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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  July 13, 2017 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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>> all right, and the president is in paris this morning. >> macron is going to be trump's most surprising european relationship: . maria: all right, "varney & company," stuart, take it away. stuart: i will indeed. the president arrives in paris and the media still stuck in russia. in new york, here comes another stock market record. good morning, everyone! despite the swamp, we have a show to make you smile. we'll take you to the palace and to napoleon's tomb as the president leaves the swamp and takes his western values to the french. as i said, this is a show to make you smile. here is something else, another record coming for stocks. the dow hit its 23rd record of the year yesterday. 21,532.
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in a half hour, all three major indicators will go up some more. profits are up, janet yellen outlines a slow interest rate rise and who knows, we may yet get a tax cut. all for stocks. investors are again, completely ignoring democrat hysteria. congressman brad sherman files articles of impeachment. and hamilton threatens the president and calls him a racist. and 50% of air time to one story, donald trump, jr.'s meeting with a russian. be not downcast, we'll see the president with the europeans. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ >> they have to get past, they have to do it. they have to get together and get it done.
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>> what will happen if they don't? >> i don't want to talk about it, because i think it would be very bad. i would be very angry about it and a lot of people will be very upset. stuart: i'd call that a warning. get a health reform plan done, do it or i'm going to be angry. full-time details later on this program. we've got a pretty good idea what's coming down the pipe. some obamacare taxes on the wealthy will stay. more money to help keep premiums under control and a provision that lets people under 30 buy the high deductible plans, known as catastrophic coverage and more to fight opioid addiction. and amazon, 1,004 per share, had a big win with the prime day sales, best sales ever, actually, and they signed up
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more prime members in one day than ever before. now we hear, amazon is coming out with a new echo speaker later this year. poor e-mack bought the old one at discount yesterday. liz: i've been duped! i've been had! i want congressional hearings, jeff bezos must be called in. just kidding! yes, i have been duped along with millions of others. it's going to be to have besides one model has a touch screen display, better sound and microphone, yeah, i've been had. stuart: how long are we going to stay on that one picture there, that column there. they've got a new one coming in the sound. liz: better sound than you singing the beatles before the show. >> i bet you're going to buy the new one, it's a great play. people got to buy the old one for the next five months, and get the new one in time for the
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holidays. that's, by the way, scott, a market contributor and he's with us. would you buy amazon at 1004? >> i love it here, stuart. i love the record sales, and the product innovations. liz: and people like me. >> duping going on, yes, that's part of the system that they're proposing. so to me, amazon is a still a good value here. stuart: i think the echo play is perhaps the most important play of all. you're locked into the new system, the home help computer. ashley: it's amazonland. liz: they don't share their information with third party marketers. it's clear, they may. stuart: that's not going to stop the echo's explosion, i don't think. >> if you have the data and able to sell it for profit or whatever organization, or whatever they set up with the third party people, that's a great thing because this speaker is always-- >> the privacy.
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stuart: hold on, you would buy amazon now at 1004. would you buy facebook very close to 160? >> it's unbelievable, just a couple of weeks ago, it dropped into the 140's and everybody thought here comes the tech-- and i'm sorry, we're back north of 155. facebook in two weeks, they have a lot of pressure, two wednesdays from yesterday. facebook has to nail earnings coming up in a couple of weeks. if they don't, you could see the stock fall back, but i would be buying up more. stuart: you would be buying today. >> absolutely. stuart: buying amazon and facebook. >> we own it. stuart: if you get a tax cut, how high the dow go? >> you'll see at least 25,000. here is the thing about the dow. stuart: 25,000. >> i'm telling here is the thing, you're talking about tax cuts, and how about repatriation of all overseas. liz: and m and a deals.
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>> and the dow, 25k. stuart: and do you detect a level of excitement. granted it's pay day at fox, but excited here. to politics fast. president trump says he'll be angry if health reform doesn't get done. and mitch mcconnell is putting a lot of pressure on senate republicans at least allow the legislation to move forward. let's bring in fox news contributor byron york with the examiner. we've got details of the health plan earlier this morning coming out about 11:00 i think it is, and already there's a lot of conservative opposition to it. it looks like it's not going to go very far. what say you? >> well, i think we've heard rand paul, for example, one of the conservative opponents say, well, basically what it does, it reinstates a couple of the taxes that we wanted to repeal, and then it doesn't change a whole lot else. i think the big question is
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going to be how many conservatives this ted cruz amendment manages to attract. obviously, ted cruz himself and mike lee, but does it get many others and are there any of these moderates who could be convinced unless the plan makes some change to the idea of essentially moving medicaid to the states. stuart: look. all this weedy stuff, let's get rid of that for a second. when push comes to shove at the last minute, maybe the end of august, can you really see the republican party saying no, nothing. we're not going to do anything? we're going to beat this back, really? >> that's a great question and look what happened in the house. they thought they had a deal, then they had to pull it back. and then they had to get some other plans and other amendments and finally, there was one last amendment from fred upton that allowed a few last people to get on board and they passed it. we're not there yet in the senate, but i think we could be
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travelling the same road, and so, mitch mcconnell right now is struggling to get it onto the floor. they could fail. they could fail again and finally come around with something. but this is something that's so big, and so important to the republican party's reputation in the sense that we all know they've been promising this for seven years, that they have to find a way to do it. this, right now, might not be the way to do it, but look what happens in a couple of weeks, three weeks, a little longer. stuart: we'll be watching for sure. the broadcast news shows gave 54% of their air time last night to coverage of donald trump, jr. russia, russia, russia. it's endless. i think this is going over the heads of most people. i think people are really fed up with it. what say you? >> well, certainly a lot of the news organizations are deeply in the weeds. this is kind of the scandal that ate cable television in some ways.
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but i agree with the voters' concern. i think they're, as always, more concern about what the president might be doing to improve their quality of life, which is why, by the way, the president himself should spend more time talking about his agenda, talking about tax cuts, talking about repealing obamacare, talking about border security, talking about all the things that got him elected. stuart: okay. we've got it. byron york, thanks so much for joining us this thursday morning, we appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. now this, los angeles area congressman brad sherman has introduced articles of impeachment against president trump and texas congressman al green, the only co-sponsor of that measure. more, please. ashley: mr. sherman says at that donald trump's abrupt firing of james comey as fbi director amounts to obstruction and high crimes.
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and he filed articles of itch peachment. and the only one who says it's a good idea is al green from texas. it's not going to pass in the house at sarah huckabee saunders says. >> they call it treason? connell: if they lose the house, watch out. stuart: i know. ashley: isn't this ridiculous? goes on and on, never stops. >> it doesn't ever stop. stuart: president trump leaves the swamp to paris taking his defense of the west to france. a few minutes from now, president trump will meet with president emmanuel macron, we'll take you there. you're going to paris, ladies and gentlemen, you'll see it all happen. yesterday op capitol hill, praising janet yellen for the rally. what about the trump rally?
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have they ever heard of that? the congressman is next. >> the stock market and the people's 401(k)'s are improving and they want to give you a lot of high five's and back slapping. you get all the credit. what changes have you made since november 8th? really since november 8th. the real change has been the president in the white house, i'll make that point to my friends across the aisle. ... i'm so in love with you. ♪ ♪ whatever you want to do... ♪ alright with me. ♪ ooo baby let's... ♪ ...let's stay together...
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>> well, we're holding onto a minuscule rally in the features, that indicates we're going to open this market pretty much flat, flat to slightly higher for all three indicators. now this, we, we americans, we're willing to go into debt for things like vacations to disneyland, compared to buying things like big screen tv's. so, e-mack, we want to pay for experiences, not things. liz: yeah, and it's interesting, so people want to live in the now. they want to consume now.
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they're willing to go in debt for financing charges for experience versus sofas and refrigerators, they have an asset. so-- >> wait a minute, what's the retained value of a used fridge? >> nothing for years, but you don't use it. they would retain value, just kidding. they would rather going to a ball game or the a park rather than retain an asset. as health care costs go up, they're willing to use their credit cards for experiences. stuart: it's not good jo doesn't sound good. stuart: it's a sign of the times and what people are doing, it's not good-- >> as opposed to earning, savings and buying, like cars. your a blowing it on a-- >> and the government now, you're doing exactly what they're doing. liz: i tell you something. >> never pay the piper. liz: banks are getting better
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using robots and algorithms going after people who are way in debt. they've got to watch out for that. stuart: and democrats praise janet yellen when it comes to the stock market rally. she did it, they say. roll tape. >> let me just first take a point of privilege to thank you for all of your work and tell you what an honor it is for me to have been in congress at the time that i could sit here and ask questions of you. >> i would love for you to stay on in your position, as chair lady of the fed. >> thank you, chair yellen for your incomparable leadership at the federal reserve. >> things are doing pretty well. in colorado, thank you. we were in real dumps, i thank you for your service, you're doing a heck of a job. stuart: now, get to the point here, the democrats say that janet yellen created the big stock market rally, that gentleman on the right-hand side of the screen is a
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congressman from wisconsin duffy who says, no, it's not the yellen stock market rally it's the trump rally. make your case, congressman. >> they were trying to give janet yellen a big fat wet kiss for the roaring economy, the stock market up, unemployment rates are down and i had asked chair yellen, what changes have you made since november 8th that has created this new economic growth and raging stock market. to which she said we haven't really done anything different. which was my point. the only change that's happened that has caused this economy to grow is the presidential election which put donald trump in the white house, a guy who understands business and a guy who is looking out for the average american worker, she couldn't argue with that and i think that democrats were taken aback that i wasn't going to let them give credit to janet yellen. we're giving credit where credit is due, that's to donald trump. stuart: we're hearing gary cohn, number one guy economic policy in the white house, may
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be the next fed chair. what would you say about that? >> i've had an opportunity to meet him several times, he's smart, i think he understands markets. i think it's going to get more complicated as we get closer to that february date where janet is leaving and i think, i don't know who they're going to consider, but gary cohn would be a great choice. stuart: before you go, we'd like to bring attention something your wife said about the august recess. >> can i quickly said what louie gohmert said about the august recess. and when he said august recess, my heart sank, i don't see my husband and my kids very often. stuart: congressman, your wife is on this program today in the 10:00 hour. final words from you. >> she's cute, isn't she? number one, and on that point, seriously, we have 200 bills sitting over in the senate,
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stuart, that haven't been acted on. we can't sit in the house and hope that the senate acts on health care reform. we're going to go back and work with our constituents. if the senate passes a health care bill, we'll come back and deal with it. why would we sit and wait for them to take up the legislation we've sent that way that stacks up like cord wood. there there's no reason to stay, but if there's an opportunity for health care, we'll to that work. stuart: and that's your answer to your wife. i'll put your answer to your wife. >> and i want to see her, too. stuart: congressman, thank you for joining us. peyton manning, he hosts espn's awards show and cracks a joke about nba star kevin durant. durant does not think it's funny. we'll play you the sound bite and we've got someone here who understands basketball to explain it all, believe me. the rally rolls on closing at another dow high and we could be on pace for more records today.
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smile, everyone, more varney next. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment.
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to the espy's, peyton manning having a laugh at kevin durant's expense. roll tape. >> and it was so dominant that kevin durant told me he wants to play for them next year. and i got to tell you, i don't think you'd start for that team, kevin. stuart: he didn't look happy. if that was a joke he didn't expect, he didn't like it. explain what that was all about. >> it looks to me like a pretty good sell job. peyton manning has a pretty good way of throwing the jokes out and you've seen him on snl and listen, durant is happy now because he got his championship with the golden state warriors, something he could not achieve with the oklahoma city thunder. that looks like a joke manning said i'm going to throw a dig at you and look stoic and upset. that's what the ratings are about. >> and durant's mother is laughing her head off at that.
9:25 am
>> and she might have blown it. >> this is awkward as norm mcdonald hosting, if you haven't seen it, look it up. this is playful and i think that durant was selling this one. ashley: like what the heck. >> this is kevin durant here. stuart: i don't know what you're talking about, i do want to talk about roger federer 36 on august 8th this year and he's in the final four at wimbledon. djokovic is out, murray is out, nadel lost. only federer is in could win at almost 36. that's a sports story, come on. meanwhile, on the market, we're going to take you there momentarily. the dow industrials are going to open a couple of points higher. dead flat to slightly higher. remember, please, we hit a record, the 23rd record of the year yesterday, despite all that's going on in the swamp
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>> okay. yesterday the dow industrials closed at 21,532.14.
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that was the 23rd record high of this calendar year 2017. that's the backdrop to today's opening which is coming up in 10 seconds. we also have the new republican health care bill. we have president trump in france. i think it's a missionary preaching western values. bang! 9:30. it's 9:30 this morning and we have the opening of the market, shows a gain of 5 points, 21,535 as we speak. plenty of red, plenty of green, plenty of unchanged on the left-hand side of the screen. we're not down, we're ever so slightly up. joining us today, ashley webster, elizabeth mcdonald. john layfield, scott martin. amazon 1003 as we speak, down ever so slightly. john layfield, are you buying, like everybody else is buying it here? >> i'm starting to look at buying it, yes, i've been
9:31 am
reticent to buy, i thought the stock might be overvalued. but i've missed the technology party and i'm thinking of getting in here. the amazon echo is a great way to get into the system. once i buy the system you tend to only stay in the system. stuart: a turnaround from layfield he might buy amazon at 1000 a share. and facebook, it's at 158 now. john, would you buy facebook, 158? >> i think so. you've got earnings in a couple of weeks. the biggest thing right now they want from a billion users to two billion users in five years and india has more facebook users than any country in the world and only 19% is using facebook compared to 73% of the united states. they've figured out a way to monetize the 73% in the united states. once they figure out how to monetize 19% in india which has
9:32 am
a huge growth pattern ahead of them that's when they start making money, i think it's a great company. stuart: facebook is a buy for you scott martin at 158, 159. >> it is and we already own it, so could i borrow some money from you, a couple of pounds. and facebook earnings are coming out. but if you look at ad revenue, the sky is the limit for the stock. stuart: if they don't come up with a 30% gain in profits or whatever it is. the metrics don't work. that stock will-- >> listen, if it does and you've been waiting an opportunity, buy half now and take that opportunity on a pullback to add more. stuart: here they are, the five big techs did very well yesterday. they've opened this morning, i think most of them are going to be down, certainly, facebook is down a little, 13 cents. amazon is down a little, but look at this, microsoft is up some more, alphabet, google up $3. 3 1/2. and even apple is sharing in
9:33 am
the gain fractionally, 8 cents higher. what's your favorite? you don't pick stocks, ash and liz, you don't pick stocks. liz: no. stuart: do you want to? [laughter] >> and before you lend the money before you lend it to scott? >> in my opinion, if you were to buy any of the top five tech stocks, mine would be facebook, i think the most potential growth. i'm not saying get out there and buy it. i think facebook. liz: i agree with you. ashley: to john's point, 19% only in india, with the potential and the rest of the world. stuart: facebook is my favorite. what is yours, scott? >> amazon is mine, the prime sales date, the echo dot which ripped off e-mack and getting people buying more in the holiday season and that's why i like amazon. stuart: i like the winners, microsoft, visa, intel, wal-mart. those are the dow winners and show me the dow, please, now
9:34 am
we're up 18 points, 21,550. how about that? >> pretty good. stuart: not bad at all. all right, now, what would happen to these averages, especially the dow industrials, if we got any kind of tax cut this year? what happens, john layfield? what happens to the dow if we get any kind of tax cut? >> i think it goes significantly higher. i think it stays flat if we don't. i don't knowing-- i don't think it falls off a cliff if we don't, but i think the market takes off here. i don't think the market is expecting it right now. stuart: a few moments ago, scott martin said in answer to that question the dow would go to 25,000, are you going to repeat that? >> the dow will go to 25,000, within the next couple of years, you're going to have to see the tax cut come through and real benefits to gdp and job growth. it will have to come through. trillions overseas in the tech land. those come back to the u.s.,
9:35 am
reinvesting in stocks and dividends, job growth, my goodness. >> my goodness. >> to john's point, the market is not expecting it for a while i think the trump rally was in play and what we saw happening in washington, standing on its own feet. so if those agenda items get through, the taxes and regulations, it's off to the moon. stuart: i'm all over the place on this. i simply cannot believe at the end of the day, the republican party will fail to lower taxes. i can't believe it. liz: yeah, that means that the house goes to the democrats, and the president gets impeached and the g.o.p. could be kicked out so they've got to act. this is a reality check, i don't want to be the skunk at the picnic, but when you look the a the s&p 500 earnings for this quarter coming at half of what they were, the growth rate half of the first quarter. when you strip out energy sector in a boom, more than quadrupled. it's going to be down about 4% for this quarter. stuart: left-hand side of your screen, the dignitaries are arriving for a meeting with
9:36 am
france's president emmanuel macron. they're all lining up. this is our president's visit to paris, bastille day, i think, is tomorrow. he's been invited because of bastille day and i see an american flag on the left and right-hand side of the car. does that mean the president of the united states? he's about to exit the motorcade right there. and that's the beast, the armor plated volk that he president uses wherever he goes. and he'll meet with emmanuel macron. he has a visit to some of the sightseeing-- that's the palace, by the way. he's going to napoleon's tomb. ashley: to a church within that complex. stuart: notre dame. ashley: yes, yes, this military
9:37 am
complex of museums and monuments and there's even a home for veterans in that same complex. stuart: i don't want to draw too close a parallel. remember back in january of 2015 when america sent james taylor to paris. ashley: yes, you've got a friend. stuart: you've got a friend. [laughter] >> i don't mean to be fa feeshs. ashley: yes, you do. stuart: there we have it, facetious, the handshake, and emmanuel macron, the first lady of france right there. and momentarily, there is is the first lady shaking hands with the president of france and another handshake in a moment. there you have it. that's the official arrival at the palace of president trump and melania and they'll proceed from there, all kind of meeting set up for today and some sightseeing if you want to call it there. and then there will be a ceremony tomorrow, bastille day. shortly they'll go inside for the first meeting. the first quick run through the
9:38 am
issues. i'm not sure what they'll be. liz: syria. stuart: syria, trade, terror. ashley: climate. stuart: climate will be a big one. right up there. there is, shall we say, some disagreement between the president and most of europe, that is. meanwhile, the dow industrials are up 17 points. we're approaching another record for the dow. we are at a record high yesterday. the 23rd of the year. back in america, in the swamp, there's talk of impeachment. more hearings. there is a new health care bill on the table. which is about to go on the table from mitch mcconnell leader of the republicans in the nate, but the president has essentially left behind the swamp. he's in europe. i'm calling him a missionary. he's there to preach the virtues of western values. if he won't do it, who will? the europeans certainly would. i call the man a missionary, we're up to 21,553.
9:39 am
what else have we got going on here. ashley: that's actually where trump arrived, it's not the palace because they're going separate to this site. stuart: i'm sorry, i did make a mistake. that's not the palace this is more of a complex. stuart: since you know france better than i do. i haven't been there since 1968. ashley: when you were rioting there. a lefty. you're leaving it out there, stu. stuart: that's the hotel where president trump was greeting emmanuel macron. i've got this to talk about. an economic indicator for america, maybe. 44 million people in the united states are picking up side jobs as a way to make extra money according to a survey from bankrate. is that an indicator of some sign of distress or is it an indicate that americans like to get up and work and climb that
9:40 am
food chain with more money? which is it? >> i think it's a sign of distress. if we're at full employment right now, and we're under 3% gdp growth which has been under ten years. the only answer to that is that the jobs that were created compared to the jobs that were lost were not as good of jobs. i think this is an indicator. stuart: that's a fair point, part-time jobs, a lot were created in the last eight years, they don't pay the bills. you need side jobs to pay the bills. liz: and the evolution of the smartphone, air bnb and ride sharing, people are able to do with technology and figure it out. i agree with john, we went from the part-time minimum wage career jobs to what's going on now. stuart: leads and gentlemen, listen in please. the "star spangled banner". ♪
9:41 am
♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, i wish she'd left our mics open during the playing of america's national anthem. because ash and i, with british accents, were singing along almost with tears in our eyes. ashley: it's stirring. stuart: it's stirring, a wonderful thing. lizzie. liz: what. stuart: what's with the sour face there. liz: i wasn't singing because i sing like a hinge. stuart: i love this stuff. liz: i love it, i don't want it
9:42 am
ruin the moment with me singing. i wanted to hear you two. stuart: sound like a hinge. what are they playing now? ♪ shall we listen? go ahead. ♪ >> well, we did not leave the microphones open for the playing of this. i don't know the words. [singing in french] . stuart: how do you know? >> that's the only part i know. i took french in college. stuart: john layfield, do you know the words? >> i don't. i've watched casablanca several times and still don't know the word. what a great national anthem. you know, vincent when he
9:43 am
became a french citizen, tears streaming down his eyes when he first got to sing that national anthem, great pride the national anthem. been to iraq and afghanistan, and brings tears to the eyes when you hear that, it's patriotic. stuart: and we promised viewers some smiles and we have smiles. it's a joyous event. it's great to see our president and america's national anthem playing in sterling terms there in the middle of paris. i flat-out love it. we're primarily a financial program so we'll get back to fms. we're up 18, 16 points, 21,548. can we see some of the big-name tech stocks, that's, again, where the action is and most of them are on the upside all over again. amazon was down a little. we had facebook approaching 160
9:44 am
and have we got there yet? facebook, no, down just three cents, 158.88, threatening. amazon is down a couple of bucks, 1004. microsoft, 71.51, nice performance there. i do own some of that stock, of course. alphabet up, apple not really joining in the big rally recently. it's still at 146 a lot of questions about apple's pricing of the next iphone and how big a deal it's going to be. it's been kind of in the doldrums around 145, 146 not much movement. and left side of the screen, president trump and emmanuel macron of france. shortly they'll go inside for a couple of minutes of discussion before our president proceeds to see other parts of paris. let's see what the french reaction to president trump is.
9:45 am
what is europe's reaction? i said at the top of the show, our president going to europe is a missionary. he's a missionary for western values. ashley: right. stuart: he's a missionary for america is a different society from collectivist europe. ashley: which apparently according to liberals is a racist point of view, which is outrageous. stuart: i mean, he's going there over there representing a capitalist society. going to a continent mired in socialist distress and i think it's absolutely right for our guy to go over there and say, you've got to wrong. you've got to get back to western values. that's what we're coming from. liz: macron is agreeing, saying lower taxes on the upper brackets and businesses. he's a different kind of president for france right now. stuart: president trump is greeted by the official delegation. i think that's from the french, i guess, the french cabinet or european union officials, maybe. that's what he's doing at this moment. it's a welcome ceremony.
9:46 am
it will take some time and after this, there will be a cathedral tour. am i right saying that will be of the notre dame cathedral? okay. it is the cathedral of louie valdez. ashley: this is a big military theme to this because bastille day tomorrow, also the 100th anniversary of the u.s. entry in world war i. this is why the focus is on this area because this particular part of paris, they have a retirement home for veterans, they have a hospital there for veterans and that area has a church that contains tombs of the french war heroes, including napoleon bonaparte. that's why the focus is on this particular part of paris. stuart: to the point, president trump is saying, hey, europeans, pay for your own defense. ashley: only done it twice. stuart: bring home that message, for three generations,
9:47 am
america has paid for the defense of europe and europe has spent hardly anything on defense. they've got cradle to grave benefits and president trump is saying, defend yourselves. >> don't forget the economy of the world is intertwined. it's speaking to how can we come together socially and also economically to help out the world and gegrowth which has be the last few years. stuart: and no difference in the stock market from what you're seeing on your screen now. i do want to show you facebook, i believe it hit an all-time high. yes, it did, 159.32, 31, it's getting awfully close to that 160 mark. and scott martin with us, buy it even at the lofty price. >> two weeks you've gotten earnings, look into this stock
9:48 am
and position for earnings, if you happen to get a pullback or disappointment in the stock, that's when you add more. stuart: john layfield before we lose our satellite coverage, i think i remember rightly, you're saying yes, buy facebook at 159? >> scott is a smart guy and i agree with him. the growth in india, alone, if they get into china is going to be huge for facebook. stuart: thank you, john, thanks for being with us this morning. i know we're just about to lose that satellite connection, back to the beach, john, i know you're in bermuda. thank you, indeed. and some people ask us why do we spend so much time on the big five technology companies and they are apple, alphabet, amazon, microsoft, facebook. why do we spend so much time covering them? answer, because that's where the money is going. that's where the money has been going for the past year at least. that's where stock prices are going up. that's where there is growth. that's where there is dominance of the everall economy in those
9:49 am
five technology names. that's why we spend all our time covering them. >> fab five and this has been the leaders of market growth. frankly, not just today and yesterday, but for the future. if you think about how much of your lives the fab five touch every day, whether it's your smart phone, whether it's your on-line shopping, your internet search. that's why you need to watch these stocks. that's why you need to own them as well. liz: you look at nasdaq 100, it's up about nearly 20% so far this year, more than double the return of the s&p 500. so, the fab five are in those nasdaq 100. stuart: the nasdaq 100, technology companies. liz: 18%. stuart: beats the s&p. ashley: i don't know if it's pushing facebook higher, but plan to unveil a $200 wireless oculus virtual reality headset next year. stuart: $200 wireless. ashley: wireless. liz: i don't know if you want to wear it. people need dramamine to wear
9:50 am
it. stuart: walking down the street. 159.34 on facebook bearing in mind that news we just heard. left-hand side of the screen, president trump is in france and he's met the official delegation of greeting in paris. he has left, essentially, the d.c. swamp. three things on his agenda here, health reform, tax reform pan infrastructure spending. joining us now is mike burke the ceo of a-com, an infrastructure company. welcome to the program. we haven't seen much infrastructure. we haven't seen much movement by the president on infrastructure yet. you're close to the president. when are we going to get some action? >> well, you know, stuart, we are hoping that-- and very optimistic they're going to see something later this year. obviously, the legislative agenda in washington has focused first on health care and now on tax reform. so, infrastructure is clearly at the top of the agenda, but
9:51 am
it has to come after the health care and tax reform bill. but we're optimistic. stuart: are you going to be part of-- you're a public company, you're a construction company. have you anything to do with building a wall? >> we do not. we provide services for national governments around the world. the u.s. government is a very important and large client of ours, but we're not involved in building the wall. stuart: would i be right in saying it is the states which have taken the lead on infrastructure spending at the moment? >> stuart, you would be absolutely right. there's a lot of talk and discussion about infrastructure coming out of washington. 70% of all the infrastructure money spent in the united states for transportation and water infrastructure are spent by state and local and municipal authorities, so we're seeing the states move out pretty quickly on this front. we saw in the november elections, we saw in los angeles, 120 billion dollar tax
9:52 am
program to fund infrastructure and we saw a program in seattle. we saw in april, the california legislature enacted a bill. so the states are moving quickly on both increases in specific sales tax measures for transportation, we saw 23 states increase their excise tax on fuels to provide better infrastructure. the states are getting it right and we're optimistic once the federal government comes on board we'll see a much more robust market. stuart: i sense some frustration on your part and other business leaders at the lack of action from the federal side of things. am i right in saying there is a degree of frustration there? >> well, i think, stuart, there's been frustration in washington for months now. stuart: how do you blame for this? >> oh, it's difficult. there's plenty of blame to go around. there seem to be two sides in washington and they can't seem
9:53 am
to get together on much of anything right now. so, we're hoping that cooler minds will prevail in the coming months and we'll come together. because clearly two sides of the aisle in washington want to see more infrastructure. our taxpayers, their constituents want to see more infrastructure and everybody is asking for it and i think that cooler minds will prevail in the fall. you've got to pound the table and have your voice heard. you can't sort of step back and say there's blame to go around, we can blame both sides and hoping that cooler minds prevail. at some point, you've got to pound that table and say, get on with it. >> you know, stuart, we have been pounding the table. i've had dozens of meetings over the past nine months with members of president trump's cabinet, with legislators, with anybody that will listen in washington. we've been pounding our fists on the table to move forward with this agenda. it's not just with an infrastructure bill. we have provided a report to
9:54 am
the treasury department back in december listing the 40 projects, infrastructure projects across the country, if implemented, would have a significant economic impact of three times the money spent on the infrastructure itself. and so, we've given them the ideas. we have provided them with ideas on regulatory reform that will allow us to speed the implementation of infrastructure so we're not standing by. when i say we, i mean our companies, our industry. the business round table are focused on this and we're pounding our fists on the table for sure. stuart: okay, i'd like to encourage that. and mike, thanks for joining us, sir, we appreciate it today. thank you very much. >> thank you, stuart, have a great day. stuart: thank you. the left-hand side of your screen, i believe you're looking at the church within the-- that's napoleon's tomb, that's what it is. personally i've not seen that. i was in france once after 1968.
9:55 am
i was there in 2001 as i recall, i did go. but i didn't see napoleon's tomb. the president and first lady will be looking at it momentarily. why don't we look at the big board. we show a 19-point gain for the dow, 21,552. that's where we are. senator rand paul talking obamacare on maria's show earlier this morning. roll tape. >> you know, i pledged to the voters to repeal obamacare. i think it's a disaster, but the bill doesn't repeal it, it keeps about half of the obamacare taxes, it keeps most of the obamacare regulations, it keeps most of the obamacare subsidies, and it creates a giant new insurance bailout superfund of about $200 billion. this isn't repeal by any means, shape or form. stuart: it sounds like a big fat no from senator rand paul there on the new idea for health care reform put out today by mitch mcconnell. again, i say something, almost
9:56 am
anything is better than nothing. ashley: yeah, and you know what? there's an issue that they may not get to debate the latest senate bill because they need the votes, 51 votes. rand paul has already said no. assuming the vice-president comes in and says yes. there could be other republicans say this isn't good enough so they didn't debate the bill and move forward. all getting together at 11:30 to go over this with mitch mcconnell, but he is feeling the heat. before they start debating it. stuart: the president said in an interview, yesterday, i believe, i'm going to get angry. if we don't get something i'm going to be angry. liz: because then he can move on to tax reform and it should be-- we should remember in 1986, that gold standard of tax reform, it took a month and a half of congressional action, meaning action in congress to get that thing passed.
9:57 am
the run-up a couple of years to get it done, but actual action in congress, a month and a half. stuart: we've got to take a short commercial break and come back with my take, editorial at the top of the hour. no matter what's going on in the swamp, we're still up. back in a moment. think again.
9:58 am
this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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stuart: today, thursday, july 13th, 2017, president trump arrives in paris. briefly, let me take you black to january 16th, 2015. secretary of state john kerry to show america's concern after the charlie heck he bow massacre. he brought james taylor with him. sank, you got a friend. aging is singer from a president who couldn't bring himself to say islamic terror. that was a low moment in my opinion. how different from the president and first lady.
10:01 am
mr. trump is not a poll exist, a missionary preaching the values of western civilization. the french will not like it. i expect a riot. europe should listen to what america has to say. europe is turning into a vast you museum. where is is the innovation? i don't see any european amazons, googles microsofts, certainly not face books. europe is bitterly divided over muslim immigration. mired in slow growth and high unemployment. trapped in a socialist secular mind set of angst. here is president trump telling them america is different. if you want to stop the rot, return to western values, return to the judeo-christian ethic that gave us individual liberty and freedom. oh, what a contrast. john kerry, james taylor, president trump or first lady melania. ouch. second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪
10:02 am
we're having fun. latest read on mortgage rates, please. where are we. liz: up above 4%. they have been rising the last several weeks. this comes as the u.s. central bank and central bankers are dumping their bonds. there are $14 trillion of bonds that the central bankers bought and they're dumping them. treasury yields are ticking higher. breaking through psychological barrier of 4.03. stuart: how times do we have to say that i got my first mortgage in san francisco in the 190's, i paid 12 1/2%. i thought it was bargain. ashley: 19 1/2% in 82. it was up to 21%. i thought i was getting a deal.
10:03 am
stuart: dow up to 21,537. we have another new high for facebook. getting real close to 160,159.53 to be precise. let's please get back to my little editorial at the top of the hour. can't stop laughing. president trump in paris right now. busy schedule. joining us fox news contributor rachel campos duffy. i say our president is a missionary. he is preaching western values and leaving the swamp behind in d.c. i don't think they will let him leave it behind. i think they will throw it in his face as soon as he does the news conference today. >> they might. this is really impressive. by the way can we give credit where credit is due. melania trump giving glamour to the american image. i think she surpassed kennedy, camelot era. this is amazing what they're doing. you're right, contrast between
10:04 am
james taylor, aging boomer singer and this amazing glamorous presentation, give credit where credit is due. melania gets a lot of credit. stuart: joint press conference, 12:30 eastern time. that is what it will be. emannuel macron, president trump. american media will be there. >> yeah. stuart: i absolutely guaranty questions about donald trump, jr.'s meeting with a rushion. i'm sure that will dominate. liz: president obama led from behind. president trump being strong showing resolve. ukraine now wants to join nato. if president trump says, yes, ukraine you should join nato, by the way also a time for the french president to bridge the gap blown open by angela merkel's chilly treatment of the president. so maybe the french president can step in here saying this is a way to bridge the two sides of the atlantic to get president
10:05 am
trump in on what they're feeling. by the way macron does not like "brexit." so that is an issue too. he is solidly behind the european union. stuart: on almost all issues the europeans are opposed to what america has to offer. >> except that, this is also the anniversary of bastille day. remember what happened last year? there is very deep concern on terror front. the strength that donald trump projects in that area is something i think that the many europeans, may not be elites that write newspapers or that sit in brussels or in paris. but, everyday french people and are concerned about terrorism and like the approach donald trump has to it. so they will be listening. stuart: i think you go a bit far. i don't think europeans like americans as represented by donald trump. liz: great reception in poland. >> depends who you're talking to. stuart: western europe, very,
10:06 am
very warm welcome. france, germany, spain, western europe in general i don't think they like or have any time for him. they loved president obama because they thought of him as president of the world but they detested president bush and they detest donald trump because they are very american people, president of america. >> he is not a global citizen. that, by the way that is something we americans like. that he goes over there. he projects strength. he projects a willingness to stand by our allies at same time he doesn't give up his american flag. that said, i still think terrorism and the immigration situation is very much on the forefront of the european mind and many of them wish at least a little bit of what donald trump stands for in terms of control of the borders, they wish -- liz: behind jihadiism radical, authoritarian anti-western ideology. all of your rob should be standing behind the president.
10:07 am
he is about freedom and democracy. however much you disagree with things he has said, your upon has been savaged and brutalized by naziism and communism. that was missing in the media coverage of the president's speech in poland. he was about western values and pushback on those authoritarian ideologies. stuart: he is not meeting angela merkel on germany on this trip. that is a good idea. that would be chilly indeed. rachel, before you go. >> yes. stuart: last hour we talked to your husband, congressman sean duffy, republican of wisconsin. that is your husband. >> yeah. proudly so. stuart: we talked to him about working through the august recess. just waiting for a second. i'm going to cue up the videotape of what your husband had to say. i put it to him. that you don't want the house to go on august recess. >> obviously i want my husband home. i love him. stuart: i got it wrong. you do want the house to take the august recess.
10:08 am
hold on. hold on you do want the house to take the august recess. i put that to your husband. here is what she said. >> first up, she is cute, isn't she? number one. on that point seriously, we have 200 bills sitting over in the senate, stuart. that haven't been acted on. we can't sit in the house and hope the senate acts on health care reform. we'll go back to work with our constituents. if the senate passes health care bill, we'll come back and deal with it. stuart: you see, rachel he is on your side here. he wants to go back to wisconsin for august. >> because the house has done their work. the problem child is the senate. the senate and he is right. they have 200 bills stacked up waiting for the senate to vote on and they don't. senate needs to do the job. mccarthy put them on notice, within 72 hours of the senate bill being passed, sean and all his colleagues will be right back in washington, d.c., ready to put this legislation, wrap it
10:09 am
up to put it on the president's desk. ashley: let's hope. stuart: i let you off the hook. rachel thanks for joining us. i appreciate it. before we go to our next guest, i want to a market check. we're up again. hit new record high for the dow industrials. lots of individual stocks made record highs. we're up again this thursday morning. 21,550. throughout the show you will look on the left-hand side of the your screen as president trump visits various places in paris. he arrived this morning for a meeting with emanuel macron, the french president. it is bastille day tomorrow. it is also the anniversary of america's entry into world war i. military relations will be a big meeting at deal. the president will tell for the europeans pay for your own defense, we're fed up defending you at least for three generations. i'm fedup. moving swiftly along, sports fans. our next guest says congress
10:10 am
should increase funding for president trump's bored are wall and cutting funding for planned parenthood and food stamps. congressman steve king, republican from iowa with us now. sir, you will take a lot of heat for that proposal. spell it out. >> well, stuart, somebody had to say it. we're fighting over the planned parenthood which, an embarassment we have majorities in the house and senate and we haven't been able to cut off that 550 or billion dollars a year, $550 million a year goes to planned parenthood. that is something that majority of american people support. when they asked me how would you fund this wall, i think it will pay for itself what it protects us from crime. if we enforce our immigration laws, that opens up 10 million jobs for americans to do. i would start there, funding out of planned parenthood. i would reach into the entitlement programs, welfare programs. we have more than 70 different means tested will pair programs.
10:11 am
nobody has memorized list from them. nevertheless how they work. food stamps are gone up -- snap program when i arrived 15 years ago there were 19 million people on food stamps. now there are up to 46. it has been up to 46 million people on food stamps. we addressed mall knew operation in america when we created food stamp program, now we have obesesty. 40% of the people receiving ebt cards, food stamps, are obese. michelle obama put diet on all kids in high schools. i'm suggesting if we cut the food stamps down to the level for people obese we'll generate enough money to build the wall and fund it, leftover money for national defense. stuart: you can see the demagoguery. congressman, on related issue, director of i.c.e., thomas homan has a warning for the violent ms-13 pang. listen to this.
10:12 am
>> ms-13 gang is one of the most violent gangs in the world. they are in this country acting with impunity and do what they want, victimizing the citizens in this country. we prioritizessed action on ms-13. deportation officers or special agent we'll double down the efforts on ms-13. we will attack them from two different angles. if they face criminal charges we'll arrest them and serve criminal charges and serve time in prison or jail. on other side if in the country illegally, when they're done with prison sentences we will get them out of the country where they belong. stuart: he was interviewed by our colleague neil cavuto, one thing he said, his agents are not allowed into the cook county jail in chicago. they may not enter that jail to even question anybody, ask anybody for any information. can you fix this, please, congressman? >> i think the house has addressed this, if we enforce this thing right and if we need to tighten the laws up let's do that.
10:13 am
but sanctuary city legislation which i actually authored passed two weeks ago out of the house. that lets justice adopt eliminate the grants that are coming out of justice to these cities. i would send my biggest, strongest guy to talk to rahm emanuel. you will cooperate with us or we'll find things to reach chet it down and you won't be mayor much longer what the public finds out what you turned down. any place in the country that is outrageous to think i.c.e. can't walk into a jail to protect the american people. this is like a revolution in chicago. stuart: chicago, 1000 shootings over the long july the 4th weekend? i.c.e. agent can't even walk into the cob county jail, i find that absolutely extraordinary. >> this is like the hole in the wall gang. sank remember city, sanctuary city, they are protecting criminals, vial criminals. murderers, rapists assaulters, armed robbers, turning them out
10:14 am
on the streets from time to time. we saw the obama administration do that bit the tens of thousands into the streets of america because their sympathy for people here illegally than greater for fidelity to the law. we want let that happen. this trump administration has historical opportunity to restore respect for rule of law, secure our borders. need i.c.e. agents domestically. i would triple the number. have each one of the cities to the point with they work and cooperate with all federal law enforcement at all levels of law enforcement. that is how it is designed to work. stuart: congressman steve king, thanks for joining us on very important subject. >> thank you, stuart, very much. stuart: bring you up-to-date what is going on. president trump and first lady melania throughout the program. he is visiting various monuments. see continuing very modest rally on wall street. the dow industrials up another six points. look at that level, 21,538.
10:15 am
that is where we are now. another story for you, millions of verizon customers had their personal information leaked online. six million i believe its with, emac. liz: that's right. it was done by a customer service party company in israel. accidentally put six million accounts open up in the cloud. put it on public setting, theory was, look at your phone numbers, your names, your pin codes. verizon is now saying no theft or loss of that information happened. they worked quickly to solve the problem. so it exposed six million people's personal information. stuart: different though from a nasty hack attack which deliberately goes in and exposes -- ashley: this was human error. liz: that's right. stuart: that is different ball of wax. stock not reacted. up 10 cents, 43. stuart: verizon. facebook another all-time high earlier today.
10:16 am
now we've got news on the virtual reality headset, oculus rift put out by facebook the news. ashley: report out from bloomberg put out the report. 200-dollar version for oculus rift but the global market for vr headsets is tiny. mark zuckerberg still believes this is the future. what they will bring it is a wireless version. that is the theory. don't have to be attached to a pc or anything else. you can whip this thing out of your bag, put it on, say on a flight and watch a movie. stuart: okay. ashley: they believe the price point is important at 200 bucks. they believe, there is the cheaper end, samsung gear i think it is or current oculus rift at or 500 bucks. this will be about $200 and ease of use could be a game-changer. stuart: remember ads before last christmas?
10:17 am
i think samsung was putting out very good ads, look what we've got for you. this is virtual reality. this is what you can do with virtual reality. it was a flop. it did not take off. vr did not take off. ashley: it hasn't appealed. stuart: my problem is seasickness. don't mean to be facetious and silly bit but i put those things on and i'm all at sea. check the big board. rally faded not gone entirely. individual companies and stocks in the news. delta, weak profits at the airline, hit by higher operating expenses. the stock is down 1.3%. target, now here is a good story. target is looking down the road. it sees better profits, better sales. this is retailer. the stock is up 3 1/2%. we haven't seen gains like that in quite some time. snap, got an upgrade.
10:18 am
although still below its ipo price of 1, it is up -- 17. up 3 1/2%. snap at 15 this morning. visa, we like to list all all-time highs that have been hit today in an up market like this. that is what we've got, all-time high visa, $96 per share. here is some interesting news. a potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer. an fda panel has recommended a promising new gene altering treatment from novartis. the treatment lasts about three weeks. it costs $500,000. it's a treatment for lukemia. joining us now, dr. marc siegel. okay, i understand that it is promising i want you to tell our audience what is the gene therapy, how does it work? >> the first thing our audience needs to understand how immunotherapy works. stuart, cancer hides from our immune system. our emnewspaper system is used
10:19 am
to fighting bacteria an viruses. cancer hides from it. so our white blood cells don't know it is foreign, don't know it is bad. don't know if we don't get in it will get us. that is what immunotherapy is. what we're taking here, immune cells, novartis's out of our body, engineering them genetically to recognize protein on cancer, in this case lukemia. this is the best white blood cells for killing things. best protection of all. goes zooming in on the protein cancer cell and wipes it out. it is a war in the bloodstream and first test. stuart: this is the first okay for that kind of treatment, correct. >> first kind of gene therapy treatment for this kind of thing. immunotherapy i'm talking about. the only downside, put82% of patients in remission.
10:20 am
a lot of children. most are young children, young adults. 82% were put in remission only six months. the only downside, you get flu-like symptoms. there is some rejection gone on. so it is not 100% tolerated. if you're facing a death sentence this is amazing, amazing break through. stuart: is it opening up whole new form of very, very ad advanced technological medicine which really offers significant opportunity in the future? is it that big? >> it is that big because before this we introduced drugs that went for those proteins. now we're actual engineering our own immune system to do it. genetic engineering we've been talking about this for a decade. ever since we unpacked the genome figured out our own again net ticks. we say what will we do about it? we're using it to modify ourselves. this will be a many treatments such as think, can you see a day coming newborns will have
10:21 am
genetic material taken out of them, re-engineered, doctored against all kinds of illnesses stuck back in the newborn? >> funny you would say that shows how smart you are. you know where we get the most of the cells, from cord blood, umbilical cord blood. it's a great place to harvest these cells. when you're born they will take the umbilical cord, harvest for cells, take genetic treatments out of it, put it back in when you need it. stuart: this novartis treatment takes 3 weeks, and cost half a million dollars. i'm sure the half million dollars will come down if it is accepted in society? >> the problem is, when we talk about health reform, the problem is these are individualize the treatments. it will be difficult true how to get insurance to cover it if everybody's's cells are different than anybody's else's. it is not standard treatment. i hope insurance will cover it but we don't know.
10:22 am
stuart: okay. >> till will be expensive if it works for a whole group of people the price will come down. if they have different companies making it besides novartis it will come down. stuart:fda panel gave approval to the novartis treatment, how sooner available on much broader scale. >> approval six months this will be on the market for sure. the current fda as you know is focusing on this whole idea of speeding through a approvals just like this. so i expect this to be in a doctor's office within the next few months. stuart: i think of novartis as drug company. is it now abandoning whole idea of drugs going in favor of genetic engineering? i don't know the company that well. >> novartis is on cutting-edge of all this. involved in academia as well. we're looking more of a partnership between academia and drug company research. i'm not surprised it is novartis. more and more we're seeing
10:23 am
pharmaceutical companies are partnering with universities. a lot of this was done at md anderson, one of the top centers in the country. stuart: i'm fascinated about it, in my lifetime i've seen the a rifle of genetic engineering. we're about to see gene therapy explode on to the scene. really sound like extraordinary opportunity. >> it is going to save lives. it is goings to save lives. this is terrible disease. not only lukemia by the way. it will being expanded to uses of lymphoma and melanoma. may see it in several different kinds of cancers, maybe solid tumors. stuart: doc siegel thank you very much. >> this is great day for cancer treatment. stuart: it's a break through. trying to get that out to everybody. >> important change how we approach to treating cancer. stuart: thank you, dr. siegel. you now this. next month floyd mayweather, connor mcgreg gore face off in the boxing ring. the trash-talking started already.
10:24 am
roll tape. >> a little leg, his little core, his little head, i'm going to knock him out inside four rounds, mark my words. >> still have 100 million and he never touched this [bleep] >> is an attack taxman. >> i'm irs and i'm going to tax your [bleep] >> he is in a track suit. [shouting] can't even afford a suit anymore [shouting] stuart: reminds me of professional wrestling. not that gentleman. that is jason whitlock, speak for yourself on fox sports 1. that is a real spectacle. i suspect this will drum up though, a lot of support for this pay-per-view fight. >> yeah. that crowd in toronto yesterday was going bonkers. it was an intense soccer match was going on. yeah, they're going to drum up a lot of controversy.
10:25 am
varney, i'm a little bit concerned, honestly. we've seen this in combat sports. we've seen it in boxing in the ufc. this kind of spectacle, but this is on steroids. and the level of disrespect, the level of profanity and everything in this press conference was a little disconcerting for me. this reminded me of a rap battle. in the old days rappers used to get on stage and diss each other, criticize each other in rile, and it was pretty profane. that is what this struck me like. like combat sports has gone fill hip-hop. it is crazy. stuart: you don't approve, do you? you really don't approve? >> i don't know how i feel. yesterday, and i hope your audience -- look, this reminded me, connor mcgreg gore was eminem and floyd mayweather was tupac shakur.
10:26 am
most people think enemy mem won the verbal. i think when he gets in the ring, may weather will even the score. i will be in vegas for the spectacle. once they get in the ring i expect floyd to take this guy out. if it was mm. in the octagon, connor would take floyd out. in the boxing ring, floyd mayweather will take connor apart. for the spectacle in vegas, party, before and after this fight, yeah, i plan on being there. stuart: irare resistible for a guy like you. hold on. one more for you. peyton manning, as you know hosted the espy awards last night. nba superstar kevin durant did not find manning's jokes funny. for benefit of our audience, roll tape. >> our gymnastics team was so dominant that kevin durant told
10:27 am
me wants to play for them next year. [laughter]. and i got to tell you, i don't you think you would start for that team, kevin. stuart: he really didn't look happy. can you explain what is going on here? >> i'm going to be honest with you. i like kevin durant when they played golden state won the championship. i was warming to him on his decision to go to golden state. if he can't laugh at himself? the funniest jokes are always one told on me. you have to have a sense of humor about yourself. kevin's mother was laughing hysterically right next to him. kevin sun able to laugh. i didn't like it. kevin, you have to be able to laugh at yourself. you one the championship. you're one of the great players in the nba. peyton manning crack as a joke on you. you have to roll with it. stuart: here is your chance to
10:28 am
laugh at me. i think the big sports story today, federer getting to the final four the wimbledon. he is 35 now. he wit be 36 on august the 8th. i think that is fantastic. and you say? >> i say venus williams in the final four wimbledon is the biggest story in sports. look, she is coming off of a tragedy, a tragic accident. her sister is sitting out because she is pregnant. no one thought venus had another major in her. now with all a the top players out, i think venus is is going to win this thing and no one saw that coming, and given the car accident and that controversy that she has been struggling with, for her to have this chance to win north major title, i think that is the biggest story in sports. stuart: 15-0 to you, jason, i think you won that one. you're correct. come see us soon, las vegas for the big fight, want to see you.
10:29 am
>> thank you, varney. stuart: yes, sir. check that big board. oh, we lost the rally. we're down now. not much but down 12 points. look at the level, 21,518. got it. another check of facebook, please. 158.97. earlier we hit above the 1159 level. we had record on that stock earlier today --159. >> >> president trump in paris. will hold a news conference with french president emanuel macron in couple hours. we have lonni chin, from the hoover institution. this is another chance for our president to promote western values. i think he will take the opportunity. what say you? >> indeed it is, stuart. if you look at the president's foreign trip he came back from actually earlier this week the opportunity to define america's foreign policy vision in poland followed up by the g20 meeting clearly there was disagreement, he was presenting a point of view for many americans is welcome change from the last
10:30 am
eight years, this is opportunity in france to reiterate america's, our friendship with one of america's oldest allies but also to see common ground on issues like fighting terrorism, potentially cooperation in syria and other issues. so this is an opportunity clearly for the president to present a unified front as he travels abroad again. stuart: i see our president on this occasion as missionary, going over there, telling them, support western values because you need to support western values. i don't think he will be well-received but i think he is doing exactly the right thing. are you with me? >> it's a message they need to hear, stuart. it's a message important for the united states to convey that a at core we still believe these are the values that underlie healthy democracy and peace around the world. ultimately if that is our goal promotion of values of western democracy is crucially important. this is one area where president trump has been quite strong. stuart: i know you're a
10:31 am
financial guy, so i want to talk a little finance for a second here. democrats are giving fed chair janet yellen, they're giving her the credit for what i call the trump rally. now, you tells us, is this, is this what we've seen, the dow go up, 16, 17% since the election. nasdaq gone up 20% since the election. is that the yellen rally are the trump rally? >> it is inconceivable to me presidential leadership has nothing to do with the strength of the market. obviously the president and the administration set the don't in terms of giving people the impression that we have an environment in america, we have an environment in markets that is open for business. obviously the president, his policies, what he is trying to do has something to do with it, has a lot to do it in fact. to you say he doesn't have anything to do with it at all strikes me as blatant politics. there is a lot of factors going into the, exuberance we see into the markets right now, tax
10:32 am
policy and regulatory reform are crucial. stuart: well-said, a very busy day. let me wrap up a little bit what is happening here. we lost the rally. we're down 17 points on the dow, 21,500. we were up about 20 points. we are down about 18. the president is in paris touring monuments with france's president emannuel macron. you will see more throughout the show. we have this for you, former dnc chair, donna brazile has written a book about the 2016 election. the book is called "hacks quote. time to tell the truth about what went wrong in 2016. she said our democracy is in crisis, that is what she says. kristin tate is with us, author of, i love this title, "government gone wild." kristin tate joins us now. has donna brazile forgotten she
10:33 am
is the lady who fed questions as cnn employee to hillary clinton? >> this is totally hilarious and absurd. stuart, i think she should rename her book, cheats, put a big picture of herself on the cover. donna brazile is proven dishonest hack. she is embodiment of everything that is wrong with the the dnc. she says she will expose the dnc, what happened during the election. she should look in the mirror. this is a woman who used her position as a cnn commentator to obtain debate questions. she then gave the debate questions to hillary clinton, ahead of a democratic primary debate giving her an advantage. then donna brazile lied about it for months. in fact she didn't even admit to this until march of this year. so she has lost all credibility. i'm not sure why anyone would believe anything in her book but , best of luck to miss brazile. stuart: we're talking about collusion between the trump campaign and those wicked russians and meeting with donald trump, jr., and the
10:34 am
russian lawyer who promised dirt on hillary, that is detestable, that is worth impeachment proceedings. but when donna brazile somehow or other, as a cnn employee comes into the possession of questions which hillary clinton will be asked, no there is no collusion there. this is fair game in politics? last word. >> yeah, it is unbelievable. the american people see right through this stuff, and donna brazile says she is going to reveal what happened in the dnc? i mean wikileaks already wrote that book for her. john podesta fell victim to a third-rate phishing scam. when hess emails were released people saw first-hand exactly what was going on in the 2016 election and exactly why hillary clinton lost. you know, stuart, i'm not sure who her audience for this book is. republicans they have no interest in this. democrats, they're still bitter about the election.
10:35 am
they don't want to read this either. i guess audience for people that want to run a poor campaign and mismanage a candidate. i really don't get it. stuart: kristin, i do hope i never cross you because i really don't want to run up against you trying to push a book. one more for you though. democrat congressman brad sherman from california he formally filed the articles of impeachment or an article of impeachment against our president. listen what he had to say last night on the fox news channel. roll tape. >> he threatened comey in order to get comey to curtail the investigation of flynn. that's obstruction of justice. it lines up perfectly with the code section. and, with the cases that have defined it. secondly, he fired comey and then said that his reason or that the effect was to curtail or thwart the investigation into the general russia matter. of course in the last couple of days we have learned how important that russia matter was. stuart: i think congressman
10:36 am
sherman is overplaying his already shaky hand here. but what say you, kristin? >> this is exactly the kind of stuff that makes democrats lose all credibility. for impeachment there needs to be a crime. there is no crime here. obviously still no prove of collusion. this guy appeared on tucker carlson on fox news last night. he made a complete fool of himself. he basically admitted there is no crime and has no reason for doing this. he knows an impeachment is not going to happen with republican-controlled confess. i'm not sure why he is doing this. i guess just to get tanks and to divert more attention away from trump and his agenda. you know this is really just a big problem with the democrats right now. they're all about obstruction. they hate donald trump so much that they are willing to do anything to try to take him down. but at the end of the day this is really only going to hurt the left because they are -- stuart: hold on a second. i want to bring lonni chen,
10:37 am
still with us. on want our opinion on brad sherman filing articles of impeachment? seems to a lot of people this is really overplaying your hand. what say you? >> this is entirely a political stunt, it is a gimmick. meant to play to certain element of the democratic base. look at democratic party where they have gone since the election they have gone further to the left, rather than coming to the right to find areas of consensus. as general matter they are playing more to placating a leftist base. this sort of thing, this activity as your previous guest says, this strains the credibility of those democrats who might work with republicans to get to practical solutions with health care. to get to practical solutions on tax reform. that is challenge we face, we have polarized system. stunts like this don't make things any better. stuart: lan-hee chen, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it. super busy day today. left-hand side of your screen that is paris, president trump
10:38 am
is meeting with french president macron. i'm not sure where they are now but the president is touring, they're heading to the palace, the official residence of the president of france. they will hold a the meeting. they may say something, you may get that little bite of videotape as two leaders sit together. you may get that. if you do, we do, you will too. we will certainly show it to you. by the way in about two hours they are due to hold a formal press conference, the two leaders will appear side by side. i will personally guarranty the american media, who are there, the first thing they will say is, donald trump, jr., russia, russia, russia. almost guarranty. ashley: absolutely. stuart: no way around it. that is what they are going to do. that is embarassment. here is our president going to europe, he is missionary, telling them western values, support them, sports fans. what have we got?
10:39 am
we have a carping american media that won't let russia, russia go. i'm embarrassed about it. liz: not covering other issues, not every. look at nightly news broadcast last night, abc, nbc, cbs, 54% of their half hour broadcast went entirely to one story, donald trump, jr. cbs, it was 70% of the coverage was donald trump, jr. only five minutes in half hour broadcast went to all other stories combined. i'm getting hacked up. now this, new numbers show wait times for rides at disneyland have skyrocketed since the amusement park raised prices. that is not right. if you raise prices fewer people go, so lines get shorter. liz: 24% increase. 24 minutes on average for a ride. space mountain the worst, more
10:40 am
than an hour at 65 minutes. up from 48 minutes in 2015. what do you do? here is the advice. you go to disneyland or disney world in september and january when no one is around. go on a thursday. don't go on saturday in july or mid-may. that is how you get around it. stuart: find it surprising. disney is already expensive. they have upped the price wait time goes up. ashley: where is the benefit? stuart: i love those theme parks. taken all the kids and grandkids, heaven knows how many times. the script says ad-lib the big board, go to commercial. i can do that. great job, right. down six points. 21,526. yes, we'll take a break and we'll be back. ♪
10:41 am
10:42 am
ashley: fox news contributor byron york says a lot of news organizations are in the weeds over donald trump, jr.'s emails. roll tape. >> a lot of news organizations are deeply in the weeds. this is the scandal that ate cable television in some ways but i agree with you about the voters concern.
10:43 am
i think that there are as always, more concern about what the president might be doing to improve their quality of life, which is why, by the way, the president himself should spend more time talking about his agenda, talking about tax cuts, talking about tax cuts, talking about repealing obamacare, talking about border security, talking about all the things that got him elected. copd makes it hard to breathe. so to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators, that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma .
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(bell ringing) (audience cheering) ♪ stuart: ann coulter on our show earlier this week and she called republican lawmakers obstruction it. she singled out one senator in particular. roll tape. >> thom tillis, he is going precisely against the trump agenda. he refuses to confirm the head of the immigration service unless he can get a bunch more cheap foreign workers for the chamber of commerce. stuart: there was a slam, and that senator, thom tillis, republican north carolina joins us now. you're not happy with those comments, sir. respond please. >> well, i am not going to judge the comments. what i will talk about the policy. the fact of the matter is there are positions that aren't going to be filled in businesses and businesses harmed and american workers that will be harmed if we don't start getting work visas right.
10:46 am
incidentally, when we go back to the administration, we should keep in mind now president trump, then candidate trump pointed to this as being a problem. temporary workers, seasonal workers, not having enough of them, up to including mar-a-lago. stuart: sir, do you want more of these temporary workers visas? is that your position? do you want more? >> what we're trying to do, stuart, to come up with a rational change in the policy where if a business can prove that they can't hire someone for the prevailing wage, that they can spend the additional money, which is average of two or three dollars an hour, sometimes as much as $5 an hour more to bring in someone from a foreign jurisdiction. no business in their right mind would do that unless they're completely convinced having to advertise, having to do wage surveys they can't simply find the jobs, and these businesses are seasonal. they won't open. happening in alaska. maine, alabama, texas, this is a national problem. it is not a big problem.
10:47 am
it is a relatively small base of the employment of foreign workers in this country. let's talk about h1b visa workers where we have thousands of tech workers. we need them because we're not graduating enough stem employees or stem students. this is coming, getting out of the rhetoric. i get some of the pundits position but they really ought to sit down to talk with businesses that are not goings to open, american jobs, and american businesses will be at risk as a result. stuart: senator, on the left-hand side of your screen, i don't think you could have seen this, senator, president trump just arrived on the steps of the palace created by emanuel macron. they're going inside as we speak for substantive policy discussion, no doubt discussing the military and probably climate as well. before our president went to paris, president trump warned senate republicans, mitch mcconnell, in particular, get health reform done. let me roll that tape for you, senator. roll it.
10:48 am
>> mitch mcconnell is a tactician of great skill. >> do you think he can pull it off? it is his job. >> he has to pull it off. mitch has to pull it off. he is working very hard. he has got to pull it off. stuart: well you heard him. he is getting angry. he will be angry, the president said i will be angry if we don't get something done. you're smiling but the president is really pushing for this hard. >> let me be clear. i will be angry if we don't get it done. this is promise made to the american people for seven years. obamacare is imploding. we need to put health care on sound footing. we need to provide a safety net. we need to address these fear-mongerrers who say we will harm people. there is no earthly way we'll harm people. what we'll try to do is create a health care system that is sustainable. i support the efforts to move forward. i support what mitch is doing. i agree with the president. stuart: yeah, but senator, there are conservatives in the senate no, no we're not going do do it. senator rand paul this morning
10:49 am
is saying, given mitch mcconnell's this morning new proposal, doesn't want anything to do with it. he is vigorously he opposed to it. >> candidly i don't know if there is any solution outside of senator paul's solution he would vote for. the issue how do we get to 51 votes. stuart: yeah. >> we're having a meeting to go you through the proposal. gets scored over the weekend. stuart this is foundational for our ability to go forward with number of other measures have to get passed to get health care on sound footing along with administrative actions that have to be taken to deregulate all the regulations that have come after obamacare was passed. so we have to lay the predicate for a health care system we can negotiate on our terms that will be on sound footing and will provide a safety net. stuart: is there understanding within the republican party, that this absolutely must be done? is there an understanding, this is my opinion, at that something is better than nothing? >> in my opinion it is better than nothing. we have to move forward with it.
10:50 am
we know -- the problem that people are running into is thinking that this is the end of the health care discussion. this is the beginning of it. this lays the foundation for some other things that we have to do. we did medicaid reform in north carolina when i was speaker. i remember a lot of these arguments. and now we've got a pretty good solution in north carolina. they all need to improve but you have to overcome these objections. have the courage to cast a vote, then move forward with more solutions. stuart: okay. senator, you will be staying in washington, d.c., for at least the first two weeks of august, correct? >> yeah, i was part of the people, we signed the letter, we worked with the leadership. i'm very glad mitch made the decision to postpone the recess for two weeks. i for one would like to cancel the entire recess to stay here get a lot of other things done. we need to get health care done. we need the national defense authorization act done. we need a lot of judges confirmed. then we have to move to tax reform. stuart: got it. senator tillis, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. stuart: thank you very much.
10:51 am
now this. new study claims we are going to rack up a trillion dollars worth of credit in total that is, racking up a total trillion dollars in credit. that would be by the end of the year. now, liz, you can take this either way. you can say, oh, here we go getting into more and more debt, or you can say we're quite prepared to spend money, borrow it and then spend it to expand the economy. which is it? liz: consumer confidence number, you're right, have been coming in president strong. we've been reporting on them weekly. we did that story earlier about people using their credit cards to buy experiences like concert tickets instead of refrigerators or couches. ashley: instant gratification. liz: instant gratification, spend now, that is not good when you're facing 15%, 118% credit card financing charges. stuart: true. it could be a signal. rack it up to a trillion dollars.
10:52 am
remember 1.2 trillion in student debt outstanding. it dwarfs mortgages. it is dwarfs mortgages and credit cards. that is incredible. ashley: it does. stuart: we're up not much, up one point. 21,0053. more "varney" in a moment. -- 21,533. think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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stuart: listen up, this could be, could be a breakthrough. news on health reform coming to us from senator ted cruz. he says i'm encouraged. this is about the latest idea, the latest plan put forward. i'm encouraged. i think we're making positive steps. anything more, ash? ashley: ted cruz has a plan conservatives like, not the centrists. it would let insurers sell plans that don't comply with current regulations if they also sell policies that do. in other words the overall aim of ted cruz to bring down premiums. he is saying now that his look at the latest senate draft of the bill incorporating him, his ideas looks promising. stuart: that is, that is interesting. look, i don't expect any impact on the stock market. ashley: step in the right direction. stuart: just come out, incremental step in the process
10:57 am
of moving up. we have to take a break. we'll be back in a moment.
10:58 am
. . .
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: president trump now in paris trying to leave the swamp behind or at least he's trying to do that but oh, what a swamp it is. there are serious issues that should be under serious discussion, health care, tax reform, for example. that's not making the headlines. oh, no, impeachment, al green and sherman have introduced impeachment and representative scott on the facebook he called out president a rapist. at the very center of the swamp hysteria, is that meeting that donald trump, jr. held with
11:01 am
russian lawyer but produced nothing. that meeting took 54% of broadcast news air time last night. at cbs12 minutes on russia, russia, 5 minutes on all other stories combined. these people have lost their mind and i think he's mind, this is trump syndrome. this is what we are covering, the new health care reform bill and economic indicater, 44 million people get by with a side job on top of their regular job. the stock market second record and, yes, president trump in paris and american missionrary. the third hour of varney and company is about to begin. [laughter]
11:02 am
>> breaking news. mcconnell will discuss health care reform as meeting details from the new bill it will be posted online. also happening this hour, house speaker ryan will hold weekly news conference on capitol hill. first, though, we have to check those markets. record after record, here we go. look at the duh industrials up 7 points now. 21,539. we have hit 23 record highs this year, the market clearly shrugging off political turmoil in washed. moments ago, senator ted cruz used the word encouraged when asked about progress on health
11:03 am
reform, roll tape. >> well, i'm encouraged. i think we are making positive steps. it was a big deal that the senate draft now includes the consumer freedom amendment, that's the amendment that my office drafted and it's really focused on getting you the consumer the pow tore choose what health insurance you want. stuart: joining us chris wallace, fox news sunday host. chris, you're in the middle of all of this, can you -- you're shrugging your shoulders, but can you assess if this statement from ted cruz, this response to peter doocy's question s this real progress? chris: we don't know exactly how it fits in the bill if it includes amendment, one plan offered in every exchange that fulfills all of the obamacare essential benefits, all of the protections
11:04 am
and then they can offer cheaper, skinnier and mixed bags that will absolutely love it. more freedom of choice, takes away not the employment mandate which is already gone or individual mandate. it takes away the insurance mandating benefits all that need to be included in a plan and will lower premiums. the flip side of that more moderate republican senators are concerned, if you start creating this kind of divided market, then, yes, healthy people will buy cheaper plan but that is only going to increase the expenses for the bigger plans and, in fact, you'll have an insurance company for health people and insurance market for sick people and the sick people won't be able to afford coverage. there's moderates who will not go along with that. there's a real quell and there's a real question not only they will be able to pass the
11:05 am
mcconnell plan next week but whether they'll even get the 50 votes plus, tie-breaker from the vice president to even bring it up on the floor to discuss it. [laughter] stuart: i don't know what to say because the details are crowding out the big picture. to me the big picture is they have to do something, obamacare is collapsing and the republican party will get the blame if they do absolutely nothing, doing is not a possibility. it's not something that can happen. chris: but, stuart, you call it ma -- under the current plans, there's tens of thousands of voters in your state who has coverage who may lose it or not be able to keep it because it
11:06 am
becomes expensive and i agree with you after seven years of complaining to obamacare, but you also have to answer to thousands of voters for state and it's not manucia, it's life or death. stuart: i scht that -- suspect that that news conference will be dominated by russia, do you think that's going to happen? chris: it's not a full news conference. generally when leaders meet they take two questions from each side so they'll be two questions if this follows that form from the american reporters and depends to some degree who the president was asked. i hope he would be asked one question about russia because he hasn't really spoken out except in select interviews on the subject and it's a lot to ask him. there are some legitimate questions and i certainly agree with you, some of the far-left
11:07 am
and let's point out, this is not the mainstream of the democratic party, this is far-left members of congress who are talking about articles of impeachment. we are no where near even for serious democrats. there are legitimate like meeting with russian representative, you do want to hear what the president has to say about that. stuart: this will be a first opportunity for the president to speak and address the meeting by his son. one last one real fast, chris, i said that president trump is a missionary to europe. would you go that far? chris: i'm not sure i would use that word and i take your point and i think it is representative of the very strong speech that he made in poland where he talked about the need to defend western values and western civilization against threat of radical terrorism and to that degree, paris as we know or
11:08 am
france overrun-overrun is too strong but serious threat from radical islamist to the degree that he backs macron and makes that case, maybe it is missionary work. stuart: chris wallace, thank you very much, indeed, you have a lot of work to do, go do it, sir. appreciate it. chris: thank you, sir. stuart: yes, sir, big banks, some of them reports tomorrow. our next guest will say that trump rally is pretty much dead, strong stuff from dick, analyst, i've got a couple of minutes here, you tell me why bank profits will show that the trump rally is dead? >> well, basically it'll show that the economy is not moving forward. basically what we are looking at if loan category by loan category, substantial slowdowns, commercial industrial lending was, you know, growing at roughly 7 to 8% a year ago, it's
11:09 am
growing at 3% right now. home equity lending is declining, loans on first mortgages, you know, were growing at 3%, they are growing at 1%. you've got credit card loan that is are growing at half a rate than a year ago. you have a decline in auto loan growth. you know, other than construction loans and construction on multifamily apartment buildings, you don't have strength showing up in the loan books of banks in the country. stuart: bus that mean the economy is slowing? >> it would suggest very strongly that the economy is not moving very rapidly, yes. if you say that bank lend asking a proxy for growth and economy, basically bank lending is showing an economy that's not growing at a very rapid rate at all. in addition to which you mentioned moments ago trillion dollars of additional debt, we could be moving where there's so
11:10 am
much excess cash in the economy that the banks are opening what they call a credit box, credit box meaning that they're not lend to go subprime borrowers again which they are definitely doing, if they do that, ultimately you're going to be increasing loan losses, loan losses went up in 2015, they went up in 2016. they will go up this year. you get slow loan growth, increase in loan losses, you have some issues that you have to deal with. stuart: i call this a warning from dick who has been right in the past. we will check it out. dick, thanks for joining us. i'm very sorry about the short time, extremely busy news time. opened up a thousand dollars a share, new and improved echo later on this year. bad news for people that bought
11:11 am
echos like liz. [laughter] stuart: verizon, huge data leak exposes millions of customer records, names, addresses, phone numbers, social security pins, 6 million customers information on them leaked online by one of the company's outside venders, it was an accidental leak, nothing intentional. >> right. stuart: verizon there's no theft of verizon customer information, the stock is up 17 cents. details from the new senate health care, obamacare taxes on the wealthy are staying in as we reported before. it can is encourage that -- ted cruz encouraged that his amendment is in. very fluid hour ahead. first we will be joined by eric, we will get into it again, health care, we did last time. what was that that he got?
11:12 am
ashley: a graph that was going up. stuart: mr. balling will be joining us shortly. clean formula clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day.
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stuart: do something. >> it's a piece of crap bill. it's a piece of crap law. stuart: that's nothing. are you kidding? >> you're doing exactly what obama did and democrats did, you're dealing with health insurance costs, prices, not the underlying health care. reconsider your stand on health care. stuart: never, never. that's why -- ashley: round two. stuart: welcome back, eric. thank you for pointing out how
11:16 am
right i was. [laughter] stuart: we know most of it and we have this comment from senator ted cruz, conservative, very much your kind of guy, he says, look, i'm encouraged, i think we are taking positive steps, it was a big deal that the senate draft from mitch mcconnell now includes consumer freedom amendment, amendment that my office drafted and it really focused on giving you consumer the pow tore choose what health insurance you want. i think that's incremental progress towards some kind of deal and you say? >> maybe, but there's still probably going to be short. i think what ted cruz is talking about is -- if i understand what he and maybe even one or two other senators have said, let obamacare continue to live and offer alternatives to obamacare, maybe this is a complete repeal and replace. again, none of these bills, not
11:17 am
the house version, not the first senate version, not the rewritten senate version attack what really is the problem with health care and it's the cost of health care, not the cost of health insurance. none of them do it. stuart: i agree. >> if you're not going to address the things that you and i and everyone in the network for the better part of eight years, ie, competition across state laws, tort reform. these are things that will bring the price of health care down. stuart: i agree with you. >> i don't know. stuart: wait, my argument -- something -- something is better than nothing. if you have nothing, we are stuck with obamacare and the republican party commits political suicide. >> i think the political suicide -- stuart: if you do something you can build on it later. >> if you do something now and have something now worst than obamacare -- people over 50
11:18 am
year's old, their premiums will be going to 2018 election, cbo scores it. you will tell these people to vote for republicans in the 2018 election even though their insurance premiums are worst than obamacare, do you really that's not political suicide? stuart: one second, eric, because i have breaking news from janet yellen, she made news on the economy. ash, tell me exactly what she said. ashley: given what we are seeing now, quote, we will be challenging to get to 3% gdp in the next five years. stuart: whoa. liz: annual growth gdp, wow. stuart: she discounts the idea of tax cuts presumably. ashley: given what we have seen. >> remember the chart i was holding up, that's the dow jones industrial over time. that means as you continue to go forward, you release the economic power of -- of -- might of the united states by reducing taxes and roll back regulation.
11:19 am
i think 3% is easily obtainable. stuart: no argument there. you cut taxes and you bring some of that money back from overseas, and you have yourself a stimulus. >> maybe she said that so she doesn't have to raise rates and the economy continues to be on low interest rates. stuart: i'm determined to have the last word. something is better than nothing. >> 2018. [laughter] stuart: do i see you at 5:00 o'clock tonight? >> out can pick up the book, the swamp. stuart: number two, number three and number one. >> number two in wall street journal and number three in new york times. stuart: you other me, i pumped that book. >> you're the reason why it made "the new york times" best seller. stuart: i await the check eagerly. good stuff. we are waiting details, the formal details from the senate new health bill. they'll be posted online ten minutes from now.
11:20 am
we pretty much know most of it. it's be formalized in ten minutes. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will meet with republican senators and also hear from house speaker ryan, all of this on health care. while we wait, this, iceberg breaking away from antartica weighs more than a trillion tons, we will have details on that in a moment and a massive spot has appeared on the sun, can you see it? 75,000 miles wide could send dangerous solar flairs down to earth, you get it all on varney & company, the sun balling an iceberg, what a day.
11:21 am
11:22 am
11:23 am
11:24 am
stuart: dramatic drone footage after three years of isis occupation and constant fighting. not much left. united nations estimates it will cost a billion dollars to rebuild the city's infrastructure, who pays? don't know. now this, massive iceberg breaking away from antartica, weighs a trillion tons, three
11:25 am
times the size of london, scientists have been watching it for a year away. it's broken away. massive spot that appeared on the sun, it is 75,000 miles wide, the car alone is larger than the either, experts say could send dangerous solar flairs to earth maybe knocking out communication satellites, maybe causing blackouts but that's quite a visual. big milestone for high-pollute technology or so we are told. a company completing scale run. 70 miles an hour ultimately it's supposed to go at 750 miles an hour. success, they're applauding. meanwhile driverless shuttle buses are being tested in west sacramento california, that model right there is the easy ten. its battery power, you program the route in and off you go. this bus moves between 8 and
11:26 am
10 miles an hour. sacramento. ashley: i don't want to get stuck behind it. [laughter] stuart: details of the new senate health care bill posted online minutes from now just as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell tries to sell it to republican senators and look at that, the market is going up. there's a lot going on. trump is in paris, back in a moment. nah. not gonna happen.
11:27 am
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a kohler walk-in bath provides independence with peace of mind. call to save $500 off bath walls with your walk-in bath or visit for more info. stuart: listen to this. two details from the senate, the new senate plan on health care have been confirmed. here we go. ted cruz's consumer protection amendment is in, so are those obamacare tacks on the wealthy. come on in adam shapiro who has confirmed a third detail of this new plan, what is it? >> additional money on top of the 112 billion for the state on the 70 billion because of the ted cruz amendment. they are concerned that the ted cruz amendment, stuart, will raise premiums for people who have preexisting conditions because the cruz amendment allows people to buy obamacare noncompliant cheaper plans but
11:31 am
the insurance company still has compliant obamacare. republicans worry that that will drive the cost and that of the insurance spectrum. they are adding this money to try to offset some of that. stuart: adam shapiro, very important details. let me summarize. new plan is now online. there's some compromise here. extra 70 billion to keep consumer -- the premiums down, they'll be a lot of money for opioid addiction treatment, the taxes on the wealthy stay, what am i missing here? liz: preexisting conditions stay. stuart: still covered. that seems like a real compromise, but ted cruz conservative, his consumer amendment is also in. compromise, looks like a compromise and the market is up. i'm not sure if it's responding to that but the market sup. we are 22 points high now. 21,554, whether he digest the
11:32 am
health care news by right now we are moving on. president trump if you have been watching the program, you will know he's in paris today on the heels of the powerful speech in poland last week where he defended vigorously western values. come on in dan henninger, he has a column in the journal. i said this on the program this morning, president trump is a missionary over there in europe, you're laughing, why? >> you have to take on mission work to europe, last pope, pope benedict tried to do it. it was about their survival. the reaction on the left, he goes over there and says that the -- we should align with the polish people on behalf of family, freedom, faith, government and they're saying this is like an at-right dog whistle to world voters in the
11:33 am
united states. if trump were to sang the star spangled banner they would say it's an alt-right values. it was a choice between hillary clinton, the successor to barack obama or whoever was running against her. what do i mean by that, barack obama is a man of the left and i think the left has never been comfortable in this country with the kind of difficult system the founding fathers set up, the system that's suppose today protect smaller units of government including individuals. when the left gets an idea, universal idea like climate change, they want to shove it down to the american people out in the 50 states, so they did that with climate, the epa, the holder justice department filed lawsuits against towns, police departments, schools because of
11:34 am
alleged racial discrimination, tom pérez labor department did the same thing to the private sector and i think a lot of the american base said, whoa, wait a minute, what is going on here, we are supposed to be protected from distant central authorities in places like washington, the same way the colonist wanted to be protect from king george and distant parliament in london. that was what was at stake in the last election and trump's base consisted of half of the american electorate. stuart: dan, hold on for a second. doug remains a democrat. >> he does. stuart: what's wrong with our president and i say he's a missionary in europe going over there defending and pointing to western values as the reason for our success and why we are different. you have a problem with that? >> none at all. stuart: you're a democrat. >> stuart, you weren't here in 1960 but john f kennedy's inaugural said that our freedom
11:35 am
and liberty came from god, not political parties or washington and his plea was the same plea that donald trump made. i think those are bipartisan values. i certainly share them. the point is can he implement them in a way that reflects the greater good for the country. stuart: okay. what are democrats doing calling for impeachment? >> well, i think it's a bad mistake. i think there are two now doing that. i wouldn't recommend it. i would recommend an alternative agenda to the trump agenda but they haven't done that yet so i think they've made a mistake. stuart: not even close, doug, not close to recommending their own policies or own growth. >> they are playing a different game. they see trump's approval at 40. they believe in midterm elections, best strategy is paper over differences and as they put it resist. stuart:ly get back to you in one second. >> i appreciate it.
11:36 am
>> i take doug's point. that no democrat today would deliver a speech pailing the west which now among the left is a term of oppression of siege people. won't go there anymore. stuart: ridiculous. >> since the election the democratic party has moved further left, they're in a state called resistance, sort of standard leftist term to everything that donald trump represents. i think they become blind today that idea right now and they're sort of relying as to doug is suggesting on the trump administration itself, shooting itself in the feet continuously, damaging itself going into 2018 elections an picking up the pieces then. stuart: i think if donald trump, president trump guesses -- gets a win or health care and tax reform, the star rises.
11:37 am
>> i'm sorry, could i jump in here. janet yellen reported said below 3% growth for the next five years, that's what she's predicting. we have been more than ten years without 3% growth. that's the obama economy. ashley: that's true. >> we are going to have 15 years of sub 3% growth, that's unacceptable. we average 4% from 1945 to early 2000's, right, am i wrong? stuart: unless we can't cut taxes. >> she did just say that. >> she could be looking the 3.8% investment tax is staying in the republican health care bill, that was going to be a capitol gain's tax cut and now if they can't get it in the health care bill, what are they going to do when the real tax bill comes up,
11:38 am
they have to find the money somewhere. that's maybe what she's talking about. paul ryan holding brief conference and i will listen. >> assess the damage. second, the house continues to take action on issues that affect people in everyday lives. yesterday the house passed three more bipartisan initiatives to combat human trafficking. today the ways and means committee is holding another hearing on tax reform and this one focuses on struggles that businesses are facing under the -- stuart: he's not talking about the main issues of the day at this point and i would characterize main issues as tax cuts and health care reform. when we gets to that we will dib back in again. i promise. doug, i want to talk to you about donna brazile, she's got a new book that's coming out shortly, it's called hacks, the
11:39 am
inside story of the brake-ins and break downs that put donald trump in the white house. [laughter] stuart: isn't donna brazile the lady who leaked presidents to presidential candidate hillary clinton? >> and then lied about it on fox news. i know donna brazile and i guess my characterization would be the title of her book would apply probably to people like me who have been in politics a long time but i would say herself as well. stuart: but you can't rein in the left. you've given them free rein, they run your party. >> sadly, that's true. the far right has has more influence i would like on the republican party, but stuart, i believe in bipartisan coo coopoeration. stuart: i want to get back to janet yellen. i have 30 seconds.
11:40 am
that's not moved the market. we are up 16 points, nor should it actually. >> right. stuart: you're not going to get to 3% growth any time in the last years the way things are going. i can't believe that she really feels if we only have tooks cuts we would get to 3% growth. >> she said tax overhaul could help if it was properly designed and there's room for improvement with the current corporate tax structure. stuart: properly designed. >> who knows what that means. stuart: isn't that right? >> across the board tax cuts, you heard that in a way that relieves the burden on the middle class and to offer a capitol gains cut to the wealthy so that they invest and it's critical and helped in 1997 when bill clinton and when ronald reagan did it, you know what, stuart, it's not a question of bipartisanship. it's a question of facts about
11:41 am
economics. stuart: i tell you what i'm going to do, i will search high and low for a democrat who says what we need now is across the board tax cuts the way you've just said it. >> if you find them, tell me and i will have lunch with them. [laughter] stuart: senate health care plan includes additional $70 billion to help state lower premiums, we know it also includes obamacare taxes on the wealthy, they stay, ted cruz consumer protection amendment. big deal, sounds like a compromise. more detail coming as we comb through the bill, we will be combing. we will be right back she's nationally recognized for her compassion and care.
11:42 am
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>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. something new from apple, you can go right over to the store and have new experience. you see apple higher today. this is the home kit experience and you can use one app from apple, go right over to the store and inside the store across the country you can learn to use smart lights, wi-fi
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stuart: okay, i want to giver out some more on the health reform plan which we now have before us. it sounds like a compromise. the detail which we just confirmed which is very interesting, extra $70 billion on top of $120 billion that goes to the states so that you can keep premiums under control. that's new and it was just revealed to us as we combthrough -- comb through this new bill. taxes for the wealthy and paul ryan just said if the senate delivers health care bill, the house will stay in session to deal with it. making progress it sounds like to me. i want to bring in andy puzder.
11:47 am
it sounds like a compromise, it sounds like some progress from your advantage point, do you agree? >> absolutely -- look, stuart, this really isn't as bad as people are making it sound. what we need to do is reinstill, we need to readd competition back to the system. this bill does it in three ways, the new bill will do it three ways, one it gives people money through the tax credits which means they'll have cash to buy insurance, insurance companies will want to compete for that cash. ted cruz' amendment and mike lee's amendment allows insurance to hone their plans so people actually want to buy and extra 70 billion will protect people with preexisting conditions from seeing their premiums excel and lastly, you've got health savings accounts which they are going to double the amount you can contribute and allow you to pay insurance premiums and other noncovered expenses. individuals will be looking for best prices on products and insurance companies will be offering them and people will have the cash to pay for them.
11:48 am
this is actually a very good bill. i'm not disappointed with it at all. stuart: i cannot see that if push comes to shove at the moment of the moment, i just can't see the republicans in the senate saying, no, we don't want this, we are not going to have -- i just honestly, andy, i can't see that happening when push comes to shove. >> i can't see that either. i was listening to what paul ryan was saying and ted cruz was saying, you're starting to feel ten us theiasm. you want to be the one senator out there that killed the republican effort to substantially repeal and reform and improve obamacare, no, you don't want to be that person. as far as the tax cuts, let's deal with tax when we deal with tax reform. they get mischaracterized republicans trying to help the wealthy, that's disingenuous, leave it with -- deal with it
11:49 am
and i'm anxious to see that passed. >> when you were running several businesses, obamacare was a real thorn in your side. would this new bill if it were enacted remove that thorn in the side of restaurant operators? >> absolute i, the employer mandate goes away and will help working americans, you talked earlier about the number of people working two jobs, that's because under obamacare and gdp growth so low, you have so many part time jobs it was very, very difficult for people to make a living by having just one job. now, since the beginning of the year with regulatory reform by the way, we have about a million more people working full-time, 400,000 fewer people working part time, that didn't happen last year under president trump. we've got about 600,000 more people working and they're working full-time jobs, that's a huge difference just from regulatory reform. in we can now amend obamacare,
11:50 am
we can substantially repeal it and replace it and we can do tax reform. whether he see job growth like we haven't seen in the country since 80's or 90's, janet yellen is wrong, 3% growth is absolutely achievable and we are on a good course to get there. stuart: andy puzder, really good stuff, andy, thank you so much for joining us. i might add that the dow industrial is not exactly rocketing high, that would not be the case but we are up building on yesterday's record close. 21,556 as we speak. i want to repeat the news, speaker paul ryan says if the senate delivers health care plan the house will stay in session through the august recess. the senate plan includes additional $70 billion to help states lower premiums, we also know it includes obamacare taxes on the wealthy, they stay by the way and ted cruz's consumer protection amendment, that is in this new bill.
11:51 am
dr. mark segal, we dragged him back so he can offer comment on this. he will be joining news a second. i want to talk about the funding for opioid addiction, i'm not sure treatment works and i will ask him about that but it's in the new bill. we will be back. >> good stuff.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
stuart: it's getting excited sports fans, dow is high today because in part health care reform. extra $70 billion on top of 112 billion going to keep premiums down. >> 5% of americans use 50% to have health care, so when you add preexisting conditions, stuart, to the individual market and you try to charge everyone the same premium the way obamacare did, premiums soar up so you have to get noun bring them down, this will help allot. stuart: senator cruz's consumer amendment is in. that gives more choice to consumers. >> love this. this will help with
11:56 am
conservatives and gives the bill some chance, you know why, because you're a young person you don't have to buy the overbloated obamacare-type policy that covers everything and the kitchen sink. you have a chance to buy scaled down policy. the insurance company still has to offer the other policy to anyone with a preexisting condition. they can't just play to the people that pay -- that need less. you to keep both in there. i think this will work, actually and will bring premiums because, again, the reason premiums are soaring is because the policies are so overloaded. stuart: got it. $45billion for opioid addiction treatment. i don't think treatment works but you tell me. >> look, it works with a lot of peer to peer counseling but high recidivism rate. the real problem with opioid, doctors overprescribing as we
11:57 am
have said on this program. medicaid recipients get twice as many opioid prescriptions so doctors are overprescribing opioid to medicaid patients and then we need to treatment programs that don't work so the $45 billion is a drop in the bucket and won't solve the problem. stuart: maybe will get the bill passed. out of time, doc, thank you very much, indeed. out dow industrials high of the day. more varney after this.
11:58 am
. . . .
11:59 am
stuart: it has been an exciting day in the news business. item one, our american president, a missionary, off in europe, in paris to be precise. number two, the dow industrials adding to yesterday's record close. we're pretty close to the high of the day at this moment, up another 30 points. look at that level, 21,562.
12:00 pm
finally breaking in the last 45 minutes, we have details of the new republican health plan in the senate. looks like a compromise. looks promising. maybe that is why the dow is up another 30 points. what is a day. neil, it is yours. neil: great show, my friend. not be all, enall they come up with hope they can pass it. they can fix it, tinker with it. the assumption made all or nothing. they came back dozen times with obamacare. stuart: you can fiddle around with and perfect later. you have to do something now. neil: because they don't do something now, you can kiss everything else good-bye. i don't see any realistic tax cuts of any sort. whatever money plan on expanding that farm, that is


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