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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 19, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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gambit." tomorrow night tony sayegh, kimberly guilfoyle and melanie williams joining us. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight the president is til pushing healthcare. the gop may be moving to tax reform. where should they begin if they want to get this passed. scott martin has a roadmap. the left-wing media crossing or a secret trump-putin meeting. the problem is, it wasn't secret. o.j. simpson up for parole tomorrow after 9 years of being juiced behind bars. we'll talk to a former prison guard about his life in the slammer. i have a simple mess and for republican lawmakers.
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go big or go home. now with defeated troops and depleted political capital, it's turn for the gop to turn to the tack man and fly him the bird it's obvious republicans shouldn't have started with healthcare. but now their clown car has stalled and the on way to win on taxes is to pass reform like they want to help the country and they don't care if they get sent home in the mail. if lawmakers worked as hard on core issues, but instead we are left with double talk as they run home for recess with tails tucked. they talk a big game. reducing the tax brackets from 7 to 3 and simplifying the code. i out these cream puffs have the
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stomach to tackle the big winning issue in the manner required to make a dent. the problem is, politicians are addicted to spending and no one has the nards to do what is necessary and right. cut taxes and cut spending. put your helped down and pull the trigger. they have one shot to get this right and if they blow it they all deserve to be sent home with one-way tickets for putting the country on an express hand cart to hell. other than that, they are doing great. i'm kennedy. now that they have been humbled by the embarrassing loss on healthcare, how can the gop craft a tax reform bill that actually helps the nation. scott martin joins me now. he's also a fox news contributor.
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welcome back, scott. so let's talk about this a little bit. how much do we need a tax overhaul in this country? not just a few tax tweets. but actually a massive reform package the likes of which we haven't seen for 30 years. >> when he does 30 years solve the tax code, when you look at corporate america and the individual tax rates and the 1040s you fill out he year, it's ridiculously complicated and onerous to those who create wealth. when you look at the tax code on the whole. in the form of lowering tax rates and allowing people to go out and do what they do best which is work at their jobs. spend money and make more wealth and be rewarded for it for once. kennedy: i was on neil cavuto
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talking about how tax reform has been successful and it raises tax receipts. i was amazed that somehow the idea of being responsible steward with people's money and giving them their hard-earned money back is anti-american or anti-human. what i want you to do is prioritize it for me. what do we need most of. what do we need first? you can tell me about simplifying the code. making fewer bracket or bringing down that corporate tax rate. >> it's corporate tax rate. bringing count corporate tax rate. somewhere between 15% to 20%. another one is an easy one. it appears the democrats may not be in on this which is the repatriation thanks audit. all the money companies earned overseas.
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bringing it back to the 80s, you can have r & d stock buybacks. the democrats are saying it's not going to be revenue neutral. it will knock up the deficit much higher. kennedy: i can't stand the idea of revenue neutrality. that's just a way of transferring the tax burden from one hell to another. both parties are addicted to spending. it's not just statist democrats. it's also republicans because they won't touch military spending. it's okay if you look at the redundancies we have in our armed forces. it doesn't mean you love this country or support our troops any less. if we are responsible with how we manage the military, we'll support the men and women on the
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front lines in these god forsaken wars we are in. >> they are tough to talk about, but those are glaring need. it's a tough give and take. it reminds me of the deal meal crates. do you remember that phase that was going around? >> i'm sure he is watching. with that craze you had the wallet and moved the card around. so if you wanted to have the steak for dinner you had to have veggies and fruits for lunch. all government when we have seen this across the board is addicted to spending and they don't take care of waste, fraud and abuse. those are problems we still have with trump in the white house. kennedy: and we haven't even touched regulations. the gop clearly cannot afford another setback. they are months behind schedule
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on their agenda and obviously need a win. president trump coaxed senators to do something, anything object healthcare. >> we shouldn't leave town until this is complete, until this bill is object my decks and we all go over to the oval office, i'll sign it and we can celebrate for the american people. kennedy: keep in mind the 2018 mid-term elections will be here in the blink of an eye. how can they jump-start their agenda? let's bring in my vitamin-packed party panel. gillian turner. an associate editor at, and dolph ziggler. welcome back, everyone. i'll tart with you. as you can tell by the monologue. i'm disappointed lawmakers on
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both side. i think there have been some easy pays for them to k07 together and do some smart things and make good choices on healthcare. it seems like healthcare is dead. we'll talk to peter suderman about that in the show later on. >> it's dead in the water. where they should go is tax reform. that's the next big ticket item for the president and the gop caucus. but they are not doing that. president trump convened all the gop senators at the white house to see if they could pump one last breath into this and get some kind of a bill to the floor. kennedy: there is no life support. what i resent about it is the lying, the lie that repeal now
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and replace later. there is no reason to think in the next two years they will get their act together. >> let's talk -- i wanted to talk about blame in a second. but you have specific ideas on what republicans can do right now. one of the things we talked about on this show a lot is fda regulations and getting the government out of the way, and what are some of the things they can do if they can't pass a massive healthcare overhaul. >> we should want to lower the cost of healthcare. that will ease so many tensions if we can do that. if we had regulations and the fda being gone the rid of so we can have life-saving drugs hitting the market sooner. i would love to see them do tort reform. so you get the medical
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>> the president is trying to
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make what i see as a lame excuse. it's not a big enough majority to get anything done. we need a bigger majority. kennedy: when you fail at government people say you need more government. one of the biggest issues is the ongoing questions over the trump administration's alleged ties to russia. a deeper look at some of the allegations is warranted. but there is also a friel question as to whether the left media is going overboard. here is a little bit of example. the "new york times" went nuts with this quote-unquote scoop about a secret meeting president trump had with vladimir putin at the g20 summit. rachel maddow breath leslie explained what happened when folks at msnbc * saw the report.
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>> when this story popped that trump-putin held a second secret meeting. when this news koirm out. it caused an audible. kennedy: it was a dinner with the leaders and their wives where they are supposed to rub elbows and do kissing and petting. robbie, i think there is weird stuff happening with the don, jr. meeting. but look for something in everything is so counterproductive. >> it's not a nothing burger because they lied or exaggerated, not having any contact with russia whatsoever.
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but at end of the day, like the leader of the free world can talk to russia. that's not wrong or inappropriate. they have gone insane on this story. it shouldn't be a bad thing ideologically for leaders of different countries to work out their differences. kennedy: i love how it's being portrayed, this is the place where the collusion really happened at a dinner with world leaders at the g-20. >> i bought a prius and now i see them on the street. now i see them everywhere. >> no matter what, it would be so great if one time the president or his side said listen, we were get something deals. that's it.
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i don't know, i think we were kind of sitting by each other. everywhere they look it will be something. just acknowledge it once in a while. you can going to lose that middle base. kennedy: there are very few people left in the middle. >> this a middle. hey, man, he always says he's new at this. kennedy: that's the issue a communications problem. that's the issue with the don, jr. people. what are you trying to hide. if you are not being up front and truthful, here it makes me mad. this one where they weren't fighting anything and they don't have anything to hide. it doesn't mean everything is something. if i was advising the president in any today passity before this trip, i would have said you are under investigation by both chambers in the congress, the
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house and the senate and by the executive branch, the fbi. a lot of public scrutiny. when you go on this trip, we need to be 150% transparent about all your engagements not only with president putin or anyone who works or is associated with the russian government. we need to be careful about managing those engagements. there is no to the fly you meet with this person for 15 minutes. that is over. the fact that they failed to manage that appropriately is what's shocking to me. but the idea that something happened that wasn't on the schedule that was done ad hoc is so misguide and fraught with risk. kennedy: i think he can't help himself. i think he sees putin and sees a
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powerful and attractive man who rides lions. >> i think he even is -- i don't care what they say about this. kennedy: the party pant returns a little bit later. president trump certified to congress that iran is holding up their end. now iran is fighting back, promising to stand up to the united states. is the u.s. on a collision course with iran? i'll take it up with john bolton.
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kennedy: we'll stand up to the united states, that from the iranian president. he says his country is not afraid of the trump administration. trump issued new sanctions on iran for quote breaking the spirit of the nuclear deal.
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my next guest says it's time for the president to scrap the iran deal and put the safety of the american people first. i actually agree with you. >> shock, shock. kennedy: it's something i was most of intrigued by when the president talked by the on the campaign trail. he seemed to be sickened by the iran deal. dose have the power to do what you and i would like him to do? >> absolutely. what we have seen in this recent flap over certification and the one 90 days before that. the strength of the bureaucracy convincing some of his appointees there is in other option but to certify. by the time the next 90-day certification couples i think this deal may be headed to the
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ash heap of history. kennedy: it seems like the administration is trying to have it both ways. they certify the deal and say iran is being compliant. but at the same time violating the spirit of the deal. what does that seen in. >> i don't think it means anything actually. this is what happens when you see the bureaucracy digging in like this. let's take the argument that the united states would be violating its commitment. i think it's clear the iranians have been violating it. and it's clear we don't know nearly the extent of the violations. kennedy: you are right about that, and the international community does not have access to the kind of inspections i think based on what i read that would be required for compliance here. will we ever be in a position in
8:24 pm
order to inspect the facilities and the work going on in that country? john: the deal itself weakens the international atomic energy agency's ability to find out what's going on. if the president concludes this deal is bad for the american people, he should scrap it the same way george w. bush got us out of the 1972 anti-ballistic missile treaty so we could build a missile defense system and the international court treaty. if it's bad for the american people the president should withdraw from it. kennedy: there is a lot about this deal that still remains a mystery. and it's one of those things, and i'll talk about this later in the show that was crafted to be so complexity's actually more
8:25 pm
difficult to extricate ourselves from it. that is the hallmark of some of these obama legacy deals. john: that's exactly right. the deal is so favorable to iran that in fact that's one of the arguments that the state department and others used to day in it. we have already given them $150 billion and lifted the sanctions. what else is there to do. i think obama understood what he was doing and they set up an economic honey trap to induce them to come into it. then we elected donald trump which is why i still think we'll get out of it. kennedy: if you were secretary of state would you have been able to convince the president to 8 up on his first day in office? john: i don't think he needs convincing. i think we should have done
8:26 pm
exactly that. kennedy: thank you for your time. nine years after going to prison for orchestrating an armed robbery. o.j. simpson is going before a parole board tomorrow. how many people watched o.j. simpson's famous bronco chase in 1994? the answer after the break. hi.
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kennedy: before the break i asked how many people watched o.j. simpson's famous bronco chase? the answer is 95 mill had your eyeballs glued to the screen. what followed was one of the most of controversial criminal cases in american history. we all know o.j. was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. the juice was free for more than a decade playing golf and
8:31 pm
wearing weird acts. but then he was found guilty of a botched armed robbery of his own sports memorabilia. after 10 years behind bars, that's the minimum sentence for him. tomorrow he will find out if he will walk out sometime in october. joining me is a former prison guard. he says he spent time with the juice in prison for nearly 7 years. he's also the author of the book, "guarding the juice." so let's talk about this a little bit. you say that the fact that this is going to be a public hearing, we'll all be watching this tomorrow, you believe this put o.j. in a bad frame of mind. what does that mean?
8:32 pm
>> he got called up in front of administration and was told the media would be covering that parole hearing. that got him upset. he didn't want the drama. he knows the media hype about him is negative. he feels this administration is exploiting him. kennedy: are they doing it on purpose? >> i don't know if they are doing it on purpose, they are just doing it. i don't understand why. in 2013 there was no media hype. but there is media hype going on tomorrow. kennedy: people are wondering if the world's most of notorious criminal whom you believe to be guilty of double homicide, if he's going to roam the freely again. you say there are two prison board in nevada.
8:33 pm
the more liberal one is the one he saw last time around. this time he faces a more conservative but smaller group. what does that mean for o.j. in your estimation. >> the last time he saw the southern board which is more liberal. this time he's going before the northern board. so there are only 6 commissioners. it could turn into a draw which means he would have to wait until january for a hearing. kennedy: there will only be four people present at the parole hearing and they have to reach a unanimous decision to keep him in prison is it true if they deny parole now he will be kept behind bars for 1-3 years? >> if they deny parole they can give him a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5-year
8:34 pm
dump. o.j. deserves his parole. he went 9 years write-up free. kennedy: i hope he rots in hell. i hope he gets a case of shingles on his hand and face. i hope his soul rots from the inside out. what kind of prisoner was o.j. and do you miss him? >> o.j. simpson was a role model inmate. yeah, i miss the juice. i miss spending time with o.j. listening to his celebrity stories. we had some great juice moments. kennedy: all right, jeffrey. we'll see what happened. i would love to make a wager right now. i hope he's denied parole and he spends the rest of his miserable stupid life behind bars. jeffrey thank you so much for your time.
8:35 pm
>> thank you, miss kennedy. kennedy: chris christie has brand-new having quite a summer. he went to the beach july 4 weekend when no one else could because he closed the beaches. he got kurlsd out on talk radio where he was hosting. last night he took a trip to a mets game. >> a souvenir for chris christie. are you kidding me? how about that. you just noticed him. boy, are you hot. >> from the beach to the ballpark. >> the booing fans and snarky commentary. in a recent morning consult poll, chris christie is officially the least popular governor in the nation. so how does a man who went from being a speculated shoo-in for a
8:36 pm
presidential nominee fall so far from grace? the party panel is back. i don't feel bad for chris christie. democrats were saying he should be our president. he had a high approval rating. he has an 81% disapproval rating in new jersey. people literally called into his sports radio show to call him names. >> when he was around trump at the beginning and not too many people were, you saw him as an every man week kevin james on tv. okay. we can get that middle base people who aren't sure. now i liken it to the simpson's
8:37 pm
episode where mr. burns has a son and it ends up being rodney dangerfield. it kind of looks like chris christie. but he's trying to get approval of mr. burns and it turns out he doesn't have the what it takes. and at the end he disappears and goes away. kennedy: he caught the ball fair hands. he was sitting down. a little bit of a lefty. and he gave it to a kid after signing it. and the kid threw it back on the field. >> the american public can forgive so much. they can forgive for sex scandals and corruption. kennedy: they think that he threw people, a mom under the bus, and let her take the fall for it. he passed the bus to his staff and he's suffering the consequences. kennedy: he catches the ball at
8:38 pm
the mets game and they boo him mercilessly. >> he has been written out of the national conversation because of his bad blood between him and jared kushner. kennedy: look at today's headlines, meaner meaner. thank you for being here tonight. they have been trying for 7 years. but republicans still can't figure out how to repeal obama care. so why is obama's signature legislation such an issue? where to get in... where to get out. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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healthcare reform seems doomed. at a lunch today president trump pushed law makers to get a bill on his desk asap. >> i have pen in hand. i'm sitting in that office with pen in hand. you never had that before. for 7 years you had an easy route. we'll repeal, we'll replace and he's never going to sign sit. but i'm signing it. kennedy: the president went on
8:43 pm
to say they will be expanding health savings accounts. fighting the opioid epidemic and repealing the individual mandate. "reason" magazine peter suderman. >> remember in the princess bride when wesley dies and he's pronounced only mostly dead and proceeds to revive them? that is what trump is trying to do. he's trying to play miracle max. i'm not sure it many going to work. republicans have been talking about this for 7 1/2 years. and they still don't have a consensus on what to do in terms of a repeal and with to do in terms of a replace. that's why this project has all but collapsed at this point. ken requirement seems to have
8:44 pm
really collapsed yesterday. but there has been some resuscitation. is the next step tore mitch mcconnell who is as desperate for the win as the white house. is that to just vote on repeal? >> mitch mcconnell said monday night after he lost the votes of mike lee and jerry moran, the two senators who it over the line. he said his next plan was to have a repeal bill only. the problem is it wasn't a full repeal. kennedy: what if they left that in place, what would happen to premiums. >> then you ends up with an pins market meltdown. you end up with a market we saw in a number of states. and with no mandate and no subsidies. and those systems, the insurance markets collapsed typically
8:45 pm
going from 5% of the health insurance market in the state to less than 1%. premiums went up, insurers dropped out. it happened in washington state where you went from 19 insurers to zero. that bill was taken as a messaging test bill to see what they could get through reconciliation. there are procedural issues here. there is disagreement about whether republicans can repeal these regulations through the reconciliation process that they have to use, using a simple majority only republican votes in the senate. kennedy: just another example of why government and healthcare need to be nowhere in near each other. this enormous beast was found
8:46 pm
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kennedy: when your broom doesn't
8:50 pm
work anymore and you still need to sweep things under the rug. leave the evidence where it is and move the rug. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. massachusetts is lovely this time of year. so much so even pigs want to see it. just to be cliesh clear, i'm not talking about the guys on my staff. i'm talking about bruno. a 1,000 pound pig who escaped from a farm last week. he was tortured every day by his owners making him watch morning joe every day. he was like make me a ham sandwich, turn me into bacon. anything but a petulant rage about the president.
8:51 pm
if i had to guess i would say he wore a t-shirt in the pool. joe, too, but i was talking about bruno. topic number 2. first it was raining men. hallelujah. now it's raining sharks. a virginia beach woman says she came home to find a baby shark in her backyard. she has no idea how it got there. her first thought was it was a "sharknado." but she realized it couldn't be a "sharknado." she called animal control. they determined that the shark was dropped by a bird who carried it from the ocean a mile away. i don't know who i feel worse for the bird or the shark. can you imagine being the bird
8:52 pm
who catches the shark? none of his friends will ever believe him because he dropped it on the way home. the city of sacramento, california, west sacramento it announced it's about to get aautonomous self-driving buses. i think i speak for everyone when i say there is such a place as west sacramento, california? it technically falls on the other side of the county line sacramento is in. so they gave it the west designation. the new buses will take passengers to the most of exciting hotpots in sacramento including mcdonald's, walmart and the airport that allows people to escape sacramento before they dive boredom. i'm totally kidding, sacramento. you guys rock in a creed sort of way.
8:53 pm
that's a come clement to people who like creeds. today is national hot dog day. often called the kardashians of the food community. hot dogs are consumed by millions but no one really knows what they are made of. but we are all sure it isn't natural. the end. no, this afternoon cities will be dressing up their dogs with a wide variety of condiments and topping except for chicago which enforce a strict no ketchup rule for their dogs. so the heinz ketchup company came up with dog sauce. >> what if i told you chicago dog sauce is just ketchup. >> this is ketchup. >> i don't know if i can finish it now.
8:54 pm
>> i decided to follow their lead and created my own kennedy brand of ketchup. there is no tomatoes in it. but it's made from actual cats. i won't be eating it. but i love making it. totally kidding. clark made it. topic number 5. an amazing cosmic coincidence. there have been back to back to back, two back to back storm systems swirling the u.s. named done and hillary. i'm not making this up. remnants of don are currently in the caribbean while hillary is in the pacific. meteorologists say that while done is almost gone, hillary is gaining strength. as you may recall political analysts reported the exact same just before the election. if history is any indication
8:55 pm
that means hillary should soon fizz the into a tear-filled rainstorm. while dog completely destroys washington, d.c. so much hot wind. nascar is coming to fox business network. i'll tell you all about it race fans. day right here.
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kennedy: i love motorsports and that's why i'm so excited about what coming up in the show. the nascar truck series biggest race of the year and it takes place on the dirt tracks owned by racing legend tony stewart. the truck series is a stepping stone for future nascar stars and three of the past four winners are now full-time cup series drivers including karl larson it should be an intense race on the half mile dirt track and it's coming up on fbn in just minutes. thank you for watching the show tonight. follow me on twitter and instagram. email tomorrow night on the show, i
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have got buck sec sexton, kat tf and guy benson. >>dirt racing as kids, we grew up learning, watching and dreaming of one day victory covered in dust. it's in our blood. it's in my blood. it lives in our soul. when you travel down us route 118 past the vast fields of golden corn, there lies an american icon, eldora speedway. a


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