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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 24, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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trish: i appreciate you being here. thank you for joining us. my thanks to lou for letting me sit in for him tonight. i'll see you good night from new york. kennedy: senate republican leaders finally deliver their healthcare plan and not everyone is happy about it. what should stay and what should go. thomas massie is here. mr. democrats force out nancy pelosi? the panel weighs in. and is a black college professor at an elite connecticut college calling for white genocide? that and the college's response. as obamacare continues its heartless death spiral, those who hoped a liberty-rich solution would spring up in its place will be disappointed by
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the senate version. it's called the better care reconciliation act of 2017. the changes between this and the aca are nominal at best. the individual and employer man days are gone, but medicaid continues its expansion for three years, giving republicans cover. healthcare shouldn't function as a political umbrella. it's basically a hunk of moderate meat thrown to senators like susan collins and lisa murkowski. it puts their collective longing for a below thed state more in line with teddy kennedy. there are still federal
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subsidies disguised as tax credits. and which elements they can opt out of so there will be more to reconcile. children under 26 are still covered by their parents plan. as if your bad college loan choices are somehow my problem. the adults are treated like mindless children. mark my words. nanny statism will be the death of the empire and this new healthcare plan is no more than about a serious potentially fatal sickness and i have the cure. i'm kennedy. rand paul the first republican senator to come out against the bill, saying it looks a lot like
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obamacare. if it passes if the senate will it have a snowball's chance of passing when it goes back to the house? why don't we ask the congressman. it's thomas massie. >> we called the house bill obamacare 2.0. the senate bill should be called obamacare 1.1. kennedy: it's regressive back toward the aca. what do you think of the changes the senate made to the house bill you weren't on board with. >> they basically scrapped the house bill. the thing in the house bill that were bad are gone, but all the things that were bad for obamacare are gone. it does scrop the penalty for getting back into the market. kennedy: instead of paying the
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money to the government, you were paying it to insurance companies. >> the senate bill gets rid of that, but in the senate bill you have a mandate that's missing, but a mandate that's there. and i don't think it works. the mandate 24579 that's missing is the individual mandate to buy health insurance. the mandate that's there, everybody pays the same price, and you can wait until you are healthy or sick to buy insurance. and the price is going to go up because it's going to be a sicker pool of people buying understand. and the death spiral we have seen in obamacare may be slightly worse in obamacare 1.1. kennedy: i think there are comparisons between auto understand and health inn. if you are a good drive and have had no tickets or accidents, you
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pay less. if you are a healthy person and you eat well and run, you pay the same as a fat person who has been a smoker for 20 years. and how about buying after you have gotten in a wreck. >> wouldn't it be if it worked? but it defies the laws of economics and so does this senate bill, i'm afraid. at some point i came to realize they didn't care what happened to the house built as long as they could get it out of the house. the senate probably just want to get it out of the senate. but there is only two ways to pass this bill if they are able to get out of the senate. that's to bring the senate bill to the house and pass it or go to a conference and hammer out the continues between the two bills. kennedy: which take more time. >> the conference version would take a lot more time.
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it may just die there. kennedy: is it going to die? >> i don't think it' on a fast track to the president's desk. >> if it fails coming out of the senate or fails in the house, who is to blame? >> i am going to put the -- point the ferng at our house leadership. he campaigned on repealing obamacare. we didn't campaign on polishing it. i heard the word "root and branch." but this isn't even a minor pruning. we'll own it and it will hurt republicans. once we own obamacare they are making sure the changes don't kick in for four years, six years and in some cases 9 years. they are hoping people won't call it trump care or ryancare. they will still think it's obamacare. kennedy: what hurt more, having healthcare fail or actually having it pass?
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what is more detrimental to the 2018 mid-terms. >> having it become law is more detrimental to the 2018 mid-terms. if we were to repeal it that would help us tremendously. i think it's a tough situation to be in. but it would be better if we just voted on a bill that repeals obamacare in say two years. that gives us a two-year window to come up with any kind of replacement if we wanted one. at that point you might get democrats to work with you. they are not going to vote for obamacare light. if we get rid of obamacare maybe the republican house members who like obamacare could work with the democrats to come cup with a didn't version. but i won't be work on the next version of obamacare. kennedy: all this does is codify
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government socialized medicine from here on out. this was the opportunity to make good on those mistakes. unfortunately members your party have been unable to do that. what happens if it fails? >> probably they will move on to tax reform. i hope they do. we need tax reform done. that is something that i think the white house and senate and the house and people in middle america can't agree on. kennedy: thank you so much. good luck with keeping liberty alive over there. very tough. let's take this to my well-insured party panel. "reason" magazine editor katherine mangu-ward, and fox news contributor and dashing man of the world, tom shillue.
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he's our citizen. i'm glad that you -- >> i fully back that one. kennedy: obviously the healthcare plan covers some major issues. let's start with its effect on taxes. tom, we see the individual and employer mandates are gone. in addition to most other taxes in obamacare except for the cadillac tax. >> the cadillac tax is still there. can we think of a more modern car than the cadillac tax? >> the met -- the metaphor for n luxury is not a cadillac. >> this is why we need a flat tax. there are costs and then there are benefit. people who don't pay federal
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taxes, they on look at benefit. they don't think about the costs. there is costs to all this stuff. but all anyone talks about is mean. we have senator schumer with a sign that says mean on it. they should wear that as a badge of honor. we are cutting it down because there was too much stuff in the other one. kennedy: what is mean is sending middle class families over the subsidy cliff. they will have to pay full price for the insurance plans. >> tino people that kid better on -- i know people who did better on obamacare, and i get it. i told them, it's not free, someone is paying for this. it's complicated. and here is the other problem. most people don't have time to read this.
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they are working to put food on the table. here is what i don't get. kennedy: those people are our lawmakers. >> i don't understand why the republicans have been so weak on this. kennedy: 7 years is nothing. >> we have been told by the media that everybody hates republicans. but the dems have lost 1,000 seats. but they are so concerned about looking bad. kennedy: they want it to work out but is there any way of having it work out where it benefit people and doesn't put a total strain on the economy? >> the way they decided to go about it, we are going to round down the decimal places. and because they are apparently afraid of chuck schumer and his dumb sign. they don't want to be seen as mean.
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sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. kennedy: people under 26 years old are still covered. i know a lot of people are saying, it's a tough job market. i may be 26. but i still have college debt. i'm living with my parents. >> i have my own kind of obamacare when i was under 26. and that was no insurance. because i was king of the world and healthy. i was not going to spend my money on insurance. it was a bit of a risk. if i was a smart kid, could you buy high deductible health insurance back then? >> i graduated from college, i didn't have health insurance through my employer. i bought a cheapy plan in case i broke my leg. >> i just joined the army.
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kennedy: they don't offer insurance in the army anymore. the va is completely shut down. kennedy: the waiting lists are slightly shorter in burma after an earthquake. >> the system, the bureaucracy. as you know, i'm 24. so i'm still living in my mom's basement and it. working out well for me. kennedy: medicaid is a huge factor here. a number of states rely heavily on medicaid to cover a lot of their citizens. it's not like they just went out to the exchanges and got health insurance. >> even in the last few months we had even more insurers pulling out of the exchanges. as the gop was saying, give us a
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minute. we'll eliminate them, depending. we'll get back to you on that. the insurers are saying we can't make it work. we can't make the economics work with the constraints put on us by obamacare light or 1.0 or 2.0. the slack is taken up by medicaid. >> how did that happen. when people are doing the obamacare stuff years ago, the doctors who said it was good, there had to be something good tonight for them. it's interesting now that they are coming out and saying i can't afford this. yes, you can afford it. baits was all fake. kennedy: terry pulled the cork on the boat and the whole thing is sinking to the bottom of the ocean. kennedy: we are having so much fun on this forced government insurance shift.
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the party panel returns a little bit later to discuss the growing number of democrats calling for nancy pelosi to step aside for the good of the country and the party. but will she listen? never. which side has a bert plan? ambassador john bolton joins me next. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward. at wells fargo, it's our expertise in finding this kind of insight that has lead us to become one of the largest investment and wealth management firms in the country.
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kennedy: there is a rift reportedly growing between the white house and pentagon over isis. here is why. isis fighters are reportedly fleeing their de facto capital of raqqa due to extensive bombing. the white house wants to place outposts in the syrian desert to isolate them and to insure that bashar al-assad doesn't expand his power hold. the pentagon feels this will escalate our involvement in the syrian civil war and potentially put u.s. troops in a very dangerous position. and we haven't mentioned the russian war planes are buzzing overhead. which plan makes the most sense given this nightmare scenario.
5:20 am
joining me now is former u.n. ambassador john bolton. is this the first time the white house and pentagon have had this kind of fundamental difference? >> i think this is more a tactical difference than anything else. what both sides are missing as i understand from the public reporting is what their starty is after isis is defeated it ties into some of the problems we are asking with the syrians and russians now. the strategy that obama followed for -- during this last years in office and the strategy we are still following today will advantage iran after isis is defeated. that's contrary to our interests interests. kennedy: let's say we are successful and we defeat isis. this outpost seems like a temporary solution because once the i.s. pulls out, it is temporary. but they said you can't keep u.s. troops there forever.
5:21 am
and the same problems will materialize it's an avenue for isis to move and a place where assad can gain more traction and lands. which is the worst of those two scenarios. >> i wouldn't put u.s. out posts there. i would find arab troops fulfill that role. isis has to be defeated. but the problem is because of the slow roll strategy we followed the last several years, much of isis' top leadership is already gone and more will leave. isis will simply shift to another geographic location. once isis loses control over the territory, what replaces it? do we want the government baghdad which is a subsidiary of the ayatollahs in tehran to take back that territory? do we want to give assad full control over what used to be syria and allow iran to have an
5:22 am
arc of control? i think that's detrimental to our interest and the interest of israel and our arab friends in the region. at this point we have no strategy with a vacuum we are going to create. ken report only binding force seems to be the relationship with the u.s., i'm talking about saudi arabia and israel, and the fact they both december spice iran. is -- they both despise. iran. our involvement seems to exacerbate everything, so why are we there in the first place? >> our involvement doesn't exacerbate anything. these conflicts have been brewing for a long time and now they are coming to the surface it's the fear of an iran nuclear weapons capability.
5:23 am
and for 20 years iran has been the central banker of terrorism, sunni and shiia alike. kennedy: why do we have to do it. you talk about awill be troops there. when you talk about we doing it, that's the u.s. and it sounds like nation building. >> just let me finish. >> the idea here is not that we are going to build the nation. -my thought would be we create a new sunni state because otherwise you will have this revolt re-emerge and the problem not be solved. i think troops top guard it could come from places like egypt. if you don't fill this vacuum somebody else will. and i fear it will be iran laying the ground for the next conflict and our arab friends in the gulf. kennedy: i have the fear we are creating more vacuums. >> we are not creating the
5:24 am
vacuums. unless you want to allow isis to continue its caliphate. this is a zone of instability, it's grown worse over the last 8 years. if we leave it unattended to, we'll feel the instability in the streets of america by terrorist attacks. kennedy: i think they are already here. >> it's going to get worse, that's the problem. kennedy: it seems like a really expensive solution. there is no easy way to slice up this pie and it seems like our interests there shrink by the day. >> you could allow the russians to dominate the region. coming up, more on the senate republicans' healthcare bill. what would a free market healthcare plan truly look like and how would you implement it? we'll discuss it next. you totaled your brand new car.
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kennedy: katherine mangu-ward, katherine, from the actions of obamacare, obviously we would love to see a free market solution rise. obamacare is on a fast track to disaster. you heard congressman massie at the top of the show saying this
5:29 am
whole thing might fail in the senate and the house. there may be no solution. if we were to turn to a free market system. what would it look like? >> first we have no idea. we are so far from a free market system now, it would be a pretty dramatic experiment. so keeping that in mind, there is a couple things. insurance markets are already there. we do know what insurance looks like in a relatively unregulated world. it's where people buy against the prospect of something very bad and somewhat unforeseeable or unpredictable. that means your insurance does not cover. i bummed my elbow on this thing. health savings accounts would be part of a free market healthcare plan in which you use your own money to buy healthcare, and if
5:30 am
we want to let people do that in a tax-protected way. competition. you should be able to buy any kinds of plan. >> or that we have to wait for a third phase of healthcare from the house and senate in order to realize. none of this shouldn't decided in washington. and certainly what condition should or shouldn't be covered by any of these plans is not the business of anybody in dc. you should be able to buy a plan that insures you for anything but a stubbed toe. kennedy: could something like that exist here? >> everything i see in all these bills, it's a word salad. i have done work with different veterans groups. healthcare savings accounts. put the power in the individual. not make us be sort of slaves to
5:31 am
the government because it never works. kennedy: last word, tom. >> ever see the ads for healthcare? it's always pictures of people playing ring toss. >> prices on anything that the consumer actually knew. tuesday night's loss in the special election left many democrats asking for nancy pelosi to resign. the president tweeted i certainly hope the democrats did not force nancy p. out. and please let crying chuck stay. pelosi addressed the rumors about her job security in a press conference earlier today. >> i respect any opinion my members have of my decision
5:32 am
about how long i stay it's not up to them. >> nancy pelosi is wildly entertaining but she is a controlling statist and even her own party has grown to despise her. >> i would be perfectly happy to see her go along with crying chuck. i think the notion that somehow this like weird little election proves that nancy pelosi should go. it's like really weird washington bubble phenomenon where people think voters even like a block outside of d.v. city limits. i want to send a message about nancy pelosi so i'm going to vote in my local races. nobody does that. i think all we learned here is democrats in washington hate her and want her to leave. which, fair enough. kennedy: you get rid of nancy
5:33 am
pelosi. who comes in to lead the party? i guess that's the problem. >> i love the smell of fear, it's nice, i thrive on that. kennedy: if on you could bought it and sell it as a cologne. >> product placement. >> fear. for commentary. the reason is, though, nancy is not in the hot seat because she is a radical statist. she is in the hot seat because she is losing. kennedy: tyrannical statism is a losing proposition. >> results, wait a minute you got dontelling us this lax election was the one. okay, you got crushed. you lost all these seats. >> there is always someone to blame. and rachel maddow blamed it on the weather. richard fowler last night, he
5:34 am
said we knew they were going to lose. >> they were ready. they thought he was the little engine that could. i think the democrats. where is the ed rendells. the old school democrats. who is this joe biden. >> joe biden. joe biden. but they need -- this san francisco very liberal, that's the base of the party now. of course, they are losing elections. most americans think that's terrible. the democrats used to be able to communicate with the working man. they have been pushed to the side. kennedy: that's why time ryan who challenged nancy pelosi earlier this year for her leadership said she has got to go. he was the first one to put his
5:35 am
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kennedy: welcome back. a professor has an elite trinity college in connecticut is now in the middle of a fire store of controversy. wait until you hear why. professor johnny williams shared a post entitled, let them f'ing die. he suggested they should have let congressman scalise diana majority should rice up against wise. trinity college charges students $52,000 a year in tuition. if this is the type of education they are getting, what what does this say about our country. the kind of language this guy used and the way he justified lie lens is no different than the posts you see from jihaddists online. >> me being the lib rare and
5:40 am
that i am, i can for free speech. when you start inciting violence. we had an entire group of republican congressmen dyed die. it wasn't for scalise, he was on his way out of there. it would have been a bloodbath. i'm saying when do we draw the line. they don't choose who lives and dies. >> this guy is trying to start a race war. >> when i read this, charlie manson is reading this in prison, this is what he wants. >> dylann roof. this seems to be a segment of people with a radical ideology that they want the world to erupt in chaos. >> they see the world along the clearly differencated vague
5:41 am
lines. and if i were a parent spending that much money, if i were sending myself and my child into debt, i would want answers. and trinity college would have to close for a few days because they have gotten death threats. some of the stuff he talks about and some of the injustice we see, those are valid point. it is very invalid to say that the conclusion to that argument is that we need a race war. >> i talked about this just being the conservative libertarian i am. especially when it comes to the criminal justice system. if we are going to put people in jail and shoot people, you better be following the constitution. you better have cause. when you deal with these issues? there is a strategic way to deal with these issues. going to washington and change these laws. you are only going to make these situations worse by starting
5:42 am
these chaotic rants. but this is the left. when you look at the college campuses today, they are trying to siren people. it's not about more speech, it's limited speech. kennedy: evergreen college in washington, they want to suppress speech they don't agree with. they say we have gone the death threats and our safety is more important. >> you would think the press would could this. this is the same press that all of a sudden cares about the first amendment but they don't want to cover free speech on campuses. kennedy: he says it's his protected speech. he can say of what he wants. i'm saying if there are parent choosing to spend over $200,000 just on tuition for you their kids to go to school, maybe they should vote with their dollars?
5:43 am
>> exactly. i think the parent should go to a different university. go to liberty university. go to a university that support your value system. parents need to take the power back. it's too expensive to be contributing to essentially forces of the left political ideology. kennedy: you wonder why people need to be on their parents' healthcare until 26 years old it's because of schools like this. what is this going to do to get someone a good job that they are going to keep. it's cutting free speech and babying kid. they are a young adult. and guess what, people will say offensive thing to you all day. but it doesn't give you the right to put your hand on people. kennedy: you take a class and try to broaden your perspective. if you disagree, i will bet he
5:44 am
gives you a bad grade. >> it's about the speeches they like. the professors on these campuses are leading the charge. professors are letting kids go out to process. >> i called my boss, i said hey, gary, i would love to do the show. >> go ahead and protest. kennedy: he fisherman has a story about the one that got away. but a canadian man has a story about the one who flew away. [vo] when it comes to investing, looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference.
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kennedy: did you bring cupcakes. elizabeth warren and meryl streep both turn 68 years old today. happy birthday girls. neither one of you looks a day over the election. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. don't you head it when you are out on your fishing boat and right as you are about to start
5:49 am
swerving back toward land. a balanced eagle swoops -- a test. ed eagle swoops -- a test. test. test. knows that. he caught a man and a -- caught a salmon and a few minutes later a bald eagle swooped down and stole the fish. most of them are from philadelphia and couldn't believe an eagle actually won something. i'm going to get some poorly worded hate treats today. topic number 2. nobody in the royal family wants to be the next king or queen. that's the word from prince harry who took time out of his
5:50 am
busy schedule to speak with news week. the original ginger spice, none of the family members want the gig, they will carry out their duties at the appropriate time for the good of the people. buckingham palace received an outside application for the job. hillary's cover letter says if they appoint her, they will save money on the swearing in ceremony because she'll bring her own fireworks barge. and they can save on the bar because she has her own private server. topic 3. a doa scottish bride got cold ft on her wedding day. the groom surprised her with an
5:51 am
adorable pug. it seems like the perfect way to start a marriage. but unfortunately they had to cancel their honeymoon because they couldn't get a dog sitter which led to huge fight, and now they are divorced. i'm obviously kidding. but i wish i wasn't because the real story is so much worse. the wedding photographer had the newlyweds take photos at the lake and the dog hasn't been seen since. sorry, the eagle took your dog, eh? see what happened to my fish, eh? of course in order to get married you must get engaged. that's what this couple did at the electric zoo music festival. it was the quintessential transmusic proposal. the guy popped the question. the girl pops the mollie.
5:52 am
so romantic. the next day neither of them even remembered meeting each other. who is that random guy with the man bun who asked me to marry him last night. what are you even talking about? the poor guy wasted $5 thousand on a ring and he won't even wide up getting married. if you think that's a waste of money, you should see what the democrats spent on the georgia election. too soon? topic number five. just like a boomerang, i throw it away but it keeps coming back. this is viewer mail. patty on twitter writes, kennedynation easy with the jersey jokes, girlfriend.
5:53 am
i'm going to wake up with two hooks for hands, if i wake up. on facebook jamie says, i am done following this liberal snowflake. what the hell are you talking about, jamie? did you ever start in on facebook johnny writes. i'm not a stalker. but if i was, i would definitely stalk you. thanks, johnny and thanks for taking the clip of my hair and telling me it smells pretty. facebook eric said new name for the share. liberty guns with kennedy. i thought he was talking about my arms. eric, i'm glad to have a visionary like you on my team. you are a great american. twitter susan, you are hatred of cats means i will not watch you
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kennedy: i have got something for you to throw back in an era where terrorism is all too common. the only ray has bent sharing economy, uber has led the way out of the cavern of overregulated despair with unorthodoxed business modeling and customer control. uber ceo was forced out by his board amid internal and external managers. to literal sox korean sex club trips and he took his eye off the prize to stare at women's back sides.
5:59 am
it was wise to treat his drivers like customers and participants in an exciting new venture. but in scanning that horizon, they took the focus way from customers and drivers. quality at uber has plummeted, and with no lock on the model other companies swooped in to -- to woo the good drivers. customer service isn't a droppable trend it's the only thing that will keep companies anorth in an era that insures people get whatever they want whenever they want it and bad rates and social media posts get broadcast when they don't. please follow me on twitter and instagram. on facebook require's kennedy at fbn. and email me at
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have a great night and good-bye. >> lou: good evening, everybody. senate republican leadership unveiling the health care after weeks of negotiation behind closed door. the billy repeals most of obamacare including medicare expansion and the measure doesn't go as far as the house version and that cost conservative support. four will not support it at all and


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