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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 13, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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lou: good evening, everybody. president trump's nominee to run the fbi today acting like, well, another d.c. establishment hack, caressing the tiresome rino rhetoric an anti-trump antics of senator lindsey graham, and like his likely predecessor, james comey, christopher wray went out of his way to exaggerate his and the agency's independence. as fbi director at senate confirmation hearing. in fact i wondered today why the president had even bothered with this obviously clubby
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self-important justice department official. president trump nominated him on june 7th, and praised him as quote a man of impeccable credentials. wray did not turn the compliment in any fashion. serving as the unctuous civil servant poodle and seeking favor as he is. testifying before the senate judiciary committee, he refused to pledge loyalty to the president and he rejected the president trump assertion that the mueller special counsel investigation is witch-hunt. which means he is another problem in the capital with already with them. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. reporter: fbi director nominee christopher wray told the senate judiciary committee there is no room for political interference. >> what is your view of the fbi generally but more importantly you as director head up that organization?
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>> i believe to my core that there is only one right way to do this job, and that is with strict independence, by the book, playing it straight. >> if the president asked you to do something unlawful or unethical, what do you say? >> first i would try to talk him out of it. and if that failed, i would resign. reporter: not just the fbi's independence senators are concerned about. >> will you commit today in that any white house direction you would curtail or end an investigvation is something you would report back to this committee and this senate? >> i would certainly report it wherever it is appropriate. i would need to make sure i was compliant with all my legal obligations. reporter: on russian government interference in the u.s. election, wray says it's a settled matter. >> i have no reason to doubt it. reporter: wray would look into media reports that democrats worked with ukraine officials to hurt the trump campaign. >> i would be happy to dig into it. >> thank you. reporter: president's decision to fire james comey was a central line of questioning.
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on comey's claim the president asked him for pledge of loyalty, wray said he met with mr. trump at the white house along with justice department officials and had a different experience. >> no one asked me for any kind of loyalty oath at any point during this process. i sure as heck didn't offer one. >> you would not give one if asked? >> correct. reporter: wray was asked if like comey he would be uncomfortable in a one-on-one? >> would you meet in the oval office with the president with no one else present? >> i think it would depend on the circumstances, senator. i think it would be highly unlikely but i think there, i could imagine a situation where there would be some national security matter where it might call for it. reporter: president supports the use of controversial interrogation tactics critics labeled torture, wray laid out his position. >> torture is wrong. it is unacceptable. it is illegal and i think it is ineffective. reporter: the fired fbi director did not escape criticism for his 2016 decision that he publicly laid out evidence that hillary
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clinton mishandled classified information and recommended against criminal charges. >> i can't imagine a situation as fbi director i would be giving a press conference on uncharged individual. reporter: while comey documented his conversations with the president, wray said memorializing any government discussions would be done on case-by-cases basis. after the hearing republicans and democrats on the committee had positive things to say about wray. the committee's republican chairman, senator chuck grassley recently told reporters hopes the nomination will not languish and wray's confirmation can be complete before the mid-august recess of the lou? lou: thank you very much. catherine herridge reporting from washington. for more on christopher wray's performance today and battle over health care also raging on capitol hill, in particular in the senate, we are joined by ed rollins. he served in three presidential administrations, chief political advisor to the house republican leadership as well. the dean himself. ed, good to have you here. >> thank you very much. lou: your thoughts of
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christopher wray and his remarks? >> i teach a course on hofstra university on the american presidency and constitution. nowhere in the constitution does it say the fbi is independent agencies. nowhere the justice department are independent agencies. they are entities serve as pleasure and attorney general and fbi director as pleasure of promise. this premise that i don't respond to the president, you don't respond to the people. he doesn't report to the congress. he reports to the president. i think that is bad mind-set to begin with. lou: to actually have one of those senators on the judiciary committee saying well you report back here, ben sasse, i believe, he looks like a damn fool. he responded, at that he would have to look at legal obligations. the suggestion on part of christopher wray is just assassin nine as james comey with he talk about independence of an agency that is not an independent agency. it is mind-boggling that you're watching grown men and women
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talking, questioning a man nominated to lead the fbi and none of them know what the hell they're talking about! >> the constitution gives again, the constitution gives congress oversight and basically fund and inquire what an agency is doing you about they don't appoint people to the agency. the people in the agencies don't report to them. this gentleman, if he gets confirmed reports to president of the united states. the president wants to bring him over to talk about crime investigations whatever in the oval office that is certainly his prerogative to do that we ought to begin with that premise. if you don't like it that way change the laws. that is the way it is today. lou: what does it say about the nature of a man who doesn't have the grace to at least respond in kind to a man who is nominated you to the job, who has said kind things about you, and your capacity and your character, and behaves as this puffed up poodle did today? >> i think reality is you have a mind-set. you're seeing that, i think he may act differently when he is in a different environment but right now he is trying --
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lou: that is reassuring, isn't it? we can't look at man testifying before the judiciary committee know actually that is the role he will play as, as an fbi director. i mean it is extraordinary. >> i come back, the fbi is not independent agency. it basically an agency of the just it tis department which is part of the executive branch government which american voters vote a president toe oversee all that. i think we need to get back to that mine set. regardless of what is going on today, all the sidebar stuff this is the way the government is is the up. this is way people need to think about it. they, they need to read the constitution and get an interpreter. lou: we will pledge to send them copies of the constitution. >> make them read it. lou: you got it. i can't do that. we can get them shipped off to them. this is, again, the fbi director role here. it was as if he were being questioned by the entire democratic party. this didn't look like the republican party rand the u.s. senate or that committee!
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what do you think? >> i think the certain extent they're all running a little scared for no reason. think reality they need to step up to do their jobs an they're not. this is important posting. this is obviously a man if he does get confirmed he look at bottom of his certificate and certificate will have president's name on it. won't have congress's name on it. and that is the commission that he receives. he is a subcabinet post. he is not a cabinet member. subcabinet post. needs to respond like that. lou: there wasn't, to me, there wasn't a hell of a lot of humility present there inquiring in the room, certainly not in the chair that christopher wray held. senator mcconnell, warning that not to block the blame care repeal debate, yes -- obamacare repeal debate. we don't have assurance he will get obamacare repealed. we know at least according to a number of senators including rand paul, basically what it appears mcconnell is attached
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to is a version of obamacare that he is not willing to let go of. the president of the united states today saying very clearly to them, it is time to act on repeal and replacement of obamacare. where does this end? >> well, if they were going to vote on mcconnell's bill today or bill coming up tomorrow there probably aren't sufficient votes to do it. i think that is a tragedy. republicans basically need to live up to their promises which they have made now for six or seven years. not a single member about senate that hasn't promised to repeal, not necessarily fix but repeal obamacare. start there. get rid of this bad piece of legislation of the start fixing it. all the bipartisan stuff that allegedly going on what have you is not there. it is not a good bill. it is not good for patients. it is not good for doctors. it is not good for americans. lou: this looks like likely collision between senate and republican leadership and president of the united states. is that the case in your view? >> that is the case in my view. at the end of the day the
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president needs to take his case to the american public and put pressure on these guys to make sure he do what they said they would do and wants them to do. at the he will campaign for them. if they vote against it, don't expect help from him. lou: ed rollins. >> thank you. lou: we're coming right back. there is a lot more to cover today. and there is so much it in the -- intimating you can tell by the stench from capitol hill, stay with us. new fbi director nominee wray vows independence and denies the russian investigation is a witch-hunt. >> i will never allow the fbi's work to be driven by anything other than the facts, the law, and the impartial pursuit of justice. lou: is the wallp about to get even deeper? we'll take that up and more with fox's gregg jarrett. the president keeps his promises to make america safe again.
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new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. lou: fbi director nominee christopher wray distances himself from fired director james comey today.
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wray addressing comey's handling of the hillary clinton. mail scandal during his senate confirmation hearing today. the. >> in my experience as prosecutor, as head of the criminal division i understand there to be department policies that govern public comments about uncharged individuals, i think those policies are there for a reason. i would follow those policies. >> okay. >> i can't imagine a situation where a fbi director i would be giving press conference on uncharged individual, much less talking to the hill about it. >> okay. lou: after recent revelations concerning his handling of classified information, joining us here tonight, fox news anchor, former defense attorney gregg jarrett. >> nice to be here, lou. lou: an unusual hearing today, as i said, ed rollins earlier, you would have thought that the democrats were leading the judiciary committee and the u.s.
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senate questioning that unfolded and to hear again, in this case, a nominee to be fbi director and in the case of james comey and former february by director talking about an independent agency which it is patently, constitutionally not! >> it is one of those myths that seems to have gained currency and credibility, just all on its own. the fact is the president can direct the attorney general and fbi director to investigate a matter or to stop investigating a matter. he has absolute power to do that. he runs the executive branch. they serve at his pleasure. he can hire and fire them for reason or no reason at all. this matter of independence is sort of came about sponte on its own after the last 20 or 30 years as fbi directors and ags began to assert on their own their own independence. but it's a myth.
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lou: varying degrees of talent and aptitude for the job they held. >> right. lou: again, christopher wray saying today, that he thinks that robert mueller is just doing a bang-up job. he didn't say that literally. >> right. lou: but that it wasn't a witch-hunt as the president has asserted. he has 14 people that he has brought in. >> right. lou: all, there is not a republican donor among them and a handful of hillary donors. >> that's right. lou: it is on its face not an impartial assemblage. >> absolutely isn't. in fact when you look at assignment given to him by rod rose ten stein, acting attorney general, it tasks him with finding a crime that doesn't exist in the law. lou: right. >> colluding with russians. there is no such statute. there is no such law. collusion only exists in antitrust law. so it is a legal impossibility for robert mueller to perform his job. and you know, it is bewildering
4:18 am
to me that anybody thinks that robert mueller can be fair and impartial and unbiased and not had not towards favoritism. the key witness in this case, who is himself perhaps committing a crime is close personal long-time friends, allies, partners with robert mueller. it is a, in a protege mentor relationship. is the mentor going to investigate and if warranted prosecute his protege? of course not. it is inherently unfair process. mueller should not be the special counsel. lou: and so we can, i assume, you're suggesting we can expect him to resign out of, just a tormented conscience immediately? >> you and i will grow really old waiting for that to happen. it won't happen. lou: the president of the united states, the attorney general, who should tell him to the get "the hill" out until, and start, and tell everyone now that we're going to do this honestly and forth rightly before the american people?
4:19 am
we're going to acknowledge the fbi is not an independent agency. the director not an independent job. and thirdly, that there is a responsibility that is laid out by statute, that the special counsel be impartial? >> that's right. i'm not suggesting that the president should fire robert mueller because that would create political chaos. not legal, but political chaos. the president could do it if he wants to. i have written a column that says the president ought to use the power of the bully pulpit to make a case publicly, putting pressure on robert mueller to voluntarily step down so that somebody who is fair and impartial can take over aspects counsel. there are some things that should be investigated. james comey, it appears he took home seven documents, four of which may have been classified documents. that's a crime! that is exactly what david petraeus did and pled guilty to. join deutch did and was prepared to plead guilty before he was
4:20 am
pardoned. what exactly hillary clinton did and should have resulted in her indictment. you can't take a classified document home with you and stick it in a drawer! it is an unauthorized, unsecure place. it's a clear violation of the espionage act. it is a crime. it needs to be investigated, and if comey did these things, he needs to answer for it legally. he is in legal jeopardy in my judgment. lou: the country is in jeopardy of, as you say, a government off the rails. to watch that judiciary committee today, and christopher wray, who otherwise may be a fine fellow -- >> he is a very smart man. lou: to perform as he did in such a graceless and in my opinion uninformed way about both the constitution an the law, and to have the committee so interested in their own partisan cant and interest,
4:21 am
president of united states has to be besides himself watching this go forward. every citizen should be besides themselves to put up with this. >> hypocrisy and duplicity in washington is endemic. it is everywhere. we saw it today on stage, at that committee hearing today. lou: we watched a bunch of self-satisfied senators and nominee clucking to themselves self-aggrandizement and satisfaction. >> well-said. lou: good to have you here, gregg as always. well usaid yourself. >> thank you. lou: gregg jarrett. vote in our poll tonight, should president trump nominate a new fbi director who isn't an obvious d.c. establishment hack? we like to hear what you think of that. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook and follow me on instagram. our twitter follows are fired up about my new thriller, entitled
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put tin's gambit. lou, my husband turned me on to your show a few years ago. i've been hooked since. keep at the timing you like it is my next read, "putin's gambit." viewers whose comments are read, receive an autographed copy of "putin's gambit." treasure untold. wall street a record breaking day, the dow gaining 123 points to a new all-time high, the 27th record close this year. now that's not bad. wait to go. who you should we credit? oh, yes, president donald j. trump i think. what do you think? the s&p up 18. nasdaq up 68. volume on the big board picking up a bit, 3.1 billion shares. stocks moving high every after fed chair janet yellen signaled a gradual pace of rate hikes. yellen telling congress the central bank stands ready to adjust policy if inflation
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lou: a few thoughts on what is passing for leadership on capitol hill. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell graciously delaying recess to work on healthcare.
4:28 am
but republican leaders in the house are committed to their five-week recess despite being in session 105 days in total. here is speaker ryan explaining it to all the great unwashed, untouchable citizenry. >> we are far ahead of the pace. the house institutionally can move faster than the senate. we will make sure we fulfill all our responsibilities. lou: far ahead of the pace? the house barely passed a healthcare bill voting 217-213. as for a budget, tax reform, infrastructure. they appear to be nowhere close much like their colleagues in the senate when it comes to healthcare.
4:29 am
president trump issued a firm warning that he will be angry if congressional republicans can't get it done on healthcare. >> i'm sitting in the oval office with a pen in hand waiting for our senators to give it to me. for years they have been talking about repeal-replace. i think they passed it 61 times. but that didn't mean anything. lou: the president is right. those other times didn't mean anything. mcconnell and ryan not particularly effective in getting anything done, no matter their title or lengths of service. and they have sponsored fewer than 15 pieces of legislation that have become law during their long 10 iewrs on capitol hill. their combines years on capitol hill amount to a half century.
4:30 am
the swamp they have lived in and worked in for so long urgently needs draining and they need to be helped to a better place higher and drier. albert einstein said this. weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character, and there is an epidemic in washington. president trump pressuring republican senators to come together on healthcare. >> i will be very angry by the and a lot of people will be very upset. but i'm sitting waiting for that bill to come to my desk. i'm hoping that they do it. lou: about the senate dismantle the disastrous obamacare? the disastrous obamacare? the fearless daredevils are
4:31 am
♪you may say i'm a dreamer ♪but i'm not the only one ♪i hope some day you'll join us♪ ♪and the world will be as one ♪imagine no possessions ♪i wonder if you can ♪no need for greed or hunger ♪a brotherhood of man ♪imagine all the people ♪sharing all the,
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lou: house majority whip steve scalise is out of intensive care, but he does remain in serious condition. the louisiana congressman still fighting and infection rethroughout his gunshot wound and will have to undergo at
4:35 am
least two more surgeries. he's out of i.c.u. he has been hospitalized another since he was shot on june 14. joining me, congressman dave bratt congressman, great to have you with us as always. is peaker ryan going to emulate his suddenly committed pal in leadership mitch mcconnell and show then the recess? >> i hope so. the house freedom conference had a news conference today. we have huge work to do it's like bumper cars. it's all connected. the tax relief, the corporate
4:36 am
tax rates, putting money back into the pockets of people. the border adjustable piece is probably going away, that's a trillion dollars. we have huge work to line up this agenda, and we need to stay in session until we get that lined up. tell the senate what's acceptable to us and the american people so they get it right on healthcare. lou: i have great respect for kevin brady, the chairman of the ways and means committee. but this border adjustment tax is utter irresponsibility. it needs to end and adjustments be made, not a bored adjustment tax, but adjustments to it absence. >> the white house says no. bun chin says no. i think it's done.
4:37 am
i think it's getting there. but the more problematic piece is, if we don't sort out the fiscal mess, the real worry i have, we have to reduce rates. if we have a fiscal mess, then rate won't go down as much. the healthcare bill won't be a thriller. but the tax bill they will. that will reinvigorate the economy, everybody's wages back home have been flat for 40 years. that's why you have political anxiety. once you boost wages and get the high school kid and college kids jobs, everybody will be in a better mood. lou: the president campaigned on that for two years on precisely that. it means an economy moving
4:38 am
forward, not backward, and not stagnant. the only people to don't seem to quite comprehend that are the deep dems and the leadership of the republican house and republican-controlled senate. that's a fine how do you do. >> he whipped the healthcare bill back into shape and he's putting pressure on the senate. we have the cruz amendment, some free market aspect, instead of a fixed to obamacare. obamacare is in the ditch. lou: air force one at joint base andrews, the president and the first lady boarding air force one for that it their trip to france going to meet with macron and have a heart to heart
4:39 am
meeting with more of european leadership, and of course we wish them a receive, happy and productive trip. there they are, just about ready to take off from andrews air force base. my apologies for interrupting. why is there up uncertainty on the predictablity of leadership whether it be mitch mcconnell or speaker ryan. i was speaking with someone who said they have tough jobs. that's nice. i don't know why that should be oh unusually tough, men of tall entrepreneur and character should be able to get things done. are they the right people to be getting it done? >> they need to follow trump's lead. if you look at that poland speech. a million people got together
4:40 am
and said we want the freedom to worship god. the judeo-christian tradition, the rule of law and the free market. we have to have the confidence to vote that way and sell it to the american people. if we go to the american people, the left has nothing. lou: it's a good thing to be american again. >> the left want to deconstruct the judeo-christian ethic, and the rule of law, making fun our police officers. supply-side business they make a mockery of every day. lou: membership oh to ryan and mcconnell, new typ times are he. do you think you get that recess shortened? >> i do. the american people want us to get result. the healthcare has to be
4:41 am
somewhat of a free market move. lou: lower premiums, better healthcare. >> that's it. lou: your leadership said 61 type you want to repeal it. >> the healthcare bill is a bare min municipal. the tax piece is the new america. that's the piece that will make he within * happy again. we have to align those bumper cars. we are on it. have everyone look at our press conference. they will be happy with what we are doing. lou: congressman dave brat, glad to have you with us. please roll the video. setting up a rope wing on an old bridge in wales. watch this. what's a bridge for if not this.
4:42 am
a daunting drop worth the view. i'm afraid to think about how they get back up. it might be more than i can handle. but imsure all of my colleagues on "lou dobbs tonight" would help pull me back up if only i would take that leap. president trump proclaiming putin would have preferred hillary clinton over hip as president. >> if hi are you has won, our military would be decimated. our energy would be much more expensive. that's what putin doesn't like about me. lou: he's right. we'll be right back with general jack keane.
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lou: the people's liberation army on their way to djibouti on the horn of africa. china joining the united states, france and japan with bases in gentlemadjibouti.
4:47 am
joining me now, fox news military analyst retired four tar general jack keane. good to have you here. this is an intriguing spot to me. djibouti, it's remote and at the same time in the thick of things strategically. to have so many countries in one small country with their militaries, is there any other place in the world like it? >> no, there is none other quite like it where we have that's countries sharing territories in terms of military bases it's a crossroad between the middle east and trick not far from the indian ocean. djibouti. as you mentioned in the intro, china revised the regional order
4:48 am
in the pacific to be sure. they projected power in the south china sea, building base there. projecting power in the east china sea. this is part of their global strategy. they want to be on a par with the united states in terms of influence in the world globally. but their long-term strategy is to replace the united states as the preeminent power in the world. that's where they are heading and they will eventually be trampling on our interests around the world as they are trampling on our interests in the pacific. lou: to me it's almost unthinkable. i lived some of the greatest of american history over these past 50, 60 years, but to think that china could catch up to us militarily is to me unthinkable.
4:49 am
am i just utterly wrong? >> they are very clever in their strategy. they are not going to go ship to ship, army division to army division and military piece to military piece. they watched the soviet union do that and they think it contribute to their economic collapse. they have a strategic design to take advantage of our vulnerabilities. but they will develop a blue navy. it won't be the size of ours, but it will be more than enough. they think the united states is a waning country in terms of the influence and the problems we have, and they think they are rising economically and they will rise militarily. and they are confident about it. their military has a sense of hubris about it and they have to
4:50 am
tamp it down. lou: in iraq and mosul isis has been rolled back. you were the first person to say in my memory that president trump in the strategy and philosophy he was bring together white house would result in the defeat of isis. it appears that is happening on a timetable that is much quicker than at least i understood possible. your thoughts and where we are headed from here. >> it's true. isis is being rolled back in iraq every day. mosul is back in iraqi forces hands. isis will continue to exist in iraq. they took a small town 40 miles south of mosul. they will conduct terrorist operations for sure. in syria isis will eventually be rolled up.
4:51 am
but most of the leaders of isis have moved down southeast of syria to a place along the euphrates river valley, and they are still controlling an external terrorist operation. as of right now we don't have plans to clean that out. we have got to do that as part of the plan to defeat isis, and i hope that comes to pass. lou: up next, house leader ryan dragging his feet on canceling an august recess. we'll be talking about the state of dysfunction on capitol hill. stay with us. [music]
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but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing) lou: in our online poll we asked-should senate majority leader mcconnell get rid of the 60-vote threshold to get legislation to pass by a simple majority. 90% of you say yes, mitch 90% of you say yes, mitch . . . and just get it done?
4:56 am
>> first of all, your follow was a great poll. we should get rid of that filibuster rule and vote with a simple majority. i think the president should use the whole month of august. he should use the month of august to push that. this is what the democrats -- lou: he could do it in a new york minute. the senators love their precious rules. >> that's a shame, isn't it? that collides with the national interest and the will of the people. >> they love high taxes and complicated healthcare. that way the lobbyist donors have to come by every little deal. if we can create another revenue stream for them, maybe they would come to their senses. lou: watching the senators in the judiciary committee, did you not have the feeling the
4:57 am
democrats control the senate and the judiciary committee? did you not think he acted just like another hack? >> i couldn't agree more with the analysis you had on the show it was interesting you would never see the democrats doing that. that was embarrassing, and a shame. i think the president should rescind his nomination. >> you are absolutely right it's a job interview. you say whatever you have to say. i would love to workweek and. lou: this business in talking with gregg jarrett and ed roll -- about this nonsense, is he bringing this wrap about it being an independent agency? we heard that from james comey. it's absolutely not an independent agency. you would think was some sort of
4:58 am
contractor instead of employ yeast federal government. >> two places where you lie, job interview, you have got to lie. >> there was a real lack of graciousness. the president nominated him and he threw the president under the bus. i thought it was shameful. lou: you would renominate someone, too? >> i absolutely would. lou: i can't imagine why the president would put up with that nonsense. he's the only one who's going to have a job at this point. the republicans will be he advice rated at this rate. >> i think they will fast healthcare. lou: senator rand paul says the geniuses in the senate
4:59 am
leadership will keep the effective framework of obamacare rather than repeal it. >> get ready for this moment. they should have had studies and panels and the new plan ready to go. they had years to put this together. lou: the idea that this is not a witch hunt by robert mueller. you talk about staring into the abyss. >> i think it's important whenever you have a meeting with a nobody about nothing, it must be investigated. lou: both for being here. we have a great new book to recommend quickly written by my buddy jim born and me, "putin's gambit." every viewer whose comment is
5:00 am
read on the show receives an autographed copy of "putin's gambit." we hope you will be with us tomorrow. cheryl: breaking news this morning, president trump is in paris hope to go sure relationships amid controversy here at home over his son. lauren: will majority leader mitch mcconnell deliver on new promise of new health care bill. cheryl: federal reserve janet yellen helped lift dow to a new record. she's back on capitol hill this morning. lauren: yellen's promise to slowly raise interest rates pushing dow 123 points yesterday to look at this record high and futures this morning building on that record, dow futures up 24, nasdaq up 21. cheryl: taking a look at a


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