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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 13, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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autographed copy of puff continue's bam by the *. please be with us tomorrow night, thank you for being with us tonight. kennedy: senate republicans released their revised healthcare bill. how does it measure up? and what happens next? a democratic lawmaker has drawn up papers to impeach the president. does he have a case or is this a cheap political stunt. a deal apple just made with the come -- with the commies. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell tried to spread his
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thick kentucky charm this morning when he spilled his worst laid plans with a number of defect towards likely to kill the bill. just three of them necessary to do that in the ultimate do or die vote. rand paul refused to vote for a $180 billion corporate welfare provision. staring him down is susan collins whose cash-strapped state needs moish money from the medicaid spigot. basically the thing is still a giant and thirsty socialist sponge that will continue to suck resources, freedom of and the economy into an unquenchable black hole. and they are justified in voting
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against it. this bill is riddled with major problems. what is tonight and what should be thrown out. thomas massie is with us. i liken it to a socialist sponge. i happen to agree with our kentucky counter part senator rand paul when he says it doesn't repeal obamacare. what do you think of the senate version? >> if they pass it to the senate they will probably bring that same bill to the house. so i'm interested in what it says. senator paul is correct. this is not repeal bill that we ran on. it includes most of the mandates, subjects does and
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bailouts in the original bill. the cruz-lee bill is an improvement. but if that becomes law, we'll have two sets of health insurance. one that will be a sick ward for everybody that's ill, they will be on the exchanges. then everybody that's healthy or wants to participate in the free market will be on the cruz-lee path. and i just think we'll ends up with a dual track. we'll have socialism and freedom right next to each other. if freedom will win. but the unhealthy people will be over there on the obamacare exchanges. i'm afraid the death spiral of those exchanges will accelerate, not diminish. kennedy: what i have been reading, insurance companies are so opposed to it. is it because they will have to offer cheaper plants that don't afford them the profits they missed out on?
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they are guesting that now with the subsidies. >> we are basically propping up the death spiral of obamacare with more subsidies in this senate bill if it is to pass. that's something that's concerning to me. we should address the death spiral. we shouldn't be funding it. kennedy: when you continue the taxes on the wealthy, forcing them through coercion to pay for something, most people certainly don't sign up for when you offer healthcare to everybody. i want to ask you specifically about the opioid epidemic. i know this is not a popular position. but what if we made certain opioid legal where people knew what was in them and you took the money from the profits from those sales and funded that part of the bill instead of adding another layer of tax and burden
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on top americans. >> maybe there should be a users fee on oap oids like prescription oap oids that cause people to be addicted. i don't know about that, i haven't thought about it it's kinds of dangerous. the $35 billion could turn into $40 billion. i have still not given up on repealing obamacare. senator paul and i think you should split this bill in half or into three parts. it's unnatural to ask republicans to come up -- to replicate obamacare which is basically socialism. that what's they are trying to do in the same bill that would otherwise repeal obamacare. if we split these two things i think you could get the votes in
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the house for the repeal and replacement and you could get to 60 in the senate for the replacement version of it. but it will probably take democrats. please don't ask conservatives to vote for socialism. that's what they are doing with the bill. kennedy: there are a lot of moderate republicans look more and more like statists. is this bill going to make it out of the senate next week? >> i don't have a critical ball. eight now there are at least three nos. and they can't survive more than two nos. i suppose the senators could get their vacation back if they can vote for socialism. kennedy: we'll see if leisure time is more important than freedom. what do you think of the linlds i graham-bill cassidy version that block grants medicaid money
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back to the states. >> we need the block grant medicaid money to the states. that's what our governor supports in kentucky, even thought it would be less money. i think we need to cut back on the expansion that obamacare did. but we need to give that flexibility to the states. kennedy: they are taking the stabilization fund and giving that $100 plus billions to the states. and pretty much every governor would agree with that. thank you very much for your time. in the meantime president trump has said he will be very upset if republicans blow this thing again. >> i will be very angry about it, and a lot of people will be very upset. but i'm sitting, waiting for that bill to come to my desk. i hope they do it. they have been promising it for years.
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they have been promising it ever since obamacare. it's a failed experiment it's totally done. it's out of business. kennedy: the president is going to be in a bad mood next week. why after 7 years can't the gop couple with a united plan? joining me is rachel campos-duffy. she is in the first seat in the party panel. and the host of the award winning podcast, kmele foster. >> that's a great award. kennedy: it' the official podcast of kennedynation. let's talk about this bill. i think you agree that something like a cruz-lee amendment would
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be good, giving people actual choice. what else does the bill need to be palatable? >> the truth of the matter is what this needs is not a couple additional weeks of triage. they should blow the whole thing up it's a patch work of subjects does. there is no consistent philosophical vision underlying this. i sympathize with premarketee rs -- free marketeers. kennedy: i don't see it passing. >> i don't even know that that will be the past solution.
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rand paul is talking about this. we can't subsidize the insurance companies. you are right, dude. everybody is already so sick. what are you going to do, tell people to go to socialized immediates? that's the problem -- socialized meds. families aren't going to the doctors as much as they used to. it will take years before we get healthier because you can't just cut people off and say here is a free market/socialist plan. kennedy: you have a front-row seat to the circus and you see what your husband is dealing with every day. >> i think it is going to pass. the senators have gone home from their break and they have gotten an earful.
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i'm here in this meeting they had all day today trying to figure it out. as far as rand paul, i know you guys love him, and i like him too, but a vote no is a vote for socialism. if this doesn't pass, you will get full vote socialism. kennedy: you are saying if obamacare fails it will naturally go to a single payer system. >> yes, we'll end up with something else. it won't be free market the way we want. if you pass it now, the best we can. and it is getting better, thank you ted cruz and mike lee. and i think it's not a final version. you still have things that the secretary of health and services can do and there is other legislation to do to make it better.
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by the way, tax reform is important. we can't get to that until we pass this. kennedy: that's the $64 million question. can they get to tax reform before they do the budget? i think there is so much in here that will have long-term consequences on hospitals, doctors and sick people, and on the economy. meantime president trump met with the president of france and reportedly discussed everything from trade to the war in syria and russia's aggressive behavior. back here at home, the effort to impeach him has been picking up steam. democratic congressman brad sherman, there he is. filed an article of impeachment of the president over don, jr.'s
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meeting with the russian lawyer. so far he received one supporter, al green. why are these two wasting anyone's time? is this just a bone they throw to pro questionsives so they can say in their campaign lit a fewer, i filed a letter of impeachment so i tried. >> there are democrat who have been talking about impeachment since donald trump was elected. what has to happen is not merely for donald trump to be unpopular. we have have republican candidates who will vote in favor of it. >> he has to commit a crime. >> he's not suitable to be president sow we can throw him out. the guy is a bit of an outdoor cat when he comes to presidents in the past. he does things unconventionally
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and he doesn't speak agriculture as well as we wish he could have. kennedy: will he be eaten by coyotes? >> they are trying to get to him. let's just come together, a i like houston on the healthcare bill or the tax reform. let's try to work together on something for once and not just be at each other. >> the more energy they put into impeaching and russia, they are not figuring out what they have done wrong. they lost a lot of democrats in this last election. they are absolutely not introspective. you see more books coming out, whether it's .that brazil or whatever. >> it's hard to say whether donald trump is winning or whether democrats are losing.
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i think it's mostly the latter. >> i think that's what happened with the 2016 president. the panel returns later. we have more on donald trump, jr.'s email. buck sexton will talk about that and other developments in the ongoing controversy that won't go away.
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kennedy: hi. so good to see you. donald trump, jr. said he would be happy to testify on the famous email chain concerning a meeting he had with a russian lawyer it appears he's going to get his wish. the head of the judiciary committee will invite don don to capitol hill to give his version of the story. he said he loved the idea of getting dirt on hillary clinton.
8:20 pm
so does don, jr. have anything to be worried about? let me bring in my fast it analyst. it's buck sexton. what do you find most problematic for don, jr. >> the worst thing that's gone on for hip is the untruths, the things he said initially about this meeting, because there is no way of of getting around that. but that's not criminal. it wasn't under oath and i don't see legal jeopardy attached to it. and this threw gasoline on top of the russia collusion fire. this meeting is innocuous if there was no collusion. but it create more momentum look into whether there was collusion. impeachment is the risk. no one is going to prison over this unless they get caught in a
8:21 pm
earning are you trap. meeting with the russians saying tell me what you are going to tell me. kennedy: i understand that and i understand the clinton campaign did that. and i understand presidential politic is very, very dirty. this is essentially what campaigns have to do. they have to crouch down and service these eastern european dictatorships in order to get opposition research. if they are hacking all these systems and they are the ones with the information, we need to do a better job of protecting it. >> there is the context of how gross and underhanded this elect cycle was. a lot of americans know what a golden shower is because of opo research against donald trump which is unfound. there are efforts to do anything to destroy the reputation of a
8:22 pm
political opponent. so sitting down to talk to a russian agent about what may have been criminal behavior about hillary clinton. it doesn't trick me as that big of a deal at the time. kennedy: it's not just the russia thing that's come out. it's the strong denial from the administration that no one connected with this campaign had any conversation -- >> i don't know why they do that. they should leave more wiggle room it creates more problems for them than it solves. and there is no real way for anybody who want to stand up for the administration to do so without putting themselves in a position where the president or administration will contradict that stalwart defender later. there are people on the left and democrats running wild.
8:23 pm
kennedy: we'll have a rabid agenda that's not grounded in truth. >> republicans saying this is totally normal and there is no problem here. there is no reason to lie by the fit was innocuous. but they are used to operating in a media-only environment where you can say anything you want. now there are congressional investigation. trump and people around him have to understand there can be consequences. kennedy, thank you. kennedy: the former tv political analyst has written a new novel about the 2016 campaign. a state of emergency has been issued in nevada over the shortage of legal marijuana.
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8:28 pm
inside story of the break in ins that put donald trump in the white house." when she does the press tour, will they give her the questions ahead of time? joining me is "washington times" opinion editor and fox news contributor, charlie hurt. i saw you on the "outnumbered" couch this afternoon. and we had a great time. a couple of rally monkeys. charlie: healthcare, we got to the bottom of it and revealed all the secrets of the russian connection. kennedy: let me ask you about donna brazile. this is a woman you like. do you find her to be a straight shooter? she seems like a hack. charlie: what i always liked about her, unlike most democrats
8:29 pm
she seems to have some grounding in reality. and i think it' interesting she admitted her grievous sin of having passed debate questions to hillary clinton. before now she couldn't address that baits was tantamount to admitting, the democratic party really did rig the primary against bernie sanders for hillary clinton. understandably to her the future is in the bounce, so she smartly hut up by the and never addressed it. but she wrote this column where she across knowledged it. but then she goes on to say that it didn't help hillary clinton at all. that's absurd. that's ridiculous. then she goes on to talk about this russia thing. i get the fact that she is concerned about the russians.
8:30 pm
i would be, too. i'm concerned with what the russians did to the democratic committee. it's terrifying. but to try to bring it back to donald trump, this is insane. that is not based in reality. kennedy: is this back part fiction? she says it's a political thriller. charlie: the ending is not a surprise. but if she opens up about what it was like working with the clinton campaign and the bernie sanders campaign and all of the characters, john podesta, debbie wasserman-schultz, all the characters that led to this catastrophic defeat none of them saw coming, i will bet it will be fascinating. but does she actually -- kennedy: you have to spill the
8:31 pm
beans and do some honest soul searching and examination, more than your select live flock walks away with anything. charlie: my hunch as always been -- she has always been somebody i put in a separate category. so when that came out about her giving the questions to hillary clinton i thought it was cynical enough to read everybody in washington. that was a new low for her. but if she does spill the beans, it will be delightful reading, i'll read every word of it. kennedy: there will be no shortage of explanations about this campaign. and it won't be about how donald trump won, but how hillary clinton lost. charlie: if she gets into a blame game like hillary clinton, it's so tedious and it's all b.s., and everybody sees through it. the truth will be way more interesting.
8:32 pm
thank you so much, charlie hurt. newsflash from nevada. the state is almost out of legal pot. it's been on sale for 13 days. but the lines have been crazy and sales through the roof. you would think that would be a good thing. but because of a controversial distribution plan and screwy tax system they are running out of weed. they decided only wholesale alcohol dilings tributers can transport the marijuana from the groweries. the party panel is back. rachel campos-duffy, scott martin and kmele foster. alcohol distributors obviously are the biggest competitors for
8:33 pm
legal marijuana industry, but somehow they are in charge of driving the trucks. it doesn't seem that odd they wouldn't be in compliance to deliver the inventory to the dispensaries. >> it makes you wonder, are the lawmakers who decided this was a good idea acting in the best interests of the voters or the alcohol distributors. what is a problem isn't that they are missing out on tax revenue, it's that it strengthens the black market. and this side, unnecessary regulation could in fact have real consequences for citizens of nevada because police are going after these black markets and pursuing people who would under other circumstances buy their weed legally. kennedy: people who would be selling illegal product. with legalization, at least you know what you are getting. you have got ingredients and
8:34 pm
some sort of measurement, so you know how strong it is. >> the black market comment is interesting. it's so weird they don't just have the supply of the stuff here. it's not like it go grows on trees. or wait a minute, it does. you can't just go to vegas, go to buy a joint and smoke it. there are a bunch of areas where you can't smoke it anyway. the hotels don't want it. it's like hey, it's legal. but there aren't many places you can smoke it. kennedy: it's interesting, it's like having coke in charge of filling the pepsi vending machines. that's what this is. >> lobbying, the drug culture
8:35 pm
and drug industry is not devoid of the lobbying all the other industries have. kennedy: the alcohol industry, they did the most formidable job of cornering the market and protecting it. >> i think i'm probably the odd ball on this libertarian table. i don't think it's a good idea. i think we create a generation of lazy kids. because there is no way you can convince me smoking pot doesn't make people lazy. because i have seen it. kennedy: are we going to outlaw obesity in this country? >> no. >> they can't deliver on this. kennedy: they do have yard long margaritas which kmele and i
8:36 pm
will find out next week when we attend freedomfest. get your tickets today. coming up, is apple selling out to appease china's authoritarian government? jonathon koenig joins us next. how many i cloud users are there around the world?
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kennedy: before the break i asked how many i cloud users are there around the world in the answer is c, 780 million as of last year. but apple just made a bold and hypocritical move. after it refused to unlock the iphone of the southbound terrorist last year, it will build a cloud storage in china then hands control over to the chinese government, the same government that restricts free speech and imprisons anybody who violates their laws.
8:41 pm
they sold their souls to the chinese for profits. expwhrienprofits. -- joining me is jonathon yellow. welcome back, jonathon. i think it would be wonderful if apple and google and facebook and some of these other tech companies got together and stood up to china in this realm. if we want to export freedom, let's have tougher action. >> take on china? they can do it. they are there to trade, kennedy. if china wants to violate its own citizens' rights by violating their speech, that's on china. china is doing wait should do
8:42 pm
it's generating customers and it's not a slave pen and enemy of the united states, and what makes america unique are those freedoms. kennedy: i thought it was talking to the jonathon hoenig who hates come anything. i didn't now wanted to prop up an authoritarian regime. >> the best thing for the united states to do is be the freest nation on earth. not threaten other countries with trade tariffs that hurt us. kennedy: going over and saying this is how we do business. that's how you ex for the freedom. >> think about what happened during the 1980s. i remember brands like pepsi and u.s. rock 'n roll infiltrating the then stoveout union which was a real communist
8:43 pm
civil days. companies like apple. every toehold they can get into markets like china, they are benefiting and showing them the power of free ideas. kennedy: the free ideas and freedom of information which does not floe freely in a place like china. >> this is true. it doesn't flow freefly in saudi arabia or turkey or members of nato. that's what makes the united states oh unique. kennedy: they should stand up for if freedom. they should stand up for their customers' rights that are available on these devices. that's what facebook, apple and google should be doing. american exceptionalism is that we are still exceptional. this on every authoritarian government around the world.
8:44 pm
if they want to violate their citizens' rights, that's up to them. i think you are overstaight it on china. kennedy: they have some liberal economic policies that directly benefit the government but don't necessarily benefit the citizens. it's not just economic mobility, it's information mobility. they are pretty ham strong over there. >> i wouldn't want to live there. we are bettering the lives of the citizens who engage in that. they deserve an iphone, too. >> these companies need to stand up for their basic policies. >> let's start with our own country standing up for these free policies.
8:45 pm
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kennedy: today is thirsty thursday it's one of our favorite days of the week. let not forget about fire ball friday. the point i'm trying to make is the following five stories may not make any sense to you. but they did to us when we picked them out this morning. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. not everybody could wait until thirsty thursday to get their drink on. the manager of a restaurant was caught dancing on top of the buffet. that is quite a succulent rump. whew!
8:50 pm
at first glance we thought this was our cameraman clark. but we know it's not true because clark never goes dancing without his pumps on. somebody tangoed all over the counter. the dance machine has been fired. but you can't blame the owners. before this video they had an a. rating from the board of health. now they probably have more germs than anthony weiner's laptop. here is something you rarely hear at an nfl playoff game. congratulations, dallas. "forbes" magazine made the cowboys the most valuable sports franchise in the world.
8:51 pm
in baseball the new york yankees were the most valuable major league team, not to be outdone by the new york mets who were named the most valuable minor league team. oakland raiders, forbes estimate when they move to las vegas, their net worth could be between $2.4 billion and $24 because of the blackjack tables. if they blow all that money, go to a nice buffet. topic 3. british lawmakers will exploring a plan that would allow people to text message their will instead of writing it on paper. the plan was hatched because 40% of people reportedly die without writing a will.
8:52 pm
but if this bill passes every cell phone user will have a chance to send one digitally. unless you have sprint in which case the text probably won't go through. topic 4. an elephant is lucky to be alive after a current dragged him into the ocean off the coast of sri lanka. the elephant decided to text his will to his friends, which is very hard to do with those giant paws. the elephant can take it back now thanks to a group of divers who tied ropes around him and dragged him back to shore. the divers were seen celebrating here. this isn't the most disgusting
8:53 pm
thing i have ever seen at a buffet. have you noticed the after ands who sample everything while they are in line. if you haven't, you are probably one of them and you are the problem. topic number five. i have been sorting through my mail all day long to see if our former vice president responded. so far no luck. let's see what happens tonight. viewer mail. dr. felix says, your level of sidity is astounding. -- of stupidity is astounding. if you have two e's in feel i can it would be interesting. thanks obamacare. trash man decided you were a lot bert when you were a terrible mtv host.
8:54 pm
that really hurt my feeling that a had a cool great job in the 90s and you were a toothless troll. terry tweets you have the most fell number studio decor on tv. and pull it off. nasty women rule. you, madame, are a horrible person with aatom splitting voice that might just save the galaxy. the family income of $38,000 a year not too shabby. but in san francisco that qualifies you for affordable housing. i'll explain in the night cap next.
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when a fire destroyedwith us everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. kennedy: earlier in the week i told you seattle has lost its mind by enacting a stifling minimum wage and a new tax on the wealthy. and they follow the lead of the big red dog, san francisco. they have unsustainable layers of government. now there is a proposal for households of as few as two
8:59 pm
we'll that makes $138,000 a year qualifies for public housing. public housing. this obviously the result of years of bad big government policy. when you make government that intrusive with price fixes, things become unaffordable and pretty sure there are bread shortages. any place else in the country $138,000 would be a handsome salary. you could move, i shed no tears for residents there where a beautiful city has been soiled with ugly leftist laws. i have to say the supervisors who create the problems, don't get the golden gate hit you where the lord split ya.
9:00 pm
email ken web. have a glorious weekend. i'll be racial in the new york city triathlon this sunday. good-bye. a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. >> it really helps to define what it means to be a texan. >> but a century later, a thousand miles away, what's this? >> it was very, very dirty. the edges were tattered. >> a texas painting in west virginia? does that make sense? >> these things just don't happen. >> did the legendary artist create another canvas also worth a fortune? >> i was flabbergasted. >> we were all literally on the edge of our seats. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ] [ thunder rumbles ] [ bird caws ] >> i'm jamie colby here


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