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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  July 24, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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if you look at bmw shares, volkswagen shares, they are all below where they were in september 2015. lauren: that report not helping. thank you. that's it for us. good morning to you, maria bartiromo. maria: happy monday to you. we'll see what a few minutes. happy monday. thanks for kicking off your week with us. i am maria bartiromo. monday, july 24th. top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump ramped up the pressure with a new warning to lawmakers. senator is unclear on what bill will be voted on this week, but the message they're sending they want to get it done. >> if we can reach agreement among republicans about the senate bill, my own view speaking to myself i hope we do because the senate bill does have the right balance. one way or the other would need to get on the bill to have that debate. we will go to appeal to face
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obamacare. it's not a question of if, but a question of when. train to the very latest on that plus jared kushner's testimony coming up to congress. it is the busiest week of earnings for the quarter with one and a third s&p 500 this week. some of the highlights include google's parent company alphabet. we'll tell you who else is reporting and how it may impact your money. the broader averages today. take a look at markets. dow industrials down 20 points. s&p 500-point back this morning. fresh data showing the reach of the economy grew slower than expected. down better than 1%. down two thirds of 1%. in asia overnight, nikkei average was the one exception down two thirds of a percent. best performers in hong kong a passive%. tragedy in texas. at least nine people found dead. more than a dozen others taken to the hospital after being
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found the back of a semi truck. looking at human trafficking charges. we will tell you all about that with those immigrants did not try. plus, the doctor may be in for whether indeed. importing kkr designed to take over whether indeed. the stock has done well in the last several. one company offering to implant microchips in its employees. yeah, a semiconductor chip in you. you won't believe why. plus "dunkirk" delivered this weekend. it wins big at the box office. we've got the full recap. joining me to talk all about it, cfr eight investigator investor lindsay doll. mr. shalit that does and the president of miss lansky and partners like carter. great to see you. >> busy week. a third of the s&p 500 companies will drive markets. how is it going?
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>> 74% of the companies have been on the bottom line. that is really important. usually only about 50 plus% deet on the topline. it's encouraging that we see so far. where facebook amazon later in the week. maria: the bottom line with earnings is that taxes the better-than-expected quarter by cutting costs, deferring whatever you need to defer, the revenue tells the story. you can't lie about revenue growth when it going well. >> if you steal from one card and push it to the next, they are doing it. maria: the embargo that has just been lifted. breaking news that right now. jared kushner's opening statement has been released. here's what he says in part. this is happening this morning. i'm not a person who has the spotlight for us to make business about public service. i worked on achieving goals and have left it to others to work on media and public perception.
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a great deal of conjecture, speculation and inaccurate and i'm grateful for the opportunity to set the record straight. kushner says this. in part, no of the meeting i attended and there's no follow-up to the meeting that i'm aware of. i do not recall how many people were there and i have no knowledge of any documents being offered or expect it. testimony which as i mentioned was just the embargo lifted it will bring you more throughout the morning. former u.s. attorney for the eastern district of arkansas, now partnered avenue strategies. thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, maria. maria: you heard the initial thoughts from jared kushner. would he know about the testimony? >> it sounds like he's been very open and very honest and is telling the same story told all
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along, that in regard to that same media that has been the main focus of attention that is a big nothing in the recipe of this contacts with russians were fairly limited in the environment he was in at that time. >> i have a question about this little thing. this marriage doesn't seem like it's going to go away. no matter what he says, people who oppose him will not believe and end it will keep going. how do you think they move things forward and get this narrative to die? >> i think bob mueller is going to have to do his work. there is a legitimate debate over whether there is a need for a special counsel, but i completely personally understand why rod rosenstein appointed him at the time he did. i understand the general sessions recused from this. they were trying to do this great thing, but in retrospect to respond to bowling pressure by the opposition. it is abundantly clear there is
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no substance to this investigation. if bob mueller is half what most of us think he has come out the professional coming of getting, get the facts and get out. maria: that's exactly right. what you said is right, but feared he was put into basically saying i'm going to recuse myself. it's outrageous that at this point he doesn't have an attorney to join him. >> it's very difficult when the team is fractured that way. can you imagine a situation where the attorney general with the investigation and defending the facts. >> well, it is awkward and that handicaps you a little bit. it is manageable, but in this case they could manage a deputy attorney general rosenstein affects and it's got a long reputation being really ethical
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guy. they took advantage of general session to list to come out of the senate and jester a confirmation hearing. i really think they kind of challenge them to do these things than they did them kind of been an abundance of caution. in retrospect, the counterintelligence investigation or at least supposed to be, not a criminal investigation and could easily, it bob mueller doesn't, like i said, do what he has a reputation for doing, a tough no-nonsense guide that will go where the facts lead in getting and get out and not let this thing grow. if he does his job, it can end sooner. we can get on top of things important. that remains to be seen. >> with the ballot here. a couple things from his testimony. jared kushner saying there was no collusion. obviously that is what we've been hearing. he also says i have not relied on russian funds to finance my business center. hopefully this will output the
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meeting and this news to rest. this is all in his opening statement. >> it will be interesting to hear what he has to say about the lines of communication top about what the russians are potentially wanting to open. also, there's been a lot of criticism about the testimony because he's expected to not testify under a house james comey had to. is that normal? is it something the lawyers negotiated? maria: that's hillary clinton what should point out. she was not under oath and it was not recorded when she had her interview at the fbi. go ahead, bud. sorry. >> i was just going to say that allots made out of that. if that's a crime what you've taken an oath or not. minded congress is a crime. he's got lawyers. he wouldn't be there talking if he thought he would misrepresent the truth. i tell my clients, you either go in until the full truth or you don't talk at all. there is nothing in between.
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people and try to manage the truth and it's all a bad idea. i don't jared kushner is a smart guy and he is not managing the truth or he would be there. negotiating with paul manafort about testifying in a public hearing. why any other geysers would take the risk. what are your thoughts. >> politically they need to move this along. they are frustrated we are in it. a lot of people think we should be in it. the way to get through it is to tell the truth, what the prosecutors do their work. hopefully like i said coming egos are funny and hopefully that the budget of the special counsel and headlines will turn this into a perpetual investigation of a person
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instead of a transaction over the whole course of the presidency. so many important things the american people sent this president to do and that is what we need to be talking about, not an imagined investigation. maria: it's incredible. >> there's just nothing to talk about. >> it is incredible that this narrative has been able to be driven as far as it has. you've got a special prosecutor, no other than and yet here we are waiting for the testimony today. meanwhile, president trump sent to deliver a statement on health care this afternoon. senate republicans are filing ahead with their plan to roll back obamacare. the president is expected to meet with the dems of obamacare. the president turned up the pressure on lawmakers this weekend. here's what he treated
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yesterday. if republicans did not repeal and replace obamacare, repercussions will be greater than any of them understand. wondered what though they would be voting for, rand paul said that this week in a "sunday morning futures." listen to what he told them. >> we don't know whether we are going to be voting on the first version of the senate bill, second version of the senate to come a new version of the senate bill or 2015 bill that would have repealed the affordable care act now. >> one way or the other would need to get on the bill in the leader will make that decision at some point about whether that is repeal and replace. they are going to present us with either partial repeal of the senate republican leadership plan, which does not repeal of obamacare and it's really a pork -fest of all government programs and spending. it's become the kitchen sink throwing money for anyone they can buy off on the bill. maria: are they able to get this
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done, you think? >> i don't know. politically they need to repeal obamacare. the only other choice is to let it continue to fester until it dies of its own defects. i will punish a lot of people reliant on it. if they repeal it, they are going to face certain political consequences. the obama administration is kind of like a truck that dumped a big load of manure off the exit. it is really hard politically for them to come out on top on the because health health care h a complicated mess. i think they've got some good solutions, but they don't have total solutions. passing a new bill is to do the republican party is divided which way they want to go, whether they want to go towards expanding medicaid. some are trying to support that appeared in arkansas, our governor has come up with an innovative way of administering
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and is working. maria: it seems like they are tweeting the language on tax reform. his doubt what they should be doing? interesting now will get tax cuts as opposed to tax reform. >> i think it's important to focus the whole thing. tax cuts will not get support across the aisle. i'm a little concerned about the change in language. maria: what about this report of the national review? new information leaked from the congressional budget office. they estimate that 22 million people who are supposed to be without insurance in 2026 under the senate bill, 73%, 16 million would have voluntarily dropped out of the market because they would face a penalty for doing so. i wish dagen mcdowell was here right now because she's been saying that for weeks. the whole number two share to be jesus out of everybody because
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they choose to be without insurance because it forces you to take insurance or pay a fee. >> you know, these are the people they could call a reduction and increased qaeda. they are calling 16 million of 22 million people that will lose their insurance or people that will voluntarily quit the minute the government takes the gun away. they deserve better. this is so critical for working people. health care is too too expensive and people with families are trying to figure it out. they deserve better than that kind of deception. i can't say it on tv. what's the right word? it's wrong. maria: all of us here are just looking for a little more. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me.
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maria: stay with us, a lot more to come.
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maria: welcome back. i suspect headed to court after bodies were found in the back of a semi truck at a san antonio wal-mart. lauren simonetti with the details. dagen: 60 james bradley due in court after saying he was the driver of the track. a man found dead in the track and another died, total nine
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dead. according to u.s. immigration and customs enforcement, 17 others consider to be in a life-threatening condition. they were subjected to 100 degrees with no water. two survivors told them they had crossed the border by foot imported the tractor-trailer headed for houston, texas. wal-mart is doing what it can to help investigators. the local police chief described the incident as an horrific human trafficking tragedy. in the markets, kkr reportedly near a deal according to "the wall street journal," weather and he had a market value of $2 billion on friday. shares surging right now with premarket trading. amid uncertainty in drug pricing which is stunted demand to advertise on the website. the stock down almost 20% which is $66.98 a share.
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did you go to the movie over the weekend? "dunkirk" concord with the $65 million debut. christopher nolan plays number one everywhere, bringing in over $105 billion. a major push in imax theaters were 23% made the film topped the revenue that the 2014 films in her stellar and is 2012 the dark net rises. now you know. trade do good stuff. thank you, lauren. it is a huge week for second-quarter earnings. 13 dow components set to report. we are breaking down the big week ahead coming up. wonder woman fights up with a sequel to the comic superhero. a preview later on. back in a moment right here. ♪
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new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. maria: welcome back. 13 dow component set to report their second quarter including the donald, coca-cola, boeing markets for joining us right now, skye bridge capital partner and senior portfolio manager. good to see you. they want to get your take on how to allocate money in this earnings season. i just got the goods in terms of where we are in terms of growth. first come anthony scaramucci. this is your partner for a long time at stockbridge. >> that's right. >> how long did you work? >> anthony potter hedge fund
6:24 am
business at a citigroup so i got to work very closely with ted over the years. he is an amazing guy by the trump administration. >> what is his value? >> he's an incredibly effective communicator to the average american. he's good at boiling down complex subjects. something we all know needs to be done. it's a complicated subject. corporate marginal rate speed. these are things that anthony has a special talent for explaining the way the average voter can understand. >> he understands and believes, which is important. what's most important? what should we be looking at? >> a lot of industrial health care names. we saw some of the big banks. i want your take on the big earnings. you want to put money to work in that sector. the earnings results really mixed loan growth on the bigger
6:25 am
bag sealed, the curve is a problem, but the regional did better because they are able to charge more without paying the depositors more. wear you out on this? >> just to be clear, most of our exposures in the credit with chuck cbs. cbs backed by the banks, and so if you look at the improving credit quality care it's a very strong tail wind. every time the fed raises rates, not only good for the interest margin, better for them than the larger ones because they draw more cash flow. if there's one part of the u.s. economy by republican senators, democrats, congressmen and the white house agrees regional community bank server regulated. one of the few places you can count on meaningful regulatory reform. you have all of these to drive
6:26 am
improvement. the broader equity story advances weekend substantially. that is the number one problem in the second problem is of course there is a mismatch loan growth as people expected. we're a little testbed on the capital structure. we just don't see anything that can derail the improvement. >> we talked earlier about the revenue in the net income line. there was a factor that may underperform in this quarter, which wendy thinks would be? >> there could be continual disappointment for investors. a lot of people got on the energy rebound train. it is still sick. demand is growing, but you get marginal production from nigeria and libya and should be a bit lower two months ago, as soon as oil goes up, we'd expect it to
6:27 am
be a lacquered. >> for us, the mission is to generate terms that are dependent on equities and bonds. we're the first day the only way to perform in line with equities is to be 100%. if you do something different, most of the disk cache oriented in the housing market and let the financial service industry. more broadly for your viewers, we think the next six to 12 months is a reasonable opportunity to at least perform directly to the u.s. that is one place we've ramped up over the past six months. europe has been neither a debacle or lack of disappointment since the beginning of 2011. the last great environment was so five, 06. you finally see all the pieces of the puzzle together.
6:28 am
i mean full body we should discount. much more meaningful to dated january 2016. you also have very strong earnings growth and tied to it all is getting back to oil. a much better beneficiary to the u.s. as well. all we are saying is that the next 12 months s&p is up 8%. there's a chance the european indices can get 10, 12 or 15. the last piece of the puzzle is the political transformation. europe is going to be a mess in terms of politics. it is really around more senate left candidates. when's the last time you talk about france reforming? they did their restructuring when they were in power and there is reasonable chance as well. they are extremely heavily weighted to the u.s. for the past five, six years and is a
6:29 am
reasonable time to nibble a little bit. maria: will be watching that. thank you. good to see you. coming up, the war on terror. the taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide attack in kabul. details on explosion that killed at least 24 people. that is next. the state of the u.s. economy. the forecast said economic growth story is next right after this break. back in a minute. today, we're out here with some big news about type 2 diabetes. you have type 2 diabetes, right? yes. so let me ask you this... how does diabetes affect your heart?
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welcome back, everybody. thank you so much for being was. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday july 24th, top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. russia takes center stage in nation's capitol today. jared kushner will testify behind closed doors before lawmakers over possible russian meddling. more specifically the meeting he attended with donald trump, jr. last summer. in the meeting in part, no part of the meeting i attended and there was no follow-up to the meeting that i'm aware of. i do not recall how many people were there or their names and i have no knowledge of any documents being accepted as lawmakers prepare in sanctions against russia. >> the administration is supportive of being tough on russia particularly in putting sanctions in place and we support the legislation and we continue working with the house and senate to put the tough sanctions in place by russia.
6:33 am
maria: more on the possible sanctions this morning. at least 35 people killed and dozens injured after a bomb ripped through kabul, afghanistan, left nearly 2,000 civilians left this year. 2,000 civilians. new concerns over government waste meanwhile the.gone is being criticized for spending $30 million on camo uniforms, camouflage, apparently they weren't needed. the pressure on the stock as the lock-up period nears an end. that's when fdzers can sell, that will put measure on it. futures looking lower. the market will open with selling pressure today. dow industrials down 17 points right now. das dabbing, s&p 500 also in negative territory. in europe fresh data, recent economy grew closer than expected. the dax index in germany down two-thirds of a per can he be the.
6:34 am
in asia overnight, take a look at the numbers. hang seng was the best performer. when -- would you let an employer put a chip in your body, yeah, chips in the body, breaks news this morning. jared kushner is releasing opening statement from his testimony today before lawmakers, the white house senior adviser details conversations with four russian contacts through trump's presidential campaign, that includes previously undisclosed meeting with russian sergey lavrov in april of 2017, here is what he said in part, i did not collude nor anyone else in the campaign who colluded with any foreign government, hayed no improper contacts, i have nod relied on russian funds to finance activities, joining us right now london center of policy research and retired cia trained intelligence operative lieutenant colonel tony chaffer.
6:35 am
your reaction. >> well, look, any time you're in politics specially when you're talking about being at the national level you're going to have meetings with senior people, you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an embassador, for goodness sake. sergey kislyak, i think the testimony he's put forward, at least the opening reflects the fact that during the campaign it's really busy, you're meeting with a lot of folks and, you know, a lot of those meetings you do not remember specific details unless something extraordinary happens. nothing notable happened in the meetings and nothing taken away. you can't collude unless there's something to collude about.
6:36 am
>> what advice would you give jared and don, jr.? >> the easiest thing is to tell the truth. it really comes down to that. much of what needs to be exposed here the cleat lunacy behind the narrative. you're meeting with a lot of folks. there's a lot of information coming and going specially with these folks that have never been expose today international politics like this. laying it out, just saying what happened, how it happened, who was involved is going to be very important and let's remember that the gps folks on the other side of this are being called in and, of course that should be the focus of a lot more reporting that you had the opposition research group that prompted at least one of the meetings that appears to me to be a set-up that the obama administration was at least aware of regarding the fact they had to approve visa to get people in. maria: knowing the ties that have been preobviously between
6:37 am
hillary clinton and the russians and john podesta and the russians and others, is that going to be part of the investigation that mueller is doing, what do you think? >> i know i talked about the network, it better be by the fact that podesta -- i loved your the whole thing with podesta, what happened, maria, was amazing when you interviewed him. that was superb and you pointed out rightly that there were direct financial contacts between john podesta and the russians. it needs to be looked at, secondly, regarding clinton herself there's all sorts of meetings that happened behind the scenes, the iranian deal that hasn't been fully examined. maria: i just wonder if it comes up lindsey bell, go ahead. >> what do you make, though, of the part where trump is going to have to get permission from congress to pull back any sanctions? >> well, that's not extraordinary.
6:38 am
you have to remember that congress did the same thing regarding iran and some of the thicks that obama administration did. president obama could not remove all the sanctions but trip wire. i do not have any problem with congress putting forward that there has to be strong sanctions, they have been to -- they have to be the ones of relieve. i've been accused of being supporting of russia. putin is a thug and putin is out to do one thing, reestablish the old soviet empire and influence. we cannot be naive to think this is where this is all going. president trump has been doing the right thing to push back very hard promising europe energy and specially poland and other places and saying we are going to be part of nato and article 5. this is another part of continuing to show the russians we are not going to allow -- chuck schumer, moving back into the world of influence. >> so this is lee carter, how
6:39 am
are you doing this morning? >> hey, lee, good morning. lee: is many issues conflated here. criminal investigation, there's -- there's intelligence issue and, i think, everybody is pointing to russia and not really sure what to make out of it because everything is getting tangled into one big thing. how do they separate these out so you can see what's going on here because when -- it's a catch-all russia and ends up being something bad there, how do they separate it at all for the people? >> that's the key thing. commingled it so it becomes one big mass and points to collusion. we have to be very clear, basically we have to -- like the reagan administration message very clearly on the fact that russia is up to no good, there's things we must do to defend equities and other places we cannot. secondly, we have to make a very factual case as we just talked about regarding what are the
6:40 am
facts regarding the investigation and if i were the president, i would fire mueller, the special prosecutor because it's very clear it doesn't look like he's going to be looking at the clinton uranium deal and all the issues relating to podesta and others who were involved with the russians you have to make that very clear. third and most importantly, the president has to clarify for himself and the american people, i would even say maybe national speech, maybe a prime time speech saying, these are the things that the american people have to understand about what his intentions are regarding russia and these are the false narrative things that need to go away. he's been very good about communicating and here he can do a superb job. maria: i don't know about firing mueller. that would create a huge ball of wax. >> fire him and replace him. this guy is not cutting it. he's not going to look at all the areas he should. maria: the left and the
6:41 am
mainstream media -- oh, yeah. kushner said he had four russian representatives, the much talked about 2016 meeting with that russian lawyer and his broarr donald -- brother-in-law, donald trump, jr. what is his explanation for having these meetings? anybody with meet with anybody at any time. >> that's the thing. i've been trying to look for a crime to meet the circumstances and it's nothing. during the campaign, maria, you're going to want to take information from every source and that includes the so-called lawyer. there's opposition information, i try to say on the other network and if you were obligated or in jared kushner's shoes or donald trump, jr.'s shoes, a foreign power said i have derogatory information on the other candidate, as an
6:42 am
american citizen, maria, you are obligated to listen because if there's something truly bad, you don't want the potential president of the united states to be blackmailed. it was simply part of the communication process, part of the education process of trying to consolidate information for purposes of advising then candidate now president trump. maria: i think you make a really good point. actually the president is tweeting right now. isn't that, mitch. he says the president just tweeting now, lieutenant, he says drain the swamp should be changed drain the sewer, much worse than anyone ever thought and begins with fake news. >> yeah. maria: drain the swamp was obviously the term that he got him in the white house partly because some of these lifers that are in government have stopped progress is basically the point of that drain the swamp, mitch. >> the word against government
6:43 am
bureaucracy. maria: yeah. lee: it's funny because he talks about that. he wasn't sure how it was going to go over. absolutely. maria: there's the first tweet of the morning, lieutenant colonel tony shaffer, what's your reaction to drain the swamp tweet? >> this is what we talk about consistently. the swamp is coming back at him right now. maria: yeah, good point. >> he's never going to be loved. he has to understand how to essentially go after the folks at their level and frankly the changes at the white house right now need to be designed to be more effect i have and not be blunt i think there are staffers in the white house who are not serving them well. one of the issues, people come in and talk about afghanistan, for example, a lot of the same-old hands who have essentially allowed us to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory 15 years ago are back advising him badly. it's time that he picked the right people to come in and help him win and not simply exist. maria: we will see about that.
6:44 am
lieutenant colonel, good to see you, tony shaffer joining us there. wild fires raging out west. back in a moment right here i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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maria: welcome back, single basest week for second earnings reporting season this quarter. nasdaq, s&p 50 also negative. tesla one the watch. the company is set to make first delivery of highly-anticipated model 3 this friday. production of the sedan began earlier this month. tesla shares down half a percent right now. we are watching shares of snap, could be a big week for snap. pressure as it nears the end of the lock-up period, officially ends on saturday the lock-up period, which means employees and early investors can begin
6:48 am
selling the stock one week from today. not much of a darling anymore. lauren simonetti with the story. lauren: firefighters contending with triple-digit temperatures have that slowed the spread of wild fire m evacuated residents have been allowed to return but still flames continue to threaten about 1500 homes in, 45% contained but officials say could take crews another two weeks to fully surround it. meanwhile further south, crews are nearly contained the woodier fire in santa barbara, 87% contained. the international monetary fund is capping capping the brakes on forecast for both uk and u.s. economies, inf expects the british expect to grow by 1.7% this year, down from earlier estimate of 2% following weak first quarter. imf lowering the u.s. growth
6:49 am
forecast slightly to 2.1% from 2.3. plus this. >> i'm going mother. if you choose to leave, you may never return. lauren: wonder woman coming the highest-grossing film of the summer with $398 million. it's also now in second place for 2017 overall behind disney beauty and the beast. warner brothers, guess what, they announced a sequel to the super hero film at the san diego comic con. no release date but another wonder woman is coming. maria: i like it. i liked the first one. lauren: haven't seen it. maria: i recommend it. coming up the new evolution of office technology, the controversy behind a wisconsin company's plan to implant that micro chip in their employees' bodies. would you sliek -- like a
6:50 am
semiconductor chip? we will take a look.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
maria: big news here. what do you think? a wisconsin company announced that it plans to install microchip in its employees but they are insisting there will be no gps tracking. tracee carrasco with the details. tracee: this is interesting. 3 square market, designs software for breakthrough markets, first in the u.s. to implant microchips in employees, employees will be able to make
6:54 am
purchases and open doors, log into computers and use the copy machine among other things by all scanning the chip which will be implanted between the thumb and fore finger under the skin. no larger than a grain of rice. this is the wave of the future. eventually it will be standardized allowing this to be used as passport, purchasing opportunities. data is encrypted and secure and the big question here is, will this chip also have a gps tracking system, the company says no, not yet. maria: why do they want them to have the chip in your body? tracee: to make it easier for companies, for the employees. maria: to track you. tracee: maybe within the building. [laughter] >> i think it's suppose for
6:55 am
access. tracee: convenience. maria: i will say this, there were clinical trials over the last decade or so where companies were putting a semiconductor chip in blood stream to let you know that you need to go to the doctor. go to the doctor, you're about to have a heart attack, your arteries are clogged. that technology has been happening for the last 10 to 15 years. this is something different. this is about you don't have to carry an id, come on. >> invasion of privacy. tracee: i agree. there's a company in sweden that has already done this with their employees and i think it would be hard to get other people, other companies here in the u.s., employees to agree to this. maria: yeah. would you agree? tracee: i wouldn't, no. i will carry my id.
6:56 am
>> my dog does have a chip in him. tracee: mine too. >> not any humans. maria: i've heard that. there's been no problems. >> no problem. we had a friend whose dog was lost and chip helped recover the dog. maria: we will have to ponder this. let's look at the tweet that the president put out. this is live. after one year of investigation with zero evidence being found, chuck schumer just stated that democrats should blame ourselves, not russia. yeah, we have been talking about because the democrats did not have a message. lee: that's right. there's no question that the whole blaming anyone else besides themselves for losing this election, i think there was arrogance, they had no message, hillary clinton ran antidonald trump instead of what she was for. when you asked people what she was going to do for you, 75% of americans couldn't say what her signature policy was going to be. it was just not a well-run campaign. now, there's -- there's a lot of
6:57 am
questions out there but this shouldn't be one of them. maria: the problem as we continue to talk about this russia probe, with all of the hearings, it does put into question that and it almost race it is legitimacy of the president and that's what the left is trying to do. i mean, we are six months in. he's the president and he won fairly and squarely. what do you guys think? >> and live with it for the next three and a half years because that's the fact. maria: yeah. >> we need to get focused on policies and the agenda. you know, we need to move forward. maria: if the goal is economic growth, that's for sure. a couple's wedding gets emotionl you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls...
6:58 am
and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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maria: welcome back, good monday morning, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday july 24th, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. jared kushner getting grilled on capitol hill later today in prepared testimony he will tell lawmakers he had, quote, perhaps four contacts with russian representatives during presidential campaign an transition. he will reiterate that he did not collude with any foreign government. we have the embargo testimony, we have the latest coming up this morning. a warning for congressional republicans from the president with health reform at risk, former house speaker newt gringrich says lawmakers need to change the strategy now. >> like a football game at half time, as i've said to many
7:01 am
republican leaders, do you really want to repeat the last six months. everyone said to me, no, well, if you don't want to repeat it, you have to change. maria: newt gringrich has advice there. what's next in battle to overhaul obamacare. democrats trying to sell a new message, many are calling them out for borrowing a slogan from papa johns pizza, we will tell you about it. second quarter, it is the busiest week with more than a third of s&p 500 reporting earnings, now 13,000 components on cap. this week is a huge one. we are navigating that this morning. futures indicating lower opening. dow industrials 13 points, nasdaq and s&p 500 also negative. that slammed stocks, ftse down 1% and dax half a percent. in asia overnights, markets finished mostly higher as you can see there. finally good news for college students to report, tuition prices rising in slower pace in
7:02 am
decades. still rising. unbelievable win for jordan spieth, delivered some clutch shots on the back nine, we have the highlights coming up. the race everybody is waiting for michael phelps versus the shark, turns out the shark was fake. did we really think he was going to swim next to a shark? outrage coming up this morning. joining me to talk about cfr lindsey bell, pwc partner mitch roschelle and the president of maslansky + partners lee carter is here. lee: great to be here. >> the shark is fake? maria: i knew it was computer generated. so what did you think? >> the last time i was on i figured they would do something. lee: did shark week swrump -- jump the shark. maria: people are upset.
7:03 am
it wasn't a suicide run he was going on here. >> how do you get a shark to start and go straight? you can't control that. maria: the president say it is gop needs to do more. here is what he tweeted yesterday. it's very sad that republicans even some that were carried over the line on my dag -- bag do very lit toll protect their -- little to protect their president. i have to tell you, i have been asking the question, does the gop really want the president to be successful? here we are in the 11th hour in terms of getting health care done, in terms of health care reform, do you think the gop wants the president to be successful, sir? >> there are some in the party who are permanent dwellers of the swamp in dc who look at it and say, even if the president is in office for eight years, their life is in washington, they're going to be here long after he leaves town and i think
7:04 am
that they conduct themselves with that in mind. they want us to be doing what we told them we were going to do. there's part of that political class in washington who still to this say really accept it is president. maria: tell me what you're expecting from your colleagues in the senate. we are all trying to understand what they will be voting on? is it going to be repeal or a tweaked plan that they had initially in place to, you know, the better health care plan. once we do get a vote, what does that mean for your and your colleagues in the house? >> here is what i think, if you voted for something 18 months ago and the same bill was brought forward and you campaigned on it and you promised and repeal obamacare, then vote, yes, so we can do this thing. i don't understand -- i
7:05 am
understand that republicans that are always said they don't want to repeal obamacare, but you have some of the people who ran on repeal, voted to repeal multiple times and now are saying that somehow we can't do it. that's what frustrates republican voters to no end. lee: there's a lot of question of what they are going to vote this week, how are we going figure out what's going on? i think there's so many questions out there, i'm curious how you see it from your perspective? >> they are looking to get to 50 votes. they have a tight margin and you have the repeal only which repeals the taxes and the spending, that would then allow us to start legislating some of the replacement elements separately or you can do the bill that the senate was working on where you have repeal and replace. some like a repeal like rand
7:06 am
paul. either way, whichever one of those two they pass, when it comes to the house, the house will then pass the senate. i don't think you will see a long drawn-out conference committee. we need to bring certainty to this problem and if they have a path to 50 votes, then that'll be the path that finds its way through the house. >> do these republicans realize that 35% of americans, this is a bloomberg survey view this health care issue as the biggest issue that the country faces ahead of jobs, ahead of russia, ahead of all of the other things? if this doesn't get done, what does it do to the republican near term and in the longer term. i know some of the senators aren't really worried about repeal -- voting against the repeal and replace because they aren't up for election for three to five years. >> well, i'm glad that you pointed that statistic, you go to washington and the only issue in the country is russia, russia, that's what the media wants to talk about.
7:07 am
it's not what most voters want to talk about. i think jobs and health care are very important. 80-plus percent of the people want total repeal or major overhaul. 20% of the american people that think is fine as is, leave it or very minor tweaks. that's the mandate that we have to address a core concern of the american voter, look, there are things in the bill i wished it was bolder in certain respects, but you have to come to a consensus and now is the time to do it and the house, we should not be leaving on a five-week recess if health care is not finished. i think that that sends a terrible signal to the american people and we have to use all the time that's available to us, you don't give up five weeks and then complain that you just didn't have enough time to do your work. maria: i agree. >> congressman, 73% of those who were in obamacare would voluntarily opt out if they didn't have the mandate, how
7:08 am
widely appreciated is that amongst your colleagues that this is something that they're being forced to do as opposed something that they want to do? >> it seems it's not appreciated as much as it should be. some of my colleagues take the cbo numbers as gospel. i think that's a big mistake. they are based on a lot of implausible assumptions. free program for the recipient, not the taxpayer, but to the recipient that if you don't have an individual mandate that they would voluntarily relinquish. you will have 8 million more people on the exchanges next january than right now. nobody believes that. i think you have to look at the stuff and take analysis, read it but take it with a grain of salt. maria: i think it's a very important question that mitch asked because we have been
7:09 am
hearing the cbo scoring for a week about how 22 million people are going to be without health insurance and that's because 23% of the people will opt out, they no longer have the gun to their head, no longer face a fine if they don't get insurance and people don't understand that. it's a real criticism to throw out there, 20 million people without insurance and it's dishonest because -- >> that's why if you look at the cbo's analysis, full repeal of obamacare, the house bill, which is repeal, replace, the senate bill which is repeal and replace which has hundreds of billions of dollars, the uninsured is all the same for precisely the reason you say, if you take away the mandate, that's like 15, 16 million, the other, i think, big chunk of that is they are projecting future enrollment in obamacare which is unrealistic and simply won't happen, so that's millions and millions of people as well, so when you look at really how they're doing it, it's not really strong in terms
7:10 am
of their analysis. >> who's most important to you in the freedom caucus that must be in this bill? >> well, for me it's people need relief from the high premiums, high deductibles. i don't want government-centered care. i want people to be able to choose different plans and states should be able to experiment, have high-deductible health plans and that's the way that you will see a downward pressure on the prices, but if we don't do anything about the affordability and it's obamacare driving thu through the roof for people, i don't think you're addressing the core concern that people have with obamacare. lee: so many people -- we are talking about choice on the republican side. the democrats are talking about whether or not people are going to live or die, right, they are going into this really scary place, how do you talk about people of what they're going to get beyond just choice? >> understand how choice works.
7:11 am
you had some people that i've spoken with who were suffering from serious illnesses, when they got put on obamacare plan, they no longer had access to their preferred doctors and there's family members that they didn't do as well as they had hoped. this does have real consequences, if it's government mandating and if you're at the whim of government bureaucracy, you will have less opportunities for you and your family. maria: if we don't get health care done before the timing after the august recess, before you guys go for august recess, would you go to tax cuts and forget the overall reform? you have to get something done legislatively this year. you can't get health care done this year, would you move to tax cuts and cut taxes if you can't get reform done? >> i'm not giving up on health
7:12 am
care, but, maria, you put a tax cut in front of me, the republican party was put on this earth to cut taxes so i will support that but i don't think you want to give up health care, i think you to keep it all there and i think we are at an an inflection point. you provide for border wall. he put neil gorsuch on the supreme court. we could be sitting here october talking and that could be very successful. it's almost like the jordan spieth golf round. nobody remember it is -- remembers the boogies. we are at inflection point where we can be in a situation by the end of the fall where people are back and say, man, this president has been more successful domestically than any president since ronald reagan. maria: we will come back to it and talk again, obviously.
7:13 am
congressman good to talking to you. congressman ron desantis. first coming up next more problem for tekata to report. biggest recall in automotive history and then college savings, why universities are reining in tuition after decades of surging expenses for students. back in a minute.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
maria: welcome back, investigation is underway after a report tekata air bags. lauren simonetti with the story. lauren. lauren: unbelievable, consumer watchdog is seeking information from car makers after a magazine reported that recall tekata air bags were replaced by get this faulty air bags as a temporary solution. the magazine says those air bags would need to be recalled again. tekata air bags have been linked to 18 deaths worldwide.
7:17 am
this is another problem for the company. there is some surprising news about the cost of higher education, i think, you're going to like it, the wall street journal reporting that, yes, tuition is growing but at the slowest pace in decades after skyrocketing 400% over the past three decades. tuition climbed 1.9% this year in line with overall inflation. one reason is not surging is that enrollment is down and some colleges are even offering discounts or cutting prices. well, two marines tied the knot over the weekend and it was the groom's 4-year-old son who stole the show. >> i want you to be safe and to try your hardest and to be a good person. don't cry. [laughter] lauren: marines sergeant said, i do, look at him. he started to cry and he hugged his stepmom. wrapped his arms around her and
7:18 am
both of the newly weds are still on active military duty which, maria, means their honeymoon will have to wait. i wonder if they are going to take gage with them. maria: treating the side effects of the treatment. we will talk to creators of innovative new app helping patients cope with equipment -- chemotherapy
7:19 am
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
maria: welcome back, new innovative app is shaping the future of cancer care. helps track mood, conditions and symptoms which allow them to share with their doctors. this results in more personalized treatment and helps chemotherapy patient that is better manage the side effects, we want to bring in the creator and partner who is a former spokesperson to u.s. embassadors to the un, fox news contributor and cancer survivor himself. great to see you both. thank you so much if joining us. we wanted to do the segment because it's helped you, rick. >> yeah. imagine going through six rounds of chemo not really knowing what to do, i was healthy when i got the diagnosis but i quickly found that medications an the side effects, how much water i was drinking all could effect me in a positive way because matt was actually mapping this out on
7:23 am
an excel spreadsheet and showing the process to the doctor at the city of hope, steven foreman and he was shocked at the -- the data that he could get from matt's creation. maria: amazing, we use data with everything else, matt, you created chemo wave after seeing rick fight for his life. tell us how chemo wave works? >> it gives control to patients in a seemingly out of control situation, in the u.s. alone 1.7 million patients are diagnosed with cancer every year and each one of them is different and this app chemo wave aims to help understand what is connected to their highs and lows through correlation analysis we can help them understand if there's a medication that might be causing them to have a certain side effect or the impact of exercise or how much water they are drinking, how beneficial that is.
7:24 am
maria: when you're sick and it, the doctors tell you to drink more water and you don't do it. >> right. >> when you go into the doctor's appointment and you say how are you feeling and you really only tell how you're feeling that day and you forget the week before and two weeks prior, what the app does is really take with you into this appointment a spreadsheet of how you've done on medication, maybe a visit from a loved one who picked you up. medication side effects are enormous and no one is able to keep track of this but the app really does. >> we have been working on this for three years. we are excited that it launched over two weeks ago for free on i tunes and now we are focused on getting it available for people with android phones because the more data that we collect, the more we will able to help clinical trial companies with
7:25 am
patient centric innovation. maria: what data was most important from your standpoint? when you look at all of the data collected, what was most important in educating you on what's going on? >> the dirty little secret is that most of the side effects caused by chemo therapy can be managed and patients have options and the way that society is set up, it can be such an overwhelming experience. this empowers them to take control, so whether it's exercise, was a big one for rick, 30 minutes a day, he could actually see how much better he felt not just on the day of but on days following and when you're in that situation sometimes it's hard to get out of bed but when you can see that quantified it really motivates to get you out of bed. >> sometimes exercise was going to the mailbox, literally, i couldn't get out of bed but i could go to the mailbox and felt empowered, wow, getting up, drinking water, going to the mailbox made me feel better. >> another big thing was medications.
7:26 am
you know, rick responded negatively to an antinausea medication. patients need to understand that there's options and chemowave needs to understand them what the options are. maria: you actually changed behavior as a result of what you were learning, you exercised more, you did different things. >> at first, i thought, what are you doing, you're asking me all the questions, but as soon as i saw the benefit, as soon as i saw that i could help control this wave of chemotherapy going through me, i started giving more information and changing behavior. i really maximized my treatment. maria: where do you think we are in the fight against cancer, matt? >> we are making progress and our hope is that chemowave will catalyze the progress being made. maria: well, that's the hopeful part of it because this is such a killer that we all watch every day effect our loved ones, before we go, rick, i want to
7:27 am
ask you about the speculation out there. it's been report that had the president has offered you the job to embassador to germany, you accepted? >> the only thing that will i say right now, i'm very supportive of the president and where he wants to put me, i will gladly receiver him and the american people. maria: would that something that you would like to be embassador to germany? >> diplomacy has always been something that i'm interested in. i think if you want to avoid war, if you want to avoid military action, you have to be for diplomatic muscle and i think we need more diplomats who are muscular in their forcefullness in trying to represent the united states. maria: we sure do. matt, congratulations to you. thanks for your great service. chemowave is the company. rick and matt lachey. customer comes to the rescue during armed rescue at starbucks, the stunning video. take a look at this as he took down the thief and in search of
7:28 am
a new message, democrats debut a new slogan as they try to put last year's defeat in a new message.
7:29 am
7:30 am
. maria: good monday morning everyoning thanks for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo. it we are happy you are with us this morning and it is monday, july 24, your top stories right now 7:30 am on the east coast, examine democrats in disarray party to unveil a new slogan today, as they ramp up the fight after
7:31 am
next year's head of next year's midterm elections pardon me how they woep to recovery from 2016's major loss coming up gop set sights own reform as party hashes out health care, many are turning attention now to taxes, the major push for cuts coming up, focus for markets it is all about earnings second quarter, this is a biggest week of the quarter so far, 13 dow he comments mcdonald's boeing among others futures indicating lower opening for broader averages take a look dow industrials set to open down 14 points, nasdaq s&p 500 also negative. in europe, this morning, you fresh data shows that the region's economy grew slower than expected, that swlaumd stocks ft 100 down 1% look at paris right now cac quarante in france is up a fraction just moving into positive territory dax off wloes as well, down a third of a percent right now in asia overnight, markets closed mostly higher as you can see there a starbucks patron is labeled a hero this morning, how he sprang into action as employee's life was being
7:32 am
threatened. >> wow, look at that, smackdown, can you smell what syria is cooking details as rock teams with apple to make a move. >> new film jordan spieth sinks another win highlights from his dramatic victory coming coming up phelps race great lie apparently. >> take your mark. >> ♪ ♪ maria: outrage shark race flounders online people did not realize it was a computer generated shark, our top story this half an hour democrats debut message ahead of next year's elections party unveiling a new economic agenda, aimed at middle class voters, under slogan a better deal better jobs better wages better future. some commenting on similarity
7:33 am
to another tagline that of papa john's 350eza slogan better gritty better pizza papa jones, debut a day after senate minority leader chuck schumer midst party had he he says to proclaim for losses in the 2016 election. >> when you lose on a election, with someone who has say 40 popularity you say what did we do wrong the number one thing that we did wrong is we didn't have we didn't tell people whoa we stood for entoday week after week month after month going to roll out specific pieces here that are quite different than the democratic party you heard in the past we were too cautious we were tieu namby-pamby. >> joining us ceo apple metro zane good to see you they want better future better wages do you think the democrats have the best interests of the small business owner like yourself? >> i am not assure they ever did very honestly, it is
7:34 am
camouflaged in having the interests of the people but if you look at what end result is maria at the end of the day, he stressing businesses particularly small of businesses more and more and more, by piling on piling on piling on how does that help the s consumer how does that help the person at the end of the day? >> just to o look practicable speaking talking about better wages they want the minimum wage to go up off the bat that is in contrast to what you are trueing to do if you raise he minimum wage you have to fire other people. >> fire a hard we word to say you need a certain number to work through on the other hand i say higher wages are technology's best friend it is prohibitive as they drive wage up and up camouflaged as helping people camouflaged because think about this the only person that gets help if he gets help, is the working
7:35 am
person those that are unemployed minimum wage could be 100 dollars a hour doesn't matter. >> good point. >> if it is 100 dollars an hour, guess what that labor force slashed and dashed, all the way down where it becomes, not prohibitive but economical. >> one thing the mandate portion of obamacare. >> yes? >> and if that disappeared do you think would change behavior of like employees like yours, who now have some choices in terms of what to do with money. >> it most definitely will we watched it happen, you start finding people you take money out of circulation, to put back into the government, the research they deem should be research related you are hurting k consumer the provider hurting the company itself, so sure, it is if -- i can tell you the data, the first year, most everybody
7:36 am
took to find only 60 dollars, the second year went i think to 250, we had 3,000 employees mind you we had, 100 sign up, the third year went to 695 i believe, don't quote me object -- don't quote me on that 200, out of 3,000. >> 200 people paying 700 dollars for nothing all other folks that have opted just not to go in they just -- it is picking consumer's pocket i don't look at it as my staff or my population as much as 700 dollars, is probably two visits a month to applebee's all other people paying fines have stressed our space in terms of of the restaurant industry because that money is out of circulation. >> discretionary money they don't have. >> exactly, exactly, it is you snow not fair, to fine people for something they don't want to do.
7:37 am
and i don't know the solution, i might add, now this is baked into the economy baked into people's expectations everyone want to get rid of i it say it wait a minute that comes out of my pocket on the one hand, so on the other hand, nobody is really looking at the trajectory that i am aware of, the actuaries to say if we continue along the obamacare i hate obamacare, about affordable health care act i don't want to give eliminate credit for it. if we continue along the track where is it going to piebd up it is 30 count with zero, are. >> there so you have to do it you have to do it. maria: let me ask you about tax reform because as a small business owner, you must be expecting the needle will move if in fact taxes come down small business owners are launching a nationwide campaign, with are former if house speaker newt gingrich i know to pressure congress to pivot to tax reform we have
7:38 am
been talking about all year the group pointing to a survey showing small business owners want tax relief more unfortunately than they want to repeal of obamacare does that in step ep with a what you want. >> insure i did some data on that maria. i have said that, by the way,. and data on that is we know when the tax returns when tax refunds come through our business you can graph it just like this new money in pockets we gear up like for christmas, or for mother's day when -- >> getting checks. >> if they come late, we are sort of overstaffed for a week or two waiting for those checks to come late but when they arrive, i can tell you the day in mailboxes, lasts like that about two weeks, so think about this. if we had tax reform, and we had more money in their pockets, we would be staffed up for the whole year. of the but -- but having jobs, creating jobs, having said
7:39 am
that, i am not sure how one comes to reform taxes without having a entity with health care costs you don't have that line-item on budget. >> why they wanted to do it first. >> you almost have to do it first. >> voluntary interconnected for you small business owner tax cut or tax reform more important or tax cut -- >> i think they are baked in together how do you cut the taxes when you don't know what the line-item for health care is? how k you do that without having that budget number? so or an idea budget number, and we were chatting in the greenroom nobody that i have seen has called together, this four basic insurers united health care, aetna a couple nobody called convened a meeting of four guys say how do you envision this going down you got a bunch of "politico" worrying about next election deciding our future
7:40 am
with health care. >> majority of health insurers pulled out of the market. >> exactly i say those guys why did you pull out what can we get you to do to go back in? how do you see making this -- look somebody is going to get hurt at the end of the day because you can't just give away candy, without somebody getting sick. and give them as much candy as think want whenever they use a pun, of getting sick ha-ha health care ha-ha. put it together. >> nobody laughs -- ha-ha. >> [laughter] >> we should go through some, the talking points in terms of this better america that the democrats are coming up with today, one thing is, these are basically from chuck schumer wrote op-ed in turkey times a better deal for american workers, he says right now our antitrust laws to law about corporations to merge padding pockets of investors sending costs skyrocketing from cable bills to airline tickets to
7:41 am
food and health care going to fight to allow regulatory to break up the companies, so you got to look at things at&t time warner, amazon bigger should these companies be worried the dems are basically going to break them up. >> who benefits when you break them up up trying to figure out guy advocating that hasn't got a scl how it works chuck chuck and i have nothing against chuck schumer i know him how would he conceive whether it works to break them up keep them apart? i mean, i don't see any guys talking to knowledgeable people i don't know about you built when i am sick i go to a doctor. right? >> not addressing --r the issues. >> not they are dressing with what is the vote going to be. >> a very candy approach to messaging like you are looking at -- antibig business the problem is it is not that
7:42 am
operational to say better deal jobs wages what is that all about is that going nobody enough for people to get excited. >> look at it antibig business lowering pharmaceutical costs how without a health care plan, there is a lot of things in there, a lot of candy i want to know with substance is promises going to be you know, giving that out drips and drabs over every week for coming up but i don't know if this is enough for american people to get excited about. >> you know, just you the a point in case to that, two states have voted down raising that minimum wage right so do you think that they voted it down because they don't want to look after the poor working guy in they voted it down because they known helping poor working guy. >> another one, this is another quote from chuck schumer, it is about reor alienateing our government to work on behalf of people and families government has not been working on behalf of families and people? in the last 8 years under president obama? i don't know.
7:43 am
>> again, you are talking about a politician campaigning saying things that have about as much credible as he doze as good businessman. >> what do you need to see in order to feel like ethnicity will stabilize get better. >> tax reform to my earlier point is baked in with health care reform, we have to bite the bullet on health care reform i am not advocate of putting 20 million people that have health care coverage out of coverage on one hand. on the other hand, what are the options? what is out there? that is why i would talk to the various there is only four major carriers i say maybe there is no solution, because the reality is if you take actuary and he graphs i have been saying this before obamacare was passed, if he graphs what trajectory on existing on the existing pay scale pay civil coscale schedul
7:44 am
who coverage 100 counties no coverage. >> thanks for being here we will be right back. stay with us, right here. rains
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
the midwest and plains taking a toll on air travel today, lauren simonetti with the story. >> pack your patience dozens of flights delayed at o'hare airport this morning after nearly 1,000 were delayed and 70 canceled yesterday, the midwest will will see more thunderstorms early this week, with the possibility of heavy rain large hail strong winds the good news mainly dry weather is expected in the second half of the week. . check this out, a patron hailed a hero taking down the robber on the starbucks in california 58-year-old craig jerry snuck up on a robber bashed him over the head with
7:48 am
a chair 30-year-old guy staged is a robbery with a toy gun a knife wrestling him to the ground was stabbed in the neck as he tried to take knife from the robber then he stabbed robbieer several times with knife both treated at a hospital, wow, samsung galaxy note 8 is due out next month samsung says going to be thuj literally in fact multiple reports say will be largest smartphone samsung has ever made with a reported 6.3 inch screen iphone 7 plus that is 5 1/2 inches, samsung's official catch phrase is do bigger things get it? >> and the rock. has keep in mind up with has teamed up with pap. >> mr. -- big and beautiful. >> i love you, too. >> advertisement three minihe
7:49 am
motive how much the rock relies on apple assistant siri to get through this is day we will let you know sequel in the works up nearly 30% so far this year. >> one of the big winners thanks coming up next a shark week belly michael phelps haley touted race. so we need tablets installed... with the menu app ready to roll. in 12 weeks. yeah. ♪ ♪ the world of fast food is being changed by faster networks. ♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed
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7:53 am
spieth jared max here with final round fireworks they were. >> jordan spieth took 3 shot lead into final round royal birkdale how he got there worth watching most improbable bogey on 13th hole lost lead to turn the right direction tee shot on 14 nearly makes it all the way into the cup. he got the birdie then on 15 drained a 50-foot putt for eagle. and on 16 jordan spieth would sink yet another birdie. 5 are in 14-7 wraps up with par for claret jug. [cheers and applause] >> open -- at birkdale, champions right there. >> spieth oh, 1.8 million dollars 700 grand more than
7:54 am
second place financeer kuchar spieth career earns over 44 million dollars. >> of schiena third place best finish at open for chinese golfer mcilroy for fourth for spieth major title three. >> this is a dream come true for me absolutely a dream come true, i was able to drink wine out of when it zach johnson won two years ago a lot of people told me that was bad luck started to believe them -- nine holes today it feels good to have this in my hands. >> sir? >> yeah. >> how does it taste. >> fantastic oil sludge would taste fantastic out of the jug tying other dweetsdz many
7:55 am
congrats to spieth jack nicklaus wrote well done jordan spieth hashtag the open. >> final stage tour de france, defending champion won fourth title yesterday finishing 45 seconds in front. and not sure you heard there is a boxing match august 26 between floyd mayweather, jr., mixed marshall artist manager agreeingor 1:00 eastern today tickets to event go on sale, through ticket master or t-mobile arena web site the cheapest to get into match 500 bucs resigning sided 10,000, several tickets in between in different thousand dollar ranges shown on pay per view 9995 high definition 10 bucks cheaper for standard. >> who is doing standard definition putting forward all that money. >> money sight. >> all about money what
7:56 am
happens in boxing after this fight? >> i mean this is being hyped if you want to talk about hype i guess leesdz to next story. >> really does let's talk about it right now because fans of 23 time olympic gold medalist phelps turned into discovery channel to the race against a great white shark, a fake great white shark to be exact billed as must see event of the summer turned out a letdown in is can you of mimiss it here is what happened. ♪ ♪ . >> the great white shark takes
7:57 am
gold beating out about michael phelps by two seconds. >> ooho. >> wow. >> after phelps loss to the that computer generated image disappointed fans sound off on twitter one wrote this about michael phelps' race will go down as one of tv's most hyped flops hashtag gullible tv viewers. >> did you really think he was going to swim side-by-side with which a shark. >> so many tuned in fed up say great for you find out muffins are plato cooked in ez bake often. >> send a tweet what did you think reports on fox news headlines 24-7 we will be right back.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
maria: welcome back good monday morning. thanks so much for joining us i am maria bartiromo. we are happy you are with us it is monday, july 24, your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast jared kushner grilled on capitol hill released a prepared testimony will tell lawmakers he had quote perhaps four contacts wrurn representatives during the presidential campaign in transition will reiterate he did not included with foreign government. >> inside warning senators unclear what will be voted on this week but senator rand paul reiterated his concern, about the bill to me this weekend on "sunday morning futures."
8:01 am
>> they are going to present us either a partial repeal or the senate republican leadership plan which i thinks do not repeal obamacare, but really is a poor full of government programs government spending. >> have a latest on battle to overhaul health care in america coming up, focus for markets, second quarter earnings, the busiest of the quarter more than a third s&p 500 reporting earnings 13 dow components on tap this week, you are looking at them right there, futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages right now dow industrials set to open down 0 points nasdaq s&p 500, also in negative territory, in europe we had fresh data showing that region's economy grew slower than expected, the imf trimmed estimates on u.s. growth for 17 and 2018 in asia overnight markets higher took a look exception of japan down a fraction. on oil, tech a crude oil rising 1% up a third of a
8:02 am
percent right now 4593 opec smirndz in russia lumber price on rise supply tightening after wildfires ripped through canada what it means for new homes hitting the market and uss constitution to set sail oldest commissioned war ship returning to water after the major restoration, we've got that coming up in fact all stories coming up this morning joining me to talk all about it cfra investment strategist linde here, lee carter great to see everybody. >> nice to be here. >> busy for earnings lindsey you say things going well that things are going well he was not seen some numbers this morning projecting to be 7.6% up from 6. % the start of the season, so we are moving in the right direction we are going to hear from a lot of companies, this week, 37% index roorth. >> a window into what is going on in this economy we will talk about it this morning top story right now, president
8:03 am
trump son in lawn sr., adviser jared kushner to test today opening statement to congress released this morning, blake burman at the white house right now with the very latest good morning to you. reporter: maria, good morning to you ahead of jared kushner impendeding private testimony on top of the hill before senate intelligence committee out lines four times before white house tax with russians twice during campaign twice during transition first meeting in april 2016 reception in washington, before candidate trump was to outline first major speech on foreign policy, kushner says he and thank you russian ambassador, kislyak spoke for what he said less than a minute exchanging quote brief completi completion. >> the meeting with veselnitskaya the usual inner
8:04 am
said he showed up late made excuse to leave early two encounters first december 2016 he and soon to be later removed national security adviser michael flynn met with kislyak at trump tower in new york city kushner dense wanted to go set up a secret back channel to communicate with russia, as previously reported elsewhere, lastly, he says the urging of kislyak later that month a couple weeks later met with russian banker gorkov no specific policies were discussed kushner ends 11 pages written testimony by writing the following, and i quote. i did not collude nor no of one else in campaign who colluded with any foreign government no improper contacting did not rely on russian funds to finance business activities i have tried to be fully trarnt with regard to filing of form above and beyond what is required ends by writing hopefully,
8:05 am
this puts these matters to rest. now as for that sf-86 form in part out lines foreigner communications that kushner had he has had to amended that form no this written testimony, he writes that it was submitted early, amid all the frenzy basically of moving here to washington, d.c., however democrats have used that sf-86 form to contend curb another should have security clearance revoked testimony later today privately behind closed doors. >> back to you. >> we will watch that blake thanks so much, blake burman is at the white house. joining us right now froerment adviser to newt gingrich's presidential campaign, lee thanks for joining us your take on all of this? >> good morning well i think what we heard from jared kushner early this morning, just rereinfoeses inconsequential i saw 6%
8:06 am
americans consider this russia situation a mailing issue got got 75% coverage from establishment media that is outrageous we've got to govern this country focus on health care, on jobs, own terrorism, north korea about to be able to tlifr a nuclear missile things we've got to focus on terrorists trying to infiltrate western examine democracies battle in middle east we've got to focus on russia stuff ridiculous if upper donald trump just me would i pardon myself every member of the white house, from the top officials to the receptionist bring in a new attorney general get rid of mueller there is no moengs of special you been counsels in the constitution follow constitution let congress investigate, they can do as they will that is fine they are doing that. the president should focus on governing this boutique multimailed law firm mueller is creating could destroy president has got to be stopped. >> you make a lot of good
8:07 am
points the mainstream media will will ballistic if he fires mueller. >> -- it is over modulation listen to overmooed latest audio can't tell high note from low note if i hear phrase this is keeply troubling deeply concerning again i am goi going to puke this country is sick of this even people who don't agree with donald trump know we've got to get back on track on governing, all voters including democrats independents is a 51% believe democrats trying to take down trump vrs followings principles priorities of the chun over weekend schumer said would be cataclysm if mueller is fired it is when works have not seen increase in pay 20 years when start-up density new businesses forge lowest level since 1970s when we have uncompetitive tax system, that
8:08 am
my friend newt gingrich is working hard to help push from the outside, to get reform so we can create more jobs and give middle class a wreck what americans care about we've got to fix health care obamacare collapsing we've got infrastructure crumbling worrying about something ridiculous no crime at all other than leaks out of intelligence community members of the government those are only crimes we know about the rest an attempt to hurt trump i can say every bit of it. >> i've got a question for you this is lee carter. >> hi lee. >> we are trying to get off russia get back on health care this week expected to go to a vote what do you think they are going to vote on why can't we get something done? >> well, we can't get something done quite frankly for one reason that both parties are guilt of taking millions of dollars of campaign contributions from big insurance companies if you look this is never talked about, but if you look at aetna cigna united health care
8:09 am
repped write obamacare stocks past five years tripled vanseded advanced more than apple they have got to be about asked to do more they have a lot of political sway this is one agrees nothing done -- health care very important has to be kept in mind obamacare only affects about 7% of the population, that is significant it is millions of people we've got to take care of them there is a vast majority americans get health care from employer, or from medicare the existing medicaid before expansion we've got to fix it my personal preference would be that we repeal the existing bill as best we can reconciliation then republicans work with democrats to forge a bipartisan replacement not as big as health care party-line
8:10 am
vote a mega barack obama made, 52 years ago president johnson pushed through medicare he didn't need respect votes refused to make it a party-line vote he didn't -- enloisted republicans to vote for it knew they had to have skin in the game. >> how are you going to get the republicans to work with democrats they can't even work together? you have the republican party so divided, how do you get them to come together come up with a plan. >> i think will actually be easier believe it or not,, i think we have people unfortunately in the republican party and i vote republican, i am a big supporter of president trump but regrettably we have a lot of respects don't really want to reform this they want it go to away think obamacare a mistake it was one good thing it did it brought do the fore that we have to take care of the uninsured people in this country we have to have real health care what president trump campaigned on, a
8:11 am
beautiful system that takes care of everybody, so you know there are a lot of ways to take care of this, as i said the insurance companies operate protected from antitrust monopoly ole oligopoly profitable have to do much more combine medicaid paipgs with insurance paipgs stared of a. >> -- >> they see are important tax reform what is the economy wants to see, the markets want to see, the hill reporting former house speaker newt gingrich he teaming up with small business owners to pressure congress for tax raffle i spoke with gingrich yesterday said do a time-out look at first six months of the administration senate, the house and president have to ask themselves is the last six months what we want to say next six months if not we do a reset what he told me on "sunday morning futures" yesterday. >> i think the first big
8:12 am
change is to really emphasize by thanksgiving having a tax cut bill signed into law, means it has to be fairly simply fairly straightforward drop tax reform as goal go to tax cut as goal recognize if we don't have economic growth in the first and second quarter next year, proves we are party of jobs prosperity take-home pay we could lose house be faced with, speaker pelosi for the last two years of this term. maria: is that realistic to get a tax reform or maybe just make tax cuts get that done by thanksgiving. >> no -- nobody in america knows more about legislation than newt gingrich if he says done by thanksgiving it can studies show that small business owners say that is number one priority tax reform, or tax instruction they would jeff 70% of tax savings in the their businesses in new hiring, in
8:13 am
raising incomes as i said earlier we have had stagnant worker incoming over 20 years a lot of that due to horrific trade deals made illegal immigration undercut wages at bottom tier we've got to fix that i agree with newt it can be done i do believe we've got to reform health care too important to sidetrack i think we can do both i think tied together frankly i think we need a very serious look at a trade tariff nearly 22 point 2 goods. >> you want border-adjustment tax. >> i don't want that border-adjustment tax is a whole another tax we are trying to simplify taxes on top of the existing tax system businesses have to calculate, we have done tariffs censors 10% would yield 210 billion dollars, would get us a long way toward able to cut indices
8:14 am
fund health care system that actually works based on private insurance, but gets rid of the insurance industry we have now makes them do more. >> thanks so much. >> nice to join you stay with us, we are going to take you live to the coverage of the president statement on health care 3 pm eastern back in a minute. experience uncompromising performance at the lexus golden opportunity sales event before it ends. choose from the is turbo, es 350 or nx turbo for $299 a month for 36 months if you lease now. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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. maria: welcome back. breaking news this morning, a swift city on lockdown a man attacks people with a clain saw last louis with the story.
8:17 am
>> can't make this up not many details the moment, but swift police no -- near border with germany say five hopped two serious injuries according to media the man remains on loose a helicopter was brought in to help the victims, police say the case is not a terrorist act but they are not saying what the motive behind this chainsaw frenzy right here at home horrific human trafficking case is uncovered in texas, toll 39 people packed inside a tractor-trailer including at least four teenagers 8 men dead in that truck one man later died at a hospital. the 18 wheeler found parked outside a walmart san antonio filled with immigrants from guatemala and mexico, officials say the truck air-conditioner was not working, and temperatures inside the trailer reached dangerous levels 100 degrees
8:18 am
in san antonio over the weekend, the driver of the truck was booked due in court today. investors watching oil prices as opec ministers gathered amid worries supply cuts production cuts are not working to boost the price, 14 cartel meeting with russia in st. petersburg to discuss the situation agreement was a supposed to take about two million barrels of crude oil of it the global market to boost prices but prices at 46 dollars and two cents a barrel up a quarter right now low historically, back to you. maria: thank you. we check prices right now 4506 dollars is where oil is right now, how would you make a case that oil goes higher when you have so much production? >> where u.s. is problem to be honest -- fract -- >> the problem is though opec cut -- if they cut more, i
8:19 am
think a lot of people can when ask you tos came out expected them to cut more they didn't if they cut more we are going to produce more in u.s. because we can produce more lower prices now -- more affordable. >> right. >> sometimes when price goes low enough creates demand people start spending on gas they wouldn't because they like the price. >> suvs as well. >> load up suv. >> a break when we come back wildfires in canada could fuel higher prices in the u.s. expecting a big hit for lumber we look at that earnings in focus on wall street, 13 dow components to report alphabet kick off after the will be expectations for investors coming up on google stay with us. ♪ ♪ you always pay
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8:23 am
maria: well back keeping eye houstoning market this morning, existing home sales fort month jooin are out this morning, hour and half 10:00 a.m. eastern expected to decline, from month of may the estimate calls for 5.58 model home sales compared to 5.62 million, what are you expecting from report characterize the housing market. >> talking before 3 l's going to coin that slumber new one, wildfires cost of land, labor. i am going to add another letter to the mix there, wheel of fortune r, regulation the bigger issue because they feel sort of stifled by you got a piece of land, you have the team to build it, you have to
8:24 am
wait a year and a half to get permit we're not creating supply what is happening in housing there is tremendous demanded we don't have supply prices are going up, just edging more people out of the market. >> that is why to holding back market. >> right the prices are going up you pick an indicator price apressuration the demand there new households statistically doing right things demographical but economics is stifled by the fact that with this tight supply prices go up people get edging out of the market. >> the home builder index 8-month low feeling less confident you heard lennar, a couple talk about this lumber issue. >> a big issue earning suffering when prices go up counterintuitive to investors
8:25 am
they don't the volume to make the margins in the aggregate. >> what loosens this up one thing we are hoping for was more deregulation banking industry that has not really happened at local level small community banks if they are in the market that they have been out of supply so much needed capital to the industry there is a little bit of impetus but we need to create new supply that is a biggest thing. >> younger people are not buying the way they were saddled with student loans. >> if you look at size millennial demographic there is enough home buyers in there also happening is that baby boomers empty nesters want to unload house -- scale sell that home to millennial they can't next thing they want is too expensive for them. >> wildfires in canada pushing up price of lumber one will of
8:26 am
are of your l's this morning futures soaring this month as blaze threatens the supply to u.s. home builders one-third from canada the issue. >> we edge price the supply of lumber curtailed meaning price of that 80% house is made out of wood so that is going to be driving up the price. >> what are you saying as far as you know, there was a whole you are banization everyone moving to cities now millennials coming of age moving out. >> want to move to suburbs as baby boomers did the reason for that number one reason access to high-quality education for children as millennials starting to have kids realizing that a space in cities regardless what city is tight, quality of public education in cities isn't as good as in suburbs. >> we take a look at the details webmd agreed to deal to sell for health sum how much private equity from kkr
8:27 am
will pay, and earnings in driver's seat 13 dow companies to report alphabet kicks off after the bell google apparent alphabet analyzing what to expect. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ casper makes one perfect mattress.
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8:30 am
it is monday, july 24. your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. the health care battle rages on this morning, as president trump wraps up the precious on lawmakers senators say they want to get things done. >> if we can reach agreement, among republicans, about in senate bill my own swru is i am speak forget myself i hope we do, because i think the senate bill does strike the right balance, but one way or the on the we need to get on bill in order to have debate we are going to vote to repeal and replace obamacare the question is not a question of if it is a question of when. >> all right get on the bill, fox business taking live to the president's coverage and statement on health care, he is making that statement today, 3:15 pm eastern we will be there live, the focus for markets all about earnings 13 dow companies are set to report, second quarter, they include caterpillar verizon mcdonald's cmg, all above may set tone for markets a
8:31 am
checking futures right now we are expending a lower owning for the broader averages, things have turned positive we have way off the lows of the morning, dow industrials now down 4 points really flat on session s&p 500 barely up there it is now unchanged that is a positive, nasdaq composite slipping into positive territory as well, look at buying coming in right now, and taking these averages off the lows, in europe fresh data showing that the economy in europe grew slower than expected, you also have the purchasing managers' index throughout asia to look at asian markets, most of the markets there finishing higher on the session, exception of japan, the purchasing managers index in japan was soft, that hurt stocks in japan. wep md to watch this morning shares are soaring on news the company is being acquired by kkr for nearly three billion dollars deal has stock up 20% right now. a bad business ploy or future
8:32 am
outrage veer horizon shoes down access to youtube netflix, why in dunkirk into theatres recap world war ii drama wins weekends box office a, talk about a national treasure the photo of actor nicolas cage leaving internet moon struk we tell you about it. top story that is the earnings, biggest week of so he can quarter season so far 13 dow components to report second quarter, comes as major market indices hover near all-time highs, joining me is allianz chief adviser el-erian thanks for joining us. >> let me get your take what we are seeing in terms of earnings back drop in terms of investing in equities, is earnings, we are entering the busiest week of the quarter your take. >> a good time for earnings, and for good reason, one, financial conditions are very
8:33 am
loose. two, very resilient balance sheets certain sects are benefiting from exciting innovation the problem maria is that the benefits of all that is contained to financial markets has not spilled over yet into materially higher economic growth. >> okay when would you examine that to happen or do we need physical reform to move the noodle. >> implementation of progrowth policies, so deregulation advancing tax reform infrastructure then we need to focus also on labor retraining retooling education. >> the economy capable of growing a lot more than 2% per year? >> yeah we were talking about this on the panel mohamed lindsey bell made an interesting observation that, you know, we are looking at risks in this market we wondered what you thought? what is the big risk to the market right now dow industrials up almost 18% since election day, the s&p up
8:34 am
15 1/2, and nasdaq up 23%, we are all looking at all-time highs or markets near all-time highs what do you think is the risk to this market? is it fundamental backdrop is it central banks of the world or valuations or something else. >> the reason markets have done so well even though the economy hasn't improved as much as it could, is because of liquidity tremendous amount of liquidity in narcotic from chiropractic balance sheets you talking about another merger acquisition hive dividends stock buybacks, and individual investors so the biggest risk is that that liquidity cannot maintain what has become a big difference between valuations and fundamentals. >> what do you think? the federal reserve is about to raise interest rates in september obviously we know the fed wants to do three hikes in 17. do you think the fed is going
8:35 am
to start raising rates just at this moment where we are beginning to see trackion in this economy and sort of smash no i -- any recovery that we saw? >> i am not sure going to hike in september in fact we have a fed meeting this week we are going to hear three things from them on wednesday, one they are going to become more cautious about economy especially about inflation, and inflation, is a worry for them not high enough. two, they are going to suggest that we still got a rate hike going to push back mostl minidecember three going to explain to us, that balance sheet instruction is going to be like watching paint try to going to tell markets don't get excited there is nothing here you should worry about. >> interesting that you say that because just new this morning international monetary fund is trimming economic growth forecast for the united states for 2017 as well as next year, in 18, the reason is that they say the assumption that fiscal policy will be less expansionary than assumed imf mohammed looking for economic growth in this
8:36 am
year, of .1%, and in 2018, 2.1% as well. not -- >> 18 revision were 2.5 now 2.1 joins markets in realizing that despite republican majorities in both houses of congress, not much is getting done on capitol hill they are dlieg impact of tax reform of infrastructure. and it speaks to a fundamental frustration soft data sentiment improved instantly but hard as the didn't people are waiting for he implementations of progrowth policies on capitol hill. >> is that a reason you think fed is going to push interest rate hike to december? you say you think this week the fed is going to push that interest rate hike from september to december? >> yeah, it is what is going to do is going to get dolores what market thukdz markets
8:37 am
think about 10% probability of hike in september about 50% in december. i think september is right i think the december otherwise probably higher probability than 50%, but the fed is going to basically say, the economy is somewhat weaker than before inflation is not picking up, going to hint at being slower on rate hikes. >> how will markets react to that do you think? >> i think market has priced that in i don't think markets expect fed to be aggressive. so i think markets have priced that in markets are going to look at corporate earnings and going to keep an eye on washington, d.c. . >> we have been watching europe, there is a quiet increasing bullishness in europe mandating said you want to put money there do you agree with that. >> i did agree with that what happened recently euro strengthened tremendously. because people have revised up growth prospects for europe, they think ecb is going to be
8:38 am
less dovish there is tremendous amount of money into european markets so now exchange rate is somewhat of a problem if you are investing in european markets i ironically, the weaker dollar is making u.s. market more attractive. >> you think this is going to make dollar attractive or u.s. equities more atrack identify. >> i atrack inside of both 9% weakening in dollar since beginning of the year a big move what does that it means u.s. companies will be more competitive abroad, it will also make u.s. markets international terms cheaper. so i think that is going to help long other term in terms of u.s. key thing to keep this you currency orderly. >> will help companies reporting earnings we are not
8:39 am
hearing a lot of commentary from companies when they look in terms of guidance about dollar you think third quarter we look back what has at an place the weaker dollar is going to be real helpful? >> yes, it will be we have heard phase one companies complaining less about strong burglarize phase one complain less phase two helps in sales toe over seas markets. >> i feel you are more bullish in stocks in u.s. am i wrong. >> my major concern how well we have done already, the extent to when we have decoupled from fundamentals my hope not a just investors but every american in the street, is that fundamentals can improve to validate the high evaluations that pushed higher focus on fundamentals liquidity ample a journey not destination the destination for stock markets economy is
8:40 am
he fundamentals. >> what do you want to do in terms of investing today, should you wait and look for opportunities, or do you want to be invested in the u.s. as this is taking place? >> i think you need to be highly selective most professional investors are worried about valuations we have come a long way, quite quickly. so i think you find most professional he investors turn one hand wander to ride liquidity wave on the other hand they revise part of journey not destination a good journey has to end up in good destination so i would be more cautious at this stage i would be a lot more selective. >> i want to two request two questions one fed's balance sheet the other fiscal policy on fed's balance sheet a lot of concern that throes they are go is to wind down 4 1/2 trillion-dollar balance sheet going to be disruptive we heard what jamie dimon said what is your take as fed
8:41 am
starts to shelf some securities on balance sheet biggest 4 1/2 trillion dollars they want to get it down. >> yes unprecedented, yes uncertainty but i think fed is going to be very, very careful maria they do not want to disrupt financial markets and for good reason, if they disrupt financial markets at this level of valuations that can contaminant economy prntdz the fed is going to be rally careful remember analogy like watching paint dry that is what they want to make this. >> good point what about fiscal policy waiting on health care and tax reform. if they don't get this these legislative victories in 2017 you do you think they will get legislative victories if they don't how big a sell-off would you expect in stocks. >> so i think we need tax reform, and all your discussion this morning, and last week spoke to the importance of tax reform for the economy. and if you get tax reform, you
8:42 am
can move on rates. and these things have to come together. are we going to get it a political call, i am not really that qualified to talk out of politics but from economics we need it, markets are not expecting that much if it occurs, it would be upside. >> okay. so you don't think markets are expecting a big tax reform package you don't think priced in so what is driving this market? aside from anticipation that we will get tax reform do you think just strong fundamental backdrop like earnings? >> yes, liquidity, liquidity from foreign central banks liquidity from keerpt balance sheets, and it otherwise liquidity from households, the reason why i don't think tax reform look what happened to the dollar, look what happened to the fixed income markets 10 year treasury has come down look at differential between u.s. treasurys and bund the markets has priced in less progress on progrowth and just as stock market benefiting
8:43 am
enormously from liquidity. >> a great point do you think liquidity continues? >> i think it does for now, this is a very nice journey but think of it as a journey. at some point, you got to hand off to destination so a adjourn can be very long, very come for theing rewarding and that is what we have had so far but important that everybody lgs asks the question what does snakes look like thwhat does destination look like. >> thank you so much, coming up verizon hits -- wireless giant admits strolling down video downloads on netflix youtube fallout next. >> nicolas cage facing off with kazakhstan's first lady leaving internet moonstruck, back in a minute ♪
8:44 am
♪ r cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless. gary: this puts my ford truck to shame. james: i'll tell you, i might be a chevy guy now. (laughing)
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maria: newly restored uss constitution returns to the water lauren simonetti with the story. >> hey, uss constitution returning to boston waters after two years of restoration work the world's oldest commissioned war ship afloat, uss constitution was launched back in 1797. vessel docked at nearby pier will reopen for public tours look at that. >> plus this. >> there is no -- from this we have a job to do. >> ♪ ♪ from landing ground. never surrender. we shall never surrender.
8:48 am
>> dunkirk a victory box office world war ii earning 55.-- million dollars to win audiences 60% male 76% over 25, and imax audiences represents a quarter of the total. you may have noticedening last cage on social media attending a film festival in which as st photographed doesn't seem excited next thing you know images of him all over social media, he was he photo shopped. >> and -- tweeted make a buddy movie we steven seagal one compared him to a former president saying kazakhstan family has way of humiliating celebrities as nicholas cage,
8:49 am
françois hollande discovered. >> that was order. >> so stoic. >> that was good, we laughed thank you a health deal how much private investor kirm kkr is planning to acquire webmd back in a minute. but when family members forget, trust angie's list to help. [ barks ] visit today. whatever it takes, wherever i have to go...i'm beating this. breast cancer treatment is continuing to evolve. ctca is definitely on the cusp of those changes. we really focus on taking the time
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tweeting this so why aren't committees investigators and, of course, our be leaguered ag looking into "crooked hillary"'s crimes russia relations the question i have been asking as well, i mean just feels like there is so much here, about we don't know really what bob mueller is focused on we only know what leaks to the press. so we don't really know where this investigation has gone. >> no idea we have nothing.
8:53 am
>> there is a little m&a story private equity giant kkr announce planned to acquire webmd all cash deal nicole looking at that big news. >> it is big news this is stock so talking 19% overnight halted we had webmd, for 5 mubs from about 100 companies private equity kkr comes out as big winner all cash deal, 2.8 billion dollars, we see the stock up almost 20%, and 66.50 a share trading higher than that, of course, webmd came out over 20 years ago, to self diagnosis great way to look into all your ailments they have to under umbrella med >> this is likeable to close end of the year over 70 million monthly users also taking a look at verizon,
8:54 am
verizon last week did some throttling what were they doing slowing down speeds on netflix youtube, now started sec neutrality rules outlaws throttling in a way trying to work on a video optimization test, in meantime some users angry frustrated that they had buffering and like but you know seems to be done at the moment you may remember in 2008 comcast doing throttling but different fashion they had angry customers a lawsuit, and had to play pay out 16 million dollars at that time. >> i remember that nicole petallides on floor markets for a second mitch a by these week in terms of of earnings we know one of the factors your take away what el-erian told us 9% decline in dollar
8:55 am
year-to-date is helpful to the economy and earnings. >> goes other way strong dollar putting a drag on earnings because what we were saying 50% s&p 500 errands overseas revenue. >> true. the accountant just side earnings and revenue -- >> earnings are also up there close to 50% in terms of generating overseas sand earnings close. >> earnings a little bit harder to get down to, because of all the things that happened -- revenue -- >> in terms of revenue from s&p 500 companies comes from overseas. >> that is right should be noted, that while dollar is weakening not because the economy is weakening it is because europe other economies are strengthening. >> 5% increase on dollar is 3 % drag on s&p earnings i think that is one. >> okay what about the federal reserve this week we have two-day meeting that ends on wednesday, we are fully expecting fed to raise rates
8:56 am
some point definitely not this week mohammed puts sept in question saying pushing hike to december you agree? >> yeah i mean i think what you are seeing in the market is the 'cme saying that there is about 45% chance for a december rate hike, but this week's meeting is kind of a noninventory, not a lot expected no press conferences with yellen anything like that when we come back final thoughts from this all-star panel right here. stay with us. ♪ ♪ starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected.
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>> i want to show you these breaking his pictures. alive up to capitol hill where white house adviser jared kushner is to arrive shortly. he's going to give his testimony on alleged russian election meddling which of course are graduates opening statement in the program and will take you back there as soon as mr. kushner arrives. final thoughts here from lee carter peered >> i'm inch-thick to see how this will play for the democrats. very reacted to donald trump part of the deal. we'll see how it plays out. maria: it sounds a lot like donald trump's campaign. >> the three possibilities >> how did they not know what they are going to vote on?
9:00 am
>> at the little next. maria: will be watching now. alphabet takes top the week. lindsay feldman, aphrodite, have a good day. >> good morning to you. i am ashley webster peers do or will be back tomorrow. the big stories we're following today. another push by president trump to get health care reform through before the august recess. he will be making a statement on health care this afternoon. the message, get something done before summer vacation. meanwhile, the president son-in-law and white house advisor getting to capitol hill today testifying behind closed doors on the investigation into russia's involvement in the 2016 election. kushner will tell lawmakers he has no undisclosed contact with ru


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