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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  July 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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texts asking me if his website is real. the answer is yes. connell: apparently he's going to compete against de debbie, the democrat. not usually a republican district. we'll see. melissa: there you go. risk and reward starts now. liz: markets shrugging off congressional calls for donald trump jr. to testify in capitol hill. the dow closing at a new all-time high today. this as president trump contrary to news reports did receive a warm reception in france while his pro growth agenda here at home may finally be moving forward. welcome to risk and reward i'm liz macdonald in for deirdre bolton. welcoming president trump with a big display of military in paris. the president and the first lady guest of honor at tomorrow's. the world war i to defend europe is also being
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celebrated. but friday also marks the first anniversary of the horrific nice terrorist attack where a truck rammed into crowds. many other attacks happened, including the shooting and a man who attacked a police officer with a hammer while yelling it's for syria outside one of the most famous sites that would be the noter dam cathedral in paris. in total, there have been a. 246 murdered and 443 injured. president trump tackling terror head on today. >> tomorrow mark one year since a jowous celebration in nice. turned into a massacre. we all remember that, how horrible that was. we mourn the 86 lives that were stolen, and we pray for their loved ones.
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we also renew our resolve to stand united against these enemies of humanity and to strip them of their territory, their funding, their networks, and idea logical support. liz: author, actor, economist ben stein joins me now. good to see you, ben. >> honor to be here, as always. liz: what do you think of's remarks about terror in paris just now? >> i think it's great. i think that more strongly speaks out, the better it is every single time. if i think people do not understand the importance of this war, they don't understand very much. and i'm delighted that there was not a mass riot of protest at his rival, and i think -- i don't see anyone can choir with the idea that we've got to swash the terrorism bug. liz: you know, he did receive a warm reception in paris. he seemed to be even habe saying you know what? i'm going to rethink the paris climate accord. what do you think, ben? >> i doubt if he'll rethink the paris climate accord
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because of the reception he got from the french calvary on his way down. but i think he is making a very good point. he's not going to back down from the fight against terror, and i think mr. mccrone is making a good point. people consider him wishy washy on terror, and he stood there very well with trump. macron is a smashing guy. this is a guy who studied john f kennedy very well, he studied american politics very, very well, he's learned his lessons. he's a damn smart guy. liz: president trump is different from president obama's lead from behind approach. president trump is robust, he's absurd about western values. you mention jfk, the speech jfk was good guy. jfk was talking about the u.s. being the watch man on the walls of world freedom. that's exactly how president trump sounds, but he's being criticized. i mean, so what is your -- what are your thoughts about
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that that somehow we fell through the memory hole in the media and president trump is not getting a fair shake on what he's saying about western values. >> well, president trump never gets a fair shake from the media. i mean, this is what we in law school call legal realism, which is a judge make up his mind how the case is going to come out, depending on how he likes the necktie or the suit of the lawyer. nowadays maybe it's the shoes of the lawyer. but it has nothing to do with the reality of the situation. the democrats will attack trump no matter what he does. he cannot do right in their eyes no matter what. they're just determined to be a negative nonconstructive force, no matter what. and it's really a damn shame. i mean, this is a president who has a plan, who has an agenda. it's a perfectly good plan. let's debate it. let's not just keep saying the guy's an awful guy. let's debate the plans and the meat of the things. liz: he's trying to fix the country. and, by the way, to your
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point, fed chair janet yellen said today we can expect economic growth below 3% for the next five years, ben. come on. that means 15 years of economic growth below 3%. but maybe now we have the trump agenda moving forward, basically seeing, you know, obamacare reform possibly moving forward. what are your thoughts about what janet yellen said? >> i don't think janet yellen can predict the future. it's been my great privilege in my life to become close friends with warren buffett, and he doesn't think he can predict the future. if he can't predict the future, janet yellen can't predict the future. and i think we need to end the corporate income tax at all and as to the rest of it, that's all trivial. but to make that one, big change would be a big thing. to take the foot off the oxygen tube that feeds american business by lowering regulation, that's incredibly vital one too. i mean, we have been attacking the energy sector, the automobile sector over and
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over and over again relentlessly, that's what calvin coolidge said, and he's right. liz: i think it's finally after subpar growth for at least ten years. >> i have a very smart friend who is in the for profit education sector, and stressed for the first time in her life, she feels it's smooth sailing as the winds are at her back ever since we got trump as president. that's a very good feeling, and i think that explains a lot of the stock market rise. liz: yeah, but senate republicans renewing a health care bill. maybe the republicans could get to a vote happening maybe next week. the house may join the senate and working through the august recess to get it done. ben, the idea is just pass something. get it done and fix it after. i mean, that's what happened with obamacare. they kept tweaking obamacare. but let's go through it, ben. the legislation does keep taxes on the wealthy. it's more than that. it provides billions of dollars for insurance
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companies to stop premium increases, some conservatives don't like that. preexisting conditions are still covered. it also includes $45 billion to help fight the opposoid drug abuse hitting large parts of the nation. but, ben, senator rand paul talked to maria bartiromo this morning, he's saying he doesn't like it, he says it's still a big spending bill. take a listen. >> people forgot their promise. the promise wasn't, oh, we're going to make sure that everybody has an insurance premium of x. our problem was to repeal the disaster of obamacare, and if we don't repeal it, we're going back on our promise. liz: let's check stalks. united, anthem, and humanna. ben, what do you think of the new senate health reform bill? >> i think as long as it keeps in preexisting conditions, as long as it makes it possible for any person who was willing to jump through the bureaucratic hoops to get insurance, that's fine with me. and, by the way, i don't think it's going to affect the stock market at all.
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this has really almost nothing to do with corporate earnings. this is what the stock market's all about. it has nothing to do with interest rates, which is a lot of what the stock market is about. i would like to see a bill get passed, but i don't think it's at all crucial to the stock market or to investors, generally. the investors can just ignore it. liz: but they want tax reform; right? so that's linked. right, ben? >> well, yes, but the tax reform involved in the health care is trivial compared to the corporate tax. liz: all right. let's get to the controversy over donald trump jr. now speaker of the house paul ryan and republican senator from iowa chuck grassley plans -- they do want donald trump jr. to testify before congress. chuck grassley wants him before the senate judiciary. but the president defended his son in paris earlier today. trump: it's called opposition research or even research into your opponent. in the case of don, he listened. i guess they talked about, as i see it, they talked about adoption and some things. adoption wasn't even a part of the campaign.
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but nothing happened from the meeting. zero happened from the meeting. and honestly, i think the press made a very big deal over something that really, a lot of people would do. liz: it looks like there's news on this too. the report indicate that obama justice department left the russian lawyer into the country, the one that sat down with donald trump jr. and now investigators probing if white house adviser jared kushner worked in any way with russian cyber operatives to help spread fake antihillary news in key states to win the election, then what do you think of all of these stories? >> i don't believe a word the new york times says about donald trump. i don't believe a word that most of the wire services say about donald trump. and even if donald trump jr. did accept research on mrs. clinton, that's not a crime. there's no crime here. there's no, there there. you know, my aunt said famously about oakland, california. once you get there, you find there's no, there there.
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there's no there. there's simply nothing illegal that happened. if someone came to mrs. clinton and said i have lots of juicy bits on the republicans, she would have listened to them. nothing illegal lapped. it's just politics. it's not illegal. and, by the way, the idea of calling it treason is so outrageously -- it's sinfully dishonest, and we should not really stand for that level of slime. liz: did you -- your aunt really who said roses is a roses and a rose. >> no. it's a joke. a distant -- but she was a distant cousin of my fathers. liz: i'll tell you. one thing she said, we lose our common sense, and we talk about the need for our policies. that's what ben stein likes to talk about. that's why we have him on. let's get to another steyn. mark steyn, he says everything is reactive in american political life. listen to what mark steyn says.
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>> one of the disfiguring aspects of american lill life is that it's very reactive. it's very rearview mirror. so everybody's extremely happy. nobody can prevent 9/11. but we're happy to investigate it for years afterwards, have a blue ribbon commission, issue a 400-page report. years and years and years of investigation. now they want to do the same thing with a meeting that the president's son, a possibly legal meeting, held with the president's son held with a russian lawyer. now, that's reactive and legalistic and pointless. putin, on the other hand, is a great improviser. so even if this lawyer had no link to the kremlin two weeks ago, she most certainly has links to the kremlin now because she's in line for the order of lenin, or whatever they have these days. liz: all right. here's the thing, ben. we have multiple congressional probes, robert muller looking into it. but somehow congress can't get around to do the job that
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voters asked them to do. they're supposed to vote. they're supposed to in fact policies. and i think what mark steyn is saying is there's something decorative about the dc gotcha politics machine, and there's something lazy about it where they don't do the heavy lift of fixing the country that donald trump is trying to do. >> you're so right. they're lazy. they will not read the bill. they will not read the reports. they will not read the data about health care, but they will grab for headline. they will grab for some airtime in front of a microphone or in front of a camera. they are lazy, and they're glory hogs, and seeking publicity. it's been a long time since we had a really hard working congress. i would like to see that back in business. the idea, by the way, that the american politics is reacting -- well, i think all politics is reactive to a extent, and mark steyn is a supergenes. but if i may respectfully say this, the democrats have reached a new level of nonsense by saying there's something sinister going on with this lawyer meeting with mr. trump jr.
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there's just nothing happened. it's as if they stopped on the street asked directions to the nearest mcdonald's. i mean, nothing going on there. liz: but, listen, you would say if something did happen with russia affecting the election, throw the book at them; right? that's unacceptable. you would say that, right, ben? >> well, again, if it's the law, i'm not sure it's against the law. liz: all right. ben, we love seeing you. come back soon. >> honored to be here. liz: let's take a look at your money. the dow closing at a record high along with the nasdaq. up 14 points. also oil up 1%. shaking off a downbeat forecast from energy watch dog. now let's get to this. the administration's public fight with cnn continues. white house adviser sebastion gorka handing it to cnn earlier this week. >> more people watch nick at night cartoons than cnn today. liz: well, now he's ripping into cnn's anderson cooper.
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we've got the sound. but first, democrat leader nancy pelosi saying republicans have become quote enablers in the russian assault on democracy. this just one month after pushing for unity after the horrific republican baseball practice shooting. we have radio talk show host lawrence jones who's not surprised. that's after this >> i pray for donald trump. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. that's why i recommend polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. ♪
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>> i pray for donald trump that his presidency will be successful and that his family will be safe. we will use this occasion as one that brings us together and not separates us further. i remember those remarks?
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well, tomorrow marks one month since steve scalise and three others were shot at a gop practice. it had both sides of the aisle, including nancy pelosi calling for unity. but today, pelosi is calling republicans enablers saying quote they are joining on the quote russian assault in democracy. >> in the months, again, as he celebrate the courage of our founders, republicans in congress have become enablers of the trump russia assault on our democracy. liz: let's bring in radio talk show host lawrence jones. good to see you, lawrence. >> hey, liz. liz: we have breaking news. we're getting an update on steve scalise's condition. he does remain hospitalized. he underwent surgery today for the management of deep tissue infection related to his bullet wounds, and he's been upgraded to fair condition. will require careful monitoring to see if and when further interventions are
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necessary. we have california democrat congressman filed articles of impeachment against president trump. but, lawrence, aside from his cosponsor texas congressman al green, no other democrat's backing the effort, including nancy pelosi. they oppose it. >> well, this whole talk about impeachment, there's no legal grounds for it. there's no evidence about collusion with russia. and so i'm quite frankly, i don't understand why this rhetoric continues. and remember, congressman scalise was almost on his death bed, and we had members of the press leaking information from the fbi, calling for collusion, saying there was evidence of collusion, and there was really no evidence. so this is a pattern with the democratic party. i wish they would put the business of american people first. if you had legitimate evidence, release it. but if there's not, then we should move on to the business of the country. liz: let's get to maine.
5:20 pm
a state representative of maine. lawrence actually made a physical threat against the president. he also called him a quote joke, a racist, and a vulgar term. and he has since apologized. the u.s. secret service reportedly says they are aware of his comments. now, why would a state official think that kind of talk is appropriate? >> because they're not punished. i'm a libertarian, so i believe in free speech. pretty much anybody can say what they want. but when you insight violence and calling for people to take out the president, that's a problem. remember, we just dealt with linda talking about jihad against the president of the united states, and there was no consequences for the action. again, people can say whatever they want. but when you move to the advancement of inciting violence, that is a crime. and many in law enforcement don't feel that they would get the support from the community as well as elected officials when it comes to enforcing the law.
5:21 pm
right now, this congresswoman is showing -- this -- i'm sorry. this legislature is showing that she's above the law. does she believe she's above the law? she knows that was incitement of violence. liz: you mention linda, and she's the muslim actor that has called for jihad on the president. she's pro sharia law, she doesn't really -- she criticizes america critics. she goes after america more than she goes after saudi arabia for oppression of women and brutalization of people over there. >> right. and, see, it even talks about not assimilating. again, everybody is welcome to this country. if you come here through the legal process. but we have our own culture here, and you need to assimilate to the culture. this is why radical jihaddists feel comfortable living in the united states, pretending they love america, and then they go commit some mass assault because we're saying that this environment is okay. liz: you know, to your point about the threats that are being made, as you know, threats have recently been
5:22 pm
made against conservatives. despite all of the talks of nancy pelosi about toning down the rhetoric, let's go through it. last week, two men arrested after threatening staffers at senator jeff blake's office. he's the arizona republican. and a omaha man was arrested for saying he wanted to kill senator. and a man with a bulletproof vest and knife busted for trying to get into trump tower. what are your thoughts? >> well, i don't like to put people into one category, but i will say this. this is an assault on conservatism and a republican and conservative values right now. it's clear. when the shooter came to members of congress, he asked a simple question. are they republicans or are they democrats? that became a political incited terrorist attack. what we're seeing right now with these threatening letters, these death threats with these attempts to silence conservatives is a problem. i would be standing up if it was liberals being attacked.
5:23 pm
i believe people's political beliefs should be protected. and right now, we're dealing with a radical left right now that feel it's their job to silence people on the right. and that's not cool. liz: yeah. good to see you, lawrence, come back soon. we love you, lawrence. i don't know if he heard me. good so see to see with you, lawrence. >> nice to see you. liz: millions of verizon customer records exposed due to a security lapse. here's what happened. possibly 6 million people, their phone numbers, their account pins exposed. basically a verizon contractor working in israel had uploaded it to the cloud but kept a public access open. so change your pin now, if you have one. now, verizon says no loss or theft customer information occurred. the stock closing the day in the green. the stock has been down, though, over the past month. let's get to this story. cnn calls a picture of evangelical leaders of president trump quote stunning
5:24 pm
and strange, despite many presidents praying. we've got images of that. coming up, an evangelical minister who was in the oval office meeting, he says there's nothing strange about prayer. but first, it was cuomo. and then gorka. now white house adviser sebastion gorka is giving it to cnn anderson cooper. the administration's continuing battle with cnn. we'll play you the full heated exchange after this. >> i'm just going to ignore the insults because i don't think it really gets us anywhere. >> it's not about you. it's about actually having jourm . you too, unnecessary er visits. and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights. and fragmented care- stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier,
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liz: the public stab between cnn and the white house continues. now, last night, white house foreign policy adviser sebastion gorka sparred with anderson cooper. listen. >> the president is a steam locomotive that will not be stopped. it's just fake news. i'm fast to see cnn fall to this.
5:28 pm
i know you want salacious coverage for your earnings and corporate sponsors will have more money. but that's not -- it's just fake news. liz: let's take a look at the company. ending the day in the red. nan, what about all of the important policy issues? do you feel like given a full airing in the media? >> well, not at the moment. it's deport, and that's the problem. these issues do deserve a certain amount of coverage, but they're getting literally about, you know, ten times the coverage that they need. 50% plus. >> we have multiple investigations. why not wait until what they find out and get to a reporting on everything and not just zooming in hard on russia. we get it. listen, throw the book at people. anybody getting involved with russia to medal and campaign,
5:29 pm
throw the book at them. >> listen, i think that this thing as we saw this week with the don jr. e-mails, there is a lot more to it than we thought that will continue to you be followed. i take your point, but i watched that clip. anderson cooper went there strong. and that's clearly what the white house is going to do now. their line is fake media at any cost. i don't know if that's to keep the base with that narrative or to prepare them. maybe something comes out of this russia probe. liz: i hear you. >> just want to de-legitimatize the free press. and that's what they're after. liz: and journalists would agree with that. don't de-legitimatize. but what we're saying is report on the issues to get the country moving again. let's get to white house senior adviser kellyanne conway blasting the media as quote myopic for their russia coverage. watch. >> you're being a sort myopic
5:30 pm
ant on a sugar could you be mentality of this story by many in the media. do you realize that the president of the united states sat with the president of russia less than a week ago for two hours and 15 minutes and yet we're talking about this and not that? do you realize that you've got people in the media now between their lower third and what comes out of their mouth, they talk more about russia than america? >> what do you think? >> well, killian is right about that. and when you talked rightly so about delegitimatizing the media, liz, frankly the folks who run news network have to ask themselves if they're harming their intention to be taken seriously. when they focus on these issues. as you said, muller's going to investigate these things. donald trump jr. said i will happily go before the senate and tell them what i know. >> only did that after the new york times said we're going to publish your e-mails. you have a few hours to deal with this. >> what was better about
5:31 pm
that? just so the white house can issue a statement. we know he wasn't. over and over there were no meetings with the russians. now mike pence's spokesperson was asked three times. no answer there. liz: to jessica's point, should the white house just get it all out and stop with the different stories? i mean, i tell you, people are sick and tired of this. they're sick and tired of it. >> kellyanne's point is taken, as is yours. and this is something that we need to cover to the actual important news going on, including the health care bill. >> final word, and then we have to go. the fed chair said sub3% growth. that means 15 years of sub 3% growth. that's unacceptable. >> that's outrageous. not acceptable. bad policy for years and years, especially the past eight years proceeding this administration. put americans back to work. make health care affordable. fix the energy later. we'll do it. liz: all right. we've got to
5:32 pm
get back to other news because we're covering the news here. nan, jessica, you guys are great. thank you so much. look at this. a new bank rate survey shows 44 million americans are actively making money with side businesses along with a regular job. now, in addition to their main source of income, they're picking up a lot of gigs on the side on smartphone devices. who's doing it the most? millennials. 28% of millennials say they have an extra way to make money. a quarter of them sigh, say, that their side jobs earns them $500 more a month. go at it. go for it. next we have retired super bowl champion peyton manning has to go on air why he played golf with trump? he said he would have played golf with any president. we also have a cnn host calling a picture of evangelical leaders praying with president trump, calling it stunning and strange. even though many presidents have done the same. next, a person was in that oval office meeting here to respond.
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>> advisory board, someone tweeted out a picture of the meeting the other day. and the picture showed people, faith leaders laying their hands on the president as they were praying, and i think there was an inference or implication from that photo coverage that they were praying over it or because of a political crisis. could you explain a little bit
5:37 pm
more about how the meeting came about and what it meant to the president to have them there? >> the idea that somebody would only pray when they're in crisis i think makes you miss the entire point of what prayer's about. you should do that every day, and that's -- i think you can do that in the best of times and the worst of times. so i think it would be ridiculous to suggest the only time you might do that is in a time of crisis. liz: deputy white house press secretary calling the reports that the evangelical prayer meeting was because the white house was in crisis quote ridiculous. basically, reports were out there that the evangelical prayer meeting came about due to the controversy swirling around the administration. to someone who was there during the prayer, member of president trump's advisory board pastor mark burns. pastor, you heard sarah huckabee sanders' comment there. can you tell us about this meeting with the president and what you discussed? did it have anything to do with the controversies? >> well, first of all, liz,
5:38 pm
always happy to see you. i love that previous introduction, by the way. to answer your question, absolutely not. this was an impromptu, not even on the schedule. myself and pastor and other religious leaders who have served part of the counsel and now we're the faith leaders in the white house was discussing issues that are pertinent to our community. and we had been given access to the white house because we have a president unlike the last eight years, we have a president who loves god and who is proud of our christian heritage. vice president pence came into our meeting after jared kushner was there for a while, and then jared kushner went back and got the vice president, the vice president came in. again, this was not part of the schedule. and he said the president wants to see you guys come on over to the oval office. that's exactly how it
5:39 pm
happened. and while we were there, pastor paul white who had been faithfully leading and a friend of the president for over 15 years said mr. president, while we are here, your faith leaders are here, we would like to pray for you. is that okay? absolutely, the president says. please lay your hands on me. i need this prayer. not because the crisis of this russia investigation or the situation with don jr. this is simply a president like many previous presidents who believe in the power of prayer and how important the role for american politics. >> yes. to your point, presidents for decades have prayed publicly. what do you make of the cnn host calling the meeting with evangelicals here and praying with them stunning and strange? what are your thoughts there? >> well, this is simply a reaction to a previous
5:40 pm
government who america was used to a previous administration that was not really that friendly to christians. whereas we had a president who stated that united states is no longer a christian nation. well, i believe this previous election electing donald trump just proved to the nation that, yes, this is still a predominantly christian nation and prayer is so important. that left wing reporter is crying that right now we have a president who believes in religious freedom, and it's going to make sure that he surrounds himself around men and women of faith, which is why we remove -- the executive order put a freeze on it. that's preposterous what cnn -- fake news cnn, whatever you want to call it, they're going to muddy anything the president is doing. this is simply coming together who make up a large majority
5:41 pm
of americans who is this is a christian nation. liz: pastor, we have to go. right. gotcha. pastor mark, i'm so sorry. we're coming up against a break. love having you go on the show. next up, we have news coming out of sun valley conference in idaho today. ceo talking off camera directly to fox business. here with the exclusive scoop and the details, our own charlie gasparino. charlie. >> yeah. you know, it's an interesting day here. ivanka trump was here, jared kushner, you have the political po paparazzi, and you have some of big news. which involves mergers and acquisition. one name you keep hearing here when you talk to people is cbs. are they going to buy something? are they going to be bought. they're a content generate, obviously. cbs news programming, i
5:42 pm
believe they own showtime entertainment. put all of that together, that's a compelling package to cbs or maybe to merge with somebody a distributor. we ran into into the ceo of cbs yesterday who ruled out anything happening soon. he believes cbs can remain independent for a while, can earn money, make money, and survive. and this really difficult media environment. liz, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that what we have going on in the business right now is -- are mergers that basically put together distribution like at&t and content like time warner. you put that together, you theoretically have a unbelievable situation where you control both contact and solution. he's basically telling us we don't need to go that route to achieve our metrics, achieve our goals and basically hit our benchmarks in terms of earnings. and basically, here's one other thing, liz. if you look at media companies right now, whether it's pure
5:43 pm
content or cable stuff, everything's very expensive. you know, as much as -- as much as the trump administration wants -- is allowing companies to merge and basically move as he think so at&t is going to be merging with cnn, that the trump administration, despite donald trump's criticism of the deal and the cnn subsidiary, he thinks it's going to happen. and despite this ideology on the trump side that they want mergers. and because of that, deals are hard to do. back to you, liz. liz: that's really interesting. listen, if you want to watch what's going on with mergers or wall street or anything breaking news, charlie's the guy. we're going to check on cbs stock to see if it's moving. charlie, your reporting moves stocks. thanks, charlie. good to see you. coming up, we have pro basketball player kevin durant looks like he couldn't take a joke at a awards show. but was it a setup? we're going to look into that. plus, peyton manning says he was pushed not to play golf
5:44 pm
with president trump. he said he did want to play. he's the president. he would want to play with any president. we're going to see peyton manning took a shot at liberal critics. you're going to want to watch this. don't go away
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>> our gymnastics team is so dominant that kevin durant says he wants to play for them next year. [laughter] and i've got to tell you. i don't think you would start for that team, kevin? liz: super bowl champion peyton manning looks like he was taking a swipe at pro basketball titan kevin durant during his hosting gig at the espy's awards.
5:48 pm
it was a play on kevin durant joining the already star-studded lineup of the golden state warriors. westbrook, who is a teammate from his less successful team. now, durant did not laugh but taking to twitter later in the show, durant offered his thoughts on the joke using one single emoji. a nonsmiling face. owned by disney, let's take a look at the stock. look who's here. sportscaster jim. we love having you go on the show. now, espn is saying that kevin durant was in on the joke. what do you think? >> well, one of the reporters for espn has tweeted that, and i just saw a story from the washington post on their website that said kevin durant was in on it, and if he was, he played his part very well because the scowl and the looked very good, and he didn't look happy and his mother wasn't happy. either way, it's a joke, i
5:49 pm
don't see this as a national incident between peyton manning and kevin durant, even if he wasn't in on it. it's a joke up there trying to provide humor and kevin durant is a wonderful guy, and he also has his championship and his mvp award, so i think one way or another, this too shall pass. liz: we don't get gee on political on it. it's a joke. but what's the story? durant wanted an nebraska finals ring and got an all-star deal. didn't lebron james do it with his move to the miami heat? >> this has been going on because free agents have been doing it. he's the best player on the warriors, probably the best player right now in the nba or at least the cobest player with lebron james. so he is free to do what he wants. he has taken less money this year to stay on that team. it looks like they'll have a dominant team for a long time and, you know, shack played
5:50 pm
with kobe. michael jordan had pippen. those teams weren't created by free agents going to these agents, but lebron james did go to miami, created the victory, won some championships, and this is all just the way that the nba operates now. so kevin durant has done absolutely nothing wrong. i find no criticism with it. he didn't want to stay in oklahoma city and now he's in golden state. >> sportscaster gordon, thank you so much for coming on the show. >> good to be with you, liz. liz: and apple ceo reducing to unlock the phone of a san bernardino terrorist even though the terrorist's employer said, yeah, unlock the phone. and now apple s set to totally open up a new data center to communist china potential access. we've got the details. that's next whoooo.
5:51 pm
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liz: apple ceo tim cook refused to help the fbi unlock the phone belonging to the san bernardino terrorist citing concerns of privacy and government overreach. but now apple s set to open a new data center in communist china with direct ties to the country's government raising privacy and security concerns. apple's stock in the green closing higher today up $147 a share up over 1%. let's bring in rich fox news contributor. what do you think of apple here? >> well, i think it's pretty hypocritical when that san bernardino case was a big deal, tim cook made it sound like the end of the world if the fbi got in his phone with any help from apple. so he had this apocalyptic standard with the slight little threat would undermine all of our freedoms and everyone's privacy. and now they're going and doing this piece of business in china.
5:55 pm
liz: because china's what? going to be, like, ii biggest revenue driver or third for apple? >> and it's the law that you have to store the information of folks in mainland china in mainland, china. and that should be concerning to anyone in mainland china. liz: so does china have a back door that says, no, we're not going to give it to the fbi, even though that terrorist phone was his work iphone that was owned by his county employer. >> yeah. dead, guilty, and it wasn't even his phone. >> but now it looks like china is getting a back door. >> my understanding is that the problem here is that if you have all of this information on china and the chinese government says they want it for whatever reason, and you're caught up in the chinese courts litigating that dispute, you better bet privacy is going to come out in the losingan end. and i really have wrote a column about this week. it has been so annoying. all of these columns, all of these headlines about china's going to lead on globalization. china's going to lead on
5:56 pm
climate. china's going to lead on international diplomacy. this is a regime that just let a nobel peace die. there is a regime that did that before. it's nazi germans. so the idea to have people elsewhere applauding when the president of china goes and says he's in favor of openness is a sick joke. liz: yeah, i hear you, rich. and, you know, china is not helping in north korea. if they were serious, they would shut down the oil exports into north korea. it's a great point you just made. we love having you go on the show. we're going to have more after this. don't go away h. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores h. where bacteria can multiply. polident kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains. so dentures are cleaner, fresher, and brighter. polident.
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(baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon ♪ and let me play (bell ringing) (audience cheering) liz: markets shrugging off calls for donald trump to testify on capitol hill. it looks like the 41st record
6:00 pm
high since the president won last year. he did receive a warm reception in france. thank you for having us in your home. that does it for us. gerri willis is here with "making money." gerri: the dow book a second straight record close. but first to the breaking news of the day. senate republican leaders aiming to salvage leaders backed by president trump to dismantle the obama care law. new healthcare legislation was unveiled in the senate. the consume per freedom option put forward by senator ted cruz is part of this bill. the idea is controversial but it will get rid of the one size fits all insurance.


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