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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  June 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the fact that microsoft, amazon are looking. retail, importance.
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melissa: former mike huckabee house he thinks his date is fielding questions from the press. i wonder. breaking news are responding to reports of an active shooter at bronx lebanon hospital. over at fox new york affiliate, wnyw. suspect is african male in his 30s. possible former employee at hospital. nypd just tweeting that the shooter is deceased at the hospital. the white house says that president trump is aware of the situation. we're following the story. we will bring you details as we get them. david: get back to the markets. dow ending, snapping a five-week
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winning streak. phil flynn, price future, fox news contributor watching action in oil and gold from the cme. nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange. nicole, first to you. >> we're finishing the first quarter. we have a seesaw market of late. technology stocks are tricky of late. really june has big selling. we have a few days tough on tech. big picture here as we wrap up the quarter and first half of the year doing really great. there is a look at the dow, one-month chart. today finishing up 63 points right now, higher across the board. s&p 500 winners for this month, really relate to names that were on the move, financials in particular took the lead from technology. you can see names such as jpmorgan, since for the month of june up 11%. schwab up 11%.
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celgene in sector up 13%. that sector did well. under pressure. at&t, verizon coming under pressure. last but not least tech. everybody loves tech. they have it in their 401(k)s the idea it will do well throughout the year. you have to hold on for that group. it is up 63 and higher for the quarter, first half of the year. melissa: nicole, thank you so much. phil, oil crushed so far this year. wow, look at that chart. >> it looked ugly in the beginning of the year. what a turnaround last couple days. i think when summer hit the world, the market turned around. we're seeing market turn around. we have been up seven days in a row on the price of oil, melissa. first time since opec production cuts went into effect, we saw u.s. rig counts fall.
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that set stage for big rally. shale kind of topped out here, are investor pulling back. maybe a big drop on the chart is reason we saw rig counts start to fall today. melissa: maybe. good to know he, phil. i like that perspective. thank you. david? david: distraction from the economy. investor waiting on health care and tax reform. some think twitter is to blame. 71% of americans believe president trump's tweets are hurting his agenda, according to new "fox news poll" just out. steve forbes, forbes media chairman, carol roth, entrepreneur and former investment banker. steve, do you think he is hurting agenda from these things? >> certainly distracts but hurting agenda is floundering in senate and house. the house still hasn't gotten a tax bill on the table. they're still pushing ryan this crazy border tax. it will not go any where. he is still pushing it.
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on the senate side they can't agree what goes into health care bill. that is their fault. maybe the white house should have not hedged. they have the ball an dropped it so far. david: carol, what do you think, more congress's fault than the president's tweets. >> i do agree with steve, surprise, surprise. somebody who tweets very often and 140 characters, it takes three seconds to tweet. it is sideshow when we need to be focused on the main stage. this is on congress. congress needs to get together, work together to get things done. i think they're making strategic mistakes. they're prioritizing health care over tax reform. get that done and a win. david: would you agree with you on that. melissa and me too. steve, is it possible to combine the tweet story and tax cuts why
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not focus the tweet attention on congress and get with it? >> hopefully after the 4th of july weekend, short strokes come, because you have labor day on horizon. people looking at 2018. i hope white house will be pushing. if they have something ready on tax side from treasury, should get that out there. i think will happen on tax side, david. big major reform not going to happen. you see what reagan did 35 years ago. across the board tax cuts, 25%. melissa: i like that. >> personal and corporate. leave heavy lift on reform for later time. melissa: congress leaving town, obamacare in limbo. republican senator ben sasse, suggesting a plan b. >> every republican in the u.s. senate except for one already voted for repeal in the past. let's do that first. if we can't do them together, do as much he repeal as we can. ask the president to ask us
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cancel august work period. melissa: president also weighing in today, if republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now, they should immediately repeal and replace at a later date. steve the. this seems like giant trap. they repeal. i feel like democrats have so much leverage. they have taken away health care. democrats have all the leverage to say you do what we want in order to put it back to fix it. >> depends whether they find a parliamentary manuever to do 51 votes instead of 60. repeal of fact they don't have anything in place, that would be a lash at backs, to get something done before they go home for this year. voters saying why are you voting me out on the street? democrats won narrative so far. most americans say they will deprive tens of millions of people of health care which isn't true but republican lost narrative. melissa: carol, it is not true.
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what do they do now? >> you i think it would be a mistake to break things up, i love entrepreneurial ideas and love different approach. in this case so much sensitivity, regardless how much may be true and how much of it is rhetoric. think you need to have a very comprehensive, free market solution that employs choices, that ales louse people to access care. let everybody access care. access it affordably. have that lead to good care. because that is one of the things that is currently missing. right now we have something not affordable. you're not getting care. even though we like to get rid of that, we need the solution in place. i don't think you can flip them. david: care and insurance not necessarily the same thing. house and senate health care bills repeal obamacare 3.8% surcharge on investment taxes but at least one republican now says that isings inable. steve, should it be. >> no. they should get rid of all the taxes.
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that will discourage the base, disgust voters with republicans. they can't get investment tax which will help economy by encouraging investment and risk-taking they will back off because they are afraid of criticism from charles schumer? what a bunch -- i will stop there. david: carol, getting back to your point trying to get a free market back in health care because it is pushed out time and time again over past eight years, they want to expand health savings accounts and medical savings accounts by allowing people to deduct from their taxes the money that they have to pay because of these high deductibles. do you think that at least is a good idea? >> i think it is one component. i don't think it's a total solution to the problem. the biggest problem we face all along, there isn't choice or there isn't competition amongst the states throughout the country to, if i live in illinois i can't buy a great
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plan if based out of new york city. having choice for me. something affordable and leads to care, that has to be part of the solution, regardless what other components are in there. melissa: two states and a number of cities across the country are set to hike the minimum wage tomorrow, but a new study from university of washington reveals a base bay for workers in sate he tell seattle, decreased. duh. steve, this is frustrating. it was so obvious if you do math, had a brain, if you had logic. help me out. >> emotions overcome logic time and again in life, especially in politics. this hurts very people that need help the most. people don't have skills. need to go in the workforce, start on the ladder move up. this keeps them off the ladder. they just ignore logic. hey, why let that get into the way of a slogan on the campaign trail.
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melissa: carol, the math was so clear. you increase amount of pay per hours. companies who have to divide up how they're spending their money, decrease the number of hours. they find another way around. these poor people who got a raise made 125 less dollars per month on average as a result of their wage increase. >> as steve was saying, you can't let fact get in the way of a good narrative this is the problem when we don't let the facts and numbers and statistics speak for themselves. we all know this is the case. from a core principle basis, the fact that you have the government in the middle of a negotiation between two parties, one party has somebody that they want to hire, somebody has that labor they want to offer as a service, to say that the government will get in the middle, i'm sorry you two want to do this, i will say no because the rate isn't high enough, is absolutely completely un-american. it should be rejected in principle. this is not a surprise to any of us.
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hopefully we will get people who are spinning that narrative to start waking up when their constituents are speaking up you, saying this is hurting me. this is not intended outcome. melissa: yeah. they only have so much margin. only way this works, if they raise the price of their products. who would be raising that price for? very people working for them. no matter what, it wasn't going to work out. steve and carol, thank you. amazing. david: catch steve forbes and me, "forbes on fox," saturday, 11:00 a.m. eastern on fox news channel. sunday, seven a.m. eastern right here on fbn. melissa: we never miss it. we watch you guys every weekend. era of patience is over. president trump's harsh words for a brutal regime. commander-in-chief and one of our closest allies in asia, responding to the growing threat from north korea. david: sending in the feds. it is about time. the president taking action in chicago. a new plan to curb the city's violent crime wave.
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melissa: plus an illegal immigrant is about to receive nearly $200,000 pay out. why sanctuary city owes him the money. ♪
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david: we have breaking news for you. gunman opening fire at a hospital in the bronx in new york city. the new york city police department just confirming the shooter is now dead. multiple people were shot. still a very active scene. we're continuing to follow the story. we'll bring you any details beyond those you just heard as soon as we get them. melissa: so welcoming another world leader to the white house, president trump meeting with his south korean counterpart earlier today. the two leaders uniting on how to best handle north korea's nuclear threat. our own blake burman is live at
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the white house with the latest. blake, i hope they made headway? reporter: there was pretty tough talk from president trump as it relates to north korea. they called it a brutal regime, a menace with no respect for human life and a country that starves its own people. this statement was made in the rose garden and hosted south korean president, president moon. both talking about north korea and need to stop that country's nuclear ambitions. >> the united states calls on other regional powers and all responsible nations to join us in implementing sanctions and demanding that the north korean regime choose a better path and do it quickly. reporter: president trump also took a pretty big swipe at the previous administration, saying that the era of strategic patience is over. the president saying, quote,
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frankly that patience is over. meanwhile president trump will be heading at some point to south korea. the south korean president saying that he had extended an invitation to president trump and the president has accepted that. melissa, back to you. melissa: interesting, we'll wait for that, blake, thank you. david: here is ric grenell, former advisor to four u.s. ambassadors to the united nations, fox news contributor. explain the sound bite alluded to by blake, dealt with way we dealt with north korea in the past. play the sound bite. >> europe's strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed. many years and it's failed. and frankly that patience is over. david: now, ric, a lot of people worry this new south korean leader might be a little soft on the north koreans and, what we just heard from the president might conflict with what the south korean president thinks,
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to which you say what? >> well look, the one thing to remember is that both the south koreans and americans, we want the same thing, which is a peaceful ending to this. there is a big debate as you know inside of south korea to handle the north koreans. do they get act aggressive or, they are frustrated with the north korean leader but they don't wand to make him mad. we have the thad system, it is puzzling to us there is debate whether they should have that, because they think it might inflame the north koreans. we in the united states find that to be silly. you should have a missile defense. david: right. >> so if there is ever a missile up in the air coming at you can shoot it down. this is a defense. this is not an offense weapon. david: seems like no-brainer to
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put it in there. no matter what the south koreans do, rick, the japanese are deathly afraid north koreans get a missile they put on a nuke and take out part of japan of the japanese will not sit around waiting, are they. >> no they're not. this is priority for them and priority for the united states. make no mistake too, this is priority for the south koreans. they want to figure out how to solve this what donald trump has to do, when he is negotiating with the south koreans, do exactly what he did with chinese. say to them, if you want a really good trade deal, help us out on north korea. because, we, we have a president of the united states that's willing to use all of the tools of the united states government, rather than just make some moral argument of what we're supposed to do or what the world community wants you to do. i love the fact that donald trump says things like, you want a good trade deal? then help us out on our priority foreign policy issues.
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david: he follow through on his commitments as well unlike the previous administration. next week the president is going to be meeting with a lot of european leaders at g20 meeting in germany, ric. these leaders we remember how dismissive they were when trump told them to increase nato spending. guess what? they are increasing or planning to by 4.3%. they scoffed at him couple weeks ago, they're actual following through now. >> it is a big win for trump. there is not a lot of people that want to give him credit. i just saw nick burns, former nato ambassador, testifying on the hill and here is a guy complaining about trump's diplomacy, but he couldn't deliver increasing the nato spending. he wasn't able to do what we've all wanted them to do. i think secretary mattis, secretary tillerson and president trump all three of them making this a priority, i thought that when secretary mattis said, you know, we can't
4:22 pm
love your children more than you do, or that, their future safety, and i thought that was a very good moment to kind of put it in perspective to say, we're all wanting to have peace but peace comes at a price and you signed a commitment to pay this percentage of your defense, and you have got to be able to follow through. we understand the budget process, but get it done. germans need to do it. david: finally they may be stepping up to the plate. very quickly, ric, we're running out of time. putin, after all gone on with russian investigations, trump and putin will meet. what do you expect? >> this is their first meeting. i expect them to talk about syria. those are solid policy issues we have to make progress on. media will focus on body language or who has bigger handshake. david: i like the way you put that. ric grenell. thank you very much.
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have a great july 4th. melissa: seeking safety in sanctuary cities. not so fast. here why the safe havens may be making our nation less secure. plus the president and media at it again. zare are you huck huck is -- sarah huckabee sanders is in the middle of the fire. former governor mike huckabee weighing in.
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liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. david: white house continues its effort to battle sanctuary cities, some cities are recognizing that shielding undocumented immigrants is actually making their cities more dangerous. william la jeunesse has details for us. william. reporter: david, as you know, house passed two sanctuary bills on thursday. one jails criminal aliens who come back after being deported. other with holds federal money for cities that refuse to cooperate with i.c.e. the question is always out there,
4:27 pm
are sanctuary cities safer? cities say yes. if i am you my grants don't fear being reported, they will report crime, catch more criminals. making the community safer. >> we depend, particularly immigrant communities to cooperate with us, not only keep them safe but all of you safe. reporter: studies do not always support that. research from university of california riverside violent crime is slightly higher in sanctuary cities, concluding, i'm quoting, statistically there is no discernible difference violent crime, rape or property crime in sanctuary versus non-sanctuary cities. many cops and sheriffs oppose sanctuary policies. phoenix ended it is policy in 2008. police say when they were give epdiscretion to ask about suspect's legal status, to cooperate with i.c.e., the crime rate declined. >> when we were allowed to have the discretionary ability to
4:28 pm
contact our federal immigration partners, crime fell drastically. >> we saw decrease in crime. talking about things we have previously seen. it had a deterrent effect on folks because the risk of discovery went up exponentially. when we actually enforced the law. reporter: so in the two years after phoenix changed its policy, crime rates for murder, robbery, assault, burglary, theft and auto theft all dropped, david, by double digits. david: seems pretty clear. william la jeunesse, thank you. melissa. melissa: here is former governor mike huckabee we always hearing the argument sancturary cities are safer. "boston globe," not a conservative newspaper, criminal alien reoffended four times higher than what ice reported and higher than other offenders. you know, what does this tell
4:29 pm
you, governor? >> tells us sanctuary city is safer if you're a criminal, but isn't safer if you're law-abiding citizen. i don't know why anybody can justify idea city government would set aside cooperating with federal law enforcement officials saying we're not going to enforce a law. if a coni serve tiff advocated complete disobedience to a law because they doesn't agree with it, you think left would say, no, that is your point of view? no. there is a way to change the law if we you think they're bad. it is called elect legislators to change it. this is brewing situation it needs to stop. there should be no such thing as a sanctuary city. i'm so proud of attorney general jeff sessions who says we'll not put up with it. melissa: look a the man in san francisco who was arrested,
4:30 pm
from el salavador, turned over to i.c.e. officials. he was able to come back and sue the city. they have to pay him $190,000 for violating the sanctuary city law. i don't understand. but they're violating federal law with the city law. so jumbled at this point. it is astonishing. >> tells you two things, common sense isn't very common in san francisco. this is why people have contempt for the courts have they become. they have become many ways a sanctuary for insanity. to pay an illegal, $190,000 because he got arrested? melissa: yeah. >> good heavens. i can't even get my arms around that, medical sis la. same city with sanctuary city policy in place, where kate
4:31 pm
steinle was savagely murder mid-cold blood. melissa: your daughter was in spotlight for defending the president's tweets. we want to pay reaction. we'll play a sound bite. >> he is very clear when he gets attack he will hit back. american people elected somebody tough, smart, a fighter. that is donald trump. i don't think it's a surprise to anybody that he fights fire with fire. melissa: governor, this is what struck me. she was attacked personally, all over the place, on twitter everywhere, for doing her job. and she was attacked personally and as a woman, even though she says people attack me all the time. i don't say oh, no, don't do that, i'm a woman. this response to where they say the president, whatever you think of what he did, they're saying he is attacking, you attack a woman in response who is doing her job, what do you think of that? what about the hypocrisy?
4:32 pm
>> double set of rules here. one applied to conservatives. one is applied to liberals. that sound rather blunt but i don't know any other way to put it. sarah my daughter was viciously attacked not only yesterday, but even well before, by the very host of msnbc, joe and mika. they called her many things on air. she didn't run out and say oh, they're sexist. she is professional. she understands that is part of her job to take incoming but every time somebody points out about donald trump's tweets which i think were sort of his saying i'm fed up to here, i won't take anymore, they should, they should have to listen to the specific things that he was called on national television by two people pretending to be journalists. he was called a shmuck, a goon, a thug, liar repeatedly. he was called insane, unfit. put that together, you can say maybe he shouldn't have tweeted some of that, but i think most people would say, enough is
4:33 pm
enough. melissa: there was so batched behavior to go around. what struck me only person doing their job, completely straight about it was your daughter, she was attacked mercilessly. she did nothing but her job. just astonishing to me. governor, thanks for coming on. appreciate your time. >> you bet, melissa. thank you. david: must be tough to see your daughter in the cross-hairs like that. melissa: it has to be tough. david: voter fraud, remember that issue? trump administration has been pounding on the table ever since campaign, but now some democratic state officials refusing to help. melissa: plus not getting a job done. congress taking a break as future of health care remains uncertain. but not going to be all that quiet at home. get ready for some backdoor deals. i'm ryan and i quit smoking with chantix.
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david: we have breaking news story out of new york, a former lab technician pulled a rifle out of his lab coat, opened fire at a bronx hospital. the shooter is now dead. the gunman killed at least one person before apparently killing himself according to associated press. the suspect is apparently a former hospital employee who was fired a short time ago. this according to wnyw. we'll bring you updates. >> skipping out of town, congress may leaving washington for the holiday.
4:38 pm
but that doesn't mean they are stopping effort to repeal and replace obamacare. here a brad blakeman, former president george w. bush a senior staffer. this is rumbling i've been hearing, you have to tell me if this is true. they have got own out there, when they go back home for the holiday, not just laying around the pool or even necessarily listening to what their constituents are saying and phone calls go on and wheeling dealing happen. what do you think of that theory? >> i think they're spot on. they're going home. they will hear from constituents. they're working phones and analyzing this bill. they haven't had much time to really digest it. we have 50 states, diverse as diverse can be. california different than rhode island, new york different than texas. they have all the special needs. a lot of senate and house bill returns power and responsibility on health care to the states. so they will have to meet with the governors as well. >> that is a really great point. i'm glad you brought that up. so much has to do with returning
4:39 pm
power and responsibility and the bucks, all those things to the state. they always say they want that but then some look at it as a mixed blessing. you're responsible, you're holding the bag. i wonder how much, what do you think goes on back home over that time? are they kind of crunching numbers, to see will we be able to do this? because that is the worry? >> they have to do it. this isn't something that can be ticked down the road anymore than it is already. republicans ran on repeal and replacement. there is no way this can't get done in 2017. we have a little bit of a breather now with this break. i think it's a good thing. mitch mcconnell will take an assessment afterwards where his members are. you mentioned horse trading. of course there will be horse trading. ohio will need maybe more money for drugs therapy and rehabilitation. so every state is unique. we do have a pot of money available to solve these kinds of problems, so that some get
4:40 pm
more than others because it is deserving. there is no doubt that this has to be done in 2017. and before the fall when the new rates come out. melissa: brad, do you think they really get that? there is this idea out there, they're bumbling around, they can't agree, they had all this time, didn't do it, that whole narrative, obviously no one will get reelected on republican side if they don't get something done. i feel like they care about keeping their jobs. they realize, right? >> this is law of jungle in d.c. this is preservation. 2017 must be a year of action. 2018 will be year of reflection. if they didn't keep their promises, american people will take power back. melissa: thank you, brad. david. david: cracking down on voter fraud, democratic officials in five states are rejecting requests by president trump's voter fraud commission.
4:41 pm
he claimed 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election. there is now a lot of confusion about what can or can not be used in that study. melissa. melissa: so perks-filled summer in silicon valley. why interns flocking to the home of big tech. plus firefighters battling firefighters across the west. thousands forced from their homes. businesses are forced to shut down. we'll have late of the on that next. welcome to holiday inn! ♪ ♪ whether for big meetings or little getaways, there are always smiles ahead at holiday inn. ♪ art. it can be sculpted, bringing to life beautiful detail.
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david: interning ain't what it used to be. depending where you're working you could make as much as $8,000 as an intern per month. hillary vaughn from menlo park, california. i remember a lot of folks worked for nothing as an intern. now it is quite a salary. reporter: that is right. they were lucky to get college credit, david.
4:45 pm
highest paid interns in the country have coolest jobs in america. companies like facebook, amazon and microsoft are competing for cream of the crop college grads. that not only means they get paid a lot. but also means that these companies are courting them, trying to make millenials fall in love with their companies. >> important for us to stay really competitive in the markets. there is a lot of different companies after the same talent. hear a lot of interns talk about the fact they're so busy with work and fun that the summer just absolute flies by. that is on purpose. that by the end of the summer we want them to crave coming back to do more. reporter: you got to see it to believe it, but some of the, cooler thing than the pay are actual the perks. we got access inside three highest paid internships to give you an exclusive look. microsoft interns got to take form mate cooking classes to learn to make sushi, and interns
4:46 pm
go to baseball games. one year microsoft rented out washington state fair just for interns. interns get to bring their dogs to work. the company has 2,000 dogs registered on the site. the only campus where food is completely free. they have a bike shop where interns are loaned a bike for entire summer. these are not get your make coffee and get coffee internships. for these tech hekies the coolest part of the job is the job. a lot of interns we talked to they're careful not to share too much with their friends, because they don't want to make them jealous. david. david: yeah, there is that. also the fact when they have to work, it might be a little bit than being an intern. melissa: rough adjustment. david: hillary, thank you very much. appreciate it. melissa: emergency crews battling a dozen major wildfires across the southwest. the good win fire in arizona is now 43% contained after
4:47 pm
scorching a 45-square mile area, almost as large as san francisco. david: wow. melissa: in utah where the brianhead fire consumed 60,000-acrers and 13 homes over the past two weeks, one of the main resource is said to be open and owner puts losses at $100,000. thousands of crews battling fires in california, nevada, mexico, iowa and washington state. david: brutal year. crime continues to worsen in the windy city. president trump is stepping in. how does he plan to combat it? we are getting former d.c. detective rod wheeler's take on all this, what is happening in new york, right after the break. why do some cash back cards make earning bonus cash back so complicated? they limit where you can earn bonus cash back to a few places and those places keep changing every few months.
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david: we have breaking news. gun man opening fire at a new york city hospital. the shooter is now dead. law enforcement officials tell the associated press that the suspect is former doctor at the hospital, who killed one person before turning gun on himself. former washington, d.c., homicide detective rod wheeler. rod, a doctor in a hospital. what are your thoughts on this? >> that's right, david. appears this doctor from the reports that we have up to this point was terminated from his job. we don't what happened whether or not there were warning signs. were there any key indicators that the doctor said prior to being terminated or upon being terminate we have a investigators trying to sift
4:52 pm
through social media, dave, trying to get understanding who this person would be. david: a man whose profession would be to save lives, comes into a hospital with a gun taking lives. extraordinaire youry. meanwhile another city, another problem. federal agents trying to slow the gun violence there. police there had this to say about the initiative. >> this is specialized team of chicago police officers, federal agents, illinois state troopers and intelligence analysts, and state and federal prosecutors who will work together to stem the flow of illegal guns throughout chicago and target enforcement of repeat gun offenders. david: now that presser coming after president trump tweeted this morning, quote, crime and killings in chicago have reached such epidemic proportions i'm sending in federal help. 1714 shootings in chicago this year alone.
4:53 pm
rod, are guns the major problem here? or is it something else? >> guns is clearly a part of the major problem there, dave. face it, in the city of chicago, not only in chicago but many urban areas in it country, we're seeing so many guns on the street, more than we ever seen before. i applaud president trump at least looking at it from that perspective. let me say this i think this situation in chicago and these other cities is more related to the economy, lack of jobs, but i can tell you that i think president trump will look at that as well so we can have a collective response trying to figure out what is going on in chicago and these other cities, and try to put a stem to it. david: rod, we had our bouts, very bad boughts here in new york with violence. five times number of murders in the '80s back now. part of the problem was turnstile justice. folks would go into jail, would be out after couple weeks or months. why not really stiff fenn, if guns are the problem, really stiff fenn penalties for --
4:54 pm
stiffen penalties for any crime committed a gun? >> state of illinois and city of chicago have stringent gun laws. they really do. the problem that you have, that you have so many guns on the street, coupled with the fact that the local government, the mayor there, were very slow to be honest to respond to this growing problem that has been going on. look their policies are not working. i'm not trying to blame it on president obama but a lot of those policies did not work. what president trump is trying to do specifically address some of these issues. we're talking quality of life issues. we're talking economy issues, and by putting these other officers in there to assist the local police hopeful they have an impact, dave. david: very quickly, rod, new york city has three times number of people that chicago does but has only half the number of murders chicago does. why the difference? >> tell you real quickly because of amount of guns in the city of
4:55 pm
chicago for some reason or another. i think it is failed policies on behalf of the local officials there, dave. that is my opinion. i've been following this, as you know, dave, for a long time. david: i know you have. rod wheeler, thank you for coming in my friend. appreciate it. >> good to see you, dave. melissa: celebrating our independence. celebrating the birth of our nation and why we still fight for our freedom. introducing new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems
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when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go... ...and people who can't wait for you to get there. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands... step on up and talk to your doctor today. david: well, it's not for nothing that we celebrate july 4th with fireworks. we were actually right in the middle of our war with england when thomas jefferson and other patriots ratified the decoration of independence on july 4th, 1776. all the beautiful words about the power of freedom, they were really just pipe dreams then as bombs were literally bursting in air. we were at war with the greatest power on earth. we had nothing. britain had everything. they had power, they had
4:59 pm
money, and empire. but we did have something intangible. we had faith. faith that our freedom was worth fighting and dying for. faith that a country built on freedom under god would be stronger and more prosperous than any country on earth. well, that faith actually turned out to be real. it helped us win a war and win a country. it keeps us going and now we never lose it, and our faith remains strong that we never will. melissa: that was beautiful. david: thank you, melissa. melissa: so beautiful, and it really captures the sentiment because sometimes you worry about holiday weekends like this you get so wrapped up about the funds you're going to have and the things we do, we forget what it's really about. david: well, and a lot of people are losing faith for a lot of different reasons. there's a lot of an most o animosity and everything, but we always come back to the
5:00 pm
declaration of independence. they're fighting for the say things we are moat has. >> yeah. better life for ourselves, for our children, and the opportunity. david: have a wonderful july 4th out there. melissa: happy july 4th, everyone. risk and reward starts right now. >> president trump has turned crossing the line into a political art form. when he lashed out at two cable tv hosts this morning -- >> we begin with president trump facing the collapse of health care negotiations and the north korean nuclear threat instead tonight sparking condemnation about the various tweets about the host of a cable tv news show. >> what the president did today was just flat out gross and disgusting. liz: president trump's family blood feud against msnbc mika brzezinski and scarborough today. and a little chaos. congress passed two major


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