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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 12, 2017 7:24am-9:00am EDT

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. maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday, july 12 top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. a busy day in nation's capital president trump will travel to paris tonight, for bastille day celebrations meeting with kin president emmanuel macron the battle rages on capitol hill mictch mcconnell said will that i start of the lawmakers august recess to provide time for health care and tax reform more coming up this morning, chelsea clinton sued one author reading her riot act this morning over best-selling children's book, and betting big on golf how one company that is driving range into a swinging success remember this. >> -- ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ . >> says sayonara to title of most watched youtube video we tell you which songs stole crown, checking action markets higher dow industrials up s&p 500, nasdaq, should point out that these numbers are off the highs of the morning, we are seeing this rally come in just a bit, in europe we've got gains across the board here too off the highs of the morning to look, the european indices ft 100 cac quarante up almost 1% actually strong here dax up 3/4 of a percent this is around the highs not off the highs on european markets in asia overnight markets o mostly lower exception of hong kong saws there top story hours after releasing a slew of private e-mails detailing his meeting with you russian lawyer donald trump jr., sat down exclusive interview with sean hannity last night the
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eldest son said he would have congress to thing differently but explained the background that have meeting. >>, as you can see, from e-mails pretechnicality of the meeting was hey we have information and there was -- i don't even remember what it was just sort of nonsensical, garbled went on to you know, a story but russian adoption how we could possibly help i think pretty apparent to jared paul i think jared left after a few minutes paul -- >> yeah. >> you were -- >> we were all that i was basically listening. >> this morning president trump reacted to son interview tweeted this my son donald did a good job last night he was open transparent and innocent this is greatest witch hunt in political history, sad now we are hearing from russia, foreign minister sergei lavrov said he knew nothing about meeting it is wild donald trump, jr., is being blamed for it. joining us right now armed service committee meeting david perdue good to have you on the program thanks for joining us. >> good morning.
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>> what do you make of allegations russian conclusion clvgs with trump campaign. >> i think heard everything there is to hear young man very transparent i thought the questions last night on program got to bottom what have they talked about i think he was very open and honest. we've got three investigations under way right now one in the house one in senate then in independent investigators looking into all this if there is something here needs to be looking at i have full couple ofs they will get to the bottom of it, i'm focused on getting back to the things that we're trying to focus on here to get people's work done. >> that is what we want to focus on as well senator 2 fact is that continues, the mainstream media driving us about constantly wall-to-wall coverage so-called russian collusion how distracting is this to agenda executed. >> i don't worry about details we pay attention to do it every day we are focused on health care trying to get things done to move on to tax work we've got to do this
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year. >> senator rachel, here you want to talk about work you want to do i am glad you want to do that but just this whole thing with donald trump, jr., so interesting to me, a professional politician would of used bleach bit got rid of it don't meet with person has dirt on spent they send operative in some ways doesn't this unprofessional manner in which donald trump, jr., handled this prove these guys are outsideers in some ways enendear them to people voted for outsider. >> right i am you outsider myself how this guy got elected what do you think unprofessional or not what i am looking at is a president that is working a pace not a bureaucratic pace knocked on why elected job one get the economy going to let me tell you aside from headlines the work going on in white house is producing results, i mean
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what we're working on right here regulatory reform we got a supreme court justice nominated confirmed we're, there is every potential going to continue to get regulatory work, and move to, at a, so this is a president that is getting a heart beat in that administration i think got feet on the ground they know where they want to go, and all these things are just some degree disattractions we are focused on day-to-day work to get work done move this economy along. >> kevin kelly i am glad you brought that up focused on day the to day to get can work done you are one of the he senators petitioned mitch mcconnell to reduce the recess actually stick around get things done you mentioned you are an outsider, but the american people want to see the senate get something done we are seeing the house, is pointings fingers at senate saying listen, there are focused on byrd rule want to go get o to 60 why don't you
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get rid of rules impending your agenda especially health care especially on taxes. >> i love it when you have business guys on here. maria: exactly. >> kevin you got it finger on it that is the most of my life in the real world where you live, and that is exactly what we do in real world in senate we just did that in the supreme urt confirmation we actually changed the rule to do that. t there is terrace i think important to protect right now we've got to focus on getting the people's work done, we are down a rabbit hole maria talks about debt all the time this is something we've got to start facing the long term dangers are really republic threatening we are focused on health care issue we've got to move on we've got so many things we've got to do the reason we wrote letter to the leadership i give lirp a lot of credit for standing up of yesterday saying look we are going to stay here at least two weeks during that work period to make sure we continue to get this done, we've got to get the -- the debt ceiling a budget to do haven't done budget for 18 yet
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reconciliation of budget fund only 30 days left between now end of fiscal year added 10 days if we need more we will add more. maria: good for you do you think you will get a vote to the floor in health care? a lot of people questioning why you didn't just vote on the house bill? you had you know they went back twice, they had a bill, but you guys wanted to up are it up start again? >> well that is washington, are everybody has got a better way, right now fighting the last -- >> what is holding the bill back right now? >> well i think we are trying to get the last vote or two we are down i believe we are down that close, honestly everybody trying to get to a why on this bill worked fever richley several months last few months leadership has given us another few do as supposed to vote a few weeks ago we have tan last few reservations sent suggestions that would alleviate some fears of some members to the cbo to get scored we will get scores back
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moon we will see the final language, tomorrow, actually we are told and have a vote on it next week, i hope we get a motion to proceed first question we have to get over, will this senate body let us proceed to actually get on the bill and amend the bill on the floor of the united states senate. >> senator mike murphy, as a business earn -- businessperson a deal both give in a little bit each he wants health care bill republican democrat everyone wants a good solid lieutenant colonel bill for american people, so why not just get together, and both sides give in a little bit but the point is this bill has to get done so the -- you the if you get you a bipartisan like you would in business, lock the door we're not leaving until people can figure out the best plan, is that something that can be done or do you expect that done in the near future. >> that is my hope, i have to tell you, inside the republican caucus what we have
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been trying to do is a compromise find people ways to compromise in this we have some leaders in that lamaralale trying to broker that a group of 13 open to a lot of people i have been most meetings myself, this is an effort to try to find an 80% acceptable solution like in business world every day, nobody gets one hundred percent perfect solution in a deal you know that, so what we're trying to do here is find something that is certainly better than obamacare what we issue working on right now if we pass house bill or bill a few weeks ago in the senate both are better than obamacare situation, we have right now collapsing under its own a wet. maria: let me ask you this, senator because you are on the senate finance committee means you are going to be taking the testimony, of janet yellen on thursday. of course, today she is speaking for the house financial services committee what do you want to hear from janet yellen what is most important to you senator. >> there is a lot i met with her recently, there are some first of all, when she seems before banking committee i think it is the first question i am going to have for her a
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balance sheet, the feds had 4 1/2 trillion-dollar balance sheet a while talk about reducing that now to about 2 1/2, 50 billion dollars that is fine, but maria as you talked about on your show we've 6 trillion dollars in the private sector not at work in this economy between russell 1,000 balance sheet between what is stuck on bank balance sheets of the small banks community banks because of dodd-frank and, of course, this insane nonsense of unrepatriated profits because of repatriation law 6 trillion dollars if we release some of that i can see the balance sheet being reduced at fed number one, number two the rate environment right now we have had 100 basis point increase last 15 months fed fund rate that is that is a big number that is 200 billion dollars of new interest every year by the way, the other question i have 60% this is a question for the treasury but 60% of our 20 trillion-dollar debt maria is three years -- duration less than three years contrast with uk went long
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over the last 8 years, theirs 48% longer than 0 years we've got serious, with about structural debt of this country so that. >> earlier we were talking with one colleague in the house he said look i want to know why rates are going higher when i look at my district in tennessee, people are worried about jobs, things are moving slowly so do you also worry, that as the fed raises interest rates it is going to stop the fraction that we've seen so for about a? in the economic recovery? >> i am worried about that also worried about if we don't get our job done here in the senate, and in congress, get this tax deal done this we are we could be facing a less than optimistic environment next year write now we have you talked about in show you have sperths on like you have today, the economy wants to turn, consumer confidence at 13-year high, i have studied that for a long time i have to tell you it is fragile, because household debt is now back up to one hundred percent household income where it was before 2009. so this is a fragile potential turnaround we need to see that, the work in congress
7:41 am
move but also we need to see fed be careful working on one number i disagree i am no economist but i know when you only focus on unemployment right now ignore the under employed people dropped out of the workforce you are missing the bigger picture that i hear every week when people are asking me david is there anything congress can do to help me get hours up one of the unintended consequences of obamacare. >> it is -- the cbo found that aca reduced labor participation, so even cbo found that out that it hasn't worked. maria: what is corporate rate senator that you want to see in the tax package? >> i want. >> they will know -- the corporate rates coming down should come down will move needle on economic growth layings your prior in terms of these corporate rate. >> depending about what what we do with deductions if we get 20% we will be competitive with rest of the world a premium to do business if the united states we should demand a premium we've got to get competitive with rest of the world wiring thing he also have to do at the same time eliminate insane repatriation tax that is one of the problems i have with the way
7:42 am
cbo scores there, and so we are moving on those right now, we are going to try to enact thet 's package on individual side, ooped get people there will the big news is to put american works back in competition with rest of the world by creating legislatively playing field what this president ran on. maria: that is why you want 15%. >> he wants 15 look that is opening bid if we get in 0% range maria we will be competitive with rest of the world impending when a we do with deductions. >> what is your noub senator good to see you thanks very much. >> thanks. >> see you soon senator perdue joining us can haveling power of television microsoft 10-billion-dollar plan to bring faster internet to americans in rural areas. >> monster hit no longer top watched on youtube song that took crown with nearly three billion views back in a minute. ♪ magic, magic, magic, magic,
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maria: we'll back one marines killed in this week woulds crash military plane in mississippi has been identified, cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: yeah, that is right maria learning detroit free press, has now identified one of the marines killed 31-year-old julián cavian his brother says he joined marines in 2009 because he wanted to protect and defend. the country. we are also learning about that crash killed all 16 onboard officials say plane was carrying weapons ammunition that could have contributed to additional explosions after it went down in that soybean feel monday tonight he athlete group 15 marines one sailor headed to california for specialized training, the cause of the crash under investigation but ammunition cargo on the plane, are being examined for possible clues.
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>> well, microsoft wants to spend broadband services to 20 million people emwho don't have it asking if they can use part of the spectrum that separates individual channels known as white spaces to get rural america online, microsoft plans to partner with rural tejsr telecommunications in 12 states to connect two million americans next five years to look at shares of microsoft up 12% so far this year. well chelsea clinton being sued over claims she ripped off some ideas for best-selling children's book she persisted. >> author claims sent in 2013 included several quotes images appeared in clinton's book author is suing former first daughter and ran don house seeking damages, plus any
7:48 am
profits. >> you've come a long way -- >> where we began -- ♪. >> see you fwaip featuring charlie the most watched youtube music video, had nearly three billion hits surpassing, the song see you again used in movie franchise also was written as a tribute to star paul walker who died in a car crash back in november of 2013. youtube maria all happened looks like. maria: there you go, okay. that is the one that -- we play -- >> listen. >> a believe believer. >> huge in china broke records chinese actually really big fans of this song, as well as movie.
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one of the largest private equity firms betting big on golf apollo global management agreed to pay 1.1 billion dollars for clubcorp the world leader in private golf clubs more than 430,000 members it has teamed up with world's largest digital golf provider, combining benefits of organizations for over 10 million golf enthusiastic world ride top golf cochairman erik anderson thanks for joining us, thanks for having me a while we thought golf was going out of style, it wasn't as you know, front center with
7:53 am
apollo acquisition what do you think that means for top strategic partnership would company business in general? would. >> we are excited about our work with club core, of course, nice to see premium for golf company nice to see. >> got to be -- >> i think it represents you know some of the changes golf is going through, you know the business you combine our golf activities with good work that the pga tour lpga, doing golf growing participation growing across a wider range, top golf, those things, so we think there is a good future seeing private equity in normally means you have change, and some restructuring of things we will expect to see some of that. >> business going well characterize that you are what heing in golf industry. >> a thought of enthusiasm first millennials come to top golf a lot i think that is how millennials entering a great game, you know you talked to
7:54 am
-- jay u.s. open. >> there a couple weeks ago. >> nice place great event talking about -- >> wisconsin. >> i saw that i saw that. i saw that. >> fun. >> it did i could tell. so i think what you are seeing people entering the game in different ways like top golf and we see from national golf foundation that those people then go out and follow green grass to go as well, so i think having all the way we used technology we talked about a little bit bringing more people to the game, and you know go for it so -- >> are people coming to top golf already golfers looking to have a good time or is this introducing new people to the support. >> both we are more nongolfers because very nonintimidating way to enter you come out, hit a ball a lot of targets get closer get points, doesn't matter so fun way, and golf experience so real golf balls to targets. >> i don't golf at all i love
7:55 am
top golf i go out hit balls play against other people order drinks watch sports games i mean, really encompassing entertainment you have a partnership with mgm in vegas location concerts pool parties. >> more than golf it is entertainment. >> why he golf entertainment sports community. >> really great gateway into the golf i would say you are right it can be intimidating i never tried golf but i can see my kids you know going to this and then thinking i can do this. >> we hear a lot of great stories with families, and traditional golfers would i be more traditional golfer probably my age what have you you hear them bringing sons and daughters, we are 35% women 36% women young girls, young girls are one of the faster growing parts of the sport they come and they have fun, and it is -- sort of a parallel experience you know we watch tv get great food,
7:56 am
you know get -- selfies. >> one thing i like all the great golf outfits talked a lot about that do people wear golf -- >> a lot of outfits top golf. >> [laughter] >> we are on -- golf shoes maria wore golf shoes latina i had to -- >>. >> i watched is that segment i did notice that. >> interesting that you keep mentioned younger people millennials that is big deal if you are expanding the audience. >> we are about 54% millennials, we're top golf for everyone, but great to see you know, the game to see that group really entering into the game. >> great stuff we will be watching great to have you on the show thanks so much erik anderson there, when we come back scratch on the side how more millennials turning small bide businesses into big bucks next hour "mornings with maria" right here. stay with us.
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. . . . maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning, everybody thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is wednesday, july 12 your top stories right now kl 8:00 a.m. east coast janet yellen headed to the hollywood testifying before the house finance minister services committee, and investors watching comments on interest rates as well as fed winding down its 4 1/2 trillion-dollar balance sheet, she speaks to the senate finance committee thursday following latest developments donald trump, jr.,'s e-mail release he sat
8:00 am
down with sean hannity about his meeting with russian lawyer explaining actions. >> in retrospect, i will probably would have done things a little differently. >> do you tell your father anything about this? >> it was such a nothing -- there was nothing to tell. >> the president defending his son this morning, his reaction coming up, markets this morning a look higher futures in openg of tring dow industrials set to open up 30 points nasdaq up 12 are in european gains across the board pretty much around highs in european indices as you see ft 100 up 3/4 of a percent cac quarante up almost 1% dax in germany up two-thirds of one percent in asia overnight mostly color exception of hong kong, tesla gears up for the release of the model 3 vehicle the company revving support and service centers, going beyond 9 to 5 how many millennials are taking on side jobs, and taking packing right
8:01 am
to a whole new level, checked in a beer can, as -- luggage came out, unskatethed all fine got can. >> all stories coming up joining me to talk about it rachel campus duffy market strategist kevin kelly. >> janet yellen coming up quick. >> yes. >> we actually have pretty good previews we had a congressman earlier say worried about raising interest rates, in slow economy, then we have senator perdue saying my first question balance sheet a preview in terms of what they are going to ask today and tomorrow. >> biggest a balance sheet a rate hike they have suppressed rates so low. >> 4 1/2 trillion-dollar balance sheet joining the conversation on all above former speaker of the house newt gingrich with us this morning, former fbi assistant director jim kallstrom host of "varney & company" stuart
8:02 am
varney weighs in big hour ahead stay with us this morning, president trump, defending his eldest season amid controversy over a meeting donald trump, jr., had last year with a kremlin linked lawyer promised damaging information about hillary clinton, blake burman with allocates now at the white house, blake, good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you as well donald trump, jr., acknowledged i probably should have hammed things a little bit differently as you mentioned president trump is defending his oldest son the president took 20 twitter a while ago writing my son donald did a good job last night, he was open transparent, and innocent, this is the greatest witch hunt and political history, sad. the president was he referencing his son's interview with sean hannity. >> in retrospect, i probably would have done things little differently again this is before the russian mania before they were building up in press for me this was opposition research they had something you know, or maybe concrete evidence to all stories i have been hearing about probably under reported for you know years not just
8:03 am
during campaign so i think i want to hear it out. >> trump, jr., e-mail show he met with attorney for russia six days after being emailed by adequateness june 2016 that quote russian government attorney end quote had damaging information on hillary clinton even some of the president's strongest backers question why don, jr., would have taken that meeting in the first place for example, the oversight committee itinerary trey gowdy says administration needs to come clean on russian contacts. >> from the time you saw dr. decisive zivago you list every one we are turning over to special counsel that drip, drip, drip is undermining he credible of this administration. >> trying to separate from the story, a spokesperson for the kremlin says it's government has no ties to that lawyer who ended up taking the june 9
8:04 am
meeting with donald trump, jr., jared kushner paul manafort pop diplomat. >> russia sergei lavrov said it otherwise quote twhield trump, jr., is receiving blame. >> we will watch that blake thank you blake burman at the white house jorng is former speaker of the house fox news contributor author of understanding trump, newt gingrich with us, always a pleasure thanks so much for joining us. >> good to be with you. >> first up sir your reaction to all of this. >> wild period. >> yeah you can say that again. >> well, look, i -- i think the most accurate parallel is author miller's great play the crucible about the salem witchcraft trials we know media wicks up in morning -- that donald trump did something horrible overnight i worked when it was take this case. >> donald trump, jr., admits not very mart to take this a real estate guy not politically savvy, so he has a
8:05 am
chance to sit down talk to somebody says there is something that can -- on hill the facts kremlin he has says no tie to this i havewritten two, three noeflz about terrorism spy agencies, et cetera, she didn't have anything for him this was a setup would have had some cool thing, he could have taken away they could have brought in and drawn him in she had nothing, pretty clear if you look at entire story, that they got him to meet so they could talk about adoption law and trying to change adoption law used phony pretens, should not have taken meeting but to suggest that this is going to rise to some criminal case requires i think totally rewriting american law so you know, we have extraordinary double standard, where the clintons take mils of collars secretary clinton okaying russians getting uranium bill clinton a half million dollars for speech from panic john podesta brother registered
8:06 am
agent forrun bank all sorts of connections and ties none of those, of course, matter after clintons clearly would not do anything bad then you get this wired story by the way, in gowdy said you suffuses jared kushner went back reexamined everything kushner filed the report and said yeah there was this wired meeting, now, i think they had forgotten it frankly because meeting was so -- to quote priebus on sunday the meeting was a nothing burger nothing happened there, apparently, manafort on cell phone most of the meeting, jared got up in suggestive left seven minutes in meeting as courtesy donald allows meeting to go on while she talked adoption law but to take that turn into a national scandal three days i think is an example of the media being frankly on edge of a pathology. >> the fact is that this
8:07 am
continues, right newt? this is a distraction lawmakers working overhauling health care tax reform in balance -- house majority leader kevin mccarthy told me yesterday. >> once we finish health mechanism for reconciliation all this stems because senate continues to wait for 60 vote rule not in the constitution. a lot of these would not be a problem if the senate simply worked by and used the majority they have, to pass the current bills that we have sent over there . maria: but you have to believe in a this russian noise is impacting the agenda, you recently penned an article saying republicans should startle planning deep tax cuts now as survival for 2018 elections depend on it why do you think this is the case, and isn't this the whole agenda of the left anyway? chuck schumer doesn't want agenda to get executed he wants to stop trump at every turn. >> you one of the things president trump has not come
8:08 am
to grips with us he won republican nomination in a hostile takeover beat 16 other people a true outsider, then beats hillary clinton in hostile takeover, takes on the clinton campaign billion dollars, hillary and bill he takes on elite media now in a city bureaucracy overwhelmingly voted against him, and state department, 99% donations went to clinton, and justice department, 97% donations to clinton so he has bureaucrats against him news media against him democrats against him substantial number of respects hoping he failtz, he has to relax say tort next 8 years going to be in unending conflict all sorts of people try to stop him the way you win that conflict you pick a handful of really big victories one of them would be a very simple very clean tax cut, 15% corporate rate very substantial middle class tax cut we patriation overseas
8:09 am
money nothing complicated drive it home august talk economic growth jobs american people say that is what they want let american people put pressure on congress, the president should arouse the country all cabinet officers go out give three or four speeches in august should barnstorm country on behalf of jobs economic growth demand pass bill in september no later than thanksgiving a signing ceremony make it retroactive to january 1 economy booming country thinks "new york times" "washington post" are stupid we go on happily to have republicans success in 18, and 20 that is what i would recommend. >> mike murphy i love your plan as you laid it out but the one thing though is president trump is advoiding the mainstream media and taking his message to the people, by a via twitter a lot of times it things like this isis victory important point but a lot of times it is also getting off track on some
8:10 am
things that seem a little bit -- uh -- >> unimportant to say the least, so do you think he needs to get the message clear on twitter or is he actuallyiappealing to base wants important and unimportant stuff as well. >> i once said to him, 10% less trump would be one hundred percent more effective. and he raised eyebrow looked at me said exactly what -- >> talking about my tweets. >> i said i love 80% of your tweets -- between 80, a, 95 i think there are times he hurts himself like a football player trips himself up falls on the ground, because some tweets i think distract us but there is a bigger story reagan came out of iran/contra bill clinton came out of whole scandal because both of them focused on bigger things rallied country to things that mattered to the country and
8:11 am
boating were very disciplined didn't get sucked into day after day news jeed agenda they created an american people's agenda whether health care, or education, or jobs, and result was country said that guy is doing serious real work these people are talking junk he needs to separate out like that do what reagan and clinic both side the tax cut bill economic growth on jobs driving role, he, 4, 5% real growth kevin mccarthy had a show great line that i am trying to really research and put together just right, he said, the best year of the obama economic 8 years was weaker than the worst year of bill clinton's 8 years think about that. and i think we need to say that is how bad the obama years were economically. trump's great driving goal las to be get economy so moving get small business growing,
8:12 am
get wages growing up, then he will get reelected the republican party will become party of prosperity we win handily in 18, not all this junk that we have. >> this is rachel campus duffy how are you this morning my question to you is. >> great. >> why don't have senate get lidde rid filibuster rule should not that be what getting american people riled up about to change role to get his agenda through the senate? well, first of all, i think if you focus on the tax cuts, you are going to get 8 democrats break a filibuster, if you are out in the country you are you offering people dramatically lower taxes dramatically more jobs, about those about those places where -- up for reelection trump state missouri, indiana north dakota 10 senators up for reelection, west virginia, i think you could probably break a number of those and so you wouldn't have to worry whether or not you are a filibuster rule he i will say a creature of the
8:13 am
house as you know, rachel i am not a creature of the senate i want to if you want a better understanding that mitch mcconnell has written absolute brilliant memoir called the long game, about two-thirds of the way through it you sense in there that mcconnell a man of the senate he believes the senate as george washington once said to thomas jefferson senate is cooling saucer to hot cup of cove from house washington's analogy explaining why you need both argue -- obamacare that they didn't get 6 or 8 republicans to support it. >> great an al as is good to see you thanks so much. >> we will be right back. >> thank you. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes.
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8:16 am
. e defy arrested person of interest in connection with with explosion of outside air force recruitment center in whole cheryl casone with details. cheryl: maria, 28-year-old benjamin is being held without bond, in a tulsa jail a pipe bomb went off monday night in front of the cute. center in bixby closed luckily no injuries, but the fbi is working to determine whether the bottoming was act of domestic terrorism gathering video and searching for witnesses right now, well, a photo forfeited on facebook has gone viral. aaron hester of kentucky took a shot of a soldier near fort
8:17 am
knox no pouring rain saluting funeral presentation kentucky law says they have right-of-way companied by consort she noticed people were not pulling over was moved to tears the soldier went above and beyond in her opinion this post has been shared over 100,000 times. on facebook, guys. well you may soon see a test for repair ban in neighborhood bans part of electricity carmaker expanding operations for modeled 3 sedan goes on sale this month is expected to attract hundreds of thousand dollars customers by the way the stock trading higher, ahead of your opening bell the stock down little more than half -- up he more than half a percent right now pop. and, finally, take a look at this photo, a man in australia checked a single can of beer as luggage a fan travel from a
8:18 am
from melbourne to he perth wanted to see what would happen surprised to see beer on carousel wasn't coincidented luggage would make it if it didn't turn up would have filed a lost luggage report. >> home of didn't explode when he tried to open it? [laughter] >> investors watching for key xiek signals from fed chairwoman janet yellen set to this morning before house financial services committee opening statements due out in 15 minutes as soon as e-mail up we will tell you what opening statement says, how millennials turning side jobs into big money. back in a minute.
8:19 am
8:20 am
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8:22 am
free time tracee carrasco with details. cheryl: good morning -- when you -- keep day job make money another way doing something else different outside of usual workday a survey from bank rate says 44 million americans have a side. >> age-group to have side gig millennials born 1980 to 1994 proving to be a generation of go getters more specifically the younger millennials 18 to 26 with 28% saying they have extra way to make money, aside from main source of income, and not using gigs to make a quick buck now and then spend on avocado toasty majority 54% uscash to pay expens, 86% do it at least monthly, with 36% of them earning more than additional 500 dollars a month, but younger baby boomers from 53 to 2 are the
8:23 am
age-group most likely to pull in extra thousand dollars per month from their side gig, interesting. >> i think says about the economy the fact that you have a full-time job you also need a side job. because income tax have not really risen to level. >> it can affordable care act think about this, competitive less coverage, right, premiums are rising you can barely afford it the important takeaway from this people are investing in themselves. there is -- >> technology fueling that you said in break if you have a phone you can do a lot. >> you can just open a set up a store sell a product on store shopify allowing you to sell your business the store i set up can sell to you, great. >> good stuff thank you, coming up the start of new era for fbi congress ready to grill president trump's pick
8:24 am
to replace former director jim comey that today janet yellen in hot seat federal reserve chair set to testify this morning possibly xhoent on more interest rate hikes winding down central bank balance sheet we've got opening statements on the other side of this break back in a minute. . one laugh, and hello sensitive bladder. so i tried always discreet. i didn't think protection this thin could work. but the super absorbent core turns liquid to gel. snap! so it's out of sight... ...and out of mind. always discreet. for bladder leaks.
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maria: welcome back. good wednesday morning thanks to so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo it is wednesday, july 12 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast.
8:27 am
federal reserve chair janet yellen heads to capitol hill investors awaiting comments on interest rates as well as the fed wipeding down balance sheet, we will have bringing prepared remarks moments from now. she is not only one lawmakers watching president trump's nominee to replace jim comey at fbi christopher ray to appear before the senate judiciary committee this morning details on his confirmation hearing coming up, meanwhile, there is detail in the bureau investigations into hillary clinton handling of classified terminals what a new document dump veiled about that, amazon on pace to break a failed record massive amount xhefrz were reportedly spending on prime day apple lovers rejoice details as company adds a paypal payment option to its store markets this morning higher futures inditing a gain opening of trading look dow industrials up 30 points nasdaq up 16, in europe gains across the board as well, as you will see here as we await the fed chair to testify markets are seeing gains, ft 100 up almost 1% ditto cac quarante in paris in asia overnight, markets mostly
8:28 am
lower with exception of hong kong, nikkei average in japan down one and a half 1% before they put on gloves mayweather and mcgregor cot the crowd hyped. >> little -- i am going to knock him out inside four rounds mark words i was 20 years ago i am not saying fighter i was 10 years ago i am not same fighter i was five years ago i am not same fighter i was two years ago. but i got enough to beat you. >> highlights as fighters trade barbs, over one month ahead of opened fight breaking news right now federal reserve chair january joan to repetitive before congress on monetary policy, we want to talk about what no if a being a she may say that morning what you is your important must have from janet yellen today mike. >> i think simply going to start to unwind the balance sheet and going to do it solely and i would love to hear her say taking direction from somebody that is going to
8:29 am
monitor what they are doing because if it is having too much of impact you want to be able to ease off not set in stone, that they can't back away from. >> also going to characterize where we are in the economy is she talks about -- her interest rate increases policy. >> yeah i mean i think what i want to hear from her is talk about fiscal plans policies how they can impact this economy drive it going forward we've seen several fed governors come out talk about how they need fiscal policy whether tax repatriation or lower tax wrailt breaking news right now comments, the e-mail is being lifted right now adam shapiro what is highlights from janet yellen remarks now. reporter: good morning federal reserve to unwinding balance sheet this year we will hear from that janet yellen also expects fed to continue gradual increases of the interest rates, federal reserve expect neutral level a federal funds rate lower than
8:30 am
previous decades that is not great sign for growth in the economy -- 2017 job growth sufficient to add new intrapts to the labor force fed expecting a gdp rebound second quarter greater than 1.5% reported first quarter, so these are the big highlights from what she is going to say before the committee this morning, when she testifies on financial services, but there is one quote that i want to read to you when you dig into it kind of sums up you where the fed stands on economy and jobs additional gradual rate mikes are likely to be appropriate over the next few years to sustain economic expansion returnflation to 2% goal even so committee continues to anticipate longer run neutral level of the federal funds rate while to remain below levels that prevailed in previous decades not expecting growth in this economy to be sufficient to bring us back to where we were with the federal funds rate at
8:31 am
least neutral level prior to the recession. >> she thinks gdp will continue to improve that right. >> that is correct if when you look at monetary outlook expecting fed gdp 2.2%, 2018 though slightly lower they are expecting about 2.1%. maria: we will wait for that thank you adam giving us opening remarks of janet yellen, as the embargo lifted. >> you can see in market right now that stocks are going up because interest rates are going to remain low that is good for equities, that is why equitable evaluations are higher because worth more in the low-interest rate environment if we're not going to get back to 4% normalized rate that we have seen the past couple decades then here it is. >> isn't -- good news good news and bad news bad news now? i would prefer to see that we can get back to more normed i would rather futures the fact
8:32 am
that we can the economy strong now of to support higher interest rates because we know savers getting hurt interest rates so low i was hoping for a little more positive out of that maybe more. >> the problem is how are we going to do that when we have all this entitlement spending that is growing, there is so much debt already on household balance sheets corporate balance sheets as well as federal balance sheet the problem is that you can't see the growth of 3% or more, unless we get big fiscal policy that can drive that action the problem is how are we going to pay for that, and there isn't a way to do that right now we are seeing congress having a hard time getting a health care plan appropriated. >> can't growth and tax that comes from the growth pay for itself? isn't that part of the plan. >> that is what mnuchin keeps saying that is what he says. >> that is what he thinks but so hard to do that we are long in the tooth in this business, cycle, we are already in probably 6 or 7th inning. >> this is her last you know hearing last testimony who is
8:33 am
going to be the next one to follow up is it gary cohn or is she going to say something that that may be signals she wants to stay on. >> unless trump reappoints her has not said he would be the reappoint her, we don't know. >> i would find that kind of. >> hard to believe. maria: you it can he won't reappoint her. >> i think he will put someone new in there yeah i also think that i see things a little bit differently than kevin i think late in economic about cycle yes, but different economic cycle technology i think could extend the economy set for higher if we get some good news out of washington the economy possibly productivity has been down labor participation rates down wages not increasing dichotomy between automatics in jobs productivity when it comes to technology, it is a tough, tough environment. >> we point out the markets have improved a bit fractional moves positive, on the heels of that opening remark the
8:34 am
opening statement we heard, as we await janet yellen to speak with house financial services committee this morning, we know basically, the headlines what have she is going to say from a adam shapiro elsewhere on capitol hill conmegas hearings for fbi director nominee christopher ray under way he will face questions from the senate judiciary committee, in about an hour, before the nomination heads to the full senate for a vote. it comes after a wild year for agency, of course, several tro controversies serious toll on about credentialed of gi former director jim comey targeted comey agency several platforms. >> a showboat a grandstander, fbi has been in turmoil you know that i know that, everybody knows that, you take a look at the fbi a year ago, it was in virtual turmoil has not recovered from that. >> fbi, fbi director nonpoliticized that is
8:35 am
impartial, that has trust of those at bureau the trust of people from both sides of the aisle, in the house and the senate, and across the land. maria: president trump lashed out at comey on twitter after firing him in may, remember he wrote this jim comey will be replaced by someone low will do a far better job bringing back the spirit and the prestige of the fbi. joining me right now former fbi assistant director jim kallstrom, jim you have been very vocal in terms of wanting credible back at fbi wanting a change because incredibly politicized your take on christopher ray. >> i don't know him i look at background he could be very good fbi director i had hoped that the president could have found someone that had a you know, a breadth scope investigative experience that had leadership you need fbi director to be someone that cannot only be you know have huge integrity be a huge
8:36 am
supporter of the constitution. he there is to protect the american people. the fbi gaits, byrd act to espionageing everything else in between, you know what is going on last few years you know, i have always said jim comey didn't have the intestinal fortitude to actually be fbi director should have stood up resigned when the whole thing was being politicized. >> you i mean loretta lynch met with bill clinton on tarmac. >> right. >> when he go the to word from loretta lynch to call it a matter instead of of a investigation. >> exactly no grand jury things like that wasn't recorded. >> and -- other activities i mean he was just all over the lot, and, you know, the longer we look at this thing the worse it gets for him, but i hope that this fellow is going to understand that it is a different job being fbi director than being is one in justice department, it is
8:37 am
apples and oranges, and you've got to put your investigative hat on be leader the movitator communicate with public understand you their issues, you know, if some agency is taking them to task like irs to so many you've got to have intestinal fortitude not bob diverted from where these types of investigations. >> i would like to know why irs wasn't investigated in terms of targeting conservatives, john koskinen still on job we know they targeted conservatives. >> didn't agree with political -- >> when that happens you've got to stand up you've got to tell american people, this is bs, this is not what we're here for. we believe this crime is being committed we want to gait not letting us investigate properly appoint new director every two months if that is the game they want to play. >> ray today testimony comes amid a new fbi document dump.
8:38 am
it is related to the agency investigation of hillary clinton mishandling of highly classified materials fox news is reporting that 42 pages paint a picture of serious but flawed investigation. didn't investigate her it was hindered by lack of cooperation do you expect senators to ray of the issue with ray today. >> sure i hope so it was an investigation i always said it was a shell game, but there was so much evidence without a proper investigation, you know they had a plethora of things, so that showed multiple felonies like hillary clinton, you know here is the question, what is going on today with the clinton foundation? you know that was stopped. for political reasons. what is going on with the unmasking of purportly thousands nas american citizens where is this going? i hope it is going somewhere. i hope this testimony being taken in washington by grand jury secret i hope that is actually going on. because there is just -- there
8:39 am
is so much out there, maria, that you know you've got to take your any political hat you have and you've got to plow forward you've got to be tough guy, i hope this guy is a tough guy, and i hope he can do something about the political correctness, that is really tying the hands of the fbi and other agencies you know for the last over 8, 12, 14 years, you know where they haven't been able to actually investigate and look at things from a motive standpoint because of politics. >> they are not going to investigate the clintons when the boss loretta lynch is basically calling it a matter not an investigation. >> not only that, the muslim brotherhood is influenced these agencies, you know through front groups, you know, under the guise you are picking on a religion so therefore kind of like you and i cosa nostra in 70s we couldn't know anything about them about how they operate,
8:40 am
what hierarchy is what mories rules of engagement we can't know anything of that. >> you mentioned hillary clinton getting 140 million dollars into clinic foundation after approved the sale of 20% u.s. stockpile uranium all we hear about now is donald trump, jr., meeting with this lawyer. >> well -- >> if you are a operative in mul of campaign somebody says hay i have damaging info on spent what are you going to say. >> yeah love it let's hear it. >> tim kaine comments outrageous talking about treason, potential treason, giving iran 150 billion dollars to help kill more americans, in the future. i mean that could be treason but certainly not having a meeting i mean just outrageous how people just blow things
8:41 am
up, and hyperbole actual lying that goes on, so i hope this guy can rise to the occasion, and -- i will be happy to do anything i can to help him i mean not that i am smartest guys in the world but do i have a long history -- >> you were at fbi how long jim. >> 27 years. >> 27 years. >> then here at state law enforcement for five years ago. >> right. >> things like that, but i hope he can do a good job. maria: has fbi do you think recovered from all of this or still -- >> no, no i think the fbi needs a complete he motivational change some people have grown up under the system have developed in my view a sarcom drome not leaning forward enough i don't mean outrageous illegal i just mean doing your job. >> stick is to letter of the law. >> stick to letter of the law protect american citizen let's not look the other way. >> there you go, jim great to see you. >> thank you so much for
8:42 am
weighing in james cal stroem former assistant director fbi amazon delivers for the company top sellers from titan summer sale event paypal wants a bite out of apple store, back in a moment right here stay with us. . welcome back to another tennis channel court report for fox business, i am andrew krasny venus is a five time women womened champion 37-year-old two wenz away from another crown at the club. ♪ venus took out reigning champion in straight sets to reach final four for tenth time, victory williams 100 signes match grass court the oldest semi finality since navratilova in 1994, a place
8:43 am
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maria: well back, change the way you pay apple and paypal strike a deal nicole petallides on floor of new york stock exchange with details. >> good morning, everybody. this is a big deal for people have paypal want to start shopping using the apple app store itunes apple music paypal said tuesday released news that paypal is now available on the apple store for music ibook purchases iphone ipad, and the like, on your ipod you make purchases, some controversy about when it actually starts, to come to u.s. soon i read another report now available.
8:47 am
also, watching lulu lemon apparent infringement lulu patented more than one exercise abc unreasonable abc saying under armour infringed on party look at exhibit a, the bra lulu on left i won't say identical but similar saying that under armour infringed on apparent going to be suffering with this, and also, that the similarities are so similar they should pull it off now a comparison under armour down 3 % compared to lulu's loss of 12% last but not at least prime day that going to be a a record sales day for sam horizon not sure how many people shopped 6,000 items per minithird party sellers 50 times more items so you would year-over-year huge
8:48 am
move there amazon echo record sales there, as well that they saw more than three times the sale of that as well worldwide so that is a big deal we foe that amazon has put retailers in a rut this year, trailer brands joseph a. bank down 60% jc penney 40% macy's 40% lower back to you. maria: sell-off there, that picture that you showed of the sports bra, i mean, yeah look similar but that is what a sports bra looks like right? >> right. >> the two lines crisscross. >> i don't know how a patent nay we will watch the story nicole on floor of the exchange as always joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varneyaway in power of amazon on full display. >> weigh in on what sports bras. >> amazon you said the other day you said a lot amazon most powerful company right now. >> i did got me off the hook very well done yes, july, right? the worst time of the year for
8:49 am
retailers amazon creates christmas to july for retailers the stock 1001 dollars as we speak, i did an informal check of our production team, who bought something on prime day sale day on amazon? one-third of our production team bought something. elizabeth mcdonald sitting next to me bought 8 things, someone connected to me bought me a dna test. apparently was one of the most popular of all items on prime day, i don't know why liz is laughing any thought electronics spatula you go for dna. >> important stuff i want to know where i come from. >> 23 and me kit. >> that is it that is the one, and i am going to do it it was bottle for me amazon prime day seriously. >> may be you are not a brit at all may be you are a -- find out secret from dna.
8:50 am
>> no what it is going to reveal i go all the way back to guy called -- french invaded gleaned 1066 i have never gotten over it now going to get proof of it. >> tell us what you find out we know you have more on amazon more in 10 minutes see you then "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern right after "mornings with maria" first baseball biggest star shining, at the mlb all-star game highlights from american league extra innings win. back in a minute. (baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing)
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maria: major league baseball all-star game last night first in florida jared max with all the details. >> good morning, everybody. major league baseball last night honored latino stars in
8:54 am
miami, 8 latino borne hall of famers threw out first pitches to 8 current latino all stars, among 8 hall of famers tony perez 50 years ago to the date hit last extra i think home run in all-star game keep that in mind this score rest until 5th, 1-1 -- a home reason i, robinson jackie robinson took davis deep over fence american league led 2-1 bottom of the tenth bellinger at plate strikes out american league wins all-star 2-1 fifth straight win for al robinson won ted williams mvp selected a corvette instead of of a chevy colorado truck. >> did you see this in 6th inning the mariners nelson cruz cell phone in back pocket a photo with veteran umpire jo west, like head cheerleader asks nobody wants to take to
8:55 am
prom come with me nice moment between player umpire called west a legend only opportunity to take a photo maybe a close call late in the season huh? >> august 26th retired champion floyd mayweather in ring with mcgregor yesterday two began a promising tour in los angeles mechanic mcgregor mayweather jabs sat each other a shot for tax lien owes over 2 million dollars to irs. >> -- little legs little -- little head i am going to being no him out inside four round mark my words knew will wear that white flag choose which way you wanting to i guarantee you this going on the on face, or going out on your back. now when way do you want to go. >> part one of tour congratulations los angeles paris both given green light to host 2024 and 2028 summer
8:56 am
olympians question who is going to host which games we don't know, and los angeles and paris cannot reach agreement only 2024 hosting rights voted on when they meet in september. >> president tweeted the other day trying to get olympics to u.s. >> better luck than obama when he tried to bring olympics here it didn't work out. maria: true. >> mlb all-star for -- >> no more homefield thank good knows over wins get 20,000 each losers get memories. >> home run deb bee had to bring in fans tv rating up 55% from in that event year home run bderby. >> we will be right back.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> our panel today. quick final thoughts? >> thank you, mike, i know i can do a face mask. >> thank you so much. ompany" begins right. now. start, take it away. stuart: i'll take it. and politics and money, that's what we do. here are the headlines. politics, keystone kops, money, stocks going way up. how about that? good wednesday morning, everyone. before the election, donald trump, jr. met a russian lawyer who promised dirt on hillary. now, he tells sean hannity, in
9:00 am
retrospect, i probably would have done something. the left thinks it's the end of the trump presidency, treason sans tim kaine. a great day for democrats says charles schumer. and republicans worry it's a


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