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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  July 20, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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>> i pray you are right that he knew this was part of the plan. lou: we have a great book to recommend, jim born fan i wrote "putin's gambit." kennedy: the president calls out attorney general jeff sessions and robert mueller. o.j. simpson granted parole after 9 years in the slammer. are celebrities the only answer for democrats in 2020? we'll look at the ridiculous field of potential candidates. a "new york times" interview with the president produced gobs of red meat. the president didn't hold back and deft interest viewers know
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how to tee him up. they posed questions to artfully maximize the impacts of the president's statements and he did not mince words. he felt betheired when the a.g. band out of the swamp temperature. sessions has a deadly allergy to civil liberties. and it's terrifying that he's head of the justice department. he wouldn't snow justice if it sat on his lap and said hi, i'm justice. but i can't help but fan the flames of discord between the two. i will gladly accept that
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resignation on behalf of the president. when the times asked if it was a red line for the president he said pretty much. >> i don't -- i sell a lot of condo units, and somebody from russia buys a condo, who knows. i don't make money from russia. bloomberg reports that special counsel mueller is look into trump's flame business transactions. who knows, but all sides get what they want. didetractors get to munch on his lack of decorum and it's chaotic business as usual.
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on to the next scandal. glad you are here, i'm kennedy. after the dust settles, who will come out on top? the president, attorney general or special counsel. let me bring in my doctor-approved party panel tonight. kat timpf, guy benson, and chris barron. welcome, everyone. so kat, i i will start with you. you think the president is being disloyal to jeff sessions calling him out in the "new york times." kat: yes, you don't throw your dirty laundry at a reporter at the "new york times." i can't imagine waking up to something like that and being jeff sessions. why would he do that?
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kennedy: i know he has offered his resignation in the past. kat: i'm no fan of jeff sessions. but i'm very confused by it. kennedy: you say it's unprofessional. guy: sessions isn't going anywhere. he said i'm the attorney general and the white house says the president has full confidence in the attorney general. he didn't say i wish i had never hired him equals full confidence. if the president slammed him his badly, why didn't he resign. sessions knows trump. kennedy: he was the first senator to endorse him and he knew he would get a number role in the administration. chris christie and rudy giuliani
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thought the same thing. and they didn't get anything. guy chris: trump is not a conventional president. he's not going to be conventional. he will do a lot of things that people used to conventional presidents are upset about. kat: every once in a while he slips off the common sense. chris: i understand why he's upset. at the end of the day if he had known sessions was going to recuse himself and open up this pandora's box. kennedy: do you think he asked him about russia? >> i don't know but he should have. considering how this turned into such a huge thing the left has beaten the president over again
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and again. one thing i don't understand. i don't have any clue why he talked to the "new york times" about this. kat: the failing "new york times." kennedy: the "times" totally trolled him. they were anticipating the responses of the president. ben: sessions recuses himself. the next guy down on the death chart rosenstein also appointed by trump and praised by strum. and he also praised rozen stein. chris: we should have had rudy. kennedy: first up, some members
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of the president's inner circle headed to capitol hill. jared kushner agreed to appear before the senate intelligence committee monday as part of the investigation into russia's alleged russia meddling. but that's not all. the senate judiciary committee invited don, jr. and former campaign manager paul manafort to testify in open session. lawyers for manafort are reviewing the request. is it a wise move for any of them? with me now is buck sexton former cia. let's take jared kushner in closed session. do you think the senators will get more from that interview? >> it's likely if there is
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anything of interest in that particular interest despite the fact it's behind closed doors, if there is anything really damning about jared kushner, somehow i have a feeling somebody in that meeting makes sewer something gets out to the media. the most of likely scenario is you won't have anything come out of that. kushner literally has the best lawyers money can buy. i think he's paying more closer atoangt pitfalls in the process and will have to be on his game and make sure the story is straight. the moment you start testifying in front of the senate and you are under oath. whatever you feel like saying becomes a bad idea. kennedy: i don't think jared kushner is an impulsive person in thought or action. but seeing paul manafort and don, jr. in an open session will
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be interesting. who could do more damage to the administration in a situation like that. >> we are seeing reports that they will not assert their fifth amendment rights against self incrimination. it would be more likely manafort would do that. if the manafort connections have always been of great interest to me with regard to the trump campaign because manafort might have been doing shady stuff on his own having nothing to do with the rest of the trump higherrarchs. leading up to and the aftermath of major news breaking that has to do with the russia stuff, you have to have your story straight, it has to be
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believable and you are under oath. kennedy: that's one of the biggest failures don, jr. has had. a lot of people who idealize their parent tend to think they hold those same attributes. and for that reason he could be more problematic for the administration. >> people who have never been in a situation where they are under oath or giving binding legal statement. when you are going through the clearance process it make everything a lot more tense, i know people think i would never say anything untrue under oath or untrue to an fbi agent. wait until you have been sitting there for a few hours and you are a little freaks out. then all of a sudden you get into a much more precarious situation you would have otherwise. kennedy: you are confronted with
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past 8 that don't line up with the testimony you are giving. >> that's where we'll see a lot of political points that the democrats are going to try to score. kennedy: it's a room full of lawyers and they also happen to be senators. the congressional budget office has given republicans bad news on their plan to repeal obamacare without replacing it. premiums would double by 2026 and 3/4 of americans would live in county without any insurers in the individual marketplace. if the republicans added a replacement it would leave 22 million americans uninsured. senate majority leader mitch
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mcconnell still want to hold a vote next week. it's unclear which plan he plans to bring to the vote. what's going to happen here, chris? >> we are not going to get the obamacare repeal. kennedy: is this a spike in the vampire's heart? chris: i said at the beginning he should tart with an issue that the president cares deeply about where he could foreign a bipartisan coalition. the problem is numbers like this created a political nightmare for republicans. a lot of these republicans will find out who voted over and over again to repeal obamacare. surprise they didn't support repealing obamacare. we are caught in this quagmire. he time they move the bill to the right they lose somebody. i don't see a realistic path forward here. kennedy: this is the issue we
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see every single night. >> this has been a key promise for 7 years. there has been some potential movement on this today. rand paul who has been tough on this saying he's going to oppose everything. he says he will vote in favor of the motion to proceed to build if he's promised an up fronty or no on clean repeal. and he will at least debate the senate bill. that is a good development for mitch mcconnell. there is also questions that mcconnell has $200 billion he's playing with. >> i agree with jerry moran. that form of political prostitution, you say the many a structural issue. that's why so many people will choose to not buy understand because they can't afford it. >> you look at those numbers, you look at the reason they do
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have understand is because it can be expensive. you have got little cars doesn't mean you have good care, adequate care and everyone will accept it. we need to look at a patient-centered system. when the government get involved, they shouldn't even be doing this in the first place it moms surprise they can't work it out. kennedy: after serving 9 years in prison. o.j. simpson granted parole in nevada. he will be a free man very soon. stay with us. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz.
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kennedy: the nevada parole board ruling that o.j. simpson paid his debt to society after nine years. >> thank you, thank you. kennedy: the football legend was convicted of kidnapping and robbery in a botched attempt to steal back some of his sports memorabilia in a las vegas hotel room.
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he will always be remembered for his infamous murder trial when a jury found hip not guilty of killing his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. now he can get back to finding the real killers. geraldo rivera is in nevada with the latest. how are things going there? >> it was not a big surprise when the commissioners of the nich -- of thenevada parole boam parole. he will be released as of october 1. this was not about the murder in brentwood, los angeles in 1994. this was not about the road rage incidents he had in california and the domestic violence in california and florida it was about the robbery in las vegas
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and on that charge he served enough time. kennedy: you are right and that's how the system works. i always wanted to see some sort of karmic retribution. would you have been surprised if they denied parole? >> i would have been shocked. just as shocked as i was when that jury acquitted him. he played the race card to that los angeles jury. he has been behind bars for 9 years. he has don't rehabilitative programs there, taken various programs about fighting the urge to commit violent acts.
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he played by the rules. you talk about karma. he got off on the brutal double homicide in '94 where he should have been sent to the rest of his life in prison, in this case if he was o.j. smith he would have done a year, two years at most behind bars for this burlesque amateur hour keystone cop robbery in the las vegas hotel rooms. yes, i would have been shocked. i wouldn't have been unhappy just because i despise him. but as a lawyer, i have to say that justice was served. kennedy: you are absolutely right. these are two different cases. and that's how our justice system works. you have documented so much of this over the years. with the miniseries and the academy award winning documentary o.j. made in america, there is so much
8:22 pm
interest in this case. why is that? >> it's amazing how some stories just catch on. even people who weren't adults during the 90s trial, because of the entertainment program and documentaries you mentioned are totally invested in this real life soap opera of o.j. simpson's trials and travails. he will be pursued like hungry wolves to give him some kind of plum to pay him money to tell his story. the ratings he generates are so -- he's a "game of thrones" kind of personality. kennedy: he's an episode all into himself. i know you have been covering this and giving great perspective. i appreciate your time.
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president trump may not be happy with jeff sessions. but freedom lovers across america are mad at the attorney general over his insistence at seizing your assets. civil asset forfeiture after the break. potsch: you each drive a ford pickup, right? (in unison) russ, leland, gary: yes. gary: i have a ford f-150. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually-
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ken report highest law enforcement officer in the land is going to take your stuff without ever being able to get it back. attorney general also let slip why the man is such a fan of asset forfeiture. >> civil asset forfeiture takes material support of the criminals and makes it material support for law enforcement. funding for new vehicles, bulletproof vests. opioid overdose reversal kits and better training are all paid for by asset forfeitures. kennedy: just stealing stuff and
8:28 pm
gichght to law enforcement. it's not just criminals they can take stuff from. they can take property from people if they just suspect them of a crime before they are even charged. is it worth giving up our civil liberties? there was a recent study and they looked at 23,000 cases of civil for fit. civil -- forfeiture, and they don't have the means to get back. >> this is shady. this is anti-constitution. i have no problem when you have a criminal conviction and they take the property away. but they prey on the most of
8:29 pm
vulnerable. and that's the hardest problem with this issue. they make this city well how about you use the money we pay in taxes to funds your activities and not criminals. kennedy: if law enforcement is so desperately needing these tools, then maybe we better do a better job of managing that public money. >> it has to do with them doing their job. you have to do a complete investigation first. once they complete the investigation they don't return the property back. there are drug dealers that steal property from other individuals. they seize it. instead of giving it back to the victim they sell it and funds salaries and new initiatives which is fine but use taxpayer's
8:30 pm
money. kennedy: don't violate people's 4th amendment rights. >> this only makes it worse when you are taking property away from citizens without getting the conviction. get a criminal conviction. kennedy: a lot of people would realize, this isn't a good tool. if you are taking without charging in is something wrong about that. any time an innocent person is caught up in that net. if you are libertarian or republican you should be leading the way on this issue. you have senator rand paul, cruz and rubio who have spoken up on this issue. mike lee as well. there are a lot of people who want to back the blue, but we have to back the law before we back the blue. kennedy: we should.
8:31 pm
the city of baltimore back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. the latest incident involves body cam video. that appears to catch an officer planting drugs at the scene of an arrest it shows the officer place a plastic bag into an old soup can. 30 seconds later the officer says i'm going to check here and he magically finds the evidence. it comes a few years after the city exploded in violence after the death of freddie gray. the party panel is back. so here is the thing. you can be pro law enforcement and pro cop and realize something bad and wrong happened here. county * you can. you need to realize that people
8:32 pm
in power have the power to take things away from you. they don't always use it wisely. this was really sick. this guy was in jail for months and he didn't even do anything. the officer planted it there. of course marijuana should be legal anyway and none of this would have happened. kennedy: it goes to your point. we have to investigate these things. but body cams are a good idea for a number of reasons. >> in this case burn the cop who was doing something awful and framing someone for a crime. and this hurts, i think, public perception of police generally which is such a disservice this particular officer did to his entire community of police officers. this throws into suspicion so many convictions and arrests saying thank got camera caught him doing that this time. how many times have cops gone the away with this.
8:33 pm
bad apples like this really throw their entire -- their whole profession into suspicion sometimes. kennedy: their department into conflict. baltimore has had enough internal struggle between the citizens and police. it does take one person to take a very sensitive situation and drop more kerosene on a campfire. >> which is why this buy has to be dealt with so severely. this is a tragedy on two levels. the people who have wrongfully been sent to jail -- kennedy: how expensive is it going to be to try these cases? all these attorneys will say wait we have probable cause to open up this case and maybe sue the city. >> even worse is the damage it does to an already fragile relationship between the community and places like baltimore and law enforcement it's unbelievable the
8:34 pm
devastating damage this one corrupt police officer has done. kennedy: these are from people who really like the police. it's great to see you. my goodness. the beauty and brains concentrated on this oval plexiglas would confound einstein. the list of democrats who could challenge president trump in 2020. even some celebrities are throwing in their hats. charlemagne thank go the god wen next. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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kennedy: donald trump may be six months into his young presidency. but democrats are salivating at the field for the next potential election. and the field of challengers keep growing. they include joe biden, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. the list is expected to grow into the biggest democratic field ever. but could a bunch of celebrities jump in as well. perhaps mark zuckerberg. just some of the famous names that have been thrown about.
8:39 pm
has the current president set a trend democrats can follow? charlemagne tha god, the author of the fantastic new book, "black privilege, opportunity comes to those who create it." kennedy: let's talk about this. who shouldn't run on that list? who should not win? i saw you shake your head. who should not win. >> i was shaking my head at older democrats. i feel like they should be grooming people that are younger. people always say older people for counsel and younger people for war. we need somebody prepared for battle and prepared for war. older democrats should be
8:40 pm
grooming the younger ones. when i keep hearing the same old names. when i hear the celebrity things i'm against that. i said donald trump create the best case of optimism for all americans. i know as a black man i'm supposed to say he created the best case of optimism. barack obama is a collar. but if donald trump can be president, i can do anything. kennedy: do celebrities now run or is this a one-shot deal when we go back to the typical central casting person. >> i hope it's a one-shot deal. it make us look like a side show and circus. i don't think celebrities have the qualifications to be president of the united states of america. i love oprah. i think mark cuban is a genius.
8:41 pm
but i don't think he should be president of the united states of america. and donald trump should not be your boss. if you are a celebrity don't base you think you can be president because of donald trump. kennedy: you wrote something in your book that i know is a creed that you live by. create the opportunities before the money comes and do the hard work which is something that often type is missing, especially for younger people who look up to you, they want everything all at once, and you can't blame them, because they get that with technology. how do you make something like that stick? >> it's a movie called "belly." an urban classic. they are sitting at the table and two young guys at the table are bagging up weed. he says i want to hit the
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streets and make money and he was sold shut up and put the weed in the bag first. when you are a woman you get pregnant and you have to carry the baby for 9 months. if you go to college you are not going to get your bachelor's degree unless you take the required number of classes. enjoy the process because there is an end result. kennedy: what do you think guarantees the kind of success and opportunity that you have? is it a combination of hard work and talent? >> nothing guarantees the successive had. success is subjective. this is what i chose to do with my life. a lot of things happening in my life i would never have managed. there is a guy out there making $40,000 a year and his wife is happy and his kid are happy and
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he's happy doing whatever it is he does. even if it's work at u.p.s., construction. he's happy. in america we equated celebrity with success so much we forget success is subjective. success is whatever make you happy. kennedy: congratulations on the book. "black privilege." charlemagne the god. "topical storm" is next. at fidelity, trades are now just $4.95. we cut the price of trades to give investors even more value. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something set it free. see you around, giulia
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kennedy: it's supper and that means it's time to lie on the beach and soak up some sun. grab some weird news and aloe and remember it all over your body. this is the "topical storm." topic number one. don't you hate when you are knocking back drinks on your deck and a bear climbs up the side? i do the drinking and clark donned the bear suit. it's the panda bear suit.
8:48 pm
one new england family got a surprise visit. the black bear climbed halfway up the deck, then it dawned on him he couldn't break into the house. so he climbed back down and ran into the wood because the last thing he needed was a bunch of pats fans grabbing about tom brady. where do they go? topic number two. american horror story is slated to start it new season this fall. while the title of the season hasn't been released, it newest cast member was just announced. lena dunham. you might remember actor actor
8:49 pm
lena dunham has hillary's appointed brown noser, following her around like a dog in heat for a year. it's understandable that miss dunham liked the cast of "american horror story because she is a bit spooky. actually i'm mistaken. that just happens when you watch "girls." that was a fork. topic number three. it's getting so weird out there. everyone knows it in anticipation of the upcoming release of sony pictures the emoji movie. people across the world celebrated by setting the guinness world record for quote the largest gathering of people dressed as emoji faces across
8:50 pm
multiple venues. the event took place in three places. more than 10,000 people showed their support. can you manage, you go through all that evident, losing family, friend and dignity, not even to be involved in the official record? that's okay. they set their own record of the largest dwelling of basement dwelling outcasts only to be cast out again. i think hobbies are wonderful. topic number four. before there was viewer mail, there was snail mail, now there is snake mail. officials at jfk airport
8:51 pm
recently found five king cobras inside an express mail package. the snakes were breathing just fine when they were found. but after inhaling the air at jfk, four of the five got sick and died. their owners owe the airport $500. this is just like that famous video stars one of our shows esteemed panelists. >> i'm going to kick your [bleep]. man [bleep]. it's not a dangerous snake. most of of the venom has been taken out of her.
8:52 pm
kennedy: one day you will be an uber driver as well. that will be a great day. when i reach in my mail bag there may not snakes but the venom is real. venom is what i use as a mixer with fireball on fireball friday, we get started early. this is viewer mail. no one cares with annex mtvvjay thinks about politics. that's except for every one. will wrote, you scamp. rick says just because you have the biggest mouth in tv doesn't make you right.
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i only tape your show for the pleasure erasing it. tom rounds it up with kid, you talk faster than i can listen. kennedy: sorry, tom. i love you. coming up. elon musk says the first space rocket launch will not be for the feint of heart. when this bell rings... starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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kennedy: billionaire space whiz elon musk said spacex will make it first attempt to carry private citizens into space. he says it comes with quite a bit of risk. he says the first passengers will need to be brave because they might die. space exploration is getting very exciting. civilians will soon go to the moon if elon musk has his way. is this falcon heavy rocket, is it that dang plus could they die upon launch? >> there are speed bumps on the way to the moon and mars. he will take three falcon
8:58 pm
rockets and lash them together. the problem is vibrations. when you take three rockets and lash them together, they vibrate at different frequencies. kennedy: is it a safety issue or something that's really annoying. >> we think it will be annoying. but 1% of the time we have scat catastrophic failure in our space launches. 3% of all astronauts who have gone into outer space die as a consequence. there is something called the mars jinx. 2/3 of all the missions to mars never made it. it's very far away. going to the moon is like a sunday picnic. three days and you are on the moon. mars is two years for a rounds-trip voyage.
8:59 pm
he on mars says he wants to die on mars, but not on impact. kennedy: he wants us to be a multi planetary species. that's his dream. >> he has a goal in life. he wants to be the man to go down in history books. the man who sent the first astronauts to recreate a multi planet species. 2030 was the target time for nasa. elon musk thinks he can beat nasa's record. kennedy: that's minds boggling considering the thought space exploration and interplanetary travel when we were kids and now it's quickly becoming a reality.
9:00 pm
dr. kaku, thank you so much. you can follow me on facebook and twitter @kennedynation and email -rex. >> when everybody else told him he was crazy, he just said, "no, i'm gonna build dinosaurs." >> his creation? a land before time. >> he was almost an engineer when it came to dinosaurs. >> can it survive without him? >> a lot of attractions that were the vision of a single person, all of a sudden they're gone, demolished. >> depends on his daughter... >> when you have an absolute passion, you think that other people feel the same way you do. >> his granddaughter... >> are you living on the edge, kiki, to make this all happen? >> a little bit. >> and his great-granddaughter. >> has your mom ever said, "we need to talk about the future of the park"? >> never. [ door creaks ] [ wind howls ]


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