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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  July 2, 2017 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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dissident minority idea into a majority idea is if a society has the space to think. >> the space to think. that's worth pete in the hot dog eating contest. healthcare overhaul heating up. as long as lawmakers are heading out. are they costing you money by taking a break. stocks/uñ?ñ rock andmfñ?ñ? the f of the year. without action on healthcare and tax reform, all that could change. some calling onpvñ?ñ? congress o cancel that august recess so lawmakers can get back to washington and get down to business. this week, welcome to everyone.
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should they skip the august recess and get down to work you know what, i think there will be a common consensus amongst this panel that anyone in congress doesn't work nearly enough even when they are working. it seems like there's a lot of goofing around in the congressional]vñ?ñ? barbershop d bowling alley and all the other perks they have. everyone will say yes, they should work but let's get beyond the rhetoric and look at the numbers. they were hired for a few things, one to drain the swamp, tax reform, repeal and replace obamacare, cut back on government regulations. they have done none of that. if they did do that, here is the shocking thing. it would help spur the economy. it's costing the economy 1000 jobs. day. let's add in those jobs. we could be back to the kind of growth we had after world war ii
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in the 60s, but instead congress would rather go off on vacation. it's kind of sad. dagen: in terms of the urgency of it all, just talking about the repeal and replace of obamacare, these exchanges are in total collapse. 40% of counties in this country will have one in sure. >> i think that's a great point. we been hearing a lot about projected,]ñ?ñ? suffering from e mainstream media but were not$g? hearing a lot about the current suffering. this is a really urgent issue for people around the country.k? let me tell you. here in washington, people who around august recess. shorten it. absolutely i think people are saying please, it's the month of august, please do what we need to do. dagen: the houses in session 147 days. the average american works 240
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explain that. >> well, i was a former chief of staff on the hill for years and even when are not in session, they're still working and talking to their constituents back home, they're holding town halls, et cetera, but i don't think that staying any longer in august is going to make any difference on the healthcare bill. republicans have been running on repealing obamacare for seven or eight years. they can't get their caucus united. they can't get the conservatives and the moderates united because the american people do not want to see this bill repealed. dagen: but they do want change, we know that. they want something fix. does congress need to be working in august like everyone else does. >> yes, absolutely. we are the only advanced country in the world that doesn't have mandated vacation days. the uk has 28, congress, in 1970 mandated by law that they have to take vacation in august. before that it was because they didn't have air conditioning.
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if they were as good aboutñg4 vacation days or some type of increased pacera?ñ? tax reforms they are themselves they be doing a lot better. the problem you have is no democrat is whirring willing to work with the republican andmvñ? vice versa. both of these sites, all they want topuñ?ñ? do is get reelect. they do not care what happens to the american people. they have run]]ñ?ñ? on promisesf repeal and replace obamacare and are not doing it. they only have until september. the way reconciliation works, next year they will have to decide between obamacare if repeal or tax reform. dagen: the repeal and replace, keeping the government from shutting down, tax reform, shouldn't congress be working in august?
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>> teachers don't work in august, that job might just be bad enough that they need august off to pull people out of the private sector to do that kind of work. that said, that hasn't attracted quality talent. i will say, at the end of the day, i don't think people want to appeal this.çmñ?ñ can't they just do one for real and repeal it?ññ?ñ?ñ i don't see what the big deal is. they have plenty of time. the problem of the matter is that people like the obamacare features. they don't like the part where you pay for it with higher taxes and higher premiums because things like no caps insuranceqú? and yes you can have a pre-existing condition, those are expensive features to add to health insurance and you can't keep those and make the cost go away. that's what people like medicare like part d from bush because you can't fix that and they're trying to kick in a long and make it go away.
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dagen: if you look at the markets, first half of the year, incredible for stocks. nasdaq was up 14%. 8% for the dow and s&p 500. if congress doesn't get to work and do something about fixing ? >> i don't think it can. look, maybe other than adrian, otheeveryone on this panel was excited when trump got elected. not so much for the personality of trump let's leave that aside, there that we are going to seen? those things you mentioned.ó,ñ?? not necessarily the lower taxes but tax reform. do somethinghñ?ñ? smart about immigration, even if it was somethingatñ?ñ? symbolic like ba wall.ióñ?ñ? maybe not repeal obamacare but take the burden off the working class that are paying!ñ?ñ? 50, , 70% higher premiums. instead we are seeing none of
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that happened. have you not seen house of cards? they're just goofing around, going to parties. they should be working in august otherwise you're right. this economy, this market could flatline until something gets done. is the lowly congressman.ut woe they make $140,000. year. get to work. you're getting paid. >> i'm not defending the schedule of members of congress, i'm just saying somey÷ñ?ñ? of to home andwúñ?ñ? work over the aut recess and talk to their constituents.#qñ?ñ? going back to what you were just discussing, they're happy to come to the table and work with republicans and find a compromise on obamacare in fixing the problems you have. one of the problems you just mentioned is the high cost of prescription drugs and out-of-pocket costs. they're happy to come forward
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and work with them to try to lower those costs. were simply not going to come to the table to repeal obamacare. >> after we administer smelling salts to gary b,. >> i know what the democrats it's always yes, let's lower the cost for everyone who's already not paying anything. let's try to tax the rich. that's always the democratic group answer. that won't fly either. if there's going to be compromised, it has to be real compromise. >> 20 minutes from now, neil, what you got. >> first healthcare and now the gold post on corporate taxes may be changing too. is any cut better than no cut at all? and ben carson telling me how he wants to help americans help themselves but his plan for financial independence isn't free of a lot of controversy. we will explain. dagen: thank you. we can't wait.
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first, taxpayers footing the bill for at least 50 open hearings on russia since the election. someone here says as long as were spending the taxpayers money, it's time to put former attorney general loretta lynch on the hot seat. one
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dagen: it has been one year since attorney general loretta lynch met with president bill clinton on a phoenix tarmac. now that infamous meeting happened during the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail. since the election, congress has spent taxpayer money on at least 50 open hearings on russia. should a little bit of that money now be spent on a hearing for loretta lynch. >> yeah, i don't know, maybe. but the evidence we have. we have the testimony of james comey that she asked him to
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refer to investigation as a matter rather than investigation. we know he was on the plane on the tarmac and we have reports there was an e-mail sent from debbie wasserman schultz that implied there was assurance from the justice department that the clinton e-mail investigation was not going to go too far. the evidence is strong anditñ?ñn and clear her name if she did nothing wrong because right now it looks pretty bad. the attorney general who promised hope and change would come used her office to help the candidacy of the democrat. dagen: is it time to get to the bottom of this, john, and find out if they really just talked brexit. >> of course it's time to get to the bottom. putting congress in charge is like putting otis campbell of the andy griffith show in
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charge. it won't get done. they want a dog and pony show. they want their partisan agenda across whether the republican democrat. we have a special investigator dealing with the russian investigation. robert muller is excellent. put a special prosecutor in charge like that, we need to find out if anything happened in that way it solved instead of a dog and pony show. dagen: time for a hearing, time for loretta lynch to be on the hot seat. >> just for it to seem fair, maybe, but we won't find out much. at the end of the day, hillary clinton did not get elected partially because some man has an attitude about women in pow power. bill clinton and anthony weiner made a major hit. james comey is a boy scout. i don't know what lynch did. if you want to do it greatly and i can get anything good. dagen: after the james comey testimony where he said he felt queasy when loretta lynch said
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refer to it as a matter, even diane feinstein said she should go in front of the judiciary committee. >> at the end of the day there is no comparison between russia's influence and trying to impact our democracy and bill clinton talking to loretta lynch for few minutes on the tarmac. if an investigation is called for, fine. i think she has made it clear that she is willing to come forward and share her information, but at the end of the day you are literally comparing apples and oranges and trying to compare the russia situation and their influence in our democratic process versus president clinton speaking to loretta lynch for a few minutes. dagen: gary b, it was a matter of days after that meeting in late june between lynch and clinton that james comey stepped up and said we are not going to recommend charges against hillary clinton. >> exactly. i'm not sure i agree with adrian on the apples to oranges.
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we don't know what the oranges, we don't even know if they are oranges. that said, i guess i'm in the camp of jonas. maybe i'm getting a little older and cynical because i've lived through these for the past 40 or 50 years. maybe other than watergate, nothing gets done. i think john said, it's grand standing. the democrats will get up there and rail and then the republicans. we end up spending a lot of money. nothing will happen, this will be a he said she said. do you think bill clinton is going to say yes, she talked to me and i exerted influence, that's not going to happen. now you have a dog and pony show and a waste of taxpayer money. by the way, you couldn't tell the difference between loretta lynch and loretta lynn. i'm not sure i can.
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productive like getting legislation done. >> or peter lynch because this is a business show. dagen: a lot of americans feel like we deserve to get to the bottom of what was discussed, and if the investigation into hillary clinton came up. that is the key thing. as a taxpayer, i do want to know what loretta lynch was doing. maybe nothing will come of it, but i would love to know, as her salary. people on the left should want to know because the reason james comey went public with the investigation was because he was so uncomfortable with what he saw happening from loretta lyn lynch. >> i would love to be talking to loretta lynn as well but were on this topic now. >> you put some of the under answers than you do when she is on a softball interview on another network. eric what you have, not. >> good morning. we are talking about how president trump can drain the d.c. swamp. we will see you at 1130.
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dagen: lawmakers ramping up the fight against illegal immigration and passing a bill to cut funds from century city's. gary b, critics slammed this bill but you say congress has
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the right idea. >> exactly. as the judge has explained, it is a federal law that you can't have the sanctuary cities, but unfortunately the feds cannot commandeer or make the states enforce the law at their own expense. they can do what they want. they formed the government, if you will. the only tool they have is the carrot. that's why this funding law under case law is so important. it's the only way for the federal government to go if they want to get what they want. dagen: emily. >> creating pockets where it's not applied evenly encourages those two contribute. the best solution is to change federal law, not to apply it unevenly where they know the laws are less stuff. >> okay, there's no question the federal government should be in charge of immigration to this country and the states shouldn't have -- that said what if obamacare did that with the states that didn't want the medicaid money.
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you would pull highway funding or whatever. you just can't coerce a state with financial punishment when all the states are on the take from the federal government to get your thing through. even though it seems like the right way to go, it's going to get turned against you at the wrong time. you're not going to like it. dagen: well, actually in the late '80s, the supreme court decided south dakota v dole that under a law the governmentóuñ?ñd withhold?ñ? federal funds from states that didn't honor the federal drinking age.ñ?ñ? adrian. >> look. at the end of thesxñ?ñ? day, ita shame that it was passed. it will have a hard time in the senate. at the end of the day they believe local law-enforcement know their community best and how to keep them safe. that's where we should put the power on this. >> it's like giving someone an aspirin that has a brain tumor. sanctuary cities are a problem.
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you need to deal with that in a smart way. . dagen: gary, based on a word to you with still have illegal immigrants and you still have mayors and lawmakers at the local level who will try to harbor them unless the >> this is the whole separation of powers under the constitution. that's the real trick. trump was elected as was the congress to fight this immigration. now everyone is trying to come up with a way to do it. dagen: thank you. special thanks to emily and adrian. adrian it was her first time here. the pan is setting their sights on the moon.eññ?ñ? why a new space race could the two profits that are out of thi? worldxñ?ñ? liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance
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dagen: predictions. gary b, go.
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>> i bet you are like me. first thing you do in the morning is checked twitter. you have to. what did trump say in the last eight hours or so. he single-handedly spearheading this stock. maybe it's on the board of twitter but i think the stock is up 20% this year. dagen: jonas, you like it. >> i don't have many followers, so it can't be good. >> i follow you. >> you and five other people.iu? >> low prices benefit airlines. delta doc is up 20% this year. >> you like delta. >> it just keeps going up because it gets a gazillion miles. it was $10 a year ago now it's $50. it's just an oil play. i would sell it here. >> let's be honest, since the sony walkman has been launched it's been more or less downhill for japan. that's why i was excited to
6:30 am
announce they will go to the moonpcñ?ñ?ñ. i say japan will be up 20% in year. >> i think jonas is an alien so he should know about space. [applause] dagen: i love you guys. neil issmñ?ñ now. they are telling the foxbusiness network that the goal for corporate tax cuts may be changing. >> corporate tax rates are not going to change or balance the help. it would be wonderful if we could get them down to 15%. i think they've come off of that particular figure recently, but i would like to get them done to 25% or 20%, this country would turn around


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