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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 28, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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strong and great again in spite of them. president trump said there would be a winning. are you tired of all lou dobbs is next. lou: good evening. senate republicans trying to save their healthcare legislation, majority leader mitch mcconnell setting a new aggressive deadline, he wants his colleagues to negotiate changes and come to an agreement by friday. 48 hour deadline, who knew it could be this easy for this senate to reach agreement? goal to have congressional budget office score the legislation over 4th of july break, leaving enough time for a senate vote for august recess. president trump today acknowledged that process is tough. the deadline is really tight. but he predicted that republicans will have that
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legislation moving over the finish line. >> healthcare is working along very well. we could have a big surprise with a great healthcare package. so, now they are happy. >> what do you mine big surprise. >> a great surprise. lou: great, great surprises. fox news chief congressional correspondent, mike emanuel with our report. >> we would like to get a solution in place as quickly a possible, get our members there. a question of getting the cbo score, setting up timeline for votes when we get back after 4th of july break. >> the move after president trump met with senators to discuss outstanding issues, and said he is encouraged. >> what came out the fact that healthcare would be so good, would be far better than obamacare, and much less expensive for the people. reporter: if g.o.p. senators cannot strike a deal, republicans may be forced to
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work with democrats on fixing a failing obamacare system. >> if we don't reach agreement by friday, probably the end of a sole party effort for health care, then the way forward would be as obamacare collapses challenge democrats to work with us to find something better. reporter: senate democratic leader chuck schumer. >> let's turnover a new leaf, let's start over, abandon more tax breaks for the rich, and abandon cuts to medicate, and discuss what the american people are concerned about. premiums, deductibles, the costs and quality of healthcare. reporter: democrats realing from 4 state special elect losses are looking for a message to champion ove overcoming months, warren thinks she has answer, she told "wall street journal" that democratic party to embrace a single payer option
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or a government run healthcare system. it is time for next step, and next step is single payer. bridging gap is challenging for republican leaders there were 9 g.o.p. senators against the bill as of late yesterday. today one of them senator rand paul, with his idea in writing, sending a letter to mcconnell, calling for scrapping tax credit and continuous coverage requirement, getting rid of worst parse of obamacare. >> let's repeal, that narrow focus but not create a big new super sphreukur structure of federal government involvement. reporter: this was a heavy lift in th in -- house. lou. lou: thank you. first guest is a prominent house republican. to discuss whether mcconnell's revisions will be attractive or at least
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acceptable to member of the congress. joining us congressman rhond ron -- da santos. as you watch your colleagues in the senate wrestle here is what is a 48 hour proposition to reach an agreement on legislation they are not comfortable with? >> i think they have to reach an agreement, but i would say, if they are making progress, and somehow they don't do it by friday, heaven forbid a senator works over the weekend. we have to get it done, idea that vacation comes before healthcare legislation right, that, a lot of senators, i spoke to a number of them since bell came out, they have legitimate concerns they want to try to make it so it is actually lowering premiums and providing market forces, i think they is a good thing, if
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they can work through this and. > come to an agreement with 50 republican senators across party. i think that would pass the house if they could get a consensus product. then, president trump could be signing this thing in july. lou: signing in july that is just a few days away. the proposition, it seems to me is clear. aside from fact that you all, and the house of representatives are blue collar guys, senate filled with tories and you know, folks with a snuff box up to their nose. there is another proposition, that is right now, there is a uneven work balance here that is not helping. that is people are not really sure what they want to do with healthcare. it amounts to around 17% of the economy.
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we have people rushing back and forth. pressing forward. now we have a 48 hour deadline by mcconnell that is a political deadline not allege latest deadline. -- not legislative deadline, this is getting a little, if we have learned nothing else from obamacare it should be, that intelligence and research and understanding and com comprehension and real solutions are what matter and the politics be damned at least for a period of time, you are scaring the dickens out of me. >> the bottom line is no one will remember or care whether this deal of the struck by this friday or two fridays from now. they will care about is that the final product looks like, and are they going to see meaning positive change in their circumstances. the articlefitial deadline -- artificial deadlines, you know
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the house tried it in march, had blew up because members had concerns. i think they can work this through, but idea that doing political deadlines is more important than having a good final product, i agree with you, not close to as important. lou: a stunning development in tax reform. now we'll talk about the entire economy. tax reform freedom caucus chairman mark meadows saying that internal republican debate on whether tax reform some include a border adjustment tax is at risk of upsetting gop plans, are you telling me that speaker ryan -- ways and means committee chairman kevin brady, this insane idea to create another form of taxes in a tax reform bill, is going to kill tax reform? have -- has the republican
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party really gotten to this point? that is just madness. >> i hope not, the bottom line is that border adjustmen adjust tax, you are right, that is a new tax, i did not get elected to give new taxes, the border adjustment tax would have a lot of problem in terms of raising prices for consumers and heartin hurting manufacturers this not a good idea, i can tell you politically this does not have support. i don't think it will pass. but as long as it is i tax reform package it makes less likely we will be able to get a successful package. >> is it my imagine nation, we also have two immigration
11:09 pm
pieces of legislation. the administration, president, backing them, we understand that it looks like it will pass the house, but are assured, they will be killed in the senate. are we back to those games? one house giving the other cover? what is going on? >> those bills that immigration bills are important, one is kate a law, long overdue, we have to hold people accountable. like kate's assailant. the house will pass, that the senate needs to vote on it if the dems want to try to filibuster is or whatever, then they will have to answer for that vote in 2018, i think they lot of democrats running for reelection in trump states it will be difficult. you are right, if they are playing games to bury it, not let anyone go on record tha that -- that is the typical
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swamp. lou: how about pass a legislation? that would be nice. >> they right, it a tough vote, i think democrats the look at, that say i don't want that hang aroundn my neck. lou: just took down that legislative require a retirement on fill bust -- requirement on filibusters. make it a majority. >> or make them stand up and filibuster, in the old days you had to stand up and do it people got tired, and bill came up for a vote. lou: another idea, we're out of time. maybe democrats just come to their senses to the right thing for a change. >> from your lips to god's ears. >> a men.
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>> congressman ron desantos. >> thank you. >> a lot more here. stay with us. >> president trump is confident that republican leadership will deliver the perfect health care legislation. >> i think we're going to get at least very close, i think we'll get it over the line, we've given ourselves more time. >> now senate republicans push for a health care agreement by friday. mollie heming way and matt schlapp here next. >> and rogue policeman steals a helicopter and launches an attack on ven haven't suprem take 5, guys. tired of your bladder always cutting into your day?
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lou: president trump calling on congress. one bill would cut funding to sanctuary cities, and kate's law imposing tough new penalties on illegal immigrants. >> we lost everything. he was my only child. i want from action, if this would have been done years ago, my son would still be here. lou: as i said to congressman
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ron desantos. both bills are expected to pass the house. also, it appears arranged to fail in senate. so everyone is within cover and the clear, the swamp, in other words, looks be in good shape. this is a shame on this issue the party is playing games. we're joins by mollie heming way, senior editor at the federalist, chairman of conservative union matt schlapp. mollie, start with you on health care, 48 hour deadline, they are getting exciting in washington. republicans are going to come an agreement, and everyone will live happily ever after. are you kidding me? >> well, i wouldn't count mitch mcconnell out, hopefully, i think he does have a plan. the same time this is important that people work out their differences and be clear
11:17 pm
about what their problems are with legislation, and do so with a emphasis and focus on getting to a passage. lou: i don't see why there would be any appetite, matt. the republican party right now is it looks awful, it is staging bills for political cover. it is coming up with faux deadlines, of 48 hours, for some of the most important legislation these legislatures will touch -- legislators will touch until tax reform. this is stunning to watch how leadership in republican party in both houses is behaving. >> it might be a time for members of congress, you know after they get home, they might have wished they stayed in the swamp. i think there are a lot of
11:18 pm
people in this country that want action on the agenda that trump talked about during the election, they want taxes cut, and a republican version of he'll carry reform, they want -- health care reform, they want proper border control, and they want to make sure we don't have a criminal element in our society, what i get, what i talk to folks, is frustration that more progress is not occurring. charles: and yet, these are two leaders that have been there for some time now. two years for paul ryan, mitch mcconnell in charge of senate much these two, are not delivering for the president. i was joking with newt gingrich on this broadcast last night about it looks as though they are really concocting a deadlock so president can look more heroic when he steps in to save the day on healthy care legislation. but right now, it looks like whatever they are doing here,
11:19 pm
will have to do that. both mcconnell and ryan have been resisting him all of the way, mollie? >> i don't think that is quite fair. the problem is we did want to repeal obamacare that is why a lot of people were electing republicans to house and senate. but after many years of this entitlement program in place, there is not the same consensus about repealing obamacare, which is reflected in coalition have you that are governing, when mc-- mc-- lou: this sounds like a democratic analysis of circa 2012. >> that i would personal lik like it if they were actual to repeal obamacare, this might be the best bill you can get to keep conservatives can and moderates together, and there is not a lot of wiggle room with a small majority as mcconnell has, i think he is doing his best, he does need to be more responsive to concerns of people. but again the pressure should
11:20 pm
be on getting someone done, does not need to be perfect this time, get something done to fix failure of own oi ofo obamacare to last until next time they patch it again. lou: i have to say, every time i think of president say, perhaps just let obamacare complete its death spiral. so republican brand is not sullied. hearing chuck schumer whining on the floor again of u.s. senate, basically seeking a refuge in president's arms so he would not have to live with a consequences of mistakes of 2009 and 10 in obamacare, it is pa threatic t pa -- that pathetic to watch him. >> it is,. my heart is where yours
11:21 pm
circumstance let it fail, but problem is, every time something breaks down in a bipartisan fashion, we nationalize it. we saw this with banks and industries that we see are somehow need -- lou: that is what obamacare is. >> don't make it single payer, i think -- i worry about that. >> it is all worth worrying about we have these people about to make some significant changes to the way we live, and what we pay for. and the way in which we deliver healthcare just for starters. not a reassuring moment. mollie heming way, and matt schlapp thank you. >> vote in our poll, should senate and house consider new leadership if they fail to repeal and replace obamacare? cast your vote on twitter, follow he on twitter, like me on facebook, follow he on instagram. we're following breaking news
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tonight out of ve venezuela. socialist country plunged further into chaos after a helicopter attack on the supreme court, president said that antigovernment forces stole the helicopter then used it to lob gunfire into the interior department and grenades to supreme court building, no injuries were reported. many accusing regime of orchestrating that even so maduro can call out the military against protesters and demonstrators. on wall street stocks are rallying, dow up 144 today. s&p up 21. nasdaq up 88. volume on the big board 3.4 billion shares. >> financials led the rally, stress test results released after the close all major banks, winning approval to return capital to shareholders.
11:23 pm
>> pending home sales fell for a third straight month, a shortage of homes for sale. samsung vistaing almost $400 in a south carolina plant. a move they say will create nearly a thousand american jobs. >> listen to my report three times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network. up next, illinois and puerto rico, one is broke the other bankrupt, they are battling bad governments with no leadership. what should we do with them? i have a few ideas, washington pay attention. my commentary is next. new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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lou: a few thoughts on the state of illinois in crisis. illinois days away from entering a financial death spiral. the state's credit has been downgraded 20 time since 2009.
11:28 pm
personal income has risen less than 1% since the recession of 2008. and people are fleeing the state of illinois in droves. illinois losing more residents last year than any other state in the union, and that's been true for three straight years. there is no doubt who is to blame. all of this the result of democratic policies. dems controlled the illinois state legislature for 14 straight years. 22 unions representing nearly all the public employmentees in illinois. given the unconscionable mess democrats have made in illinois perhaps president trump should say no. no bailout will be tolerated by the u.s. government. stripped of its name. maybe just say enough of
11:29 pm
democratic destruction. strip the state of illinois of it very name. leave a blank spot on the map for a while and give the illinois name to another cash-strapped low cal. locale. i'm speaking of puerto rico. 49 billion in mention obligations. by contrast, illinois, it's a magnitude of difficulty. illinois has 250 billion in unfunded pension liabilities. five times that of puerto rico and $15 billion in unpaid bills. puerto rico voted overwhelmingly to become a state, largely because they are a state. they love america.
11:30 pm
wink, wink. and only a quarter of eligible voters showed up at the polls for the referendum. puerto rico would fit right in here. if we kick illinois to the curb we wouldn't have to change the number of stars on the flag at least for a while. our quow takes of the evening. voal tea.the art of government g as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another. outrage rising over obama's failure to do nothing to stop russia's election interference. >> obama knew about russia a long time before the election. if he had the information, why didn't he do something about it.
11:31 pm
lou: is it time for the obstructionist to testify before congress? we take that up with the former head of the cia. this extreme athlete taking kitesurfing to the next level. kitesurfing to the next level. stay with us. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. kitesurfing to the next level. stay with us. start at the new show me used trucks with one owner. pretty cool. [laughs] ah... ahem... show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new looking from a fresh perspective can make all the difference. it can provide what we call an unlock: a realization that often reveals a better path forward.
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lou: joining me now, ambassador james woolsey, former director
11:35 pm
of the cia. let me start with the revelations that president trump did nothing about the cyber attacks by russia, particularly of the dnc, and permitted the obama cia and the obama department of homeland security to say, never mind, we don't want to bother you if you don't want us to take a look at your servers. this is stunning stuff. >> i agree. i think it's amazing for the country to be under this kind of attack. if there were missiles, we would know it. but be under this kinds of attack and not have a word said by the president warning people of what might be taking place it was an uncomfortable time for him because it was during the political campaign. but that shouldn't mean that the public doesn't get to know when
11:36 pm
we are under some kind of very serious attack. 17 months from now, in the next election, the russians may be a lot mortal ended and they may be doing a lot more than what they did this time. lou: it risks the integrity of the f.b.i. and homeland security, rinsing to jeh johnson testifying he accepted the very idea on behalf of the dnc, which we know was colluding with the hillary clinton campaign and conspiring to deny senator bernie sanders the nomination. for a private group to say forget the fact that this is a national security issue. it goes to the heart of our country. and just quietly walk away and say do whatever you will? that's stunning stuff in its own right.
11:37 pm
>> and to tell putin knock it off or quit or whatever it was, is silly. i'm sure he was chuckling as he walked away from that interchange. lou: that knock 'em off remark apparently didn't occur. and if it did it was woefully late. i have no idea what the former president could have been thinking at that moment. there was no basis for a president to behave like that without violating his very oath of office. >> it's like a couple of high school kids who get slightly angry at one another playing football, hey, new york it off. lou: he tried to convey that tone. three top officials of the dnc
11:38 pm
were removed from the offices of the dnc because of their collusion. and their fraud against the very idea of the democratic party. >> putin was able really to laugh at us. everybody in the world interested in these issues knows that. and they saw this whole thing as a remarkable lack of will on the part of the united states. it right along with president trump's decision several years earlier to first warn the syrians not to use chemical weapons. then when they used chemical weapons to hand the whole problem over to russia. lou: the national media are writing what a brilliant president he was. the same national liberal media taking the president to task for suggesting the nato members would consider raising their
11:39 pm
support of nato to the required 2% of gdp. we learned nato allies are boosting their defense spending by 4.2%. this is truly a change in tone, term and direction. >> yes. and welcome. absolutely. law * thanks for being with us. be sure to vote in our poll knit. should the senate and the house consider new leadership if they fail to repeal and replace obamacare? please roll the video. here comes a kitesurfer taking his game to the next level over north carolina, soaring back and forth nailing every landing on a
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self-made obstacle course. why would you do this? i guess because you can. he had quite a time doing it and made a heck of a video, all the while using his go-no camera. i mention -- his go-pro camera. susan rice and the blame game over the unmasking of twrum officials. we'll take up her unbelievable answers and excused. we are coming right backckckckck [ indistinct chatter ]
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lou: susan rice playing the race and gender cards. claiming she has been the victim of racism and sexism because people want to investigate her conduct. asking why me? why not jay carney who was our press secretary. this is a wonderful moment in journalism. here to talk about her claims,
11:45 pm
kimberly guilfoyle. >> who wants to goinld the bus next, jay? anyone? she is the unmasker and fabricator and went on the sunday news shows and lied and pushed a video and said that's what benghazi was about. lou: she seems to have forgotten all of that. to see that kinds of revision so soon afterwards. we are watching this administration start to have its way. the president now winning and winning big. and it seems that he has turned a very important corner here. and what i worry about is the same time we are watching the republicans in the senate and
11:46 pm
the house, they are all set to let them die in the senate, including kate's law, which is critically important. another law on sanctuary cities. what should he do? is there much he can do? >> i think he's on the right path. he has some excellent forward momentum. and he needs to capitalize on it. as it relates to healthcare, he has to get something done. that bothers me the most. >> as i watch what he has been doing, i can't think of having a much better time than what he has had with kneel gorsuch on the supreme court. the trinity case. it's one victory after another. and the national left-wing media, and we'll use cnn as the emblem, they are in flames.
11:47 pm
jeff zucker their president is talking about how everything is great. we have a diverse group of people. you have liars, fabricators, magicians trying to make stories out of nothing. >> i think they are a network in crisis, and i know the people that work there are very disturbed by the. this is a tremendous blow to their credibility. but this is what president obama has been saying since day one how he has been treated unfairly. i don't want to call them thinly sourced, they are not sourced at all. the one source they will go to print with isn't even accurate it's a disturbing trends. you see the whole mainstream media has been in lock step marching to delegitimize the president. they have done so far a decent job. but now the door has been slammed on them.
11:48 pm
but not you president needs to move forward and get his agenda done. lou: the communications department of the white house still not standing up the way it should. there are so many things that are just low-hanging fruit for this president. if they just -- >> the messaging needs to be much better. the president is frustrated because he has 40 people working for him in communications and they need to post wins on the board. when you see now the cnn story happened, et cetera. this is something they need to capitalize on. give us some positive stories about what the president is doing every day and put it out there and driving the messaging. lou: there is a wonderful moment with the senator who opposed the obama legislation and in comes
11:49 pm
america first pac to tear him up. >> that tickled you? lou: i love it. >> there is energy and enthusiasm and momentum. lou: and mitch mcconnell is upset and everybody is clucking about it. guess what? he's not supporting the president. this is what should happen. >> i agree. get on board. lou: one more rino. >> i don't know, lou, look around. this is the time to do it. this is the time to do it. the nine that aren't cooperating. i wouldn't feel too good about their future prospects. lou: i just hope he doesn't lose this -- what would we say -- authentic response to a political misadventure on the part of a u.s. senator. great to see you, we appreciate
11:50 pm
it. here we go. up next, an authority on nuclear terrorism taking a harrowing look at an all too possible scenario in his newest book. robert gleason joins me next. we'll be talking about his new thriller. stay with us. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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lou: in our online poll we asked do you believe speaker mcconnell and paul ryan are capable of delivering a healthcare plan. 69% of you said no, they are not. an exciting thriller tnight. warning of an impending nuclear holocaust. here to tell us more, nuclear terrorism expert and best selling author, bob gleason. his latest thriller is entitled. "and into the fire." bob gleason is also my editor. you have written a number of these books which scare the dickens out of just about everybody. this one no less frightening and
11:55 pm
no less rooted in fundamental reality that is the world we live in. where are you headed in this one that you have not already explored. give us a sense of what it means to deal with these issues that are so profound and illuminating of the abyss. >> i did a non-fiction back to in which i described various kinds of nuclear terrorists. most people -- people talk about dirty bombs. people don't understand we have the biggest dirty bombing in the world 35 miles from new york. it's called indian point. you don't have to know anything about nuclear power to cool it down. all you have to know is the cooling pots.
11:56 pm
lou: you are scaring the hell out of us. >> it needs 8 billion gallons a day to cool off the fuel rods as nuclear waste it has an enormous amount of nuke a jar waste. you blow up those pumps, the rods are exposed to the air, it goes critical and burns for 250,000 years. lou: why are we still building nuclear products? none of us have learned what to do with the byproduct *? >> i hate to answer a question with a question. but if anyone built the most
11:57 pm
expensive machine in the world. the sheffield power plant. only machine more expensive is the international space station. but that's in outer space. why would anybody throw $35 billion into that hole which you said, they don't know how to decommission it when the plant is done and they don't know what to do with the waste. lou: you will find it highly surprising that i would recommend my editor's book. but i have to tell you, it's so chilling to center and contemplate. what's more frightening is more people aren't contemplating the possibility you illuminate in your narratives. >> it always comes down to money. we do a lot of dumb things
11:58 pm
because people make money out of them. >> it's going to be -- it is a fascinating read. i just hope you are wrong as you can possibly be. >> i would give anything in the world to be wrong. >> you hear the executive editor bob gleason say he would love to be wrong. you also know that's not 100% sincere. thank you so much. the book is "and into the fire." and we recommend it to you highly. let's change topics, shall we? some of our viewers are clamoring to hear more about my new book with my buddy jim born. "putin's gambit." the reaction has been amazing to the book and we appreciate it. deb contract green tweeted,
11:59 pm
orders and started engaging within the first paragraph. i'm happy to tell you that's all i needed to hear. the book signed is on its way to you. heard you talk about it on fox and friend, will definitely read it. every viewer comment read on this show means you get an autographed copy of "putin's gm by the." read it for yourself. it's in barns on noble, amazon and bookstores everywhere. this is truly a win for america, our safety and security. carmen posted this. the dems and left media have no message other than obstruction.
12:00 am
but we'll make america safe, strong and great again in spite of them. president trump said there would be a winning. are you tired of all winning yet, america? no way. kennedy: with the senate health plan on hold can the republicans craft a plan that will work? i will ask famous spy novelist brad thor. and hillary clinton reportedly has a new memoir in the works on we went wrong in the election. that will be a thick book. the senate republicans temporarily abandoning healthcare, and obamacare imploding all around us. there are only a few things left to do before the insurance


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