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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. anyin suggests on how we could do better, right now lou dobbs, he has get to you for the next hour. lou: good evening, the national lowest wing media, proving what a sorry lot most of them really are. once again attacking president trump, this time after he tweeted a response to a bunch of msnbc left wingers, mika, white house responding by berating leftist reporters and admonishing them for ignores issues that are important to the economy. >> right now our economy is growing, the stock market is
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up, unemplo unemployment is down, jobs are back and isis is on the run, that is what is going on, that is what we would like to talk about. but you chees choose to ignore that narrative. lou: senate republicans racing to deliver on one of those issues that matter, they want to strike a deal on healthcare before july 4 recess. as of right now, there has been no breakthrough. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> i am having two town halls tomorrow, is it more important to cool my heels in my office waiting for the conversation it take place or speak with constituents? reporter: a tense week in senate, confirming they had a testy argument over medicaid.
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that striking because they are typically close allies, any calculation to get 50 votes on the issue would have to include port man. >> relief from obamacare, and its collapsing markets, we have made good progress. reporter: 45 billion dollars has been added to bill to address the opioid addiction problem, but portman remains noncommittal. >> we have had difference of opinions, i would say, not arguments but honest debate about different approaches, my focus has been on ensuring that lower income ohioans continue to receive care. reporter: most likely no vote on healthcare reform are susan collins, dean heller and rand paul, they can only afford two republican nos. >> i sense we're at a an impasse. i said that yesterday at
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lunch, there is still quite a bit of disagreement. and two factions. reporter: some suggestion this democrats are split. there are moderates like west virginia and north dakota, they are wills to discuss improvement to obamacare. and warren and sanders call for university healthcare. >> -- universal health care. >> i think caucus would love to work to get healthcare for better healthcare system. >> some of my colleagues on other side are claiming they want lower premiums. but if those lower premiums come with higher deductibles and higher copays nobody benefits, it is a bait-and-switch. >> majority of all americans get their health insurance from their employer or spouse or parent's employer, our bill does not touch that. that a majority of americans right there. reporter: many senate
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republican left town without striking a health care deal. lou. lou: thank you mike. our first guest, discussing president's warning to republican party about cost of failure, in the case of health care legislation, and whether republican leadership is capable of moving the president's ambitious legislative agenda forward, joining us. kellyanne conway, counselor to president from white house, thank you for being with us. second, what are prospects as we talk here, right now, health care actually a reality in the senate? >> we remain optimistic that president will have a bill on his desk in short course from senate, and house which passed it week ago. because these senators ran on repealing and replacing obamacare. they have seen the numbers.
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let's remember why we doing this, 19 of 23 co-ops have failed, 83 insurers left, with two dozen more promising to do so, in nevada two more just pulled out. lou: there seems to be a divide between merril mitch mcconnell and president right now, they do not seem to be working together to those of us on outside looking in. mcconnell does not seem to be moving for the president's bill. we don't see the same animation. is it there on part of president this time in senate. >> it is, we just had republican senators here. the president himself and vice president, were not engaged in this process, they would leave
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it to senate, say, when you are finished put it on my desk we'll look at it. that is not donald trump's way. even hhs, and cms and other agents have been giving technical assistance, president has been working the phones, vice president had half a dozen today, yesterday individual meetings. president said there will be a big surprise. if i told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. but, the point is that there are negotiation and discussions and different option on table to make it bet expebetter and workable. i can tell you this white house file feels optimistic working forward. lou: all right terrific, we know that house today passing
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kate's law. what can president do about that? >> you have a president in 5 months on job who actually engineers and made sure, showed leadership this this action would be taken. action is word used yesterday by a woman who came to this white house, she told her story about their son, and he was murdered by an illegal alien with multiple felony convictions. lou: kellyanne, i have been working on the issue for a long time. i am asking, on behalf of people in this country who voted for president, and want to see a very, very vigorous enforcement of u.s. immigration law and enforcement of border security
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also these two bills, is there any possibility they will pass in senate. >> yes, there is a possibility, but first he has to have people here to show everyone why we're doing this. what is the urgency, and action. then today house took action, i am sure your viewers are well aware. but why no funding for sea sanctuary city, because you need to comply with basic federal law to get the grants, and kate steinle should be a household name, thank you for making her one on your show. she is one of many whose lives have been snuffed out by someone who should not be here. the man was destarte deported 5 times and had 7 felony convictions, i want the senators to recognize why this is happening. and why we don't give federal funds to sanctuary cities.
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i would like to to meet the families, watch your show, listen to president, to find out what the point is of this is. lou: kellyanne, in addition to congratulation on moving those bills in the house, and travel ban, going into effect in less than an hour. again, a terrific win for president trump and and the country. >> it is. lou: thank you so much. >> take care. lou: we're coming right back, a lot more to cover. stay with us. >> the house approves two bills that will help make america safe again after president trump applies some pressure. >> to put safety of american families first. lou: the president's effort to crackdown on illegal imgration with ed rollins. >> and president trumpy travel ban, takes effect this
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lou: breaking news, susan rice agreed to testify next month before house intelligence committee, testifying on her knowledge about the russia investigation. former obama national security
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advisory appearing in a closed-door session before ku august recess. >> cracking down on illegal immigrants and sanctuary cities that harbor them, house passing two bills one banning federal grants to sanctuary sea cities, the other known as kate's law. law. this is a "show boat," it will not pass in the senate. joining me now to talk about president trump's effort to enact tough immigration legislation. and much more, is ed rollins, ed served in three presidential administrations, chief political advisory to house republican leadership,
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he is the dean. >> thank you. lou: i am astonished that the republicans are so -- callo and insulting. they would pass two bills knowing that they will not pass. >> be o absurdity of this. >> this should be passed unanimously. it won't because they are playing politics on this. this says, if you come across, commit crimes, thrown out, come back again, you could be sentenced to jail. to me that is most absurd thing, they should be in jail. you come across a second time, they should be in jail, the case of the katie law, a young
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girl walking in san francisco gets murdered by someone who has been in and out of the country, committing felony, he should never have been on the street. lou: this is astonishing, disappointing that republican party is behaving like this. >> right. lou: this is conduct you would expect of the democrats, and leaders, mcconnell and ryan among the most cynical mea mediocrate to hold the post. >> any democrats who votes against this bill, if i was president, i would say, we'll go campaign against this guy, bring mothers of these children, and gang member bho members, and testify against them drive them from congress. lou: president trump right now, his advisers, i think must be reason that suddenly, he is invaded, he is -- innovated, they laughed off
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the fact that one of the paks, went after heller in nevada for not supporting obamacare legislation. the mcconnell was offended. his sense bil sense bill. >> heller better be prepared to go out defend his votes, he should voter day with donald trump. if you take that punch, which they did. you don't back off. you finish the fight. lou: and listening to mcconnell, he and ryan right now, have got the white house staff buffaloed. >> it is. lou: they are neutralizing the man that was voted to go to washington to raise holy hell with the establishment and
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drain the damn swamp, this is the swamp running washington right now. >> if the president had his way, this is their bill, he does not get to put the bills together. then they fight among themselves, and fact you cannot have a bill that can sail through that senate is beyond me. lou: that is why i am saying two of most cynical mediocrates to hold the posts. >> that is a strong opinion, i would probably agree with most. lou: you think it is strong? >> a strong opinion,. lou: do you think based to evidence? >> pretty much so. lou: i'll have to stick with it president trump, right now. he is depending on these two folks, however you -- whatever you think of them, they will destroy the republican party if they keep it up. >> if there is no success. he is promised, if he were a
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dec 8 oa dec dictator he could do that stuff, we have to deal with the congress that is basically, you know, i lived through this in reagan days with a majority in senate we could never get a majority vote because democrats would hole theihole dlz line of hold their line, and always 3 or 4 that would go the other side. the same here. minority does not rule, i teach a course in constitution. a teach a course in presidency, there is nowhere that says senate has to have a 60 vote margin. majority rules it should rule. lou: this president, you know, i understand that he is moving things, he has been in office over better than a week more
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than 5 months, he has done incredible things. he will never get credit which i believe he personally desires, naturally, from left wing media or leadership of republican party. because they are all jealous, they he was elected to drain the cramp t to re-- swamp. reverse status quo. blow up orthodoxy of elites. >> he is resetting the priorities of the country, for many, many years has been priorities of garag griffith franklin roosevelt, and johnson and barack obama. lou: more than a few of them are amongst republican elite. >> unfortunately they have become part of the elite. lou: absolutely, ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: you are an elite in the best sense. >> i am the last person you
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would consider an elite. lou: you are a bare knuckle fighter. >> i applaud and support trump, there needs to be change. lou: american people believe this man will change washington, every damn person around him who does not understand that, and disappoints those people, has a special place reserved in hell for them in my opinion. >> they have to get it done. reporter: i. >> i don't know who would do it. politicians, even easy stuff, they make difficult. lou: vote in tonight's poll. with no intention of passing them? how cynical are those leaders? cast your vote on twitter, follow me on twitter. like he on facebook, follow he on instagram. our twitter followers are fired up about my new book. putin a ga gambit.
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a heart, stopping geopolitical international, financial thriller as well. debbie cox wrote, i watch your show every night like clockwork, thank you for that -- i love how you fight for, that i would love a signed copy of your new book. you just uttered the magic words consider it done. i am delighted. >> thank you. on wall street, stocks closing lower, dow down 168, and seve s&p down 21. volume on big board 3.8 billion shares, markets dragged down technology on concerns on over valuation. the economy spending at a faster rate than previously reported, first quarter gdp revised higher, because of
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a jump in consumer spending. a reminder, listen to my reports 3 times a day, up next, the senate stunning failure to deliver on president's agenda is subject of my commentary. and as you might guess, i have more than a few strong words for a few inept leaders. stay with us, clear
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lou: a few thoughts on what has been a topic for president trump. department of homeland security secretary john kelly offered strong words today for opponents of the president's policies and priorities. general kelly slammed lawmakers for choosing politics over public safety. >> dhs does not make the laws, congress does.
10:28 pm
we'll enforce the laws passed by congress. i'm offended when members of this institution threaten me and my officers to ignore the laws they make and i'm sworn to uphold. lou: did you notice speaker ryan standing behind general kelly? house republicans have been slow to act on immigration reform. despite passing kate's law and no sanctuary for criminal act today. there is zero chance it will be passed in the senate. make no mistake about it, the republican majority leader in the senate can change that rule to a simple majority with the snap of his fingers. but democratic obstructionists are blocking a vote in the senate.
10:29 pm
last july they blocked a vote on kate's law. president trump vowed to be the law and order president man five months he has done much to earn that title. not you items on the president's agenda are stack up in high order for the senate, raising lots of questions only majority leader mcconnell can answer. is he or is he not up to the job of leader or is he another political hack mediocrity sitting in argue bit most important job on capitol hill? it is time for republican leadership to deliver for this president on illegal immigration, healthcare, tax reform and every issue this president campaigned for. issues that matter greatly to all americans. and like the wall, the president promised, critical to securing
10:30 pm
our nation and the safety of all americans. our quotation this evening as we think about these votes and what is happening now on capitol hill, this quotation from franklin delano roosevelt. he said in politics nothing happens by accident. if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. whose plan is going to win? we'll be telling you in the days and weeks ahead. we are coming right back. senate republicans struggling to save their healthcare legislation. >> fixing obamacare's failures and protecting families from its consequences is not an easy ta task. lou: we'll discuss the effort to repeal and replace obamacare next. sometimes it's just not easy being a fishermen. sometimes the fish don't bite ♪
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lou: president trump's traveling ban set to take effect in just after a half-hour after the supreme court delivered the president a victory. people from six mostly muslim countries will be band from
10:35 pm
entering the united states with the exception of those with a parent, spouse, child be son or daughter-in-law or sibling already in the u.s., previous visa holder or business, student or journalist visas. rachel. we are looking at what should have been a great day for the white house. again moving two pieces of legislation through the house, and it's overwhelmed about the nonsense out of the senate about their 48-hour deadline and the silly trolling business from msnbc. what is it going to take for someone to bring adult supervision to the legislative process in the white house and move ahead?
10:36 pm
>> the best thing that can happen for this bill and the american people is to send the senators home for the 4th of july weekend. i'll tell you what will get lit up beside the sky. a lot of senators who were voted in by conservatives so they could get this done. they need to get rid of the filibuster and pass healthcare reform so we can move on to tax reform which 0% of the country says they want done. >> rachel is right. i covered the senate for 15 years. i can't believe i'm coming around to the view a lot of the people in the house have had for a long time. why is there any filibuster whatsoever in the senate. all decorum is broken down in this place. it has been broken down for some time.
10:37 pm
democrat use to it their advantage. and i agree. we may as well get rid of it now. lou: charles schumer is without a doubt a corrupt thug leading the minority party. but he isn't the problem. the problem is mitch mcconnell the majority leader who will not reduce that 60 votes to a simple majority and who is playing games along with paul ryan in the house which go to the ways in which we'll live our lives,y is anti-sanctuary cities and kate's law has to be enacted. >> give paul credit for credit due. lou: let me explain something. right now he is trying to get credit for two pieces of legislation that he damn well knows with his buddy mitch mcconnell is nothing but show
10:38 pm
legislation that is not going to make it out of the senate, and the president will be told to go to hell by both men one more time. this is enough. >> first of all, the filibuster, this is mitch mcconnell. if chuck schumer were running the senate. if he were in the same position as mcconnell he would get rid of the filibuster to get their agenda passed. a lot of these nors -- the nors causing the most trouble are the nors who ran for president and lost. lou: you just added to a list of problems. >> half of them are still running now. lou: let's turn, if we can, to healthcare. as you say, when they go home they will hear a lot. but here is the other part of the problem.
10:39 pm
whether it's the house version or what purports to be a senate version if it sees the light of day. this is not what we call deep and thoughtful legislation. i mean, this is just pitiful. it's so like what obamacare was made of in 2009 and 2010. >> i will never understand how it is we got to this point 2017. after all the times republicans in the house and senate voted to repeal obamacare while they night wouldn't go anywhere, because president trump was til sitting in the white house. how was it they didn't use that time to come up with a conservative principle alternative they could on day one as donald trump won his election promising to do, repeal and replace obamacare. how many of them couple with that. donald trump is not a big ideologue. even if he didn't agree with
10:40 pm
everything in that republican bill, he would have signed it because it would have been keeping a promise and it would have been a hell of a lot better. >> it's not over, charlie. there are three parts to this. there is this part which they need to pass. then you have the next part which secretary price is going to do a bunch of rolling back of legislation. then they will vote on having insurance across state lines. this bill was meant to handle because of reconciliation, and you know that. lou: do you know that, charlie? >> yes. they should have had this in place. and it does sort of underscor underscore -- lou: can we agree there should have been hearings. >> even the name of the -- there should have been hearings.
10:41 pm
they have a mess anding problem. look at the name of the bill. lou: this is a chance for republicans to act like republicans instead of damn democrat and they are acting like charles schumer-led thugs and it's despicable what we are witnessing and the way the will of the people expressed by the people in votes for donald j. trump, the way they are being treated by the leadership of both houses. >> the american people will be speaking up over this break, believe me. my husband can't even go get milk without people stopping him. they are engaged. and they are engaged. lou: rachel, thanks so much. it's aggravating watching the legislative process and watching the swamp when you don't think it's being drained at quite the rate it should be. please roll our video.
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lou: joining me now tony shaffer. the south korean president visiting the president and the first lady at the white house. you had the feeling that discussion was clear and perhaps
10:47 pm
one-sided, perhaps the president doing more talking than the south korean leader. >> the south korean leader put out contentious issues going against our policy and i'm not sure how it's going to work out. he's much more for the idea of reconciliation and putting forward of an olive branch to the north koreans. i don't think that's a good idea. we have been noting in meetings recently, they dusted off 5027 which is the war plan developed in the 1990s which is on the table to look at all hazards against north korea. south koreans don't like the missile system and are looking at the deployment of the thing.
10:48 pm
lou: the president wants reconciliation but is willing to run high risks to the lives of his people to pursue what is a highly reckless initiative in the views of most people. meanwhile the united states has a significant issue because it's not going to permit a nuclear north korea irrespective of reconciliation or the wildest dreams possible by any square. now we are told the president has been delivered a range of options with which to deal with the imminent north korean threat. >> it goes back to 5027, something i worked on back in the 90s. i listened to h.r. mcmaster's comments. i'm not really digging what h.r. has been saying with all do you respect to the general.
10:49 pm
i think we have to be clear how we communicate certain issues and make it clear we are serious about the range of military options we were planning back in the 90s. there are some things we can do that chinese should be supporting us on. president expressed concern about the chinese. there are things we should do to put more pressure on the chinese to help with this. they will act badly and seek award for the bad behavior unless we change the strategy which is what we have to do. >> the f.b.i. and the attorney general has been so quiet for so many weeks. there is almost -- there is no indication of energy behind any investigation whether it be an investigation into andrew mccabe, the number two or an investigation into frankly bob
10:50 pm
mueller, the special counsel. it's entirely called for because it's in obvious open violation of the special counsel statutes. and james comey and loretta lynch. there is not a single sign of life in those investigations, and maybe that's because they are so sophisticated and well run this not a ripple on the surface. what do you think? >> i would like to believe the latter. that they are running a tight ship, there is no leaking now that james comey has moved on. but i don't believe that to be true. andrew mccabe should not be the acting director. he's under three separate inquiries, another word for investigation. lou: we call them matter's here. >> i think it's something -- we should not be acting -- if he's under matters he should not be director. lou: with the investigation of the i.g., the inspector general.
10:51 pm
they are staring at every one. conclusion can be drawn. >> any f.b.i. agent under similar circumstances would have their clearance suspended. lou: up next. we are focusing on the swamp, washington's murky pool of corruption. that's the title of eric new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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go to for a new home loan or refinance. receive up to five free offers and choose the loan that's right for you. our average customer could lower their monthly bills by over three hundred dollars. go to right now. lou: in our online poll we asked you should the house and senate consider new leadership should the healthcare bill fail. 94% agreed. co-host of the fox news specialists, eric bolling, congratulations on the show
10:56 pm
first and the new book. you as well. "the swamp." >> people say i thought he was going to drain the swamp when he got to d.c. i wrote the book because i was watching trump with those visceral reactions where people would say drain the swamp and lock her up. i did some research and the swamp is murkier and deep than worse than i ever thought and i'm sure worse than he thought. he took the first five or six months and built up a lot of political currency. he had wins to the economy and the temporary travel ban. lou: no president has ever done
10:57 pm
north first five months of their administration. all those obamacare regulations that rolled back. the economy is off the charts, popping up 17% to 18% since he was first elected. i will say i think it one mistake, and i'm pro trump. one mistake he made was listening to paul ryan and house leapership saying we have a healthcare bill we can get passed. lou: what about rinsing to mitch mcconnell now? >> these bills aren't white house bills. they are house and senate bills. lou: just like obamacare is obamacare. whatever comes out of here is going to have his brand on it whether he likes it or not. and what they are serving up is not up to trump standards. you wait and you don't wash
10:58 pm
something through. push it aside for now. you may have a little bit of a hard time in 2018. you will have a worse time if you give people worse than obamacare. lou: i think president trump had it right. this things an alba cross around the neck -- an albatross around the neck of the democratic party. >> leave it on. don't lift it. lou: you and i agree on that. your book is "the swamp." i love it. i like that pose you have got there. let's do that. >> a nice smiley one? serious, kick ass in the swamp. good luck. i appreciate it. we are recommending my book, too.
10:59 pm
a geopolitical thriller about a despotic politician who just happens to be named putin. every viewer comment read on the show gets an autographed copy. and we'll send putin's gambit. lawrence tweeted to say congress promised to repeal o-care when we gave them power. now they cower when they have the opportunity. we need new leadership. christy tweeted potus means what he says and says what he means.
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lou: thanks for being with us. good night from new york. anyin suggests on how we could do better, right now lou dobbs, he has get to you for the next hour. lou: good evening, the national lowest wing media, proving what a sorry lot most of them really are. once again attacking president trump, this time after he tweeted a response to a bunch of msnbc left wingers, mika, white house responding by berating leftist reporters and admonishing them for ignores issues that are important to the economy. >> right now our economy is


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