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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  July 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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please be with us tomorrow night, thank you for being with us tonight. cheryl: breaking news this morning. president donald trump celebrating independence in basille parade. you're looking at live pictures. this is in paris. we are going to have a live report from paris in just a few moments. lauren: we will, indeed. back here at home a new health care aims to bring republicans together but it's facing opposition, we will tell you why. cheryl: in the markets great expectingsations for big banks, having finally recovered from the depths of financial crisis. we will tell you what the numbers are going to tell you.
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>> record dow yesterday ahead of bank report. we are looking at red. nasdaq lower by 4. cheryl: on bastille day, cac quarante up by a fraction. >> the nikkei up 1% up .2% overnight. cheryl: who was the biggest money-makers in the music industry for the year, well, beyonce, of course, she's one of the names. we will tell you who else raked in the big bucks. >> 5:01 a.m. in new york. top of the morning to you, i'm lea gabrielle in for lauren simonetti. cheryl: great to have you, here, govern, everyone, i'm cheryl casone, we have got a lot
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happening overseas right now. we want to take you to live pictures out of paris. president trump right now is the guest of honor in paris this morning. morning as france celebrates bastille day. the military freight con them rates 100th anniversary and there's mr. trump right there. >> today sadly the truck attack in nice that killed 86 people, ten of them children and teenagers. last night the president and first lady melania trump had dinner. cheryl: quite a day. >> it really is. they have been doing this every year in paris since 1880. let's move onto other things. breaking this morning we have
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another setback for president trump's travel ban. a federal judge in hawaii has ordered for the ban effects travelers from six muslim majority corners be loosened. the government cannot keep out grandparents, grandchildren, uncles, aunts and cousins. ruling further weakens and after the supreme court to allow the administration to carry that ban out. cheryl: well, the battle over health care intensifies in the senate at least two republicans now, senators rand paul and susan collins say they will not support to revised health care bill introduced by majority leader mitch mcconnell that. leaves gop leaders with a very thin margin. >> president trump tweeting, quote, after the years suffering through obamacare, republican senators must come through as they promised. adam shapiro is in washington with more, ada. >> at this point the senate is waiting for the cbo score on the
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revised score, the key is they're going to do a score with the ted cruz amendment and without the ted cruz amendment. bottom line the concern is amendment will raise premiums who americans who buy insurance on the obamacare exchanges but with preexisting conditions. but ted cruz says this is win-win. >> that's an amendment that my office drafted and it's really focused on getting you the consumer the power to choose what health insurance you want. >> senators like john mccain are saying if we are not able to reach consensus, the senate should go to regular order and produce a bill that finally provides americans with access to affordable and quality health care. mitch mcconnell is promising a vote next week but the question is does he have enough votes to
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get to yes. back to you. >> that's, indeed, the question, thank you, adam. cheryl: we have john roberts live in paris in bastille day with coverage, john, good morning. >> good morning to you, there's barely a cloud in the sky and the president of the united states is seated right beside the president of france as they are reviewing the troops as they come on on what is the french national day, bastille, big military day, same year that our constitution went into effect which began the french revolution. this also is an interesting symbol of solidarity between the united states and france in the fight against isis-inspired radical islamic terrorism because it was a year ago tonight that we were reporting on the horrible news that a terrorist had used a truck as a weapon and driven down the
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seaside town of nice along the med med -- mediterranean. it was a tragedy that shocked the nation on what is their fourth of july. french president macron invited president trump to come to show that the nations were standing shoulder to shoulder against radical islamic terrorism and also to help commemorate the centennial of the u.s. getting involved in world war i. the leading group, fly-over demonstrations was contingent of 200 american service members, five of them in traditional uniforms of at least 1917 when the u.s. got involved in world war i. the two presidents had time to spend together yesterday in bilateral meeting and met the press. the president talking for the first time before the assembled about meeting with don, jr. had with russian attorney in june of
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2016. the president defending his son saying there wasn't much to that meeting and questioning why veselnitskaya was in the country at all. >> somebody said that per visa, passport was approved by attorney general lynch, maybe that's wrong. i heard that a little while ago but surprise today hear that. >> we have confirmation from the department of justice and department of homeland security that veselnitskaya was on immigration parole so she can participate in american court case and back under a nonimmigrant visa. two leaders in bilateral meeting had points of agreement and points of disagreement, one paris accord.
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he was very disappointed, critical of the fact that the united states was pulling out of the paris accord and yesterday president trump left the door that maybe pulling out wasn't a done deal. >> something could happen with the paris accord, we will see what happens. but we will be talking about that over the coming period of time and if it happens, that'll be wonderful. and if it doesn't, that'll be okay, too but we will see what happens. >> maybe that the president is using the threat as point of leverage to try to get a better deal for the united states but many signatories says this isn't something that you can negotiate, you're either in it or not, back to you. cheryl: john roberts, john, thank you so much. lea: too many parades to count like that. i couldn't help to sit and watch
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the parade in the background and we know u.s. troops were in the parade. great to see them out there. cheryl: washington post is implementing a new policy concerning the behavior of employees on social media. lea: tracee carrasco joins us now with more on the story, good morning, tracee. tell us about this. tracee: good morning, ladies. washington post owned by amazon ceo jeff bezos has implemented a controversial new employee policy that prohibits conduct on social media that, quote, adversely affects customers, 9, venders, suppliers and some cases post management reserves the right to take disciplinary including termination of employment. all of this first reported by the washingtononian. it's work to go revise it. the policy went into effect on may first, applies to the entire company. a spokesperson for the post
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tells us jeff bezos was not part of the executive team that determined the policy of this policy. perhaps a move, criticism of the post as people worldwide have become reluctant, this is tracy territory when we get to free speech here. lea: thank you, tracee. earning seasons kicks off today with the big u.s. banks set to report this morning. jpmorgan bank, well fargo will release reports. good morning, john theap, -- jonathan, what are you expect to go see here. >> bank stocks have catching up to do. they are only back to what they were in 2009 whereas we have seen the broader stock market hit new high, record high time after time specially since the election and we are seeing a lot of indications that the financials, specially those big
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banks are becoming the new text stocks, keeping an eye as you said on jpmorgan. the strength and the momentum very much is with -- is with bank stocks and they've still got room to run to get up to all-time high. cheryl: not to rain on your parade, i have parade in your my mind, but they have trading trouble at this point. trading revenue is going to be an issue, when you've got a powerful market, you don't have the trading revenue that is you would normally get from these guys. >> you're right about that, cheryl. even going back to a lot of regulation implemented in the administration. the banks certainly have some issues although for me even bigger than potential trading
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shortfall well known to the market is we see this all of the time when good earnings come out the stocks fall and with so much enthusiasm, that could be risk for banks. >> all right, jonathan hoening. cheryl: coming up did the killer of four men in pennsylvania have an accomplice. a very strike and heartbreaking story. we want to show you live pictures coming out of for paris. president donald trump in paris at the bastille day parade and so are we. president macron and president trump, 86 soldiers, 350 vehicles and 340 horses. we are monitoring out of paris. of course, you're watching fbn:am. here's something we bet you didn't know.
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your diet and controlling your weight. walking more, eating less. and eating foods that help you and your family to seriously reduce the risk of cancer. and of course, by not smoking. visit the cancer prevention, together we can website and get a free 30 day planner filled with tips, recipes, stats and more about protecting your family. go to prevent 50 dot org. lea: welcome back, let's get you caught up on what's happening now. a drug dealer confessing to killing four pennsylvania men after he felt cheated or threatened during drug transaction. burned the bodies at family farm. meanwhile police have arrested another person of interest in this case just yesterday. jimmy carter taken to hospital in canada after becoming dehydrated at habitat for humanity project. 92-year-old, former president is receiving rehydration. draft kicks and fan dual kicking
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off merger, the federal trade commission said the merger would create a company controlling more than 90% of u.s. market for paid daily fantasy sports, 21st century fox is an investors in draftking. >> after months of delays, the senate might finally have a health care reform bill. hoar is the question, let's bring in roy riley, great to have you here, good morning. >> good morning. cheryl: senators rand paul and susan collins oppose the bill. rand paul was with maria bartiromo and said to her, i promised my constituents full repeal. he's not budging, does this hurt this thing getting passed? >> it hurts a little bit. even without rand paul's vote we still have slight majority that we need, so it's unfortunate
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that he can't be a team player and agree with what the other republicans are doing. we see more on them on board than we did with the previous version of this bill. i think we are making progress even with rand paul. lea: a lot of the congressmen and senators it comes down what they promised to voters and if they promised a repeal and replace then they are coming up, will they be able to say that they did that. if this bill does not pass, do you see republicans bailing on on obamacare, what do you think is going to happen next? >> republicans do have a plan b, senator graham and cassidy also have a bill. i think that's actually very smart because there's more elements of the repeal in place contained in that bill. so we have more than draft on the table that republicans can bring to their constituents with different repeal and replace options. so i think republicans are doing everything that they should be doing to give their constituent what is they promised and what they were voted in office to do. cheryl: sounds like you're pretty confident that this
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doesn't need to be bipartisan to get this passed? >> i don't think that it does. i think the republican majority even though it's a mall majority it's still a majority. we have the potential of vice president pence as the tie-breaker if we needed. we saw that in some of the confirmation votes. i think there's enough consensus on the fact that we do need to change obamacare that even though some members are disagreeing on the details, we've got an agreement that we need to move forward. lea: sounds like you're positive about it. look, there's been a lot of speculation that maybe tax reform should have been done first. that's not what happened. this is where we are. if republicans can't get this done, what do you think this is going to do to their brand in terms of mid election in. >> part of it why we haven't gotten tax reform done because money is tied in health care. we need to get to health care first before we turn to other things. i think that it may not be the best thick for republicans in midterms if we can't get this done, but at the same time a lot
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of voters are still disenchanted the last eight years from a democratic administration, even though it'll hurt, i don't think it's a doomsday scenario. >> cheryl: the window is tightening. appreciate it. lea: coming up who made the most money in the music industry? ♪ ♪ ♪lea: cheryl says she knows, of course, it's beyonce. think hard rock. in sports, ladies final in wimbledon, venus williams will take center stage and the men's final watches starts in just a few hours, we will tell you about it. we will leave you again with live pictures from the bastille day parade in paris.
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they're undergoing a transformation. a data fueled, security driven shift in applications and customer experience. which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed across all your locations. hello, mr. deets. every branch running like headquarters. that's how you outmaneuver. cheryl: going old school. you've just heard the runner up. that was guns n roses, they were second to queen b, beyonce. $62.1million, guns and roses
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made 42.3 million. close third jersey boy, bruce springsteen. drake and adele fourth and fifth spot. cold play and justin bieber while luke bryan and kanye west. she posted first photo of kids on instam gram and reveals the names of babies. they have the names lea copyrighted. lea: of course, they did. first name admiral and general so they always had rank. cheryl: that's very smart. lea: maybely copyright it.
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floyd mayweather jr. and connor mcgregor tour hitting new york city on third stop, two unleash more attacks on last night building up interest in their fight. the match is scheduled for august 26th in las vegas. williams will play for the wimbledon title and meanwhile the men's semifinal to take place later this morning n. baseball chicago cubs acquiring josé in major trade in exchange the cubs sent four prospects, posted a career high of 13 wins last season and made first all-star team. cheryl: well, jim grant speaking with our own maria bartiromo on "wall street week" about federal reserve and the stock market. grant says he's got some concerns. >> there's more risks than
5:26 am
reward in this market, i'dia, that stocks at current level are worrisomely high. i would say the interest rates are certainly low. we are unreasonably complaisant with respect to the federal reserve system and central banks. cheryl: you can see the entire interview tonight on "wall street week" on fox business. lea: coming up we will look at the fate of the new health care bill, already two republicans are against it putting on the verge of collapse. president donald trump helps france celebrate its infendance at -- independence at bastille parade. we will have a live report from paris. you are watching fbn:am, stay with us. today, we're out here
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cheryl: breaking news this morning, live pictures we are showing you out of france right now. president trump is there on the crowd and helping france celebrate today the independence of the country. it is the bastille day parade as you can see. 80 planes and helicopters in the skies over pa race this morning we are looking at live picture and we are going to have a live report from john roberts in just a few moments. lea: back here at home a new health care bill aims to bring republicans together but it's already facing opposition. we will tell you why. cheryl: in your markets, great expectations for the nation's big banks, citi, jpmorgan all reporting results this morning having recovered from the depths of financial crisis. we will tell you what numbers to expect.
5:31 am
>> u.s. stock market futures are looking down. s&p lower by two, nasdaq lower by three, we will see what happens there. >> we had the record run on wall street and bastille day in paris. ftse in london and dax down a little bit. lea: taking a look at asia, stocks in asia hitting record, in japan nikkei up 1% for the week up .2% overnight. another record high in south korea as well. cheryl: here is a question for you, take a look at your screen. would you hire this guy? a struggle to find a job because what is the look of his face. ♪ ♪ ♪ lea: 5:31 a.m. in new york. good morning i'm lea gabrielle in for lauren simonetti.
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cheryl: good morning, everyone, i'm cheryl casone. we do have breaking news we need to bring you, though, just in to fox business, we are learning that two police officers are dead after a shoot-out with three gunmen at one of the jerusalem holiest sites. the gunmen we are told are dead, another person has been hurt. the shootout happened at temple mount, a very popular place, president trump was actually just in jerusalem and this is one of the site that is the president visited when he was there. lea: as we mentioned he's in paris right now. president trump is the guest of honor as france celebrates bastille day. the holiday marks bastille in french revolution, 100th anniversary of america's entry into world war i. cheryl: also today the first anniversary of the truck attack in nice that killed 86 people that was last year. last night the president and
5:33 am
first lady melania trump had a private dinner with punch president macron and his wife at the eiffel towers. we will bring you live as we monitor bastille day as whereby wrapping in the next hour or so. tracee carrasco joins us more on that and other headlines. good morning, trace. >> dow hit all-time high of 2017, yesterday well over 21,000 points. eric trump tweeting about the accomplishment yesterday. the third new stock market high with markets up 17% since selection make. #make america great again and so far the dow has closed at record highs 40 times. one-fourth or 24% to have 168 days the markets have closed have been record highs. lea: maybe some good news from the markets but we are hearing
5:34 am
that when you go to buy a plane ticket you may be having some disappointing information coming back at you now. >> you'll soon be paying more for airplane ticket, delta airlines said that passengers paid higher fairs for the first time in more than two years and also forecast that fairs are going to continue to climb. american airlines said something similar on wednesday that it will report even steeper fair growth, other airline wills likely follow the trend and we can blame the price increase on high hand and not oil. cheryl: more fun in the sky. lovely. okay, we are hearing there's a big promotion at starbucks today, i'm very excited about this, what do you know? >> big promotion involves free ice tea. only for a limited time, this is from one to two this afternoon. you can get a tall ice tea for free, this isn't regular ice
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tea, infusion featured tea, fruit botanical blends and include pineapple peach citrus white tea and strawberry flavor. cheryl: very excited. when you work this shift, you need a lot of caffeine. [laughter] lea: there's going to be lines at starbucks. >> 1:00 to 2:00 is our bedtime, right in lea: thank you, tracee. we have been talking about president trump in paris, john roberts is live there at the parade with more, good morning, john. >> lea, cheryl, good morning to you, we had the flyover of the helicopters just a couple of minutes ago, quite a spectacular scene as they were flying 3 to 400 feet above the ground. 25 minutes left in the parade. president trump appears to be having the time of his life, at the beginning of the parade
5:36 am
after flyovers u.s. thunderbird and the president reviewing contingent of 200 american forces and helping to commemorate the u.s. industry into world war i. a turning point in that war in 1917 that helped liberate fran. the president at a very bilateral meeting with the french president emmanuel macron yesterday, a lot that the two leaders agreed on, security, forging a new path in syria as well, some points of disagreement as well over trade and over the u.s. intention to withdraw from the paris climate accord. after the bilateral meeting they meet press and president trump to comment on the large meeting of don, jr. had with the russian attorney on june 2016. the president really sort of playing down the significance of all of that, listen to what he told the president yesterday. >> my son is a wonderful young man. he took a meeting with a russian
5:37 am
lawyer, not a government lawyer but a russian lawyer. it was a short meeting, it was a meeting that went very quickly, very fast, two of the people in the room, i guess one of them left almost immediately and the other one was not really focused on the meeting. i do think this, i do think from a prosecute call standpoint most people would have taken that meeting. it's called opposition research or research into your opponent. >> the president also questioned as to why that attorney was in united states at all. fox news has learned from the department of justice she was allowed in under extraordinary circumstances to participate in a court case which called immigration parole. that was in september of 2015. she was paroled into the country several times after that. her parole ending february of 2016 and then she reentered the country at the beginning of june 2016 under a nonimmigrant
5:38 am
visa, it was in that entry that she had the meeting with donald trump, jr. back to the bilateral meeting, there was points of agreement or disagreements, one of the point of agreements is what to do about russia in terms of rebuilding the relationship. president trump has received a lot of criticism for wanting to build a better relationship with vladimir putin, the russian president, but yesterday the french president emmanuel macron said it's in his country's interest to do exactly the same thing. listen to what he said. >> i had two very long meetings with putin and the relationship is very important. we have a lot of discrepancies obviously with russia but in the current environment specially in middle east, it's a necessity that work together to exchange information, to share these agreements and to build solution . >> so the french president
5:39 am
literally on exact think same page as president trump saying there are a lot of things that we disagree with russia on and those would be crimea, ukraine and position in syria but the relationship is too important to not try to draft a better relationship with russia. he was somewhat puzzled on the criticism on president trump trying to do the same thing. lea: looks like a beautiful day in paris. hope you enjoy your day there. >> gorgeous. cheryl: not a bad assignment. lea: not bad at all. cheryl: 24th record close for dow, we will get a look at retail sales, the month of june, looking for slight increase for may. we have jonathan at capitalist pig joining us with a preview. you're pretty bullish on banks, how about the retailers, jonathan? >> not -- no not the retailers, it's interesting. cheryl, it's been one area of the market, blood bath is not an understatement for retailers. we are seeing transformation in the retail space not unlike what
5:40 am
we saw in print and media during the early part of this century raising a total transformation to retailers i would avoid despite the fact that as you're saying a slight increase in retail sales today, same thing with inflation. federal reserve would want it running above 2%. it's slightly lower than that and a lot of eyes on that coming up but beat on inflation data as well. lea: you sound negative on retail stocks but the wall street journal is running a story that hedge funds are beaten up stocks, what is your response, day traders when the stock is up and down? >> they can only go to zero. a lot of the retailers already have gone to zero, it looks like, sears holding, of course, the lathes company that is right back where it was 10, 15 years ago and rumored to be headed for bankruptcy. of course, there's a lot of speculation and you'll see deal-making, that's a positive thing. in terms of putting new money to
5:41 am
work, we always say don't catch a falling knife and in a market where so much is doing well, not a lot of retail stocks are on that list. cheryl: i'm not going to lie abercronbie my favorite. lea: social security checks are about to increase for the largest amount of years, we will tell you how much. would you hire this man, he doesn't understand why no one would hire him. you're watching fbn:am. we will be right back ♪
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make a world of difference in the life of a person with a disability. cheryl: welcome now, let's get you on what's happening now. a woman killed after a nearby jet knocked her to the ground. a force threw the 57-year-old from new zealand backwards. americans receiving social security benefits can expect to see the largest payment increase in years next year. in january recipients are going to receive 28-dollar monthly increase. 2.2% jump and then take a look
5:45 am
at this photo, a new zealand man says he cannot get a job because of a giant tattoo. that, lea, is what's happening now. lea: president trump's travel ban hits another hit after hawaii judge orderers that ban be loosen. joining us roy riley. >> nice to see you. lea: those with no ties to the u.s. from entering the country. they extended that to people with lesser family ties, grandparents, aunts, uncles. the hawaii rules have ruled that the people with broader ties are exempt from the ban, hawaii judge says no, supreme court, that's not the way it's supposed
5:46 am
to be done, your thoughts here. >> it's interesting because in an earlier ruling the same hawaii judge said he was not going -- he denied a similar claim with this one. he said that the defendants had met their burden in being able to challenge the travel ban. i'm not so sure that these cases were different, so this hawaii judge himself is issuing conflicting rulings and that's not good for anybody. cheryl: victory for those who oppose the travel ban and is the administration in trouble. >> i don't necessarily think it's a victory. he uses statements like there's nothing more bonafide than this, what this centers around is what is the definition of a bonafide relationship. the supreme court uses that term in its ruling, the trump administration issued guidance on what that meant and the hawaii judge is basically disagreeing with what the trump administration's guidance is. i think we will see more decisions on this that will ultimately uphold what the
5:47 am
supreme court and the administration have said. lea: let's talk about this, yesterday the state department sent out new visa guidelines, they will require all snakeses to provide data to vet and determine whether a traveler may pose a terrorist threat or the country will face travel sanctions. some are saying this is going too far. a lot has to do with technological advances, pictures, your thoughts? >> including technological advancements is great and it's important to look at all of this at the backdrop of our national security, although opponents of the travel ban, they are going to disagree no matter what we say, it's important to keep in mind. there are some people that just aren't happy with this but i think this is actually a great thing for our national security. lea: all right, thank you, rory. >> thank you. cheryl: believe it or not, rain has brought a little bit of a relief to the vor folks in the
5:48 am
northeast. we will have janice dean with the forecast and another weather story for you, why are these women wearing masks on the beach? believe it or not, this is a very popular trend. is this a new thing of swim wear. lea: i have my reasons. cheryl: we will talk about that. look, the dow hit -- 24th record yesterday so we are not going to cry about this. s&p pointing fairly lower as well. it's a friday and you're watching fbn:am. where to get in... where to get out. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points
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lea: they look a little like spider-man. woman in china are wearing the so-called face kini. the face kini is getting population in chinese cities and you see temperatures as high as 120-degrees. my thoughts, do you ever have a day when you don't want anybody to see you in a bathing suit? cheryl: that would be every day. lea: nobody know who is i am now. cheryl: what's amazing about the story she sold 30,000 of those in china just this year. they are very popular. they want to have fair pail skin, that's the thing. lea: that would be my cover story on days that i don't want to be seen in a bathing. cheryl: we will take this to
5:53 am
janice dean. not sure you have an opinion. i know you have weather to tell us about. janice: i don't want people to see me on the beach either, that's why i stay off the beach. let's take a look at the current temperatures. cooler across the northeast, 67 right now in new york and the humidity is not as bad as it was so we will take it, 71 in buffalo. problem is we've got this frontal boundary and along the frontal boundaries we see low pressure and potential for heavy down pours, large hail, damaging winds as well. you can see it developing across the plains, ohio valley. we have a severe threat later on this afternoon for the dc area including some of the risks i mentioned, the large hail, damaging winds. i don't think we are going to see tornadoes but certainly all of these areas here, the green and the yellow you want to make sure you know if you have a warning what to do in that situation. no big tornado threat but we could see some strong and severe storms. future radar, showers and
5:54 am
thunderstorms popping along gulf coast. clearing things up for the northeast this weekend. nice weekend for a lot of folks, keep in mind, whether he get through today, saturday and sunday looks better and we will see rain for most part except for where we need the most. that's the situation there. ladies, thank you in your face skinis. cheryl: coming the -- up to london. global look at the banking industry with you. stick around, continued pictures coming out of paris. bastille day celebrating 100th anniversary of the u.s. entering world war i. today president trump is there. beautiful pictures and, of course, saluting heros in the military and france and there are some u.s. troops there as well. we will be right back
5:55 am
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cheryl: taking a look at stock market futures, we have the 24th record for the dow last night. take a look at futures. lea: s&p lower by 2 and nasdaq by 2. we are expecting bank season eastern to go get underway for the biggest u.s. lenders, citigroup, jpmorgan chase.
5:58 am
next week we will hear from other banks and we will be keeping an eye on that. cheryl: ftse in london and dax in germany slightly lower and in paris the cac is higher, that's not really, but the market is up slightly. live pictures coming up. the parade in paris is wrapping up in the next couple of moments. as we mentioned, president trump is there and melania trump. they had dinner the identical -- eiffel tower. so what's interesting too, is bastille, 100th anniversary today of the u.s. entering into world war i, one of the biggest wars our country has seen. u.s. the participating in that. i know that you've done parades
5:59 am
in the navy, do you enjoy doing parades? >> there's differently a sense of pride but when you have your military baring on it can be very uncomfortable. there's a sense on pride. when you're on the move is great. you look at whoever is reviewing the troops, today is president trump, military baring and discipline is in order. cheryl: we should say that we are looking at, of course, president trump, president macron and parade going all the way and that's where he is, president trump with president macron, 8600 soldiers, 350 vehicles, 240 horses. >> as we look at celebrations, we want to remember those who were killed last year on bastille day when the trucker killed 86 people. hopefully this will be much more happier day. thanks so much for joining us at fbn:am.
6:00 am
cheryl: that is it for us we will send it over to maria bartiromo. maria, good morning to you. maria: thanks so much. good morning, everybody and happy friday, i'm maria bartiromo, thanks for joining us. it is frud july 14th, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. in the others coast. president trump in bastille day in paris, coming home to battle of the health care, senate republicans unveil their revamp legislation which vice president mike pence applauded yesterday. >> this legislation will put america back on the path to more freedom, more choices for american working families. maria: the bill has now two no votes. a hawaii judge adding grand participants and other relatives to the list. big stories for markets this morning, bank earnings, we are waiting on jp morgan chase, wells fargo, citigroup. all


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