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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 15, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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email ken web. have a glorious weekend. i'll be racial in the new york city >> lou: good evening, the dems are trying to cast a russian attorney as a agent sent to the america to collude to the trump campaign including donald trump junior. the entire false narrative. it has fallen apart. that russian attorney was in the united states after the reportedly after the reportedly direct intervention by loretta
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lynch. she approved a rare type of parole fornataia to in under president circumstances. and president trump addressing the revelations with french president macron in paris. >> she was in the halls was congress, also. somebody said that her visa or passport to come into the country was approved by attorney general lynch. maybe that's wrong. i heard that a while ago. she was here because of lynch. >> lou: a lot of people were surprised including not only with the trump campaign but colluding with the obama
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administration. catherine herridge is looking into how the russian attorney entered the united states and allowed to stay for so long. >> reporter: court requireds show the russian lawyer in the center of the donald trump junior e-mail was granted special status. she was the lawyer for a russian businessman accused of lawnering hundreds of million in real estate transactions and the government gave her extraordinary permission called immigration parole the documents act. that allows the attorney general to do in extraordinary circumstances. democrats say republicans may be over playing their hand. >> clearly somebody in the united states government maid an exception. and what was reported that that
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was granted in order to allow her to come to the united states to defend her client in a major international trial in new york. >> reporter: after the trump junior meeting and kushner and manafort she heads to at this time house. next week one. witnesses testify poverty senate jud jud committee said she also ran a robust campaign. bill browner said the russian lawyer hired fusion gps with the anti- trump doszier. >> they took on lobbyist and public relation people. and one of the firms to have the
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magnitsky act repealed was d~ cs. andrew wood tells to fox news he cannot vouch. i understood the general contacts were known to others in the united states. he arranged for the senator to decide what action he took in the process. >> reporter: the office did not respond. mccan't reviewed the doszier and passed the file to james comey. senator grassley receipted told fox that the fbi did not respond to request for more information. >> lou: thank you catherine. and the ties to gps, the ties are shocking.
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fusion gps admits it worked on a lawsuit that involved the russian attorney. the company was charged in new york with money laundering. gps commissioned christopher steele to dig up opposition research on then candidate donald trump. an opposition research doszier containing false allegations on donald trump. and will senator john mccain delivered that dossier to attorney general james comey tlft year. here is a member of several committees and including a member of the freedom caucus. good to have you with us. the pictures of this woman being
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there so many long ago, it is just stunning to see how the national left wing media ran with the story without any idea of what they were talking about when it came to the issue of collusion and the role of this attorney. your thoughts tonight? >> she had been in the congress. you pointed out the hearing in 2016 and that was heavily involved and before i got sworn in. and they voted in 2012 on the mennitsky act. i guaranteed she lobbied more democrats than republicans. she's been here and loretta lynch approved her to be here on a special parole. they are act being like she's put min's right hand woman. if that were the case, why would
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the obama administration wanted her here in the country? >> it is another important question, why is the attorney general giving the special imdpragz parole, a very rare waiver. and the perview of the homeland security secretary, it is stunning about how loretta lynch or why she was personally involved in this, don't you isn'ting >> yes, we need answers for. that lynch is in a lot of hot water and i argued to bring here in under oath. but she's already out there and needs to be brought in and desupposed about this matter aside well. >> lou: i want to turn to christopher ray talking about
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the independence of the fbi. whether it is gregg jared or any number of opportunities. why is this a supportered by james comey and christopher ray. the fbi is not an independent agency of any sort or kind. >> no tis one thing to say i am guided by law and not politics. comey inserted he was a quited of any kind of accountability. the fbi director is an inferior officer in the executive branch. that means when hoover investigated martin luther king. would it be improper for the
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president kentucky to say don't do that. >> lou: that is the system and reality of the matter that the fbi director may not want to have dipper with the president but that is not his choice. he may have other choices. he worked for the president and attorney general. >> what the democrats want is to create a situation where the fbi director is told to go to war with the administration torg show your independence and that is not the proper role either. you follow the law and don't try to line yourself against the president to impress the party and media. >> lou: i think the senate judiciary has respect for christopher ray. he turned over the meeting to the democratic party as if they
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were in leadership. that was an awful mistake. >> thanks for having me. >> lou: it is about time senate gop leaders unveil a health care bill. >> keeps the obamacare subsidies and creates a giant fund. >> lou: i take that up next with edrolens. president trump in france. he will be the guest of hopper in bastille day celebration. and the left wing media can't get over the obsession with russia. stay with us, we'll be right back. ♪
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related to the bullet wounds. the congressman will require careful monitor. he was critically wounded nearly a month ago on june 14th. senator majority leader mitch mcconnell raced to try get a new vote. it features 70 billion for states to create their own reforms. you want to bring everybody allow. health savings accounts to be used to pay premium and 45 billion to battle the opoid epidemic and can ability to buy cheaper plans and something that ted cruz is advocating. we are joined by ed rollins who
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served in three presidential mrgdzs and to the house republican leadership. are you not excited about it. >> no, rand paul gave the explanations. he is a no vote and i think to a certain extent as much time as they have had to work on the bill. it is not satisfactory and i don't know what they plan on doing at this point in time. >> lou: you think the members of the senate realize how stupid they look? >> no, i don't think. >> lou: i am very serious. these are men and women not acted like educated people and responsible stewards of the ship much state. >> or living up to the promises. there is not a single republican
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who did not promise to repeal. >> lou: and now this is the vehicle. >> in the end of the day, they have to do a lot of work. >> lou: we are headed in your judgment where president trump thought it might. it will be left around the democrat's neck and the republicans will not have a plan. >> i am a fan and i wish we could get off talking about the crap. he had a great meet nothing russia and france. and talking about tealing with russia. and a great g20 meeting and talking about something that is not significant. he has a great powerful voice and needs to talk about why the health care is good or not good. and infrastructure and how he will move us all forward.
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>> lou: you raise a point and i see your view. but at the same time i wonder why we are not hearing more from mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and republican national committee. and why are not these people stepping out and defending the president of the united states. and why is it his open administration and xhupgz's department. and own set of counsellors and advisors, bright as they are. doing precisely what they should be doing come is defending the president. he shouldn't have to defend himself. >> i don't think mcconnell or ryan think it is their job. >> lou: they don't have much much a job. >> they don't realize if he is not successful they are not
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successful. >> lou: you can't convince ryan. >> he will not number the top and there is a lot of members that could be in jeopardy. >> lou: he's such a great, great leader, they say. they are victims of the stockholm syndrome and fall in love with a speaker who does not do anything but trash them. >> and john boehner did that, too. get the tax care and health care through. and it is all frivolous at this point in time. >> lou: the russian attorney that the obama administration put her in. it is pure washington swamp. >> it is. the swamp has not begun to
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drain. >> lou: i think it is rising. >> i think people cutting back in the administration that shpt have. and the reality here, you and i were talking earlier. we have a fuel justice department investigationing on all of this stuff. it needs to move forward and do that. >> lou: where is jeff sessions. >> i don't know. i haven't heard from him. we don't need the house and committee. >> lou: did ryan and mcconnell say it is a sick joke on the american people perpetrated by k- street and the establishment and to continue to assault the president of the united states. it is a crime. i mean it is subversion. they are giving these people all of the license and reign they need to make life holy hell for
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the country. >> they have a big agenda ahead. >> lou: not if they don't do anything. people say they are stupid. they are not just stupid, they are lazy. it is easier for them not to work if they destroy the agenda of the president who brought them victory. >> i have been when we are in power and not in power. i never have been in a situation like this today. being in minority is a terrible place to be. democrats are scratching and fighting. >> lou: it is a war. ed rollins good to see you. do you believe attorney general sessions should begin investigation of clinton corruption and collusion. kaflt -- cast your vote on lou
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dobbs. and our twitter followers are fired up about the bock. my favorite fiction by my favorite nups commet attor. and speaker ryan wants to go home on his month long august recess and senator mcconnell still two weeks short on the recess. they are combined ineventhive lead areship the subject of my commentary next. stay with us. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel,
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capitol hill. mcconnell delaying work on hemth care. republican leaders in the house are committed to a five week recess despite income session 145 days in total. what a job there in the house. there is speaker ryan explaining to all of the unwashed and great citizenry. >> we are far ahead of the pace. the house can move fachter than the senate. we plan on getting our work and fulfill our responsibilities. >> lou: far ahead of the pace. good lord almighty. the house barely passed a health care bill and are you ready for that 217- 113. they appear to be no where close as of right now. looks like their colleagues in
6:28 am
the senate when it comes to health care. president trump issued a firm warning that he will be angry if congressional republicans can't or won't get it done on health care. >> i am sit nothing the oval office with a pen in hand and waiting for our senators to give it to me. for years, they have talked about repeal and replace. they passed it 61 times. but that didn't mean anything. >> lou: those other times meant nothing and it all means everything now. and of course, mcconnell and ryan are not effective getting anything done no matter the title or length of service. they have sponsored fewer than 15 pieces of legislations that came in the long tenures on capitol hill.
6:29 am
the combined years amount to a half century. the swamp they have lived in and worked in so long urgently now needs draining and they need to be helped to some other place and higher and dryer foreevermore. i love happy endings. albert estien said weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character and there is an epidemic in washington. ray vows independence and denies the russian investigation is a witch hunt. >> i will never allow the fbi's work to be driven by anything than the fact and law. >> lou: is the swamp about to
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loupe lou fbi director christopher ray distanced himself from fired director
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james comey today. ray addressing comey's handling of the hillary clinton e-mail scandal in a senate confirmation hearing today. >> in my experience as a prosecutor and as head of the criminal division, i understand there are department policies that government policies on individuals. and i would follow those policy. i can't imagine a situation where an fbi director i would give a press conference on an uncharged individual much less talk about it. >> lou: our next guest said comey may have committed a crime concerning the handles of classified information. joining us is gregg jarret. >> >> nice to be here. >> lou: unusual hearing. you would have thought the
6:35 am
democrats were leading the questions that unfolded and to hear again in this case a nominee to be fbi director and in the case of james comey and talking about an independent agency which is constitutional not. >> it is a myth that seems to have gained credibility all on its own. the fact is, the president can direct the attorney general and fbi director to investigator stop investigating a matter. he has absolute power to do that. and he runs the executive branch and they can be hired and fired for no reason at all. the matter of independence came about on its own over the last 20 or 30 years as fbi directors and a g's asserted their own
6:36 am
independent. but it is a myth. >> lou: it is vary degrees of the talent. christopher ray saying that he thinks that robert mueller is doing a bang up job. it was not a witch hunt as the president asserted. he's got 14 people brought in and there is not a republican donor among them and a handful of hillary donors. >> that's. >> lou: it is not impartial. >> when you look at the assignment given to him by rod rosenstein, it tasks him to find a crime that doesn't exist in the law. collusion exist only in anti- trust law and so it is a lil impossibility for robert mueller to perform his job and
6:37 am
bewildering that anybody thinks that robert mueller can be fair and impartial and unbiassed. the key witness in this case who himself is committing a crime is close personal long- term friends with robert mueller. it's in a protogherks e mentor relationship. are they going to prosecute. mueller should not be the special counsel. >> and so i expect him to resign out of a tormented conscience? >> we'll grow old waiting for that to happen. >> lou: who should tell him to get the hell out and tell everyone now, that we are going to do it honestly before the
6:38 am
american people. acknowledge that the fbi is not an independent agency and the director not an independent yob and thirdly that there is a responsibility that is laid out by statute that the special counsel be impartial. >> i am not suggesting that the president should fire robert mueller. high could do it if he wanted to. the president ought to use the power of the bully pulpit to put pressure on robert mueller to voluntarily step down so someone who is fair and impossible can take over. and there are things to investigate. james comey, it appears he took home seven documents, four of which is a classified. that's what petraeus and pled guilty to.
6:39 am
john doutch and what hillary clinton did. you can't take a classified document home with you. and sticking it in your drawer. it is a clear violation of the espionage act. if comey did that, he's in legal jeopard nemy judgment. >> lou: and the country is in jeopardy of a government off of the rails. to watch that judiciary committee and kristier ray who is otherwise maybe a fine fellow and perform as he did in a graceless and uninformed way about the constitution and the law. and to have the committee in so interested in their own partisan tent and interest, that somewhere beneath it all was submerged the interest of the
6:40 am
country, the president of the united states has to be beside themselves watching it go forward. and every citizen should be beside themselves. >> duplicity in washington is endemic and we saw it on stage at that hearing. >> lou: and self- satisfied senator and a nominee clucking to themselves. nwell said. lou >> lou: roll the video. setting up a rope swing on an old bridge. look at this. what is a bridge for if not this, right. my gosh.
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worth the view. i am avoid to think of how they might get back up. i am sure my colleagues on lou dob's tonight would pull me back up only if i would take the leap. putin's gam bet. i look forward to the read soon as my doctor gives it to me as a gift. every viewer whose comment is here receives an autographed. up next. president trump claims that putten would prefer hillary clinton. >> if hillary had won our military would be decimated and that's what putin doesn't like about me. >> lou: you know, he's right. former chief of staff jack
6:42 am
keane. stay with us. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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>> lou: the people's liberation army on the way to the horn of africa. china establishing the first overseas military base there. china joining the united states, france and japan with bases there. and sexual assault about to build a base there. it is all part of the china global strategy to eventually replace the united states as the military pour in the world. joining me is retired four star general jack keane.
6:47 am
this is an intriguing spot. objouti. and in the think of thing and so many countries with the militaries, is there any other place in the world like it. >> no, none other quite like it. we have not many countries sharing territory in terms of military bases. it is it a cross roads between the middle east and africa and not too far from the indian ocean. it is located and they incent vise countries to come and do that. china has revised the regional order in the pacific to be sure they project pour in the south china sea. and projecting pour in the east china sea. this is part of their global strategy. they want to be on parwith the
6:48 am
united states in influencing the world. but long term strategy is to replace the united states as the preimminent power in the world. they will be trampling on our interest in the world as they are in the pacific. >> lou: general, to me it is almost unthinkable. obviously i've lived some of the greatest of american history over the past 50 or 60 years. but to think that china could catch up to us militarily, to me is unthinkable. am i utterly wrong? >> no, they are clever. they are not going ship to ship or artillery. and they watched the soviet union to do that. they have a strategy that is
6:49 am
designed primarily to take advantage of our vulnerabilities and also advice their capabilities. they will develop a blue water navy. maybe not on the size of ours but it will be more than enough. they think the united states is a waning country in terms of influence and problems that we have. and they think they are rising economically and will rise militarily. and they are confident about it. their military has a certain amount of humerous. they flex their muscles so much. >> lou: we are hearing in ra qqan and mosul. isis has been rolled back. you were the first person to say that president trump in the strategy he was bringing the
6:50 am
white house would result in the defeat in isis. that is happening on a time table that is quicker than i understood possible. your thoughts and where we are headed from here? >> it is true. isis is being rolled back in iraq and mosul is back in the iraqi. and they will be able to do limited attacks. they will conduct terrorist operations to be sure. in syria, ra qqa will be rolled up. but we should make sure they understand most have moved to syria in the eufra ighes river valley. and as of right now. we tonight have a plan to clean
6:51 am
it out and we have to do is that as part of the plan to te feet isis. and i hope that comes to pass. >> lou: please roll the video. this texan takes wake boarding to's newer and higher level. what ape refreshing break from it all. cruising a long and back flips and ramps and moving at high speeds and we. and impressive it to small of a word. president trump taking part of ape national prayer. one of them. pachtor robert jeffers is there and he joins us to talk about it all. stay with us. this lovely lady has a typical airline credit card.
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>> lou: in our on line poll, we asked you last night if president trump should hire a new fbi director. 93 percent said yes. the president meanwhile is gracious and had nothing but complimentary things about the man he nominated to be the next
6:56 am
director of the fbi. joining me is an unpres dept the outreach to evangelical church. pastor robert jeffers. there was a prayer circle as all of you in the oval office laid your hands on the president to pray for him and the country. that was a moving moment. what does it say about the evangelical movement and this president and where we are headed as a country? >> i think it said good things. as a pastor i would never talk about a private prayer time including the president. let me put it in context. we were invited monday for a group of meetings.
6:57 am
we had a fun lighthearted time with him. somebody said mr. president, may we pray for you. we had a meaningful time of prayer for him. this is a side of the president that most people are unaware of. president trump is not too proud to ask for god's relationship and help and reasons why kristyaps have confidence in his leadership. >> lou: it is a fundmental part of the explanation why he has with such strength perform as president with energy and ability that we haven't seen in the oval office in a very, very long time. >> i have had the privilege of with the president twice in last two weeks. i heard reports of him being
6:58 am
dejected. na is fake news. i never have seen the president more energetic and optimistic than he is right now. >> lou: these are some of the biggest fools i was going to say in the country or planet to think that this man can be brought down by men and women so small as they with their assault on him and his administration. they are laughable. they're tiring, but they are laughable in their efforts. >> we are watching a lot of delay on the nominations that the president put forward. 30 percent of the nominations moved compareed to president obama had 70 at this stage of the presidency. whose fault is that and what is going on? >> it is not only the democrats, but the republicans.
6:59 am
one of the thing i learned in the white house, the president made more than 23 judicial nomination and only two are confirmed even though we have a republican controlled senate and chuck grassly and mitch mcconnell are keeping these nominations from being fulfilled and our country is ruined by judicial activist. we need to help the president and we ought to rise up and raise holy you know what, and get chuck grassly and mcconnell moving. >> lou: did you hear that chuck grassley and mitch mcconnell? better get moving. steve tafshy tweeted. i love your passion and book. and no doubt keep carrying the
7:00 am
torch, lou. you will receive an autograpped copy. good night from new york. >> majestic trees thousands of years old... >> these are the biggest trees i've ever seen, and they're beautiful. >> the redwood forest has been on the planet since the dinosaurs. >> then the ax men cometh. one makes a redwood his ultimate log cabin... >> what? >> ...a log-rolling attraction. it's her strange inheritance. >> i was the only child, so i knew i was always gonna get the log. >> but the road takes its toll. >> it's hard to be the log lady and have a life and be the truck driver and the repair person and do it all. >> she's got a big decision to make. >> she sure does, jamie. she sure does. >> and what happens when it's time for the log to be inherited from you?


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