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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  July 16, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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deserves to be told. i am oliver north, good night. (captioned by closed captioning have a great saturdaycaptioning everyone. >> mounting questions this hour over the state of the new gop health care bill. they are warning that the mask that dc message that dc is creating is hurting our country. >> we become one of the most consuming --dash consuming anxieties on the planet. and listen to the stupid things that we have to deal with. we have to get our act together or we won't do what we want to do for the average american. is this holding back job creation. i'm taken mcdowell. the bulls bowls in bears this
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week. welcome to everybody. is the mess that is created dc hurting this country. the only thing that is bipartisan is just widespread throughout the capital. they passed with past with a hundred% partisan vote. it's going to be these guys refuse to work with each other. that is a record. and a lot of the reason is because the gridlock in congress. we have no agreement on taxes or repatriation of money. we have no national immigration plan. we can't fix immigration because the guys in dc can't get along. we are losing jobs to china
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and india. we have no national education plan. this gridlock is starting to hurt america. >> you hear it in jamie diamonds voice and not something you don't get out of dc and some honest emotion. >> that is the voice of the american people right now. yes the jobs numbers might be looking good. if healthcare doesn't get done. what hope do we have what can we say. as the market going to continue to increase all of these people who are promised that manufacturing jobs will be kept here. if we can't get people together in the same room of opposite parties nothing can get done.
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if you are not able to take bite size pieces of the taxes that they will get done and that will hurt the american people no question. is it the mess that is getting in the way of growing jobs. i'm in a take a little bit different angle on this than what john and lee were saying. when jamie diamond refers to know we are not getting tax reform done. healthcare i wish they would just repeal obama care and try to get back to a free market. unfortunately he does a lot of big politicians do and things that the role of the federal government is there to sell things. we didn't have a national internet commerce policy either but we came up with companies like amazon and ebay. then he goes into the area where we need government to do more.
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we've been doing more and education to the tune of billions of dollars for the last 50 years. when he veers into government solving things i think that is exactly the wrong way to go. i like his libertarian stance if that's what he's talking about with tax reform and maybe healthcare getting back to a free market. the other stuff is just more government speak for letting the government get in there and sell things. it actually interferes with job creation. it has involved re- regulating or basically trying to crush vast parts of our economy. it is even in the internet and financials and we we've gotten some 3% growth over that time. i find it hilarious to hear
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him complain. and obviously played at critical role in that. it doesn't matter. he has profited off of big government for sure. i do agree with the sentiment there. and from the wood -- from the richest to the poorest. not to the degree that donald trump is talking about but i think we have to get our house in order. there are no clear solutions for that. it is a great talking point. where are the on-the-job solutions. but so you can make a real difference.
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whether it is vast tax reform where smaller businesses would pay the same rate as a big businesses and that seems to be going to know where's though at this point. there is no explant nation while deals can be made. this is ahead of the big bank. i think at the health the health of american banks is important. the bottom line is the current situation if we have a real crisis right now which we do not there would be no deals like last time. we already had low rates so the feds can do all the heavy lifting. this is self preservation. this is not amazon and google. they will need a hand out again. that is not in place right now. they are fine without an autopilot setting right now. the frustration you hear in his voice does one thing the
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more money that you hand over to politicians and the more power you get them you're never gonna get that back. it is crushing innovation and small businesses in this country. i agree with jamie diamond. he runs a great business and he is correct in his assessment of washington dc. the internet and the growth of the companies came out of that is different from a national energy plan. if you have a national energy plan. you have to have that approved by the government. that is how the government is stifling innovation. and if you actually get bipartisan agreement on a corporate tax on repatriation and alone in a foreign money you would see growth in our
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economy. i think that is the one glimmer of hope there. this gets back to something that we talk about all the time. they make better decisions with your money about your life and it's just poppycock. as much as we love and respect jessica i'm baffled why any millennial would say this. spent ten years trying to find a new building for the fbi which is a security problems where the concrete is cracking. millions of dollars i know there are plenty of ways they could build it.
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could you imagine if microsoft said in 2007 we are looking for a new headquarters and in 2007 they said we give up we spent millions of dollars we have no solution for it. but jessica is of the opinion that big government is good. it was in charge of growth. they're responsible for a lot of the roads and bridges across this country. the salt weight system started privately. it was totally awful. that is government. think you jessica. it's about 20 minutes from now. the republicans are giving in on obamacare.
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him back to bulls and bears. the dow and s&p 500 finishing the week at new highs despite the rest headlines critics say are a new low for the white house. history shows a booming market and an economy could determine if president trump survives or not. i think the best example bush of the second and clinton
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clinton was mired in scandals. with a degree economy despite him and because of him with the internet and stuff like that the market was rising. you can dislike the guy just because of that. bush was will loved and that he was the most hated president at the end. all of his policies involving us all is because we entered a recession right near the end of his term. if the stock market keeps up and trump can do anything even if it's staying out of the way and solving government dysfunction to get this economy working that's what people care about. do they have a job. can they go home after work and have a beer and watch monday night football. they don't care about the politics stuff. that will take care of the stock market. things will be booming.
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it was out about 17 and a half% before nixon resigned. the controversy is not always good for the markets but we have seen in controversial times that they had increase in other situation. the bottom line is this. it is not on the promise of tax reform or healthcare happy anymore. if we don't get these things done the market is not going to be able to hold. they don't start to feel it then i can they are not to come through for them a second time. controversy does not affect the markets at all. you look at andrew johnson, bill clinton and after you see that the market was up during that. that had to do with the arab
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oil embargo. the scandals with presidents don't necessarily affect the market. americans vote with their pocketbooks and as long as they have jobs in the market is doing well how obesity obesity and a very favorable spot. >> could a weaker economy actually get stuff done down in washington dc that would ultimately we benefiting for everybody. that would help us get tax cuts through if we actually have a serious problem. the reality is it's hard to look back in the past. he was open up china for trade. you can't really say his skin that was bad for the market. he was doing positive things for the economy.
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we are not improving things at the rate that we should be. the stock market has gone up thousands of dollars with a horrible tax code. it's not like we have to have it to live in america we are probably wasting a little economic growth higher than we've already gone and stocks. we had earnings of earnings if you look back the last 12 months. there can be at a record then you have a stock market and all-time highs. that has to be good for president trump. those weren't presidents who ran pearly --dash make purely on an economic platform. that's what the economy thinks is can happen. that's at the people who voted for him are waiting on. this is a guy that is going to deliver tax reform for us. it could be a little bit
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different. i think the economy is more important to this presidency than it has two any other that i can think of because of how solely focused on academic skill he was. eric what you guys had coming up. is that president trump's new plan to stop the leaks. plus after calling the russian probe a potential treason investigation into the health care plan the lawmakers want republicans to work with them on healthcare reform. we will see you at 1130. appear first while amazons racking up the sales more retailers
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>> retail sales dropping for the second straight month but amazon just sought the biggest prime day ever. are we close to announcing the death of the brick-and-mortar retail stores. >> we are heading in that that direction pretty quick. we have 6800 at the height of the recession. we are seeing a jobs loss that will dwarf manufacturing and retail. here is a real problem. it means in the next three years it will double in size.
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they are in a battle now. the thing that's bad about technology which retail might very will be in eventually it is happening a lot faster than the past. my fear that inequality gets worse and then the whole thing gets rode by bazaar permits and taxes. especially with what they just said there about making sure that they have good training program. this is for you. i think in light of what's going on here. we look at our regulatory codes to make sure that they can do as much as possible.
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it's small entrepreneurs. you've retailers that are popping up everywhere. i think soft goods are dead. that is going online. you can order a 2,600-dollar commercial refrigerator via amazon. i think groceries are safe. but to jessica's point how many years and do i do think until the government comes in and tries to break up amazon because they are a monopoly. that will kill all of our efficiency here. it'll be like they did to at&t years ago. i think it is right for disruption though. all of our lives are powered by amazon. i think we are seeing more and more turning into experience. i think there are a lot of opportunities for small business owners. they would never otherwise head.
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predictions. nasa has finally admitted that they can't afford to put humans on mars. that means more humans here. home depot. my prediction is tomorrow i think roger fetter wins his 19th major. apple is up 15% in the year. a man got stuck in an atm machine i would say he
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couldn't get out because bank of america is one of the best for getting it there. the man is not stuck stock is. if only jarvis was stuck in the atm. if republicans are leaving taxes in our those across are those across the board tax cuts out. think about it we are on it. with candidate and ben stein. along with gary. and look at who is here. all right kennedy, you're the one who has pointed it out. they are buckling on getting some of the things out.


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