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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  July 17, 2017 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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by the way looking 4:00 p.m. eastern time latest on future of health care on "your world." john thune trying to get something done. democratic senator joe manchin wants to work with these guys if they will let him. the trish? trish: thanks, neil. health care is front and center on everyone's agenda. looks like it is hanging on a by a mere thread. the vote to replace and repeal obamacare is waiting on senator john mccain as surgery. the fate of the bill is looking rather grim at this hour as republican senators rand paul and susan collins say they're voting no. is health care reform a lost cause? by the way, what does this tell us about tax reform or anything else that the president is trying to get done. we're asking texas congressman brian babin. white house press secretary sean spicer will hold an off-camara
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news briefing any minute from now where we expect he is going to field questions on health care, tax reform and of course you can bet russia. all of this as the white house getting ready to make its made in america campaign start to sing. so will this help the president's pro-growth agenda? will it get back on track? we're talking to the ceo of cke or former ceo of kke restaurants andy puzder. i want to go to our own adam shapiro for the latest on health care. we know senator mccain getting surgery in arizona, his absence is delaying this vote but is there any eta, adam, at this point when they might take it given it is looking dicey whether they got the amount they need? reporter: dicey but not out of the ballpark, trish. there is no eta on a potential vote. we do expect we could see the cbo score as early as tomorrow. the question do they have enough
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votes even if senator mccain is able to return in a week or two weeks is still up in the air. we know there is an intense lobbying effort but this buys republican leadership, for a time, lack of a better term, convince or coerce 10 holdouts they should vote yes. collins and pal will vote no. others still up in the air. this is what john barrasso, republican leadership had to say about it on "fox & friends." >> we believe there is and your again sy to get it done. we'll certainly wait for senator mccain to come back. he is a fighter. he is tough. he will be back. i am sure ready to go. so we're continuing to work to get all 50 votes. the cbo will come out in a day or some they were rushed to try to get it back today. reporter: trish you should know there is an intense lobbying effort underway. for instance the president spoke with mike lee, the senator from utah, on saturday. mr. lee is one of the holdouts but he is in favor of the ted
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cruz freedom of choice, freedom amendment. he is concerned if the amendment is part of final legislation brought to the senate isn't what ted cruz intended. that has to be worked out. others are being lobbied. susan collins received a call from reince priebus but susan collins is still a no. as is rand paul. trish: as adam reported there are a whole lot of uncertainties for health care reform but white house is on track for tax reform? new reports that the white house will start pitching tax reform efforts next month. we're hearing the president him sell will barnstorm america working to get taxes lowered. we have conservative political commentator gina loudon and democratic strategist pablo enriquez. good to see you. gina, start with you, i said this to the viewers before i'm
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getting a little tired for this on health care front. in other words they were certainty there to do a job. primary part was repealing and replacing obamacare. versus swamp drainers. probably have to be a little compromise on both parts. trish: what does it mean for rand paul and susan collins then. are they going down as part of the swamp, pablo? >> they seem to be the most powerful people in this negotiation right now but still, as we've seen in the past, when people attack what is obamacare a lot of people getting inexpensive insurance,
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especially elderly people, it doesn't go well for them. at town halls it doesn't go well when they return to districts. susan collins, when she returned to maine, last recess, literally only topic constituents wanted to talk to her b obviously there are fixes that need to be made to obamacare but repeal and replacement conversation seems to be a lot more toxic and not really productive or proactive. trish: obamacare itself, let's face it, it is very toxic. that is one of the reasons democrats lost not just the white house but right across the board, whether you're talking about state offices, were you're talking senate, house, people were fed up with what was obamacare. so they want that change. they want it repealed. they want it repealed with something better there. is lot of pressure on republicans. go he had hear, pablo. >> you say people are in the necessarily don't want obamacare necessarily changed. want unpredictability of
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obamacare so flatten out. >> pablo, no? >> no? okay. trish: go ahead, gina. >> you have to consider, you have to consider who voted for american people actually voted for. repeal and replace is what squishy people in washington d.c., decided to do. trish: pablo, just to jump in here for a moment, so many insurers are pulling out of these markets. >> right. trish: they can't make it work financially. i hear you tweak this, tweak that. fundamentally you have a problem thousand, when the people providing insurance products say we don't want to be in this business. so you are increasingly making your way towards single-payer system.
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now those on left, many supported obamacare many would prefer to see a single-payer system but majority of americans do not want that. you're now in situation where you have to come up with something meaningful, something you can replace it with, and it will not look a whole lot like obamacare. >> right. i don't know changing it completely or completely wiping it out, makes for stability what people want paying out of their pocket. trish: turn to tax reform. that is a biggie. if you want to generate 3% growth as treasury secretary is promising you have to get tax reform done. this is something by the way should be a no brain, bipartisan, democrats, republicans should be able, gina, at least agree we need corporate tax reform. how is it fair, ireland the uk, canada, canada has lower corporate taxes than us? >> right. we have the highest. that is not exactly putting
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america first and something out with the linguistic of saying that it is tax reform instead of tax cuts. we need to educate the american public, trish, not be afraid to talk about actual tax cuts. trish: i like that. they're so darn afraid because they worried, pablo, that someone will say, oh, my goodness, this is tax cut for those that are wealthy. to which i would say it's a tax cut for those that are paying taxes, let's not forget. nearly half the country pays nothing in the way of federal income tax. >> i think that tax reform needs to be approached with a very sensitive message, like very sensitive to the messaging realities how the american people do talk about. i think you're absolutely right, trish.
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i guess, given, i know how much you love tax reform -- trish: tax cuts. >> tax cuts, sorry. given how, given how clumsy the trumpcare rollout has been you have like an a 46 team on this one. sean spicer and reince priebus are back. sean is back more in communications strategist role which is where he really thrives. dave cohn, steve mnuchin are thinking about this same time. we have situation where we get to the point with -- but there was no plan in pleas. trish: border tax reform issue. >> that was ugly. trish: it was ugly. the i think paul ryan is finally come around. there are folks there that may still not want to be on board and the train is leaching the station as far as i'm concerned about tax cuts. see you in a little bit. >> good to see you, trish. >> with his tax -- thoughts on
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tax cuts and health care reform, texas congressman brian babin. how concerned you are not going to get to the priority of tax cuts if you don't get health care reform through? >> that is exactly the way i feel. we've been talking about repealing and replacing obamacare for seven 1/2 years. you know, we've got to honor that promise. from there we have have to get on to tax cuts. this is a package that president trump, he campaigned on, he was elected on. we all campaigned on both of these issues. i'm a health care provider myself. three years ago obamacarry issue was -- failure is not an option. something senate needs to do. they must pass this thing, give it back to us. we're iron it out and put something on the president's desk that he will sign.
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and the more cuts, the more repeal of obamacare, absolute better this is what we promised. this is what we need to do. trish: okay, congressman, so what do you think of those that are in the way of this right now? what do you think of senator collins, what do you think of rand paul? do you view them as part of the swamp, as obstruction its right now? >> i can't say they're part of the swamp. i don't know about miss collins. she didn't vote for full repeal last time. i think every other republican senator did so. including senator paul. but i have talked with senator paul about this. i understand where he is coming from. he has a problem with it. he wants a lot more full repeal, and he wants to lower these premiums, which i do as well. however, when it comes to the lincoln logs as we say down in texas i think we're going to have to vote for a, for something that will do a partial repeal and replace. we have no alternative.
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i think this is something that we promised. we absolutely must deliver this. trish: but they're not the only two, right? mike lee in utah. you can start adding them up. senator shelby said on friday, yeah i'm voting for the but i don't like it. it is not perfect or what i want. do you think perfection is not an option, you just need to get something done? >> failure is not an option. that's what i said. trish: no, perfection. >> perfection, absolutely. trish: they want this to be right. the concern, congressman, if it is not right, and americans get upset with this new, i don't know what you will call it, trumpcare for lack of a better word, then they will hang that on you. they will hang that on any law make they're pushed it through. so you will run a political risk. so from that standpoint you can understand why they want it just right and for it to be perfect. but you don't have time.
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>> that is exactly right, trish. there is no question at all. i would like to see no taxes, no mandates. insurance regs gone. offer the american people what they want. freedom and the ability to choose what kind of health care policy they want to re-establish the doctor-patient relationship and tax cuts, i hope my republican colleagues in the senate remember, that tax cuts create jobs. lower taxes, less government is what the republicans always stood for. and retaining taxes, retaining these insurance regs and some of the rest of this obamacare, i think is going to keep premiums high, keep deductions, i mean deductibles up there too. so we have to remember that we have got to low are these premiums for the american people. give them what they want, freedom. trish: we will see whether or not this vote happens. thank you so much, congressman. >> you bet.
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trish: i would add to that. you know what? tax cuts do not need to be a political issue. he points out that the republicans have always stood for empowering the people here but i would only point out that jfk cut taxes too. this does not need to be partisan. we should see both sides come together for a very important step for our economy. speaking of the economy, the president participating in a made in america showcase at the white house just about 30 minutes from now where he will emphasize how critical it is to roll back some onerous regulations that make it difficult for american businesses to produce their products right here in the usa it is all part of the america first promise he is offering up. former ceo andy puzder who worked with the white house. he is here. he will tell us why this reform is so critical to our economy and to american business. andy's next.
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that's how you outmaneuver. trish: all right. new narrative coming out of the white house today as they try and shift away from the whole russia ordeal and they're moving towards an economic issue, made in america week begins today. coming up at top of the hour the president well host a product showcase featuring products from all 50 states. this week donald trump will issue a proclamation and travel to virginia to commission a new aircraft carrier. the effort becomes as the media remains obsessed of a meeting that transpired between don, jr., and a russian attorney. the president's lawyer says nothing illegal happened. watch. >> nothing, in that meeting would have taken place even about the topic of opposition research paper from russian lawyer is illegal or violation of the law.
2:19 pm
by the way i am not only lawyer, you know this, chris, most lawyers, many, i would say vast majority of the lawyers that you you have interviewed and others interviewed on your network and other networks acknowledged the meeting itself and proposed discussions would not have been a violation of the law. trish: that is not what you hear from the mainstream media or the left these days. i want to go to blake burman who has more from the white house. hi, blake. reporter: hi, there, trish, white house on this day, rest of the book really is focusing on a made in america theme. there will be similar themes over the upcoming next two weeks. in fact in about an hour from now president trump will partake in an event on the south lawn with products made in america, 49 of the 50 states represented. and then later in the week on wednesday he is expected to sign a proclamation as well. this sort of builds off the manufacturing push that has been part of the president's domestic agenda. you probably remember the president signing an executive
2:20 pm
order, buy american, hire american, back in april. >> america first you better believe it. [cheers and applause] it is time, right? it is time. reporter: however critics say the president and his phamly should adhere to that very made in america theme. the white house would not say yesterday whether the trump organization or ivanka trump would commit to more products being made here in the united states. in fact the democratic national committee sent out a statement a little while ago calling this made in america week, quote, the epitome of president trump's hypocrisy. trish, back to you. trish: thanks so much. blake burman for more on made in america week, i want to go to ceo, former ceo i should say of cke restaurants, andy puzder. >> welcome, trish. trish: made in america, talk to me about why you see this, and why the president sees this as so important. in some ways it should be
2:21 pm
obvious but often times it is cheaper to make somewhere else and you want people to do what is best for them, so how does it best for? >> what we need to make it more desirable, easier for companies to manufacture goods in the united states. director mulvaney, omb director mulvaney had a "wall street journal" op-ed on make america great economics in "the wall street journal" last week that talked about health care reform, tax reform, regulatory rollback, welfare reform. smart trade policies, smart immigration policy, infrastructure spending. all the things that the president wants to do which are aimed at generating 3% economic growth. the more we can do to bring manufacturing back to the united states, the more we can make it desirable to do business here, which is something we've exactly the opposite of for the prior eight years under president obama -- trish: tell me about it.
2:22 pm
>> if we make it more desirable to make things here, you will see the economy grow. you will see jobs get created. you will see income inequality reduced and really put the lie to everything progressives last eight years that should work and didn't work. we'll see what president trump does work and see that 3% growth. trish: andy, what i like what you're saying here, we need to create a an environment that makes businesses want to be here. you can't say to a business, i only point this out, you saw statement from the dne saying this is total hypocrisy. the fact that donald trump run licensing businesses and his daughter, for example, that they're not making their products in the united states right now. so how dare they tell people we should be making products in the u.s. what the dne missing in there is important knew once. we have not as a country created an environment where anybody wants to do business here.
2:23 pm
when i pointed out earlier that canada has lowest corporate tax rates and we have highest all-in the world. andy i imagine you feel very strongly this has to change but how do you change isn't. >> first of all congress has to start doing its job. we have a very, very good bill in the senate right now, a very good health care bill that wipes out the mandates, wipes out the government coercion under obamacare, gets rid of individual mandate and employer mandate and replaces those mandates with consumer choice. it gives consumers money. it makes plans that they want to buy available to them. it sets up health savings accounts so they can use money pretax to pay for non-covered expenses. it puts competition back in the system. people that say this doesn't repeal obamacare are wrong. this is a very good bill. we need to get it passed. we need to focus on tax reform. if republicans can't reform the tax code, why did we elect them in the first place? the president wants it reformed. we know the house wants it
2:24 pm
reformed. we have to see if the senate can move. we need to move on these issues. republicans have to get control of the agenda to move it forward or we'll have huge, huge problems. as far as making goods in the united states, if you're in business, if you're competing with somebody, you have to use the lowest priced commodities that you can find or your competitor will underprice you to put you out of business. we have to implement these policies like director mulvaney said. we have to get 3% growth. we can do that by implementing these policies which lower cost of making goods in the united states and make america competitive f we do that we'll see great prosperity and we'll see real growth and we'll show you what conservative economic policies can do that progressive economic policies never could and didn't do under president obama. trish: andy, i will tell you if it doesn't happen, there there e h-e-l-l to pay because americans
2:25 pm
sent people to congress to specifically generate economic growth. if it doesn't happen i think you have real problems, so it is very important that all of these policies get through, as much as people want to be disdistracted by sideshows, there are plenty of them -- >> sideshows is right. trish: there is actual work to be done. >> we have president that will sign the bills. we have congressional leadership that wants to get it through. people out there not considering voting for these bills, get on board, your future is at stake, the country's future is at stake, prosperity of the american economy is at stake. stop screwing around with this. get the bills passed. >> couldn't have said it so well myself. andy, thank you very much. >> thanks, trish. trish: a top democrat is said this week it was problematic for the democrats to collude with ukraine. what about a political report that a dnc operative colluded with the ukrainian government to get information on donald trump? where is the outrage on that
2:26 pm
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trish: the mainstream media obsess is, absolutely, positive, obsessed with donald trump's meeting with a russian lawyer. i want to ask you about something. seems as though a very similar kind of thing happened with a ukrainian and the dnc. there is a political report and others indicating that a dnc operative colluded with the ukrainian government to dig up dirt on donald trump. even democratic congressman and ranking member of the house intelligence committee adam schiff is saying, yeah, this isn't good. this is problematic for his party. watch him here. >> wouldn't it have been acceptable for the democrat to accept help from the ukrainian government in this campaign? >> no, it would wouldn't be
2:30 pm
appropriate for the democratses to accept help from ukrainian government. if you accept all the facts of the article the scale of russians did not comparable to what they did in the article. >> this is problematic? >> it would be problematic to get any support from the foreign government. trish: that is the case, how come there are no investigations into that? why is there some kind of a double standard? let me go back to what alan dershowitz said, taking a meeting and getting information is not actually a criminal activity. joining me right now with his thoughts on all of it, former cia officer, radio host buck sexton. buck, good to see you. let's walk through what the dnc operative did. >> well the "politico" article ukrainian effort to sabotage trump, backfires. start with that. it goes into a dnc operative, someone with long-standing
2:31 pm
connections with the democratic party, over the course of the article in question, written back in january this, individual met with members about the ukrainian embassy, briefed, briefed was the term used in the piece, members of the press findings opposition research she was working working with ukrainn government officials, ukrainian journalists, ukrainian anybody that would talk to her, she was passing that information along to senior dnc officials and people affiliated with the hillary clinton campaign. this is out there for everyone to see and read. i take the position by the way there was nothing wrong with the trump, jr., meeting in terms of the legality of it. i don't think it was ethically a problem. i'm not sure this is ethically a problem either. it becomes a problem when one is okay, one is not. that's what we're seeing here. trish: i agree with you. i have taken that position as well. if you're just listening, getting information about your opponent by the way, quite possible you will get that information from wherever -- what you do with that
2:32 pm
information, that is different. if you actually ingauge in any kind of criminal activity or conspire with the russians, or the ukrainians, for criminal activity that is a whole other ballgame. but i think what is important what you're highlighting here is, that you know, you have got democrat schiff is saying you can't get any information from any foreign government, by the way, it looks like the democratic operative did exactly that. >> that is rejection of the world we live in where people have international connections and connectivity and email, cell phones. trish: you have friends overseas and it in fact in this particular case donald trump, jr.'s friend, ron goldstone was the one who flew the russian that was coming in. that was one link to the other and you can understand how in a connected environment you're not living in a little silo. >> i also think there is a lot
2:33 pm
of information we still don't know the extent how much information was gathered as a result of this ukrainian government effort detailed in this "politico" article refuted no one said this did not happen. there were concerns, the reason was reported there were concerns inside of the ukrainian government there could be backlash with this how many journalists met with this woman? how much information did they get from her? how much information reported on paul manafort who did have to step down as campaign chairman because of opposition research seems very detailed t was foreign in nature having to do with his contacts with the ukrainian political party and russian oligarchs and connectivity of those issues together. we don't know why the how deep this dnc-you ukrainian issue went. there are not multiple investigations and fib we investigation. you notice they're treated as very different issues. trish: indeed. i wonder why. buck sexton, thank you very much.
2:34 pm
to their credit, has a little bit something to do with the fact that she is not president, of course he is. none the less double standard you can tell. jane sanders, wife of failed presidential hopeful bernie sanders in the hot seat. she says it is because of sexism. that's next. ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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trish: market is pretty much trading this flat line today, just barely in positive territory right now. all this amid news that kkr is
2:38 pm
appointing two executives to succeed aging cofounders henry kravitz and george roberts. joseph bay and scott nuttle will take over day-to-day operations at kkr, sharing ceo and president roles. kravitz and roberts will remain co-ceo and co-chairman. 7 million venezuelans spot in opposition sponsored referendum today. it is all an effort to reject president nicolas maduro's plan to rewrite the opposition. gunmen fired at voters, killing an elderly women, killing four people. their experiment of socialism has not worked at venezuela. wife the senator bernie sanders speaking of socialism, calling amitigations of bank fraud against her sexist. she is telling "the boston globe" newspaper, quote, i find it incredibly sexist that basically he, the former trump campaign official making the allegations, is going after my husband by destroying
2:39 pm
my reputation and that's not okay. the investigation into whether mrs. sanders illegally obtain ad loan for the vermont college she ran which later closed after struggling to pay back creditors, is what is looked at. gina loud done and pablo enriquez are back with me. gina, the concern here she may have been basically fraudulent, saying oh, we have this much money of worth of donations coming in and we should be able to get this loan because we have recorded this much money coming in the door but if you don't have that money coming in the door, and you tell the bank you do, that's fraudulent. >> trish it doesn't take an economist to explain to mrs. sanders you don't take ad t
2:40 pm
perhaps senator sanders's office actually pressured the bank to kind of gloss over everything. and so, those two accusations are pretty serious accusations. resorting to the old muscle memory of the socialist left saying this is somehow sexist. this isn't sexist. this appears to be criminal. to just scream sexism at every single turn is exactly the reason president trump was elected because the american people are so tired of this sexist, racist on all issues. trish: i don't get it sexism, pablo, walk me through that one. how can you say, if you do something sketchy in terms of possibly fraudulently saying you have money coming in when you don't, if that is what you did, i don't think that is sexist to go after her for it? >> i feel like her rebuttal here really works at all. i will say this about jane sanders. in my experience i always found, i guess last year when the bernie sanders, or i guess two
2:41 pm
years ago when the bernie sanders campaign started to pick up steam she was essential in elevating women voices within the campaign, which i think as a lot of people have referred to them, sometimes i think bernie sanders supporters take offense to it, the term bernie bros came from the idea there were just like a lot of men sitting around a campfire deciding what they thought future of banking sector should be. i think jane sanders was certainly an ambassador to -- trish: i can tell you what the future would be, nothing, further, nada, when you go to socialism you don't have any banks to help you out. i don't buy this. you are saying she is advocate for women, the minute anybody turns spotlight on her she is not strong enough to woman and say what she did or didn't do? >> like i said she needs to address the specific concerns, maybe through her lawyer. i don't like this comment that she gave to the "boston globe." i think it confuses people and draws unnecessary attention to
2:42 pm
the situation. trish: that is what they do, gina. this is the line, right? sexism that hillary clinton is not the president of the united states right now? >> yeah. it is, if this is sexist witch-hunt as she wants to paint it, i guess that means the obama administration are sexist because they are the ones that launched investigation in the first place, trish. it also means that hillary used this in their own campaign. mails to try to take the bernie sanders campaign down. so a lot sexism to throw around. >> to gina's point, very true. that is the crux of where the whole sexist complaint, it did come from obviously the hilly opo shop. trish: wow. shows you what opposition research can do. thank you very much. markets are pretty much flat today, hugging the flat line as we wait for big earnings this week. all of this as proctor & gamble becomes the company, the biggest company, ever, to face a proxy
2:43 pm
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trish: many u.s. workers are still not saving enough for reenvironment. but now employers working on a fix. companies from microsoft, host hotels resorts are boosting contributions to the workers 401(k) plans. gerri willis has more. >> hi, that's right. the numbers, they're really impressive. consider this, trish. the average company contribution to 401(k)s rose to estimated 4.7% of employee salaries in sift is sift. that is up from -- 2016. that is up from 3.9% in 2015. it was highest percentage and biggest year to year jump in a decade that comes from vanguard group which runs 1900 retirement
2:47 pm
work place savings plans. the big question, why are they doing this? they were moving away from benefit plans to 401(k) was saving money in the first place. this is a move in the opposite direction. according to "wall street journal" boosting retention of thes about employees, that's what they say and helping boomers who might not have enough money saved for retirement to retire on time. employees don't have act quad savings stay in share jobs longer and add to overall health costs. even small changes make a big difference. according to vanguard a 25-year-old who starts saving for retirement making say 40,000 bucks a year and contributing maximum by their employer would have 297,710 by age 65. if the employer contributes at 3% and 595,423 at retirement were the the employer match rate
2:48 pm
at 6%. average total many employee and company contribution to work place savings plans among workers participating hasn't moved, above 11% of salaries at least for a decade. retirement advisors, what do they want to see? 15%. trish, before i go, one detail i found in further researching this topic for you. smaller companies give bigger matches. 5.6% for workers in companies with 1 to 49 workers. only 4.0 if the company has more than 5000 workers, trish. trish: neat. thanks so much. gerri willis. we'll be back, everyone, with a look at these markets as we look at them trading pretty flat today. everybody is on edge, wondering what will happen with health care? what is is the ripple effect of that? we have expert advisors here right for you hire right after this.
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liberty mutual insurance. trish: we got stocks trading plat as investors look ahead to big earnings this week. microsoft, johnson & johnson, netflix, ibmreporting earnings this week all come as proctor & gamble is being targeted in largest ever proxy fight as trian fund is pushing for board seat for executive nelson peltz. what does that tell but the market overall? anthony chen chief market strategist for chase and our own nicole petallides. you think it is exciting and think it is kind of good. >> this is exciting. a company with price earnings ratio of 24 1/2. look year-to-date performance up 4.4%, and s&p 500 up 10%. it was virtually underperformed. you see that in organic sales and equity market performance.
2:53 pm
that tells me a little bit of a shake up will not hurt. trish: just a a reminder you knw this company. gillette, crest toothpaste and dawn dish walking detergent. they use a lot of things we use every day. nelson thinks he wan goose it up a bit more, make it more profitable. to anthony's point that is perhaps something maybe good for the overall market. it suggests that there are other opportunities where you can get more out of companies, companies in many companies trading at already at high multiples. what are you hearing down on the floor, nicole. >> he is saying what value he can bring to the board. we know for a fact that his point that the company is underperform something absolutely correct. in fact offer the last 10 years, proctor & gamble has not performed as well as s&p 500. against its peer group in consumer staples over all. underperformed that group.
2:54 pm
hess point we need a fame changing attitude, his words, not mind, he wants to get on to this board. proctor & gamble says look we cut our costs by $10 billion, and trian hasn't provided any new great ideas. they're really fighting this one. but he says basically they need to unleash shareholder value and fast. trish: nicole, he has a history of success. walk us through, who nelson peltz is and why, when you're proctor & gamble and you hear that he wants in on your company, you're taking that phone call? >> listen, he is the kind of guy who gets in and has had trian funds a very long time. he has been involved in other proxy fights and he really has a positive attitude on this one. he worked for dupont for a while. the idea he wants to come on board and make changes. he does not want to replace the ceo. he does not want to rye move somebody from the board. in fact he wants to add one more seat. he wants to put his voice in this.
2:55 pm
he has 37 million shares, 1.5% of the company. and he wants to to be a participating shareholder, not a big bossy activist investor. trish: let's talk about-off all market. anthony making a point this company is trading at 24 times earnings. s&p trading what? >> 17 forward earnings. trish: 18 times earnings, so this is a good sign. what it tells you potentially, is that there is more room in this overall market? in other words all these companies have the opportunity to become more profitable perhaps if there is right policies in place to make them? >> absolutely. if you see some of its pierce as nicole correctly pointed out, unilever organic growth is over 6%. proctor & gamble is a little over 2%. so there is a huge disparity there. great opportunity for improvement. when nelson peltz has proposed basically come in there and just try to energize and make it a lot more efficient. >> spin off some of the businesses as well, trish.
2:56 pm
he want to possibly get rid of some of the other businesses. maybe the beauty business or the over-the-counter business. some analysts speculating maybe they do a deal with johnson & johnson and switch up. there won't even be money involved with types of businesses. there are ideas being thrown around but i will tell you proctor & gamble right now after five months of anything shuns still does not want nelson peltz on the board. trish: you know, who wants an activist, right? nobody wants them. but i got to tell you, little shoutout for bounty products. my mother was visiting this weekend. she looked at my paper towels, i'm so glad you, don't you love bounty. a lot of products they know very well. that is of value obviously the brand knowledge for each of their products. thanks so much. good to have you here. taking a quick break. i will be right back.
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we need to do more. creating their products. lower taxes. we are moments away he is showcasing a whole bunch of products that were all made right here in america from every single state across the nation. the is coming up and across the nation. see meck who remembers that commercial made in the usa. liz: we are going to talk about what is about to happen at the white house. he is ready to officially kick off made in america week. the weekend that brought the new revelation. also included a former red army operative. made in america it seems like a perfect team.


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