictures moments ago a construction crain collapsed in long island city, across the east river in manhattan, injuring two workers, trapping a third. this is according to fire officials. firefighters are working to free the worker. we'll bring you details as we get them. david: meanwhile out of this world discovery. new evidence that suggests there is much more than just earth out there. nasa's discovery coming right up. a scorching heat wave hitting the southwest right now. a live report how to stay school coulding next. ♪ [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perective can makellhe difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest
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david: we have breaking news. senators right now are attended a senate-wide briefing on safety measures. this follows shooting of congressman steve scalise and others last week. we'll keep you posted on that.
4:45 pm
melissa. melissa: airlines canceling flights in phoenix as a heat wave threaten the southwest u.s. with temperatures in some areas reaching nearly 120 degrees. fox news meteorologist, adam klotz in the weather center with the latest. >> melissa, incredibly hot. spots are too warm to fly, get up 118 degrees for smaller aircraft. several areas getting into that range. a buck 12 in phoenix area. heat of the day just around corner. this is highs of day. looking at spots up to 121. folks 119 in phoenix area. lot of warm air piling up in death valley, 124. these are getting close to record-breaking temperatures. all-time high for 122 for folks in phoenix. third-all-time high, we'll be close to that today before all said and done. maybe reaching it, if not
4:46 pm
incredibly close. 119 what we're looking at heat advisories portions of central california, down towards phoenix area including las vegas as well. this in place all the way until friday. it will back off. maybe not 120 but hot nonetheless. this is happening in the gulf of mexico. tropical storm cindy last couple hours coming together. you're looking at rain on eastern side of this system. this means heavy rain stretching from portions of louisiana along the coast. as a result we're under tropical storm warning including the coast of louisiana, stretching back towards the houston area. this is something already beginning to bring a little bit of rain. we're looking very heavy rainfall. this making landfall wednesday, late wednesday into thursday. that will be the big weather story next couple days. melissa: death valley, no mystery how it got that name, adam, thank you. yeah. david: is there life beyond earth? nasa announcing new findings that suggest there just might be
4:47 pm
10 new planets outside of our solar system have been identified as ones that could support life. they have all the right ingredients. after four years of searching the kepler telescope detected 49 planets with the right size an temperature. the telescope has looked in within quarter of 1% of the galaxy sfar. there is a lot more space. melissa: wow, that telescope is so cool. can see so many cool things. david: beyond ours? melissa: odds are how could we be alone? david: a lot of waste of space if we are. melissa: there you go. all right. flipping the 6 and flipping the house right along with it. republicans and democrats are scrambling for last-minute votes in the most expensive congressional race in history, the left is looking for a big win. net ♪
4:48 pm
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melissa: voting in georgia underway for the special election of 6th congressional district. care run handel looking to edge out democrat jon ossoff what has become the most expensive house race in history. jonathan serrie with the latest on this. how is it shaping up? reporter: a lot of enthusiasm, melissa. it is raining but still not stopping people showing up with umbrellas at this one location alone, about 1000 people cast ballots. that is just today. what is really impressive look at early voting numbers, 140,000 restaurants district-wide, more than 140,000 cast ballots before election day. those early voting numbers twice what they were back during the april primary. more than 25% of all registered voters casting early ballots in this very important georgia district race.
4:52 pm
the race is expected to be very tight. both parties and members of both parties weighing in. look at this tweet from steve scalise, the house majority whip who was shot during last week's attack on the republican congressional baseball team. he tweeted in support of republican karen handel today saying karen handel is a great candidate, and team scalise is pulling for her. meanwhile democrat jon ossoff, a former congressional staffer, had civil rights icon and congressman john lewis campaigning for him, while striking a moderate tone to attract independent voters in this district that favors establishment republicans. but handel, and outside groups are trying to link ossoff to the liberal wing of his democratic party. polls in most of the district are closing at 7:00 but there were some machine problems, some voting machine problems in at least two locations. so the judges ordered those locations to remain open to voters until 7:30.
4:53 pm
it will be a long night. we'll keep you posted. melissa: sounds like a house of cards. jonathan serrie, with very latest on this, david avella, go pack chairman and republican activist. democrat had a substantial lead at one point. that all begin dilled away and pretty even. what happened? >> here is the number to watch tonight, 85,000. if election day turnout is 85,000 voters, karen handel will win. she has a 20-point lead amongst voters who say they're going to cast their vote today. so you take those voters combined with 141,000 that cast early votes, and there is her path to victory. david: she has been, excuse me, david, she has been building that lead. how did she do it, because clearly the democrats, i believe, the democrats outspent the republicans. so you how did she convince more people to go for her? >> well, message is simple.
4:54 pm
if you want an agenda that looks at getting rid of obamacare, looking attacks reform, looking at things to increase people's personal and economic security, you vote republican. which is has happened by and large over the last decade. it is why republicans have had so much success over the last decade because of that simple message. that is what she hammered in these final days. and as voters got to know jon ossoff more, a guy that doesn't even live in the district, most of his money comes from outside the district, from places as far away as san francisco. in fact he has gotten more money from outside the district than inside of his district. as we know, dollars equate to votes, and if you're not getting support from people in your district, probably means you're not getting votes either. david: david one thing complicated whole race an ad came out since the shooting last book inside of the beltway.
4:55 pm
just want to play a little snippet of that ad, get your views on it. >> now the unhinged left is endorsing and applauding shooting republicans. when will it stop? it won't if jon ossoff wins on tuesday, because the same unhinged leftist cheering last week's shooting are all backing jon ossoff. if he wins, they win. david: not only have the democrats condemned the ad but the gop also has condemned the ad. a pac put it together. outside pack, but has it had any sign of effect in the district. >> it will appeal to some voters in that district. and you look at some of the rhetoric that has come out of the democratic party, thankfully, most of it has been condemning last week's actions, but a lot of the hate message you get out of the democratic party these das all done to fuel their base. it is to keep those contritis coming in, so that jon ossoff can get $23 million, a lot of it from san francisco,
4:56 pm
and places that have a far more liberal view of the world, making sure that those campaigns keep getting funded. that is why you hear some of the hateful rhetoric you do out of the democratic party, but again thankfully most democrats weren't talking about that. david: this was rhetoric, this was not rhetoric from the democrats. this was rhetoric from conservatives but not from the republican party itself. david avella, thank you very much. good to see you. appreciate it. melissa: delay at the drive-through. you may be waiting a bit longer to get your fix at mickey d's. ♪ ♪
4:57 pm
here comes the fun with sea-doo starting at just $5,299 and up to $500 rebate visit today
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. >> so customers new beef with mcdonald's, see what we did there? the golden arches is testing a fresh not frozen quarter pounder with the attempt to improve food quality leaving hungry customers waiting. >> takes about a minute longer.
5:00 pm
a minute to prepare than the original burger because grilling begins only after a customer orders. traditional quarter pounder was often heated up in batches ahead of time. this takes longer but looks a lot better. >> they're all good. "risk & reward" starts now. >> breaking news, belgian officials reporting explosion at the brussels central train station. the military shot one man. he was reportedly heavily injured. officials say the situation under control with no casualties. the nearby major tourist site has been evacuated. local belgian media reporting the man wore a bomb vest and witnesses heard the man shout allahu akbar. a busload of christians murdered in egypt. a police chief beheaded in the philippines by isis.


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