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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and remember -- maybe you can take it with you. intelligence report on fox business, stay tuned lou is nex next. lou: good evening, left wings' vicious efforts have intensified over last 5 months, the left is now focusing not only on president trump but his family, today's target, donald trump, jr. who this morning released an e-mail exchange that preceded and se set up a meet be with a russian attorney, donald jr. releasing e-mail to be transparent. following a "new york times"
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respect that donald trump jr. agreed to the meeting to hear when the attorney had to say about hillary clinton. president himself, saying, donald jr. is a high quality person, he applauded his transparency. fox news correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> things are going a million miles an hour, wait a minute, this is something, i should hear them out, it was basic information, i didn't know them well enough to understand that if this talent manager from miss universe had this thing, i wanted to hear them out play it out. reporter: donald jr., releasing a slew of private e-mails, an effort to be transparent about a meeting with a russian lawyer last summer. e-mails, laying out a conversation with a british tabloid publicist, rob goldstone who offered to set up the encounter. as part of russia and
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government support for mr. trump, adding it would incriminate hillary and her dealings with russia, and be useful to your father. and donald trump jr. responding, if it is what you say, i love it president trump saying my son is a m is a high quality person. >> i think that president is frustrated with the process of the fact that this continues to be an issue, he would love for us to be focused on things like the economy, on health care, and fax reform on infrastructure. and that is the place that his mind is, that is what he would like to discuss. reporter: on capitol hill, lawmaker suggested that meeting and corroborating ematee-mails are serious.
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>> this is disturbing new public information. all campaign denials going on, now have to be viewed in a differena context. >> this is moving to perjury see, false statement. reporter: the russian lawyer, who may have used the dirt on clinton ruse to secure a conversation with trump campaig campaign. >> maybe they were looking for such information, they wanted it. >> have you ever worked efficient th for the russian government, do have you connects to the russian government. >> no. reporter: expert say that looks a lot less like collusion, and a case of gross political naivette.
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>> this is not evidence of treason, people need to really think about the implications of what they are suggesting. reporter: south carolina senator graham said that the committee would like to prioritize and interview or hear testimony from donald trump jr., from his part, he would be happy to pass along any information that might be useful. which could make for very high drama on capitol hill when that might come about. lou. lou: thank you kevin cork. return to senate majority leader who dominated headlines this afternoon, mitch mcconnell today delaying the start of august recess until the third week of august to give senators more time to work on health care legislation. according to 538, republicans
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are 7 votes short of 50 required to pass healthcare legislation. we should remind you, 538 gave president trump only a 29% chance of winning the election last year, so take it for what you will. now the house republican leadership is considering bringing back members later in august if the senate is able to accomplish something. our first guest, says there should be no august recess until there is repeal and replacement of obamacare, it has been her position throughout. joining us tonight, rhonda mcdaniel, good to have you with us, have you your way. it looks like republican in the senate will need every minute of those extra days in august. >> -- thanks lou, i applaud senate majority leader mcconnell for keeping the senators here in washington.
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this past november, voters across country put faith in republican leadership to repeal and replace obamacare. now we have to earn that faith and that trust. and we'll do that by working through the recess, and show we're committed to find a solution to premiums that are doubling to ensure us pulling out of marketplaces, and deductibles so high that people are arrayed o afraid of their health insurance. the democrats are nowhere to be found. lou: what is confounding it the democrats who created obamacare, that is imploding, in a death spiral, and taking millions of americans with it, as their premiums rise, and break them, they are doing nothing to try to correct the madness they created. >> it is really shameful to
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watch the democrats put politics above people. their constituents are hurting, i hear it every day as a travel. people whose premiums are doubling, they are making choices between can i pay my rent, or health care, they are afraid, they are looking for relief. democrats have made a political calculation, we'll resist, obstruct and play-off the clock, hopefully that republicans can get nothing done so we can make political gains in 2018, the voters are smarter than that, they recognize that democrats put it in place, they are not helping when people need solutions. jim: lou: in another context, obstruct, democratic obstruction you refer to, president tweeting senate democracies have confirmed 48 of 197 presidential nominees
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they can't win. why is the house, senate, republican leadership here, not holding the dems, schumer in particular, to a count here? getting this worked out and making them pay for it? lou: >> yes, democrats are using senate rules to delay the nominees, and exven this statistic, obama 90% of his nominees were approved through a voice vote. only 10% of president trump's nominees, at this point, over 60% of president obama's nominees. it is truly shameful what the democrats are doing, they are using senate procedure. lou: why isn't he responding? forcefully. >> they have that 50 vote.
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lou: why doesn't he get rid of that requirement. the man acts like he is an impediment in and of himself, as if this 32 years in senate he is ossified and unwielding to new circumstances, which is namely, he has a republican president to lead. >> well, we have 52 senators we need more. many are holding up judicial nominees. lou: i admire our patience, it would be easier to move that 60 vote requirement out and take responsibility for consequences rather than cross fingers and hope for something better in a year and a half. don't you think, we have to go. >> i think -- i think thanks lou. lou: senate republicans
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getting more time to tackle their massive to do list. including repealing obamacare, and raising the debt ceiling. >> we'll be in session the first two weeks of august. that we have originally anticipated not being here. >> will it all get done? we take it up with kellyanne conway, and congressman jim jordan. >> and antimissile system, north korea's worse nightmare. we'll have the story and much more straight ahead, stay with us. think again.
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lou: let's talk about donald trump jr. today, he gave an interview to sean hannity, and talking about his meeting with a russian attorney that "new york times" believes is a big deal, and national left wing media has jumped all over. trump jr. explaining why he took that meeting. >> my take away. is that someone has information on our opponent. things are going a million miles an hour, we won indiana but we're talking about a contested convention. things are going a million miles.
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i heard about these maybe this something. i should hear them out. lou: hear her out he did, he did not hear much. he gave us some insight to what he was thinking. >> i was reading about scandals that people were under reporting for a long time. maybe it had to to with that, perhaps herrinvolvement with the russian government, someone sent me an e-mail, i can't help what someone sends me, i read it, i responded accordingly. it is common. lou: donald jr. said his father knew nothing of the meeting. >> did you tell your father anything about this. >> no. it was such a nothing, it was nothing to tell, i wouldn't have remembered it until you scour through it. it was just a wasted 20 minutes, that a shame.
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lou: you can catch rest of sean's interview with donald trump jr. tonight, on hannity, 10 p.m. eastern on fox news channel. >> here now to talk about all of the day's news, battle over health care, and a lot of new developments, congressman jim jordan, serves on judiciary and oversight committee, a member of freedom caucusy, which we also cofounded. your reaction to donald trump jr. talking to a russian attorney, with no connection to the kremlin. but nonetheless, what do you make of this? >> well, you know, probably a meeting i wouldn't have taken, he shouldn't have taken, but in the course of a campaign could keep it i in context, there are tons of meeting who want to talk to you, they have meetings all of th the time, keep it in larger context. we do know about people who should be investigated, three
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weeks ago james comey told us, that he misled american people at the direction of united states attorney general. he called clinton investigation a matter not an investigation. let's keep it in context, it will be investigated, you know we know we have this special counsel now, but it important to keep it in context and focus on what american people elected us to do. do. lou: great counsel and perspective, i will add robert mueller should be removed add special counsel, and that james comey should be pulled investigated in his actions and clinton foundation should not be the subject of a major investigation. may i add to it, that we have two oversight committees, intelligence committees in senate and house, who have not done a damn thing.
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they are acting as if -- >> unmasks names and leaking things, we have judiciary committees when talk about a justice department matter who should get involved. we've been pushing that for i don't know how long. james comey misled us in that and this year, he furthered idea that trump was under investigation and was not, was told 3 times by fbi, he gets fired, leaks a memo to friend of new york time with stated goal of creating momentum for the special counsel, and like we said, not just any special counsel but his friend, predecessor, mentor, bob mueller, unbelievable. lou: turning to development, senator macdougal connel -- mitch mcconill, not going home on august first. senate will have time to work, i can't proms they will work, but they will have time to
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work on the health care legislation. they will have time maybe consider a budget, i don't know. what do you make of this? >> i applaud what senator mcconnell has announced. we hope the house does the same thing, we talk about on the show, freedom caucus called for this 6 weeks ago, you talk about big things that people elected to us do, obamacare, and tax code we have to pass a budget. and debt ceiling and build a border wall, these big issues we were elected to do, we have not been able to get them done yet, we need to be here those 5 weeks to august to get it done. i appreciate what senator leader called for, and hopefully, house will do the same. lou: hopefully. and part to have the time to begin a conference on the health care legislation as well. >> yeah. lou: senator mcconnell referred to obstructionism of the dems, referring to what
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the president took note of,o only 49 of 198 nomtie nominees have connecticut firmed -- confirmed, at-this-point president obama in his administration had 70% of his nominations confirmed. why can't senator, leader mcconnell, speaker ryan, find a way to create incentive? that is get street ugly, street mad, and street smart, and turn it on the democrats who are subverting and obstructing and basically being a force of destruction against the will of the american people. >> yeah, the democrats made a decision right from the get g they would fight every single step of the way, 25 of them calling for an impeachment. they made a decision, they were not going to do what is
10:21 pm
in the best interest of of the country, but they would focus on hard left ideology, positions. they have done that, this is difficult without the key people in lace. and second level cabinet levels in place, it is tough to get to turn things, it has to happen, we should, go on the offense, my background, offense, go on it i wish we would do more. talk about what is going on, so at least american people can understand what democrats are up to and why we are not getting key slots confirmed. lou: congressman jim jordan, wise council. >> thank you. lou: great to have with you us. >> good to be with you, take care. lou: vote in our poll, some senate majority leader mcconnell get rid of 60 vote plesch hol threshold?
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it is war now, follow me. >> our twitter followers talking about my new thriller, putin's gambit. i love watching you, lou. keep writing and tweeting. viewers whose comments are read on the show, receive a autographed copy of the book. >> dow up a fraction, s&p down 2, nasdaq up 17, volume, light trading 3 billion shares, oil up 1.5%, after crude stock piles fell more than expected. the latest cover of the economist, that reads, the quote, the german problem,
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quiet surplus is damaging the world economy. think about, that raising question of trade surpluses, a cover that would never have been printed if don' donald trump had not won presidency and brought attention to fair trade, plan trade, reciprocal trade, mutual trade and american jobs. good going economist, we appreciate you catching up. and the right side of history. a reminder to listen to high reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on saleium radio network. up next, left wing assault against president trump intensifies, republicans must respond, that is the subject of my commentary. and much, much more, coming up here your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown
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lou: tonight on the show i'll be speaking with counselor to the president kellyanne conway. we'll talk about whether the senate leadership will gets things done on healthcare. the politics of convenience in the left-wing media's war on president trump and his administration. it's nothing less than that. the "new york times" in its reporting on donald trump, jr. and a russian attorney wrote quote, news of the good feeling, it wasn't just a good feeling, it was an extraordinary success.
10:29 pm
but it was rather clever of the "times." the "times" taking note of the timing and impact of its carefully orchestrated attack on our president man this instance his son as well. this isn't the left wing * national media's first attack. but it's the first time they crowed as they commit their venal acts against this president and his family. back in may the "times" and "washington post" reported the trump shared intelligence with russia. then the "times" and "washington post" again delivered a 1-2 punch carefully orchestrated, carefully timed. the "times" reporting president
10:30 pm
trump told russian officials a former f.b.i. director james comey was quote a real nut job, and the "post" reported a current white house official had been identified as a person much interest in russia investigation. that person, the president's son-in-law, jared kushner. both reports cited unnamed sources and came after the president started his trip to saudi arabia. the timing of the reports is no coincidence. designed to deflect maximum attention from the president's goals, objectives, and his success. the national left-wing media ther and the dems working to subvert this path, his administration and his family. it's time to unleash the response.
10:31 pm
our quotation of the evening tonight from george orwell who said, political language is designed to make lies sound truth fue --sounds truthful andr respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to your wind. the desperate left-wing media ramp up their attacks on the trump family. counselor to the president kellyanne conway reacts to it all here next. this extreme daredevil hitting the water showing us how to enjoy summer weather. stay with us. we are coming right back w w w w
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♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together... lou: for more on the president's battle against democrats and inefficient republicans in congress, we are joined by kellyanne conway. we have just gotten word the senate majority leader is committed to getting something done and is going to take two weeks away from everyone and make them work. do you think that will be enough? kellyanne: it's a great development. the forgotten men and women of america should not forget leader
10:36 pm
mitch mcconnell and the republicans in congress are willing to stay here an extra two weeks to get the work done. healthcare is important and there is so much more on the agenda. it's time to shine a hotter light on the democratic resistance it's no longer a bumper sticker or pink hats. the president temperatures mom neets are languishing. the judicious process is at a halt because some of these federal judges are not being considered. let's show which party means progress. lou: the working man and woman may not understand necessarily
10:37 pm
all of the impact of those percentages. but what they do understand is the republican leadership that has the brains, ingenuity and guts to hold the obstructionist dems to account and move ahead despite them. we are not seeing that from ryan and mcconnell in is no toughness, no intelligence. it's time to make something happen, isn't it? kellyanne: i'm going to push back on this. i was in the senate lunch today. and i was there when leader mcconnell and the others were discussioning healthcare alternatives. i'll tell you this. there is a very serious effort here to make good and repealing and replacing obamacare, not because it's a campaign promise.
10:38 pm
lou: let me push back as well. we are now approaching the last two weeks of this work period for republicans in the house and senate. we haven't got the three weeks here. three weeks in which to get something done. tall i'm hearing and all -- all i'm hearing and the american people are seeing is nothing from the house and senate leadership to hold the dems accountable. kellyanne: i hope the holding back the two weeks of recess is a great start to get things done. these democrats who are obstructing think they are raising money off it and look at who is going to win in 2020. lou: i can't believe you are filibustering me. kellyanne: i'm not. lou: you have got to acknowledge it and be straight with this audience. you can be whatever you want with any other audience in the country.
10:39 pm
kellyanne: what are you talking about? lou: i'm talking about filibustering instead responding to a question. kellyanne: i'm responding. you are telling me the leadership isn't doing its job. i'm very hopeful that the american people can see what the democrats are up to here, they don't want to come to the table. lou: they was the democrats are up to. but what i don't understand is what are the republican leadership up to. they need to respond with greater force and direction. kellyanne: they better repeal obamacare and get the wall built and pass kate's law and sanctuary cities, they better get on to tax reform because people expect it and business leaders need it. they better get the budget done and get spending under control.
10:40 pm
there are very few days left in the legislative calendar. lou: when is the white house going to respond to bob mueller? when is the white house going to respond to a special counsel who is playing all sorts of partisan games. who has kreef eight and i organization that is designed to subvert this presidency rather than serve any national interest. when is this nonsense going to end? when is this white house going to respond to a left wing * media committed to its subversion. it's outright destruction. kellyanne: i tell them what they are. they have 24/7 cable station, they can't cover everything? he can't tell the country what's going on with healthcare and the
10:41 pm
economy? they can only obsess over one issue. some of us do push back. lou: i think it audience of this broadcast is obsessed with a host of issues. the president has been on the right side of history in articulating a vision and path forward. what we are not seeing right now is that direction being executed by either the white house, the house or the senate. all republican led. and that's creating some consternation. kellyanne: that's your opinion. lou: that's all i got. kellyanne: this president is leading every single day and talking to members of congress. lou: you have got all the arms and machine of government. this is just my little opinion. kellyanne: no, you are a strong voice. thank you for having me. lou: this texan taking wake
10:42 pm
tboorgd an entirely new and higher level. look at this. extraordinary. what a refreshing break from it all. performing dangerous tricks and back flips on a series of ramps. moving at incredibly high speeds all the while. impressive is too small a word for that. up next, growing calls for an investigation into fired f.b.i. director james comey over his leaks of government memos and his doubtful response to an attorney general obviously interfering in an fire investigation of hillary clinton. why isn't he being investigated? former bush d.o.j. official joins us. we'll take that issue up and
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lou: joining me is john dupris.
10:47 pm
the left wing national media attacking donald trump, jr. utterly unfairly without a sense of perspective or proportion. and using it to if you will rationalize their own aversion to the issues that do matter like the hillary clinton foundation investigation that isn't undergoing. the robert mueller investigation that isn't under way, the investigation of him as special counsel. of james comey, the direc -- di. leaked material. and the list goes on. instead the national left-wing media is subject morning itself in trifle at an -- in trivialita
10:48 pm
lack of consequence. >> the last 48 hours they have given a lot of ammunition to opponents of the media. at the end of the day what has happened to me at least doesn't establish evidence that any sort of crime was committed. but it does call into question why on this meeting occurred. when i saw the news break i thought what didn't they have a campaign structure in place that would have prevented donald jr. from going to meet with his russian lawyer. you wish someone would have said this don't end well when you immerse yourself in the world of russian espionage. lou: i can see myself -- i have never been in a campaign.
10:49 pm
but the moment that you have something about your opponent, irrespective -- i personally would probably go with left just as quickly perhaps, even quicker. i might not have delayed even six days as donald trump, jr. did. but at the end of the day there is nothing here. there no collusion. there is no nothing to this again. but is there not the same question about what did loretta lynch and the former president meet on a tarmac in phoenix. why isn't there questions about powers that bill clinton could give a speech for half a million dollars which looks like a payoff in moscow after the secretary of state speed along a
10:50 pm
transaction that speeds along 20% of uranium reserves to a canadian company that happens to be controlled by russian interests. why aren't these things curiosity inspiring? >> that's a fair point. many in the media like to prioritize certain stories over others. your point about it being normal campaign procedure to get damaging information on their opponent. hillary clinton's campaign would have gone to antarctica to obtain it. but what makes this different is the russian involvement. lou: what about the ukrainian involvement with the clinton campaign and john podesta's direct connections to russia?
10:51 pm
>> absolutely. there certainly are a least folks out there in the media saying this is terrible. we are dealing with the russians. but russia wasn't on their radar screen. there is no shortage of hypocrisy out there. i keep coming back to the fact that if the campaign had done things right we wouldn't be having these conversations. lou: i'm still such -- locked up why president obama knowing the russians were interest snreengt dnc and check out their servers. why he didn't want to do something about that. but i'm sure there are higher issues of national interest that i don't understand. tom dupre, thank you for being
10:52 pm
with us. august recess delayed. charlie hurt and mike gallagher will join us next. we'll talk about whether that will provide enough time for a dysfunctional leadership to repeal obamacare and make things right. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car.
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lou: in our online poll we asked, do you think the senate gop want to pass a healthcare bill? 8% of you said you do it. no. joining me to talk about this and' more, charlie hurt, host of the mike gallagher radio show. he's such a good friend, they named the radio show after him. good to have you both with us. charlie, i talked to a counselor to the president and i didn't know what she was talking about. she is filibustering an audience that is still the supporters of this president, his values, his vision and that's what we are getting out of the white house tonight. charlie: you can manage the intense pressure they are under right now. this whole thing with done jr. is so maddening because it was a
10:57 pm
side thing for don jr. to do. but campaignwise it was so pointless. there is nothing there. the fact that we spent the first six months of this guys presidency talking all about russia and of course not addressing a single one of the crucial issues that the guy ran on and beat both parties running on, it's a real travesty. lou: i'm stunned by it all. i would have done what trump * did. if that's stupid, then i'm side. and there is great tough there if you are going after loretta lynch, james comey, bob mueller. you keep going down the line.
10:58 pm
mike: manage what a juggernaut the trump presidency would be if the republicans were behind him. lou: is there no one in that white house with the street smarts to grab mcconnell and ryan by the name o by by the na. mike: every day my listeners said you have had time to get your act together. we have got this guy in the white house and we don't know how to be unified. lou: he's win wing everywhere whether it's hamburg or washington, d.c. charlie: the republicans instead of getting on this never-trump bandwagon, at the very least
10:59 pm
they should have stopped and listened to how he campaigned and what he campaigned on because that's a winning message. mike: to a person the ones piling on are the never trumpers. lou: they are never republicans either. mike: i heard one on msnbc who just jumped ship from the republican party, he's going to be an independent. shocker. lou: mike gallagher, thanks. charlie hurt. thank you both. a great book to recommend written by my buddy james born and me. er viewer whose comment is read here receives an autographed copy of "putin's gambit."
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thanks for being with us. intelligence report on fox business, stay tuned lou is nex next. lou: good evening, left wings' vicious efforts have intensified over last 5 months, the left is now focusing not only on president trump but his family, today's target, donald trump, jr. who this morning released an e-mail exchange that preceded and se set up a meet be with a russian attorney, donald jr. releasing e-mail to be transparent. following a "new york times"


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