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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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thanks so much for watching. and remember -- you can't take it with you. right here on the fox business network. trish: i am trish regan in for lou dobbs who is off. senate republicans falling short in their effort to repeal obamacare, senate rejecting a measure that would have repealed large portions of obamacare. giving senators two years to come up with a replacement. with all division in republican ranks, senate leadership is pushing a new tactic, to try to gain support for skinny repeal that would scrap obamacare coverage mandate and medical device
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tax. >> we want to get legislation to end failed obamacare status quo. through congress and to president's desk before his signature. reporter: initial amendments have failed to get 50 votes, rand paul amendment for straight repil repeal was rejected 45-55, and ted cruz's proposal for selling strip down plans of rejected by 9 republicans and all democrats. >> we have to figure out a skinny down version. had is disappointing, but we have to keep the process moving, otherwise we're stuck with the mess that is obamacare. reporter: member of republican leadership signaled that could be path to 50 yes votes. >> repealing the individual mandate is something we agree on. i think we peeling a lot obamacare taxing that are
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driving up cost of health care, are things we agree on. reporter: issue of two republicans who voted against even just debating the bill, susan collins from maine, and murkowski from alaska. president trump firing a twitter shot out this morning. key democrats are focused on resistings republican's effort. >> democrats will be here fighting for as long as it takes to beat back the shameful health care bills, we hear the american people, we hear you, we're on your side. we will never give up. reporter: today an amendment from democrat try to force healthcare reform push back to committee, that one failed too, 48-52, there will be plenty of amendment votes ahead on capitol hill.
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mike emmanuel, fox news. trish: president trump escalating his fight with attorney general jeff sessions firing off more criticism on twitter, the public rebukes may be working, sessions is announce several new criminal investigations into intelligence leaks in coming day, kevin cork is live rat white house with the latest for us. reporter: hello, let me put it this way if president's tweets were in boxing parlance we would call them low blows, a continuing barrage of criticism aimed at his attorney general some people feel are concerted effort to get the nation's top law enforcement officer to quit. as we left white house today, questions about future tee tenure of sessions remain unanswered. one thing clear, president trump is still displeased.
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in charge of clinton investigation but not big dollars, $700,000 for his wife's political run from hillary clinton and her representatives. drain the swamp. validity of latter claim notwithstanding the president could fire mccabe or sessions if he. ed to, why some have wanted why mr. trump continues to publicly attack the very first senator to back him in the campaign. >> he is trying to get sessions to quit, i hope sessions does not want to quit. >> he is a man of substance, but president should know, i know high knows, that jeff sessions is attorney general is not the president's lawyer, he is the lawyer of the united states of america. >> you see an expression of frustration not a decision, if he made a decision, sessions would have resigned by now.
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reporter: leading a justice department looking into russian meddling, he has recused himself from that probe, a decision that has angered mr. trump, who white house aides say still wants mr. sessions for however long he may be around to do his job. >> he wants him to focus on thin like immigration, leaks and a number of other issues, i think that is what his focus is. reporter: fox news learned that sessions will soon announce several criminal leak investigations. which a source claims has been in works for some time. >> we'll try to hit a cultural reset on the leaks here in white house, and i will work with agents as well. and departments to do that. reporter: those investigations are said to local news accounts that publicize sensitive intelligence material, it may remind you of something that was said earlier in the month by the senate hookie homeland security panel, saying more needs to done to fight the alarming leaks that pose a
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great risk to the nation's security, that something that jeff sessions is hoping to work. we'll be watching, back to you. ivmentz does. >> president trump taking to twit either morning announcing a ban on transgender individuals serving in military, citing medical cost and disservice. >> you go ahead. reporter: military policy of allowing transgender personnel to serve lasted over a year before it came to a halt this morning with 3 tweets. >> quote after consultation with my generals and military experts please be advised united states government will not accept or allow
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transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in u.s. military. that from a president who promised lgbt community, as a candidate, i will fight for you while hillary brings in more people that threaten your freedom and beliefs, and as secretary of defense jim mattis was on vacation, white house denies he was out of the loop. >> the president made the decision yesterday, secretary of defense was immediately informed as were the rest of national security team. reporter: general mattis skirted a question about the obama policy. >> do you believe that allowing lgbt americans to serve in the military or women in combat is undermining our legallality. >> i have never cared much about two consenting adults and who they go to bed with. reporter: a corporation study found between 1300 and 6600 transgender personnel serve, about . one to .5% of active duty personnel and medical costin crease cost to
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increase to 8.4 million a year. >> was it right move to lift the band on transgenders. >> we are going back to it complicates things. reporter: policy required a 72 page handbook with a complicated array of policy changes up and down the chain of command. >> pull the pin on a cultural grenade and toss it in pentagon on obama administration's way out of door. >> democrats and progressives vow a fight. >> to make sure no one can be discriminated against based too their gender identity. >> i would be shocked if they go ahead with excluding transes people that are already serving on front lines honorably, if they do, that i have to go through ut first. reporter: today connecticut governor malloy ordered connecticut national guard to not discriminate against any transgender people. back to you. trish: thank you. >> we're welcoming right back with more. stay with us.
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>> the trump administration is committed to passing a repeal and replace of the disastrous obamacare. >> excited about progress made yesterday, and we'll continue to push forward until we get a new and better healthcare plan. >> taking up future of senate healthcare bill with ed rollins and michael goodwin. trish: president trump bringing more jobs to america, foxconn with a new manufacturing plant in manufacturing plant in wisconsin we have that and i am totally blind. and non-24 can make me show up too early... or too late. or make me feel like i'm not really "there." talk to your doctor, and call 844-234-2424. when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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trish: hughes majority whip steve scalise is out of the hospital to an inpatient rehab center after more than a month of surgeries to treat gunshot wound he suffered ongion june 14. >> secretary of state rex tillerson shooting down reports he is considering resigning amid frustration with the administration. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> how long. how is your relatih the president right now. >> good. trish: tillerson took vacation this week and was back to work
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today, met with vice president, for more on dc drama and ongoing healthcare debate we're joined by ed rollins, the dean. and pulitzer prize winning columnist for "new york post" michael goodwin, both fact fox news contributors, starting with healthcare issue. where do you see it going? >> votes are not there. they are down 7 or 8 votes on all major issues. all that is left to put mini things they get to conference to keep it alive. big important thing they want to do, really make a change, is just they are not have. trish: do you agree. >> it looks that way now. >> are there political consequences.
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>> it still boggling my mind that republicans don't all want to hang together, they want to hang separately, in next cycle there are not that many senators with at risk seats, just one or two. so, i don't know why they are not able to pull this off, mitch mcconnell has tried everyone, all different briberies he can offer. but family is -- fment fundamentally it shows healthcare is complicated. if you take something away from someone in this environment you scare them. trish: that is why they say, once you give an entitlement it hard to take it away. >> that said, on your show, democrats did not put a good healthcare plan, they put a good political plannin tony ning it -- together. my concern if you lose on this it will be tough to get other
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thin through. >> including tax reform. >> including tax reform. trish: turning to jeff sessions, seems he is working a little bit harder these days is that because he has had a fire lit under him. >> i'm one of few people that i know what thinks that donald trump has a good point. just sessions should have informed trump he was going to recuse himself before he took the job. sessions has said, i knew from day one because of justice department regulations, i would have to recuse myself. ramifications of that are not just mueller but now we have mueller going far and wide into trump's business. his family members are all being hauled before congress, and will have to testify before mueller under oath. jared his son-in-law, don jr.,
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i think that president looks at sessions, says because of your recusal now my whole family is under the gun, my business is under the gun, mueller is going through all of my business records. these are things that a president -- >> does not seem they have anyone yet. but, i guess if you dig and dig and dig, the danger of a probe like this, is there is something, somewhere in somebodyy file. >> i started my career in the nixon era. part of the congressional relations team during watergate stuff. i watched it unravel. i watched it during the reagan era. i watched it with clinton. and i think to a certain extent, this administration needs to get this cleaned up. my council for them is you have month of august to figure out what you are going to do, if you make staff changes, get
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rid of the people you want changed, come back on labor day or beyond and get reed to go full bore, you have to close it this year out. trish: can anyone get rid of robert mueller? >> i think if trump trying, himself, it will be katie bar the door at congress, a lot of republicans would dessert him. other thing, i think that someone has to supervise mueller, sessions cannot, rosen stein said he will have to rescues himself too. right now the president is unprotected, special council is unfettered, i think it is not a good situation for president. trish: they seem to be riddled with conflicts, ed. you know, i keep making this point, you know, you can have friendships and friendships. in case of mueller and comey
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they are good friends. i don'i don't know why you can't find anyone who is more apolitical. >> mueller is a guy with an extraordinary reputation, but he did not have to be the special prosecutor, he has already had his days in the sun. if you get rid of sessions, you have senators that are unhappy with you. i am not saying you shouldn't, if you get rid of mueller, you will have a lot of trouble, or bite the bullet, take the hits move forward, if if continues for 6 months to a year, you will have leaks. trish: all right, well you know regroup in september. thank you to you both. >> thank you. trish: ed rollins and michael
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woodwin. >> should trump call for new leadership in the effort if health care fails? >> be sure also to buy these new books, through thriller with jim bourn, putin's gambit. people are loving this book. all our viewers here at fox business. check it out, debbie leverrer treating thank you for keeping us informed. viewers whose comments are reader on the show receive an autograph copy of putin's
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senator james long ford, welcome. >> glad to be back. trish: what do you think we're going to learn when sessions comes forward with the results of his investigation into intel leaks? >> intel leak investigations are complicated, there will be a group of about 50 to to 75 people with access to that, you have to track them down then shared it media or another individual who then shared it with media. it is important that we identify individuals that are taking classified information and putting that in the public eye. that absolutely hurts our national security, hard to deal with sources, to build trust relationships with foreign intelligence community partners, if they can't trust the information we share with us. trish: how often do you think this is happening right now about way too often, i would say there are a lot of
10:27 pm
documents in our intelligence commit we had access to, a very small circle that has some hugsomehow ended up in media. we're trying to track that out. these are proud professionals, they know how to keep a secret. trish: i was going to say. except if you are one of those who does not like this president. and feels that perhaps this is your duty in some way, shape or form to try to hurt him by leaking this information. we should keep in mind, also, president obama's administration went after leakers very aggressively in early days. >> they absolutely did, they have a real problem with leaks, they tried to identify those individuals and prosecute, that is what should be happening right now with fbi and department of justice, identifying individuals that
10:28 pm
are leaking out america's secret. this is not about political gain, this is about what is classified needs to stay classified. trish: do you think that the a g will keep his job? the president, is that actually going to result in perhaps him saying, i've had enough? >> only the president can make that determination, i would tell you people who work for me and around me, if i have a problem with them, i call them in, we work it out. i don't do it in public eye. the president can be president, he is president of united states, he can choose to run his office, i don't run my staff that way, if i have a problem i call them in, we resolve it. >> does the president -- at least have a point in that perhaps, if he knew he was going to have to recase him cues -- recuse himself maybe he should not have accepted it.
10:29 pm
>> i would is a jeff sessions learned about the recusal, after he accepted the position, the law was clear jeff had to recase himself, i don't want that jeff knew that before he stepped into role. once he had department of justice legal council they could explain the law. that makes sent to us, that made sense to sessions, they have to be al be be able to pullback. trish: who is running it then. in terms of robert mueller and overseeing him, you are left with a void. >> that is correct. that was dilemma, rosenstein was drawn into that, he got pulled in to some of heat on that, and andre mccap mccabe could not do it, a decision of made to bring in a special prosecutor, best thing that president could do, get the facts out get on with
10:30 pm
this. >> conflicts are rampant. you know, you do have to scratch your head, and i realize there is a lot of interconnection in washington, but it seems there are a lot of people there with allegiances that the other side. >> that is correct, that is president's concern. i can hear it clearly, he keeps saying did not do it, why isn't this story already put to bed. we have important things to do. could not agree more, best way is get facts out, and resolved quickly. and move on. trish: talking about important stuff, where is healthcare going? >> healthcare is moving, i would tell you russia investigation is one sliver of work that i do. i am on investigative team,
10:31 pm
the big kahuna is issue of healthcare. trish: you are going to be able to replace? >> yes, we will get a chance to repeal and replace, we need to get a bill, a shell bill out of senate to a conference with house and senate, old school to resolve iting i together and let cbo time to score it they have been greatests frustration, they will say it will take 4 weeks to score it. let's give them time to get it scored out and done and vote in september. trish: we wish you well, senator james langford. >> thank you. trish: we're coming right back with much more, stay with us. >> president trump ramping up pressure on attorney general jeff sessions. >> he is disappointed but wants attorney general to continue to focus on things that the attorney general does. trish: can sessions remain at attorney general? should he? we'll take it up with fox's greg jarrett.
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10:36 pm
airport as was attempting to leave the country. he has worked for debbie wasserman-schultz since 2005 despite being barred from accessing house servers since february. he's being investigated for computer theft and email hack. the former dnc chair recently agreed to allow investigators to search her computer after months of stonewalling. i'm trish regan in for love dobbs. we are watching all of this, including another story, a co-founder of the opposition research firm fusion gps will testify before the senate judiciary committee. his interactions with the fbi
10:37 pm
and his ledged work with un -- and his alleged work with unregistered foreign agents. he previously stated he will take the fifth. joining us to discuss these developments, the probe, the debbie wasserman-schultz issue, fox news anchor and former defense attorney gregg jarrett. there is a lot here. where to begin. let me start first of all with the pakistani man connected to debbie wasserman-schultz. worked for her since 2005. and is now in a whole lot of trouble. could he be connected to what we saw over the summer with all the emails leak out? gregg: from the dnc? it would be an incredible coincidence if he wasn't involved. one begins to wonder, was it really the russians?
10:38 pm
julian assange always said no it didn't come too country state or d didn't come from a country state or government. here is a guy uploading sensitive information to the cloud and downloading to a remote server, important information apparently from the dnc and other democrats. debbie wasserman-schultz was clamg up an -- clamming up and refusing to hands over her password for her laptop. i suspect the feds sat her down and said you start giving us what we are asking for because it's obstruction of justice. trish: he was willing to do something for money. he was falsely billing. gregg: allegedly. trish: and his family members collected up to $4 million
10:39 pm
because of all that. that's one story out there tonight. the other story. glenn simpson, fusion gps who was supposed to be testifying. walk us back. viewer back. what is the concern here. this is a firm that's for hire. gregg: a supporter for hillary clinton allegedly hired them to dig dirt and donald trump. the f.b.i. gets involved and there is a fairly reliable report fbi under james comey agreed to pay this company $50,000 to continue digging dirt on donald trump. i don't know if that's true or not. but i would like to see james comey under cross-examination answering that particular question. trish: it's one thing to dig up dirt and do an investigation. it's another thing to basically
10:40 pm
dig up dirt that's completely untrue and try and feed it out there. but even those two things, they are not illegal at this point. one has to assume in politics, this is why nobody wants to be in politics. this is what each side is doing to the other. how is it different than politics as usual. gregg: the polite term is opposition research, the correct term is digging dirt on your opponent. you are right, it's not against the law. what is remarkable is the media seems to have focused on donald trump, jr. meeting with a russian lawyer to dig dirt on hillary clinton and pay almost no attention to the equivalency on the other side on hillary clinton. now it's beginning to gain traction because the evidence is mounting but still it's unbalanced. trish: what do you think
10:41 pm
session's fate will be? gregg: it's hard to know. the president is applying pressure. if sessions stepped down the president would be empowered to appoint someone like rachel brands, the third in command at the department of justice to push rod rosenstein out of the way. under the special counsel law, rachel brand could rein in robert mueller to get him to focus strictly on his express directive, russian meddling and anylings with the trump campaign. so far mueller seems to have gone way far afield beyond the scope of his authority and somebody new and different other than rod rosenstein could step in as the new acting attorney general if jeff sessions resigns and put a clamp on mueller who
10:42 pm
should have disqualified himself under the law. it's very clear. trish: it sounds like you are saying he should resign. >> my opinion is of no consequence. but i do think the president is thinking about that. trish: gregg jarrett, thank you so as much. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. horrifyingdashcamfootageoutof missouri tonight. the truck toppled over and slides several feet into oncoming traffic. luckily two of the drivers suffered only minor injuries. attorney general jeff sessions widening his crackdown on
10:43 pm
sanctuary cities. a lot more straight ahead. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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trish: the d.o.j. announcing new rules that require cities to alert federal authorities when illegal immigrants are released from custody. reporter: stepping up the pressure while seeking compromise. >> if we are going to stop the rise of violent crime, let's work together. reporter: attorney general jeff
10:48 pm
sessions said sanctuary cities who refuse to cooperate with federal regulations will lose some federal money. sessions said non-compliant cities stand to lose $350,000 in grants. ened the new rules cities or counties aflying for 2018 justice grants must allow i.c.e. into their jails and give i.c.e. 48 hours notice before releasing them see i.c.e. can deport them. >> the goal is the same which is again the idea of converting local police departments into border patrol stations. and it's a terrible idea. reporter: sanctuary city
10:49 pm
advocates repeated their concern about minor crimes. >> we'll see more cities and more states say nothing thank you. we don't want to be part of president trump's deportation force. reporter: california, a sanctuary state received $30 million in justice grants. chicago, $2.3 million. cities use the money for patrol cars, body cams, and bullet-proof vests. they are hoping the new rules provide leverage to make sanctuary cities think twice about their policies. trish: north korea reportedly poised to launch an intercontinental missile within the next couple days. the pentagon said north korea could hit this country with a nuclear weapon as early as next year.
10:50 pm
north korea not the only country testing america's patience. iran is planning to send a satellite into orbit following a failed attempt last year. the u.s. navy was forced to fire warning shots at an iranian vessel that came within 100 yard of an american patrol ship in the persian gulf. mollie hemingway and matt schlapp will join me after the break to discuss whether healthcare reform will die on your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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ask your doctor about anoro. ♪go your own way get your first prescription free at trish: in our online poll we asked you, do you think amount g. sessions should investigate the clintons and their email scandal and profiteering? 92% said yes. foxconn will build a $10 billion factory in wisconsin creating up to 13,000 u.s. jobs. >> to make such an incredible investment, chairman go put his faith in the future of the american economy. in other word, if i didn't get elected he would not be spending $10 billion.
10:55 pm
trish: the congressional budget office releasing its score on the so-called skinny obamacare repeal bill. the bill which would only wrap the coverage mandates and medical device tax would result in 16 mill americans losing their health insurance premium would also go up 20%. but what they are not thinking about, what they haven't calculated for is so many of those people who would supposedly losing their insurance are voluntarily giving it up. joining me to discuss healthcare, jeff sessions and much more is mollie hemingway and matt schlapp. the cbo comes out with a core that they are not entirely forthcoming because they are presenting it as though people are losing their understand as opposed to making a decision not to have understand.
10:56 pm
matt: it's the only thing cbo has been consistent with on all these republican bills. is there is 16 million americans who don't want to be forced by the government to buy healthcare. it may not be the word's most of responsible decision but that comes with a free society where the government can't tell you how to spend your money. under the kinney repeal which will not be the law of the land. what it tells you is most of people would be able to find an insurance option under a republican proposal. trish: this is not going to be what ultimately happens. we should preface this all with that. they need to come up with something better and have the cbo score it all over again.
10:57 pm
theyover 8ed how many people would be insured. understated wildly. we should make good policy decisions and not hope the cbo will help make those decisions. the senate did have the opportunity to do what republicans have promised republicans they would do for 7 years. nors john mccain and lisa murkowski and five other people broke their pledge that they would repeal obamacare. it look like kinney repeal is the best we can hope for. that actually seems like a smart approach at this point. trish: it look increasingly as though his days might be numbered. although he has been perhaps doing a little bit more of what the president want in the way of announcing investigations into possible leakers in the way of
10:58 pm
looking into what may have transpired in the ukraine and hillary clinton in her campaign. do you think it's enough to start to prop them up a little bit more in the eyes of the president? matt: i know this has been hard for those of us who have a high regard for jeff sessions in his support for president trump. i'm more hopeful that the president is upset with these decisions but getting rid of jeff sessions makes thing worse. rod rosenstein picked the special counsel without running it by sessions first. i don't know how that solves any of these problems. i know the president is trying to push sessions to get active with collusion by the russians with the rue crane and dnc. and leakers have violated the
10:59 pm
public trust and made it difficult for the administration to get work done. and all the i lets the hillary clinton campaign was involved in. trish: do you think it a.g. will survive? mollie: i think he will survive. going after one of your most of loyal supporters is not a good way to shore up support from people in the party. trish: make sure you check out lou's new book with jim born, "putin's gambit." viewers are loving it. every viewer whose comment is read on the show will receive an autographed copy of putin's gambit. thank you for joining us.
11:00 pm
and i see you right back here tomorrow where i see you every day at 2:00 p.m. eastern. lou will be back tomorrow night. he's got a terrific show planned right here on the fox business network. trish: i am trish regan in for lou dobbs who is off. senate republicans falling short in their effort to repeal obamacare, senate rejecting a measure that would have repealed large portions of obamacare. giving senators two years to come up with a replacement. with all division in republican ranks, senate leadership is pushing a new tactic, to try to gain support for skinny repeal that would scrap obamacare coverage mandate and medical device


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