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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 13, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. great show, guys. thanks for joining me. lou dobbs is coming up next here on fox business. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the dems left-wing national media, the deep state, all trying their utmost to cast a russian attorney as an agent of the russian government sent to america to collude with the trump campaign and specifically donald trump, jr. the entire false narrative, however, and unfortunately for all of them, is falling apart. before their very eyes, and ours. that russian attorney it turns out was in the united states after the reportedly direct intervention by then attorney general loretta lynch.
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lynch, approved a very rare special type of parole for natalia veselnitskaya, to enter unso-called extraordinary circumstances. after she was initially denied a visa. president trumps addressing the revelation during a news conference with french president emannuel macron in paris. >> now the lawyer that went to the meeting, i see she was in the halls of congress also. somebody said that her visa or her passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch. now maybe that is wrong. i just heard that a little while ago, but a little surprised to hear that so she was here because of lynch. >> a lot of people were surprised. so were the russians in fact, not with the trump campaign but were they colluding instead with the obama administration?
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fox news chef intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has been looking into this and how the russian attorney entered the united states and was allowed to stay for so long. reporter: court records and transcripts reviewed by fox news shows the russian lawyer at the center of the donald trump, jr., emails was grant ad special immigration status by the obama administration justice department as first reported by "the hill" newspaper. natalia veselnitskaya was a lawyer for a russian businessman, dennis, accused by federal prosecutors of laundering hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate transactions. the government bypassed the normal visa process and gave a type of extraordinary permission to 10er the country called immigration parole the documents state. that is discretionary act the statute allows the attorney general to do in extraordinary circumstances. democrats say republicans may be overplaying their hand. >> clearly someone in the united states government had to make an exception and what we've learned or what has been reported is
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that, that was granted in order to allow her to come to the united states to defend her client in a major international trial in new york. that seems like a reasonable use of the parole option. reporter: after the june trump tower meeting with donald trump, jr., jared kushner, then campaign chairman paul manafort, veselnitskaya heads to capitol hill where she is seen in the background of this house foreign affairs committee hearing. not clear what her immigration parole status is at the time. next week one of the witnesses testifying before the senate judiciary committee says veselnitskaya also ran a robust campaign to repeal the magnitsky act that levied sanctions on russian officials implicated in the death of an anti-corruption investigator. bill browner says the russian lawyer hired fusion gps, the same firm connected to unverified anti-trump dossier. >> they took on a number of lobbyists, public relations people and others and one of the firms they took on as part of a
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firm to have magnitsky act repealed was fusion gps. reporter: former british ambassador andrew wood emphasizes to fox news he could not vouch for the material. in email exchange woods said, i understood its general contents were known to others in united states. the senator then arranged for papers to be brought to him. it was up to the senator to decide what action if any he took throughout the whole process. senator mccain's office did not immediately respond but in a january statement mccain reviewed dossier, could not make judgment about his accuracy an passed file then to fbi director james comey. senator grassley's judiciary committee investigating recently told fox fbi has not responded to requests for more information. in washington, catherine herridge, fox news. lou: thank you, catherine. the ties to fusion gps, this latest scandal the ties are
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shocking. fusion gps admits it worked on a lawsuit that involved the russian attorney. she was representing a russian holding company, charged in new york with money laundering. of course it was fusion gps which commissioned christopher steele, former british intelligence agency to dig up opposition research, or rather create opposition research on then candidate donald trump. and opposition research dossier containing false allegations about trump, the entire dossier has been discredited. and it was senator john mccain, who delivered a dossier, that dossier to fbi director james comey late last year. joining me now, congressman louie gohmert, member of the house judiciary committee. former judge and attorney, great to have you here. your reaction to first, let's
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start, if we may in some sequence. immigration parole that was given by the attorney general, then attorney general loretta lynch. but a reading of the statute that makes it possible to create this waiver says, secretary, as in secretary of homeland security. what is going on? how did loretta lynch, if you know, how did she get involved in this? >> i don't know how she got involved but it is obvious that russian attorney was here on capitol hill and apparently had a lot more success with democrats. she was lobbying than with republicans. and you know, normally to be sitting behind an ambassador like she was, you showed the picture, ambassador -- lou: got it right over your shoulder now. >> i've been in, no telling whom hearings, and you don't normally have your enemies behind you. you have people that can slip
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you a note, give you information, things like that, that sit directly behind you, especially if you are the kind of protected status of ambassador but of course we also know during the obama administration they didn't protect their ambassadors. they left them to die, for example, in benghazi. but most administrations do anything they can to help in support their ambassador. you don't allow an enemy to sit behind you at a hearing. it just doesn't happen. lou: this -- go ahead. >> that is pretty amazing. and so all of this is just outrageous and then, i'm deeply troubled by the trump appointments testimony before the senate. lou, this is ridiculous, all this talk about i wouldn't take a loyalty pledge. look, as somebody, somebody like president trump who had had more leaks, maybe several times i
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think i read several times as many leaks as obama or bush, he is looking for somebody that is not going to run around and leak stuff, which in comey's case apparently is a crime, he is looking for somebody that is going to be loyal. he is not asking for anybody to break the law. charles: i got who to be honest with you, you can add it all up, christopher wray's entire attitude, didn't want to meet alone with the president. >> outrageous. lou: wouldn't take loyalty oath. he talked repeatedly, sounded like james comey's little brother talking about an independent fbi. >> he did. lou: where the hell do these people find any anything in the law that says it is an independent agency? it is not. >> that little agency has no authority under the constitution whatsoever that is not, does not have the president as the conduit through which that power
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goes. it comes through the president. now, we know that there are loyalty and president obama was able to have more of it obviously. unfortunately for president trump, the democrats have chosen to leave between 100 and 200 people that he needs to help. so they have still got obama appoint ayes out there doing things. lou: congressman, i have a question for you. all this talk about an independent fbi, whether james comey, christopher wray, where the hell were people during the obama administration reminding loretta lynch and reminding eric holder that they were an independent agency and had no business doing whatsoever the president's bidding which they did daily and obviously? >> that's right. i have no problem with loretta lynch, janet napolitano, jeh johnson, any of these people being loyal to the president. i would expect it if i were president, but, the problem is
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when they collude themselves to actually violate the law, appears happened over and over again. lou: we will have to have a republican congress and republican senate, with the brains, principles, fortitude to actually investigate all of the obvious instances -- >> i have really bad news for you. really bad news. tonight right before i came over here, right before i came on the air, we have found out in the, ndaa, that will authorize the money for the defense, there, our soldiers sailors, marines, all of our military, can have sex change operations with the precious money that made our navy almost obsolete, our planes obsolete, and we had an amendment, to knock that out so
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you couldn't spend money on sex change. commander said, hey, we lose that, i lose a soldier for two years minimum, hormonal treatment leading up in the surgery, in the treatments. we voted to leave that in. sex change. so if you want to look for a smart congress, i'm not finding it right here. i'm not, lou, i'm sorry. lou: congressman, this is a, this is a news break here that congress is not smart. >> incredible. lou: we're going to give you full attribution. >> they couldn't even get the slots for military members while they're tied up for two years and can't be deployed. and that is what we're going to do with our money. we're not acting very smart right now. lou: congressman, you have exceeded yourself this evening. we appreciate talking with you. thanks so much. >> tough night. lou: we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. it is about time senate gop
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leaders unveil a new health care bill. >> keeps about half the obamacare taxes. keeps most of the obamacare regulations. coops most of the obamacare subsidies. it creates a giant insurance bailout superfund. lou: will this revised bill finally fix the deep divisions within the republican party? i take that up next with the dean, ed rollins. president trump in france for his third foreign trip much his young presidency. president trump will be the guest of honor at bastille day celebrations, but the left-wing media just can't seem to get over their obsession with russia. we'll have that story and much morerererere liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench?
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they're undergoing a transformation. a data fueled, security driven shift in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. lou: senator mitch mcconnell racing to get support for revised health care bill for a vote next week. $70 billion more for states to create their own reforms. you want to bring everybody along when you're having a party like this. it allows health savings accounts to be used to pay premiums. surely. there is also $45 billion to battle the opioid epidemic and the ability to buy cheaper plans with less coverage for those who
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want it, something that senator ted cruz has been advocating. for more on the fight to repeal and replace obamacare, yes, that is where we are, folks, we're joined by ed rollins, who served in three presidential administration, chief political advisor to the house republican leadership, the dean himself. okay, mitch mcconnell has delivered a bill. are you not excited about its prospects? >> no i'm not. i think rand paul gave all the explanations why it shouldn't pass. obviously he is a no vote. i think to a certain extent as much time as they have had to work on this bill it is still not a satisfactory bill. still not a bill with 52 members to vote for it. so i don't know what they plan on doing at this point in time. it is not there yet. i'm all for he repealing obamacare. lou: do you think the members of the senate realize how stupid they all look? >> no. i don't think they know how stupid. lou: i'm very serious. these are not, these are men and
10:18 pm
women not acting liked indicated people. they are not acting as responsible stewards of the ship of state. >> or living up to promises -- there is not a single senator who is republican who did not promise to repeal obamacare. lou: there is matter of personal integrity. >> this is the vehicle. they get one more shot to amend it on the floor, but at the end of the day it needs a lot of work, it needs a lot of work. lou: in your judgment president trump is headed that we might, this will be left around the democrats neck and republicans will not ever up a plan? >> i think that is where we're going. i would hope, as you know, i'm a big trump fan, and i supported him, i continue to support him, i wish we could get off talking about the crap he is talking about today. today he had a great meeting in russia, in france with new leader, talking about dealing with russia in the future. had a great g20 meeting last week, talking about a meeting months and months ago totally insignificant.
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my sense this president has great powerful voice and audience who wants to hear it. needs to talk about the health care bill how it is good, infrastructure program, how he will build the wall to move us forward. lou: i see your point, i see your view, at same time i wonder why we're not hearting more from mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, the leaders in the house and senate, from the republican national committee, ron that mcdaniel is terrific. why aren't these people stepping up, defending the president of the united states? it is, and why isn't his own administration, his own communications department, his own set of counselors and advisors, bright as they are, doing, precisely what they should be doing which is defending the president? he shouldn't have to defend himself. >> he shouldn't. reality i don't think paul ryan and mcconnell don't think that
10:20 pm
is part of their job. lou: what the hell, they don't have much of a job, they don't do much. >> what they don't realize, if he is not successful they won't be successful. lou: you could never convince, you could never convince paul ryan of that. he thinks he is some kind of smart. >> if he likes to be in the minority again. lou: he doesn't care as long as he is playing hard at top. >> he wouldn't be at top. i hear members are in jeopardy. lou: i hear republican members the house, he is such a great, great leader. that es people, they're victims of the stockholm syndrome. they fall in love with a speaker who does nothing but trash them. >> at the end ever day he is not leading them. to a certain extent john boehner didn't end up leading them. he got replaced. lou: he was brilliant until he wasn't. >> biggest challenge to get a tax bill through health care bill through, the rest is all frivolous. they better focus.
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lou: i want to turn to gps fusion, russian attorney. turns out the obama administration brought her in. this looks like pure washington swamp. >> well it is. the swamp is not even bee bun to get drained in the first six months. i think reality -- lou: that sucker is rising, don't you? >> i do think it is rising. people have gotten back in the administration shouldn't have. even more important, i think reality here is, you and i were talking about earlier. we now have a full justice department investigation on all this stuff. and it needs to move forward. it needs to come up with results. needs to do that quickly. lou: where is jeff sessions? >> i don't know. i haven't heard from jeff sessions in a while. equally as important. we don't need house and senate intelligence committees going on and and on. lou: do mcconnell, ryan saying this has gone on far enough. it's a joke, a sick joke on the american people perpetrated by k street, by the establishment, and, to continue to assault the president of the united states
10:22 pm
is, is a crime. i mean it is subversion. these idiots are giving these people all of the license and rein they need to make life holy hell for entire country. >> equally as important they're not getting their own jobs done. they have a big agenda ahead. more time you spend -- lou: not if they don't do anything. >> that is what is happening. lou: it is really true. first of all, people say they're stupid. they're not just stupid. they're lazy. it is much easier for them not to work if they destroy the agenda of the president who got them, brought them victory in november of last year. >> it is very, i have been, when we're in power and not been in power. never been in situation where we have it all today, being minority is terrible place to be if you're republican or democrats. the democrats are scratching, fighting, want to get back in. we're not basically meeting the challenge. lou: it's a war. >> it's a war. think about it as a war. lou: ed rollins, always, good to see you my friend.
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>> thank you very much. lou: be sure to vote in my poll. do you believe attorney general sessions should immediately begin vision of clinton corruption and collusion? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. we would like to hear from you. follow me on twitter @loudobbs. like me on facebook. follow me on instagram @loudobbs tonight. you may have heard of my new thriller, putin's gambit. karen tweeted this, my favorite fiction by my favorite news commentator. can't wait to read it. keep tweeting and reading. viewers comments read on the show, receive a copy of "putin's gambit" a collector's item i think. the dow up 21 points. closing at record high for the second straight day. s&p gained five. nasdaq up 13. volume on the big board over 3 billion shares. retail stocks moving higher again. target saying it expects an increase in same-store sales. target shares finishing the
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session up nearly 5%. earnings season kicks off tomorrow, citigroup, jpmorgan chase, all set to report their results in the morning. reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast to coast, on the salem radio network. up next the deep state engaged in a full-on assault against the trump white house, and the left-wing national media is all too happy to ignore collusions by the dems, the left and the obama department of justice. i'll take it up in my commentary here next. stay with us. we'll be right back with much, much more.
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lou: a few thoughts on what is arguably the most politically corrupt department in the mist of the american government.
10:29 pm
i'm speaking of the obama justice department led by two attorneys general, eric holder who ultimately became the first sitting cabinet officer to ever be cite for contempt of congress. and his successor who is work upon matching his record, loretta lynch. she according to the fired director of the f.b.i. obstructed justice in ordering james comey to refer to the hillary clinton email investigation as a matter instead of an investigation. allowing the nominee to deny she was under investigation. why attorney general lynch went to almost unprecedented links to permit a russian attorney to enter the country without a visa, long before meeting donald trump and jared kushner.
10:30 pm
not the first scandal to playing that agency. this meeting took place june 9 of last year. but it's tun clear now only in the why a.g. lynch would have given her an extraordinary waiver. but she could have went in country some 5 months after the expiration of that so called immigration parole waiver. the senate judiciary committee is investigating lynch's efforts to protect hillary clinton and the fired f.b.i. director as well. there is much to learn about the collusion between the russian attorney and the obama administration. but the political motivations of the obama department of justice are readily recognized. it's all about partisan politics. in fact more than $400,000 in donations, clinton and trump
10:31 pm
during the election during d.o.j. employees. 97% of their money went to hillary clinton. special counsel robert mueller isn't even looking at the obvious misdeeds of the obama justice department itself, and it's clear washington swamp will never be drained unless we the people demand the truth on something called justice. our quotation of the evening, then i'll be glad top share with you who said it. first the quotation. those who fight corruption should be clean themselves. none other than vladimir putin saying that. those who fight corruption. you have got to love it. president trump defends his son's don, jr.'s meeting.
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lou: how majority whip steve scalise, his condition was upgraded from serious to fair. this follows another surgery for deep tissue infection. the congressman will still require careful monitoring. scalise was critically wound in that shooting at the baseball practice field a month ago on june 14. turning back to the latest shocking developments concerning the russian attorney meeting with donald trump, jr. a congressman saw her on capitol hill last summer. the pictures of this moment,
10:37 pm
being there so long ago, it is just stunning to see how the national left-wing media ran with this tory without any idea of what they were talking about when it came to the issue of collusion and the role of this attorney. your thoughts tonight. >> she had been in the congress. you point out the hearing in 2016. she was heavily involved. that was before i got sworn in. but they voted in the lame duck in 2012 and she was lobbying a lot of people. i talked to my colleagues. i guarantee you she lobbied more democrats than republicans. she has been here and loretta lynch approved her to be here on this special parole. the question is why? the media is acting like she is putin's right-hand woman being sent here to collude. if that were the case why would
10:38 pm
the obama administration want her to be in the country? lou: another important question is why is the attorney general giving giving this immigration parole, a rare waiver, and by statute it's the purview of the homeland security secretary. it's stunning how or why loretta lynch was personally involved in this. don't you think? >> yes. lynch is in a lot of hot water anyway. i have been arguing to bring her in and put her under oath. she is already out there. she needs to be brought in, she needs to be deposed about this matter as well. lou require want to turn to the f.b.i. nominee, director nominee christopher wray. talk about the independence of the f.b.i.
10:39 pm
in talking with a number of attorneys, whether it be jarett or any number of attorneys. the f.b.i. is not an independent agency of any sort or kind. >> no. exactly. it's one thing to say i'll be guide by law, not politics. i'll be independent of the political wind. but comey asserted implicitly that he was independent of any accountability. that's what you don't want in government. he's an interior for in the executive branch. if you say it's independent, that would mean back when j. edgar hoover was investigating martin luther king, jr. would it have been improper for john f. kennedy to say don't do that? you are violating the man's
10:40 pm
rights? lou: certainly that is the system and the reality of the matter that the f.b.i. director may not want to have dinner with the president, but that won't be his choice. he works for the president, he works for the attorney general. >> that's right. what the democrat want, they want to create the situation where the f.b.i. director is constantly being told to basically go to war with the administration in order to show your independence. that's not the proper role either. you follow the law and aggressively enforce the law. but you don't try to align yourself with the media. lou: i have great respect for chuck grassley, but he turned over that committee to the democratic party as if they were in leadership and control of the
10:41 pm
u.s. senate. an awful mistake in my opinion. congressman ron desantis. please roll the video. look at this. it doesn't look like a great place to fly. but there you go. what are they doing? they are thrill seekers jumping from a helicopter over jordan overlooking the dead sea. wing suiters challenging each other to cross the zero level barrier before opening their parachutes 550 feet below sea level. the dead sea is the saltiest place on earth and below sea level. how about that? up next, president trump speaking out about his son's meeting and the russian
10:42 pm
attorney, defending him. that attorney given special entry into the united states by none other than attorney general loretta lynch and the obama justice department. >> i have a son who is a great young man and fine person who took a meeting with a lawyer from russia. i think it' a meeting most people in politics would have taken. lou: we'll be right back with potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now.
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lou: special counsel robert mueller continues to build a dream team of apologists for his russia probe. former prosecutor interviewed clinton back in july. three days later, director, then director james comey said no charges would be filed. he is also of course an obama donor. for more on the russia probe,
10:47 pm
the battle over healthcare on capitol hill, we are joined by kimberly guilfoyle, co-host of "the five," former prosecutor. and co-host of the -- of "the five." what is the president going to do? he's being assailed on all side. he has speaker ryan and mitch mcconnell acting as if this is political business as usual. kimberly: isn't it remarkable. he's having to battle people in his own party. they promised him the world and delivered nothing. you further see his presidency being undermined, even though they handed him the house and senate. you would think they would be able to get something done. but he's battling even harder with people in his own party.
10:48 pm
still it seems the president has some level of optimism about this and saying that mitch mcconnell has to get this done. so what is paul ryan doing? what is mitch mcconnell doing? why is this difficult? why is it people are behaving in the way they are. and mishmashing this whole plan to a point where it's unrecognizable. lou: the performance has been passive-aggressive of paul ryan and mitch mcconnell. you have to believe this is not their best possible work. kimberly: should they add it to the resume? lou: they should not. it's difficult for most americans who voted for donald trump to watch him being treated this way. to have an administration that's
10:49 pm
not filled out with warriors who can advance his agenda and support him and there have been misopportunity. kim: he need to revamp' communications and get some of these spots filled. i won't even say a lean mean army it's just lean. he needs warriors in there to run the operation and make sure things get done. i don't blame him. i think he could do something to get better people in charge to help him put forward his proposals. i know he's frustrated about this because he want to get these things done, and he has had success in the past being the ceo and making sure stuff gets seen through. lou: at this point it's such a
10:50 pm
young administration, not even 6 months long in office. he accomplished so much. but he also raised expectations. kimberly: accomplished so much against unbelievable odds. lou: even against the opposition of his own party. where can you go from here when you can't get the attorney general, his own appointee, to investigate the clinton foundation. if there were collusions between russia and the obama administration. kim: nobody is doing anything about that, now, are they? the justice department gets to get on board and do a proper investigation and follow through on the facts and evidence that are there. he needs to put somebody up against it. there are too many free passes
10:51 pm
up here. i think it's enough already. lou: thanks so. appreciate it. join her tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on "the five" on the fox news channel. president trump taking part in a prayer circle in the oval office. pastor robert jeffress joins us after this break to talk about it all. i join john hannity to discuss the deep state's efforts to subvert the president and his administration. stay with us. we are coming right back. don't miss a single moment of don't miss a single moment of it.
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lou: in our online poll we asked should president trump nominate a new f.b.i. director who isn't a washington, d.c. hack? 93% of you said yes. the president had nothing but complimentary things to say about the man he nominated to be the next director of the f.b.i.
10:56 pm
joining us the pastor of first baptist church, pastor robert jeffress. one of the most remarkable pictures i have seen in a while is the prayer circle as all of you in the oval office laid your hands on the president to pray for him. and for the country. i just think that was a moving moment. what does it say about the evangelical movement, this president and where we are headed as a country? >> i think it says good things. as a pastor i would never talk about a private prayer time with anyone, including the president. but since it's already out there in the media. let me put it in context. we had been invited to the white house for a series of briefings. when the president heard we were on the ground he invited us into the office. somebody said, mr. president, may we pray for you?
10:57 pm
and the president always well comes prayer. so we had a meaningful time praying for him. president trump is not too proud to ask for gopsd wisdom and gomsd help which is one of the many reasons christians have such confidence in his leadership. lou: it may be a very fundamental part of the explanation as to why he has been able to with such strength perform as president with energy and ability we haven't seen in the oval office in a very, very long time. >> could i just say something about that? i have had the privilege of being with the president twice in the last two weeks. i heard all of these reports about the president being demoralized, dejected and paralyzed. that is take news. i have never seen the president more energetic, optimistic and
10:58 pm
intent on fulfilling his agenda. lou: these are some of the biggest fools on the planet who think this man can be brought down by men and women so small as they with their assault on him, his administration. they are laughable. they are tiger, but laughable in their efforts. we are watching a lot of delay on the nominations the president put forward. he has about 30% of his nominations have moved compared to president trump had about 70% of his at this stage of his presidency. whose fault is that? what's going on? >> unfortunately it's not just the democrats, it's the republicans. one of the things i learned monday at the white house is the president made 23 judicial
10:59 pm
nominations, only two have been confirmed even though we have a republican controlled judiciary committee. they are keeping these nominations from being fulfilled. our country has been ruined by judicial activists. we need to help this president re-place the judiciary with conservative jurists. we need to get chuck grassley and mitch mcconnell moving. lou: thank you so much. pastor robert jeffress. we have a new book to recommend written by my buddy jim born and me, "putin's gambit." every viewer whose comment is read here receives an
11:00 pm
autographed copy of puff continue's bam by the *. please be with us tomorrow night, thank you for being with us tonight. great show, guys. thanks for joining me. lou dobbs is coming up next here on fox business. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the dems left-wing national media, the deep state, all trying their utmost to cast a russian attorney as an agent of the russian government sent to america to collude with the trump campaign and specifically donald trump, jr. the entire false narrative, however, and unfortunately for all of them, is falling apart. before their very eyes, and ours. that russian attorney it turns out was in the united states after the reportedly direct intervention by then attorney general loretta lynch.


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