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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  July 13, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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at one of the fanciest restaurants in france on is being floor of eiffel tower where the minimum meal set you back equivalent of 230 euros, about $260. i might be off on the ratio. it should be a le good time had by all. to you, trish. trish: did such a good job. thanks, neil. lots of news going on. president trump coming out swinging blasting the liberal media making a big deal over his son's meeting with a russian lawyer. the president said his son has done nothing wrong. anyone in his position would have done the same darn thing. all this as senate republicans unveil he revised version of their health care bill. we got it all. welcome, everyone, i'm trish regan. this is "the intelligence report. defending his son donald trump, jr., in a press conference with purchase leader macron. the leaders admit they don't see
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eye-to-eye on everything including climate change but they agree the nations must work together to solve big problems like terrorism. senate republicans unveiling a new health care bill which offers more choices for consumers including cheaper policies that cover less but the bill keeps taxes on wealthy people, something republicans have objected to in the past. how do son -- conservatives feel about this new bill? we're asking alabama senator richard shelby. blake burman live at white house with the latest on the president's meeting with french president macron. fill us in blake. reporter: it was this time yesterday when the president's hand-picked fbi director christopher wray testified on capitol hill, that anyone in donald trump, jr.'s position should have picked up the phone and called the fbi. the president was asked about that at the press conference a little while ago, in paris, france, alongside emannuel macron, the president came to the defense of his oldest son,
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saying he is a good person, con 10ed anyone else in his son's position would have done the same thing. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian lawyer, not a government lawyer, but a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting. i think from a practical standpoint most people would have taken that meeting. reporter: president trump also described the meeting as means to tracking down opposition research which he said is very standard in politics. the president also did not shy away from meeting last week with vladmir putin. in fact he noted that it resulted in a cease-fire in southwest syria. the president also revealed that those discussions last week could lead to a second cease-fire. >> we're working on a second cease-fire in a very rough part of syria and if we get that and a few more all of sudden you
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will have no bullets being fired in syria, that would be a wonderful thing. reporter: this was a fairly chummy press conference between president trump and emannuel macron, complimentary to each other on several things however it was very, very clear that one thing that they remain in disagreement with, is the paris climate accord and that probably isn't changing anytime soon, trish. trish: certainly not. all right, thank you so much, blake burman. for more right now as we talk about how the president is addressing his son's meeting with that russian lawyer, he is defending his son of course, we've got the host of "mediabuzz," on the fox news channel, howie kurtz, republican stratbit of ford o'connell, american university executive in residence capri cafaro. howie, start with you you, this has become a very big story as we say. the likes of tim kaine out there this potentially could be treason. we heard this as well from a number of democratic strategists. is the media running away with this in a way that is perhaps not healthy?
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>> some democrats are clearly getting overheated. it's a real story. you notice the president didn't call it fake news at the news conference in paris, because it has been confirm by don, jr.'s own account and emails that were made public. but look, when the president took a little jab, wouldn't say blast the media, press is making too much of this, the facts of the meeting are newsworthy because it was with russians, with a russian lawyer, but at the same time, trish, the press is now asking all kinds of other questions, what about jared kushner, was this treason? did the president himself know about it? taking facts, going on the facts to speculation is right what the media often does. trish: because they want to solve for a crime as alan dershowitz pointed out to me. let me share an excerpt with my interview from him, the very liberal law professor from harvard university who is on donald trump's side on this one. watch.
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>> trying to turning a political sin into federal crime is to endanger democracy. people don't like trump. they're saying let's find a crime we can, we can accuse him of. but that is just not the way democracy is supposed to operate. i'm doing this as liberal democrat who voted against trump because i believe that the criminal law should be interpreted narrowly and consistently and we shouldn't be making up crimes because we don't like the person. trish: ford, i imagine you agree with that one? dershowitz really calling out the left there. he told me is in martha's vineyard. i said you will not get many dinner reservations there this week. >> well look, i absolutely agree with professor dershowitz. it is absolutely ridiculous for democrats to be spewing treason. not only is it not treason, based on fact we know it is not a crime. i take issue with what howie kurtz just said, i agree with howie this is a story but the way media is billing it as, you
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would think 20 minute sit-down with russian lawyer to get opposition research on hillary clinton is smoking gun or holy grail that will take down donald trump presidency is absolutely ridiculous. trish: to howie's defense, you did say this is what the media does, this is what the media want to do? they want to find a way to take him down. something like this becomes a very big deal. i ask you this, capri, you been around politics for some time. is this what happens? let's forget the hillary clinton, dnc did something quite similar with ukrainians, however? >> there is no question that opposition research and seeking out information on your open point is commonplace. you know in the political arena. i think that what does make this different, although we just referenced issue of ukrainians, the fact this is a foreign national, it does play into this narrative the russians somehow being linked with donald trump's campaign.
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is it a crime? again i'm not a lawyer but i tend to defer -- trish: how can it be a crime? >> i agree. trish: how can it be a crime to hear information? if you act on the information and do something criminal, such as try to con fire with the russians to -- conspire with the russians to affect voting machines then we're talking a whole another -- >> correct. i said this about the conduct of donald trump, jr. he is a business person. he is someone that i think was trying to see how do we beat the competition. that is what you do in business. how do you get a competitive advantage. he looked at this meeting thought to himself, this is a way that we -- trish: you don't think hillary clinton would have done the exact same thing. >> things are different in politics. >> any political operative worth their weight in gold would have actually taken this meeting. and further, what kills me, democrats are not only yelling treason, they're everything known to man, collusion. it is --
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trish: it looks bad. >> it may be uncomfortal. it may be an eyesore. it is not illegal. what kills me about the media, not covering fact hillary clinton worked with you ukraine to dig up dirt on donald trump. >> doesn't make it right. trish: hang on. hang tight. >> let me finish. not only, that what we're not discussing is natalia, the russian lawyer is such an agent of the kremlin why did the obama doj give her a visa? trish: go over to howie now. we'll pose that question to him. why is it that the media doesn't seem to care about hillary clinton and her ukrainian activities? why is it that they didn't care as much about the clinton foundation? why are they all wrapped in this story, howie? >> right now because she is not president of the united states and he is. it is overheated to constantly asking is it a crime, is it a crime? things that people do, whether member of the president's family or campaign team not criminal but don't look good.
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the reason this is getting a lot of traction in the press after months and months of denials there was any collusion with russia, we have the president's son being willing to it get opposition research from russia. maybe anybody would have done that but new nominee for fbi director obviously thinks that was not a wise move. trish: that is whole another can of worms, christopher wray, whether or not he should be there. i look at it, call me simple here, ford, but you know, if someone says, hey i got some information that may help your dad, in some ways you're not so caring, you want to hear, right? what you do with the information then that can be suspect. but just listening to someone, meeting with someone, i don't understand why people are jumping all over that as though as it is illegal. >> you're absolutely right be trish. there is big difference between listening to something and acting upon something in a quid pro quo fashion.
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look opposition research in political campaign, particularly in a presidential campaign comes from everywhere and all levels. all the democrats are concerned with here that the fact, which might, we don't have any evidence come actually come from russia. this is all about russia. this relitigating an election. that is all going on here. that is why i i have a very problematic double standard going on in the media. trish: final word, capri. >> just very, very quickly. i think that the issue here is, you know nobody wants to relitigate anything at least in my opinion. i think it is a waste of democrats time to go round and round and round when we need our own agenda. that being said, these emails donald trump, jr., actually released on his on accord says specifically that this is an olive branch, essentially from the russian government who wants to support donald trump. that is said in black and white. that is certainly an issue. >> you never actually believe the democrats to take russians at their word. i will be perfectly honest with you.
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trish: thank you, howie, ford, capri. senate republicans getting a first look at their health care bill. mitch mcconnell presenting gop with the bill in the senate. hoping for a vote next week. the new bill we have, all the details. there are some distinctions in this. it is going to keep a lot of the original elements including medicaid reductions but, it does keep tax increases on the wealthy. would the cruz amendment allowing insurers to sell skimpier health care plans that actually could be something that could work here? since democrats are uniformly against the bill no matter what it says, o'connell has just a two-vote margin to get it passed and rand paul is already a solid no. listen. >> bill doesn't repeal it. it keeps half the obamacare taxes. keeps most of obamacare regulations. it keeps most of the obamacare subsidies, and it creates a giant new insurance bailout superfund of about $200 billion.
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this isn't repeal by any means, shape or form. trish: moments ago senator susan collins of maine tweeting still deep cuts to medicaid. will vote no. lot going on. is this any chance any of this is going to get passed? adam shapiro live at capitol with more. hey, adam. reporter: there is chance it will get passed. there is very busy friday. we'll get the cbo score monday or tuesday on the bill now been revised of the they will do two scores, one with ted cruz amendment, one without ted cruz amendment. at the end of the day here is coming out against it. you heard rand paul says it's a no. susan collins appears to be not. rob portman hasn't made a commitment. we believe he will make a commitment to the bill after the cbo score. if portman says no, this thing doesn't survive. if portman says yes, if mr. flake from arizona, he has
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been on the friends, this thing could go forward. one big issue with the bill is the cruz amendment. it does meet some of the requirements that fiscal conservatives and moderates have about lowering premiums but it also raises premiums for people with preexisting conditions. so this is all in play right now. and that is what, business politics is. they have to figure out how to keep everyone happy and deliver. trish: adam, we're watching it of course as you are very carefully. talk about something else very important these days, and that is tax reform. reporter: yes. trish: the market is hoping it is happening. someone said, perfect way to describe it. the market put adown payment on donald trump's presidency. that is what this higher market is about. they're anticipating we get lower taxes. you did sit down with house ways and means chairman kevin brady to talk about this very issue. what did he tell you? reporter: couple of key points, especially regarding something you are against and a lot of people are against which is the
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border adjustment tax. i want you to listen what he when i asked him will this be a part of bill? is it definite? listen to the chairman's own words because it seems like he is pulling back a bit from the border adjustment tax. here it is. >> rates alone, which we do, lowest rates for business in modern history, that alone won't keep them from moving overseas or competitors go lower. we have to redesign the way we tax. so our companies can compete to win anywhere in the world especially here at home. if a border adjustment is not politically ready or needs more study we have to find a solution. so we're looking at number of proposals from the past as well as new ideas on how to tackle that problem. reporter: trish a couple things that, for instance commercial real estate people will be very interested in. they're proposing doing what you call expensing where you can deduct in the first year the full expense if you buy an investment, new tractor or something, but what happens it
2:15 pm
people who borrow money? because they want to eliminate the net interest deduction. they're looking at provisions that would allow some way to keep deductibility for net interest provisions but essentially doing away with total concept of that. that will be key, especially for commercial real estate people about what can they actually keep if that deduction most part thrown out the window. trish: you know how i feel about the border adjustment tax. reporter: you love it like liver. trish: you will lose tax reform because of border tax. important for him to back off that the president is not a fan either. adam shapiro, great stuff as always. see you soon. the senate health care plan in a move that runs counter to republican objections on obamacare, it keeps in place two highly controversial taxes. i thought the republicans were all about smaller government and lower taxes. so what is going on here?
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we'll ask "national review" editor rich lowery. he is here and next.
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delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. trish: weave got stocks in the green a little it second day in row with testimony from none other than than federal reserve chair janet yellen. you know what they like? she is dovish. she is the ultimate dove. that is good news for the market. they figure game on as far as fed goes, that continues moving this market higher. not as much as we saw yesterday but still pretty significant. let's talk about the outlook right now. if you have a dovish fed, and you've got a president that is trying to get through tax reform, health care reform, and infrastructure spending, what does that mean for market outlook? financial analyst heather
2:20 pm
zumiraga and our own nicole petallides. starting down there on the floor with you. what are you hearing? >> the message from the fed is consistent. we know they got those headlines, gradual increase will continue. we're watching inflation closely but, also one part of it too was fiscal policy and she really sis keeping a close eye what to expect out of washington because you really have to have monetary policy and fiscal policy working together. we know this market has run up on a great business-friendly agenda from president trump and his administration. the question when it will go through? i will note most traders on wall street still think everything is on track and will happen. optimism is still there. while there may be -- trish: i love the optimism. i love it. doesn't matter. don, jr., e-mails, controversy
2:21 pm
over whether or not health care situation will get resolved. they remain optimistic. that is a great sign. actually what makes us great. it is part of, it is an intrinsic part, heather, who we are as a nation. we're always willing to look at the glass half-full. nobody wants to miss out any potential upside down the road but let me ask you if you don't get these policies through, if you don't see health care reform soon, if you don't see tax reform this year, what does that do to the upside we built in this market? >> that will pose a program for the markets, trish. we're all waiting to see some more clarity out of fiscal side in washington. i know the fed testimony today and yesterday was important for the markets to lift even, perhaps today, we hit another all-time high, but janet yellen said, time and time again, listen to reach the growth target, gdp target 3% and
2:22 pm
higher, we need tax reform. we need to cut back on spending. those are just realities. trish: realities indeed. all right, robert, how does the fed unwind its balance sheet especially in light of her being so dovish? >> that is the biggest challenge, trish. the fed keeps looking at the inflation number and it is stubbornly. amazon with latest acquisition of whole foods i think that will be a challenge for them for some time to come. anytime you see a pull back in the market you see investors rush in. i have to say there are places to invest outside of the u.s., for average investor, and the 401(k), the retiree, they haven't participated in this run as great as we've seen from the s&p 500. if you look at euro emerging markets, they're up basically 50, 60% over last year, while the s&p is up 170%. so the average investor is finally starting to participate
2:23 pm
in this rally in their 401(k). trish: good. >> there is lot more optimism. trish: that means there is more room to run. quickly show this graphic again. i want people to see this, wage growth versus wage, do we have that? wage growth versus price inflation. i believe in the yellow you have got wages. then you see price inflation, which is basically kind of going nowhere. that is in blue. the real problem, however is that, we're not making anymore money, and heather, i do think, for donald trump, if he wants another term, to get another term, that has to start to change. he needs to see american wages go up. >> i'm all in favor of a pay increase. i'm sure we all want our paychecks to rise but the fact that on that chart you showed that prices are coming down as effective the disruptive forces of e-commerce, that in itself can be seen as an indoctor, perhaps wage increase because
2:24 pm
paying less for goods and services that we have. trish: that is depressing when everything is going down. >> how they unwind that balance sheet will be a very big deal because there are some people that are concerned how they will do that. that could even mean no rate hike, we'll see. they have to have a very careful way of doing that. see what happens to yellen. how long she stays? trish: that's right. we don't know if she will make it. thanks to the whole team. a new report, everyone today, it shows china's trade with north korea, it actually rose more than 10% in the past six months. so they are increasing their trade with north korea at a time when we keep talking about the importance of sanctions? i have said before, we have barely scratched the surface when it comes to sanctions with china and north korea and we need to work a whole lot harder on this. coming up, general jack keane in the house. we'll talk about it.
2:25 pm
see you right here after this. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things,
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but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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trish: officials say china's trade with north korea has actually increased since last year, up 10%. despite calls for beijing to enforce new sanctions on north korea over its on going missile tests and while the chinese say there has been a drop in north korean imports, exports are actually way up and the chinese are actually admitting this. just minutes ago president trump expressed his disappointment with china's commitment to this issue or lack there of i should say, saying president xi could do more. watch him. >> we have asked him for some assistance with respect to north korea. probably he could do a little bit more but we'll find out. trish: all right, a little bit passive from donald trump, right, because if we're going
2:29 pm
after north korea, don't we need to go after the chinese hard in order to get their cooperation? joining me right now with his thoughts on it, retired four-star general and fox news military analyst general jack keane. general, welcome, good to have you here in the house. >> always good to be here. trish: what do we do? >> after the last session at the g20 with president xi i expect he has given him a little bit more rope, thus his generosity in his comment in my judgment. i think the administration is about out of patience with china. i think what we'll see is rather stiff sanctions again china, against their financial institutions, for the first time ever between the united states and china, in a realistic way. that will affect the relationship between the united states and china, but listen, in terms of what trump's foreign policy is we're on a collision course with china. in south china sea, power
2:30 pm
project military bases. east chain sea, they are certainly trampling us in that area, they are clearly about on the world stage trying to eventually be on par with the night globally. they're putting bases around the world. trish: are they putting that kind of investment into their military? >> they are. they are doing it -- trish: we don't want that. >> they are not doing it the way soviet union did, tank for tank, airplane airplane ship for ship they believed that forced collapse of soviet union economically. they are much more asymmetrical, they take advantage of our vulnerabilities and advance their capabilities. they do it selectively. nonetheless they want to be global power on near term. trish: not just economic power. it used to be they could become a bigger and bigger economic power. >> no. trish: we would still be effectively be there with the military might and that is changing. >> that was thinking maybe 10 or
2:31 pm
15 years ago. the thinking this regime has on par with the united states as a global power and eventually being the preeminent power in the world. that is what their strategic objectives are. trish: wow, so, general how does this fit into the whole north korea situation as we try to deal with that guy over there? >> well, absolutely, it fits in much to our frustration because it appears at the end of the day, where china is with north korea, they would rather have the problems with north korea than to denuclearize it and eventually, unite the peninsula. they don't want to go there. i think they're gaming us. the president, i'm sure is on to it. and we're going to have to get, as i said really tough with china. trish: so, sanctions with china then? >> that's it. trish: sanction the chinese banks, there is more that we can do. clearly more that we can do if trade is increasing ten%. >> we're tied to them economically obviously. they're tied to our u.s.
2:32 pm
financial system f we go after them in terms of our financial system will have impact on them but also have impact on us. trish: you know. that is a cost we need to be willing to pay because we're talking about our future security here. >> the alternative war in korea is unacceptable. trish: right. >> but that is the path we're on. we don't want to get there, that is for sure. trish: general keane, great to have your perspective. >> thanks, trish. trish: we'll take a quick break be right back. to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs.
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trish: everyone, take a look at these markets. we're seeing a little bit of upside on a day when janet yellen is again giving her testimony, indicating her dovishness. not quite to the upside but in the green. oil closing at 48.08 cell. iaea expects global oil demand to rise. -- $46.08. congress reaching bipartisan agreement for expanded college age for military develop rans it will remove the 15-year time limit. builds on post-9/11 g.i. bill guaranteeing scholarships for vets. former president of brazil was sentenced to 10 years in prison for corruption and money laundering. he is also the front-runner for next year's presidential election, that is president lula
2:37 pm
in brazil. sentenced for corruption and only front-runner. only in brazil i would normally say, i don't know with american politics. speaking of american politics, senate republican leaders unveiling new health care bill, barreling toward a showdown vote and seems mitch mcconnell has work cut out for him to win over his own party. everybody says he is magician, that he will be able to do it. i don't know that he can. joining us with his thoughts, rich lowery editor of "national review." can he do it? i think in some ways people are being a little naive to put so much hope into mitch mcconnell right now? >> this is what he is really gifted at, is the art of inside deal and knowing where his members are. the latest iteration of this bill it is not great but you can see how it is crafted with politics in mind. a little more deregulation to appeal to the right of the conference, namely ted cruz and
2:38 pm
mike lee. more money, a little fewer tax cuts to try to keep the moderates on board. i think cruz and lee if they get on board, i think moderates are there. it gets 50 votes, passes the house, if they're not there, it is 20 votes short and will sink. trish: we're back to the starting point i guess. but they're going to keep this tax on the wealthy, which fundamentally, never seemed right. still doesn't seem right. yet they still want to keep it? >> yeah. so, they are, a lot of the moderates are sensitive to the criticism that this is a huge tax cut for the rich, and they want to lessen that criticism and focus on repealing the taxes that they believe are directly passed on to consumers or hurt innovation. so, it is not unreasonable to me if you do the compromise you
2:39 pm
have to do to get it over the hump. if it doesn't happen, no form of repeal is happening, deal with a you will that and deal with tax reform. >> i feel like this is setting bad precedent. this is president campaigned on lower taxes and, by the way wealthy are ones that pay the taxes. half the country paying nothing in the way of income tax. >> income tax. trish: i know i'm preaching to the choir on this one. don't get me started on taxes. however, i do think it is setting a bad precedent because if they're willing to let that one go, then what will happen to tax reform and everything that they have been promising for that as well? does that mean so much for tax relief for all americans, wealthy included? >> i see what you're saying. it does give away kind of a premise, we just repeal what were new taxes on rich, that were part of this health care bill, we somehow are the party of the rich and affirmatively want to go out cut taxes on the rich. take that argument in tax reform
2:40 pm
intellectually you're not in a great place. where they are right now, they either get this thing to 50 or they end up propping up obamacare and there will be a revolt in the party. so it is important to get this one first, almost do anything you can to get it. then worry about the rest later i believe. trish: realistically, what do you think? >> i think odds are against it, but still my gut is, at end of the day cruz and lee want to get to yes and rest of them will be too afraid to vote no and they will get to 50 but honestly, i have no idea. i don't think mitch mcconnell has any idea. trish: what is amazing though? the market still believes it is going to get done. as i said earlier in the show, that is optimism. we still have a market up 23 points. rich lowery, thank you very much for your perspective. >> thank you. trish: we're all over this senate health care bill. we'll ask alabama senator richard shelby, what he will do. whether or not he will vote yes
2:41 pm
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trish: senate republicans still in disarray over the newly-released health care bill by mitch mcconnell. despite his skill as legislative strategist, mcconnell is still shy of the votes he needs to get this thing passed and the vote has to be next week. has the president pretty angry. >> they have to do it, they have to get together to get it done. >> what happens if they don't? >> i don't want to talk about it. it will be very bad. i will be very angry about it. a lot of people will be very upset. but i'm sitting waiting for that bill to come to my desk. trish: joining me with his take on the new plan, whether he thinks it is going to pass is republican senator richard shelby of alabama. good to have you here. >> thank you. trish: you how are you voting? >> i'm voting yes. not because i think the bill
2:45 pm
will be perfect because it won't be. i was a straight out repeal man, still am, if that can be achieved. i'm not for taxes. i would like to knock those out. what we have before us will be a lot better than obama care that we would revert back to so i'm a yes. it's a start. it is not a panacea though. trish: do you have enough of you there, that you have got senator collins? you've got others, rand paul saying they will not vote for this. are you going to have enough folks in the yes, sir column to get this one through? >> you asked the central question. does he have 50? i don't know that. i don't know that he will get 50. we should get 52 republicans because we'll not get those. the question will we get 50 plus the vice president. i hope so. it will be a lot better than what we have. it will also help people keep their word when they promised to repeal and replace.
2:46 pm
trish: any democrats at all? >> i wouldn't think so. i don't know of any, if you find one or two call me, hear? trish: you touched on something so frustrating to many americans right now. in other words they sent you all there with a job, a purpose, and repeal and replace by the way obamacare. >> that's right. trish: and if you can't get that done what does it mean politically and economically? >> we don't know. i don't think it would be good news for us. if we fail to meet our obligations to the american people, something we promised the american people. the republican caucus basically did. we need to work hard to get it done. first step, not a perfect bill but it is better than what it is today. we need to do it w need to remember what we told the people when we ran, repeal and replace. trish: repeal and replace was the whole man at that.
2:47 pm
-- mantra. trish: senator you say you're not a fan of the taxes i'm not a fan of the taxes either. i told rich lowery, that is precedent, which you goes don't want, yes, when push comes to shove you keep taxing wealthy. you also campaigned with this president on idea of lower taxes for all americans. >> absolutely. trish: assume this one goes through and you keep the tax on the wealthy, what does it, what does it mean for tax reformulater on down the road? are the wealthy in jeopardy of losing some of the tax breaks you promised? >> it would not be a good sign for the future. as you said we all campaigned for fundamental tax reform, helping middle class, lowering everybody's taxes making government more efficient and so forth. we need to keep our word. if we keep high taxes on this, it is not a good sign. trish: we're in treatment on
2:48 pm
that. i should say taxes, lowing taxes for people that pay them because reality is you have certain income brackets paying majority of taxes. any econ 101 class will tell you how you need to got money back into the economy and empower people making it. let me also ask you, senator, i have you here, about the big story of the week, shall we say, don, jr., his emails, the likes of tim kaine out there saying this is effectively treason. >> i don't know yet. i wish the russian cloud would disappear and go on. i hope at the end of day -- trish: what do you mean you don't know yet? you don't know whether this is treason or not? >> i don't know what is there. no one knows. we have special counsel, intelligence committee in the house and senate investigating that. let's see what they come up with, then we'll have more facts to talk about. trish: well, senator, if you you saw those emails, and you saw
2:49 pm
that he took a meeting with someone who had connections with someone in russia is that trees son? i spoke alan dershowitz, said that is threatening our democracy if you take a meeting and that is treason as tim kaine did? >> i don't think that is treason at all. that would be my understanding of treason. optics aren't good but, to carry it a step further legally, maybe no laws were broken. i don't know that. nobody knows at this point. trish: uh-huh, but politically speaking you can understand why the likes of tim kaine or richard blumenthal are working that angle? >> absolutely. they will continue to work that angle because they work optics. right now it is optics more than it is substance. could be substance but it is not yet. trish: he well, senator hello by, we hope you really do get down to some stub stance on health care. >> thank you. trish: country is with you on
2:50 pm
wanting to see something get done on that. senator, good to have you here. thanks for joining us with intel. we'll go out to sun valley where jared kushner and ivanka trump are just arriving. that is next. we will see you right here after this. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner meeting with others in sun valley, big conference in idaho. cbs's les moonves telling fox business a short timing a he has no plan to make a move for the company. for very latest go to charlie gasparino in sun valley. hey, charlie. >> hey, trish. this is deal maker's conference. a lot of people come here, a lot of ceos, they're all here,
2:54 pm
from tech to telecom from media. deals in the future. what they want to do. where you see a lost mergers start, right here. sometimes mergers happen. sometimes mergers don't happen. one of the things les moonves, ceo of cbs, despite cbs is always in the rumor mill teaming up with a major distribution outfit like time warner or at&t, or buying something like time warrer, cbs was rumored to be in that mix before the at&t deal was announced, les moonves tells fox business it ain't happening. it is not soon. not looking at any major acquisitions, he sees cbs as independent entity going forward. that is pretty interesting given the climate out there, where you have a trump administration, seen as net positive to doing deals unlike the obama administration, which is whyless actually told us he sees the at&t deal and the, at&t
2:55 pm
time warner deal getting through the regulatory hoops, despite what donald trump said during the campaign. thought it was too much concentration of power in one entity. not a big fan of cnn, subsidiary time warner as you know. les moonves sees, says the deal will go through primarily because of people he appointed in that's various departments. fcc, justice department. i don't think ivanka and jared making much news other than they are here. you know, this is, i think everybody is going to be breaking in about an hour. to enjoy the beautiful weather. trish: in terms of deals, harder given the environment prices move up considerably? you look at the market, things are expensive, right, charlie? >> yeah. i mean that is one way to look at it. everything is expensive, right? content, distribution. you have disruptive influence of the internet which, cord cutting
2:56 pm
right? where people don't drop their cable subscriptions. even though the prices look expensive of cable distribution, there is fear about the future. put all of that together, that is a negative for deal-making. positive for deal-making you have an administration right now willing to approve most deals despite the fact that donald trump said nasty things about time warner-at&t. those are the two things that are going on here. trish: ajit pai from the fcc repeatedly on this show. he seems gung-ho allowing opportunity for businesses. indeed that should factor in. charlie gasparino, live from sun valley, idaho. thank you so much. we're taking a quick break. we'll be right back. she's nationally recognized for her compassion and care. he spent decades fighting to give families a second chance.
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