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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 12, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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read on the show receives an autographed copy of "putin's gambit." we hope you will be with us tomorrow. we thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight, one side is calling donald trump, jr. a traitor, the other side is saying the email issue is much ado about nothing. the senate leadership says it will release a new healthcare plan tomorrow. could a trade war with europe skunk u.s. vermin industry? this whole thing with don jr. is just exhausting and annoying. it keeps going with both sides firmly entrenched with their
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talk points and mustard gas. depending on where you stand, this is -- it's okay to think something is amiss with this weird team chain. if don were the smart one he would have jared kushner's job. if this were chelsea clinton meeting with someone named as a representative of the russian government who was supportive of hillary, people would be marching with pitchforks. just because this whole story doesn't sit quite right, doesn't mean you have to toss your red hat in the incinerator. i brings when i hear someone in
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close approximate i a d close pr say this. i know everyone does opposition research and politics is filthy and hillary is evil and the clinton foundation was a scummy one-stop collusion shop. there is no doubt in my mind everything she would have done as president would be wrong. but that did not make this right. let's get on with the show. good to have you. i'm kennedy. kennedy: the president reiterated the leak on the russia thing is the biggest
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witch hunt in american history. joining me is jason chaffetz. we talked about this on the "outnumbered" couch earlier in the week. the thing about this story is it won't go away. there are a series of missteps that keep perpetuating it and part of it comes from don, jr. >> if you don't get the story right the first time then you have to update and update again. they have just got -- i do give them credit for putting out the email top to bottom and saying here it is. kennedy: i understand that. butf it what have been more comforting if he had said i went to a meeting about hillary and i shouldn't have done it. then he said he was getting opposition research and it
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doesn't sounds like adoptions came at all. i don't lump the president in with this one. i believe -- i don't think that done, jr. has -- don, jr. has enough smarts to alert the right people. >> it shouldn't have happened and he said as much. for a democratic member of congress as they did today to file articles of impeachment against the president of the if united states is such an overreach. that's ridiculous. kennedy: here is what's problematic about the assertion the president didn't know. that's part of the attraction and part of reason people voted for him. if i were president, it would be what are you guys doing? doesn't anyone see this would be problematic? if you can't tell your dad and you feel you have to shield him
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from something, that something might be wrong in the first place. >> could you name who you met with a year ago in a 20-minute meeting? i couldn't do that and tell you all their background and tell you is this important or not important. i buy the idea this turned out to be a nothing bigger and it came and went. kennedy: i don't like the phrase nothing burger. when does this become a something sandwich. when does it rise to the point where you have a harder time defending the administration. >> i can relate to sandwiches. before it was a nothing burger. >> if they had actually done something with it and this meeting led to another meeting fan those revelations come out, you have the four top intelligence officers testify
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before the senate, they seoscopyr zero, no -- they see zero, no evidence of collusion. kennedy: this is something different. my understanding is there may be more to this story. we don't know that yet. but as the house oversight committee chairman, what would you have done with this story if this were hillary clinton? >> there is so much more on hillary clinton where you have the inspector general saying there is classified information in a non-classified setting. there is real evidence, there is not only smoke, but an actual smoking gun. then you you pursue it. when i was the chairman and hillary clinton was the secretary of state, i didn't do anything with her for months even years before there was evidence. then you do it. kennedy: wouldn't you want some sort of clarity on this issue if for no other reason so the country can move on to
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healthcare and tax reform? >> i wish it were handled better. i'm guessing by the time we get to next week we'll hear a bunch of democrats trying to stir the pot. kennedy: unfortunately don, jr. has given them a ladle and they are stirring like crazy. >> but it doesn't mean there is actual evidence. kennedy: by the also doesn't mean there is nothing. it's not the same thing as a guy came up to me at the republican convention who may or may not have been russian. >> we are into july. name a solid piece of evidence that there has been collusion. kennedy: there is a difference between something is not right, something is communicated poorly, conclusion. >> that's what i'm saying it was
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mishandle and ill informed. he said he would have dealt with it differently. that's a huge leap than having evidence of collusion. kennedy: what is collusion. >> a two-way communication and they are doing something with it. then it starts to rise to the level where you have to look at it hard. there is a special prosecutor in place. we'll see what they couple with. they have all the investigative tools. there is a lot more out there on comey and hillary clinton a lot more where there is actual evidence. kennedy: politic is filthy and scummy and that's why you got out of it. >> it's a full contact sport. i love the fight, but i don't miss the fundraising.
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kennedy: don, jr. was on "hannity" and he says in re retrospect he would have done things differently. >> this was before the russian mania and they were building it up in the press. this was opposition research. so i think i wanted to hear it out. but it went nowhere and it was apparent that wasn't what the meeting was actually about. kennedy: but donald's reasoning hasn't stopped the president's opponents from calling his acts treasonous. katie pavlich, comedian jimmy failla, and "new york times" science columnist john cuney.
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katie pavlich, it seems like this is more fuel for special counsel mueller's campfire. katie: i think last night don, jr. tried to say that in saying he would have done differently. to say it's nothing is absurd. of course it's something. it's the story has changed. the story about what the meeting was about, whether it took place, who was giving the information, that tory change repeatedly over the course of the last four days. we always talk about this in d.c. it's not the crime that's the problem, it's the cover-up. here we are now. they thought this was going away. the white house was fighting the russian narrative.
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now we have another two years of investigations going on. kennedy: it's another unforced error. administration need a legislative victory. if this meeting were so -- wero innocuous, just cap it off right there at the knees instead of having to change your story. >> that's what you are supposed to say. i have had a few run-ins with law enforcement in my day. if you came home with your parent and your story changed two times, then you are drawing them closer in. i'm mildly amused by this because the media has spent so much time attacking them on russia on nothing, that now they have discredited themselves.
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no one is going to pay attention until someone is in handcuffs. kennedy: i think you are right. but that doesn't mean he did nothing. >> there is something going on. and i think we need to see this through as opposed to legislating every revelation that comes our way until we have seen it through. kennedy: you will wear people down to the point where they don't pay attention. and nothing is worthy of being held accountable any more. hi, john tierney. >> i'm afraid i think it's a na -- a burger. he may have mis8ed what his one email said. but nothing happened in that meeting. even if he had met with someone from the russian government and gone the dirt on hillary clinton, i don't think that will resonate with the president.
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kennedy: how do we know nothing happened? >> even if they did, there is some evidence the democrats paid for a dossier on trump that was give to the f.b.i., leaked to the press, that's real collusion. kennedy: the thing about that, it didn't have any impact. people are now rational and they don't just follow the media narrative they are given, and for that i applaud people. i just want people to do that on both side. don't just pick a team and assume that team can never do anything wrong. your guy is always going to be right and the other person is the devil. >> when something is wrong, the argument is automatically the other side did it so it's fine. just because other side is doing it, and if you are going to
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complain about the other side doing it, you shouldn't justify your actions based on the other side being wrong. even if there is nothing in terms of the collusion and whether the trump campaign did anything illegal. lying to a federal agent, meaning the f.b.i., and the f.b.i. is investigating this is a federal crime and will land you in prison. the trump team needs to get a story together. they have to tell the truth, there is a difference between not remembering an email and not lining up the facts when it comes to a federal criminal investigation. kennedy: presenting a totally different set of facts. we know there are judges and prosecutors in this country who are so politically misaligned with this administration they will use any word they can.
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they will keep it clean and tell the truth. >> i think he could pardon don, jr. and the public wouldn't care. bill clinton committed earning are you and the country didn't really care. kennedy: because the economy was going in the right direction. can it do that with this congress? we don't know. senate republicans say they will reveal their newest proposal on healthcare tomorrow as majority leader mitch mcconnell cut into their recess. are lawmakers giving up their vacation for nothing? dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one.
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kennedy: i'm no weatherman but i'm pretty sure hell is going to freeze over tonight. i say that because senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has delayed the start of the senate recess so the senators can put the need of the people first. he claims they will release their revised bill sometime tomorrow. mcconnell citing the mounting pressure on republicans to fix our healthcare system. he vowed to fight through obstructionist tactics by the
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democrats it's good news for voters but bad news for people going to the lindsey graham slip-in-slide party. joining me is a man who never slides, brian kilmeade. brian: you know why i don't slide? i wear cleats to work. kennedy: and it gives you an extra inch and a half of height. john mccain said the bill is dead. lindsey graham says he's got a new version he's going to polish off and work with democrats on. brian: we are going to get the details of the revised plan. and there will be another revised plan. kennedy: the cruz amendment. brian: opioid treatment will be
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part of that. there will be an extra plan offered to people who might not need everything offered in the other plan. i believe it's going to pass. and this remind me so similar to the house. kennedy: before the august recess. brian: yes. i believe we'll have a vote next week. i don't think the longer we wade into august it will get better. kennedy: the mounting political pressure is compounded by time. rand paul says this is not repealing obamacare. how do you feel about this statement? brian: rand paul really seems as though he's out. even though he will be on "fox and friends" tomorrow, which usually means he has something to say. he said everything i offered, no one took me up on it. i do think, no offense to him,
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even though he's a doctor. repeal and replace is a disaster. every day that goes by that we don't have healthcare, is a disaster. but i wish rand paul would do the ted cruz thing. dive back in and understand he's not going to get everything he wants. i don't think there is glory in standing back. kennedy: they are both relatively young politicians with their eyes on the presidency. and rand pace an eye doctor. he's hopefully got better vision than ted cruz. hopefully he can influence him with constitution. >>ism here and there. i think it cruz amendment could save this thing. but nothing goes far enough. this is way too socialist of a bill. brian: i say this.
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i was shocked by this. kiers -- 90% of americans said they want to see a hybrid. then they want to see tax reform. i think it's perfect to come up next. if you leave that 3.8% tax for those horrible people who make over $250,000, which is most of the crew. and they are still underpaid whatever they are getting. i don't think it's all about money and they will tell you that. kennedy: as they are spending it. brian: but they can fix it in tax reform.
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so you don't get labeled as a tax break for the rich which it's not. i think they can fix that. in tax reform. kennedy: brian kilmeade, thanks so much for being here tonight. now the marker collection is complete. coming up, president trump wants to help the american the steel industry by imposing a tariff on imported steel. i'll explain and get reaction from dr. ron paul. how much money does the bourbon industry generate per year? [vo] progress is seizing the moment.
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the internet loves what you're doing... build a better website in under an hour with... ...gocentral from godaddy. the internet is waiting. start for free today at godaddy. kennedy: $8.5 billion for the industry that could soon take a huge financial hit. kentucky producers give you have 95% of the world's bourbon and employ 17,000 people of. not you trump administration considering an import tariff on foreign steel. europe is threatening to
8:29 pm
retaliate by a tariff on the bourbon industry. is there a way to protect our steel and our whiskey? joining us is dr. ron paul. let's discuss tariffs a little bit. what are some of the ramifications if the president does in fact impose a big steel tariff on imports? ron: first off, it's a tax, it raises tax on the american people. if you buy steel, you have to pass that tax along. second, it should be immoral to prohibit people from buying stuff where they want to. in a free society you are supposed to protect it not interfere with it. you should be able to buy the best products ever. but the big one that is the more
8:30 pm
practical thing people look at and why even non-libertarian economists generally oppose tariffs is there is a retaliation and downside. they retaliate and put prohibitions on our tearives. >> we see it with the imposed $15 minimum wage mandates in seattle that actually hurt the poor. it will cost more to build their businesses and buy homes and run factories. how can we shine rationale in an age of populism? it's so appealing when both
8:31 pm
sides spout it. ron: it's not an easy problem to solve it reflects probably 60 to 70 years of keynesian economic education in our universities. that's why it's endorsed by both sides. i met a lot of individuals in washington and on both sides they endorse intervention. so it's the interventionism they endorse, but then they argue by the. i think there will be enough public pressure that maybe the steel tariffs won't be put on. if you look at history, it's amazing looking at this. but it's always not on principle. it's welk we do something that's less harmful. can we retaliate? i don't like the managed trade agreements. of course, trump doesn't either. we have thousands of penalties
8:32 pm
and tariffs and imports today. but if somebody doesn't like it they go to the wto and european union. kennedy: george w. bush imposed tariffs. other countries western to the wto and it was found to be illegal. ron: the bilateral agreements make more sense. if we would have an agreement on lumber with canada and nobody else is interfering it should be worked out and maybe there would be a time when you would have free trade across the borders that touch tour country. not by the nafta. some people have advantages over others. managed trade is bad. it usually endorsed tariffs. they pretend it temperatures free trade. but it's the same individuals who are wanting to use sanctions
8:33 pm
and not ever trade with cuba. they are have much protectionists themselves. but they will frequently call themselves free traders because they believe in nafta and the wto. kennedy: we lost our vision a little bit, and thank you for your clarity always, dr. paul. now more on our top story, russia and donald trump, jr. the senate judiciary committee began the hearing for donald trump's nominee to be the f.b.i. director. the president controversially fired james comey. the new nominee christopher wray said he would never let the politics of washington cloud his judgment. >> anybody who thinks i would be pulling punches as f.b.i. directorn't know me very well. kennedy: john tierney, i listen
8:34 pm
to what he's saying, maybe it's because i'm so jade. they all say the same thing, but essentially they are all bureaucrats. >> and they are all buddies. he was cozy with mueller and comey. the f.b.i. as has a swamp it's a feudal system where they have all this info on everybody else. they are leaking all this stuff about trump, it's the deep state. the bureaucrats there love him. he needs somebody to come in there and shake it up instead of the same old thing. kennedy: my issue with the f.b.i. and the cia is they are always fighting with one another. they are just there to protect their jobs long term. jimmy, you say he will be a
8:35 pm
welcome change in the f.b.i. because when you follow in the footsteps of james comey. >> everyone hated him on both sides. this is like getting the new year's eve gig after kathy griffin. live from times square. the best part of this whole hearing. senator yawn kennedy from louisiana told wray likened to dirty harry. i want you to punch a fewer. s in the face and shoot some drug dealers for the hell of it. what could go wrong? kennedy: i think what you have to do at these hearings is follow the gorsuch model. talk about the constitution and not really say anything.
8:36 pm
katie: people in the senate could get on tv and have their moment. the thing is we blame james comey for being a political actor. but you know who put them in that position? democrats and republicans who demanded he give us information about hillary clinton and donald trump. i'm going to give this guy the benefit of the doubt. he said multiple times he's independent and he said donald trump, jr. probably should have reported the email to the f.b.i. he said he's not interested in politic. that might change. i'm sure he will get criticized from both side of the aisle. but that isn't necessarily a bad thing if you are getting criticized by both sides. kennedy: a new house republican bill includes funding for the
8:37 pm
border wall. democrats say they will fight it tooth and nail. that could lead to a shutdown in the fall. doug schoen and jessica tarlov have written about it in their brand-new book. in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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kennedy: a budget battle is brewing over the president's spending for the wall. it's worth noting the department of homeland security claims the money will only cover about 74 miles of it. house minority leader nancy pelosi was non-too pleads. she wrote once again the republicans are trying to stick the american people with the bill when president trump swore mexico would pay for it. my next guests are the authors of the brand-new book, "america and the age of trump." jessica tarlov and doug schoen.
8:42 pm
jessica and i have the pleasure of relating he once in a while on "outnumbered." i want to talk about the political discord. that was the hallmark of the elect. do you think that was here before president trump got on to the scene and what do you feel he did to exacerbate it dou. >> i blame the democrat and republicans for the political discord. it doesn't really make sense to blame people, but to seek conciliation. what donald trump did wrong is he didn't seek to bring the country together or come up with policies that would unite. kennedy: he talked about it. i know in wash it's all talk. you and i discussed this a number of times.
8:43 pm
if he were very serious about bipartisan coalitions he would have started with something like infrastructure. and then moved on to tax reform and finished with healthcare. >> absolutely. he had own opportunity no other president in recent memory had. he obviously belongs to the republican party now. but he's a man out a typical ideology. he would be happy to deal with chuck schumer on infrastructure. he got caught up too much in the excitement and rhetoric of the campaign. and fulfilling promises. the segment about the border wall. americans need healthcare more than they need a border call. he's going back to this promise that his core base is in to. when your popularity is dropping
8:44 pm
at this level and you are losing moderates and independent and democrats. i don't know why you would stake a government shutdown on this walken * what do you think the outcome is of the government shutdown. the president said maybe it's a good idea. >> there is too much political risk. given how weak the president is now. 40% approval or lower, i don't think he will want to stake his popularity on it. sadly, he's governing in a way that isolates him to that 20-30%. i agree with you. i would have done infrastructure and tax reform first. kennedy: it's much smarter for hip to go in that order. he can't .that now.
8:45 pm
but democrats suffer from the say thing. you guys have a thesis of how two parties can come together and make the country better up this president specifically. but the democrats are still talking about resistance and it rings hollow with voters. >> it's not going to get us anywhere. this is a particularly important issue to talk about. if we on focus on that we are still not going to have a deliverable in 2018 or 2020. you can't only campaign on we are not donald trump. >> which is why we wrote "america in the age of trump." kennedy: there is that tie. doug schoen. thank you very much. coming up. dogs have always made great pets, but a colorado woman
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on home and auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i am totally blind. and for years i've struggled with non-24, a circadian rhythm disorder that can turn my sleep cycles upside down. it kept me from doing the things i truly love to do. sometimes i'd show up early; sometimes i was too late. and sometimes, even though i was there... i didn't really feel..."there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424 to learn more. kennedy: on this day in 1954 president eisenhower put forward a plan to develop an interstate
8:50 pm
highway system. he was a visionary when he realized americans would need a cracker barrel every 50 miles. topic number one. a colorado woman swore she heard a car alarm going off. when she looked closer she realized it was a dog. yeah, these are the kind of things that can happen when your state legalizes marijuana, kids. in her defense it does sound a lot like an alarm once you get past the fact that it's a head sticking out of the window.
8:51 pm
cnn is reporting that donald trump locked the dog in the car. topic number two. former first lady michelle obama has a new photo book coming out called "chasing life." michelle's book is a collection of photographs taken of her while she was in the white house. and we have an advanced copy of the book. here she is smacking candley out of little kids' hands. and here is a shot p of her writing milan yeah trump's inauguration speech. topic number 3. kermit the frog lost his voice. unlike our cameraman clark, he didn't have to drink a gallon of
8:52 pm
wine coolers to do it. but back to kermit. voice actor steve whi wihmeier announced he's retiring. they are having a hard time find replacement. most adult men who do kermit the frog impressions probably aren't aloud within 500 feet of the school. he was also the voice of big bird who. topic number 4. yesterday we talked about viking yoga where you alleviate stress by drinking like a viking and cursing at strangers. it's like hang out with our cameraman clark.
8:53 pm
today we go to the great state of arizona where a if you necessity mom none called bungee yoga is taking off. first there was downward dog, now there is dog tied to a fence post. have you ever seen a dog one to the ends of its leash, then it snaps back? that's what this looks like. you have got to be a parent to get that joke. but enough about clark for one day. topic number 5. if you can't stand the fact that we currently have a president who fought in wrestle mania, i have great news. we are one step closer to having a president who fought in 8 of
8:54 pm
them. a campaign committee has filed to draft drain the wok johnson. he says he's an independents, but he would most likely have to run as a democrat to scare up financing. hey, joe, do you smell what the rock is cooking? it gives me gas. kennedy: bind would be the rock isn't cooking anything. the burning smell is hillary's email server. but as many shots as i take of hillary on this show, i should say deleting 50e78s probably doesn't seem like such a bad idea to donald trump, jr. anymore. former president bill clinton's daughter chelsea reportedly being sued over a back to idea.
8:55 pm
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kennedy: it's my pleasure to book errands the show with more tales of naughty political children. done jr. isn't the only one with questionable smarts. chelsea clinton is being accused of plagiarism in a lawsuit based
8:59 pm
on her children's book. an upstate author wrote a book heart is the part that makes boys and girls smart. he claims penguin forwarded the submission to chelsea clinton. she has stolen her i'dify i from her parents while having zero achievements of her own. so fingering a few phrases doesn't seem out of her realm. should she be a word thief? email
9:00 pm
tomorrow on the show, rachel campos-duffy and kmele foster. an interesting night. good-bye. i'll see you later in my dreams. anything but an outlaw. >> an outlaw with a cult-like following. >> today, we'd call him a terrorist. >> that's a northern term. >> caught on a haunting image... >> this is a controversial photo. >> to his killer? >> it's either jesse james and bob ford or it isn't. >> it's her strange inheritance, and it could bring in a bounty. >> people questioned it. they wanted to see proof. >> we've heard everything from $50,000 to a half-million dollars. $15,000. now $20,000. $20,000. thinking about $20,000. ♪


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