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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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customer base by 5 million users. the stock popping more than 10% after hours. gerri willis is next with "making money." gerri: the healthcare scramble is on. the republicans push to pass a healthcare law facing a new setback. health issues foresenator john mccain delay a vote on it this week. >> i can tell you we hope john mccain gets better very soon because we miss him. he's a crusty voice in washington. plus we need his vote. and he will be back. he will be back sooner than somebody else would be back.
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but we need that vote because we need to repeal obamacare and we'll end up replacing it. gerri: how many delays can the republican party afford? you have been a leader on this issue. you are the spokesman for the party in so many ways. you are actually a doctor so you know what you are talking about. this issue with john mccain. they are talking about it might take a week for him to get back. he can't fly. he may have to drive. >> john mccain is a vital part of this. as president trump said he's a crusty voice, he's also a courageous voice. we need 50 votes.
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we need john mccain here for that vote. we were prepared to vote this week. there is an urgency to passing this healthcare law. and there will be another rate shock. gerri: do you think you will be able to keep people on board and add other votes? >> the members of the senate republican conference realize the status quo is not sustainable. the costs continue to go up. the choices are down. we want to eliminate the taxes that raise the costs. we are focused on lowering the cost of healthcare. that's where the so-called affordable care act misled the american people. rates will come down by 30% in
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the next couple of years. gerri: i want you to hear something vice president joe biden had to say. he said let's make the commitment that american healthcare is a right for all, not a privilege for the wealthy. is healthcare a right? >> people have a right to access to care. that's what i focused on being a doctor. but what the democrats are focusing on is a government-run program, single payer which leads to rationing, long lines. it's why people from those countries come to the united states for care. i operate on canadians who come to the united states to have an operation because they couldn't afford to wait for the free operation in canada. so there is a significant cost
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to what joe biden is recommending, a single payer government-run program. gerri: i want to switch to tax reform. it's what the white house is focusing on. the trump administration planning a coordinated effort on healthcare. what do you have to say about that, the move to tax reform? >> tax reform is very important in terms of a growing, strong, healthy economy. we have a simplified system and we need a lower tax rate. republicans are committed to doing that and we are looking forward to working with the administration to get it done. gerri: let's look into more on the perspective of the timeline of the gop agenda. joining me, ford o'connell, gayle trotter and dr. dennis
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durrell. ford, i want to start with you because you are so familiar with john mccain having worked with him and for him. do you expect him to be back sooner than expected? there are people out there saying it may take weeks. ford: it may take weeks but john mccain will make it back because he believes obamacare should be repealed. given we have two public nos in collins and rand paul, it shows how shaky this vote is. this is being done through budget reconciliation. if they don't sign it into law before september 1. you can only pass legislation through budget reconciliation
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once in a year. the other budget reconciliation has to be passed with tax reform. gerri: we talked about how hard they have been working towards this goal. reince priebus is calling susan collins. every time there seems to be a building coalition, people bring forward new ideas, is it possible to come together on healthcare? >> yes, they should. ford is right. long-term strategy must be to completely repeal and replace obamacare. but we need to move towards anything that takes it away from government-run healthcare. if we can get that done through
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budget reconciliation by the end of september, we'll be able to jewels you have the economy and relieve the american taxpayer of the 7 billion hours and $250 million americans spend on tax reporting compliance. gerri: there is amazing how much is to be done. i was asking about vice president biden's comments about healthcare being a right. a lot of voting americans say that's a right. can they afford it as part of the government. costs are astronomical. are people even thinking about that? >> healthcare is not an enumerated right, and it's not a privilege, it's just the right thing to do. and i think we moved to that in america.
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but with this bill we have great ways to bring down costs. if we move in this direction we'll be able to bring in more value-based models. if i told you there was a bill that 7 years later was going to have 29 million people uninsured and medicaid would be cut by 10% and premiums would be up over 20% that's the affordable care act. gerri: ford, what do you say to this bide tn comment? is healthcare a right? ford: democrats wants you to think it's a right. but in the marketplace you have choice and the ability to protect yourself and your family. every time republicans do something, they are screaming death. can we afford this? the point is obamacare
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bastardized medicaid expansion which was meant for widowed and disabled womb men, women and children. i don't know how we'll reform and modernize medicaid and medicare and social security. the republicans have to recognize what is the stake here. doing nothing is not an option. gerri: medicaid expansion is a real point of expansion. republicans never made it a secret they don't like the expansion of medicaid. they expanded it to populations that are not in poverty. it was meant for people in poverty. taking away this coverage. even though it doesn't work, it's expensive, you have no options. it's still something people are
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getting upset about. >> when congress passed the medicaid act they were trying to help poor women, the disabled and i a impoverished. no one should be discussing this without take into account the changes made under obamacare to the medicaid problem have made care worse for the people medicaid was intended to help. gerri: that's the point you were just making. one thing we can't seem to keep focused on is how is it work so far and the answer is not so great. >> there are 3 million americans who can't get medicaid or subsidized insurance because of
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flaws in the affordable care act. 50% of the time medicaid patient couldn't get an appointment and 70% of the time they weren't in a timely manner. this bill will move them to private subsidized so they get the care they need. gerri: i wish the government was held to the same standard as doctors. first, do no harm. the white house kick off made in america we'll with a product show cased on the south lawn. why keeping jobs in the u.s. is so important. stay with us. you totaled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™,
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gerri: the white house dubbing this week as made in america week, stressing the importance of keeping companies and manufacturing right here in the u.s.a. it's so great to have you here, shane. congratulations on your success. i understand your company is a fifth generation family-owned company. man, that just doesn't happen anymore. in business for 110 years. tell our audience why did you guys decide to stay in this country because you could probably do things cheaper elsewhere. >> thank you for having me first. we chose to stay in the u.s. because as you said we are a fifth generation family-owned company. we have been manufacturing in
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before on, oregon for 110 years. we could go overseas and probably bring our cost down. but we built our reputation on product quality. it's important to us that when someone buys a leupold, it's the best they can buy. gerri: you don't move from beaver on because there is a lot of regulation and taxes. >> we stay there because we have always been in portland, oregon. we are a flame-owned company and we are a family of employees. we have 700 employees. if we picked up and moved it would disrupt a lot of lives. gerri: you are making scopes for rifles and other products that are super cool.
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what was it like being at the white house. all 50 state were represented by some kind of made in america manufacturer. was it a kumbaya moment that you get to talk to trump directly? >> we did get to talk to the president and vice president as well as senior staff and members of congress. it was a fantastic experience. it was nice to have like-minded companies that share the same passion for this country there to collaborate and insure the future of usa-made product for the future. it was a spectacular event. gerri: critics say donald trump and rahn's businesses they buy things overseas. they say he talks about made in america but his own company buys product in other countries.
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do you agree with that or do you think there is an explanation? >> i probably don't know about that to answer. i do know what's made in the u.s. in our company. i appreciated the white house's focus on american-made manufacturing and products. gerri: you have got 700 employees. you are not a small company. are you going to continue to expand and are you excited about tax cuts and maybe some changes in obamacare? what are you focused on in the future. >> we are focusing on putting out the best performance optics in the world. that will continue to drive growth for us. if we don't have as many regulatory head wind that will be a bonus. but we are going to focus on what we do best, putting out the
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best ports optics in the world. thanks for coming on the show. great to meet you. as president trump pushes his made in america week. we'll talk to those blasting him for putting america second. you will hear it coming up. we're on to you, diabetes. time's up, insufficient prenatal care. and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered. same goes for you, budget overruns. and rising costs, wipe that smile off your face. we're coming for you, too. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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gerri: the department of homeland security is providing additional h2b visas forestries who rely on temporary summer workers. people are accusing trump of hypocrisy.
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will these additional visas help or hurt american workers? back to you, ford, first. i have been looking at this in detail it's kind of confounding. why are we adding more people in this category. thin found out why. the congress failed to reauthorize an exemption that removes foreign workers from the visa cap of 66,000. congress is late to the party, they don't do water in supposed to do. and who suffered? a lot of these employers who need these workers. ford: i do think congress is at fault. over the past 30-40 years, our immigration system has been
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bastardized to the detriment of the american worker. we need to be looking at this. we need a merit-based immigration system like we had in the early 1950s. people's eyes glaze over when we talk about these visa. there is an entire alphabet soup of visas hat need to be modernized. we need to think how to buy american and hire american. gerri: i hope people's eyes aren't glazing over now. alex, do you agree with ford? should we stop these special programs and just focus on american jobs, forget h2b visas and alphabet soup of special visas? >> the alphabet visas are a map
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it's super complicated. it's difficult to come to this country legally to work. i think the answer to this is not to get rid of these visas or stop people from coming in, but to create categories to allow broad, large categories of people to come in, work legally in the youth, pay taxes and go home when they are done. in the early 1950s, the bacerra program aloud temporary immigrants to come in and work in united states and go home. one of the big results of that was it decreased the number of illegal immigrants by 95% over the course of two years in the early 1950s. gerri: cape cod, the folks up there.
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they have a tourism business and they are getting hammered because they don't have the workers they need to do business. they are missing about 1,000 of their 15,000 workforce. so, ford, what do you think? the guy running the restaurant down the street who doesn't have enough people to wait tables, or the person who runs the hotel business who can't find enough people to clean the rooms. ford: when we do this, we need to sun set this and force congress to overhaul our visa and immigration system such that it actually benefits the american worker and simultaneously benefits american companies without being a drag on the social security net. it winds up hurting all americans. we have to be putting the american worker first.
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gerri: but also have to think about the small employers who have been hammered the last 8 years. if it wasn't obamacare. regulations, they have really had a tough time. we just had a guest on moments ago, an american-based manufacturer who find himself, the regulatory burden is out of control. what do you think? >> i think what we need is a free market to let american businesses and american workers decide who they want to work with to determine which policy is going to help workers. only the market is going to be able to figure that out. and we don't need government in maine or elsewhere telling small businesses who they can and cannot hire. gerri: new details on donald
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trump, jr.'s controversial meeting with a russian lawyer. was it politics as usual or was it something more? we'll talk about it coming up.
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gerri: breaking news, dow jones report sears holdings and its ceo are being sued for allegedly encouraging 401(k) parparticipants to company
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stocks, suit was filed friday in illinois. we will keep you posted on developments. some important news for sears shareholders. >> but now president trump defending his son donald trump jr. again in the overwhelming backlash over his meeting with a russian lawyer last year, president trump tweeting -- so was this meeting politics or did trump jr. go to far? here to discuss. jillian melche melcher, and washington examiner white house correspondent sarah westwood. jillian you are with me. is this a real problem? does this have traction? you would think from reaction
6:33 pm
from the left it would be the end of western civilization, it is important? >> i think it is ethically, he should have gone to the fbi with the information, what sip resting about this, if it was collusion it was incompetent collusion. the lawyer he was meeting with was lobbying him about russian sanctions. very unusual, campaign would send don jr. gerri: i can't imagine the last time a politician did something classy. call me crazy. this is a legal issue or maybe we should not have done that? so many say, not a real legal issue? >> well, as a political consultant, who has done races for 30 years, this is nothing
6:34 pm
new. intelligence comes at you all of the time, from all sorts of places, i must confess this appearance does not look that hot. but it is not collusion, thi this is illusion. what is important to look on other side, a woman named chalupa did the same thing in marketing dirt on the trump from the ukrainian ambassador almost to the ucrannia ukrainian president, for the very same reason, is this wrong? this is politics. unfortunately the appearance does not look hot. gerri: i love that, not collusion, it is illusion. an abc news poll out, shows that you know what donald trump jr. did was not appropriate according to americans, 63% say it was inappropriate, 26%
6:35 pm
appropriate, no opinion 11%. do you think the folks have it right? >> i think there is no way to spin the meeting as anything but a problem for the administration. best thing that white house is do at-this-point is stop talking about it, move on. donald trump jr., made a mistake, i think that administration maybe with the exception of the president admitted it was not the best choice. even jr. said more or less the same, this is going to come back and haunt them when donald trump jr. is called for congress to testify. and other folks like kushner. there could be i period, they could put distance between themselves, but it will bite them at some point. gerri: jillian, you think. you know are we you know g.o.p. said, this is not an issue. this is not real issue. is this something that the
6:36 pm
democrats, left is latching on to, because this is part of the russia narrative? what do you make of that? or does it really have traction? >> there is no question that russia was trying to destabilize our democracy through the election. they have been effective at it. i think. but i like the left's moral clarity on russia it would have been welcome over the last 8 years. gerri: oh, i love that. thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: panel great job. >> appreciate your time. >> major averages ending the day mixed. netflix, you should see the numbers off the charts, we'll have all the details coming up.
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whether it's at your house, or your business, we help keep you safe. so you can have those moments that make you feel at home. ♪you are loved wherever you are. gerri: general motors extending shut town of michigan plant where it builts the volt car.
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to curb invaded inventories that hit a 10 year high in: june. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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gerri: breaking news, white house official passing this list of senators attending dinner at the white house tonight. we'll follow that, if we get more news we'll tell you about it. >> major averages, talking about that stop. mostly flat today with nasdaq eking out a slight gain, the big story has netflix, shares are soaring on revenue beat, joining me now to talk about this, dr barton. great to have you here, these were blowout numbers, number of sign ups for services, to 5 million just you know blowing
6:41 pm
out expectations. what does this mean for the stock long-term? jump on an earnings report, do well in the last quarter, give guidance up on earnings plus 9% on revenue and 100 million on new subscribers expected for q-3, they said would jump almost 500,000 more than analysts were expecting. i think your question is great. if they can hit their numbers, not exceed them. it will be another blowout quarter. gerri: i think they have more insight to that than we do. an amazing quarter. providing content, new cash cow for the american economy. moving to sears lawsuit. they are -- it is said that
6:42 pm
sears in a lawsuit was trying to promote the stock, among workers, people with the 401(k). >> let me say two things in way of caveat, i am not a lawyer. and i hav have not gotten to read the w to remain an option in their 401(k). now, to company's credit they took that stock out at the end previous three years. gerri: interesting, okay. interesting to see what
6:43 pm
happens with that lawsuit. following up on a story about procter & gamble. so many years in ohio we called it procter and god they were so important to local economy ther there. you think of activists investor going after smaller companies to have a bigger impact, going after procter & gamble does that mean there ist? >> well, that is a possibility, i will tell you his last couple of targets, i interviewed with procter & gamble. he is going after old school big asset companies with a lot of bureaucracy, trying to find places for them to trim down that old school that old school company size, p&g is a
6:44 pm
1 87-year-old company, i don't think there are any schooled companies that are safe. gerri: they already have done a lot of cutting. they have cut many brands, i don't know. what would you tell procter & gamble investors should the they -- hold, buy, sell. >> very easy when a an activist investor gets a hole of the company, hang on to ta stock do, no trim down the stock, the -- trim down the company, and stock going up in the future is pretty good chance. >> thank you. >> thank you. gerri: all right.
6:45 pm
tell us what you really think jamie -- jamie dimon, he broke out who a pant on dc gridlock last week, the fallout is just beginning, more details coming up. i'm the one clocking in... when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. there. i can even warm these to help you fall asleep faster. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. (baby crying) (slow jazz music) ♪ fly me to the moon
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gerri: connecticut senator chris mrfing firing off this 28tweet. vice president pence fired back tweeting this -- >> a lots of arguing over twitter these days. moving on, switching gear,
6:49 pm
jpmorgan chase ceo jamie dimon railing against washington. saying it is almost embarrassing bees a embarrassing being an american overseas. the rant may have prevented the stock from hitting a new high. joining me now again, shelby. fascinating to see a ceo go off like this. do you really think it driving the stock down? >> i don't know if you can connection it to the stock price. one thing to hear thi this from a politician, but another from the ceo. some people in business community were glad he said
6:50 pm
this, this is a welcome warning sign, others call him unpatriotic, you can sense and hear his frustration with promises have been made, none action backing it up so far. i think that pessimism is not helpful for the stock price but it is realistic. gerri: i don't like being an american overseas, i am never embarrassed to say, i'm american in the room, i am married to a canadian. i say it a lot. what do you make of these comments, i think he is on the money talking about regulation, difficulty of doing business, laundry list of things he went through, i thought, amazing, what is wrong with this country. people in inner-city don't graduate high school, we have not built an airport in 20 years. >> i loved his epic rant. i would never be one to trash talk america abroad. i don't think that is what he
6:51 pm
is saying, he says every other country gets this, if you put too much regulation on business, you will stifle the economic growth. what i thought was interesting he self identifies as a democrat, i welcome democrats embracing a pro growth agenda. gerri: he is in position to know, head of a bank, he knows what makes business grow, he knows what grows his bottom line. i just have to get you to another topic. we have watched this stock market, today it is a little bit flat. but it has grown like top see, say when you will well tweeting and washington. looking at my 401(k) it is fantastic, yet i am reminded of day, paul krugman in op-ed wrote these words about we're probably he said, high i ohio
6:52 pm
is known for being -- he is known for being an economist, a global recession with no end in sights, that was his prediction when trump took office. >> just a little bit wrong. not even the fed chair agrees. does not seem like anything would agree with that statement. but, look at where we are with stock market, not the economy, the economy is not the stock market, overall they look up, despite the fact. we're not seeing great inflation or great wage growth we're seeing a strong healthy economy. gerri: more people have jobs these days, they are earning more money. stock market growing, people are getting richer in the 401(k). you know, the thing, this is what i don't think that left understands, when the stock market goes up, that helps regular americans, you know they have 401(k), they are invested in the market, every single day, this means more
6:53 pm
people will be able to retirement but you know people in the left thing oh, that is just wall street, just like really super rich people. >> you know, i think what we're seeing is market and the economy reacting to the uncertainty of trump. there is a sigh of relief with this. because this is not certainty in a negative direction. there are things to be concern about. trade is a big one. but even that, i think you see market willing to take risks, and general trend toward deregulation with some very oppressive environmental regulations, that is a stip in the right direction. >> i would add with tax reform, it might be fa a farther a long than we thought. gerri: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. gerri: looking again. at the tweet, dc tweet battle. connecticut senator chris murphy firing off this
6:54 pm
tweet -- vice president pence, just fired back tweeting this -- yes. we'll be right back.
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gerri: tensions with iran heating up, a chinese-american princeton graduate student was sentenced to 10 years. after being charged with espionage. this is same day that trudg trump administration is deciding to whether or not with nuclear deal.
6:58 pm
claire, i read comments from princeton university, defending this young man, talking about who he is, what he was doing in iran, what do you make? >> the timing of the announcement of his prison sentence it no accident. he is simply a researcher, his field is history from princeton university, this another example of iranian regime trying to push around the united states, and see how far it is go before we push back. gerri: sarah, two iranian national charged in hacking of a environmen vermont software company, this is coming together at the same time this feels like we're sort of harvesting result of 8 years of policy surrounding iran that possibly did not go as well as it could have. i don't think that what is going on now is positive, do you?
6:59 pm
>> no, absolutely not, i think that white house acknowledged that today saying that president trump continues to believe that this was a bad deal even though his administration has moved slower to roll it back than some of his supporters would like, it seems clear trump administration is not going to maintain the status quo with regard to iran the way thats obama administration did a series of concessions or appeasement. the trump administration is kind of walking a politically thin line today, they are to recertify the deal and maintain they believe that iran is violating at least the spirit of the agreement, they are continuing to review it i think that down the line we may see significant changes, it was very early in trump a presidency when the administration used tough rhetoric to say they are putting tehran on notice. gerri: i wish we had more time. this is fascinating. claire we'll have you back to talk more about it shocking story.
7:00 pm
great show, thank you so much for joining me, appreciate your time. so many good topic, lou dobbs is next right here on fox business. lou: good evening, left wing rats trying to run for exits, former obama national security adviser susan rice had been set to testify tomorrow before the house committee. but that is no longer occurring, not this week. susan rice, who had no problem publicly lying to the american people on sunday talk shows is suddenly unwilling to speak to house intelligence committee about the truth.


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