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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 24, 2017 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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of information and video on our website, i'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] >> lou: good evening, everybody. senate republican leadership unveiling the health care after weeks of negotiation behind closed door. the billy repeals most of obamacare including medicare expansion and the measure doesn't go as far as the house version and that cost conservative support. four will not support it at all and four bad hombres are not
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ready to vote. rand paul and ted cruz and mike lee and ron johnson. his son was saved in the election by one president trump. it is bad news for mitch mcconnell. and fox news mike emanual on capitol hill. >> obamacare is totally dead and we'll bring in a plan that is negotiated. y we would love to have democrat support. and they are obstructionist and we'll not get one and hopefully we'll get something done with heart. >> the plan to scrap obamacare was was released today.
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tax credits to help buy credits. in house they are based on auj and in the senate based on age and income and preexisting condition and in the house, they can increase waiveres. and expansion of medicaid. and the house cuts funds and the sant funding will phase out from 2020 to 2024. medicaid cuts. states are given block grantses and the senate block grants and the state will grow slower. >> the democrats tell us it would be wrong for the senate to address these problems in a serious way while the law they defended for sen years teeters on the edge of total collapse.
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four gop senators, tread cruz and mike lee and johnson and rand paul came out. >> we want the bill look more like a repeal. we feel it is a keeping of obamacare. >> i want to get to yes. and the way to get to yes is fix the problem and lower premiums and i will happy be a part of it. >> save our liberty. >> reporter: right's protestors opposeded medicaid spending and saying it will mean life-and-death. >> it is bad as the house bill and some ways it is worse. and the president said the senate bill needed heart and the way this bill cuts health care is heartless. >> the speech you heard today is
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about p a bull he hasn't seen. >> the pages of the bull is printed on line and that's what i used. >> the tension over the health care did not end there. >> what is talked about there is working on a hole in the house they want to burn it down. we'll not participate in burning down the house. >> i would suggest the democrats under obamacare who burned down the house because the individual market for health care is decimated. decimated. >> a little nengz the united states senate. the congressional budgeta office said the price and impact the bill early next week. they are having a goal to vote before the july 4th recess.
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>> read and discuss. >> lou: mike emmanuel thank you very much. here to talk about the senate bill and four bad hombres. janing me ed rollins. he is the chief political advisor and he is the dean and great to have you here. >> thank you, there is more than four that come out and get balance on their part you lose four on the other side is. the problem is the republicans are not unfewed in the major utthat want to fix and repeal it. there is not enough money to do it all. this is a good bill and eliminates man date and you have to have it. and a 25-year-old kid doesn't have to have it or you pay for it. people forget someone pay ps for
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it. medicare for the eldarerly and medicaid for the poor. democrats don't want anybody be to pay p for it but the government and that means taxpayers pay for it. >> it looks as just as good as it is going to be. >> i think it is. they have come a long way to getting something that is salable to the country. and the guy who has to sell it to the country is the president p before it gets passed and he has to convince people it is it a better plan for them. >> he talked about having a big heart. i think that is indisputable. and some question is whether or not, there is enough people with big hearts in the senate upon and house to follow his lead and big enough minds. >> i don't think it is mind says or hearts tis gut.
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they talked the rhetoric and do you have guts to put something better in play. that is the tester. >> bringing it down to guts, we are hanging on by our fingernails in. >>y we have only a two vote margin upon and any two can crash it and i think you have to put cross pressure on the members beside mccon and he will the president p. >> lou: the president acknowledging he didn't have taupes with the fullback fib director james comey. that is a disappointment to a lot of people. >> not to me. i am glad he didn't have tapes. i lived through nixon tapes and i think the president did a mruf on comey and said you better be telling the truth and i think it
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worked. >> lou: why not any investigation of jams comey and loretta lynch and the republicans and the department of justice and attorney general begun investigations. clunton foundation and the e-mails and the want and reckless disregard. >> no reason f. you are going to have a broad-spectrum of looking. the team that he's putting together is big as any justice department criminal and find upon out what it is all about. >> lou: mueller is bring from nothing democrat and conflict of interest in so doing. it is time for the department of justice and this norgz attack be mueller head-on and get nonsense
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ended and if the democrats want to play in the foul stench of a swamp let them, but stop the nonsense as far as the president is concerned. >> again, you remember, a special counsel actses s on behalf of the attorney. >> lou: has sessions losts his guts? >> i hope upon not. if he has. find someone else. fuloot it run for 3 or 4 months or years, this administration will not be able to do anything and in jeopardy. >> lou: it end s here or an administration who will flail against the political enemies in the first term. >> i have watched this go on on. congress eliminated the special
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council and the follow thaw take the attorney general out of the mix is absurd to me. good to see you. >> we'll be right back. and there is a lot more to cover here tonight and has to do with the deep state and desperate demand fundmental conflict with the trump administration. who will prevail, stay with us. president trump's attorney blasting james comey's memo leak. the investigation should be james comey. >> it is about time. we'll look at the comeyy fallout here next. sdmshgs new prove skagzs by north korea. [ indistinct chatter ]
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>> lou: president trump ended speculation of white house tapes with his conversations with fired director are james comey. with all of the recently reported electronic intercept
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and unmasking and illegal leaking of information. i have no idea if there are tapes of my conversations with james comey, but i did not make and make any such recording. i have to say that is a cautious statement about recordings. joining me to talk about the latest twist and never ending russia collusion or whatever you call it. chief operating office john solomon. john, great to have you with us. why aren't we seeing this administration attack and attack have you gonerously and investigate bob muler and the democratic henchman for what should be an impartial investigation.
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secondly why not go after low loretta lynch and former president clunton who met on the tarmac in 15, just as the director of the fbi was was making a decision about hull hill's fate. >> and -- hillary clinton's fate. >> keep an eye on the senate judiciary committee. the democrats and republicans are looking into the the loretta lynch stuff. there is troubling question. and i don't think bob mule are went up to the hill and appeased republicans concerns and they will give him room to do an investigation. the other place to watch, the
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director of the fullback fib. there is questions about him. >> lou: andrew mccabe. and there may be investigations under way of him that we will be reporting on in the next few days. there is movement there. these things move slow and there are signs that things are broadening a bit. >> lou: that is encouraging as far as it goes. whether the judiciary or senate intelligence committee, i think it has been all theatrics and pure puffery to this point and both parties on each of those committees have been amateurish and presumptus and not working on real thing and working hard
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to come to a conclusion. >> i was in a a cab with a driver and he said we are investigating a obstruction of a crime that didn't occur. and americans outside of the beltway get it. >> lou: i hope you have his name and phone number. we ought to talk to him for a higher. >> he was a renaissance man for sure. >> lou: senator grassly chairman of the judiciary committee. he made a statement that you find compelling and hopeful. we'll put it up, folks, could we see the full screen of the russia comment. grassly saying, we ought to say enough is enough. there's no reason mr. comey couldn't are told the public be the whole truth. he is tell the public if the fbi
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had an open investigation on attorney general sessions. this is a chairman of a committee starting to get real and that is hopeful. >> he talks about the complicity of the silent fbi be and leaking fbi and the media that spun the conspiracy theorieses and others that put the country through a lot of tumult. and jay johnson reiterated and russia didn't change the votes and he revealed home land offered to help the dnc computers from being hacked and they turned it down. if you don't take the help you deserve to be be hacked. >> lou: it is acceptance and exchange proferred and shouldn't it have been a national security
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and homeland security telling and getting subpeonas to precede and preserve the national security against russian interest? >> that is a greaty question. when someone trying to get in and may not have got in and trying to get in on the dnc. the next election there is an aggressive because president trump is involved. but maybe we shpt have sat on our hind legs. and we are doing armchair quarterbacking. >> lou: let me resist armchair quarterbacking if i may and the use of the plural. the fbi under james comey and the department of homeland security, they had a responsiblity to protect the
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national intchlt thaw should have had the dnc servers in hand. they are the oneses that tell us that russians hacked the server. this should be an act on the part of the national security structure including dhs and fbi, right? >> the handling of the post hacking era, and maybe they will go back being to the clinton e-mail case when there was dancing around tactics and we if we were under investigation we would not have gotten the deference. but the government can't order the dnc to take control of the servers. there is questions of why they don't use the tactics earlier. >> lou: appreciate you being here and your views. >> they thought they were going
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to win like three. wouldn't you say, at least three. the truth is, people love uls. all of uls. they love us. >> lou: is it time for pitiful peel -- pelosi and crying chuck to go. we'll have more from the swamp, next. stay with us. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. so dentures are cleaner, fresher, and brighter. polident. here comes the fun with sea-doo ♪ starting at just $5,299 and up to $500 rebate visit today
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members of her own party. he is defiant and bragging about p her leadership. >> i am a master legislator and a astute leader and i respect any opinion member ps have. but my decision of how long i stay is not up to them and i am worth the trouble. >> certainly for the republican she is a master legislator who proclaimed on obamacare, we are have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it. and pelosi may be worth the trouble for republicans, because republicans have gained more than 60 seats in her tenure as the top democrat in the house. the republican party would like the pelosi kind of trouble for a long time. president trump tweeted. i certainly hope upon the
10:28 am
democrats don't force nancy, out. and please let crying chuck stay. the dem's strategy is to obstruct the president and his agenda and drag out the congressional investigations on russia and say they will do so until the 2018 midterms. none of this has helped the dems in the special elections and midterms will not likely be different. because the dems don't have a single new idea. they don't have any idea of any kind. they just do nasty better than anyone and that proved not to be enough. that is all better for the republican and trump administration and indeed the question. quotation of the evening from tom chancy who said this. show me an elightist and i will show you a loser. north korea stepping up
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provocations with another rocket test as the president trump pressures china to do more. >> i wish we had more help with respect to north korea from china. but things are not working out. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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>> lou: joining us tonight. lieutenant colonel tony scaffer, great to have you with us. >> sure. >> lou: turning to north korea. you said you think there needs to be a retaliation in the case of the young man that was killed by the north koreans, what form should that take? >> we have options and back in the cold war, we had organization ones and i used to run to do that dirty tricks organization that looks for nefarious ways to go for the bad guys. we have to be bad p as they are in many ways n. this case in particular. there are things to make it personal to kim jong-un and he needs to understand this behavior will not be started and to the larger north korean
10:34 am
state. there is economics and espion ouj auj things to send our message. lewisville -- lou what do you say that the united states should approve the entrance to north korea and that was resistance on the part and i know it is harsh but it is also the reality to permit a young man who was naive to go into north korea and put himself at rufk and others at risk. and this is irresponsible. >> this kid was a year younger than mew own son and i feel for the parents. a technical state of war exist between the world and north koreans.
10:35 am
the demilitarized zone is a barrier between two armies ready to fight. and any travel to north korea was forbitten up to the clinton administration. it is part of trying to engage with them. this man was there because the chinese had a program. >> lou: i understand you are blaming the chinese. but the u.s. government is permitting this and it needs to be stopped. >> they need to stop all travel there and look at economic relationships and how we work with our are allies. free-trade zone and case on free-trade zone and south koreans benefit north korea
10:36 am
labor and that goes to the north korea labor. that is slave labor. we had to legislate something for the south koreans to do this. that's how bad p it is. >> lou: let's turn to james comey. should he be investigated and shut down the bob mueller democratic parade that he turned the special counsel. >> i am surproduced he didn't offer bill clunton a job. bring in the top one. if you want a counsel like. this fire muler and bring someone else that is competent. the president can say no to him. you don't say no. but you get rid of a problem. and james comey, everybody i talk to in the intelligence and you law enforcement feel he
10:37 am
perjured himself and in charge of the leaking. to me that is it bad and he is a poster child for what is wrong with this town. >> thank you for being with us. joining us molly hemmingway. great to have you with us. and tammy bruce, great to have you with us. and great to have with us, radio talk show host legendary mark simon. great to have you. tammy, we have the bill and there should be joy in the land. but instead four hombres want to it take away the punch bowl. >> they are calling it a discussion draft.
10:38 am
they don't mach a commitment. >> lou: is that mitch mcconnell. >> of course it looks different. and for all four that are opposed to this. senator paul and ted cruz. they have been there for years. i don't see a proposal or different consolidated pouring on out. they are sitting around and protesting and years have gone by. >> i think it will change. they slow the growth and slow the increase and that is a famous trick in washington. >> lou: your thoughtses? >> it is an imperfect bill and people are right to be skeptical. there is a lot of the stuff to be happy with. if you told them they could get rid of the employer man date and
10:39 am
lower tax and deal with the problems of obamacare down the road, most would be happy to take that. this is not a repeal bill and republican voters were promised they would repeal and replace obamacare and hesitation is understandable. and this provides a fig leaf to the moderate republicans. provide more money and slows down the medicaid expansion. and moderates can get on board. it is a smart bill as it was drafted. but as a conservative not what i dreamed of. >> lou: mark, i have to believe that republican and crying chuck schumer is praying that the bill keeps moving and the republicans don't just throw up their hands and leave the democrats stuck with obamacare.
10:40 am
that bill or law, obamacare, is owned by the democratic party and it will tear them up in the 2018 elections. >> i am watching chuck schumer speak. it is the most cruel, thoughtless bill. and explained obamacare changes. and then i blame paul ryan know and mitch mcconnell. they have had six or sen years to figure out the changes and they didn't upon did it. >> whatever it end upons up being, in the end of what they pass, they might have something. it will not look like the house or senate bill. it may be done at 2:00 in the morning on christmas eve. and at least it will move in the direction of people not being harmed. president will know be blaumed and that's an issue we are concerned about p.
10:41 am
>> lou: a moment, first time in 5 or 6 months, the democrats are not attacking president trump. they are a tagging nancy pelosi. tell us what that means in >> she's getting heat because yet again democrats poured money in a race and had all of the passion and support and they blame p her. i think it is unfair, yes, she is a san francisco liberal and far left. >> lou: and lost 60 seats with her tom democrat in the house. >> but it is the democratic mess sage the problem. they all talk approximate bash donald. radical abortion policy and support for climate change. and fans of regulations and high are taxeses. and they are not popular upon with average americans and it is not her fault they are out of
10:42 am
fresh ideas. >> and i can't read the speech. she's a mastermind? >> she thinks that trump is bush. there is always that problem. she is supposed to craft the message and she failed and she raises money for people. ask mr. osoff. >> mike muc moore said no message, no plan or lead hadar. >> lou: other than that that is a foundation of a terrificing future. tammy and mark thank you very much. roll the video. a paddle boarder gets an surproduce. it is a giant squid. and this is enough to get your
10:43 am
attention. surprising and wrapping it by the paddle they meet with chin chun official it had not work the out. you are seeing the frustration with a regime that provokes and provoke and basically plays outside of the rules. >> lou: general jack keene joins quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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>> lou: secretary of state tillerson and defense secretary mattis discussions on the threat posed by north korea. >> china understands that the united states regards north korea as a top security threat. they have a diplomatic
10:48 am
responsibility to exert more diplomat and i can economic pressure on the regime if they want to prevent further escalation in the region. >> lou: joining me is retired four star general jack keene. i heard in secretary tillerson a statement that i think it is hard to support in logic. that the chinese have a diplomatic responsibility to take up what we judge to be our primary military threat. i don't think it holds up logically. it seems to me that if we believe that north korea is a security to the united states we have an obligation to take care of it. >> no be doubt about that. the chinese conif you remembered
10:49 am
that they have the same goal as demit oarized north korea. it was our last effort with the chinese. the national security time feels that china has gamed and played us. and they went into it with's healthy dose of skepticism. and what is this is about. they discussed the south china sea, this was the last effort to give p the chinese to do what they said they would do and step up and get after the north koreans. they will give them more rope to do that. and then i think may will put sanctions against the chinese nparticular, those banks that do
10:50 am
business with north korea and doing business with china. and also i think we are going to go p to's full court pregsz with every ally doing business with north korea and up the pressure so to speak. >> the european union made it clear, they want to be a part of the stratizing demilitarized north korea. but at the same time one has the feeling that the european union is not aligned with president trump and the national security team about north korea. it is not clear that the europeans are trustworthiy on the issue of north korea. >> the track record is not good. we have had problems with them on iran in the past and on
10:51 am
russia, but i think the administration is going to issue to reach out, and inwhich you hadding toes in asia and a country like burma and we'll see. this is a test i think for the trump administration to move the ball in a way that the two administrations previously did not do it. certain he determineations and on on on determination and resolve to do it. >> lou: we are out of time. thank you. if you are looking for the perfect summer thriller are, we have it. have it. "the thriller, putin's dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply.
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> lou: we asked you last night: do you believe that the republican party is beginning to understand that president trump is their greatest asset in the 2018 elections. 62 percent of you saying yes.
10:56 am
we appreciate you responding nothing the poll po. vladimar putin's quest for power is the subject of a book that i recommend. i can't tell you how great it s. i of course, wrote the book with co-author jim born. co-author of putin's gambit and the premise is straightforward. a despotic russian leader. can i say that and refer to vladimar putin. i upon he follows a historical empire to rebuild the union of socialist republic. it is one vladimar putin and one james oboren upon is here with us. >> it is a two year journey and everybody seems to think that we did it in the last three months.
10:57 am
we knew how things would work out because it is timely we have to acknowledge. >> it was comupon pleted two years ago. we have worked on it three year and had no idea things would turn out the way they have. >> you didn't know how they would work out. your modesty is overwhelming. >> we started saying what if. and the most entertaining thriller we could write and putten ended up being a interesting character to put in the book. >> lou: and a practicing despot as well. it is all fiction. it is a thriller, and so, any relationship upon between reality and mr. putin is just pure coincidence. luck.
10:58 am
>> lou: f. you go back 22 years ago. a lot of people talked favorably about putin. but we decided to make him the villian of the peace, it was not the thing to do. and as a matter of fact, we remember mitt romney and all of the characters who said russia is the greatest threat. they were dismissed. but russia has been a preimminent threat. there is 1700 nuclear war heads in possession of the russians and ready to be launched against bombers or icbm's. it is, it is extraordinary to think of what destructive power is at his xhoond. >> he made no secret he's resurrecting the soviet empire and one of the keys to that
10:59 am
would be taking some of the balt pic states. and i remember looking at a what would be one of his objectives. estoppia stuck out. >> in 1940, it was the path to leningrad. and today. the path to st. upon petersburg. and for russia, it represents the bridge to all of europe. and appears to be the entire plan for vladimar putin. >> plus, he would like to get their electronic assets. they are most wired republic in the east. and there is a lot of elements that would be beneficial and they don't think that nato or
11:00 am
u.s. would they risk everything to defend this country? to defend this country? >> lou: the book is - [announcer] you're watching a paid presentation for veggie bullet, brought to you by veggie bullet, llc. from the makers of the world famous nutribullet comes the next innovation in whole food nutrition extraction introducing the veggie bullet. the world's first cyclonic spiralizer and lightening fast food prep accelerator. now you can spiralize nutrient-rich whole foods in seconds for incredible pasta recipes, like zucchini spaghetti and meatballs. or ribbon spirals for great lasagnas. even the family favorite, curly fries. the secret is the veggie bullet's cyclonic action spiralizer and high torque motor with razor sharp stainless steel blades. for the fastest spiralized noodles you've ever seen for recipes like angel hair pasta and shrimp. or an incredible zucchini ribbon pesto.


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