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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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morrow is today. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i want to also extend our congratulations this evening to karen handel of georgia and we can't forget ralph norman in south carolina. if karen handel had lost, they would have blamed it on me, if she had lost, they would have been there for weeks talking about this, this would have been the greatest defeat of american politics. [laughter] paul: hello, everybody, welcome to the editorial journal report, i'm in here for paul gigot, that was president trump taking a victory lap on wednesday night
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at a rally in cedar rapids, iowa . in south carolina ralph norman held mick mulvaney's seat. nancy pelosi under fire down playing this week's special elections. take a listen. >> by all accounts, if you're a republican, this is not good news for you, it shows where the as a rule washington -- vulnerability is on the republican side. david: joining me dan henninger, bill mcgurn and mary kissel and
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dan freeman. i love nancy pelosi, maybe you can have one victory but four in a row, that's kind of hard to take. >> yeah, the old saying goes, four more victories like this and we are undone. [laughter] >> why is nancy pelosi a savvy politician saying such ridiculous things and i think the reason is because she has nothing else to offer. what they have been doing in all of these elections is teeing it up on referendum on donald trump and since the election, the democrats whether in washington or anywhere else have been running solely against donald j. trump. what we discovered in georgia, that's not working. the democrats have to come up with something else and at the moment it is well known, they don't have much of anything else in terms of substance or policy. >> and bill, the question is whether they need somebody else, and particularly somebody other
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than nancy pelosi. donald trump is having a field day. he sent out a tweet pleading with her to stay, let's put up the tweet if we can essentially, please let, i certainly hope the democrats do not force nancy p out, that would be very bad for the republican party. please let crying chucky stay. [laughter] >> he set up a race as special election. arrogance of the democrats running a guy who didn't live in the district and so forth, you're going to get donald trump gloating when he's vindicated. he's going to fun with this. in fairness, i say nancy pelosi herself isn't the problem and if you look at how they played her in the election of the republicans it was san francisco values, so the problem, i think, the democrats have so twofold. on the one hand they have liberal values that are not the values of most americans, america is a center right country and doesn't play outside san francisco. second, what's their strategy? resistance.
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it's just not -- it's not a persuasive thing. i don't think there's anyone, maybe, jon ossoff doesn't live, anybody who cares about the russian investigation of trump, if you look at the -- if you take donald trump and hillary clinton and nancy pelosi out of the equation, the democrats lost a thousand seats. >> extraordinary. >> that's not because republicans are geniuses, it's because americans are saying what you're offer asking not for me. >> they thought that was a winning thing even though that brand, by the way, the trump name has made billions of dollars for the trump family over the years, it was part of the reason he was elected, but now some democrats are having second thoughts about beating up on the brand itself. democrat tim ryan who we should mention is looking for nancy pelosi's job came out with an interesting comment saying that essentially the democratic party
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is now more toxic than donald trump to which you say? >> to which i say, again, it's not just the brand, it's the ideas that are behind the brand and essentially the democratic party is a party of coastal liberal elites. a third of the house delegation is from new york, california and massachusetts and i'm waiting personally for the democratic party to rediscover its inner bill clinton, you know, the pragmatist, the guy who doesn't just resist, who identifies with average americans, who doesn't just want to spend money all of the time, who could get on board with something like welfare reform or a pragmatic fix to obamacare. i just don't see those people in the democratic party anymore. jon ossoff tried to go there late in the campaign and nobody believed him. >> if four losses they've had is two of those candidates, the democratic candidate on the left of the spectrum, two were trying to convince people they were moderates and so they don't succeed no matter which ideology
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they try to use. >> i think they do want to rebrand, a more moderate image but they do have the challenge and the reason nancy pelosi is still the leader in the public face is she's the greatest fundraiser in political history outside of presidential candidates, she has pulled money in cities like this, la and san francisco. so are they really going to turn away from that funding constituency more toward a voting constituency? and that's not an easy thing to do. >> well, dan, one point is this may stop the obstructionism, at least the democrats seem to realize that just being obstructionist, having no message, just being antitrump doesn't win elections. >> yeah, it might at the senate level. i think they are pretty dug in over in the house but at the senate, you know, moving forward to tax bill, it's possible that some of the democrats that are on the bubble, heidi, in north dakota john and in indiana may
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decide they have to move towards the center. if the economy is strengthening and if the republicans do pass the tax bill, give another booster shot to the economy, the democrats unless we have been saying here in the past five minutes come up with something stronger, they could have a really difficult time in 2018. >> bill, very quickly, incentives matter whether you're talking economics or politics and the one incentive that politicians have above all others is getting reelected. if they try obstructionism and doesn't get them elected or reelected, they are going to turn to something else. >> yeah, although i think, look, something like 95% of guys get elected. now we have been so polarized that a lot of people are in semistate seats and so forth. mrs. pelosi, she doesn't have to change. her seat is safe. it's just not going to play. they freaked out over a guy running in the mayorial primary.
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>> republicans believe we have a responsibility to act and we are for our constituents, for our states and for our country. >> david: senate republicans released a much anticipated discussion draft of the health care plan on thursday seven weeks after the house passed their own plan to repeal and replace obamacare. so what's inside the senate bill and how does it differ from the house's version, let's ask troy, former deputy of secretary and human services under g.w. bush. how would it change obamacare?
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>> david, thanks for having me on. in contrast to nancy pelosi as you're saying with day one is not victory, they want an actual victory, how this would change in contrast to obamacare, it would reduce taxes and reduce spending and mandates and overall size of the deficit and hopefully reduce premiums thereby requiring the government to subsidize less. that's the overall big picture of the bill. let's hope it works out once they release details. >> some things it does not reduce is money for insurance companies. there's an extra $50 billion by mt. account over next five years of help for insurers that are going to be forced to continue to pay for folks with preexisting conditions, right? >> yeah, i think you're talking about the stabilization fund. the fear is that the insurers will continue to exit the market as they have been doing in affordable care act. the problem is that the insurers
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are very nervous about the markets remaining stable and so they are putting this money into making sure the insurers stay in the game for now. >> is it fair for critics whether left or right to call bail-out of insurers? >> you know, politics being politics, you're definitely going to get some of that but i think the overall goal if you can get the markets stabilized then over time you won't need to provide any additional money for insurers but they can get their money through premiums or people incentivized to purchase them on their own without subsidies. >> the dirty little secret of obamacare among others was the fact that medicaid was used, an expanded version of medicaid to ensure people who couldn't be insured directly. what's happening with medicaid in the senate bill? >> that's a really good point. we've had a little bit of a game where we've had people in medicaid and expanded medicaid be getting rid of that fiction,
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if you're in medicaid you're in medicaid as it is and other people are suppose today get tax credits to get them into the individual market. also the big changes in medicaid are coming a little later so governors can deal with it and you'll have experimentation by governors so they can be innovate -- innovators. >> things like eliminate at least for one year. there's divisions within republicans, the game is to get to 50 republican votes, they have no democrats working with them. they've got to make sure they get 50 republicans on board and i think the planned parenthood compromises a way of getting the symbolic support that they want but it's not necessarily going to change the game long-term for planned parenthood. >> the key political factor in what they want to do is lower
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premiums. that's the thing that hurts americans most. in fact, premiums have gone up, deductions, medicaid has gone up more percentage wise but will this do anything to get premiums and deductions down? >> the theory is that it will. we have some evidence in that the cms actuary, part of hhs but not a nonpolitical party of hhs scored the house bill which is similar but not the same and said that would reduce the growth size of premiums, reduce amount of premiums and so that is a good thing, if you reduce premiums, you don't have to subsidize as much but you never know how these things are going to play out until the legislation is actually written and signed by the president and implemented. >> there's another thing, a lot of doctors tell me that they are thinking of quitting being doctors because of malpractice laws are so generous in this country. england has ways to prevent that, loser pays and stuff that maybe won't be a part of this, but anything in the senate bill
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that would adjust frivolous lawsuits, malpractice suits? >> you're talking about malpractice reform, a part of the plank overall and cannot get in this bill, it's not something that would fit with the so-called budget reconciliation rules, as i call them the budget reason killuation limitations. that's something that republicans are going to continue to pursue but a very heavy lift as the trial lawyers are a big funders as the democratic party and so they're not going to give up on that easily. >> democrat and republican, they own the beltway, let's be honest about it. it's a tough haul. selling insurance across state lines, the house side they said is going to have to wait for another -- another version of an obamacare clean-up before we get it done. does the senate address this at all? >> it's the same problem, david. it's the budget reconciliation limitation that is don't allow them to do something that's not within the budget context. that's not going to be in there. however, i think that's something that could be attached
6:17 pm
to a piece of legislation, a must-pass legislation and put it up for a vote and see if you can get it that way. so, i think, the journal editorial said this is not a free market utopia but i think this is a step and do additional stems down the road given regulatory pow irs -- powers. the end of the beginning. [laughter] >> great to see you, thank you very much for coming in. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> when we come back the republicans are facing a long hot summer as they try to deliver on key campaign promises from health care to tax reform. can they count on members of their own party to move their agenda forward? >> it's not enough just to pass a bill that as obamacare repeal in the title. we've got to actually have legislation that fixes the legislation that fixes the underlying problem
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>> i just didn't run on obamacare lies, i didn't run on replacing it with more government programs. i didn't run on allowing the death spiral of obamacare to continue just to subsidize with taxpayer money. i think we can do better than this and my hope is not to defeat the bill but to make the bill better. >> that was rand paul, opposing the health care plan. the gop tries to move forward this summer on two campaign promises repealing and replacing obamacare and overhauling the tax system. can they count on support from their own members, we are back with dan henninger, bill mcgurn and mary kissel and james freeman. >> either they are going to repeal or replace obamacare with
6:22 pm
something better or prop up obamacare because the exchange are failing and politically you cannot afford that millions of people without access to insurance. look, donald trump is going to do a deal, if he doesn't do a deal with the right, he is going to do the deal with the left. >> that's right. >> health care is going to be key to the tax reform. >> the president has began to sell the plan and he's talking nice about some of his republican critics which he hasn't always done. let's play a little snipped of an interview he had an "fox & friends" on friday. >> they are also four good guys and friends of mine, i think they will probably get there, we will have to see. i think we will get there. we have four very good people that -- it's not that they are opposed, they like to get certain changes and we will see if we can take care of that. >> we are going to take care of that, we can make a deal. >> look, he's the deal-maker and you don't get a deal by trashing the people that you want to persuade to support you.
6:23 pm
i think republicans have to realize this is and an irish choice, this is not perfect. the alternative is not a better bill. i think that relates to the elections later. you know, we talk about the symbolism or the politics of the moments, at tend of the day, the republican fortunes are going to be made on whether ordinary people who are now struggling in this economy feel more opportunity and better about the future and that means lower premiums for a lot of people and it means tax cuts, you know, that help revive the economy and that's the reality. it's not just the legislation, we need to do something to do this and i hope president trump realizes that this legislation is not just something congress is doing. at the end of the day, he's going to be judged by this whether he can produce. >> james, bill just talked about taxes, paul ryan came out this week and talked about, you know, really pushing forward on taxes and in a way that i haven't
6:24 pm
heard from anybody except from people in the trump administration. that was great to hear. he did not mention the border tax. is that -- did they finally weak up to the fact that people don't want another tax? >> ic they are -- i think they are waking up to the idea that they are going to jump the beltway custom that if you're going to cut taxes, you to raise other taxes over here. i think that's what you're hearing from paul ryan, from the freedom caucus, not just tax reform but tax cuts. and i think that ought to be their focus. if he's -- >> not creating a whole new tax that didn't exist before like the border tax. >> right, right. and i think they have to focus on their political futures. as we have been talking about what the special elections mean, what's going to happen next year, they have got to get the economic reform, the economic revival program going if they want to get reelected next year, if they want to keep control of the congress and that starts with a big tax cut. >> dan, it is across the board paul ryan was saying it's going to be corporate, it's also going to be individual, he mentioned
6:25 pm
the fact that eight of ten companies in america are not incorporated. they pay taxes as individuals, so it's a real sort of reagan reaganisqe plan across the board. >> they try to extend it as far as they can. we have to point out that in the health care bill they have taken a start, that he -- have eliminated surtax for higher income people. that will relieve the economy. i have to say senator rand paul sounds like a man from mars as though he wants to just start all over again, that there's no congress to deal with. they have got an opportunity to show that they can get something, if they don't, the democrats are sitting there with universal health care which they will propose immediately. >> but, mary, interestingly, there were some democrats, we
6:26 pm
use today call them blue dog, moderate democrats who this week announced that they were meeting with the trump team, in fact, they met with secretary mnuchin on tax cuts, is it conceivable particularly in light of the georgia election that they may get some democrats coming on their side? >> well, i would hope so. what has been lacking, of course, bipartisan and it's not on the republican side. i think the republicans are very happy to do deals with democrats, for instance, on the tax plan, getting tax cuts in exchange for more infrastructure spending. >> there's a deal. >> democrats want to get reelected, they are not going to get reelected on the platform of barack obama. we have seen that in the last several races. there's an opportunity for them to step forward and say, look, we want to have policy victories to take to our voters to run on next year. >> very quickly, bill, i think it's likely that they're going to get some democrats on taxes but sunt seem that they'll get any on health care? >> probably not.
6:27 pm
to me this is a scene on the water front. >> my favorites. >> he wants to shoot the gangster and he says you want to get even, testify in court, that's what they have to do to president trump, this is key not just to the republicans in congress but to the donald -- president. stop worrying about james comey and gets bills through. >> still ahead. tensions between former cold war rivals are heating up saying they will target war planes in ♪
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>> long simmering tensions between the u.s. and russia erupting this week following the american militaries downing of a syrian war plane, moscow is now threatening to target aircraft flown by the u.s. and its allies west of the river. john bolton is former u.s. embassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. first of all, embassador, what happened to the narrative of the trump administration and russia being hand and glove? >> well, i don't think it ever was hand and glove. i think vladimir putin pursues with absolute clarity what he sees as russia national interest and the only appropriate american response to that is to do the same on our side and
6:32 pm
right now, i think, in the context of the war against isis and the region more broadly, i think the defense department, the state department are still basically on auto pilot from the obama administration. there is not a new administration strategy and we need one. not one that's dictate bid the tactics of russian or american planes in the sky over the region but by a notion on how we want to defeat isis. >> well, isis as i mentioned, russia now created this new rule that no u.s. nato plane can fly south of eufretis, assad territory. is it possible, can we just stay north and avoid any conflict with russia in. >> it's not for russia to tell us where to fly. >> absolutely. >> and this is one of the legacies of barack obama. he allowed russian air base to be built, john kerry famously
6:33 pm
said what's the face for, for force protection, what to protect the russian force that is ought to be in russia and not syria, we are not looking for military action, let's be clear, but i think we want to build up an american presence that says to the russians, we will fly where we want to fly. but again, this has to be a piece of a larger post isis strategy to prevent russia's key allies, the assad regime in syria and iranians from building control through baghdad government and through assad's control in syria and hezbollah in lebanon to set the stage for next conflict in the region. i'm afraid that's where they are going. i don't think we have a response. >> well, we have taken out a syrian plane in air. we don't know what happened to the pilot. we've taken out many planes on the ground when they use chemical weapons. what happens if somehow a russian gets in the mix and
6:34 pm
there's a russian death, what happens between our two nations? >> well, again, we are not looking for it but rule number one is we will protect american forces. we will protect them against syrian military, against syrian planes, syrian drones or anybody else's planes or drone that is we deem threatening to them. but to me, this is one argument why we have to have a better understanding of what exactly the forces we are using to help destroy isis, the kurds, yes, some have their own trouble but by in large the kurds are with us. helping the baghdad government is equivalent, sad to say they are helping the iatolas in iran. less reliance on some of the dubious syrian groups. >> by the way, it's not just the middle east, there was confrontation over the baltic sea in which a russian fighter
6:35 pm
jet came within 5 feet of a u.s. plane. that's pretty damn close. >> it's extraordinarily dangerous and they have done this in numerous instances with respect to plane and our ships and the ball ticks, the russians are pushing for, let's not mistake vladimir putin here for somebody warm and fussy, he's tough as iron, cynical, he's still push to go see how far he can get as of yet he is still to see any material pushback from the administration. >> meanwhile the shake-up in the middle east to kind of realignment continues with the saudi king appointing his 31-year-old son as the crown prince kind of taking out an older guy, a cousin that was in there before. i'm just wondering, any connection between the trump visit a few weeks ago and this move? >> well, it's possible but i think this is also been in the making for a while. i have to say, i am worried about it not because i disagree with the modernizing agenda of
6:36 pm
the king and the new crown prince. there's a lot to be said for what they want to do but the balance of power within the extraordinarily large saudi world family has been negotiated out for a long period of time. i don't think we've seen the end of this succession struggle and while i certainly welcome modernization in saudi arabia, let's be clear, the clerics, hold enormous power and i very much fear that if the modernization is not done carefully, we are going face iran situation in saudi arabia and to see that project collapse and religious extremist regime take power which would reek havoc. >> israel and saudi arabia have never been closer because they have this common enemy of iran and, of course, the united states is much stronger in the
6:37 pm
mix not only because of what we did, what we proved we would do in syria, but because of our commitment to our arab allies in the middle east. this realignment would be the beginning of something extremely positive, no? >> well, if it continues -- there's nothing like a religious extremist with nuclear weapons to concentrate your attention in saudi and other members of council in israel. the saudi regime through personal ambition or family ambition ends up destabilizing everybody in the gulf on the arab side could be trouble and the opportunity for both sunni extremists and the iatolas in tehran could be form -- horrific death of otto
6:38 pm
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wonderful boys and you see how he came back, you see how he came back so we've been given a bad hand but we will take that bad hand and it'll all be good. >> president trump reacting this week to the tragic death of otto warmbier, died on monday just less than a week after he was released and returned to cincinnati. just the latest reminder of the brutal regular -- regime and can the trump administration count
6:42 pm
on china, we are back with dan henninger, mary kissel and bill mcgurn, sometimes when you focus on one american who has been terribly mistreated to the point of death, it's personal, we have to -- we got to know the family, we got to know otto. >> foreigners are not allowed to go deeply into the country so we are not shown the reality of the life in north korea today. what happened to otto are happening to tens of thousands of north koreans and you said in the introduction we have to stop nuclear ambitions. we saw the chemical weapon use to kill kim's brother and, look, they have the delivery systems now too, they are working on ballistic missile programs, they can send balloons and drop
6:43 pm
chemical weapons over seoul. this show it is kind of regime. >> you can't negotiate. otto warmbier was clear that he had no respect for the obama method of dealing with him with kid gloves. it was only when trump got tough with them that they got anything -- >> one is absolutely right. this is more than an individual strategy and illustrates the world is a more dangerous place when regimes like this think they can molest americans. it's not a coincidence that the most belligerent guy in asia, donald trump also had a statement about china not being helpful and a friend of mine from hong kong suggested, you know what might be a good measure for china, revoke the student visa for all those chinese leaders coming to the united states. that might get their attention.
6:44 pm
>> dan, the president did take this very personally as we all did as i think all americans did when he takes things personally, he does act on them. so the chances there will be some change in our relation with china, no? >> you just showed meeting with president xi of china and tweeted it hasn't worked out getting china to help with north korea. the next day defense secretary mattis and tillerson said they are still working the problem. what they mean is they are working on imposing sanctions on about 10 companies, chinese companies that do business with the north koreans. the issue is whether the chinese will help us with that and if we should unilaterally impose sanctions on chinese companies. >> you know, mary, no american after what happened has any doubt of the horrible nature of this regime. it might be otto warmbier legacy, he might left a legacy
6:45 pm
that allowed the north american president to deal with north korea as other american presidents haven't. >> we need to add sanctions and there's a lot more we can do. north korea gets tens of millions of dollars, we stopped the kids of north korean elites from studying abroad and we've had ships stopped by the pan -- panamenian authorities. there's a lot we can do short of what obama did nothing. >> the fact is that americans use today care, it seems to me or at least politicians used to care more about what happens to a single american than they do now, this may have changed this week. >> let's be clear, when we look out for american citizens, it's a dangerous world. i spent more than 12 years of my life overseas.
6:46 pm
those expat americans are very exposed. when they go after regimes or our people, don't touch them. other people are safer too. it's not joust the americans who benefit. >> when we come back, amazon rough lg featers with acquisition to whole foods so is this move good to consumers or ♪ here comes the fun with sea-doo ♪ sea-doo has the most affordable watercraft on the market starting at just $5,299 and up to $500 rebate visit today
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>> amazon ceo jeff bezos looking to extend his already vast empire announcing last week that the online giant would like to buy whole foods for $13.7 billion. the acquisition could have a huge impact on e-commerce as well as brick and mortar retailers but commerce secretary wilbur ross told fox business
6:50 pm
stuart varney he didn't see any antiissues. >> a good-high quality niche retailer with the very broad brush approach of marketing everything that amazon has done so well but i surely don't see any antitrust implications in that. >> sounds like a green light to me. we are back with dan hanger, bill mcgurn and james freeman. james, sill connecticut valley did not receive the trump administration with open arms. >> it is nice to see a change in tone where businesses kind of look at generally as a helpful productive thing instead -- >> shock. >> needs to be controlled and really diminished so i think in any administration there's really no antitrust case here because although whole foods takes a lot of your paycheck
6:51 pm
when you shop there, it doesn't have a huge market share. you're talking about still amazon and whole foods together single digit percentage of the u.s. grocer market but really interesting to think about what amazon is going to learn from all the consumer data that they can get out of the often liberal customers at whole foods. >> dan, the obama administration killed off dozens of deals, there were tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars just in fees alone and we stockholders had to pay for that, this administration, it's day and night, is it not? >> well, it is day and night, david, for sure. the obama administration was basically attacking banking and airlines and things like that. i am really intrigued by the fact that you've got three massive companies like amazon, google, facebook absorbing all of the business in their space and nobody on the left is screaming about the robber baron this time like the way they did
6:52 pm
125 years ago and i think that's because everyone sort of feels these companies are doing something good in their lives and mainly with amazon is doing is giving us the seeming idea that we have more time instead of having to go out shopping, you click and everyone who sort of feel like tum is rushing upon them these days think that amazon is creating time for them and the big goal here is to do that with shopping for food as well. well, bill, dan brings up a great point, the fact is that the profit margins of apple have always been 20 or 30 times bigger than the oil companies who got nothing but disdain heat upon them for decades and they don't care about profit if it's so-called green company? >> i think we will see. you become innovative of the people. >> even bezos and amazon? >> maybe. we will see. what we have is not just about food. i'm old enough to remember amazon first started an it was just books and now so much my
6:53 pm
family's life is geared -- i go -- >> even if you want to buy a pack of chewing gum you're amazon prime. >> i have a whole foods two blocks away from me so it may not change that. we don't know where this is going to lead, where the innovation is going to lead. so it's exciting. that's what innovation is. the competition is no longer two people in the industry. it's changing everything. >> james, bringing it back to the top of silicon valley and their initial disdain for the trump administration, they still have problems with the social views of the -- the conservative social views but will that be trumped if you pardon the punt by the focus on allowing silicon valley to do whatever they want? >> i would think they would -- when they look at it they would see a lot to -- in -- a lot to
6:54 pm
like in the trump administration. when you invest in the u.s., the biggest names on the list is appear -- apple, microsoft and companies that can invest and then on the immigration stuff, trump really is no worst than obama on letting the high-skilled workers come here. i wish he was a lot better. >> last word for james, we have to take
6:55 pm
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6:58 pm
said now's the time to buy housing -- david: wow. >> remember, i told you so. he was right on the money. david: unbelievable. i wish i had followed his advice. mary, you've got a surprising hit. >> yeah, surprise, i'm giving a big hit to new york governor andrew cuomo for bringing in a man to fix that seventh level of hell known as the new york city subway -- david: which which both of us use every day. >> strap hanging every day, and penn station -- we're going to have a summer of hell here in new york as they try to fix both of these messes. joe loda kept the trains running after superstorm sandy, again, it's a strap-hanger, i hope it's success successful. david: bill, hit or miss. >> big hit to john cass, "the chicago tribune" columnist. this week he wrote a piece on how to solve the problem of a bankrupt illinois which he calls the venezuela of the midwest -- [laughter] his answer's very simple, dissolve it and let the
6:59 pm
surrounding states, you know, iowa, kentucky -- david: oh, my gosh, actually, we have a graphic -- >> it's a great solution. david: have it melt away into the adjoining states. >> he leaves carveouts named for rahm emanuel. [laughter] i think he envisions a country where he could be -- anyway, great column. david: our sympathies, by the way, to the taxpayers in illinois. they are suffering. dan? >> a hit for march i -- mary ja, also known as marijuana. the highway lost data institute has been looking into it, and they have studied the states of washington, colorado and oregon where marijuana has been legalized to see what the collision rates look like. well, they've gone up about 3% compared to states without marijuana. so i think the lesson here is high on the highway, david, does not work. david: yeah. intoxication, no matter how you cut it, doesn't work when you're driving. that's it for this week's show.
7:00 pm
thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm david asman, catch me on weekdays on "after the bell" on the fox business network. paul is back next week to the bring some order to this crowd. [laughter] >> lou: good evening, everybody. senate republican leadership unveiling the health care after weeks of negotiation behind closed door. the billy repeals most of obamacare including medicare expansion and the measure doesn't go as far as the house version and that cost conservative support. four will not support it at all and


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