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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  June 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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$99 million at so much is worth and nancy pelosi $88 million. melissa: at lease. david: there's nothing wrong with being rich but then you don't talk about how bad the rich are. "risk and reward" starts now. >> will we have time, more than 10 hours to visit a complicated till to review the bill? will it be available to us in the public more than 10 hours before we have to vote for it? i would ask rhetorically of my friends the majority leader when his bill is ready isn't is a going to be posted for six days prior to debate or markup? are the american people, our doctors, our nurses, our patience, are the cancer care groups going to get a chance to see it? i doubt it. it's not what it seems like.
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>> the reality check is failed for the democrats. obamacare reform has been six years in the making. the details of what the republicans are going to do well-known in advance that somehow the democrats claim they were blindsided that the new senate g.o.p. health care bill was on the senate budget committees web site at 10:30 a.m. eastern time yesterday and yes we are being very exact here. democrat minority leader chuck schumer asked for 10 hours to review the bill but then he only needed a half an hour to oppose it. watch. >> the presence of the senate bill needed hard. the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. the president said the house bill was mean. the senate bill may be meaner. the senate republican health care bill is a wolf in's clothing. deirdre: we are going to get to the bottom that pit welcome to risk and rewards. liz mcdonald in for deidre bolton.
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despite democrats losing offices for your state even as the democrats lost for special elections even after the loss of more than 1000 legislative governorships even after nancy pelosi has seen more than five dozen democrats lose their house he undergirded her ship democrats still doubling down on being the party of no. the proof is in how quickly they opposed yesterday's health care bill without even reading it without even trying to fix fix t without coming to the table to do something about it and here's a timeline to to the g.o.p. release the bill at 10:38 a.m.. at 10:54:16 minutes later nancy pelosi argued posing as saying the bill is cruel and 10:5:73 minutes later democrat socialist bernie sanders weighing in saying thousands of people are going to die but no proof of that. that's a falsehood. 16 minutes after that minority leader chuck schumer called it a wolf in's clothing only this was
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has sharper teeth. that's not all, 20 minutes after that he had hundreds of protesters staging a die in front of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's office on capitol hill. how long did it take a plan that do you think any the dying protesters read the bill? we have republican kentucky senator rand paul saying he prefers to read the bill before voting on it. watch. >> legislation says you should wait one day for every 20 patients so that would be at least six or seven working days just for this bill. liz: author of the book ending country, look who's here kirk schweizer. good to see you. liz: would he think of the democrats reaction? >> look a wolf in's clothing? they are as bad at analogies as they are with -- these guys are terrible 16 minutes nancy pelosi and master of reading dynamics from back in the 70s. this is crazy talk. they knew they were burnt going
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to oppose anything the republicans put out. they have no intention of looking at it in good faith and trying to build something that's better. this is pure politics and it's not going to work. just ask congressmen are soft. liz: here's what the democrats will not tell you about the disaster that is obamacare. premiums up fivefold medicare costs exploding 60% higher seven states with exchanges in the 20 trillion-dollar deficit with obamacare. your thoughts there. >> oh will look instead of the democrats telling us that they have to listen to their own voters because the voters have been telling them and unequivocally losing 1000 seats losing every special election no matter how much hollywood money they poured into georgia-based aloft obama cares a disaster. the people who actually have to use it and i'm not talking about multimillionaires like diane feinstein and nancy pelosi. they know the truth. listen to the voters democrats.
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liz: curt bernie sanders at 23 million will be kicked off of health care because of the bill. it's that's totally false. there only 10 million people in a state for example. >> will look if you don't for somebody through the power of law to buy a product they don't want to guess there will be fewer of them when you stop making it illegal not to do with the democrats want. by taking away the mandate to buy insurance that many people don't wanted fewer people will die that insurance. liz: let's get to nancy pelosi calling for unity after the the dnc shooting at the baseball field last week. both sides now saying we do need to tone down the rhetoric. let's watch this. >> people want us to come together and we are prepared to come together tomorrow night. we cannot let that be a victory for the assailants or anyone who thinks that way. we will use this occasion as one that brings us together and not
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separates us further. liz: i have to make the correction she's house minority leader. >> peace cuts are blood money. people will die. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with american lives. c senate republican health care bill is a wolf in's clothing only this was has even sharper teeth than the house bill. c senate republicans are right to be ashamed of this mean and heartless legislation. >> so sad mr. president come its heartless and mean. >> in some ways it's more evil and in some ways it's even dumber than the house proposal. liz: here is the issue on medicaid. able-bodied working men and women on medicaid that number exploded under obamacare before
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they really dusted to port and here's the issue. the states have been wanting to do medicaid reform for some time getting people to work, getting their jobs. what are your thoughts there? >> liz i don't think democrats want people to work and support themselves and take control of their own lives. i think they like having their hands on the reins of power of distributing money and benefits to people through this stuff about coming together those are the right words but when you start accusing republicans of wanting to commit mass murder of americans simply because we have different policy preferences, well that's kind of a mixed message and frankly the guy at the baseball field with a rifle whose name i will not speak, he was listening. we have got to stop that if abu want to stop this violence. liz: speaking of frederick defending president trump's like
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quote hugging a suicide bomber. watch. >> it's a sad day when you cannot depend on the president's word and my advice would be too to republican to do cozy up to him it's like putting a suicide bomber. he blows you up in the process with him. liz: your thoughts here? >> so tacky soak classless and so wrong politically. i'm not going to take lyrical advice from a democrat and i don't think a republican should either. the president's positions are very popular. the president has retained the support of people who voted for running away from the president is not going to help the republicans but that's what the democrats want them to do. if your enemy says do x, do why. liz: kurt schlichter comeback would love having you on. a fifth republican in the senate is a no on the senate bill to replace obamacare. obamacare. he is the better public and dean heller. he saying it's simply not the answer and there's nothing in the senate bill that would lower
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premium costs. he joined for the republican senators to say it's not really an obamacare repeal. includes kentucky senator rand paul who spoke to our own neil cavuto about it. watch. >> conservatives want a repeal bill. i want a bill that looks like a mutt feels like and is a repeal bill. my fear is when i look at this i keep reading it and it sounds like obamacare to me. doesn't even sound like a bear much -- obamacare like. it may be obamacare plus on the subsidy site. we can have a bill that spends more than obamacare the first couple of years and call that a repeal bill. liz: the senator's father joins me now. former texas republican congressman dr. ron paul. good to see you dr. poll. >> it's nice to see you. liz. liz: asherson right? >> e. is always right. he's on the right track. he has had good training. i don't know the details of this but the points i've heard them say and moving away from that
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and get away from the benefits to the big corporations guess he's right about that but this is a non-believable task. i'm sure nobody's going to come up with an answer. i'd like to see these people get together and write a bill and then get a past but that's not going to happen. the big problem is the more important the service is, the less the government should be involved but medicine is one of the most important services to some people say it's the most and that's where we have the most government interference which does nothing more than boost up the cost, makes things complicated and the corporations get it. not only the insurance company but it's also the drug companies, the hospital management company and on and on they are all the lobbyists to push this away of corporatism and people come along and say we have too much freedom and that's what the problems are. but i say we need more competition. competition is the only thing that lowers prices so i would like to see them just carve out
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some liberty for a few people who are willing to take care of themselves. liz: to your point of medicare and medicaid dominate hap the health care market. dr. poll isn't anything better than obamacare? >> oh well you know it's hard to say because we don't know exactly what would replace it. there are a few things even in the senate bill they tried to improve it but now i don't expect there to be -- philosophically there's no difference because there are too many mandates even in the insurance company. they have all these benefits. this whole idea that people in their 50's and 60s and 70s have to pay for ob care, i mean somebody should say that's not insurance. that's a big thing. the definition of insurance is completely destroyed when government gets involved and it's welfare transfer payments, special benefits but it's not
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insurance so when insurance companies involved they are just getting in on the action. that's the real problem but republicans unfortunately haven't done much better than the democrats. they gave us prescription health care and some of these things are sacred now. for somebody like myself who starts with the constitution and says where does this authority come from, and obviously there is none but nobody not the american people and the congress and save that's right we don't have authority to do this but there's hardly anything we do these days that has precise authority and that's why we are totally bankrupt and that's why we are in this financial mess which i think is on to get a lot worse. liz: dr. poll would love having you on the show. please come back soon. wall street ended the day higher gains in technology and energy stocks more than offset weakness in the financial sector. it was a slide in the shares of home depot. back at the doah check. the dow closing down slightly, the s&p gained a bit in nasdaq
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was higher as well the indices closed largely higher week over week. here we have the story for you. what did former vice president joe biden say to -- hackman that made him till bill act and shut up. charlie gasparino has more on that. i was a direct quote. more on that next
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5:17 pm
a private dinner recently known as a -- anthony scaramucci was moderating this private dinner conversation and here is what biden called ackman. called him and 8-hole. he called them a wise as anthony told them to shut the hell up. now why did he do that? here's what we know in and the whole story is on alakman, biden was answering a question from jeb bush former 2016 g.o.p. candidate lost to current president donald trump if he asked them pointblank why he didn't run for president in 2016 particular after during the conference the public part of the conference he said it was a better candidate than hillary and acosta little bit of a stir. biden went on to emotionally described why he didn't run and a lot of it had to do with the death of his son in 2015 of
5:18 pm
brain cancer. at one point as he was describing as he said listen i want to stop now i don't speak anymore. it was at that point were ackman chimed in and said well and this is a direct quote that hasn't stopped in the past but a little bit of a dig at him and as we know joe biden can be very frank and at that point joe biden i would say lost it. he started screaming and yelling but he got very angry and that's when he basically turned to somebody and said who is this a a-hole and then he proceeded to tell bill at men never to disparage the memory of his son again and called him in the process of doing that a wise as. when ackman tried to apologize that's what he told them, just shut the hell up. why am i reporting this story? it's good come it's juicy but here's the thing. people are telling me he will be 77 in 2020, that biden and this
5:19 pm
is endemic of it still has the fire in his belly to run for president and they pointed out this exchange. someone challenged him and he will go to the toe with anybody whether it's bill act in a big-time hedge fund manager, we know who he is person square and gone after company's big-time. a very tough battle with herbalife on fraud. his people told me today when we talked about this story donald trump if he runs. liz: charlie it is trending on 2 utterance in the swing in saying that what investors are saying to bill ackman two. is trending on 2 at her. thanks so much for the screw. breaking news from charlie gasparino and we have the story for you. just one week after republican congressman were targeted for assassination and shot at after johnny depp jokes about assassinating president trump. watch.
5:20 pm
>> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? i want to clarify, i'm not an act her. i lie for living. however it's been a while and maybe it's time. liz: depp apologizing cingular i apologize for that bad joke i attended last night. it was important ehsan about president trump. it did not come out as intended and unintended no malice. i was only trying to amuse not harm anyone. depp is a movie coming out "pirates of the caribbean" "dead men tell no tales." let's look at disney stock, slightly in the green and entertainment stocks lionsgate riggle and imax indicative of the positive territory. let's get back to our power panel. rebekah heinrich and "washington times" contributor eric schiffer.
5:21 pm
eric johnny depp says i'm not insinuating anything and i didn't mean any malice but when was the last time in actor assassinated president? really? >> is pretty pathetic and this is a guy who really has not done well at the box office and what you are doing is you are really lighting your hair on fire with nuclear material because half of the movie goers are going to want to assassinate him at the box office with these kinds of comments. this is really alienating to trump fans and it's just out of place. there should be a limit. i mean there really should pick it look like he was a bit inebriated or under the influence or something. it doesn't excuse him. we don't know that for sure buddies throwing a line to the resistance and certainly trying to align himself with anti-trump leftists and i think it's pathetic. liz: it's not funny, it's
5:22 pm
pathetic and it's a disgrace. stop it already paid white house responding to his comments president trump has condemned violence and others like johnny depp is not followed asleep at eighth hope that some of mr. depp's colleagues will speak out against his rhetoric as strong as they would as directed to a democrat official pregnancy not yet rebekah. is there hollywood double standard here? >> there may be a double standard here but these people had the platforms and with that platform comes a lot of responsibility to ride i found most chilling u.s. after he made that horrible remark the cheers of the people who are there listening to him. these people have a lot of power with their words and it got to be careful because we are on the brink here i think and there are a lot of americans looking at one another with hatred and looking at the president with hatred and that can be very dangerous. liz: we have the story for you nebraska democrat party come the state of nebraska the democratic party ousted, kicked out an official named phil montag after
5:23 pm
recording of mr. montag surfaced where he is quoted as saying he wished congressman steve scalise had died in the shooting in alexandria or genia week ago. that shooting left congressman scalise critically wounded. let's listen. >> his whole job is to get people, to convince republicans [bleep]. [bleep]. >> i'm glad he got shot. [bleep] than what he sang it to us for? would be telling us for? bleep company. liz: i i don't know if you caugt it. he said he was glad police were shot. steve scalise critically injured in the attack and transferred out of intensive care but still remains in the hospital. eric montag now says this recording was taken out of context and misrepresents what he said. what do you think eric? >> i think it's convenient that
5:24 pm
he saying this now. i think it's really sad when you have someone whose life was almost lost and it's like to raise these people? how do they get to this level and what we are seeing is this race to meanness. who could do the meanest? who could be the hardest and frankly i remember a time liz when the country was not divided like this, where there wasn't this meanness, where we were actually coming together as a country. we are an idea that's really only 200 years old and a requires being able to get along and requires acting as one. that kind of rhetoric is pathetic out of place and frankly inhumane. liz: rebekah and eric you will be back in a few minutes. sorry we couldn't get back to rebekah. we ran out of time. eric trump spoke about the rhetoric from the left with maria bartiromo for the show sunday morning futures but here's a sneak review.
5:25 pm
>> it has to roll off your back. i have a pregnant wife to chi seven months pregnant. if you saw some of the comments that she receives from people i couldn't say them honestly on the air because they are so ghastly that they are willing to attack a pregnant lady. there will willing to an attack and 11-year-old voip being my brother barron in the white house and -- 22 years old who's going to law school to there are no words for these people. you can see the rest of that interview on sunday morning futures with maria bartiromo this sunday at 7:00 eastern time. check out her interview with carlie fiorina tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. next up the story the senate judiciary committee officially launching its investigation into loretta lynch. the american center for law and justice says -- jordan's sake well is here to react. that's next.
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the clinton campaign at the time was using all kinds of euphemisms, security review matters, things like that for what was going on. we were getting to a place where the attorney general and i were going to talk publicly about it and i want to know what she'd want to authorize us to confirm we have investigation but she said yes but don't call it that. call it a matter and i said why would i do that? she said just call it a matter. liz: the senate judiciary committee officially launching its investigation into attorney general loretta lynch demanding information about whether lynch interfered in fbi investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private server for classified information whether loretta lynch tipped off the probe into clinton's e-mails. and whether that probe would not go too far. let's bring in american center for law and justice jordan sekulow is here. we have chuck grassley lindsey
5:30 pm
graham dianne feinstein wanting answers. how far does is go? >> i think this is just the beginning liz. initially we will see june 6 is the deadline for former attorney general lynch to a reply to these questions. we will see if she does reply and do she comply with her attorney's? i'm sure she is lawyered up at this point and could delete to testimony under oath and could it mean to more -- obviously the people who used to be in charge of the investigation are being investigated. as today is the confirmation of that. we are not just moving on but we are looking back and it was jim comey who was a bit of a weasel whistle and that testimony because none of this came out of the time. he didn't mention this matter to anybody the same thing he did with the president. i think you take all of that with a grain of salt.
5:31 pm
>> i want to get to this. eric contacting clinton campaign officials and "the news york times" reporter in april that the fbi got hacked document including one written by a democratic official that quote express confidence that loretta lynch would keep the clinton investigation from going too far. that's your point, right? >> yeah that would be a serious allegation if the fbi came across that and the fact that they would just sit on it and it was leaked out so if you want the truth on it this could exonerate attorney general loretta lynch and put her in some serious hot water. she will be in charge of answering these questions for what i'm thankful about list is we are asking these questions. there a lot of these investigations that got the stops within them by the department of justice under loretta lynch. liz no special counsel for the iras target of the nonprofit. no special counsel for the
5:32 pm
clinton e-mail server so here's the question. is there better case of a judgment against loretta lynch? that's what some are arguing. >> if you are trying to change the wording of the f. t. i direct intensely and that's what he said under oath from a matter of an investigation to matter and you have no explanation for it and you add to that if there's any communication with liz any at all that confirms that she was telling everybody don't worry because she did get on the airplane with bill clinton. before hillary clinton was exonerated she got on the plane on the tarmac in phoenix with the former president who appointed her to be u.s. attorney so there is a lot more fair if they are in the situation and i'm glad we finally got the senate bipartisan to actually look into it. liz: jordan sekulow thank you so much. next up former obama intelligence officials and democrats agree.
5:33 pm
no evidence today the trump campaign so colluding with russia. "cnn" really went after kellyanne conway on the russian hacking on the election. we get to that story "washington post" explosive article. you'll want to hear about this. don't go away. can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country. discover how we can help find your unlock.
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i was playing golf love golf.... i used to love golf. wait, what, what happened? i was having a good round, and then my friend, sheila, right as i was stepping into the tee box mentioned a tip a pro gave her. no. yep. did it help? it completely ruined my game. well, the truth is, that advice was never meant for you. i like you. you want to show me your swing? it's too soon. get advice that's right for you. investment management services from td ameritrade. >> i saw evidence of political collusion between the campaign, the trump campaign and the
5:37 pm
russians. did the president at any time ask you to stop the vi investigation to russian involvement in the 2016 elections? >> that's my understanding. >> no evidence through cyber intrusions those were altered or suppressed in some way? liz: intelligence officials and democrats and senator dianne feinstein saying no evidence of trump a rush occlusion today. reporting is still continuing, the probe continues and "cnn" today hammered kellyanne conway about russia's attempt to hack the 2016 elections based on an explosive "washington post" story. watch this. >> the furthest we have seen to connecting president putin of russia to actually giving the directive to interfere in the u.s. election and to try to hurt hillary clinton, what is the white house's response to that?
5:38 pm
>> the president has said previously and we have confirmation now from jeh johnson and adam schiff dan coats jim comey and mike rogers that there is no evidence of collusion. >> what about the reporting that there are three dozen high-level officials do say they can connect president putin with keeping instructions to hack the dnc computers and to plant fake story's? what is the current white house doing about this? what has president trump doing to prevent russia from doing this again? what is he doing specifically to try to stop this? >> allison i know "cnn" is aiding and abetting this nonsense. you've asked the question three times now. >> you're not answering it kellyanne. what action is the white house doing to stop russian interference in the election? liz: was a good time warner stocks in the green.
5:39 pm
let's bring back rebekah heinrich and eric schlichter. it seems right to look into in question i'm asked questions about this explosive story that says putin directly ordered putin directly order to hack the "washington post" that the u.s. had intelligence deep within russian networks capturing putin's orders. we saw 21 states reporting evidence of russia hacking. it's not nonsense. this is a serious issue. kellyanne conway call that nonsense. it's not. >> it's not nonsense. we have plenty of evidence that shows the russians tried to interfere in the election. what is nonsense is being accusatory towards the administration in saying there is evidence or implying that there is evidence that they are in collusion. liz: allison camarota was specifically asking what is the trump administration doing to stop russia from ever interfering again? that's the question rebekah. >> that's the question but it had a lot of heat behind it was
5:40 pm
on the heels of asking more questions about collusion. they are connecting the two and it has the effect of making the american people think that. the question is collusion. the answer of course with what the trump administration gives and responses they are looking at cybersecurity. nobody in the american government wants there to be intrusions from a never scary. liz: it's flat-out unacceptable for russia to be anywhere near our electoral system to rebekah's point. maxine waters admitting there's no evidence of trump colluding with russia. and we have senator feinstein saying the same. >> they are boasting that and i'm not seeing evidence. i don't think anyone has seen any clear evidence. there is no question but i do think that the trump administration could do a lot more to push back against what are clear signs that the russians have certainly tried to break in.
5:41 pm
it's not acceptable. it's unbelievable to me that more people aren't outraged about the whole concept and forget about finger-pointing. the reality is we are one country. why are we allowing anyone to do this? that should be thought about. liz: rebekah the final word. >> it's ridiculous that they trump frustration is going soft on russia. to shut down a russian aircraft over syria. the treasury department sanction sanction more entities and the russian government so the trump administration is being tough with russia right now. the media is -- the russian collusion narrative. liz: rebekah thanks so much. breaking news on the saudi arabia embargo imposed on qatar earlier this month. qatar saying it's reviewing new demands made by the four air countries out of quote respect for kuwait and regional security
5:42 pm
we have president trump recently push for arab countries to join each other in the fight against terror. qatar airways expressed interest in buying a stake in american airlines. the company ceo recently responded saying the investment quote does not make sense. we have the story for you. a former inmate charged. breaking down into tears believing that north korean dictator kim jong un is just quote misunderstood. we have ambassador john bolton on that, next. think again.
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>> i think we'll see him as -- but if you actually talk to him, we always talk. we sing karaoke. we talk about horses come everything. those people don't hate us.
5:46 pm
just open the door. i'm not going to sit there and say okay i have to -- liz: former nba star dennis rodman breaking down into tears defending his trip to north korea and defending the korea dictator kim jong un in the wake of the murder of otto warmbier. u.s. officials announced north korea test launch another rocket engine. that entry could lead to the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile. the fear is north korea's working on long-range missile. that's the fear but doesn't look , we don't know what's happening but that's the fear. that long-range missile could hit los angeles or seattle in less than half an hour. the defense stocks this is how they did today. three and a green one and read all technologies.
5:47 pm
former ambassador john bolton, good to see them. first the launch of this rocket engine. it comes a day after the white house urged china to put more pressure on north korea and for date president who says china's moves on north korea aren't really working out the what now? >> the notion that we can pressure north korea or china can pressure and north korea that will somehow get us to stop their nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs is a failed policy. we have tried it in one variation or another for a quarter of a century and it hasn't worked. there's no evidence it's going to work now. i think pursuing this notion that somehow the regime's behavior can be changed by negotiation or by pressure is just wasting time and when it comes to nuclear proliferation time is always on the side of the proliferator. every day that goes by they perfect their nuclear technology.
5:48 pm
a perfect their ballistic missile technology which leaves us vulnerable. i think we are down to really it's time to abandon this failed diplomatic approach. the one diplomatic approach that's left is to try to unify the koreans. i don't think we have much time for that. as you said a moment ago the north is very close to being able to deliver nuclear weapons on u.s. targets and that is something we cannot take lightly. liz: secretary of state tillerson says the more we bide our time the more likely we will run out of time. amid the north korean threats the u.s. failed to shoot down a ballistic missile in a test yesterday. should we be concerned? what do you think? >> absolutely. after eight years of the obama administration at gutted the missile defense or a-gram that the bush administration tried to put in place we are not safe at all. nobody thinks ballistic missile defense is 100% will ever be 100% perfect but we are a long way from 100% at this point. we should ramp up testing. there should he a substantial
5:49 pm
budget increase for missile defense to protect us against the likes of kim jong-il and the iranian ayatollahs. liz: he talked about his quote friend kim jong un being misunderstood. what are your thoughts about that? >> really give me strength. back in the cold war the communities to talk about useful idiots, people on the western side that they can dupe and make it dupe and making the propaganda tools for them and i think we have seen a 21st century version here. liz: ambassador bolton were to cisco? we have north korea saying we didn't murder otto warmbier. what is your reaction when you heard that? >> will these people are guilty of what many people have just called their boundless mendacity. there is nothing that the north koreans are not prepared to say whether it has any relationship to reality or not. the way they treated the entire warmbier affair including lying
5:50 pm
about it demonstrates their character. not of the north korean people but of the regime. they won't be honest about this. why does anybody think you can take anything they say on their nuclear ballistic missile program with any validity at all? this is got to be the final proof this regime can't be affected and its behavior needs to go. liz: ambassador bolton we love having you want to come back. the story. nancy pelosi's aides reportedly providing people with tweets supporting her. example samples of tweets that they can send out to supporter leadership. we will show you that story, after this.
5:51 pm
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liz: nancy pelosi's team reportedly providing friends in the media or elsewhere with
5:54 pm
suggested tweets basically to support her. examples of tweets they should send out showing. here's one of them come there so much at stake health care is on the line and some want to target the most effective legislator in modern history. #stand with nancy. his mother we cannot get distracted. nancy pelosi unifies her caucus and delivers all the time. we must stay focused and #protect our care. take a look at twitter stock shows the social media company again the top of the territory. conservative millennial alley. we love having alley on. what is the tweets story say about nancy pelosi? >> this is typical nancy pelosi using sensationalized rhetoric to get her point across to steer people into supporting her. that's the best thing to do, right? people are going to die unless you support nancy pelosi but that's what she's doing and i used to be a social media strategist and from pr
5:55 pm
standpoint this is not good messaging. what they are doing by saying why are we bashing our fearless leader you are reminding people that she should be fast. you are reminding that everyone has a negative perception of her. if i were them i would try to come out with some kind of positive message. liz: nearly five dozen democrats have balked at nancy pelosi's leadership so what does this tell you? >> they are coming to an end i think. she also says she is worth the trouble. what makes you worth the trouble is certainly not winning because in president trump swords i think nancy pelosi should just stay exactly where she is doing exactly what she is doing good republicans -- liz: president trump said it will quote be a sad day for republicans that closely resigns. is that another reason that democrats should have pelosi stepped down?
5:56 pm
citi yes, probably, yes. probably motivates them. anytime trump says that democrats should do something they are going to do the opposite. i'm not sure if i was a good strategy in trump's part that i would love nancy pelosi to stay exactly where she is. i think she thinks she has the power to stay there however i don't think the polls are in her favor. if she says she is then i guess she is. she criticizes trump all the time for being egotistical and thinking he knows what he's doing. she's doing the exact same thing. liz: alley we love having on the show. come back. next up we will have a lot more on the way. come back. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision,
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liz: take a look at your brokerage and 401k accounts. after the release of the gop obamacare reform bill, hitting
6:00 pm
an all-time high. thank you for having us in your homes. hope you have a good weekend. charles payne is up next with "making money." don't go away. charles: the major indices higher for the week with the nasdaq regaining its momentum. but the big market story is president trump keeping another promise to protect the american worker and we'll show you how to make money. reuters reporting president trump has no intention of firing robert mueller, the special prosecutor. the president does find one of mueller's relationships bothersome. >>


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