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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  August 1, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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it will put it toward the 22,000 mark on the dow. what are they going to buy? that's all for us. thanks for having us in your homes tonight. cheryl casone is here with "making money." cheryl: it was a big day on wall street to make some money. the dow inching closer to 22,000. it likely will get pushed over that 22,000 mark tomorrow. it means apple is in the house. the company delivered its second best revenue quarter ever. but first to president trump meeting with small business executives a few hours ago to talk about taxes and economic growth.
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president trump taking the opportunity to talk about the markets' performance under his administration. >> our stock market reached an all-time high today. nobody talks by the. they don't talk about it. liz: joining me now, a guest at today's white house event, pretzel maker and tropical smoothie maker. julie, what was it like to meet the president today? >> it was exciting. it was one of the highlights of high life, a very positive meeting. cheryl: what did he say in terms of make your business grow? >> he talked about tax reform. the more money we can keep in our pockets the faster we can expand our businesses and pay our employees.
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cheryl: sean, did you have a chance to talk with him about healthcare? did that topic come up? >> we didn't talk about the affordable care act. but the first thing the administration has done is cut back on relations. the labor relations board is trying to pit us together with franchise organizations. but we are not. we are small businesses in local community. we are independently owned and operated. him getting rid of those regulations has already been a big benefit to us. now tax reform. cheryl: with the franchise industry whether it's veterans or the younger generation that want to be entrepreneurs with, franchises can be the best way to do that.
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but for to you grow your franchise business, julie, what would you need from the administration? >> i think to get more money in our pockets. trying to keep the money in our pockets and be able to open more franchises more often would be great. we currently have 70 employees, and we are opening another one and will add another 20. next year we'll have 100 employees. the more franchises we can open the more people we can employ and put into the workforce. cheryl: you had the president's daughter ivanka trump and elizabeth mann who heads up the small business administration. van rrp champions th the demail business owner. did you learn from your
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conversations with both women today as well as with the president? >> yes, it was important to learn from administrator mcmahon that she was a small business owner and now she is leading the sba. that's good information to have for someone in that position. ivanka was there talking about women being in business. i don't think a lot of the population knows franchises are owned 50% of the time by women. cheryl: i did know that because a lot of women like julie, and i have had them on shows like fox whether it's clothing businesses or babysitting businesses. what was the takeaway for this entire event it was an honor to meet the president of the united states. as a business owner what was your takeaway.
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it was an honor but the takeaway was everyone in attendance all talked about the importance of small business. i think they understand the importance of small business and how important it is to our community. cheryl: we would like to thank both of you. we thank you for the recap, appreciate it. good luck to both of you in your businesses. president trump was talking about taxes today with the small business owners. the white house is look overall at a november deadline for tax cuts. can the gop reach across the aisle any want to bring in eric shipper. tammy bruce, and deroy purchase. tammy, you would think the thanks issue would be
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bipartisan. the worry is the house will come up with something and it will die in the senate. is that a fair concern? >> possibly yes. what they are trying to do was pass anything to get it into the he conciliation committee. so it's no matter what the house or senate would pass down, tax reform won't be what that is on either the house or senate side. then you get into reconciliation. i think this is where the american people come in as well. the democrats know they are a weak regional club now. they want to stop any success the president or the republicans can have. i don't expect any effort to help this along. the standards they sent over to mcconnell, they said we'll help you if you promise you won't do
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any legislation by yourself. really stillly stuff mcconnell has rejected already. small business employees, more people in this country creates the most of new jobs. they are opened by people of color and women. it affects the entire spectrum. >> that's what the republicans did for so many years. deroy, the obstructionism from the democrats, we'll see that, that's baked into the cake. but the corporate tax rate i think is where you are going to see the biggest fight. the white house want 15%. you had orrin hatch who his on the committee saying i don't think the 25% is possible. >> i think we should get it at 15%.
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the average across the developed world is 25. we need to be better than competitive. we want a competitive advantage. i think you will see outsourcing and insourcing. it's not just lower rate which is vital. but simplification. if you are running a business and you are not filling out endless tape work, we have a simple what did you make, send in 15%. that with make life a lot easier for people with small businesses. cheryl: democrats will say when it comes to these big evil corporations, look at apple, they have billions in cash. which they do. there is an example of a company that has bills farktd overseas because of the regulatory and tax structure of the united states.
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>> no question. i think businesses are way overtaxed. they are not competitive on a global level. i think what trump is trying to do is certainly level the playing field so we can compete. businesses can compete effectively. democrats will have a hard time because you have so many of these small businesses that are just overtaxed. and they have got to be able to show economically that they are giving to these people. i think the good thing for republicans in all of this in this debate, and certainly what they face on the healthcare side, you had such a tough opposition. in this situation, you don't have the strength of the opposition. that's why i'm bullish about republicans being able to get this through. i think it will happen. will it happen at the tax rate we are talking about, the 15%?
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probably not. it means more jobs. and that's what we need. we need small business and businesses in general to want to invest in jobs because they are not giving it to uncle sam. that's a great thing and i think it's going to happen. cheryl: to have a simplification of the tax code and lower taxes the, i think we all agree we need to get something done on that. we did have breaking news weren't last hour on capitol hill. about an hour ago the senate confirmed christopher wray as the new fbi director. he will replace james comey who was fired by president trump. that vote 92-5. we have a new fbi director.
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chicago's murder rate on pace to top last year and it's only the first day of august. later on in the show, duane the dog chapman and his wife are trying to lay down the law in new jersey. they are our guests tonight. stay with us. poor mouth breather.
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i enjoy the fresher things in life.o. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest... ...prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor. we now instantly compare prices... ...from over 200 booking sites... find you the lowest price... ...on the hotel you want. go on, try something fresh. tripadvisor. the latest reviews. the lowest prices. cheryl: the city of chicago on track to record more shopcides this year than -- more homicides this year than last side. 74 people killed in the month of july alone. joining me jerry mccarthy, the former chicago police department superintendent.
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it's sad to see what's happening in chicago. if you look at the 402 murders that have happened so far in the city, it seems that the police can't get a handle on the criminality and they can't get a handle on guns. what's happening in that city? >> over the last couple years, the landscape that's been created not just in chicago, but across the country, the chicago police department and many other departments across the country have been sham strung by politics. i think the bottom line is we have to focus on performance rather than politics. it's even worse when you look at 2014, 2015. we had one of the highest performing police departments in
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the country being held up by academics and cripple snol jifts stop what to do. cheryl: can you explain what you have mean by the politics? >> if you look across the country, look at baltimore, look at san francisco, look at milwaukee and chicago, the politics based upon a couple different circumstances resulted in the removal of a police chief. since that time things have spun out of control it's a pattern. cheryl: is it racially based? police brutality? >> race has a lot to do with it. race does. but here is the problem. we misdiagnosed the problem. this happened in the press and politically. the got tomorrow line is police are not the problem with crime in this country, criminals are.
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the socioeconomic divide that exists in the crime community in this nation. anger wells up and they lash out at a government system that failed them. the most of forward and visible components of that system is the police. we go into their homes and arrest people of and get into armed confrontations all day long. when you have a shooting that's questionable, suddenly the top blows off. that happened in chicago. doj piled on. there has been a political witch hunt within the department. there was an entire generation of leadership that was wiped out and they abandoned all the things we are were doing that was making it work. compare it to new york where i worked for 25 years. they had if the quote-unquote illegal he chokehold.
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new york city did not stop doing what they knew made them successful. los angeles had number of questionable incidents. they did not stop doing what they knew worked. near chicago we threw out the baby with the bath water and as a result hundreds of people are getting killed. cheryl: taking away support and the rights of the officers to do their job. the police in chicago are not getting what they need on several fronts it seems that's what you are saying here. we are out of time. i wish we had more time with you. keep us updated on the city. we hope things improve. i've a 9-month-old son here and i'm not leaving. i hope things improve also. be assured i'll be available whenever we can talk. i'm not leaving and less
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sleeping. cheryl: dog the bounty hunter, he's not chasing your run-of-the-mill bail jumper. he has his sights set on the administration of new jersey governor chris christie. we'll explain after the break. where are we?
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pumpernickel. pudding. employee: hey, guys! home quote explorer. it's home insurance made easy. password was "hey guys." cheryl: duane dog the bounty hunter has joined an initiative that slams the state's what he calls fake reform. we reached out to the christie administration. they are not willing to comment on pending litigation.
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but we have mr. chapman with us. do i call you dog? >> duane, dog is okay. cheryl: tell me why this particular case and the murder of this 28 youngman -- 28-year-old young man drew your attention. >> we were looking at new jersey with this new hug a thug. we knew there were certain thing that would come up very, very bad. little did we know it would include a murder, a mistake that causes someone to die. >> it happened several times. there are several murders that happened from folks who have been released. this is the tip of the iceberg. cheryl: basically their way
6:24 pm
whether it's a poor criminal that doesn't have much of a record, they want to hold them in jail. >> it takes away judicial discretion. if the judge said this guy has a bad record. we are going to hold him in jail. not only can you not do a larger bond, you can't do any bond. you have to let them go for free. the guy who shot rogers had been arrested 28 times for violent times. three days before he shot and killed christian he had been arrested as a felon carrying a .9 millimeter gun in his car. because of chris christie's policies he was released into the community.
6:25 pm
cheryl: bail reform to you is a huge national issue. you are using your reality show to focus attention on it. >> the reason i don't go 100 miles an hour on the highway is because i will get a ticket and someone could get hurt. there is no accountability anymore. if you go to jail, the computer asks you questions. in the jails they say what did you say to get out. it's instantly picked up by the rest of the inmates. the computer decide whether you are a good risk or not. and the computer says several felony convictions. computer said there is no danger. low risk. cheryl: president trump was up here in new york last friday. he got a lot of criticism
6:26 pm
because he said in full of a roomful of law enforcement, you are being too nice to criminals. people say he was encouraging police brutality. >> i don't support police brutality but i do support you are being too nice to them. and they are scared. when i was growing up you get in the cop's face and call him a pig, you are going to jail or you are going down. a lot of people didn't know this is happening. law enforcement had no idea. mom and pop grocery stores had no idea. and i'm sure president trump has no idea that the catch and release program. >> across the river in new jersey. >> is going on domestic all as well as internationally. >> new jersey is the worst. new jersey is the first 8 that tried this bail reform in the 7 months it's been an epic
6:27 pm
failure. it's a computer program that's fraud. it obviously isn't work. the thing about criminal defendants. we are a country of redemption. we believe in it. but you can't get people over the hill by coddling them. sometimes people have to face the music. they have to hit a low in order to get their life back on track. cheryl: duane, i have seen you on tv, you are not nice to people when you catch them. >> no, i'm not. i have have much compassion. a lot of people, it's their first-time mistake. we are not talking about first-timers. graffiti, something like that. let's give you what they call a personal reconnaissance bond. if there is a victim involved. this is america, you don't necessary with women and children.
6:28 pm
it's biblical. if women and children are involved. you do the time. we watch you all the time. you don't just goat run amok on society. >> it's criminal welfare. and it's paid for by taxpayers. knowledge taxpayers paid for what led to christian rogers death. that's the worst. cheryl: with prison overcrowding and the taxpayer funded -- there is the other side of that, cities are trying to save money with dangerous people on the streets. it's great to have you both here. we'll always call you duane. i hope i never see you at my front door. >> you won't. cheryl: thank you. i appreciate it.
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coming up, we are going to stay with law enforcement. texas sheriffs are joining forces are federal immigration officers. we'll have someone from texas tell us why they feel they should be working with the federal government to take thess illegals and get them out. we'll be right back. good is hae if you get punished for using it? for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. bburning of diabetic nerve pain these feet... jumped into city life as a kid... ...and kept my town moving. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision.
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... cheryl: 18 local sheriffs are teaming up with federal immigration officials to
6:33 pm
crackdown on illegal alien criminals, this program gives locals access to federal databases, feds actress to criminal aliens in local cust disease. bringing sheriff of jackson county, texas. he is joining me. >> thank you. cheryl: let's talk about this. i think amazing example of cooperation between the federal government and a local sheriff like yourself. you -- it you have someone in custody, you have the right to check and see if they are here illegally, correct? >> correct. cheryl: what does this many for you? how does this help you deal with the illegal immigrant problem in particular in texas? >> the goal objective is to e to increase public safety, common denam 8 or is crystalty. -- crimina criminality.
6:34 pm
cheryl: this law was on the books since 1996. what do you think changed, all of a sudden they were ready to come down and work with you, deal with the criminality and illegal immigration population in texas. >> the funding was restored in late '16. that started to enable us to apply participation. cheryl: in dallas in particular, that is home for me, but in dallas, since president trump has taken office in january, have you seen a decrease in criminality with illegal immigrants? we know we have seen border crossings you know, fall back over the last few months, have you seen that in dallas, things just a little bit better? >> i see it a little better.
6:35 pm
but interior here in texas and in united states, i believe that numbers are similar. cheryl: mm-hmm, okay. what is the next step for you, how can federal government take next step to help you? funding? is it education? is it you know working with the court system to better get these criminal illegal aliens deported? >> improving our efficiency, our public safety measures. however we can do that, with 287 g it is a matter of funding, if you are running a detention center here as a texas sheriff, 287-g is very good program. very powerful. it allows us the ability to make sure each inmate who comes into our facility is properly vetted. and we have the type of information we need. anything we can do to increase that and increase efficiency that increasing publish save
6:36 pm
the snow it will help. this is a great example of how we can change the negative affects of sanctuary cities that dealing with across the country, sheriff, thank you for your time. >> thank you. cheryl: well, we should say today, attorney general jeff sessions addressed 41 annual national organization of black law enforcement executives, a training conference and exhibition, the comments came, after president said that police should not be nice to suspects, sessions stresses importance of lawful action. >> we all know the cases of last several years, where in confrontations with police, lives have been cut short. just as i am committed to defending law enforce. who lawfully have to use deadly force to defend themes, while engaged in their work, i
6:37 pm
will also use power of the office that i have been entrusted with to hold any officer responsible who violates the law. cheryl: perry was there today, and he is joining us now, good to have you here. >> thank you. cheryl: what did you make of jeff session's remarks. >> we invited the attorney general to attend the conference months ago, we were happy he accepted. and had the opportunity to address the full membership here today in atlanta. cheryl: you know, president, once he made these remarks, in middle of a group of law enforcement professional in new york last week, a lot of his critics came out, he did not use phrase police brutality be he said don't benying t nice to -- be nice to criminals. >> well, the remarks were disconcerting in a sense we
6:38 pm
have been spending quite a bit of time focusing on building relationships and trust with all communities. you know follow on conversation with attorney general sessions we did talk about the commentary from the president. attorney general suggested that the come of made in gest. we you know had the conversation, that it certainly had an impact on not only folks at the conference but the community. we also talked about a use of force policy that was generated by the international association of chiefs of police, and endorsed by noble. we also talked about the violent crime task force. cheryl: we had a guest on earlier, talking about violence in chicago, the murder rate has hit astounding levels. more than 400 people murdered this year in chicago, his point is that. police there are not getting
6:39 pm
will support they need. the department in particular in chicago, has become politicize and it is a social cause. whether an accidental shooting or not police officer is -- ends up being right or wrong. it is almost a war on cops, is that happening nationally. >> do your members talk about that. >> that is part of our conversation we're having here in atlanta. we have 53 governmen different training sessions going on. we're concerned and talking about the increased violence not only directed at law enforcement but in a number of communities across the country, we're paying attention. and part of our convor saigd with attorney general is that noble is a partner and ready to support any application
6:40 pm
where we're in a position to help either build a strategy or plan to reduce violent in america. cheryl: but also make sure our policemen and women are protected and they have support they need from whether the mayor, govy in or president. great to have you, sir, thank you. >> thank you. cheryl: look forward to seeing if your nation's policemen and women get support they deserve, they deserve it. cheryl: switching to what happened after the bell, apple with a blockbuster quarter, a record day on wall street, major averages higher, dow closed at a new all-time high, we'll break it down for you coming up next.
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cheryl: apple beating on earnings and revenue, product sales, we'll break it down after the break.
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cheryl: another record close for dow, went 40 points of 22 thousand. a huge earnings report after the bell from apple, beating earnings per share, and revenue up 7%. all good numbers i can't keep track. bringing in ken mahony author of a gps for your retirement. if i owned apple, i might retiring. >> how do you luke those apples? this quarter snuck up, they did the trifecta. they beat estimate for this quarter, next quarter. you know raised guidance it worked. it is a big dow component. cheryl: the -- looking like if that stock continues to perform overnight to tomorrow. >> apple up 9.
6:45 pm
that is about sense o 70s dow points. everything is weighted with it. we should have a good day. i believe we'll pierce through 22,000. apple should lead the way. cheryl: you know with apple, the concern, this is normally a weak quarter for them. >> yes. cheryl: because those with iphones are waiting for a new fall iphone, we think is the 8. >> 41 million iphones this quarter, that is crazy. cheryl: why did the consumer not hold back? >> they don't know when it is going to happen. for me, the battery life goes, you can't wait for upgrade cycles all of the time. they did it with america a c -- mac , and reoccurring revenue from iphone and itune business. cheryl: max sales up 7. 7%.
6:46 pm
>> back-to-school,. cheryl: is that it? >> july and august, interesting the way that apple continues to execute on all cylinders. cheryl: i think that thinking going into this report, the use of smartphones would hurt whether it was iphone or mac, have you surprise jaw dropping. >> we have 9, and knows, we saw facebook last week had a gap and go, it started higher then jumped on pile. we may start apple un up 9 it may go up further. cheryl: pull up that stock one more time, i want to look at this puppy. there it is, where do you think apple will go in next month? >> a month -- up 9 already, maybe 5 or 7. you know, before this is today was a 31st time that dow set a record this year, tomorrow may
6:47 pm
be 32nd. everyone is calling for a correction, the serial top callers, earning after earnings, boeing, caterpillar, apple, netflix. this is what is holding it up. cheryl: i was at new york stock exchange earlier, the guys were saying we don't care about washington. >> almost like, you know any news that comes out with donald jr., look back at earnings. cheryl: we'll be right back, stay with us. who knew that phones would start doing everything?
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call or go to xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network, designed to save you money.
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cheryl: violent marking venezuela two days after the controversial vote, authorities say they have arrested two opposition leaders who spoke out during president maduro's election. i want to bring in emily
6:51 pm
writer for washington examiner and tammy bruce. fox news political contributor, tammy to you. you know we're seeing have you 10 people dead, now we're seeing start of what steve mnuchin and hrmcmaster said they are afraid of, he is a dictator. >> he has been compared to bar -- bashar al-assad. the people are killing their pets to be able to eat. and shooting pigeons, inflation rate is 500%. there is no civil society really that exists now. so when people talk about sanctions that were announced. directed at maduro and that is like it has not happened, it is long enough there is a concern, he moved a lot of his money out of united states,
6:52 pm
really has to happen targeting of military and militias that keep it going. we're concerned about oil, they say. they don't want to target oil, that will affect the lives of venezuelan people, those lives -- they are already desperate, they are giving their children away because they can't feed them, this is serious dynamic. >> emily the new body, called constituent national assembly, they have power to dissolve the contusion, they are all members of leftist socialest party, this group, they believe, security officials who seize the opposition leaders, they pulled them out in the middle of the night in their pajamas they are gone, it is probably not going to end well. >> this is a sham, you need look no further than fact that government seize opposition leaders from their home, this is somewhat incomprehensible
6:53 pm
to us. more than 120 people have been killed in little bit wil political violence in venezuela over last 4 months, that is unbelievable. something needs to be done. money made from oil in venezuela goes to wealthy anyway, sanctions is the right idea. the trouble trouble i trump administration is on point. cheryl: they put asset of maduro to tammy's point, it has to be about the oil. if we don't deal with selling of their oil. >> this can't be surprising. this is where every socialist government ends up going. you see the devil. >> there is sno is -- is no way to ease the fall. >> tammy is right.
6:54 pm
who has been propping them up, let left in america people like sean penn. cheryl: yes, don't get me started. we'll be right back. stay with us. inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. flonase sensimist. ♪
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at lendingtree, you know you're getting the best deal. so take the power back and come to, because at lendingtree when banks compete, you win. cheryl: questions over why former representative, debbie wassermann schultz, kept on payroll for months after news emerged he was being investigated, he was fired after being arrested in dulles. bringing in deroy murdock and kendra arnold. i am not sure people trust debbie wassermann schultz right now after she kept him on the payroll, why would she do that? >> we don't know. that is why fact file complaint with office of congressional ethics this week. the i-t aide was barred from house computer system last
6:58 pm
february, she continued to employee him for months, not until his actual arrest she did then fire him. cheryl: arrested as he tried to head back to i believe pakistan. this is a mark on her. not just a judgment mark against her but a question mark. as to why she would not take action immediately, she knew about the investigation. >> i find amazing about this story, this man, lost access to house computer system in before, she paid him until july. this like a pilot on staff without access to airport. you can't get into house computer system what do you pay him to do for 5 or 6 months. that was the main guy, he had other relatives of his works on house payroll, just out of school making $150,000 to to what? this whole thing, really smells badly. scandal is just starting, i
6:59 pm
think it will continue. cheryl: that is it, if this catches up with debbie wassermann schultz, how? >> i think it is important to remember, our house members are actually employers themselves. instead of. employee employees request their own money they are using their own dollars. they nee need to look at, there are several rules that keep our house members in line, to make sure they abide by and treat our tax dollars appropriately, some of them are you know making sure that a person is actually working their hours, and they are paid according to the duties they have. and they are actually doing public work, they are raised in our complaint. hopefully they will do a full investigation. cheryl: about 10 seconds. >> i think starting off a bank fraud question, it may end up as espionage case, they had
7:00 pm
access to secret information. cheryl: well, wow. thank you so much. >> thank you for joining me. lou dobbs is next, right here on fox business network. stay with us. >> good evening, growing calls to investigate the clintons, their collusion with russia, their foundation, her e-mail scandal and former president's profiteering, there have been three separate reports by congressional republicans demanding answers in the last weeks. nearly 2 dozen republican are calling on trump justice department to appoint a special counsel. to investigate the number of scandals involving hillary clinton and the obama administration. tonight i'll talk with one of them congressman ron desantis and senate judiciary committee


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