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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 22, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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we highly endorse it. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. please be with us can't see the show, dvr it. he is next.. >> senate republican leadership today finally unveiling their healthcare legislation. after weeks of negotiations, negotiations behind closed-door closed-doors. 142 page bill repeals most of obamacare. including medicaid expansion. but it does not go as far as the house version, and that has already cost some conservative support. 4 senators will not support it
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. saying they are not ready to vote on the bill as written, cruz and paul. and lee and johnson. johnson by the way, his job was saved in election by one president trump. altogether bad news for the majority leader mcconnell who can afford only two votes for it to pass. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill with our report. >> obamacare is a disaster, it is dead. we're putting in a plan today that is going to be negotiated. we would love to have some democrat support, but they are obstructionists, they will never support, we hopefully will get something done. hopefully something with heart. reporter: the scrapping of obamacare, and replace it with a better system of released today, key differences with
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house republican people are on tax credits to help tea people buy coverage, in house they are based on age, in senate, aged, and income, preexisting conditions. and senate prohibits insurers from increasing premiums based on preexisting conditions. senate funding will phase out to 2024, medicaid cuts. senate block grant to state would grow more slowly after 2025. mccann elsmcconnell made the case. >> to address these problems in a serious way. while law they have defended for 7 years, teeters, literally teeters on the edge of total collapse.
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>> four g.o.p. senators, came out against it in the form, enough to kill the bill. >> we're open to negotiation. but we want the bill to look more like a repeal, we're afraid when we read the bill it looks like a reiting ration or keeping of obamacare. >> i want to get a yes, fix underlying problem, lower premiums and i will be part of it. >> disability right protester on hill today opposing r reduction in medicaid spending. as expected, the democrats quickly attacked the package. >> it is every bit as bad as house bill, in some ways worse, president said that senate bill needed heart. the way that bill cuts healthcare is heartless. >> the speech you heard about
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a bill he has not seen. >> 142 pages thus far of this supposed bill have been prinked on -- printed on-line, that is what i used. reporter: tension did not end there. >> what is being talked about here is like having a hole in the roof of your house, instead of patching it, they want to burn down the house. we're not willing to participate in burning down the house. >> i woulding is suggest that senator from michigan, that democrats under obamacare that burned down the house, individual market for healthcare has been decimated, decimated. reporter: tension in u.s. senate, coma. >> republican leadership goal to vote for july 4 recess, there is time to read, and discuss it.
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lou: mike thank you. >> here it talk about senate healthcare bill and 4 bad mo - -- in
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>> i o i think that will be test. >> bringing it guts we're. we're hanging on by our fingernails then. >> only have -- everyone is king. and any two can crash it, i think. that you have to put cross pressure. lou: turning to president acknowledging today, that he did not have tapes, that is a disappointment to a lot of people. >> not to me. i am glad he did not have tapes. i lived through nixon's tapes, i and read about johnson's tapes, i think that president did a bluff on comey, made sure that be careful there might be tapes, you better tell the truth.
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i think that worked. lou: why is there no investigation of james comey? no investigation of former attorney general loretta lynch. why haven't the republicans, the department of justice, attorney general, begun investigation of clinton foundation, and clinton e-mails? the reckless disregard for the obligations to preserve the records. >> i think if you have a broad spectrum of looking at team that mueller is putting together is as big as any justice department criminal investigation, she should investigate it all. >> mueller is bringing in democrats. me is in violation of statute, appearance of conflict of interest. in so doing. it is time, is it not? for this administration, department of the justice to attack mueller had on, and get
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this nonsense ended and if democrats want to play in this foul, stench of a swamp, let them have it. but, stop the nonsense. >> again, remember that they talk about there are day, special counsel acts on behalf of the tern attorney general, my sense either attorney general steps up and says -- lou: has sessions lost his guts? >> i hope not, if he has, someone else needs to come in there, if you let this run for 3 or 4 months or years, that administration will never be able to do anything, it is that krienld o kind of jeopardy. lou: it seems this ends here or a administration that will be foiling against the administration through the first term. >> i have watched this process go on for a long time, congress eliminated the special counsel before.
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the idea your own administration will set it up, take attorney general out of mix is absurd. lou: ed, thank you. >> thank you. lou: good to see you, we're coming right back, there is a lot more to cover. a lot of it has to do with the deep state and desperate dems and their conflict, their fundamental conflict, with the trump administration. who will prevail? stay with us. >> president trump's attorney blasting james comey illegal memo leak, calling for a full investigation. >> if there was an investigation, that is going on right now, it should be james comey, i'm hopeful it is. lou: it's about time we talk up comey fallout with john salomon here. >> new provocation by north >> new provocation by north korea, the rogue regime
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lou: president trump ending speculation of about white house tapes with his conversations with james comey. with all respected electronic surveillance, intercepts,
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unmasking and illegal leaking of information, i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey. but i do did not make and do not have any such recording. joining me now to talk about the latest twists, newest twists and turns of never ending russia collusion investigation or whatever you want have us call it. chief operating officer, circa news, john salomon, i just talked to ed rollins, about why we're not seeing this administration attack, investigate, bob mueller and his democratic hinge -- he has
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bright in, and why not go after loretta lynch, former attorney general. former president of united states bill clinton, who met inappropriately on the tarmac in phoenix as we know just as fbi was making a decision about hillary clinton a fate. >> these are great questions, i was out in the midwest last week, people were asking the same questions, is anyone going to look at these other issues? there some evidence, i believe that democrats and republicans are beginning to look at the loretta lynch stuff, and that will get wrapped into this quickly. there are troubling questions, new things that we reported last week at, with a couldn't very sayin conversatioh comey. i think they will give mueller a little room to do a quick investigation, other place to watch, acting director of fbi,
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deputy director before that, a lot of questions around him, his wife. lou: andrew mccabe. >> i am beginning to hear more noise on that front. and there may be some investigations underway of him we'll be reporting on in next new days, there is some movement there. these things move slowly. but they are signs of things broadens. lou: that is encouraging as far that goes. to be honest, whether judiciary committee or house intelligence committee or senate intelligence committee, i think it has been theatrics and puffery, i think both parties, each of those committees have been amateur. in not focusing on real issues. working hard to come to a
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conclusion. >> i was in a cab with a cab driver he said, we're investigating the obstruction of a time that cannot occur. this is an interesting time, i think that americans out of the beltway get it. lou: we should talk to that cab driver. >> a renaissance man. lou: let's turn, senator grassley, chair of the senate judiciary committee, i know you, you said that he made a statement that you find compelling and even hopeful. if we could put that. folks, could and we that full screen? saying --
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this is a chairman of a committee starting to get real. >> yes. lou: that is hopeful. >> yeah, i think if you go on with that statement, he talks about complicity between a silence fbi, perhaps a leaking fbi. and a media that spun all of these conspiracy theory like new york time that was debunked by comey and others, that put this country through a lot of tumult where there is not, ja jeh johnn said yesterday, homeland offered to keep dnc from keeping computing from bees hacked, and dnc turned it down. lou: it sounded like a bargaining session, offer, exchange proffered, but should it have been a national security discussion, homeland security not asking but telling, and if
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necessary, getting subpoenas to preserve the national security against russian interests? >> that is a great question, we're still learning this new game of offensive cyber warfare. we have some rules of engagement, they are evolving, i believe next election you will see a more aggressive, not only with president trump but we have learned a lot, we need to be more aggressive, and what is going on now is arm chair quarterbacking. lou: i understand that, let me resist that arm chair quarterbacking. and your use of plural, fbi under comey and department of homeland security under jeh johnson had a responsibility to preserve, protect the national interest and security, they
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should have had those servers of dnc in hand, they have informed us, that the russian hacked those servers. this is -- this should be an act of on part of national security structure. including dhs and the fbi, right? >> handling of the post hacking era there is a lot of questions about fbi and department justice conduct. maybe they go back to the whole thing of clinton e-mail thing too, where there was a lot of dancing around. but part about stopping it before is trickier for government, they can't order dnc to let us take control of the servers. lou: all right, john salomon appreciate you being here. and appreciate your views. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, question
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is, are nancy pelosi and crying chuck the best thing to happen to republicans since donald trump? cast your vote on twitter, at lou dobbs, and follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow ni on instagram. >> breaking news, north korea has tested a rocket engine that could be used potentially on a future inevitabl intercontinentl ballistic missile. on wall street today, stocks closed mixed, dow down 13. s&p down 1, nasdaq up 3. volume on big board 3.4 billion shares. moderate trading. health care the best performing sector today, up 1% on the release of senate bill. shares of american airline up after qatar airways said it seeking a 10% stake in american airlines. american ceo calling the move
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puzzling, strange and unsolicited. >> george clooney selling his tequila brand, casa ain -- casag ma, he founded with his friend, silling to diageo. up next, dems are plai flailing. >> we're 5 and injury. >> they thought they were going to win. at least like three. >> people love us. all of us. they love us. >> is it time for pitiful pelosi and crying chuck to go? i'll have a few thoughts about that coming up. here next. much more, much more to analyze, and digest, in the from the swamp, latest from the swamp next. stay with us.
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lou: a few thoughts on the democrats growing increasingly delusional. they failed in trying to buy a special election and they are turning on their own. for the first time the dems are not attacking president trump. they are attacking nancy pelosi. she faces growing backlash from her party. but she is defiant, brag about her leadership. >> i'm a master legislator. i am a strategic politically astute leader. i respect any opinion my members have. but the decision about how long i stay is not up to them. i think i'm worth the trouble, frankly. lou: she is a master legislator
11:29 pm
who proclaimed in 2010, quote, we have to pass the bail to find out what's in it. she is worth the trouble for republicans. because the republicans have gained 60 seats during her tenure as the top democrat in the house. the republican party would like to have the pelosi kinds of trouble around for a long time. president trump tweeted this. quote. i certainly hope the democrats do not force nancy p. out. that would be very bad for the republican party. pleaselet crying chuck stay. the dems' only strategy is to obstruct the president and his agenda and drag out the congressional investigation on russia. they say they will do so until the 2018 mid-terms. but none of this helped the dems in any of the special elections, and the mid-terms won't likely
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be any different. the dems don't have a single new idea or fresh thought any kinds. they just do nasty better than anybody. and that proved to be not nearly enough. that's all the better for republicans, the trump administration. tom clancy said quote show me an elitist and i'll show you a loser. president trump ripping the dems for obstructing the effort to repeal and replace obamacare. >> if we went and got the single greatest healthcare plan in the history of the world, we would not get one democrat vote because they are obstructionists. lou: tammy bruce, mollie hemingway and mark i smoan join us next.
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lou: senate republicans finally releasing their healthcare bill. four bad ombres already coming
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out against the proposal. here is senator rand paul. >> the intention is not to take count bill, the intention is to make the bill better. i believe the leverage of four people is enough that hopefully those who read the bill will say we want some or all of their votes. and they will try to make it look more like a repeal bill than a reiteration of obamacare bill. lou: joining me, mollie hemingway and tammy bruce. and it's great to have with us radio talk show host, mark simone. the legendary. tammy, we finally have the bill, and there should be joy in the land. but instead four bad hombres get up there and want to take away
11:36 pm
the punch bowl. tammy: they are calling it a discussion draft. they can't make a commitment to the bill they presented. they are like the pajama boy. of course it's going to look different. my big problem, with the four opposed to this, senator paul and ted cruz, they $have been in there also for years. i don't see a new proposal or consolidated ideas pouring out of their pores either. they are sitting around protesting when years have gone by. mike lee said -- lou: is it good enough? tap rrp it will change. they don't cut anything. they slow the increase. that's a famous trick in washington. lou: mollie, your thoughts? mollie: this is an imperfect bill.
11:37 pm
there is a lot of stuff consequence conservatives would be happy with. if you told them years ago you could get rid of the individual employer mandate and deal with the problems of obamacare down the road, i think most tons * would be happy to take that. at the same time this is not a repeal bill, and republican voters were promised they would replease and replace obamacare. but it provide more money up front and slows down the changes on the medicaid expansion. so that's something moderates can get on board with. i think it's a smart bill. but as a conservative, it's not what i dreamed of. lou: i have to believe the republicans that crying chuck schumer is praying this bill keeps moving and the republicans
11:38 pm
don't throw up their hand and leave the democrats stuck with obamacare. i think as the president correctly said, that bill, that law, obamacare, is owned by the democratic party and it will tear them up in the 2018 elections. mark: i'm watching chuck schumer speak. he said i just read the cruel, most heartless bill i ever read. he didn't explain it's obamacare. i blame paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. they had 6, 7 years to come up with their own plan and never did it. tammy: in the end whatever they end up passing, it won't look like anything like the house and senate bill. but at least it will be something that will move us into a direct of making sure people don't get harmed because the president will be blamed if this
11:39 pm
happens under this watch. lou: a seminal moment, mollie. for the first time in five, six months, the democrats are not attacking president trump, they are attacking nancy pelosi. tell us what this you a -- whats augurs. mollie: they blaming nancy pelosi. i think it's a little bit unfair. yes she is a san francisco liberal and she is far left. lou: she lost 60 seats since she was the top democrat in the house. mollie: it's the democratic message that's the problem all they talk about is bashing donald trump. when they do talk about policies they are unpopular. radical abortion policies. support for climate change
11:40 pm
regulations. they are out of ideas. mark: they he me she is a mastermind, am i missing something? tammy: she thick trump is bush. she is supposed to craft the message. clearly it failed. she raises money for people. what good is that ask mr. ossoff? what's he going to do, be a barista at starbucks? mark: michael moore said it best, they have no message, no plans, no leaders. lou: please roll the video, we'll show you a paddle boarder who gets an unexpected surprise. and surprises are often for the sea creature. it's a giant squid, h.g. wells
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orchestrating the whole thing. this is enough to get your attention surfacing from beneath the water wrapping his tentacles around the paddle board. the squid look for a thrill on a paddle board. president trump pressures china to stop north korea's nuclear ambitions. >> i wish we would have a little more help with respect to north korea from china, but that doesn't seem to be working out. lou: we are joined next by lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. ♪
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lou: breaking news. a former cia officer arrested and accused of selling top secret government documents to the chinese. prosecutors say 60-year-old kevin mallory from virginia sent threat documents containing
11:46 pm
classified information to a chinese intelligence operative in may. he had a top secret security clearance until he left the government in 2012. he now faces up to life in prison. joining us now, tony shaffer. let's turn to north korea. you have said you think there need to be retaliation. >> i do. lou: in the case of the young man killed by the north koreans. what form should that retaliation take? >> we have options. in the cold war we used to have organizations that i used to run. a dirty tricks organization that looks for nefarious ways to go with the bad guys. we have to be as bad as they are in many ways and we have been held back from doing it in the last two administrations. there are things we can do to
11:47 pm
make it personal to kim jong-un. he needs to understand this behavior will not be tolerated and the larger north korean state. there are things we can do economically. there are espionage thing to send a message. lou: what do you say to parent, that there is no way in the world the united states government should be approving the entry of any american citizen into north korea. that that's a risk that was presumptuous on the part -- i know this is harsh, but it's have much the reality. to permit a young man hop obviously was naive who go into north korea to put himself at risk, others at risk. this is irresponsible. >> by all accounts this kid was well meaning. he's a year younger than my own
11:48 pm
son. i feel for the parents. a technical state of war still exists between us and the north koreans. the dmz, the demilitarized zone is the barrier between to standing armies ready to fight. until the clinton administration, any travel to north korea was forbidden. this is part of that ill-conceived idea of kumbaya. let's interact and even gang with them. this man because of the academic program -- lou: i understand you are blaming the chinese. the reality is the u.s. government is permitting this. and this is nonsense. >> the first thing to do is stop all travel there. and we have to look at economic relationships and how we work with our allies.
11:49 pm
something called the free trade zone, the caisson free trade zone where the south koreans benefit from north korean labor. all that money goes to the north korean government and people never see it. this is slave labor because we allow the south koreans to do this. lou: let me turn to james comey and whether he should be in your judgment investigated. whether we should shut down the bob mueller democratic parade that he's turned the special counsel's office into. >> i'm surprised mueller hasn't offered bill clinton on his team. if you want to have a counsel like this, lou, bring in someone who is competent. the president is well within his rights to say mueller is not
11:50 pm
working out. i'm not saying no to the special counsel, i'm saying no to him. james comey. everybody i talked to, professionals in the intelligence community and law enforcement feel he perjured himself at a minimum what as you probably in charge of some of the leaking. he's the poster child for the deep state. he's become emblematic of what's wrong with this town. lou: mexico's murder rate has done something a lot of people thought would be impossible. mexico's murder rate hit a 20-year high. mexico reported 2,500 killing in the month of may alone. that's 3 murder an hour. president trump tweeted this. mexico was just ranked the second deadliest country in the world after only syria. the drug trade largely the
11:51 pm
cause. we'll build the wall. up next. if you are looking for the perfect summer thriller, we have it. "putin's gambit," written by mr. bowrn and myself and we'll give you a peek into those pages. i join hannity tonight discussing nancy pelosi's amazing humility and sean's extraordinary affinity for the top dem in the house. i tried to persuade him otherwise. join us at 10:00 on the fox news channel. quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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lou: we asked you do you believe the republican party is beginning to faintly, dimly understand that president trump is their greatest asset in the 2018 mid-term elections? impressively and help any you responded, 62% of you saying yes. this is real progress, folks, and we appreciate you responding on the poll. vladimir putin's quest for power is a central theme of a new book out this week that i highly recommend. i just can't tell you how great
11:56 pm
it is. i, of course, wrote the book with my coauthor jim bourne. "you continues gambit." my buddy jim bourne. the premise is straight forward. a despotic russian leader. he decides to follow an historical roadmap to rebuild the union of soviet socialist republic in his image. his image is exact. it's one of vladimir putin. james boirnls here. it's finally here. a two-year journey. everyone seems to think we did this in the last three months and knew how things were working out, because it is timely we have to acknowledge. >> it was completed two years ago. we mad been working on it for
11:57 pm
three years. we had no idea things would turn out the way they have. lou: your modesty is overwhelming. >> we said what if, and we looked at the scenarios for the most entertaining thrail themmer we could find and putin ended being the most interesting character to put in the book. lou: a park advertising despot as -- a practicing despot as well. any relationship between reality and mr. putin is just pure coincidence, isn't it? >> coincidence or less, depends on how you look at it. lou: a lot of people were starting to talk favorably about vladimir putin in those days. when we decided to make him into
11:58 pm
the villain of the piece, it was not the thing to do. as a matter of fact remember mitt romney and all the characters who said russia is the greatest threat, they were dismissed. but the truth is russia has been a preeminent threat. there are 1,700 nuclear warheads in the possession of the russians and ready at his order to be launched. it is extraordinary to think of what destructive power is at his command. >> he made no secret of the fact he's interested in resurrecting the soviet empire. one of the keys to that would be taking some of the baltic states. and when we looked at a map where we were with trying decide what would be -- and talking to some of your friends it in, what
11:59 pm
would be one of his objectives, is stone yeah was one that -- is stone yeah was estonis is one that stuck out. it represents the bridge to all of europe for russia. and that appears to be the entire plan for vladimir putin. >> i think he would like to get ahold their electronic assets. the most wired republic in the east. there are a lot of -- estonis. there are a lot of elements of the country that would be beneficial. would nato other u.s. risk everything to defend this country? lou: you have to read the book to find out. the book is putin's gambit and
12:00 am
we highly endorse it. that's it for us tonight. thanks for joining us. please be with good night from new york. kennedy: senate republican leaders finally deliver their healthcare plan and not everyone is happy about it. what should stay and what should go. thomas massie is here. mr. democrats force out nancy pelosi? the panel weighs in. and is a black college professor at an elite connecticut college calling for white genocide? that and the college's response. as obamacare continues its heartless death spiral, those who hoped a liberty-rich solution would spring up in its place will be disappointed by


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